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family law divorce el centro san diego family attorney

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									                              Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                   Loyola Law School

1736 Family Crisis Center (1736 FCC)                            3333 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 550
211 Arlington Avenue, Suite 200                                 Los Angeles, CA 90010
Los Angeles, CA 90018
                                                                Legal service organization that represents impoverished
Provides supportive services in family law matters,             children in the Los Angeles County area. Students will
encompassing divorce, child custody/visitation, child           have direct contact with clients and must commit to at
support, paternity, and domestic violence restraining           least 8 hours a week. No exceptions.
orders, for victims of domestic violence and youth in
crisis. Students will assist with client intakes, preparation   Laura Streimer, Legal Director (213) 368-6010
of declarations and forms, and court accompaniment.             Yolanda McFarlane, Intake Supervisor
Brenda M. Magid (323) 737-3900, ext. 235                        Fax: (213) 368-6016
E-Mail:                                                              _______________________________
_______________________________                                 Anti-Defamation League
ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties                         10495 Santa Monica Blvd.
P.O. Box 87131                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90025
San Diego, CA 92138
                                                                Civil rights and other legal issues. Background check.
Non-profit civil liberties and civil rights organization.       Requires 12-15 hours per week.
Students will assist with cases and research on civil rights
issues.                                                         Michelle Deutchman (310) 446-8000
                                                                Fax: (310) 470-8712
Kevin Keenan                                                    E-mail:
(619) 232-2121, ext. 20                               
E-mail:                                   _______________________________                                            Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution
_______________________________                                 Center of Los Angeles
ACLU of Southern California                                     1145 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 100
1616 Beverly Blvd.                                              Los Angeles, CA 90017
Los Angeles, CA 90026
                                                                Mediation   of   landlord/tenant issues,  housing,
Non-profit civil liberties and civil rights organization.       neighborhood, consumer/merchant issues and others.
Externship students must work 20-30 hours per week for          Special emphasis on race relations and multi-party
a semester. Pro Bono students needed for intake of              complex community mediation. Minimum of 6 weeks, 8
clients.                                                        hours a week.

Elizabeth Schroeder, Associate Director                         Ing Phansavath, Kent Zhu, or Carolina Garza
Voice: (213) 977-9500 ext.204                                   (213) 250-8190
Fax: (213) 250-3919                                             Fax: (213) 250-8195
E-mail:                                        E-mail:,                                              _______________________________
_______________________________                                 Asian Pacific American Legal Center
AIDS Project of Los Angeles                                     1145 Wilshire Blvd. 2nd Floor
3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 750                                  Los Angeles, CA 90017
Los Angeles, CA 90010
                                                                Multi-lingual, culturally sensitive legal service/education.
Organization provides assistance in handling legal.             Areas include Inter-ethnic relations, consumer advocacy,
Problems related to HIV. Students will assist in all            mediation, citizenship & naturalization, immigration &
aspects of the delivery of services to clients. There is        domestic violence.         Bilingual capabilities strongly
also a project available for 1 student to work on a tax         preferred.
assistance project.
                                                                Lulu Amador (213) 977-7500
Laurie Aronoff (213) 637-1692                                   Fax: (213) 977-7595
E-mail:                    ;
Fax: (213) 201-1594
Alliance for Children's Rights
Published:    October 2008;                     p. 1
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                             Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                  Loyola Law School

BASTA, Inc.                                                    5200 W. Century Blvd., Suite 300
2500 Wilshire Boulevard, Ste. 1111                             P.O. Box 64996
Los Angeles, CA 90057                                          Los Angeles, CA 90045

