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									                         Jands Pty Ltd - ABN 45 001 187 837

                                         Spare Parts Pricelist

                                          Australian Dollars

Stock Code            Description                                                        Per    RRP Inc GST

ASM-48424-007         ASM Gear Box TS 10.1 AS i = 100                                    EACH      2,685.63
ASM-48424-008         ASM Gear Box TDA 1.5 i = 58                                        EACH      1,667.66
ASM-48424-009         Encoder TR CEV58M-00011                                            EACH      2,569.30
ASM-48424-010         Incremental Encoder RVI58N - 011K1A6X N 1024                       EACH      1,064.49
ASM-48424-011         Stromag Limit Switch BGV C1 48BM-499                               EACH        862.88
ASM-48424-012         Stromag Limit Switch BGV C1 180 DZM-499                            EACH        853.18
ASM-48424-013         TER Limit Switch                                                   EACH        465.41
ASM-48424-015         MSF / ASM Vector Open Frequency Converter                          EACH      3,003.20
ASM-48424-016         MSF / ASM Vector Open Frequency Converter with Heat Sink           EACH      3,210.66
ASM-48424-017         Contactor 9A 24VDC                                                 EACH        173.81
ASM-48424-018         Reversing Contactor 9A 24VDC                                       EACH        419.15
ASM-48424-019         Contactor 18A 24VDC                                                EACH        465.47
ASM-48424-020         Power Supply SPS - 025 - 24                                        EACH        164.36
ASM-48424-021         Power Supply Meanwell S 25-24                                      EACH         87.28
ASM-48424-022         Power Supply Meanwell S 40-24                                      EACH        109.09
ASM-48424-023         Power Supply Meanwell S 60-24                                      EACH        123.65
ASM-48424-024         Switch C 50, 40VAC 4A                                              EACH         64.60
ASM-48424-025         Thermal Circuit Breaker (normally closed contact) 90C              EACH         29.12
ASM-48424-026         Thermal Circuit Breaker (normally closed contact) 120C             EACH         29.12
ASM-48424-027         Proximitey Detector A IAN                                          EACH         75.12
ASM-AXIS-ABS-ENC      Axis Absolute Encoder                                              EACH      1,247.81
ASM-OTTO1000SPP       Power Pack for OttO 1000S Chain Hoist                              EACH    11,595.83
ASM-TSLC8RC128        Touch Screen LC8 RC128                                             EACH      1,575.52
BSS-05-1200-CS        Soundweb PCB BLU-80                                                EACH        860.50
BSS-05-1201           Power Supply London BLU                                            EACH      1,275.71
BSS-05-1205           Main PCB BSS BLU 32                                                EACH        864.65
BSS-05-1205-CS        Main PCB BSS BLU 32                                                EACH        884.66
BSS-05-1209           SW9088ii Main PCB                                                  EACH      1,495.73
BSS-05-1220           Main PCB SW3088                                                    EACH      1,490.16
BSS-05-1231-CS        Main PCB 336T old P/N 05-1231                                      EACH      1,084.92
BSS-05-1232           Front Panel PCB 336T                                               EACH        136.05
BSS-05-1233           Pot PCB FDS336                                                     EACH         34.17
BSS-05-1234-CS        Main PCB BLU10                                                     EACH        432.88
BSS-23-0003           PSU PCB BLU160 BLU120 BLU320 BLU800                                EACH        110.59
BSS-24-1204           Clear Cover BLU 8                                                  EACH           4.53
BSS-28-0059           Screw 6-32 x 1 1/4 Pozi Pan                                        EACH           0.15
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 1 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per    RRP Inc GST

BSS-28-0211           Washer                                                             EACH           0.22
BSS-28-0275           M3 x 6 Flange Screw Blk Pozi FCS966 old P/N NA0397                 EACH           0.37
BSS-32-0581           RS232 Connector SW9088 II                                          EACH           4.66
BSS-44-0069           Power Switch AR133 old PN DG0622                                   EACH         14.69
BSS-44-0070           Decibel Switch AR133 was DG0623                                    EACH         38.88
BSS-44-0202           Encoder BLU8                                                       EACH         37.03
BSS-50-1538           30K 1W Resistor 334 336                                            EACH           1.50
BSS-62-0250           Capacitor 470pF 100V BLU                                           EACH           0.00
BSS-70-0185           LCD 128 x 64 Touchscreen SW9010 Jellyfish                          EACH        145.02
BSS-70-0220           LCD Module FDS336                                                  EACH         45.32
BSS-72-0186           74HCT245 OCTAL BUS TRANS SW9010 OPN BN10006                        EACH           1.50
BSS-72-0187-01V2      IC 29F800B Vers 2 FDS366T                                          EACH           1.50
BSS-72-0214           SRAM SW3088 Old P/N BSS-BS10078-TSOP                               EACH           4.53
BSS-72-0316-01V2      Eeprom IC FDS336                                                   EACH         20.76
BSS-72-1492           SCN6881 Duart Soundweb                                             EACH           1.50
BSS-80-1238           Main Board BLU8                                                    EACH        344.10
BSS-BA0025            Diode BYD73G SW9088                                                EACH           3.67
BSS-BD0396            CNW11-AV1 OPT1001 FDS334                                           EACH           4.53
BSS-BD0398            BUK445-600B TR3 SW9088 also SCF-BD0398 STP10NK60                   EACH           3.67
BSS-BD10027           BC856 TR1002 FDS334                                                EACH           4.53
BSS-BE0485            Dual Op Amp IC 5532D FCS966                                        EACH           3.67
BSS-BE0525            UCC3842A IC 1001 FDS334                                            EACH           6.80
BSS-BF10003           74HC137 IC FCS926                                                  EACH           2.49
BSS-BF10014           SCN6881 Duart Soundweb                                             EACH           1.50
BSS-BK10002           Microprocessor HD63B03XP FCS926                                    EACH         92.31
BSS-BL10002           CS5390 A/D COV 20BIT FDS388                                        EACH        535.11
BSS-BM10005           RAM HY6264LP-70 FCS926                                             EACH         46.32
BSS-BN10000           74ACT00 QUAD 2 I/P NAND SW9088                                     EACH           1.18
BSS-BS10000           65C1165 Network Driver SW9088                                      EACH           8.16
BSS-BS10013           14C89 IC18 SW9010                                                  EACH           3.35
BSS-BS10014           14C88 IC19 SW9010                                                  EACH           3.35
BSS-BS10044           INA163 Instrument Amp                                              EACH           5.50
BSS-BS10049           24HCT02 Quad Nor Gate SW9088                                       EACH           0.82
BSS-BS7007R-SO14      LM2901 SM Quad Comparator FCS966                                   EACH           2.20
BSS-CA0026            .1uF Cer. ML Cap. SW9088 PSU Mod. FDS334, FDS336, FDS366           EACH           4.53
BSS-CA10024           100pF Cap Ceramic filter                                           EACH           2.63
BSS-CE0466            47uf 63v Low Esr capacitor For SW9000, SW9088 FDS334, FDS336,      EACH           4.03
BSS-CE0490            470uF 25V Cap SW9088 PSU Mod.                                      EACH           4.03
BSS-DD10003           Pot slider 45mm 50KB FCS960 FCS966                                 EACH           7.34
BSS-DF0530            4 Pole Push Switch FCS966                                          EACH           4.28
BSS-DF0653            Switch 4 pole push with soft touch key cap FDS388                  EACH         18.23
BSS-DF10002           Blue Lens Meter Input for DPR402                                   EACH           4.75
BSS-DF10015           Tact Switch Right Angle FDS366                                     EACH           1.39
BSS-DG10005           Switch Toggle Attenuator AR416                                     EACH         84.64
BSS-DH0725            Rotary Encoder SW9010                                              EACH         90.64
BSS-DH10000           DPR 402 AttackRelease switch Rotary 12 postion                     EACH           4.76

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 2 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per    RRP Inc GST

