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									                                                        Sarah Giles
                                     Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
                                                   +61 403 27 24 27

                      SARAH GILES


2008      Post Graduate Diploma of Dramatic Art – Directing; The
          National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)

2004      Bachelor of Arts (Double major: Italian and History) The
          University of Melbourne


2009      Griffin Theatre Company - Affiliate Director in Residence



2009      THE BEAR as part of THE SNEEZE by Anton Chekhov
          translated by Michael Frayn. Set and Costume by Renee
          Mulder. Parade Theatres, NIDA. Presented by Theatre

          THE HERBAL BED by Peter Whelan. Set and Costume by
          Renee Mulder, original composition by Brent Hill. The
          New Theatre, Newtown, Sydney.
                                                     Sarah Giles
                                  Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
                                                +61 403 27 24 27

2008   THE BALD SOPRANO by Eugène Ionesco. Set Design by
       Gemma Lark-Johnson and Costume Design by Mathew
       McCall. The Space, NIDA.

       FACE TO THE WALL by Martin Crimp. Design by Gemma
       Lark-Johns on. The Space, NIDA

       THE STRONGER by August Strindberg. NIDA

       Scenes from EAST by Steven Berkoff. Part of
       “Unplugged” 3rd year acting scene work. The Space,

       Scenes from TAPE by Stephen Belber. Part of
       “Unplugged” 3 r d year acting scene work. The Space; NIDA

       THE UNIVERSAL LANGAUAGE by David Ives. Cleveland
       Street Theatre, Sydney, NIDA.

2007   SPOTS by Steven Hopley. Design by Emma Kingsbury.
       Part of the top 30 plays at the Short & Sweet Festival;
       Melbourne; The Arts Centre; The Fairfax Studio.

       THE MAIDS by Jean Genet. La Mama, Carlton Courthouse,
       Melbourne. Produced by merge and see theatre

2003   THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND by Tom Stoppard.
       Producer, Director and Head of Drama Society at Ormond
       College, The University of Melbourne.

       BLACK COMEDY by Peter Schaffer. Producer, Director
       and Head of Drama Society at Ormond College, The
       University of Melbourne.

2000   THE TRIAL By Franz Kafka. Produced by Melbourne Boys
       Grammar School and performed at St Martins youth theatre
       in South Yarra.

       New Work: Directing, Development & Dramaturgy

2009   Cut by Catherine Ryan. To appear at the Griffin Theatre on
       the 10 t h of November as part of The Fates. Director.

       The Empire Builders or The Schmurz by Boris Vian. New
       Australian adaptation and translation by Francis
                                                          Sarah Giles
                                      Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
                                                    +61 403 27 24 27
            Greenslade. In development with Full Dress Productions.
            Director and Dramaturg.

            Programmed the 24 Hour Play Generator at the Griffin
            Theatre as part of D Week celebrating Griffin’s 30 t h

            FOOT by Joanna Ers kine as part of the 24 Hour Play
            Generator at The Griffin Theatre, Sydney. Director.

2008        K.I.J.E by J oanna Erskine. Director at the National Script
            Workshop, Graduate Program with PlayWriting Australia.
            To appear in 2010 at La Mama in Melbourne produced by
            Three To a Room. Director and Dramaturg.

            AFTER WILLIAM by Alli Barnard. Director of workshop
            and rehearsed reading as part of the playwrights ’ studio at

2006 - 09   HOME ECONOMICS by Declan Greene. Development of
            new work based on 5 portraits by photographer James
            Giles. Dramaturgy and development.

            Assis tant Directing

2009        STRANGE ATTRACTOR by Sue Smith. Dir Nick
            Marchand. The Griffin Theatre Company.

            TOT MOM by Stephen Soderbergh. Dir Stephen
            Soderbergh. Sydney Theatre Company.

            OPTIMSIM by Tom Wright. Dir Michael Kantor, Artistic
            Director of Malthouse Theatre. Co-Production between
            The Malthouse Theatre, The 2009 Edinburgh International
            Festival, The Sydney Theatre Company and the 2010
            Sydney Festival.

2008        THE KITCHEN by Sir Arnold Wesker. Performed in The
            Playhouse at NIDA; dir Tony Knight (Head of Acting).

2007        THE HISTORY BOYS by Allan Bennet. Melbourne
            Theatre Company. Dir Peter Evans, Associate Director of
            Melbourne Theatre Company.

2006        WORKING by Steven Schwartz based on the book by
            Studs Terkel. Union House Theatre; The University of
            Melbourne. Dir Susie Dee, Head of Union House Theatre.
                                                          Sarah Giles
                                       Sydney & Melbourne, Australia
                                                     +61 403 27 24 27


2006        MACBETH RE-ARISEN by David Mence
            Roles - Lady Macduf f, Witch 3, Tragedian
            White Whale Theatre; Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

2004        THE DUTCH COURTESAN by John Mars den.
            Role - Putifer
            Union House Theatre – University of Melbourne; dir Susie
            Dee, Head of Union House Theatre.

2002        DON’S PARTY by David Williamson
            Role - Jodie
            Ormond College Theatre – University of Melbourne

            Teaching & Literary

2010        NIDA Open Program: Directing. Course Teacher.

2009        Griffin Theatre: Youth Ambassadors workshop for VCE

            Reader for the Annual Griffin Literary Award.


            Egil Kipste
Job Title   Head of Directing at the National Institute of Dramatic Art
Address     215 Anzac Parade
            NSW 2033
Phone       9697 7630

            Tom Wright
Job Title   Associate Director of the Sydney Theatre Company
Address     P.O Box 777
            Miller’s Point
            NSW 2000
Phone       0417 320 776

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