BASTA specializes in tenants' rights and advocacy and          A non-profit organization offering education, intervention
provides general assistance to tenants, engages in             and legal services to young people concerning domestic
tenant education and outreach, conducts building               violence related issues. Students may assist in all
inspections, and utilizes the judicial system to enforce       aspects of the legal services program, including possible
housing laws, improve living conditions for the poor, and      court appearance participation.
eliminate substandard housing. Volunteers work will
prepare students for the civil litigation process.             Brandy Davis, Supervising Attorney (310) 286-3383
Contact: Ben Ramm (213) 736-5050                               _______________________________
E-mail:                              California Indian Legal Services
Fax: (213) 736-5055;                   609 S. Escondido Blvd.
_______________________________                                Escondido, CA 92025
Bet Tzedek Legal Services
145 S. Fairfax Ave. , Suite 200                                Assist American Indians and Tribes with special legal
Los Angeles, CA 90036                                          rights of California Indians and Indian Tribes, including
                                                               child custody, energy, civil rights, land use, and other
Non-profit organization assisting clients with housing         issues of tribal sovereignty.
(eviction defense), real property, estate planning,
                                                               Mark Raydoff (760) 746-8941, ext. 102
bankruptcy, public benefits, etc. Students will interview
                                                               (800) 743-8941
clients, research and write, and may represent clients at
                                                               Fax: (760) 746-1815
administrative court hearings. Send cover letter, resume,
and short legal writing sample to
Elissa Barrett, (323) 549-5810
Fax: (323) 549-5880                                            California Lawyers for the Arts
E-mail:                                 1641 18 Street                                       Santa Monica, CA 90404
                                                               Organization of volunteer attorneys providing legal
Bet Tzedek Legal Services - Valley Rights Project
                       nd                                      information & assistance through a lawyer referral
12821 Victory Blvd., 2 Floor                                   service, its Arts Arbitration & Mediation Program,
North Hollywood, CA 91606                                      workshops & copyright clinics. Students assist with all
                                                               aspects of the programs including client referrals,
A non-profit organization that assists clients with housing,   coordinating mediation hearings, education programs, &
bankruptcy, public benefits, and consumer fraud.               assisting with outreach to arts and entertainment
Students will assist with administrative hearings, case        organizations. Please send resume & follow with a call.
preparation, client interviews. Must volunteer 7 hours per
week. The initial client interviews are between 9 a.m. -       Karala Jenkins-Turner (310) 998-5590
11:30 a.m., M-Th.                                              Fax: (310) 998-5594
Maria Uribe (818) 769-0136                                     _______________________________
Fax: (818) 763-3299                                            California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA)
_______________________________                                449 Broadway Ave.
Beverly Hills Bar Association - Barrister's Legal Clinic       El Centro, CA 92243
300 S. Beverly Dr., Suite 201
P.O. Box 7277                                                  Organization that assists rural clients with legal issues
Beverly Hills, CA 90212                                        including government benefits, landlord-tenant, and
Senior legal clinic held at Roxbury Park on the first
Saturday of month 10-12 noon. Legal consultation and           El Centro Office: (760) 353-0220 (after 1 p.m.)
referrals for senior citizens.                                 San Francisco Office: Pat Bearsley (415) 777-2752
Cindy Vezina (310) 601-2440
Fax: (310) 601-2422; E-mail:                  California Western School of Law Innocence Project
Break The Cycle

Published:    October 2008;                   p. 2
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                            Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                 Loyola Law School

225 Cedar Street                                               P.O. Box 15095
San Diego, CA 92101                                            Los Angeles, CA 90015

Assist getting wrongfully accused persons released from        Provides immigration legal services to the poor. Willing to
prison.                                                        work with students. Flexible hours.
Jeff Chinn (619) 525-1485
                                                               Julianne Donnelly (213) 251-3505
                                                               Fax: (213) 487-0986
California Women's Law Center
                                                               Center for Conflict Resolution
6300 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 980
                                                               Loyola Law School
Los Angeles, CA 90048
                                                               919 Albany St. (Cassasa Bldg., Room 101)
Policy and support center dedicated to advancing the civil     Los Angeles, CA 90015-1211
rights of women and girls in the areas of sex
discrimination, family law, reproductive rights, violence      On-campus mediation center. Students must contact
against women, and child care. Students work includes          Center directly regarding the training class.
intake, researching and writing memoranda on related
legal issues such as employment discrimination, debt           Marta Gallegos, Associate Dir. (213) 736-1145
collection, insurance issues, family law & wills. Minimum      E-mail:
of 4 hours per week.                                           _______________________________
                                                               Center for Governmental Studies
Vicky Barker (323) 951-9847                                    10951 West Pico Blvd., Suite 120                                          Los Angeles, CA 90064
Fax: ((323) 951-9870
_______________________________                                Bob Stern (310) 470-6590, ext. 117
Cancer Legal Resource Center                                   Jessica Levinson
Loyola Law School Campus                                       Fax: (310) 475-3752
919 Albany St. (Founders Hall, Rm. 214)                        E-Mail:
Los Angeles, CA 90015-1211                                   
Provides assistance to those with cancer related legal         _______________________________
issues.   Students will assist with client intake and          Center for Health Care Rights
research. Seeking externship students only.                    520 S. Lafayette Park Place, Suite 214
                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90057
Joanna Morales (213) 736-1455
E-mail:                                 Non-profit organization that assists clients with health
_______________________________                                care coverage issues. Extern students only. Prefer with
Catholic Charities                                             medical/science background, but not required. Send
1800 E. Mc Fadden Avenue                                       resume.
Santa Ana, CA 92705
                                                               Demetria Boyskins-Chestnut (213) 383-4519 x 3004
Provides legal services and resources to indigent              Fax: (213) 383-4598
residents in Orange County.                                    E-mail:
Terrie Montminy, Exec. Director (714) 347-9605
(714) 347-9600

Catholic Legal Immigration Network
1530 James M. Wood Blvd.

Published:    October 2008;                   p. 3
Disclaimer:   Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                            Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                Loyola Law School

Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law                   Children’s Law Center of Los Angeles
256 S. Occidental Blvd.                                        201 Center Plaza Dr., Suite 10
Los Angeles, CA 90057                                          Monterey Park, CA 91754-2178

Non-profit agency dedicated to furthering and protecting       Non-profit public benefit organization that represents
the civil, constitutional, and human rights of immigrants,     children or parents in juvenile court cases involving
refugees, children and the poor.                               children at risk because of alleged child abuse or neglect.
                                                               Send a resume and cover letter to Katie Stevenson.
(213) 388-8693
Fax: (213) 388-8693                                            Princess Ramey (323) 980-7744
E-mail:                          E-Mail:                                   _______________________________
_______________________________                                Christian Legal Aid of Los Angeles
Center for Juvenile Law and Policy                             4665 Willow Brook Avenue
Loyola Law School                                              Los Angeles, CA 90029
919 Albany Street
Cassasa Building, C508, 5 Floor                                Provides free legal advice and consultation to the poor
Los Angeles, CA 90015-1211                                     and needy in the County of Los Angeles. Present clinic is
                                                               held at Catholic Charities’ St. Mary’s Center (across the
Represents juveniles in the delinquency court system.          street from L.A. City College).

