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SSWAHS Reference Check Questions


SSWAHS Reference Check Questions

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                          SSWAHS Reference Check Questions
Two structured reference checks must be conducted for applicants being considered for recommendation for
appointment and placement on eligibility lists, PRIOR to finalisation of the selection report. These reference checks
are to ascertain an applicant’s past behaviour and performance.

Applicants must be advised that:
   • SSWAHS reserves the right to contact an applicant’s previous employer AND, if they are a former employee
       of CSAHS/SWSAHS, the relevant section;
   • Prior to contact being made with their current employer they are required to give consent / approval for such
       (the implications of contacting / not contacting the current employer should be discussed with applicants at
       interview); and
   • Information obtained from reference checks will be assessed in the light of the duties of the position they are
       applying for.

This form outlines questions that should be asked when conducting a reference check

 Position No:                              Position Title/Grade:

Name of Applicant:

Referee’s Name:

Referee’s Position:

How long have you known the applicant?

Your relationship to the applicant:

Confirm period of work, position, and reason person left (if applicable)

What were their major job responsibilities?

How would you rate the candidate’s quality and quantity of work?

What were their major achievements or contributions to your unit/organisation? Over what period of time
were these achieved? Did the achievements involve other team members?

In your opinion what areas of their performance require improvement?

How would you describe their interaction with other staff? Did you receive any complaints about them from
other staff or clients? (Please explain)

In giving the applicant a task, what level of supervision was required? (Please explain)

How was their attendance and sick leave?

Are you aware of any disciplinary action taken against the person?

Would you re-employ the applicant if the opportunity arose? Why or why not?

Given my advice regarding the position which the applicant is being considered for, is there anything else which
you think would be relevant and appropriate for us to consider?

Please thank the referee and inform them that this procedure is confidential and does not necessarily mean that
the applicant will be offered a position. Do not inform the referee of the Committee’s deliberations /

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