Strategic In-Store, Trade Marketing and Category Development

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Strategic In-Store, Trade Marketing
and Category Development
Best practice strategies for success at point of sale, strengthened brand
awareness and heightened competitive advantage
                                                                               Two-day conference and workshop:
                                                                                            26 - 28 October 2005
                                                                                        Rydges Jamison, Sydney

This practical event will provide answers and enable you to:           Learn from our panel of experts:

      Establish performance metrics for promotions                     Coca-Cola Amatil
      Successfully manage POS accounts
      Understand buyer needs                                           Vodafone
      Develop and sustain supplier relationships                       Ansell
      Become the category leader in your market                        POPAI
                                                                       Lion Nathan Australia
Magazine Partners:                                                     The Wrigley Company
                                                                       Johnson & Johnson Pacific
                                                                       Virgin Mobile
                                                                       Unilever Australasia
Supported By:

                                    Post-conference workshop: 28 October 2005
                                    The power of a big idea: leveraging communication across consumers,
                                    customers and the company
                                    Facilitated by Adam Ferrier, Managing Partner, Naked Communications

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               Strategic In-Store, Trade Marketing
               Best practice strategies for success at point of sale, strengthened brand
                                                                                                           Two-day conference and workshop:
                                                                                                                        26 - 28 October 2005
                                                                                                                    Rydges Jamison, Sydney

You know that the key to your success lies in your ability to develop,    Directly correlating to this is the commonplace communication
plan, implement, and measure in-store brand presence and                  breakdown between sales and marketing, the lack of motivation for
marketing promotions. However, Ark Group’s research would indicate        category growth, the drive for discounting, and the difficulty of
that many organisations are currently struggling to address these         measuring the effectiveness of strategies at POS.
                                                                          The benefits of getting it right are tenfold. Your organisation will not
Effectively managing and measuring the impact of your trade               only be able to execute better category and supply chain
marketing promotions and success at point-of-sale (POS) will enable       management but you will also improve internal collaboration and
you to increase market share and longevity above and beyond that          communication, enhance competitive capability, strengthen brand
of your competitors and their promotions.                                 awareness and, of course, increase sales!

           DAY ONE - Wednesday, 26 October 2005                              The importance of market segmentation and the role it plays in
                                                                             activity allocation
9.00 Registration and refreshments                                       Danny Athans, National Market Activation Manager - Brands, Lion
                                                                         Nathan Australia
9.30 Chairperson’s opening remarks
Michael Farley, Director, POPAI Australia & NZ, and Member, POPAI 2.30 BEST PRACTICE INTERACTIVE SESSION
Digital Research Committee                                         This dedicated networking session will be designed to promote
                                                                   discussion amongst attendees in order that they can share best
                 Successful campaign deployment                    practice strategies informally with the group and ascertain learnings
                                                                   from others. This session is the perfect opportunity for delegates to
9.45 Realising and consolidating a divergent skills base during a  glean ideas and innovation and share ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ with others
       period of change                                            from a varied industry background. The main group will be broken
     Understanding and clarifying business drivers during a period into smaller discussion groups. Day ones discussion groups will
     of change                                                     focus upon these specific areas:
     Re-asserting the clarity of your customer and consumer focus       Building and sustaining relationships with merchandisers and
     Melding divergent levels of experience and resourcing              suppliers
     effectively                                                        Creating campaigns that meet both customer and consumer
     Analysing the effect of consolidation at task level                requirements
Mike Rudman, Best Practice Director, Fonterra Brands, Fonterra          Managing accounts and promotions effectively despite trade
10.30 Understanding your buyer needs for increased in-store
       influence and effectiveness                                 These smaller groups will then report back to the main group their
     Adding product value to your buyers in a consolidating market shared findings and open to a group discussion of points of
     place to foster stronger retail relationships                 interest.
     What value can a promotion bring to your buyer as well as the
     consumer?                                                     3.30 Afternoon refreshments and networking break
     Knowing your audience and aligning promotions with retail
     requirements                                                  4.00 Making the right choice: national vs. regional campaign
Shaun Grosskopf, Trade Channel Manager, Ansell                            execution
                                                                        Coordinating campaigns on a national vs. a regional level
11.15 Morning refreshments and networking break                         How much of the decision-making should be made out of the
                                                                        head office vs. the regional office for promotions?
11.45 Creating campaigns that appeal to both the consumer and           Can a national programme resonate effectively across different
       the customer                                                     regions?
     Ensuring that you are doing the right kind of promotions to        Balancing the cost and time effectiveness of national
     increase brand salience and sales                                  campaigns vs. the tailored impact of regional ones
     Assessing your products and how they relate to the market in  Jason Allen, GM Channel Advertising and Promotions, Vodafone
     terms of both your customers and the consumer
     Accounting for retail requirements in the planning and        4.45 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of day one
     deployment stages of a promotion campaign
     Maintaining brand identity throughout and across in-store                    DAY TWO - Thursday, 27 October 2005
     promotion activities                                          9.00 Registration and refreshments
Stacey Carlon, Merchandising & Design Project Manager, Unilever
Australasia                                                        9.30 Chairperson’s welcome
                                                                   Dr. Brian Monger, Executive Director, MAANZ (Marketing
12.30 Networking lunch break                                       Association of Australia and New Zealand)

