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Submission to the Land and Biodiversity Green Paper


Submission to the Land and Biodiversity Green Paper

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									Submission to the Land and Biodiversity Green Paper

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      General Comments


    General Comments

    The Green Paper is an excellent opportunity to solve the biodiversity crisis in Victoria and while it has some good suggestions,
    overall it does not go far enough to protect and restore the natural environment. It recognises the key role the community plays,
    however I think it places too much responsibility on community instead of making the government take the lead with the resources to
    meet the necessary targets and plans it sets out. With severe damage to much of Victoria’s natural environment, 30% of our native
    animals and 44% of our native plants threatened with extinction, there must be greater and more robust action taken now. An
    education and awareness program for schools, landholders and the general community is crucial. We need to see at least a ten-
    fold boost in government funding to protect and restore wildlife habitat. A major fault is that the Green Paper fails to discuss the level
    of government investment needed.

    As you may notice much of my own analysis of the Green Paper has been informed by the hard work of Victoria Naturally (VN). The
    VN highlights page 53 in the Green Paper and asks how the government, given its finite resources, should prioritise efforts to save
    species, and whether the community should accept that some species will not survive in a changed climate. I agree with the view of
    VN that this appears as though the Victorian Government has given up before attempts to work towards saving species and
    improving biodiversity have been made. Shouldn’t a paper such as this encourage people NOT to give up, NOT to accept that
    species might become extinct and that a positive reality is still possible for the natural environment? As Victoria Naturally points out
    Victoria has the money and especially the brains to provide solutions, lets’ use them to better the chances of positive contributions to
    the problem.

    I would also like to include several points made by the Victoria Naturally team that I agree with in relation to the Green Paper.
    • Why does the Green Paper not consider national parks and consideration of the fragile marine environment is almost non-existent;
    • The protection of existing native vegetation and the reconnection of fragmented bushland across the state through very large
    wildlife corridors is crucial;
    • Carbon storage through vegetation must have biodiversity benefits;
    • We need increased resources for control of pests and weeds and for landholders to protect and enhance their wildlife habitat;
    • We need strong science with publicly reported systematic long-term monitoring.

    In conclusion, I think the opportunity that the Green Paper provides Victoria is extremely important. We, as a community, have the
    chance to do something positive and make substantial changes to the way we manage our land and water. That community
    includes the government, it is not a separate body, but given its position it should represent the community on issues that are as
    important as the environment we live in. Providing the means, education and assistance required to deliver effective solutions could
    unfortunately be missed with the future White Paper. In much of my own research on the Green Paper and reading various
    submissions over the past couple of months, one message has been consistent. It needs to go further to overcome the potential
    environmental crisis we face. The government MUST take a greater lead to make the type of changes necessary to protect Victoria’s
    biodiversity for future generations. In writing the final White Paper I urge the Victorian Government to take a bigger step towards this.

Submission to the Land and Biodiversity Green Paper Created on 7/16/2008 3:35:54 PM                                                              1

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