Roxanne Hill (213) 736-8339                                    Sarah Na Olney (323) 319-3559
E-mail:                                   Fax: (323) 337-8317
Central American Resource Center (CARECEN)                     _______________________________
2845 W. 7th St.                                                Civil Justice Foundation
Los Angeles, CA 90005                                          3470 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 515
                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90010
Provide direct immigration services at clinic as well as
represent clients in immigration court. Assist clients in      Foundation handles federal litigation complaints to
preparing applications for asylum and suspension of            remedy civil rights violation inflicted upon incarcerated
deportation. Students may research and write briefs and        individuals.
memorandum. Prefer bilingual students interested in
immigration law.                                               Margaret Wilson, Esq. (213) 388-1536
Dan Sharp (213) 385-7800, ext. 153                             Community Legal Services (Compton)
Henry Aguilar ext. 134                                         725 W. Rosecrans Ave.
Fax: (213) 385-1094                                            Compton, CA 90222-3947
E-mail:                                Julius Craig Wesson, Directing Attorney                                             (310) 638-5524, ext. 351
_______________________________                                Fax: (310) 631-7382
Cesar E. Chavez Foundation                           
634 S. Spring Street, Suite 400                      
Los Angeles, CA 90014                                          _______________________________
                                                               Community Legal Services (Norwalk)
Paul Park (213) 362-0260, ext. 261                             11834 E. Firestone Blvd.
E-mail:                                     Norwalk, CA 90650
Fax: (213) 362-0265                                       Domestic violence clinic that assists with TRO’s,
                                                               consumer issues, family law problems, government
                                                               benefits, and landlord-tenant disputes.

                                                               Anthony S. Filer (562) 864-9935, ext. 311

Published:    October 2008;                    p. 4
Disclaimer:   Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                              Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                   Loyola Law School

Constitutional Rights Foundation                                2301 Bellvue Avenue
601 S. Kingsley Dr.                                             Los Angeles, CA 90026
Los Angeles, CA 90005
                                                                The Center is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization
Non-profit organization that sponsors mock trial                that provides social services and outreach programs to
competitions in Los Angeles County high schools.                at-risk youth, low-income individuals and families.
Students are needed to assist with teams. Third year            Volunteers will be primarily engaged in legal issues
students who have completed trial advocacy are needed           dealing with family, criminal, and immigration law.
as judges for competitions.
                                                                Thomas Gehring (213) 273-7000
Laura Wesley (213) 487-5590, ext. 128                           E-mail:
Fax: (213) 386-0459                                             _______________________________
E-Mail:                                       El Rescate Legal Services
_______________________________                                 1501 W. 8 Street, Suite 100
Disability Rights California                                    Los Angeles, CA 90015
3580 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 902
Los Angeles, CA 90010                                           Serves indigent immigrant community in immigration, and
                                                                consumer fraud, related to immigration through direct
Nonprofit Disability Rights Law Firm.      Representing         services, community education, and advocacy. Students
people with developmental, mental & other disabilities,         will research and write briefs in preparation for hearing or
including children & their families. Areas of work in           for review of legal issues. Must work at least 4 hours per
special education, ADA, 504, government benefits, etc.          week. Prefer bilingual in Spanish & English.
Require a regular commitment, flexible hours.
                                                                Salvador Sanabria (213) 387-3284 ext. 23
Matt Fishler (213) 427-8747,                                    E-mail:
(800) 776-5746 or (800) 781-4546                                Fax: (213) 387-9189
Fax: (213) 427-8767                                             _______________________________
_______________________________                                 Eviction Defense Network
Disability Mediation Center                                     1930 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 208
Loyola Law School                                               Los Angeles, CA 90057
919 Albany St. (Founders Hall, Rm. 214)
Los Angeles, CA 90015-1211                                      Nonprofit legal service provider specializing in eviction
On-campus clinic that provides mediation services on
disability issues.                                              Lizzeth Henao (213) 385-8112
Naomi Arakawa (213) 736-1479                                    Fax: (213) 385-8181
______________________________                                  _______________________________
Disability Rights Legal Center (Formerly known as               Fair Housing Foundation
The Western Law Center for Disability Rights)                   3605 Long Beach Blvd. Suite 302
Loyola Law School Campus, Founders Hall, Rm. 214                Long Beach, CA 90807

On-campus clinic that offers assistance to disabled             Program investigates       suspected     illegal   housing
clients. Students will assist with the options counseling       discrimination.
and lawyer referral service, and research. Students will
also assist with projects of the center such as civil rights    (562) 989-1206, Fax: (562) 989-1836
litigation project, disability mediation center, cancer legal
resource center and the learning rights projects.