1.45 Assessing the challenges in delivering effective multi brand /      9.45 Integrating point of sale (POS) with above the line campaigns
      multi channel sales execution                                          Outlining POS considerations during the initial campaign
    Discipline of a robust planning process for effective execution          development stage POS development and integration
    by a focussed field sales force                                          Merchandise selection and development
    Development of promotional variations to satisfy different               Managing retail partners POS expectations and regulations
    regional requirements                                                Andrew Whittle, Channel Marketing Manager, Virgin Mobile
 and Category Development
awareness and heightened competitive advantage
10.30   Defining category management and the role within the                      c
                                                                             Post-conference workshop                       Workshop starts: 10.00am
        commercial organisation                                              Friday, 28 October 2005
                                                                                                                            Workshop ends: 3.00pm
                                                                             Rydges Jamison Sydney
    Defining and examining the relationship with customer
    management, consumer marketing and supply chain                                The power of a big idea: leveraging communication across
    Advanced practices in category management                                              consumers, customers and the company
    Assessing and exploring the latest developments in category              About the workshop:
    management                                                               In a world where maximising communications spend is increasingly
John Batistich, Regional Managing Director – Pacific, The Wrigley            important, big ideas must be transferable across three audiences;
Company                                                                      consumers, your customers and your internal employees. This
                                                                             half-day workshop explores techniques to ensure that your idea is
11.15    Morning refreshments and networking break                           indeed transferable across multiple audiences. Attendees will have
                                                                             the opportunity to interact, share ideas and innovations, discuss
11.45    Achieving category growth through retailer and consumer             thoughts and clarify answers to this specific challenge.
         relevant executions
    Identifying your category and consumer opportunities                     The flow of the workshop will be in two parts:
    Bringing the concept to life for both retailers and consumers            1.     Insights to idea: developing an idea that is big enough to be a
    Securing incremental retailer support                                           central organising thought.
    Breaking down the barriers to successful implementation                  2.     Idea explosion: developing executions to the specific needs of
Blake Thomas, Demand Creation Manager – Skincare, Johnson &                         the various target audiences.
Johnson Pacific
                                                                             The workshop will be casual yet intense, extremely interactive, case
12.30    Networking lunch break                                              study rich and fun.

1.45     Fostering harmonious communications between marketing, sales        About your workshop leader: Adam Ferrier, Managing Partner, Naked
         and finance                                                         Communications
    Finding the balance between marketing and sales: establishing what
    is actually executable in-store vs. the message of the brand             Adam is a Strategic Planner and Partner of Naked Communications.
    Establishing an effective cross-functional team culture                  Adam began his career as a Forensic Psychologist working in a
    Outlining and agreeing success criteria, measurement techniques          maximum security prison, before making the natural move to
    and budget prior to a promotion                                          marketing strategy working for added value. Adam then moved to
David Graham, Trade Marketing Manager, Whirlpool                             Saatchi & Saatchi as a Strategic Planner working on Lion Nathan.
                                                                             During this time he also invented a psychological board game –
2.30      BEST PRACTICE INTERACTIVE SESSION                                  called The Analyst ( Through Naked, Adam
Following on from the discussions during day one, today’s interactive        develops up central brand ideas that are expressed through trade,
session will address a different set of challenges highlighted during Ark    internal communications as well as obviously to the consumer.
Group’s research as pertinent to professionals within this field. The main
group will be broken into smaller discussion groups, which will focus upon
these specific areas:
     Category management and growth                                                                    Who should attend?
     Strategies for POS and below the line success
     Measurement techniques for in-store promotions                          If you are a professional in any of these fields….this event will
                                                                                                   be relevant to you!
As with yesterday, these smaller groups will then report back to the main                            Trade Marketing
group their shared findings and open to a group discussion.                                        Channel Marketing
                                                                                                 Category Management
3.30     Afternoon refreshment and networking break
                                                                                                     Market Activation
4.00                                                             C
          Trade Marketing best practice: lessons learned at Coca-Cola                                Retail Marketing
          Amatil                                                                                  Trade and Promotion
   Understanding the dynamics of the trade marketing role and its                           Loyalty and Consumer Marketing
    relation to marketing and sales                                                                POS (point of Sale)
   Trade marketing within Coca-Cola Amatil: key lessons learned and                           Retail Category Management
    future steps                                                                            Customer Segment Management
   Maintaining brand identity across all in-store and promotional activity                        Account Management
   Assessing the success of promotions: how Coca-Cola has harnessed                               Product Management
    trade marketing and resources for positive results
Speaker to be confirmed, Coca-Cola Amatil
                                                                                                Distribution and Demand
4.45     Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference

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