BSS-DH10007           Switch 5 way rotary SW9012                                         EACH           7.14
BSS-DH10010           Rotary Switch SW9015                                               EACH         19.89
BSS-DL8007            1SPST MAINS ROCKER SWITCH DPR404                                   EACH           7.78
BSS-DM10008           Pot 5K 16mm DPR422                                                 EACH           3.52
BSS-DM10009           Pot 1M 16mm DPR422                                                 EACH           3.52
BSS-DM10010           Pot 10K 16mm DPR422                                                EACH           3.52
BSS-DM10011           Pot 50K 16mm DPR422                                                EACH           3.52
BSS-DM10015           Rotary Pot 10K 16mm FCS966                                         EACH           3.66
BSS-DM10016           Pot 50K A/Log 16mm FCS966                                          EACH           6.73
BSS-DM10018           Pot 50K Log 6mm dia. Shaft SW9012 Blu3                             EACH           5.06
BSS-DM10022           Pot Lin Horz Push Decibel Switch                                   EACH         19.40
BSS-DM10023           Encoder (Alps) & Push Switch FDS336 FDS334                         EACH         22.66
BSS-DM10024           Pot Lin Horz Push FDS334 & 336                                     EACH         12.92
BSS-DM1270            Pot Threshold DPR901 Version II only                               EACH         10.82
BSS-DM1271            Pot Compress / Expand DPR901 Version II only                       EACH         14.04
BSS-DM1272            Pot Width DPR901 Version II only                                   EACH         12.00
BSS-DM1273            Pot Frequency DPR901 Version II only                               EACH         15.71
BSS-DM1284            Pot 10KB CD 4mm FDS366                                             EACH           7.11
BSS-DM1297            Encoder (Alps) & Push Switch FDS366 FDS355                         EACH         29.04
BSS-DP1304            POT 22KA LIN DET LP 4MM D FCS960                                   EACH         41.44
BSS-DP1305            POT 47KC 3-GANG LP 4MM D FCS960                                    EACH         78.40
BSS-DP1306            Pot 47KC 3-Gang 4mm PL DPR404                                      EACH         53.42
BSS-DR10000           Pot 10K single FDS360 DPR402                                       EACH         24.20
BSS-DR10001           Pot 50K single Lin DPR402 DE-ESS                                   EACH         24.93
BSS-DT10000           POT 1M DOUBLE LOG OMEG DPR504                                      EACH         31.02
BSS-DV10000           Threshold pot DPR901                                               EACH           5.28
BSS-DV10001           10K Pot Threshold DPR404                                           EACH           5.81
BSS-DZ10000           Relay FCS966                                                       EACH         18.80
BSS-DZ10001           FPC900 Speed Strip                                                 EACH        262.90
BSS-DZ2237            211NB D034-M Output Mute Relay FDS360                              EACH         16.89
BSS-FF10054           Input Connector RJ45 SW9010 CN2 board position                     EACH         21.78
BSS-FF10062           6 way connector Klippon Plug SW3088                                EACH         32.22
BSS-FH0741            Jack Socket Mono w/silver nut AR133                                EACH           0.29
BSS-FK0975            XLR 3 way ML R/A PC Mount FCS966                                   EACH           4.18
BSS-FK0985            XLR Con Fml R/A Chas Pin FCS966                                    EACH           7.26
BSS-FK10007           NC3MPRH 3 pin male RA PCB XLR Connector FDS360                     EACH           5.28
BSS-H-B422A-03        Mains Transformer DPR422 FCS 966 OPN HB10036                       EACH        295.02
BSS-H-B9008A-02       Mains Xfmr FDS336                                                  EACH         93.88
BSS-H-B920A-03        Mains Xfmr 28VA For FCS926 OPT HB10033                             EACH        220.61
BSS-HA10002           Output Xfmr AR416                                                  EACH        149.18
BSS-HB10003           Pulse Transformer AR133                                            EACH           3.40
BSS-HB10037           Network Isolator Xfmr SF6040 SW9010 Soundweb                       EACH         93.17
BSS-HD10015           Fan 35 X 35 X 10 5V SW9088ii OPN GM0535                            EACH        100.59
BSS-HZ10000           Xfmr Ferrite Inverter FCS926                                       EACH         79.20
BSS-HZ10001           Xfmr Ferrite TX 90 RCA-1B FPC900R                                  EACH         39.82
BSS-J-B422A-01        Opal 3+1 Led Lightpipe DPR422                                      EACH           3.17
BSS-JA0117            LED Green DPR402                                                   EACH           1.32

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 3 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per    RRP Inc GST

BSS-JA0118            LED Yellow DPR402                                                  EACH           1.13
BSS-JA0119            LED Red DPR402                                                     EACH           2.86
BSS-JA0120            Square LED Red DPR404                                              EACH           1.19
BSS-JA0121            Square LED Yellow DPR404                                           EACH           1.19
BSS-JA0122            Square LED Green DPR404                                            EACH           1.11
BSS-JA0142            LCD Module 56X128 CCFL FDS366                                      EACH        425.31
BSS-JA10002           LED 3mm Orange DPR402                                              EACH           2.08
BSS-JA10028           LCD Touchscreen new part no bss-70-0185                            EACH           0.00
BSS-JB10001           Channel Switch Bulb DPR 402                                        EACH           4.53
BSS-JZ2223-01         355 display foam FDS366                                            EACH           2.57
BSS-K-B360A-01        Power Switch DPR402                                                EACH           1.85
BSS-K-B366B-02        Output Channel Select Lightpipe FDS366                             EACH           2.86
BSS-K-B966A-01        Cap for Fader APN KB966A-01 FCS966 old P/N KC10042                 EACH           0.00
BSS-KA0263            KNOB & CAP & LINE 15MM D SHAFT FCS960                              EACH         11.61
BSS-KA0264            KNOB / CAP / LINE 10MM D SHAFT FCS960                              EACH           7.83
BSS-KA0267            15mm Grey Knob DPR901II Use SCF-KA0267                             EACH         11.33
BSS-KA0277            15mm Grey DPR901 Knob                                              EACH         11.13
BSS-KA0297            Black Encoder Knob 28DIA                                           EACH           7.83
BSS-KA10000           Large black knob for DPR402                                        EACH         10.87
BSS-KA10002           Small black knob for DPR402                                        EACH           8.98
BSS-KA10004           Knob 10MM Push on FDS388                                           EACH           4.47
BSS-KA10007           REAN KNOB C154-0F BLACK DPR504                                     EACH         10.78
BSS-KA10008           REAN KNOB C104-GF GREY DPR504                                      EACH           8.57
BSS-KA10012           FADER KNOB - GREY FCS960                                           EACH           1.37
BSS-KA10021           Knob Black FDS366                                                  EACH           3.74
BSS-KA10022           Knob Ritel 15mm Dia Medium Sw9012                                  EACH           9.06
BSS-KB10010           MIN ALP GREY CAP - 2 FCS960                                        EACH           0.79
BSS-KB2160-01         Opal Red SUJ Swith Cap FCS966                                      EACH           2.86
BSS-KB422A-01         Opal 12mm Soft touch knob replaces Ka0339-01 FCS966                EACH           0.88
BSS-KB422B-01         Opal 15mm Soft touch knob FCS966                                   EACH           1.32
BSS-KB966A-01         Knob for Fader apn KC10042                                         EACH           1.44
BSS-KC10000           Grey cap for DPR402                                                EACH           0.66
BSS-KC10002           Black cap for DPR402                                               EACH           0.76
BSS-KC10003           Blue cap for DPR402                                                EACH           0.43
BSS-KC10004           Red cap for DPR402                                                 EACH           0.66
BSS-KC10006           REAN CAP T150-GF GREY DPR504                                       EACH           1.63
BSS-KC10007           Rean Cap T100-GF Grey DPR504 FDS318                                EACH           1.33
BSS-KC10009           Ritel Cap 28mm for encoder knob FDS388                             EACH           1.77
BSS-KC10012           Red Lens for Channel Select Switch DPR402                          EACH           3.70
BSS-KC10013           Diffuser for Channel Select Switch DPR402                          EACH           2.60
BSS-KC10017           SWITCH CAP MIN ALP GREY Filter Knob DPR901 FCS960                  EACH           0.81
BSS-KC10018           SWITCH CAP STD ALP GREY DPR504                                     EACH           0.88
BSS-KC10063           Cap Ritel 15mm Dia. Sw9012                                         EACH           3.01
BSS-KC10064           Knob Cap Black / white line FDS366                                 EACH           1.89
BSS-L-B9000A-03       Fan Assembly for FDS366, FDS366T, SW9088                           EACH         99.93
BSS-L-B9088-01        Cable PC to Soundweb RS232                                         EACH         52.34
BSS-LC0274            18 way flex cable FDS366                                           EACH           5.66

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 4 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per    RRP Inc GST

BSS-M-B366F           Flash code Emprom FDS366 Currently V2.2                            EACH         27.73
BSS-M-B366F-1.10      Flash code Emprom V1.10 FDS366                                     EACH         44.88
BSS-M-B900RB-1.0      IC13 Eeprom 16V8Q15 Varicurve                                      EACH           8.07
BSS-NA0084            M3 x 6mm Pan Pozi Blk Screw FCS966                                 EACH           0.07
BSS-NA0249            No 4 x 3/8" Pan Pozi S/T Black FCS966                              EACH           0.07
BSS-NA0392            Screw Plas No 8 x 3/8" Black FCS966                                EACH           0.37
BSS-NA0397            M3 x 6 Flange Screw Blk Pozi FCS966 new P/N 28-0275                EACH           0.37
BSS-NZ2351-01         355 display MTG Clip FDS366/966                                    EACH           5.94
BSS-P-B133D-01        Battery Cover AR133                                                EACH         42.24
BSS-P-B133F-02        Captive Screw M3 x 9.25 AR133 Old P/N BSS-NA0421-02                EACH           0.37
BSS-P-B355M-02        DISPLAY CLIP 8                                                     EACH           1.61
BSS-P-B360J-01        Top Hatch For FDS360                                               EACH         42.24
BSS-P-B388J-01        Front Lens FDS388                                                  EACH        273.53
BSS-P-B402A-02        Front Panel DPR402                                                 EACH         55.34
BSS-P-B9010F-01       Membrane Keypad Beige BSS-SW9010B                                  EACH        258.77
BSS-P-B9015A-01       Wall Plate Green UK Version for SW9015                             EACH        118.96
BSS-P-B966A-02        Front Panel FCS966                                                 EACH         20.94
BSS-R-B336B-07AF      355 Main PCB Assy. FDS355                                          EACH        271.35
BSS-R-B355A-03AF      355 Main PCB Assy. FDS355                                          EACH      3,476.29
BSS-R-B402C-02AF      Timing PCB Attack / Release DPR402                                 EACH      1,107.95
BSS-R-B422A-04AF      Display PCB for DPR422                                             EACH      1,107.95
BSS-R-B901A-06AF      SW9010 Main PCB                                                    EACH      1,682.07
BSS-R-B9088A-08-      SW9088 Main PCB                                                    EACH      3,650.17
BSS-R-B966B-04AF      EQ PCB FCS966                                                      EACH        279.98
BSS-RZ10000           Cobranet Card BLU80 4x12                                           EACH      2,141.29
BSS-Z-360-F250        Frequency card 250Hz For FDS360                                    EACH         44.00
BSS-ZA10010           Battery 6V 1.2AH Yuasa For FPC900R                                 EACH         96.80
BSS-ZD0332            Fuse Holder FCS926                                                 EACH           9.99
BSS-ZD0334            Fuse Holder DPR504                                                 EACH           0.90
BSS-ZD0335            Fuse Holder Cover DPR504                                           EACH           0.38
BSS-ZD10006           Fuse Holder FCS926                                                 EACH         16.61
CCM-002-0650          Battery Pack Assembly For the BP700                                EACH        231.12
CCM-0030136           Antenna TX for BP700 655-750MHZ                                    EACH         23.57
CCM-0030144           Antenna RX for BP700 550MHZ                                        EACH         24.70
CCM-023-0014          Plate Face WTR-2                                                   EACH         58.42
CCM-0230080           Rear Cover For RCV-2                                               EACH           8.84
CCM-0230081           Front Cover For RCV-2                                              EACH           4.99
CCM-0230083           Battery Door For RCV-2                                             EACH           1.36
CCM-120/DINPTT        Drake FreeSpeak (Early) Headset Dual Ear;8-Pin DIN                 EACH        714.75
CCM-1244427           Capacitor 220UF 35V                                                EACH           5.36
CCM-130-0728          Pot Volume WTR-2                                                   EACH         48.26
CCM-1300799           Pot 10K with on/off switch volume for BP700                        EACH         82.25
CCM-1300800           Pot 10K without on/off switch for BP700                            EACH         82.25
CCM-150/UNI-DIN       24V PSU Drake PD4224 PD2201 PD2203                                 EACH        965.88
CCM-150/UNI-FSPK      24V PSU FreeSpeak BP PD2202                                        EACH        324.03
CCM-170339            Ribbon Cable RS-601 602                                            EACH         67.98
CCM-180000            Xfmr Carson 6450 Choke                                             EACH         41.19

