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									Strategic Planning Committee
Annual Meeting Update

Discussion Document

           Preliminary for discussion purposes only

                  Assemble                Environmental             Develop              Implementation           Communicate
                    Team                      Scan               Strategic Plan               Plan                   Plan

                Identify project       Develop initial       Develop 2-3          Understand               Identify and

                 team members            hypothesis             strategic               required operating      document key
                                                                alternatives            model for strategic     issues
                Conduct initial        Benchmark
                                                               Identify high           plan                   Produce
                 meeting(s) with         relevant churches      level initiatives      Conduct gap             presentation
                 project team           Survey vestry on       for each                assessment             Communicate
                Review previous         strategic              strategic              Recommend               plan to vestry,
                 strategic plans and     alternatives           alternative             implementation          ministry leads
                 other relevant         Survey ministry       Review                  plan                    and congregation
                 materials               leads and thought      strategic plan         Review
                                                                with vestry,            implementation
                Revise workplan         leaders                ministry leads          plan with vestry
                 as required            Review                 and                     and ministry leads
                                         demographic and        congregation           Revise
                                         psychographic data    Select most             implementation
                                        Assess                 attractive              plan based on
                                         parishioners needs     strategic plan          feedback

                Energized/             Strategic insights    2-3 strategic        Implementation           Executive

                 committed team          from benchmark         alternatives            Plan                    presentation
                Finalized               churches              High level
                 workplan               Survey finding         initiatives
                                         summary               Recommended
                                        Parishioner needs      strategic plan
                                        Demographic
         Project Schedule

                         Oct   Nov   Dec   Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May June July   Aug   Sep   Oct

Assemble Team

Environmental Scan

Develop Strategic Plan

Implementation Plan

Communicate Plan
                         Oct Nov     Dec   Jan   Feb   Mar   Apr   May June July   Aug   Sep   Oct


Ministry Leads

The late Sunday service suggest a focus on going
deeper with parishioners.

       Situation                             Findings

• The low attendance frequency       Significant gap in delivering
  is seen at the 10:45 service –     against the most important
  attendance at the 10:45 service    attributes
  is the lowest in recent years
                                       • A service that is relevant
• St. Michael’s enjoys good
  household penetration within           to your life
  the greater Barrington area but      • A service that makes you
  may be suffering lower than            feel full and alive
  expected frequency in
  attending service                    • A service that provides
• Survey was conducted in April          answers or insights to
  2003 among 77 parishioners             your daily life
  that attend late Sunday service

    Initial Findings from Benchmarking Activities

           “Who is Called                                           “How to Fulfill Relationship/Journey”

  Target                 Geography             Governance/              Worship            Education            Ministries
 Audience                                       Structure

 Focus on          Committed           Congregation drives        Inspiring and     Emphasis on         Extensive use of
  young families     members              decisions                   relevant           youth education      small groups
 However,           usually travel      Shared leadership           worship               Pre-school       (e.g., mini-
  appeal to all      under 30             models                     Effort made to        Kindergarten     parishes,
  ages               minutes             Documentation of            remove                Sunday           neighborhoods)
 Un-churched       Satellite            decision-making,            barriers to            school          View faith as a
  or fallen away     programs are         roles,                      participation     Education            journey –
  members            being tested to      responsibilities,           (e.g., use of      programs             deepening walk/
 People who         expand reach         structure and beliefs       video,             provided for the     commitment with
  want to                                Clear understanding         contemporary)      journey              Christ
  deepen their                            of clergy/ vestry/staff    Range of          New member          New member
  faith                                   relationship                service styles     program              programs
                                         Alignment of staff to       to meet           Self study              Re-Member
                                          deliver strategy            congregation       programs            Need-oriented
                                         Everyone                    needs              provided (e.g.,      evangelism
                                          understands the                                5G’s)               Strong ownership
                                          strategy and values                                                 of ministries
                                         Clear membership
                                          expectations – gift
                                          oriented approach
                                                 Financial Requirements
                                       Honest and open communication of stewardship

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