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					                                    SPEED EVENTS
                                                                    1st November 2009

                    What a fantastic effort by all club members involved in the “Mattara”
                    weekend. The enthusiasm and effort shown by both older (long-
                    term) members and newer members was amazing.

It was also most gratifying to see quite good crowds on both days, even though the
Saturday before was a washout. I drove down to Newcastle in my Mini that I used race
(on Club plates) for the Club’s display at the Horseshoe Beach Mattara Festival and it
absolutely bucketed down nearly all day. The display was quickly called off and we
went to assist at King Edward Park with the setting up for the next day.

The State Championship Event on Sunday turned out to be a beauty with only a tenth
of a second between winner, Neil Farr and Championship winner, Tim Edmondson
followed by Kempsey’s Dave Morrow in third. Monday’s Tri-Challenge Final was also
won by Neil Farr with Tom Donovan 2nd and Dave Morrow, 3rd again.

At the Queensland Hillclimb Championships each year (bear with me!!) they always
have special awards for the fastest Queenslander and highest placed M.G. Qld Club
Member. If M.G. Newcastle had a similar award – like “Highest placed Club Member” at
each event, this year we had one of our better Club drivers finish 7th outright on
Sunday and 4th outright on Monday. Congratulations to Amy Mrcela for the
abovementioned two good “drives” which also put Amy as equal winner of the Tri-
Challenge Championship 2009.

Amy’s main challengers on the weekend had to watch her get quicker and quicker.
Your columnist had issues with “dud” fuel, broken wings, lack of power and age (?) –
(one should always have a list handy!!) Ed McCane unfortunately had a more serious
problem in the Pinch, tearing off the left hand side of the little Pirahna. Ed’s Chief Pit
Crew & Supporter, Gail, was a bit upset and Ed was shaken and possibly stirred by the
close encounter with the rock wall. Ed is now well on the way to having the car up and
running, possibly for our next event on the 22nd November.

Both day’s Presentations were totally washed out with storms, so trophies will be
presented at Bathurst next year for the State Competitors and at the Club’s
Presentation Night for the Tri-Challenge contestants.

As you can see by the Tri-Challenge point score elsewhere in this issue and also on the
Website, it has been another great year for the Tri-Challenge Championship and with a
tie for Outright winner at the last event, it has had some close competition all year.
Next year’s Series will start at Kempsey probably on 6/7th March; Tamworth 22/23rd
May (one event this year); Kempsey again 28/29th August and King Edward Park in


E                NAME                    ROUND 1   ROUND 2     ROUND 3     ROUND 4   TOTAL     PLACE
MGCC     Peter Robinson                       11        11           8           7       37         1
MGCC     Amy Mrcela                           10         6          11          10       37         1
MGCC     Ed McCane                             7        12           9           6       34         3
TSCC     Matt Halpin                          12         4           4           9       29
MGCC     Grant Cook                            5        10           6           3       24
KSCC     Dave Morrow                                                12          11       23
KSCC     Allan Hindes                                      8        10                   18
TSCC     Gundy Hunt                            9           9                             18
MGCC     Ray Bromley                           9           7                             16
MGCC     Kevin Edwards                         6           3           5         2       16
TSCC     Neil Farr                                                              12       12
MGCC     Tracy Little                                                  3         8       11
MGCC     Elizabeth Robinson                    3           5                               8
MGCC     Ben Dury                              4                                 4         8
TSCC     Rob Halloran                          2                       1         5         8
KSCC     Dick Willis                                                   7                   7
MGCC     James Pearson                                     2                               2
MGCC     John Collins                                                  2                   2
TSCC     Roderick Wyllie                                   1                               1
MGCC     Mark Constable                        1                                           1
KSCC     Robert Tamini                                                           1         1

         (Points 12 to 1)

                                             D      MGCC        TSCC            KSCC
         Top 5 from each Club                1       39          29              30
         Points from the outright list       2       42          26              32
         set out by each Club's event        3       40          12              41
         (Points 12 to 8 then all 6)         4       35          38              30