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 5 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per    RRP Inc GST

CCM-210007            Connector CC-95                                                    EACH         64.35
CCM-210022            Binding Post Red                                                   EACH         18.94
CCM-210023            Binding Post Black                                                 EACH         18.94
CCM-210145            Conn 4pin Male Insert                                              EACH         22.70
CCM-210146            Conn 6pin Female Insert                                            EACH        204.61
CCM-210150            Conn 3pin Male Insert                                              EACH         22.70
CCM-210151            Conn 3pin Female Insert                                            EACH         38.07
CCM-210152            Conn 6pin Male Insert                                              EACH        118.19
CCM-210166            Cable                                                              EACH           7.57
CCM-210421            Top / Front Label Set WTR680                                       EACH         45.32
CCM-240035            Button                                                             EACH           1.90
CCM-240037            Release Button                                                     EACH           1.90
CCM-240063            Channel Button RS-501 RS-502                                       EACH           2.58
CCM-240064            Keycap & Cover for Switch 510104 for MS232 RM220                   EACH         11.42
CCM-240065            Keycap & Cover for Switch AB100                                    EACH         13.80
CCM-240099            Round Yellow Lens KB-111A                                          EACH           7.25
CCM-240132            Knob Volume WTR680                                                 EACH           7.25
CCM-250009            Handset Hanger for HS6                                             EACH         52.12
CCM-250291            Label Top For RS-501                                               EACH           9.74
CCM-250292            Label Top For RS-502                                               EACH           9.74
CCM-250293            Label Front Panel (Blue)                                           EACH         45.32
CCM-250298            Bottom ID plate To suit RS502TW 250298                             EACH         23.38
CCM-250299            Plastic Face / Bezel For RS501                                     EACH         54.38
CCM-250300            Plastic Face For RS-502                                            EACH         54.38
CCM-250301            Bottom Bezel, RS502 RS501                                          EACH         54.38
CCM-250302            Belt Clip, RS501 RS502 RS 501                                      EACH         19.03
CCM-250307            Right Extrusion RS501                                              EACH         47.58
CCM-250308            Left Extrusion RS501                                               EACH         67.30
CCM-250309            Label Front Panel (Orange)                                         EACH         32.18
CCM-250311            Label Front Panel (Red)                                            EACH           7.57
CCM-250700            Rack ear for SB-440                                                EACH         90.64
CCM-250708            Front Panel for AP-22                                              EACH        521.16
CCM-250901            Ear Rack Each ICS 1016                                             EACH        108.54
CCM-250972            Ear Rack Each I Station                                            EACH        180.82
CCM-251059            Label for Belt Clip RS601                                          EACH           9.29
CCM-251063            Volume Knob RS601                                                  EACH         18.13
CCM-251080            Spring Battery Pack WTR680                                         EACH         15.86
CCM-251082            Belt Clip, WTR680                                                  EACH         38.07
CCM-251084            Sub Assy Painted Case Set WTR680                                   EACH        631.92
CCM-251143            Blue Release Button RS601                                          EACH           7.25
CCM-251183            Blue surround headphone socket freespeak bp                        EACH           4.76
CCM-251244            Belt Clip RS601                                                    EACH         19.03
CCM-280012            Screw for belt Clip RS601                                          EACH           0.23
CCM-280054            Plunger                                                            EACH           1.90
CCM-280067            Nut Cone                                                           EACH           3.81
CCM-280131            Bolt Draw RS502 RS522                                              EACH           4.00
CCM-280134            Draw Bolt RS501                                                    EACH           7.61

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 6 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                              Per    RRP Inc GST

CCM-280295            Grommet for Access Door MS440                                            EACH           0.73
CCM-280296            Plunger for Access Door MS440                                            EACH           7.48
CCM-280388            Machine Screw WTR680                                                     EACH           1.81
CCM-280389            Battery Holder / Latch WBS670                                            EACH           3.40
CCM-280391            Screw 4/40 x 5/16 WTR680                                                 EACH           1.81
CCM-280392            Battery Latch WTR680                                                     EACH           1.90
CCM-280397            Screw 2-56 x 1/4 Taptite PH WTR680                                       EACH           0.18
CCM-280399            Cover Switch WTR680                                                      EACH           3.81
CCM-280470            Battery Contact WTR680                                                   EACH         96.44
CCM-296-0590          Switch WTR-2 Toggle                                                      EACH         80.75
CCM-332/04DINPTT      Drake FreeSpeak (Early) Headset Dual Ear;8-Pin DIN                       EACH        845.41
CCM-390005            Lamp Channel Select obs advised by C/Com                                 EACH         15.18
CCM-390007            LED Red                                                                  EACH         15.14
CCM-390010            LED Short Indicator                                                      EACH           3.76
CCM-390018            LED Red RS-522                                                           EACH         61.00
CCM-390021            LED Green                                                                EACH           7.57
CCM-390036            Lamp for ICS-92                                                          EACH         45.32
CCM-390047            Lamp 32V 33ma bulb for RM220                                             EACH         83.85
CCM-390054            Lamp 5V 75MA Bi Pin for MS-440                                           EACH         53.25
CCM-400006            Battery Lithium Wafer Cell TL-5134 Config 1                              EACH        132.56
CCM-400010            Power Supply Pico Matrix Old PN ERS60UT30                                EACH        519.62
CCM-400011            PSU Plug Pak 14VAC Rnd Conn ICS52/62/92102; AP22; XLP22                  EACH         90.64
CCM-400012            PSU Plug Pak 24VAC Rnd Conn AB100 PK5 See Also PSU24AC1A                 EACH        129.16
CCM-400015            Switchmode P/S Matrix Plus System Com-72 Frame AC input +15vdc2.5a -     EACH      1,072.87
                      15vdc 2a
CCM-400022            Power Supply MS-440 MS-232                                               EACH        453.18
CCM-400023            Power Supply IMF102 +12 / -12V 40W PSU                                   EACH        498.50
CCM-400025            Power Supply I-Station                                                   EACH        679.78
CCM-400030            Power Supply AC WBS-670                                                  EACH        217.53
CCM-400031            Power Supply AC WBS-680                                                  EACH        271.91
CCM-400061Z           Power Supply PD4224                                                      EACH        324.03
CCM-410042            Resistor for mic element CC95 / CC260 FOC                                EACH           4.53
CCM-4300111           IC LMX2352 Ref U1 Dual PLL For Q700                                      EACH         63.45
CCM-4300132           IC RF2155 Ref U7 For Q700                                                EACH        112.39
CCM-470020            Transmit and Recieve Pot 100k AC-10H Adapt-a-com                         EACH         60.05
CCM-470035            50k Trim Pot for MS440                                                   EACH           7.57
CCM-470039            50k volume pot KB-111A                                                   EACH         33.99
CCM-470048            Pot Trimpot 5k RS501 Volume                                              EACH           9.11
CCM-470062            2K 2 Turn Trimpot NUll Pot IFB-4                                         EACH         41.69
CCM-470063            Pot Sidetone A/B For MS232 5K309M REF: R304 R305                         EACH           3.85
CCM-470070            Listen level A/B program Vol 50KA lin Pot For MS232 Ref:R306 R307 R308   EACH         26.06
CCM-470072            Volume Pot MS440                                                         EACH         23.57
CCM-470077            Volume Pot RS601                                                         EACH         37.39
CCM-470078            Pot Volume WTR680                                                        EACH         37.25
CCM-470081            Pot 5k REF R30 ICS1016 REF R31 ICS2003                                   EACH         19.49
CCM-480006            Transistor 2N2222                                                        EACH           3.76
CCM-480008            Transistor MPSA63                                                        EACH           7.57

