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Only Operon ! Patent registered model(Patent no. : 0330734)
Rapid Concentration for the liquid smaples
                                                                                                                                              Heat control & Speed control

                                                                 One-touch operation                                        Optional Vacuum
          Cooling system & Construction
                                                                Microprocessor Control                                      system & others

      ● The Operon Speed Vacuum Centrifugal              ● One-touch automatic operation key for                ● Selectable the double stage oil rotary vane
        Concentrator(SVQ) is designed for                  cooling, vacuum and drying process.                    Vacuum pumps(600LPM ~ 100LPM)
                                                                                                                ● Ultimate vacuum pressure 5 x 10 torr
        preparation with a high speedy and               ● Digital temperature and vacuum(2000 ~

        maximum recovery of DNA, RNA, Protein,                                                                  ● Digital vacuum gauge measurable from
                                                           0 mtorr) display.
        Peptides, Amino-acids, Homones,                  ● Temperature limitation setting function
                                                                                                                  atm. to 1 x 10-3torr.
        Enzymes for analsys by IR, UV and                                                                       ● Automatic gas ballasting function allows

        Electrophoresis.                                   for automatic start up and stop to                     circulating fresh air , automatically.
      ● The graviational force prevents bumping,           protect the vacuum pump.                             ● Vacuum control valve allows maintaining
                                                         ● Printer set (Temperature/Vacuum/time/                  the set-point vacuum level between 1950
        forming and sputtering of the solution so
         that virtually 99% of the samples                 Archieved or real time printing)                       ~ 0 mtorr.
        concentrated and recovered.                      ● Vacuum control set                                   ● Vacuum break valve that bleeds air into

      ● Rotor is driven magnetically.                    ● Optional heat control(amb./+5 ~ +90℃) &                the system when power to the main body
      ● Motor is located in the lower section and
                                                           Speed control(0 ~ 1800rpm)device.                      or vacuum pump is shot off.
        transmit the power through a magnetic                                                                   ● Printing system available output data for
                                                         ● Built-in the Tublar type heater(250W)
        coupling.                                                                                                 temperature, Vacuum pressure(2000 ~
      ● Lowest temperature -120℃ to -70℃ of
                                                           with fixed thermostat +60℃ and fixed the               0mtorr), time in real time or archieved
        Cold trap Collect for almost of humidity           overheat protection of +98℃.                           data.
        & vapor effectively and protect vacuum                                                                  ● Rear-mounted RS-232 port to transmit

        pump.                                                                                                     data to a user’s Computer.
      ● Optional 6port T-type manifold available

        to be used as a freeze dryer
      ● Various Rotors allows to load with

        different size & volume of samples.

          Speed Vacuum Centrifugal Concentrator
               MODEL                         SVQ-120                        SVQ-95                          SVQ-70
            Max.Temperature                    -120℃                          -95℃                              -70℃
              Dimension               (OUT)W850×D800×H950                          (OUT)W500×D650×H950
                 Rotor                1.5ML×210 Hole built-in                          1.5ML×72 Hole built-in
                Speed                                                     1800rpm
              Drive Motor                                             AC insuction 90W
                Heater                                           250W/(Amb.). + 5℃ to +90
                Defrost                                                   Hot Water
            Vacuum Guage                                                   10-3 torr
                                                16A                              12A                                 8A
                Weight                         190kg                            145kg                               110kg

          Option         ·Rotor free selection(15ml×12hole, 50ml×6 hole, swing rotor for micro plate)
                         ·Vacuum pump ·Heat control & Speed controler

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