Naomi Arakawa (213) 736-1479

                                                                Fair Housing Foundation
Dream Center Los Angeles                                        4401 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 317
Published:    October 2008;                     p. 5
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                             Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                  Loyola Law School

Los Angeles, CA 90043
                                                               Non-profit environmental organization dedicated to
(323) 295-3302                                                 making Santa Monica Bay and Los Angeles County
Fax: (323) 295-4660                                            coastal waters safe and healthy again for people and                           marine life.
F.A.M.E. Renaissance                                           Sara Gandhi (310) 451-1500, ext. 145
1968 West Adams                                                Fax: (310) 496-1902
Los Angeles, CA 90018                                          E-mail:
Students will interview clients, discuss client problem with   _______________________________
a supervising attorney, and be responsible for completing      HIV and AIDS Legal Services Alliance (HALSA)
all necessary paperwork. The clinic runs from 10:00 am-        3550 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 750
1:00 pm, every other Sunday, except holiday weekends.          Los Angeles, CA.90010

Chuck Meyer (310) 712-2111                                     Organization provides assistance in handling legal
E-mail:                                 problems related to HIV. Students will assist in all
Marvin Mathis (213) 389-1006                                   aspects of the delivery of services to clients. Work is also
_______________________________                                available for 1 student on a tax assistance project..
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights
1750 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 200                               Laurie Aronoff (213) 637-1692
Santa Monica, CA 90405                                         E-mail:
                                                               Fax: (213) 201-1594,
Nonprofit organization that deals with health care,            _______________________________
insurance reform, corporate accountability and consumer        Housing Rights Center
privacy.                                                       520 S. Virgil Avenue, Suite 400
                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90020
Pam Pressley (310) 392-0522, ext. 307
E-mail:                              Formerly the Fair Housing Council, Westside/San Gabriel
Fax: (310) 392-8874;                  Valley. Program investigates suspected illegal housing
_______________________________                                discrimination and racially or religiously motivated
Guatemalan Unity Information Agency                            vandalism or violence. Contact program directly for
4330 W. Beverly Blvd.                                          current needs.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
                                                               Liam Garland (213) 387-8400, ext. 32
Provides immigration legal services to poor, primarily non-    Fax: (213) 381-8555
English speaking people. Hours are flexible, Bilingual
capabilities preferred.                                        _______________________________
                                                               Immigration Center for Women and Children
Rafael Castillo (323) 644-5911                                 634 South Spring Street, Suite 615
E-mail:                                  Los Angeles, CA 90014
Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law                           ICWC provides immigration services to underrepresented
3250 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 710                                 women and children who are abused, abandoned or
Los Angeles, CA 90010                                          neglected or are victims of domestic violence. Interns will
                                                               assist with legal research, client intake, completing legal
Free clinic offering family law assistance. Clients are        forms, drafting pleadings and making court appearances
helped with divorce, property division, paternity, child       with emphasis on federal immigration laws, restraining
custody & visitation, child visitation, child support, and     orders, criminal and probate law.
domestic violence. The center operates from
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Students will assist with preparation    Suzanne McCormick (213) 614-7934
of pleadings, client interviews, & correspondence.             Main Phone: (213) 614-1165
Erin Dabbs (213) 388-7505, ext. 310                            Fax: (213) 624-1163;
Heal the Bay
1444 9 Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Published:    October 2008;                    p. 6
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                              Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                   Loyola Law School

Inland Counties Legal Services                                   Institute for Multicultural Counseling &
Riverside Office                                                 Education Services, Inc.
1737 Atlanta Avenue, Suite H-3                                   3580 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2000
Riverside, CA 92507                                              Los Angeles, CA 90010

Assist clients with civil matters such as bankruptcy,            Students will assist with domestic violence, divorce,
consumer law, elder law, family law, housing, land use,          restraining orders, family law, and criminal law matters.
public benefits.    Contact organization directly for
information.                                                     Dr. Tara Pir (213) 381-1250
Bob Stanley (951) 368-2555                                       _______________________________                                              International Rescue Committee, Inc. (IRC)
_______________________________                                  425 East Colorado Street, #550
Inland Counties Legal Services                                   Glendale, CA 91205
San Bernardino Office
715 N. Arrowhead Avenue, Suite 113                               Provides resettlement and immigration assistance to
San Bernardino, CA 92401                                         newly arriving refugees from all over the world.