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                Page 7 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per    RRP Inc GST

CCM-480012            IC LM384                                                           EACH         37.84
CCM-480018            IC LM741                                                           EACH           7.57
CCM-480021            IC NE5534 Op Amp                                                   EACH           7.57
CCM-480047            Transistor 2N4401                                                  EACH           7.57
CCM-480056            IC RC4559                                                          EACH           7.57
CCM-480060            Transistor 2N3440                                                  EACH           7.57
CCM-480069            Transistor 2N5639                                                  EACH           7.57
CCM-480070            IC NE5532                                                          EACH         10.15
CCM-480091            IC TL072 Op Amp Dual                                               EACH           7.57
CCM-480092            Analog Switch                                                      EACH         37.84
CCM-480097            IC Custom Logic Array 480097                                       EACH         50.98
CCM-500089            Speaker 1RU                                                        EACH         84.41
CCM-500102            Speaker 6"                                                         EACH         47.58
CCM-500103            Speaker                                                            EACH         68.76
CCM-500114            Mic Windscreen cc26                                                EACH         18.13
CCM-500115            Ear Cushion                                                        EACH           8.66
CCM-500117            Mic Cartridge                                                      EACH         65.39
CCM-500132            Electric Mic Element w/long plunger                                EACH         40.79
CCM-500138            Speaker ICS-92                                                     EACH         65.19
CCM-505001            Ear Cushion CC-250                                                 EACH         76.59
CCM-505012            Mic housing - Lower CC-85                                          EACH           7.70
CCM-505013            Flelt Circle CC-85                                                 EACH           1.13
CCM-505014            Mic housing - Upper CC-85                                          EACH           7.70
CCM-505019            Fleece Circle CC-85                                                EACH           4.53
CCM-505020            Mic Cartridge CC-250 CC-85                                         EACH        104.91
CCM-505027            Boom Stiffener CC-85                                               EACH           9.29
CCM-505028            Ear Element CC-250 CC-85                                           EACH        153.40
CCM-505030            Windscreen Kit CC-85                                               EACH         34.67
CCM-505031            Cable Per Foot CC-95                                               FOOT           8.38
CCM-506007            Ear Muff CC95 / CC260                                              EACH         90.64
CCM-506008            Mic Element CC95 / CC260                                           EACH        126.89
CCM-506019            Temple Pad CC95                                                    EACH         54.38
CCM-506023            Temple Pad Tape CC-95                                              EACH         54.38
CCM-510004            Switch Mini Toggle On-Off                                          EACH         77.56
CCM-510008            Switch 2/3-4 Wire                                                  EACH         23.46
CCM-510012            Button Push Mom Call SA                                            EACH         17.89
CCM-510035            Switch Monitor Channel Select                                      EACH         63.57
CCM-510036            Switch Phone Hold                                                  EACH         47.68
CCM-510040            Switch Mini Toggle                                                 EACH         23.84
CCM-510041            Switch Stage Announce                                              EACH         31.79
CCM-510057            Switch Talk On/Off                                                 EACH         43.16
CCM-510065            Switch Program Mic/Line Level                                      EACH           7.95
CCM-510068            Switch Mic On/Off                                                  EACH         47.68
CCM-510074            Switch Mini PC Slide Mic Type RS-501 optional                      EACH           7.19
CCM-510080            SP3T mom-off-mom Key Switch For the ICS2003                        EACH         71.38
CCM-510104            Switch with bulb for MS232 2303                                    EACH         92.55
CCM-510107            DPDT Minature Switch w/long plunger                                EACH         19.03

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 8 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per    RRP Inc GST

CCM-510116            Illuminated Switch MS440                                           EACH         67.98
CCM-510140            Push Button Switch WTR680                                          EACH         95.64
CCM-510160            Announce Switch MS702                                              EACH         22.66
CCM-515000            Rubber Key RS501                                                   EACH           3.63
CCM-520027            Fuse Holder                                                        EACH         15.14
CCM-550-0262          Knob Volume WTR-1 WTR-2                                            EACH         27.64
CCM-5500306           Black knob for BP700                                               EACH         18.49
CCM-560006            Xfmr Hybrid                                                        EACH         75.68
CCM-560035            Power Xfmr CS-222                                                  EACH        172.26
CCM-668-0028          Antenna WTR-2                                                      EACH           4.99
CCM-710143            Main PCB TR-50                                                     EACH        362.55
CCM-710342            Main PCB ICS-92                                                    EACH      2,449.46
CCM-710412            EPROM Software Upgrade For ICS-2002                                EACH         45.32
CCM-710429            Com-10 Module I1430                                                EACH        725.09
CCM-710435            PCB Com-20                                                         EACH      1,744.76
CCM-710464            Com-1A PCB Assy                                                    EACH        725.09
CCM-710479            PCB Main ICS1016                                                   EACH      2,156.25
CCM-710508Z           IC PAL (GAL)                                                       EACH         54.38
CCM-710538            IMF3 Rear Interface Panel                                          EACH        566.48
CCM-710542            Main PCB I1430                                                     EACH      1,744.76
CCM-710593            Config Rear Card Eclipse                                           EACH      2,341.83
CCM-710601            Main PCB RS-601                                                    EACH        393.59
CCM-710602            Main PCB RS-602                                                    EACH        891.87
CCM-710648C           IC5 ICS2003                                                        EACH        113.30
CCM-710649C           IC11 ICS2003                                                       EACH        113.30
CCM-710668            PCB LED Display Vol Pots RS-602                                    EACH        326.29
CCM-710674            Rear PCB with Battery Contact WTR680                               EACH      1,597.02
CCM-720279            Switch PCB WTR680                                                  EACH         97.75
CCM-720299            Front RS601                                                        EACH         86.10
CCM-720353            Battery Pack FS-BP                                                 EACH        135.96
CCM-730100            Ribbon Cable Com-10 Card to Main PCB IStation                      EACH         45.32
CCM-740067Z           Speaker MS232                                                      EACH        114.20
CCM-740075            Speaker Assy I1430 Station                                         EACH        113.30
CCM-740085            PSU Plug Pak 14VAC 2POS EB-4W; 2 POS Connector                     EACH         58.91
CCM-740090            Bottom Panel Assy inc. chassis RS-601                              EACH        210.96
CCM-740091            Bottom Panel Assy inc. chassis RS-602                              EACH        326.29
CCM-740107            Beltpack Front Cover Assy Freespeak                                EACH         72.51
CCM-740108            Beltpack Rear Cover Assy Freespeak                                 EACH         18.13
CCM-740109            Top Cover Freespeak                                                EACH         23.79
CCM-740111            Freespeak Beltback Beltclip                                        EACH         79.31
CCM-760092            Rear Cover RS601                                                   EACH         20.17
CCM-8126569           Capacitor 220UF 35V                                                EACH           8.87
CCM-878-0145          Antenna For Dipole 125                                             EACH         41.01
CCM-BLK2002           Back Light Upgrade Kit for ICS-2002 Matrix Station                 EACH           0.03
CCM-BZEQH1150P41      PiCo Front Blue Fascia Front Panel                                 EACH        229.40
CCM-BZEQH2255P22      Mark 1 Battery Cover Assy FreeSpeak Beltpack                       EACH        104.23
CCM-COM-1A            Communications board ICS-2002, ICS-92, ICS-102                     EACH        549.39

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 9 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

