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					The Autonomic Nervous System

   -The Autonomic Nervous System controls the
   automatic functions within the body

   -Internal processes under control of the autonomic
   nervous system include respiration, circulation,
   digestion, excretion, and reproduction

   -The autonomic nervous system is controlled by the
         2 Divisions of the ANS
Sympathetic Nervous System:
  The job of the sympathetic nervous system is to prepare
  you for danger or an emergency. It causes an increase
  in heart rate, it sends blood to the muscles of the heart
  and limbs, dilates your pupils, shuts down digestion and
  triggers the adrenal glands to release energy

Parasympathetic Nervous System:
  The job of the parasympathetic nervous system is to
  return your body to normal functions after the threat has
  passed. Therefore, it has the opposite effects of the
  sympathetic nervous system.