                                             L       156         105             133
                                     2009 TRI-CHALLENGE POINT SCORE

CLUB     COMPETITOR         POINTS   PLACE    CLUB                                COMPETITOR        POINTS   PLACE

         TYPE 1 U/2000                                                TYPE 4 O/2000
TSCC   Perry Burrow           40         1    TSCC                                Matt Halpin         56         1
TSCC   David Norton           23         2    TSCC                                Rob Halloran        48         2
TSCC   Johnathon Norton       20         3    MGCC                                Phil Limbert        37         3
MGCC   Matthew Holt           12              MGCC                                Mark Constable      27
MGCC   Mark Tucker            11              MGCC                                Constable           22
MGCC   Donna Cowan            9               MGCC                                Tony Lawrence       21
                                              TSCC                                Allan Barnes        19
         TYPE1 O/2000                         MGCC                                John Garroway       12
KSCC   Darren Read            50         1    MGCC                                Larry Presland      12
MGCC   Mark Tucker            12         2    MGCC                                Reece Presland      12
MGCC   Harley Martin          10         3    TSCC                                Robert Halloran     12
KSCC   Peter Anderson         9               MGCC                                Jason Dimmock       8
KSCC   Kathleen Gouge         8               KSCC                                Brendan Julius      7
                                              MGCC                                Perry Penfold       7
         TYPE 2 U/2000                        MGCC                                Peter Styles        6
MGCC   Scott McGarry          54         1    MGCC                                Brett Thomas        6
MGCC   Gregory Voysey         44         2
MGCC   Mitch Craig            39         3                            TYPE 5 U/2000
KSCC   Sam Lee                36              MGCC                                Peter Robinson      43         1
MGCC   Jack Holt              16              MGCC                                Amy Mrcela          43         1
MGCC   Christopherson         14              MGCC                                Edward McCane       40         3
                                              KSCC                                Dave Morrow         28
         TYPE 2 O/2000                        KSCC                                Allan Hinds         19
MGCC   Steve Cromack          24         1    MGCC                                Ray Bromley         18
MGCC   Colin Bray             13              MGCC                                Tracy Little        16
MGCC   Matt Chenery           11              MGCC                                Robinson            14
                                              MGCC                                Phillip Bright      13
                                              MGCC                                Grant Cook          10
         TYPE 3 U/2000                        KSCC                                Dick Willis         7
MGCC   Jarrod McElhone        40         1    KSCC                                Brian Morrow        6

MGCC   Grant Cook             40         1    KSCC                                Terry Perkins       6
MGCC   Peter Dickson          35         3
MGCC   Ben Durie              26                                      TYPE 5 O/2000
MGCC   Troy Tarager           22              TSCC                                Neil Farr           12         1
KSCC   John Fowler            21
MGCC   Peter Brock            21                             TYPE SV, TURBO, 4WD & 4WS U/3
MGCC   Greg Noonan            19              MGCC                                Laurie Murton       12         1
MGCC   Bridget Jobber         18
                                                     TYPE SV, TURBO, 4WD & 4WS
MGCC   Tom Clemens            10              O/3
MGCC   Ryan McShane           9               MGCC                                Kevin Edwards       56         1
MGCC   Laurie Movigliatti     6               KSCC                                Rob Tamini          42         2
MGCC   Peter Brock            6               MGCC                                Kym Pinkerton       22         3
MGCC     Grant Hill            6              MGCC                            Caleb Rees          21
MGCC     Stephen Hill          6              MGCC                            Jay Albertson       17
                                              MGCC                            John Collins        12
           TYPE 3 O/2000                      MGCC                            Michael Gigli       9
MGCC     Terry Hartman         32         1   KSCC                            Gary Crilley        9
TSCC     Craig Albertson       26         2   MGCC                            Mike Nedelko        8
KSCC     Joe Wolvey            14         3   MGCC                            Adam Ford           8
MGCC     Ray Burgess           14         3   TSCC                            Rodstrom            7
MGCC     Jason Dimmock         12
MGCC     Reece Presland        12
KSCC     Shannon Barnes        10                          MARQUE SPORTS UP TO 1400
MGCC     Peter Brock           9              KSCC                          Thomas                12         1
MGCC     Larry Pressland       9
KSCC     Anthony Patterson     8                 MARQUE SPORTS 1400 - 2000
TSCC     Bruce Brierley        8              MGCC                            Darval Thomas       52         1
KSCC     Cahlen Owen           7              MGCC                            Andy Peters         42         2
KSCC     James Folett          6              MGCC                            David Walker        37         3
                                              MGCC                            Bramston            28
           TYPE 4 U/2000                      MGCC                            Marea Semkin        24
MGCC     Dann Jolly            13         1   MGCC                            Semken              20
MGCC     Brenden Dipper        11             MGCC                            Susan Thomas        14