CCM-CON5000SMA        Spare SMA Aerial for PD2201 Version 1 Male Insert                      EACH         203.93
CCM-CON5001SMA        Spare SMA Aerial for PD2201 Active Antenna                             EACH         113.30
CCM-EQH2211P22        Front Rubber Keypad BPS2202                                            EACH          61.63
CCM-EQH2214P22        Female Talk Knob BPS2202                                               EACH          10.88
CCM-EQH2215P22        Male Talk Knob BPS2202                                                 EACH          10.88
CCM-FPVFD-2003        LED Screen For ICS-2003 old p/n CCM-390056                             EACH       2,410.94
CCM-LC16.2-P7         LCD Switch for PD4211 u8 Colour Range                                  EACH         198.83
CCM-P125-1B           LCD Switch for PD4211 Front Panel                                      EACH         198.83
CCM-PDE2505           Power Card Beltpack Freespeak                                          EACH         348.95
CCM-PDE2514Z          CEL/ FS Encoder Board                                                  EACH         605.00
CCM-PS32              Power Supply PSU Eclipse 32                                            EACH         427.13
CCM-SCN1180XTLZ       Crystal for FSBP                                                       EACH          50.98
CCM-TDR3001ENC        Volume Pot Drake 3197 Panel                                            EACH          18.91
CCM-TM1               Square Micro Switch PD4211                                             EACH          19.85
CHQ-CH900-0642        Power Supply 48VDC 120W CBPSU30                                        EACH         268.40
CHQ-CHCWSP-1          Power Brick for PSU 10DMX                                              EACH         489.13
CHQ-CWSP-1            ColorWeb Power Brick                                                   EACH         277.20
CRN-100324-1          Transformer for a crown D75                                            EACH         180.14
CRN-100331-70805      Screw 8-32x.312 flat head T15 For K Series amp                         EACH            0.27
CRN-100331-70808      Screw 8-32x.0.5 T15 For K Series amp                                   EACH            0.27
CRN-100445-1          NTC Inrush current limiter CT1610                                      EACH            3.89
CRN-100449-1          Grille MA New ASM#4 Replaces M46054-9                                  EACH          97.53
CRN-100466-1          Cable 18 COND Tin Picoflex MA602 MA1202 MA2402                         EACH          10.88
CRN-100497-5          Main PCB K2 100496-5 in manual                                         EACH         414.66
CRN-100497-7          Main Module K2/K1                                                      EACH         416.93
CRN-100536-1          Output Module Insulator For a Crown K1 / K2                            EACH            5.98
CRN-100663-1          Battery door for CM311AHS                                              EACH            2.08
CRN-100850-1          Fuse Holder and Cap Set K Series Amp                                   EACH            9.85
CRN-100951-1          PWA PIP2 Adaptor                                                       EACH          44.00
CRN-101103-1          PTC 6 ohm 265V Res.                                                    EACH            7.52
CRN-101233-1          Plug, K2 230V Selector K2                                              EACH            6.71
CRN-101240-1          PCB PIP Interconnect P10286-6 MA Series                                EACH          23.43
CRN-101374-1          2SA1349 Dual PNP 80V {REP D04837-7}                                    EACH          16.95
CRN-101375-1          2SC3381 Dual NPN 80V SIP Replaces D 4838-5                             EACH            4.53
CRN-101399-1          Motor,CT Fan, Prep CE CT 810 only Alt Part D08886-0 NO.71021311 Cust   EACH         148.55
                      P/N 101239
CRN-101554-2          Output PCB K2                                                          EACH         432.61
CRN-101826-1          Handle K2 Black F12722-9 K2                                            EACH          35.62
CRN-102175-2          Output Module K1                                                       EACH         339.89
CRN-102379-2          Mosfet (20) RF641 150VTMOS Use C09927-2                                EACH            8.38
CRN-102397-2          Current Sense Module Rep Q42932-6                                      EACH         226.59
CRN-102466-1          Cap 10u 250V Radial                                                    EACH            1.36
CRN-102473-1          Speak On Connectors CE1000                                             EACH          11.15
CRN-102478-1          Triac Drv SBS 8v 400v                                                  EACH            1.95
CRN-102479-1          PWR NPN Darlington 100V 2A                                             EACH            2.49
CRN-102481-1          Transistor NPN 25V SOT-23 Low Noise                                    EACH            0.27
CRN-102488-1          Switch 2P2T Slide Bridge Mono For PWA 102140 Rev H REF S100 CE2000 EACH                1.71

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist              Page 10 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-102577-1          Isolator T03                                                       EACH            0.27
CRN-102595-3          Pot 5k Lin 21 Dnt 12mm Horiz ce2000 volume pot                     EACH            3.08
CRN-102639-1          10a Breaker Rep C10170-6                                           EACH          62.27
CRN-102651-5          CE1000 Overlay/Lexan Bottom                                        EACH          13.60
CRN-102652-6          Overlay CE2000                                                     EACH          16.27
CRN-102655-3          Xfmr for CL2 CE2000                                                EACH         353.39
CRN-102657-1          Knob Gain Rubber CE1000 CE2000                                     EACH            2.34
CRN-102658-1          Transistor MJ21193 XS1200                                          EACH          72.80
CRN-102659-1          Transistor MJ21194 NPN TO-3 OPT C08187-4                           EACH          22.22
CRN-102659-1X2        Transistor MJ21194 NPN CE1000 CE2000                               EACH          25.49
CRN-102719-1          Screw 6-32x.312 Torx                                               EACH            0.27
CRN-102723-2          Opto Cell                                                          EACH            7.61
CRN-102745-1          AMS PIP2-FXQ Main MA5000vz, PIP card                               EACH         111.89
CRN-102774-1          Output PCB 810/1610 Use 130949-1                                   EACH         124.63
CRN-102781-1          Transformer CT 810                                                 EACH         475.84
CRN-102884-1          Screw 6-32x.312 PNHD Torx TFS SEM BZ                               EACH            0.27
CRN-103191-1          Cap .47u 50V 1210 Trimmer                                          EACH            0.27
CRN-103192-1          Transistor PZTA42T1NPN SOT-223                                     EACH            1.22
CRN-103193-1          Transistor PZTA92T1PNP SOT-223                                     EACH            1.36
CRN-103199-1          Res .4 Ohm 1W 5% 2512 Emitter                                      EACH            5.63
CRN-103200-1          Transistor 2SC5242 NPN Driver                                      EACH          11.64
CRN-103210-1          Cap 2.2u 160V Radial                                               EACH            0.27
CRN-103233-1          Screw M3x10 Tfs Torx                                               EACH            0.27
CRN-103415-70605      Screw 6-32x.312 Torx                                               EACH            0.27
CRN-103418-103J2      0.01uf SM 0805 Capacitor                                           EACH          17.95
CRN-103433-70605      Screw 6-32x.31 Torx for Lid XTi                                    EACH            1.50
CRN-103436-70604      Screw 6X.250 Torx for CE4000                                       EACH            1.36
CRN-125106-1          Triac MAC9D 8A 400V                                                EACH            4.37
CRN-125257-1          SMPs Viper IC CE4000                                               EACH          21.89
CRN-125400-2          Fan CE1000 CE2000                                                  EACH         168.69
CRN-125402-2          Display PCB Rep 125402-1 CT1610/810                                EACH          80.67
CRN-125412-3          Main PCB 810                                                       EACH         464.51
CRN-125427-1          Rect, Bridge PC Mount For CE4000                                   EACH            9.52
CRN-125505-1          Upgrade "brown out" Kit For SMX-6                                  EACH         222.84
CRN-125506-1          Upgrade "brown out" Kit for AMB-5                                  EACH            4.76
CRN-125547-1          Output Pad For PT2 Replaces PT/N D07797-0                          EACH            1.77
CRN-125867-1          MC74HC4024D 7 STage Counter CE4000                                 EACH            2.36
CRN-125868-1          Op Amp Quad TL074                                                  EACH            4.08
CRN-125903-7          Main PWA MA5002VZ                                                  EACH         802.23
CRN-125903-9          Main PWA MA5002VZ                                                  EACH         802.23
CRN-125931-1          Volume pot- CT 1601                                                EACH          10.20
CRN-126063-1          Main Module MA2400 Rep Q43257-7                                    EACH         444.57
CRN-126124-1          3 Wy Selector Switch SMX6                                          EACH            2.62
CRN-126138-1          SMX 6 Volume pot                                                   EACH            9.06
CRN-126153-1          IC DAC0830 SMX6                                                    EACH          23.11
CRN-126154-1          IC ADC0816 SMX6                                                    EACH          40.79
CRN-126174-1          Crystal 3.6864 Mhz HC49/U SMX                                      EACH          11.33

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 11 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-126320-1          Capsule Web LM201B LM201P REF 18 in Exploded view                  EACH            2.46
CRN-126322-1          MB1 Aluminium cap Black                                            EACH          38.79
CRN-126326-1          MB1 Aluminium sleeve                                               EACH         144.95
CRN-126327-1          MB1 Aluminium cap                                                  EACH          56.72
CRN-126359-1          IC, 21065 SHARC DSP 3.3V USM810                                    EACH         155.17
CRN-126402-1          Cable LM201                                                        EACH         115.67
CRN-126451-3          System controller board USM810                                     EACH         456.81
CRN-126459-1          Switch Rocker 1P1T 22A Chasmt Replace C10228-2 CE1000 / 2000       EACH            4.53
CRN-126548-1          COMPARATOR, LM361 HI SPD SO-14 For CE4000                          EACH          12.51
CRN-126559-1          COMPARATOR DUAL LM393D eon500                                      EACH            1.50
CRN-126623-1          Cap. 47uF 16V 20% Eon500                                           EACH            1.50
CRN-126645-1          2P3T Slide PC Mount Switch USM810                                  EACH            4.70
CRN-126653-1          NC7S02 input NOR gate SOT 23-5 CE4000                              EACH            1.50
CRN-126726-1          Metal Front Panel USM810                                           EACH          50.85
CRN-126738-1          Mosfet 0.11OHM 500v For CE4000                                     EACH          24.47
CRN-126783-1          Switchmode PSU USM-810 / CTs CTs 8200 / 4200                       EACH         163.88
CRN-126787-5          Connector Panel CE2000 CE1000 part of 127452-2 and 127452-1        EACH          22.66
CRN-126797-1          Output terminal Strip Cdi                                          EACH          11.08
CRN-126929-1          XLR Pins XLR1B                                                     EACH            5.02
CRN-126992-2          Fan 12V CE4000                                                     EACH          61.18
CRN-127027-6          Secondary SMPS Sub Board Card For a CE4000                         EACH         370.56
CRN-127049-1          CE Standard input Module CE 1000,CE 2000                           EACH         139.16
CRN-127060-1          Ind 220uH 290mA IT4000 IT6000 IT8000                               EACH            2.98
CRN-127245-10         Main PCB MA2402                                                    EACH         437.96
CRN-127283-3          Main PCB CP660                                                     EACH         391.69
CRN-127439-1          CLAMP, .5X.203 COATED ALUM see tech note 156                       EACH            7.97
CRN-127442-1          Serf Prep CE HI-V WIRE see tech note 156                           EACH          14.08
CRN-127455-1          Switch Rocker CE4000 Power Switch                                  EACH            5.00
CRN-127456-1          Mosfet 0.08 OHM 500V For CE4000                                    EACH          33.99
CRN-127457-1          Diode Hyperfast 30A For CE4000                                     EACH            6.12
CRN-127488-2          Control board For MA5000VZ                                         EACH         176.74
CRN-127518-3          NTC, 20K J 10% #8 RING IT4000                                      EACH          27.51
CRN-127520-1          Left Binding post CE4000                                           EACH          10.20
CRN-127521-1          Right Binding post CE4000                                          EACH          16.18
CRN-127748-1          I-Tech Choke Cap                                                   EACH            6.25
CRN-127830-1          Module for Cm-311E                                                 EACH            5.39
CRN-128119-2          Standoff Cap For a CE4000                                          EACH            0.82
CRN-128135-1          Relay 12V CE4000                                                   EACH            8.57
CRN-128243-6          CE4000 Power Input Sub Board                                       EACH         306.99
CRN-128280-2          Overlay Bottom Front CE4000                                        EACH          33.94
CRN-128281-1          MA1200 Pip Fx                                                      EACH         185.35
CRN-128284-1          CE1000 Overlay/Lexan Top                                           EACH            1.59
CRN-128379-1          Heatsink CE2000 mod                                                EACH            9.71
CRN-130326-2          Main PCB CT210, CT410                                              EACH         462.43
CRN-130328-1          Main PCB 1610 Rep 125413-2                                         EACH         339.89
CRN-130346-1          Manual Micro tech 601/1201, Macro tech 601/1201/2401/24x6 Amcron   EACH         215.26
CRN-130770-1          Volume Knob CT 1610 old part no D08367-1                           EACH            1.36