Assist clients with civil matters such as bankruptcy,            Jennifer Kenyon (818) 550-6220, ext. 6546
consumer law, elder law, family law, housing, land use,          Fax: (818) 550-6277
public benefits.    Contact organization directly for            E-mail:
Bob Roddick (909) 884-8615, ext. 7514                            Jenesse Center                                              P.O. Box 8476
_______________________________                                  3731 Stocker Street
Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Assn.                               Los Angeles, CA 90008
Cesar Chavez Community Center
2060 University Avenue, Suite 113                                Nonprofit organization working to provide comprehensive
Riverside, CA 92507                                              services for women and children who are victims of
                                                                 domestic violence.
Nonprofit organization serving indigent clients.
                                                                 Don Stephenson (310) 419-6788
Enrique R. Acuna (951) 369-5846                                  E-mail:
E-mail:                                                                            _______________________________
_______________________________                                  Judicial Watch, Inc.
Inner City Law Center                                            2540 Huntington Drive. Suite 201
1309 E. 7th St.                                                  San Marino, CA 91108
Los Angeles, CA 90021
                                                                 Students will sit in on court cases.
Slum housing litigation and advocacy for the homeless.
Students will do legal research and writing, client              Sterling Norris (626) 287-4540
interviews, fact gathering for litigation, site visits to slum   E-mail:,
housing, and draft discovery. Requires 4 hours per week.
Spanish & Asian language speakers are highly needed.             _______________________________
                                                                 KIWA – Korean Immigrant Worker Advocates
                                                                           th          nd
Betsy Handler, Litigation Director (contact by email)            3465 W. 8 Street, 2 Floor
(213) 891-2880, ext. 211                                         Los Angeles, CA 90005
Fax: (213) 891-2888
E-mail:                                Fighting for economic and social justice by empowering
                                                                 and organizing Korean immigrant workers.

                                                                 Trisha Park (213) 738-9050
                                                                 Fax: (213) 738-9919

Published:    October 2008;                     p. 7
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                             Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                  Loyola Law School

Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, Inc.                    development, employment and home ownership cases.
3325 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1300                                Students will perform client interviews, research and
Los Angeles, CA 90010                                          writing, pleading preparing and assist at administrative
Assist with civil rights cases involving discrimination &
infringement of constitutional rights and civil rights based   Diana Talamantez (323) 801-7917
on sexual orientation or HIV status.                 
Stefan Johnson (213) 382-7600                                  Legal Aid Society of Orange County
Fax: (213) 351-6050                                            2101 N. Tustin Avenue
E-mail:                               Santa Ana, CA 92705
_______________________________                                Assist low income clients with consumer and family law
Learning Rights Law Center                                     issues. Students will perform client interviews and
205 S. Broadway, Suite 1008                                    research and writing.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
                                                               Anna Lisa Biason (714) 571-5220
The mission of the Learning Rights Law Center is to
ensure low-income students K-12 have equitable access
                                                               Legal Aid Society of San Bernardino
to the education system. Volunteers will deal with
                                                               354 W. 6th St.
students at risk or involved in the child welfare and/or
                                                               Downtown Between D-Arrowhead
juvenile justice systems; students not accessing the
                                                               San Bernardino, CA 92401
public school system because of language, disability,
sexual orientation, gender identity, homelessness, or
                                                               Assist low income clients with estate planning, family law,
inadequate facilities.
                                                               housing law, landlord-tenant, and poverty law problems.
                                                               All clients are in Pro Per.
Janeen Steel, Executive Director (213) 489-4035
Leticia Mejia (213) 489-4030, ext. 110                         Roberta Schouse or Deborah Davis
                                                               (909) 381-4633, (909) 889-4811
E-mail:                              E-mail:                             Fax: (909) 889-6338;
Fax: (213) 489-4033                                            _______________________________
_______________________________                                Levitt & Quinn
Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)                    1557 Beverly Blvd.
                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90026
Central Office
1550 W. 8 St.                                                  Provides low income people individualized legal
Los Angeles, CA 90017                                          assistance in the field of family law. Center gives priority
                                                               to legal problems involving children.
West Office
1102 S. Crenshaw Blvd.                                         Lucia Reyes, (213) 482-1800
Los Angeles, CA 90019                                
East Los Angeles Office                                        Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice
5228 E. Whittier Blvd.                                         1241 S. Soto Street, Suite 102
Los Angeles, CA 90022                                          Los Angeles, CA 90023

Santa Monica Office                                            Provides legal advice and representation in family law,
1640 5 Street, Suite 124                                       benefits, consumer law, and housing law.
Santa Monica, CA 90401
                                                               Steve Arredondo (323) 980-3500, ext. 23
South Central Office                                           E-mail:
246 70 Street                                        
Los Angeles, CA 90003

Assist low income clients with consumer, housing,
government benefits, family law, immigration, economic

Published:    October 2008;                    p. 8
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                            Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                               Loyola Law School

