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					Marist Mission Newsletter
                A publication of Marist Mission Centre Australia
 Supporting the missions of the new millennium and development in Asia-Pacific
                                                                   Summer 2006-07 Vol 57 No 4

                                             Skills galore
                                             Marist Mission policy strongly supports the em-
                                             powerment of peoples in developing countries.
                                             MMC projects continue to focus on skill development
                                             among youth in Asia-Pacific nations.
                                             Skills for young Marists in training are also promoted
                                             through MMC support of the Society of Mary’s two
                                             Pacific seminarians.

                                             Clockwise from right: 1. Shrine at
                                             Marist College, Suva. [pp 3-5
                                             ‘Full Houses in the Pacific’]. 2, 3
                                             & 4. Scholarship students on the
                                             Thai-Burma border and in Cambo-
                                             dia [p. 7 ‘Skills galore’]. 5. Solo-
                                             monese Marist seminarian, Marist
                                             College, Bomana, PNG [pp 3-5].
                                             6. Filipino Marist seminarians at
                                             Davao, Mindanao, celebrating
                                             twenty-five years of their Mission
                                             District. 7. Oceania Marist Semi-
                                             narians at Bomana, PNG. [pp 3-5]
                                           that there are plenty of them! [see
                                                                                       What you’re saying…
Up front                                   pp.3-5] Please be generous on their
                                           behalf. Thank you.                          November Masses
                                           Office hours                                ‘Thank you so much for giving me
Christmas giving                                                                       this opportunity to remember our
                                           After a trial period in recent months I
Thank you for the gifts you offer at       have decided to retain the revised          Faithful Departed in November
this time of the year for the Marist       business office hours at MMC: Mon-          Masses.’ [S.G.]
Missions of the world and for needy        day to Thursday, 10 am to 4 pm. If I        Inheritance
people in Asia-Pacific.                    am away the office is sometimes
                                                                                       ‘The gift I am sending I saved for
I know that many MMC friends dig           closed on Wednesdays.                       my children’s inheritance. By the
more deeply at Christmas. This en-         New face                                    grace of God they all have good po-
ables good things to happen early in                                                   sitions so should not need it so I am
the New Year.                              We have a new staff member at
                                           MMC, Viju Kanthan, who has begun            sharing it with my favourite chari-
From donations sent without a request      work with Tamasin Galea in Donor            ties.’ [P.M.]
for tax receipts I am able to send a       Services. Tam will be away in De-           Marist missionary thanks [from
Christmas gift to all missionaries of      cember so Viju is your man for any          Christmas 2005]
the Society of Mary in Asia-Pacific.       donor enquiries. He’s also good at
My confreres really appreciate this.                                                   ‘This is to express my sincere thanks
                                           computers. Welcome, Viju.                   for your Christmas gift. I especially
[see ‘What you’re saying’]
                                           More of the same                            appreciate the gift this year… it will
To sign or not to sign                                                                 enable me to return to my home par-
                                           Talking of faces, it seems that an old
One of my special responsibilities as      face will linger longer at MMC. As          ish for the ordination of a young
MMC director is to acknowledge the         my third three-year term draws to a         man from there.’ [L.R.]
generosity of our donors. I do this by     close this December my Provincial           Newsletter
thoughtfully composing a letter every      has re-appointed me as Executive Di-
three months in response to your gifts                                                 ‘The newsletter is full of great news
                                           rector. More years at the helm.             of people you Marists turn into
and, importantly, signing these letters
personally.                                Please pray that the Holy Spirit will       great human beings. The pictures
                                           be in there guiding me, MMC, our            are really telling. I would have
I cannot do this, of course, if I am not   staff, volunteers and you, our faithful     loved to be in the happy bunch of
here. In recent months I have asked        friends and donors, in the important        such happy faces. ’ [L.R.]
my staff to hold any response letters      work carried out by this little agency.
for me to sign on my return from any
project trips overseas.                    May our Father carry us gently
                                           through the weeks of Christmas and
An exception to this will be the           into a grace-filled New Year...
Christmas donations we receive in
December while I am away on ‘TOH’
[see below, ‘Summer plans’]. One of
our staff will sign letters on my be-
half. Later in January I will go
through our donor records carefully        Masses were offered by Fr Ron in recent
and gratefully.                            months for the following deceased Mar-
                                           ists and MMC benefactors in addition to
Summer plans                                  victims of terrorism and disasters...
Once again I will be leading a small
group of young people to experience        Norman Brady, John Bourke, Brian
‘The Other Half’ this Summer. I will       Dwyer, Beatrice Featherstone, Annie
be away from Dec 13 to Jan 26 visit-       Fitzgerald, Geoffrey Gale, Herbert Gol-
ing MMC projects in Cambodia, Thai-        lop, Patrick Hallahan, Betty Holliday,
                                           Erica Jurd, Greta Mahoney, Sheila
land and the Philippines.
                                           McDermott, Fr Barry Miller SM, Marga-
Bike Ride 2007                             ret Murphy, Richard Nicholls, Margaret
                                           Phillips, Norma Plunkett, Robert Wilson.
In January I will be appealing to you
for support in ‘Cycling for Seminari-
                                           Others recently deceased will be noted in
ans’ — my annual and personal effort
                                           the Autumn newsletter 2007.
for Marists in training. I thank God
Page 2 Marist Mission Newsletter, Summer 2006-07
PHOTO FEATURE           On Christmas Eve, 1836, the first band of
                        Marist missionaries led by the youthful Fr
                        Peter Chanel, SM, set sail from France for
   Full houses          the South-West Pacific and a new world
                        of evangelisation and adventure.