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 12 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-130837-2          Main PWA (PCB) For CL4 CH4                                         EACH       2,175.28
CRN-130948-1          Output PCB to suit CT210 CT410 OPT 102772-1                        EACH         107.54
CRN-130949-1          Output PCB 810/1610 Rep 102774-1                                   EACH         371.61
CRN-130973-4          BCA Front End PCB For CTS2000                                      EACH         135.96
CRN-131029-10610      Screw 6-32 x .625 for Heatsink Xti                                 EACH            1.57
CRN-131046-1          Transistor KSC3265 NPN SOT-23                                      EACH            1.50
CRN-131047-1          Transistor KSA1298 PNP SOT-23                                      EACH            1.50
CRN-131079-1          Main Module MA3600vz                                               EACH         710.27
CRN-131256-3          Main PWA (PCB) suit CL1                                            EACH         611.80
CRN-131284-5          MC System Cont PWA CTS8200                                         EACH         274.63
CRN-131310-2          Cap 1200UF 200VDC PC MNT Elect                                     EACH          17.84
CRN-131408-4          BCA Ouput PCB For CTS2000                                          EACH         407.87
CRN-131445-3          Bracket for Soft Start PWA CE2000                                  EACH          10.63
CRN-131525-1          Transistor FQP 17N40 FET CTS3000                                   EACH          11.09
CRN-131648-1          Diode Zener 500MW 16V SMD Xti Cdi Cts                              EACH            1.50
CRN-131868-1          Crown K1 Handle                                                    EACH          33.31
CRN-131988-2          Panel;CTS4200A and VCAMC4                                          EACH          11.85
CRN-132065-1          Mosfet P-CH 60V BSP 315P XTI                                       EACH            2.95
CRN-132095-1          NTC, 20K J 2% W/CONNECTOR                                          EACH          16.42
CRN-132142-1          Control Card MA3600vz                                              EACH         690.74
CRN-132154-1          Fan 5V 20MMX20MMX6MM Cobra Net                                     EACH          96.14
CRN-132240-10604      Screw 6-32x.250 Torx CE2000                                        EACH            1.50
CRN-132498-1          SWITCH, DPST PUSHBUTTON Internal Power SW For CTS600 CTS2000       EACH          12.13
CRN-132510-1          7 amp SMD Fuse to suit output card (PWA133962-1) CTS8200           EACH            2.04
CRN-132556-1          Res 0.68 Ohm 5% 2W Radial                                          EACH            1.50
CRN-132558-1          Diode TL431ACD Adj SMT Ref                                         EACH            1.50
CRN-133195-2          Coil Carrier Top                                                   EACH            6.41
CRN-133196-5          Coil Carrier Bottom Shelf                                          EACH          20.17
CRN-133320-1          Mosfet NCH 100V 23A D2PAK CTS8200 CTS4200                          EACH            8.13
CRN-133551-1          Fan 120x120x38mm 24VDC CH1                                         EACH         130.24
CRN-133653-1          Screw I-Tech Chassis                                               EACH            1.09
CRN-133708-1          Diode 30A 600V Stealth XTI4000                                     EACH          13.57
CRN-133849-1          4 Finger Metal Clip Itech                                          EACH          18.22
CRN-133945-1          Fan Plenum For a CE4000                                            EACH            5.44
CRN-133978-1          FAN, 3.15X3.15X.98 24V CTS 600 1200 2000 3000                      EACH          53.00
CRN-134116-1          MOV 140rms V140LT20A CTS4200a                                      EACH            8.11
CRN-134118-X          Main PCB CTS8200                                                   EACH       1,764.78
CRN-134226-5          PWA CTS3000 SMPS Daughter CTS2000                                  EACH          46.27
CRN-134232-1          Screw I-Tech Front Panel                                           EACH            0.27
CRN-134347-1          Diode ISL9R306OP2 For CTS3000                                      EACH          41.44
CRN-134382-1          Cap, 0.047UF 5% 400V Polyester PRX & Eon                           EACH            1.50
CRN-134731-1          Sil Pad CTS3000                                                    EACH          14.57
CRN-134827-1          Diode 3A 100V Schottky SMC CTS1200                                 EACH            1.88
CRN-134980-1          BRKR, 1POLE 6A FAST 90                                             EACH          13.13
CRN-134981-1          BRKR, 1POLE 10A FAST 90                                            EACH          13.13
CRN-135019-4          Front end Sub board For CTS2000                                    EACH         815.73

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 13 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-135093-1          5K Level control POT, MA 2401, OPN C7280-8                             EACH          14.22
CRN-135284-X          LVS for CTS4200A                                                       EACH         139.78
CRN-135289-1          Negative Emitter Module OPN CRN-Q42934-2                               EACH         230.15
CRN-135290-1          Positive Emitter Module                                                EACH         230.15
CRN-135309-2          Overlay CTS4200A and VCAMC4                                            EACH          31.72
CRN-135323-1          XLR Female Vert PC XLS amps OPN 135361-1                               EACH            6.39
CRN-135354-1          Power Switch xls series rocker type                                    EACH            5.95
CRN-135355-1          Relay 12V SPST 20A Power XLS series                                    EACH            6.77
CRN-135360-1          Volume Pot XLS402                                                      EACH            4.08
CRN-135475-1          Connector Euro 5 Way F USP3/CN                                         EACH            4.94
CRN-135662-1          Relay G5LA 12V DC XLS 602D                                             EACH            5.17
CRN-135764-2          Lightpipe CTS4200a                                                     EACH            1.86
CRN-135825-1          Knob K series K1 K2 new part no 136825-1                               EACH            8.49
CRN-136167-1          XSISTOR NPN 8A 250V MJE15032                                           EACH            6.60
CRN-136168-1          Transistor PNP MJE15033 xti                                            EACH            6.82
CRN-136200-6          Input Board DPAN drivepack VP7212                                      EACH         830.78
CRN-136262-1          Mod MA5000vz OTPT Pos#3 OPN Q43293-2 OPN Q43097-7                      EACH         264.53
CRN-136522-9          Main Module CTS4200A                                                   EACH       1,465.96
CRN-136541-16E        PWA Input IT8000 replaces CRN-136541-XE see tech note # 193            EACH         160.56
CRN-136541-X          PWA IT8000 Amp Complete inc. BCA Main;Gate Drive;Input Output/Filter   EACH       1,616.48
CRN-136541-XA         PWA BCA Amp Main IT8000                                                EACH         988.65
CRN-136541-XBC        PWA Amp Gate Drive IT8000                                              EACH          70.06
CRN-136541-XD         PWA Output Filter/Conn IT8000                                          EACH         193.75
CRN-136541-XE         PWA Input IT8000 new P/N CRN-136541-16E                                EACH         376.62
CRN-136541-XH         PWA XLR Input IT8000                                                   EACH          42.62
CRN-136547-XA         PWA Display IT8000                                                     EACH         301.82
CRN-136547-XBC        PWA Front End IT8000                                                   EACH         138.85
CRN-136617-1          I-Tech Encoder Knob                                                    EACH            8.97
CRN-136619-1          I-Tech Display Lens                                                    EACH            4.89
CRN-136741-1          EMI Shield Box CTS3000                                                 EACH          16.72
CRN-136779-1          I-Tech push button power                                               EACH            0.82
CRN-136784-3          Carrier NMS Amp Coil Itech                                             EACH          26.60
CRN-136825-1          Knob K series K1 K2 OPN 135825-1                                       EACH            2.20
CRN-136854-1          I-Tech IEC socket 20amp                                                EACH          28.55
CRN-136871-X          PWA USP3 IT4000 IT6000 IT8000 New P/N 136871-10                        EACH         863.20
CRN-136875-1          Fan I-Tech Main Amp                                                    EACH          50.30
CRN-136905-1          Mosfet N-CH 500V 20A TO220 IT6000 20n50                                EACH          16.88
CRN-136914-1          Cap 68uF 25V 10% SMT IT4000 IT6000 IT8000                              EACH          12.10
CRN-136982-0          Overlay IT6000                                                         EACH          10.20
CRN-137024-1          Mosfet 20N50 Formed MAi                                                EACH          16.88
CRN-137067-XA         PWA IT4000 / IT6000 Display                                            EACH         438.57
CRN-137074-16E        PWA Input IT6000 Replaces CRN-137074-XE See Tech Note # 193            EACH         405.46
CRN-137074-X          PWA IT6000 Amp Complete inc. BCA Main;Gate Drive;Input Output/Filter   EACH       1,590.50
CRN-137074-XA         PWA BCA Main IT6000                                                    EACH         606.50
CRN-137074-XBC        PWA Amp Gate Drive IT6000                                              EACH         103.22
CRN-137074-XD         PWA Output Filter/Conn IT6000                                          EACH         270.14
CRN-137074-XE         PWA Input IT6000 New P/N CRN-137074-16E See Tech note #193             EACH         555.19