                             PAGE 2
CLUB     COMPETITOR          POINTS   PLACE   CLUB                            COMPETITOR        POINTS   PLACE
         MARQUE SPORTS O/2000                 MGCC                            Peter Robinson      37         1
MGCC     James Pearson         54         1   MGCC                            Amy Mrcela          37         1
MGCC     John Finch            31         2   MGCC                            Ed McCane           34         3
MGCC     Rick Vincent          28         3   TSCC                            Matt Halpin         29
MGCC     Ted Dial              24             MGCC                            Grant Cook          24
MGCC     Jim Norris            24             KSCC                            Dave Morrow         23
KSCC     Nathan Hobday         11             KSCC                            Allan Hinds         18
MGCC     John Garroway         10             TSCC                            Gundy Hunt          18
MGCC     Matthew Holt          7              MGCC                            Ray Bromley         16
TSCC     Shane Moffett         7              MGCC                            Kevin Edwards       16
                                              TSCC                            Neil Farr           12
                                              MGCC                            Tracy Little        11
                                              MGCC                            Robinson            8
                                              MGCC                            Ben Durie           8
       CLUBMAN CARS - REGO                    TSCC                            Rob Halloran        8
MGCC     Andrew Walker         35         1   KSCC                            Dick Willis         7
TSCC     Roderick Wyllie       13         2   MGCC                            James Pearson       2
                                              MGCC                            John Collins        2
                                              KSCC                            Robert Tamini       1
          CLUBMAN CARS - RACE                 MGCC                            Mark Constable      1
TSCC     Gundy Hunt        24             1   TSCC                            Roderick Wyllie     1

MGCC     Dylan Grant           13         1
MGCC   Ben Hall         11

MGCC   Bridget Jobber   12        1

Again many thanks to all the helpers for this year’s “Mattara” – a top weekend.


Peter Robinson
                                                                     4th October 2009
This month I thought I might take the opportunity to highlight two regular hillclimb
competitors from our club – Amy Mrcela and Ed McCane.

Amy Mrcela’s interest in motor sport goes back to her early
childhood, with her parent’s hobby of boat racing. As a child
of 12, her interests were with ballet and go-kart racing. Dad
would pick her up from Saturday ballet class, and take her
to the go-kart track, much to the amazement of her ballet
teacher. Her time in Go-Kart racing was successful, often
deflating the young male pride by taking out a top placing.
The opportunity to drive a Renault powered open wheeler at
age 18 was the beginning of her passion for fast cars.

Later, Dad, Grant Cook, was fortunate to obtain an Elfin
Formula 2, Amy’s current car, powered by a Ben Durie VW
Engine. After many years of modifications along with the obligatory labour of love,
Grant and Amy have together developed a car that allows her to be extremely
competitive. Of course her driving ability, along with the exceptional mechanics of the
vehicle mean she can compete as a person not just as a “female”, which is very close to
                                                        her heart.

                                                       The Mattara Hillclimb is the
                                                       highlight of Amy’s annual racing
                                                       calendar. It has been part of her
                                                       life for many years, firstly as a
                                                       spectator watching her dad
                                                       drive, and now as a competitor
                                                       herself. She is looking forward
                                                       to the very close Tri-Challenge
                                                       competition between herself and
                                                       to the other male competitors.

And secondly, she would like to acknowledge the many volunteers who give their time
tirelessly to organise this and many more events, and hope
that her story could possibly inspire others reading this to
follow their dreams.

From horses to horse power - Ed and Gail McCane met
about 5years ago. Since then they have married and
purchased a 100 acre property just outside Gresford in the Allyn River Valley. Ed was
working in Sydney at his kitchen manufacturing business during the week and was
                                            coming home to the property on weekends.
                                            This all became a bit exhausting so Ed retired
                                            just on 2years ago. Now they breed
                                            Warmblood horses and fatten cattle and feed
                                            the chooks and mow the lawns...whoever said
                                            retirement was for resting!!!!. They both love
                                            the country life.... however they are both
                                            diehard “petrol heads". Ed about 15 years ago
                                            successfully raced Go Karts in the Sydney
region. This has given him a good grounding for
driving his Piranha Open Wheel hill climb car.
Since spectating at the Mattara event when they
first met Ed has dreamed of racing in the hillclimb.
So he went looking for something to drive in the
race. He found his car on the internet for sale in
WA and they flew over to Perth to have a look at
it. When he first saw it go it scared him "half to
death" and he doubted he'd be able to drive it
and stay alive or at least in one functioning
piece!! But after much careful consideration (i.e. Gail drove him mad until he bought it!)
the car was his and he brought it home to compete in. He has been racing
competitively ever since and though it still scares him "half to death" he is loving every
minute of it. He achieved his dream and competed for the first time at Mattara Hill
climb last year. He is looking forward to having another crack at it this year, hopefully
improving his times. Gail is the "Pit Crew" and reverse gear when required!!!! And she
loves every minute of it too. She also competes on her horses and Ed straps for her at
competitions. So they help each other out with their interests. It works as a nice
balance. Gail says it is great that Ed races a car lets her get away with the expense
of having horses.

All works out in the end!!!

The 2009 Shannon’s Mattara Hillclimb is being held on Sunday and Monday of the Long
Weekend in October (4th & 5th) and Ed is competing in Monday’s Final Round of the
Tri-Series Championship. Ed believes he has a good chance to do well as he is running
2nd in the point score for the Series. With only 2 points in the balance, whoever wins
on the day could win the Championship.

Peter Robinson

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