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									Student Film Fest
The call is out for students to develop short films that capture how technology is transforming teaching and
learning in our state schools, as part of the inaugural Smart Classrooms Film Fest.

There are two categories: primary and secondary school-aged students.

The winner of each will receive:

•   a top-of-the-range digital camera, digital video camera and iPod Touch for their school
•   statewide recognition for their creativity.

The winning films will be premiered at the Smart Classrooms Teacher Awards gala presentation, to be held
at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre on Monday, 16 August 2010. More than 300 teachers
and the Minister for Education and Training will be in attendance. The films will also be featured on the
department’s website.

What you need to do

Initially, supply us with a storyboard and a short written summary that identifies what your film will showcase.
A storyboard looks like a comic strip and shows the key parts of the scene in sequence – allowing the
filmmaker to see their words.

The deadline is 1 April 2010 (see below).

The department will shortlist the best ideas. Finalists will be invited to create their films.

Please note: All students and staff must sign the necessary Queensland Government consent schedule
prior to filming any promotional material.

Topic                ‘Transforming teaching and learning, with technology’

Length               Maximum of three (3) minutes

Tips                 What’s hot?                                     What’s not?

                     Unique, creative and innovative films that      Documentaries
                     get people thinking about the future of
                     education and learning                          Films that don’t accurately reflect the
                                                                     transformation that’s been happening in
                     Films that showcase:                            Queensland schools

                     •    how technology (including ICT) has         Films that focus on the past (no more than
                          enhanced teaching and learning over        20 per cent of your film should be devoted
                       the past 100 years                        to what’s happened; they should focus on
                   •   the impact of technology on rural and     what’s happening now, and what will
                       remote schooling                          happen in the future)
                   •   how ICT will shape the world that
                       your grandchildren and great-
                       grandchildren will live in

                   Films that feature:

                   •   interviews (these can be fictitious) of
                       past and present students and
                   •   archive footage (see the
                       Department’s Library Services for
                       access to the department’s video
                   •   today’s technology

Key dates

8 March 2010                    Call for storyboards opens

1 April 2010                    Storyboards due
                                Submit your ideas to the Smart Classrooms Teacher Awards team by 5pm

Future dates

Week beginning 12 April 2010    Finalists notified and films creation begins

11 June 2010                    Films due

25 June 2010                    Winners of each category announced

16 August 2010                  Winning films of each category premiered at the Smart Classrooms Teacher
                                Awards 2010

Need more information

Contact the Smart Classrooms Teacher Awards team.

Tel: 07 3421 6391

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