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist              Page 14 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-137074-XH         PWA XLR Input IT6000                                                   EACH          59.41
CRN-137075-16E        PWA Input IT4000 Replaces 137075-XE See Tech note #193                 EACH         243.28
CRN-137075-X          PWA IT4000 Amp Complete inc. BCA Main;Gate Drive;Input Output/Filter   EACH       1,543.16
CRN-137075-XA         PWA BCA Main IT4000                                                    EACH         611.74
CRN-137075-XBC        PWA Amp Gate Drive IT4000                                              EACH         212.31
CRN-137075-XD         PWA Output Filter/Conn IT4000                                          EACH         293.64
CRN-137075-XE         PWA Input IT4000 New P/N 137075-16E                                    EACH         570.64
CRN-137075-XFG        PWA SMPS Gate Drive IT4000 NPN CRN-137101-XDE                          PAIR         176.70
CRN-137075-XH         PWA XLR Input IT4000                                                   EACH          64.58
CRN-137095-X          PWA IT8000 SMPS Complete inc. Main;Control;Gate Drivers EMI/LVPS       EACH       1,799.63
CRN-137095-XA         PWA SMPS Main IT8000                                                   EACH       1,410.21
CRN-137095-XB         PWA SMPS EMI/LVPS IT8000                                               EACH         410.04
CRN-137095-XC         PWA SMPS Control IT8000                                                EACH         132.53
CRN-137095-XDE        PWA SMPS Gate Drive IT8000                                             EACH         161.43
CRN-137098-X          PWA IT6000 SMPS Complete inc. Main;Control;Gate Drivers EMI/LVPS       EACH       1,737.16
CRN-137098-XA         PWA SMPS Main IT6000                                                   EACH       1,375.00
CRN-137098-XB         PWA SMPS EMI/LVPS IT6000                                               EACH         410.04
CRN-137098-XC         PWA SMPS Control IT6000                                                EACH         132.53
CRN-137098-XDE        PWA SMPS Gate Drive IT6000                                             EACH         129.18
CRN-137101-X          PWA IT4000 SMPS Complete inc. Main;Control;Gate Drivers EMI/LVPS       EACH       1,684.00
CRN-137101-XA         PWA SMPS Main IT4000                                                   EACH       1,326.60
CRN-137101-XB         PWA SMPS EMI/LVPS IT4000                                               EACH         410.04
CRN-137101-XC         PWA SMPS Control IT4000                                                EACH         132.53
CRN-137101-XDE        PWA SMPS Gate Drive IT4000 OPN CRN-137075-XFG                          EACH         129.18
CRN-137152-1          Fan I-Tech PSU                                                         EACH          50.30
CRN-137156-X          PWA Chan Amp Card CTS4200 CTS8200                                      EACH         197.08
CRN-137197-2          I-Tech 4000 Front Faceplate                                            EACH          72.24
CRN-137198-1          Overlay IT8000                                                         EACH          10.20
CRN-137204-1          I-Tech NL4 Speaker Connector                                           EACH          30.45
CRN-137205-1          Grille Filter Foam IT4000 IT6000                                       EACH            4.54
CRN-137237-2          Foam Tape I-Tech PSU                                                   EACH            3.53
CRN-137262-1          Screw I-Tech XLR                                                       EACH            0.27
CRN-137340-2          Shield BCA Faraday Nomex IT6000                                        EACH          58.16
CRN-137361-1          I-Tech Binding Post Black OPN 132410-1                                 EACH          19.41
CRN-137363-1          I-Tech Binding Post Red OPN 132409-1                                   EACH          19.41
CRN-137371-1          Heat sink CTS2000 CTS3000                                              EACH          47.99
CRN-137403-1          IRF540 33a MOSFET for xs series                                        EACH            4.70
CRN-137464-XA         PWA Display IT6000 OPN CRN-137067-XA                                   EACH         468.15
CRN-137464-XBC        PWA Front End IT6000 OPN CRN-137067-XB                                 EACH         217.01
CRN-137511-1          Insulator Itech PSU                                                    EACH            5.19
CRN-137556-3          Main Module PCB CE1000 WAS 127451-4                                    EACH         576.90
CRN-137557-3          PWA Main ModuIe Input CE2000 Including mod.kit OPN 127452-2            EACH         879.02
CRN-137591-1          6 Finger Clip IT4000 IT6000 IT8000                                     EACH            2.96
CRN-137672-2          PWA Front End CTS2000/3000                                             EACH         127.07
CRN-137760-1          Dual Diode (2) MA5000VZ B/L Module BYV72 Old P/N CRN-C08855-6          EACH          11.73
CRN-137798-1          I-Tech Front Panel Metal                                               EACH         163.15
CRN-137838-1          Xfmr for CTs600 5.0VA 115V/230V 28V C.T                                EACH          29.56

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist              Page 15 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-137921-1          IGBT, 600V 40A W/Diode TO-247 OPN CRN-134932-1                     EACH          36.44
CRN-138029-XA         PWA Display IT4000 OPN CRN-137067-XA                               EACH         468.15
CRN-138029-XB         PWA Front End IT4000 OPN CRN-137067-XB                             EACH         217.01
CRN-138130-XA         PWA CTS2000 CTS3000 Output                                         EACH         135.96
CRN-138130-XB         PWA CTS2000 CTS3000 Gate Drive                                     EACH         196.07
CRN-138130-XD         PWA CTS2000 CTS3000 Display                                        EACH         135.96
CRN-138130-XE         PWA CTS2000 CTS3000 PIP                                            EACH         135.96
CRN-138131-4A         PWA CTS2000 CTS3000 Output old P/N CRN-138130-1A                   EACH         205.29
CRN-138131-4B         PWA CTS2000 CTS3000 Gate Drive Old P/N CRN-138130-1B               EACH         196.09
CRN-138131-4C         PWA Front End CTS2000/3000                                         EACH         179.96
CRN-138131-XA         PWA CTS2000 Input                                                  EACH         205.29
CRN-138131-XC         PWA CTS2000 CTS3000 Front End                                      EACH         179.95
CRN-138132-XA         PWA CTS3000 Input                                                  EACH         207.79
CRN-138137-XA         PWA CTS2000 Amp Main + Coils                                       EACH         786.64
CRN-138137-XB         PWA CTS2000 SMPS Daughter                                          EACH         101.38
CRN-138137-XC         PWA CTS2000 SMPS Main                                              EACH       1,054.24
CRN-138140-XA         PWA CTS3000 Amp Main + Coils                                       EACH         847.29
CRN-138140-XB         PWA CTS3000 SMPS Daughter                                          EACH          60.82
CRN-138140-XC         PWA CTS3000 SMPS Main OPN 135024-4                                 EACH         632.55
CRN-138186-7          PWA, MC-CN Main                                                    EACH       1,112.88
CRN-138341-1          IC TL494 PWM CTRL SO-16                                            EACH            1.71
CRN-138349-X          Main PWA XTI4000                                                   EACH       1,237.96
CRN-138534-X          PWA CTS600 Main OPN 135079-X                                       EACH       1,237.92
CRN-138537-X          PWA CTS1200 Main                                                   EACH       1,323.93
CRN-138547-1          Mosfet FQP30N06 Alt P/N JBL-138547-1                               EACH            5.17
CRN-138548-1          SINGLE D FLIP FLOP, SMD NL17SZ74USG eon500                         EACH            0.44
CRN-138593-1          Volume Pot 10K ALPHA XLS D Series                                  EACH            4.10
CRN-138802-1          Knob Xti                                                           EACH            4.21
CRN-138815-1          Knob CDi XLS 'D' version                                           EACH            4.21
CRN-138835-1          Switch Cap XTi                                                     EACH            1.50
CRN-138908-1          DRVR, 600V HB FAN7380MX                                            EACH            5.63
CRN-138911-X          PWA Display Module XTI                                             EACH         163.06
CRN-138912-X          Front Panel PWA CDI                                                EACH          88.62
CRN-138995-1          Mosfet 200V TS-220 XTI4000 FB260                                   EACH            9.22
CRN-139021-1          50 way Connector Flex Cable CTS8200USP3CN                          EACH          34.56
CRN-139086-X          Main PWA XTI2000                                                   EACH       1,218.29
CRN-139087-X          Main PWA XTI1000                                                   EACH       1,324.04
CRN-139090-1          Push Rod for Power Switch Xti                                      EACH            1.57
CRN-139090-2          Push Rod Cequel Xti                                                EACH            1.57
CRN-139170-1          Fan 80x80x25mm 12VDC CTS8200a                                      EACH          69.12
CRN-139246-1          Mosfet (20) RF641 150VTMOS Rep C09927-2 MA5000VZ                   EACH          16.72
CRN-139289-1          Fan 80x80x32mm 24V XTi                                             EACH          64.70
CRN-139301-1          IC MCU LPC2142 CPU XTi                                             EACH          45.39
CRN-139311-1          M2 .9x9.5mm Screw Speakon XTi                                      EACH            1.50
CRN-139334-70806      Screw #8 x .375 Torx for Power XTi                                 EACH            1.57
CRN-139350-2          Washer Nylon Shield Heatsink XTi                                   EACH            1.57
CRN-139404-X          Main PWA CDI1000                                                   EACH       1,193.69