  in the Pacific        One hundred and seventy years later the Oce-
                        ania mission is the largest of the Society of
                        Mary’s provinces with flourishing vocations
                        and full seminaries. The two ‘Marist Colleges’
                        — in Suva, Fiji, and Bomana, Port Moresby,
                        PNG — are supported by MMC through the
                        International Marist Mission funding program.
                        In Suva there are thirty students while Bo-
                        mana has twenty. In addition seminarians on
                        pastoral placements, novices in Taveuni, Fiji,
                        and two students at Auckland, NZ, bring the
                        total in initial formation to over sixty.
                        Students hail from ten Pacific nations: Fiji,
                        New Caledonia, Papua-New Guinea
                        [including the Autonomous Region of Bou-
                        gainville], Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga,
                        Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna.
                        Whilst Oceania is the Society of Mary’s larg-
                        est mission area its students themselves are
                        formed in a missionary spirit of availability
                        for ministry in countries beyond their own.
                        Both seminary communities, then, offer a
                        cross-cultural experience within their own
                        precincts despite historical tensions between a
                        number of countries in the Pacific.

                        Left, from top: 1. Marist College, Suva, Fiji.
                        2 and 3. The Suva and Bomana [PNG] com-
                        Key formators of the two Marist Colleges are
                        themselves Pacific Islanders. Above
                        [Bomana]: Frs Lote Raiwalui [rector],
                        Felise Tavo and Boniface Besco-Kebon.
                        Below [Suva]: Frs Falani Terry, Paul
                        Waabu and ‘Alatini Kolofo’ou [rector]. No-
                        vitiate and visiting staff members include
                        Australian, Irish and New Zealand Marists.

                   Marist Mission Newsletter, Summer 2006-07 Page 3
Marist College, Suva, Fiji

Above: Students at Marist College have hefty appetites. Fund-
ing of basic living needs is an important aspect of MMC sup-
port. Costs of initial formation of Marists in training accounts
for more than 60% of international mission funds raised by
MMC and other Marist provinces. Right: The seminary chapel
is the hub of the seminary’s liturgical life. Below: Marist Col-
lege seminarians use the study and sporting facilities of Pacific
Regional Seminary, Suva, situated a few kilometres from the
city centre.

                                                                    Below, from left: 1. Students and staff share common recreation in the
                                                                    College. 2. Students contribute to their own support through regular
                                                                    work in the gardens of Marist College. 3. Staff member, Br Josefo, is
                                                                    an important part of the College support team. The Oceania Marist
                                                                    Province carries on the pioneer tradition of Brothers and Priests living
                                                                    and ministering in community. This dates from the first mission bands
                                                                    of the mid-19th century when Brothers from the infant Society of
                                                                    Mary as well as Marcellin Champagnat’s Brothers traveled from
                                                                    France together and work side by side in the infant mission fields.

Page 4 Marist Mission Newsletter, Summer 2006-07
Marist College, Bomana, PNG

                              Above: Weekly singing practice. Left: Bequest funding through
                              MMC will soon provide a new chapel for Bomana students replac-
                              ing this present small room. Left, below: MMC funding has pro-
                              vided this new accommodation block for Bomana’s crowded semi-
                              nary. Student rooms provide simply for study and privacy. Below:
                              Pacific seminarians are often talented in music and song.

                              Above: Five nationalities in friendly competition at Marist College,
                              Bomana. Sport is an important and regular part of the program.
                              Below, from left: 1. Computer skills are important for the contem-
                              porary Pacific student. 2. So is self-care! 3. Domestic chores are
                              shared daily. 4. A birthday celebration at Marist College.