Los Angeles County Bar Association                             Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center
Barrister's Domestic Violence Project c/o LASC                 1625 N. Schrader Blvd., Suite 114
Department 8, Rm 245                                           Los Angeles, CA 90028
111 N. Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012                                          Provide many legal services to gay and lesbian
                                                               community including name changes, landlord-tenant
Assist victims of domestic violence get temporary              disputes, wills, powers of attorney, eviction, and family law
restraining orders. Volunteers will assist victims with        problems.
filling out the TROs and writing the declarations.
                                                               Roger Logan (323) 993-7400
Deborah Kelly (213) 896-6491                         
E-mail:;                                      _______________________________                                Martin Luther King Dispute Resolution Center
_______________________________                                4182 S. Western Ave.
Los Angeles County Bar Association                             Los Angeles, CA 90062
Dispute Resolution Services
261 S. Figueroa St., Suite 310                                 Mediation     in    landlord/tenant;  neighbor/neighbor;
Los Angeles, CA 90012                                          consumer/merchant; employer/employee; interpersonal;
                                                               domestic; business; organizations.     Presentation and
Non-profit organization providing mediation and                trainings in conflict resolution and mediation provided.
arbitration services for people & businesses in Los            Year-round community outreach programs.
Angeles dealing with various problems.
                                                               Eric Lee (323) 290-4100
Tobi Inlender (213) 896-6535                                   _______________________________
E-mail:                                    Mental Health Advocacy Services                                                  3255 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 902
_______________________________                                Los Angeles, CA 90010
Los Angeles County Bar Association Immigration
Legal Assistance Project                                       Adults and children involved in mental health or
300 N. Los Angeles St., Room B122A                             developmental services systems who meet the income
P.O. Box 531968                                                guidelines are assisted with discrimination cases,
Los Angeles, CA 90053                                          government benefits, patients’ rights, dependency, and
                                                               special education.
Non-profit organization that provides legal advice and
consultation to low income persons about immigration.          Jim Preis, Executive Director (213) 389-2077
Mary Mucha (213) 485-0143                            
E-mail:                                      _______________________________                              Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational
_______________________________                                Fund (MALDEF)
Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers, Inc.                           634 S. Spring St., 11th Fl.
1000 Corporate Center Drive, Ste. 430                          Los Angeles, CA 90014
Monterey Park, CA 91754
                                                               National nonprofit Civil Rights organization that advocates
The organization is comprised of four non-profit firms         for the rights of Latinos in the areas of education,
which represent parents with open cases in Dependency          immigration, employment, political access & language
Court in Los Angeles County. Law clerks/interns would          rights.
assist in trial preparation, client interviews, follow-up
phone calls, research and writing.                             Christine Martinez, HR Director (213) 629-2512
Lucia Murillo (323) 859-8503                         

Published:    October 2008;                     p. 9
Disclaimer:   Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                             Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                  Loyola Law School

National Center for Lesbian Rights                               National Lawyers Guild, Los Angeles Chapter
1625 N. Schrader Blvd.                                           8124 W. 3rd St., Suite 101
Los Angeles, CA 90028                                            Los Angeles, CA 90048

NCLR is a non-profit, public interest law firm which             Non-profit organization that focuses on civil rights, civil
litigates precedent-setting cases at the trial and appellate     liberties, and human rights. Students will assist with
court levels; advocates for equitable public policies            administrative hearings, case preparation, client
affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender             interviews, policy work, and research and writing.
(LGBT) community; provides free legal assistance to              Requires 12+ hours per week. Prefer Spanish speaking,
LGBT people and their legal advocates; and conducts              but not required.
community education on LGBT legal issues.
                                                                 Jim Lafferty (323) 653-4510
Los Angeles: Jody Marksamer (323) 993-7537                       Fax: (323) 653-3245;
San Francisco: Joshua Delgado (415) 392-6257, ext. 331           E-mail:;                 _______________________________                                                National Senior Citizens' Law Center
_______________________________                                  3435 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2860
National Day Laborer Organizing Network                          Los Angeles, CA 90010-1938
675 S. Park View, Ste. Base
Los Angeles, CA 90057                                            Organization that assists senior citizens with civil rights,
                                                                 disability law, health care, housing, public benefits, and
National nonprofit organization that focuses on civil rights     constitutional law issues. Students will assist with case
and liberties of day laborers in the area of employment          preparation, research, and writing.
rights, labor laws, and immigration.
                                                                 Gerald McIntyre (213) 639-0930, ext. 300
Marissa Nuncio (213) 380-2783                                    Eric Carlson (213) 674-2813;
E-mail:                                        Fax: (213) 639-0934;
_______________________________                                  _______________________________
National Farmworkers Service Center, Inc.                        Natural Resources Defense Council
634 S. Spring Street, Suite 400                                  1314 Second Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014                                            Santa Monica, CA 90401

Manuel Bernal (213) 362-0260                                     Non-profit organization that litigates environmental
Fax: (213) 362-0265                                              defense issues. Students must volunteer a minimum of
E-mail:                                        one day a week.
                                                                 Molly Greenwood (310) 434-2300
National Health Law Program
2639 S. La Cienega Blvd.                                         Fax: (310) 434-2399;
Los Angeles, CA 90034                                            _______________________________
Organization that focuses on health care issues & poverty        Neighborhood Legal Services of L.A. County
rights. Students will assist with client interviews, research,   Self Help Access Centers
and writing. Contact org. directly for information.              Glendale: 1104 E. Chevy Chase Drive (mailing address)
                                                                            Glendale, CA 91205
Manjusha P. Kulkani, Esq. (310) 204-6010, ext. 104               Van Nuys: 14400 Delano Street
Fax: (310) 204-0891                                                          Van Nuys, CA 91401
E-mail:                                      Pomona: 400 Civic Center Plaza, 7 Floor, Rm 702
_______________________________                                             Pomona, CA 91766
National Immigration Law Center                                  Palmdale: 38256 Sierra Highway
3435 Wilshire Blvd., Suite. 2850                                            Palmdale, CA 93550
Los Angeles, CA 90010
                                                                 Hands-on opportunity assisting unrepresented litigants (Pro
Non-profit center focusing on immigration & alien rights.        Per) with completing court forms for Family Law,
                                                                 Landlord/Tenant Law, Small Claims & other Civil matters
Monica Guizar (213) 639-3900
Fax: (213) 639-3911                                              Diana Avendano (818) 834-7585;
E-mail:,                           E-mail:

Published:    October 2008;                      p. 10
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                               Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                    Loyola Law School

Neighborhood Legal Services of San Fernando                         Post Conviction Assistance Center
Family Law Center                                                   1950 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite 310
13327 Van Nuys Blvd.                                                Los Angeles, CA 90025
Pacoima, CA 91331
                                                                    Students will research & review claims of innocence by
Family Law/Domestic Violence. Student will assist with              convicted persons. The Center’s work focuses on police
client intake and document preparation at the San                   misconduct & DNA cases. Students must be computer
Fernando, Van Nuys, or Burbank Courthouse. Requires                 proficient, interested in criminal defense & civil rights
3.5 per week in the morning.                                        issues.

Diane Trunk (818) 834-7563                                          Gigi Gordon (310) 479-2228
Chancela Al-Mansour 1-800-433-6251, Ext. 126              
E-mail:                                           _______________________________                                       Public Counsel - Child Care Law Project                                                      810 S. Ardmore Ave.
_______________________________                                     P. O. Box 76900
Orange County Superior Court Family Law Facilitator                 Los Angeles, CA 90076
Lamoreaux Justice Center
341 The City Drive                                                  Represent clients for child care issues. Students will
Orange, CA 92868                                                    assist with client interviews, case preparation, and
                                                                    administrative hearings. Requires 4 hours per week.
Assist clients in representing themselves in Family Law             Intake of clients is on M - Th mornings.
                                                                    Ted Zepeda (213) 385-2977, ext. 125
Jody Farrell (714) 935-8300                                         Fax: (213) 385-9889                                                    E-mail:
Pacific Legal Foundation                                            Volunteer Online!
3900 Lennane Drive, Suite 200                                       _______________________________
Sacramento, CA 95834                                                Public Counsel – Children’s Rights Project
                                                                    601 S. Ardmore Ave.
Org. that works on environmental law, private property              Los Angeles, CA 90005
rights., limited government and free enterprise system
legislation, Anti-Affirmative Action, students’ rights., victims’   Students will handle case preparation and research.
rights Students should send their resume & writing sample.          Contact organization directly for information.

Eileen Dutra (916) 419-7111                                         Ted Zepeda (213) 385-2977, ext. 125
Fax: (916) 419-7747                                                 Fax: (213) 385-9089                                                E-mail:
_______________________________                                     _______________________________
Peace Over Violence (formerly LA Commission on                      Public Counsel - Community and Charitable
Assaults Against Women)                                             Organizations Representation Project (CORP)
892 N. Fair Oaks Avenue, Ste. D                                     601 S. Ardmore Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91103                                                  Los Angeles, CA 90005

Kevi Neimi (626) 584-6191                                           Volunteers represent nonprofit corporations and
E-mail:                                  community groups on the full range of transactional legal;                        matters, including: incorporation and corporate
_______________________________                                     organizations, preparation of tax-exempt applications,
Pepperdine Legal Aid Clinic Tax Project                             review, negotiation and preparation of leases, loan
545 S. San Pedro Street                                             documents.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
                                                                    Ted Zepeda (213) 385-2977, ext. 125
Located at the Union Rescue Mission in Downtown L.A.                E-mail:

Brittany Stringfellow-Otey (213) 347-6300 ext. 4413

Published:    October 2008;                       p. 11
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                             Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                                  Loyola Law School

Public Counsel - Consumer and Housing Law Project               Rainbow Services
601 S. Ardmore Ave.                                             453 W. 7 Street
Los Angeles, CA 90005                                           San Pedro, CA 90731

Assist clients with consumer & home equity fraud matters.       Rainbow Services provides comprehensive services to
Students will help with client interviews at Public Counsel’s   families who are affected by domestic violence.
offices and/or at community based clinics.                      Volunteers will work on a variety of legal projects, which
                                                                will include researching and writing legal memoranda,
Ted Zepeda (213) 385-2977, ext. 125                             analyzing legislation, working with various community-
E-mail:                               based coalitions, engaging in public education and                                           advocacy, and assisting clients with restraining order
_______________________________                                 and immigration matters.
Public Counsel - Homeless Advocacy Project
601 S. Ardmore Ave.                                             Marci Fukuroda (310) 548-5450, ext. 109
Los Angeles, CA 90005                                           Fax: (310) 548-0611
Participate in legal clinics for homeless youth and adults      _______________________________
offered at shelters. Students will assist with client           San Diego Coastkeeper
interviews, advocacy and preparing declarations. Clinic         2825 Deway Road, Suite 200
meets at different shelters during the week and on              San Diego, CA 92106
                                                                (619) 758-7743
Paul Freese (213) 385-2977, ext. 109                            Fax: (619) 224-4638
Public Counsel - Immigration Project                  
601 S. Ardmore Ave.                                             _______________________________
Los Angeles, CA 90005                                           San Fernando Fair Housing Council
                                                                8134 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 206
Assist clients with immigration issues. Students will help      Panorama City, CA 91402
with client interviews, case preparation, and
administrative hearings.                                        Program investigates suspected illegal housing
                                                                discrimination and racially or religiously motivated
Ted Zepeda (213) 385-2977, ext. 125                             vandalism or violence.
_______________________________                                 Diana Bruno (818) 373-1185
Public Law Center (PLC)                               
601 Civic Center Drive West                                     _______________________________
Santa Ana, CA 92701                                             San Pedro Community Legal Services (SPCLS)
                                                                P.O. Box 311
Organization assists low-income and indigent in civil           San Pedro, CA. 90733
matters     such      as     family   law,  debtor/creditor,
landlord/tenant, tort, bankruptcy, estate planning, health      Spanish speakers only.
care issues, civil rights, housing, and consumer rights.        Non-profit organization that deals with any action that
                                                                stems from domestic violence. The center also handles
Kristen Lara (714) 541-1010, ext. 284                           divorce and family law related issues.
                                                                Maricela de la Torre (310) 521-1180
                                                                Santa Monica Baykeeper
                                                                P.O. Box 10096
                                                                Marina del Rey, CA 90295

