Dad's Legal Rights for Child Custody

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					              Fathers' Rights in Child Custody Cases
                                  By Justin DiMateo

In divorce, one of the biggest concerns for many fathers is their child custody
rights. An attorney is the best resource for specific information regarding family
law issues such as child support and custody, but there are some general rules
that apply to most cases.
For instance, if the couple is not married, the male partner is not automatically
assumed to be the child's father even if they are listed on the child's birth
certificate. On one side of this problem is the mother who has no right to collect
child support, while on the other side is the father who has no legal visitation or
child custody rights.

 Paternity must be established before either party may obtain these rights. Either
party may request a paternity test to determine or confirm that the individual is
in fact the father of the child or the individual may sign a document stating that
they are the biological father.

If the parents are married, it is assumed that the male partner is the father and
paternity does not have to be established. In cases where the parents were never
married, court orders must be obtained for child support, custody and visitation

Without court orders, the non-custodial parent has no legal right to see the child
and the custodial parent could stop visitation rights without warning. However, if
court orders are in place, the custodial parent must abide by the court orders.

Each divorce case differs in some way. In cases where one parent is considered
harmful to the child or it is considered in the child's best interest not to have
contact with the parent, the court may prohibit that parent from contacting the
child. If this is the case, seek legal counsel to discuss your case and your options.

A large majority of the dad's will never take action towards exercising their legal
custody rights as a father...

If you are not among them, take advantage of the family law system now and get
a court order to maintain your relationship with your child Diefer Law Group



Description: Learn how a Dad can attain their parental rights when it comes to child custody and who to speak with to keep your relationship with your child healthy and civil.