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									Snack Attack

    What is junk food? Well junk food are
  very high in calories, low in nutrition. And
    there's much worse, in the Junk Food
  Facts. Junk food is everywhere. You and
     your family probably eat it every day.
 Sugar-laden breakfast cereals, snack bars,
  biscuits and cakes, crisps and chips, soft
       drinks, sweets, ready-meals is not
   nutritious and has far too much salt and
    Junk Food" contains high levels of fat,
     sugar and salt. It also usually has low
   levels of nutrients and it delivers short
     bursts of energy, which fade quickly.
 Children have to eat more to keep up their
    energy levels which means they put on
    excess weight and risk becoming obese
Snack Attack
 Everyone should be eating healthy
 deserts which contain:
 •more fruit and vegetable
 •more starchy foods such as rice,
 bread, pasta (try to choose wholegrain
 varieties when you can) and potatoes
 •less fat, salt and sugar some protein-
 rich foods such as meat, fish, eggs
 and pulses
 •It's also important to eat a variety
 of foods to make sure we get all the
 nutrients our bodies need.

              These sugary deserts like ice cream,
              chocolate cakes and chocolate trifles
              food contain little protein, vitamins
              and minerals and have lots. This
              shows that junk deserts have lack of
              nutrients so you should be choosing
              healthier option deserts so that you
              can stay fit and healthy.
Snack Attack
Healthy Snacks can help support
healthy growth and development and
provide the energy required to stay
focused at school, or supply extra fuel
for sport and play.
Snacks are especially important for
young children's small appetites and
Nutritionists recommend that a third
of a child's energy needs should be
derived from healthy snacks.
Active children should be eating at
least 4 serves of grain-based
carbohydrate foods everyday
                                          All kids love to snack on foods
                                          which are fattening such as
                                          crisp, chocolates, muffin and
                                          other types of junk foods. If
                                          you find yourself snacking
                                          away too often it could be part
                                          of your weight problem. If you
                                          enjoy snacking try to snack on
                                          fruits this way you will be
                                          following a part of your 5 a
Snack Attack

Fizzy drinks such as sprite, fanta, cocoa cola and pepsi are
very bad for your health as these fizzy drinks contain too
much sugar which can cause tooth decay and plaque.

So instead of eating fizzy drinks and damaging your health,
why not drink much more delicious exotic tasty fruit juices
such as orange juice, tropical juice and smoothies. This way
it will be a part of your 5 a day and you will benefit
different nutrients from it and you will fell less tired and
lazy and become more active and lively.

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