                                            Marist Mission Newsletter, Summer 2006-07 Page 5
    The world
     of MMC

Above: Handicapped Khmer youth find skills and income in the
AusAID/MMC-funded program, YODIFEE [Youth with Disabilities
Foundation for Education and Employment] Cambodia. YODIFEE
Farm in Bavel district near Battambang, Western Cambodia, trains
physically disabled youth in modern techniques of animal husbandry
and agriculture.
Right: Marist International Care volunteer, Gracie Young [Tasmania],
conducts First Aid, Health & Hygiene courses at YODIFEE, Phnom
Penh, Cambodia, and [right, lower] Karen Youth IDP Hostel, Mae La
Camp, Thailand. Head lice, scabies and an alarming range of skin dis-
eases are prevalent in some camp communities.
Below: A concrete floor funded by MMC for Kanosia’s Catholic
Church near Port Moresby, PNG, allows traditional processions and
liturgies to be conducted without dust and mud .

                                              Magdalene and John
                                            Two Karen youth from MMC Hostel,
                                            Maera Moo Refugee Camp, Thailand,
                                            recently received the Sacraments of
                                            Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist
                                            during the visit of MMC Director, Fr
                                            Ron Nissen SM. The Hostel welcomes
                                            youngsters of all religious backgrounds.

Page 6 Marist Mission Newsletter, Summer 2006-07
         Skills galore
   MMC’s scholarship program assists
 young people in Thailand and Cambo-
   dia to develop skills of their choice.
  The program offers tuition fees, materials
  and instruments but requires each partici-
pant to share their new skills through teach-
  ing other students. The axiom is ‘the best
                    way to learn is to teach.’
  Students prepare their own proposals and
  budgets with ‘performance indicators’ to
      demonstrate progress along the way.

                                                 Above: MMC art scholarship participants
                                                 at MMC Hostel, Maera Moo Refugee
                                                 Camp, Thai-Burma border, proudly show
                                                 the fruits of their new learning. Peer
                                                 teaching is a feature of the program.
                                                 Right, top: Maera Moo English students
                                                 meet to plan their scholarship proposals
                                                 and budgets.     Right, lower: English
                                                 scholarship student, Canada, and musi-
                                                 cian, Shwe Moo Wah, entertain at a
                                                 Hostel concert.
                                                 Left, top: YODIFEE students, Tima,
                                                 Thol and Vin with English scholarship
                                                 materials. Students send regular audio
                                                 tapes to MMC office in Sydney.
                                                 Left, lower: Sipharn and Vibol are aspir-
                                                 ing computer buffs using their scholar-
                                                 ship to gain income-generating skills.
                                                 Below, from left: 1. YODIFEE students,
                                                 Tima, Sipharn and Thol are presently
                                                 assisting with MMC mission appeals in
                                                 Australia.    2. Fr Ron Nissen with
                                                 YODIFEE scholarship students.          3.
                                                 YODIFEE student, Yat, with English
                                                 workbook. 4. These Maera Moo Hostel
                                                 girls enjoy an MMC scholarship in key-
                                                 board skills. Other girls learn and teach
                                                 sewing in the program.

                                                                                 Marist Mission Newsletter, Summer 2006-07 Page 7
                                                                                                       Top left and right:
                                MMC faces                                                              MMC’s tradition of
                                                                                                       volunteer support con-
                                                                                                       tinues with all ages.
                                                                                                       Below: TOH-er and
                                                                                                       computer consultant,
                                                                                                       Danny Lui, gets MMC
                                                                                                       out of a spot of bother.
                                                                                                       Below, right: Sr Mary
                                                                                                       Edward RSM, with
                                                                                                       MMC staff, Fr Ron
                                                                                                       Nissen and Tamasin

                                                                                                       Left: TOH-ers gather at MMC office from time
                                                                                                       to time renewing friendships and memories
                                                                                                       from ‘The Other Half’ experience in South-
                                                                                                       East Asia. Over seventy young adults from
                                                                                                       Australia and Pacific countries have partici-
                                                                                                       pated in the program since 2000.
                                                                                                       Left, below: MMC’s Development Committee
                                                                                                       meets quarterly to review and plan projects,
                                                                                                       funding, promotional and financial matters.
                                                                                                       Below: Donor services supervisor, Tamasin
                                                                                                       Galea, with her parents. Below, right: Newest
                                                                                                       MMC staff member, Viju Kanthan.

                                                                                                       Below: Project consultant, Ty Morrissey, with
                                        •        this newsletter in full colour                        Fr Ron Nissen SM. Ty assists in the manage-
                                •        daily updates from the Director’s diary                       ment of MMC/AusAID projects in Bangladesh,
                                                                                                       Cambodia and the Solomons Is.

                                This newsletter is published quarterly by the Marist Mission Centre,
                                Australia. Postal address: Locked Bag 5002 Gladesville, NSW, 1675
                                 Australia. Office: 3 Mary St., Hunters Hill NSW 2110 Australia.
                                              Tel: +61 2 9816 3187. Fax: 2 9879 7126.

 MMC is proudly a member                   Director:
of the Australian Council for                Business:
 International Development             Donor enquiries:
and signatory to its Code of                   Website:

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