                                                                Tatiana Gaur (310) 305-9645, ext. 5
                                                                Fax: (310) 305-7985,
                                                                Surfrider Foundation

Published:    October 2008;                    p. 12
Disclaimer:    Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                            Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                               Loyola Law School

P.O. Box 6010                                                  3701 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 208
San Clemente, CA 92674-6010                                    Los Angeles, CA 90010

Non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and        Fall & Spring Only. Specializes in high impact class
enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches, for        action policy litigation affecting poor persons in California.
all people, through conservation, activism, research and        Cases involve welfare, housing, health, and other areas,
education. Select from 60 chapters.                            including civil rights.

Angela Howe (800) 743-7873, ext. 38                            Greg Spiegel (213) 235-2614
E-mail:                                    E-mail:                                              Kim Lewis (213) 235-2628
_______________________________                                E-mail:
Sweatshop Watch                                                Vanessa Lee (213) 235-2613
137 N. Virgil Avenue, #205                                     E-mail:;
Los Angeles, CA 90004                                          _______________________________
                                                               Western Justice Center Foundation
Represents workers on labor laws regulating minimum            55 S. Grand Avenue
wage and overtime rules.                                       Pasadena, CA 91105
Rini Chakraborty (213) 748-5945                                The mission of the Western Justice Center is to
E-mail:                           increase the opportunity for peaceful conflict resolution
Fax: (213) 748-5955;                    and displace the power of violence in our society. We
_______________________________                                design, implement, evaluate, and promote innovative
The Wage Justice Center                                        methods of conflict prevention and resolution for
1930 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 500A                                 children, communities and courts.
Los Angeles, CA 90057
                                                               Erin Moore or Angela Oh (626) 584-7494
Volunteers will assist with legal research/writing,            E-mail:
completing legal forms, drafting declarations, and client    
intakes and communications. If the volunteer has the           _______________________________
time and willingness to commit, the will represent             Westside Tenant Action Center
workers at administrative hearings, conduct judgment           318 Lincoln Blvd., Suite 225
debtor exams, and if they are certified, make                  Santa Monica, CA 90401
appearances in conjunction with us.
                                                               Non-profit organization that assists tenants with unlawful
Melvin Yee (213) 471-2787                                      detainer actions and other landlord-tenant issues. Clinic
Fax: (213) 596-5991                                            operates Tues. between 7-9 pm & Sat. between 1-4 pm
Web:                                       (310) 399-9255
_______________________________                                _______________________________
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (V.I.T.A.)             Women Lawyers Assoc. of Los Angeles Jail Project
Loyola Law School Course- SPRING SEMESTER ONLY                 634 S. Spring Street, Suite 617
                                                               Los Angeles, CA 90014
IRS sponsored program that has volunteers assist low
income people with tax returns. Students will attend           Students will assist with client interviews and counseling
training and directly prepare tax returns. Offered as a        for 2 hours per week.
clinic on-campus. Additional information and sign ups in
the Externship Office, FH 240.                                 Paige Gold (213) 507-6456 or Kay Ouo (213) 892-8982
(213) 736-1103 or

Western Center on Law and Poverty, Inc.                        Working People’s Law Center

Published:    October 2008;                      p. 13
Disclaimer:   Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.
                            Approved Pro Bono Organizations
                                               Loyola Law School

1475 Echo Park Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Specializes in Crime and Family Law.

Arthur Goldberg (213) 250-5500
Fax: (213) 250-2846
YWCA Wings Battered Women's Shelter
P.O. Box 1464
West Covina, CA 91793

Organization runs a hotline that provides legal advice to
victims of domestic violence and referral to battered
women's shelter. Contact organization directly. Trainings
are held every few months.

Amanda Turek (626) 338-3123, ext. 15
Fax: (626) 338-5419

Published:    October 2008;               p. 14
Disclaimer:   Loyola Law School does not endorse any agency listed on the Approved Pro Bono listing.

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