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 16 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-139405-X          Main PWA CDI2000                                                    EACH       1,207.64
CRN-139543-1          PRP IGBT 30N60A4D XTI                                               EACH          55.66
CRN-139564-1          500mA Axial Fuse XLS Amps                                           EACH            7.22
CRN-139705-1          Cap. 0.33uF 50V 5% CTS series                                       EACH            1.86
CRN-139710-1          10uH Inductor 1.4A 20% Smt tech note 196 Old P/N 141055-1           EACH            3.29
CRN-139738-1          XSTR MJ15024 old P/N 137392-1                                       EACH          22.21
CRN-139783-1          Handle Cequel Rack XTi OPN - CRN-138324-1                           EACH          10.79
CRN-139899-1          Picoflex 18pin 8" cable J2B CT and ITECH mod. TN185                 EACH          21.75
CRN-139900-1          Picoflex 20pin 8" cable J2A CT and ITECH mod. TN185                 EACH          21.75
CRN-139998-X          Main PWA CDi4000                                                    EACH       1,836.07
CRN-140049-1          Cap 33pF 500v SMD                                                   EACH            3.97
CRN-140063-1          Cap 68uF 25V 10% SMT IT4000 IT6000 IT8000                           EACH            1.50
CRN-140093-1          Mosfet FQP17P06 P TO-220 Eon515                                     EACH            9.22
CRN-140152-1          Cap 2.2uF                                                           EACH            5.17
CRN-140190-3          Overlay IT5000HD                                                    EACH          63.80
CRN-140214-1          Diode SMD DFLU1400 MAi                                              EACH            1.50
CRN-140305-1          Fan XLS 2RU 80X80X25MM XLS                                          EACH          15.36
CRN-140330-1          1N5349 Diode Zener 12V 1W MAi                                       EACH            5.39
CRN-140427-1          RELAY, 5A SPST-NO 12V COIL PC Eon 515                               EACH            6.77
CRN-140640-2          Mai9000 Gate Drive Pwa                                              EACH         140.85
CRN-140670-101J5      Cap 100pF 500v Smd                                                  EACH            1.50
CRN-140670-330J5      Cap 33pF 500v Smd                                                   EACH            1.50
CRN-140990-2          Display Mai                                                         EACH         358.74
CRN-141055-1          10uH Inductor 1.4A 20% Smt tech note 196 New P/N 139710-1           EACH          10.28
CRN-141262-1          Front Panel Metal IT5000HD                                          EACH         187.44
CRN-145550-4          relay G5LA 12v DC Speaker XLS-D 812H-1C-C 20x15x15 12v DC           EACH          13.47
CRN-1713158           Bridge Rectifier KBPC 5006 XLS                                      EACH          26.34
CRN-A10086-10824      Screw for MA series handles                                         EACH            0.27
CRN-A10089-11032      10-32X2 Screw for Handle MA5000VZ MA5002VZ                          EACH            1.50
CRN-A10091-10406      Screw 4-40 x .37 Flat Head MA2400                                   EACH            1.36
CRN-A10092-20607      Screw 6-32 x .437 Socket Head OPN a10092-10607                      EACH            1.36
CRN-A10094-4          Washer #6 Int Star Zinc MA22400                                     EACH            1.36
CRN-A10094-6          Washer #8 Int Star MA2400                                           EACH            1.36
CRN-A10094-9          lockwasher, 0.25 Int Star Output Terminator Assy Ma5000             EACH            0.27
CRN-A10102-8          Nur for D150 Rack Ear                                               EACH            0.08
CRN-A10109-10822      Screw 8-18 x 1.375 MA2400                                           EACH            1.36
CRN-A10109-70604      6-20X.25 Screw PH PN HD Black                                       EACH            1.04
CRN-A10110-70605      Screw 6-32 x .312 Taptite MA2400                                    EACH            1.36
CRN-A10110-70607      Screws for MT output devices                                        EACH            1.36
CRN-A10110-70812      Screw 8-32 x .750 Taptite MA2400                                    EACH            1.36
CRN-A10111-70408      Screw #4x.5 PN HD PH AB BZ                                          EACH            1.57
CRN-A10170-12516      .25-20X1 Machine Screw Output Terminator Assy Ma5000 Rep c08900-0   EACH            0.54
CRN-A10173-1          Clip Nuts For Grille MA Series                                      EACH            0.27
CRN-A10224-9          Rubber Grommets MA-5002VZ                                           EACH            1.50
CRN-A10265-10011      1 k ohms .25w 1% resistor                                           EACH            0.32
CRN-A10265-1011       Res 100 Ohms .25W CF                                                EACH            0.45
CRN-A10265-95301      Res 953 Ohms .25W Replaces C 6317-9                                 EACH            0.23

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 17 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-A10266-2244       220 Kohm 2W 5% metal res TN184 xti                                 EACH            1.72
CRN-A10266-2R74       2.7 Ohm 2w 5% CT T/R                                               EACH            0.55
CRN-A10285-23         Fuse 7A Replaces C 4385-8                                          EACH            4.44
CRN-A10285-26         Fuse, 10A 3AB K2                                                   EACH            1.72
CRN-A10285-29         Fuse 20A 11/32 X 1.5 Slow Blow Ma 5000VZ                           EACH          10.41
CRN-A11368-10020      Res 10K 0603 TN 181                                                EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-10R00      Resistor 0603 10R PRX                                              EACH            0.14
CRN-A11368-10R03      10 OHM 0.25W 1% 1210 T/R                                           EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-24901      SMD Resistors Tech Note 199                                        EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-30121      Res. 30.1K 0805 Eon500                                             EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-40220      Res. 40.2K 1% Chip 0603 Xti TN 181                                 EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-49910      Res. 4.99K 1W 1% Chip 0603 Xti TN 181                              EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-49920      RES, 49.9 KOHM 1/16W 1% 0603 Eon 500 Pro                           EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-49921      Res. 49.9K 1W 1% Chip 0805 CTS2000                                 EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-49R91      Res 49.9 Ohm 1% 0.1W SMT 0805                                      EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-64901      Res. 649 ohm 1% 0.1W SMT Tech Note 179 CTS1200                     EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-68121      Res. 68.1K 0.1W 1% Chip 0805 CTS200                                EACH            1.50
CRN-A11368-69811      Res 6.98K ohm 1% for tec note 0153                                 EACH            0.54
CRN-A11368-71511      Res 7.15K ohm 1% for tec note 0153                                 EACH            0.27
CRN-A11368-93111      Res 9.31K ohm 1% for tec note 0153                                 EACH            0.27
CRN-A11369-100J1      Cap. 10pF 5% 50V 0603 SMT XTI mod.                                 EACH            1.50
CRN-A11369-681J2      680 PF 50V 5% NPO MLC 0805 T/R                                     EACH            1.50
CRN-A11371-0R02       0R Resisror 1206 Power Mod Eon500                                  EACH            1.50
CRN-A11371-2225       Res 2.2k 1W 5% 2512                                                EACH            0.27
CRN-A11371-4751       Res 4.7M Ohms .1W 5%                                               EACH            0.54
CRN-A11371-5R63       Res 5.6 Ohm .25W 5% 1210                                           EACH            0.27
CRN-A11384-C140M      Wire 14 Black Fast 14 Soft Start Kit                               EACH            6.57
CRN-A11427-104K2      Cap .1u 50V Chip 0805                                              EACH            1.50
CRN-A11427-224J5      0.22UF 50V 5% X7R 1206 T/R                                         EACH            1.86
CRN-A11427-334J6      .33UF 50V 5% CHIP X7R 1210                                         EACH            0.27
CRN-A11565-M030P      Wire White Flag 3" Soft Start Kit CE2000                           EACH            5.63
CRN-A11565-M090M      Wire White Flag 9" Soft Start Kit CE2000                           EACH            6.25
CRN-AJ10002           50R 5W Thick film Pulse amplifier REF: R142,R28                    EACH            4.53
CRN-BD10014           MJE5731A Transistor Pulse 1100                                     EACH            4.53
CRN-BD10020           TIP50 Transistor Pulse 1100                                        EACH            4.53
CRN-BD10032           G50N60 IGBT Pulse 1100                                             EACH          52.14
CRN-BK10008           EPROM IC Micro Pulse 2X1100                                        EACH            0.00
CRN-C010180-5         Switch DPST PushBtn 6A 250Vac MA1202 Ma2402                        EACH            9.28
CRN-C010245-6         Pot 5k Lin 31 Dnt Vert Pc K1 K2 Vol                                EACH            8.29
CRN-C02821-4          Cap. 10pF 500V                                                     EACH            3.92
CRN-C02851-1          Diode 1N4004 Silicon T/R                                           EACH            1.50
CRN-C03231-5          IC Serf /UA739 Dual DC300                                          EACH          22.84
CRN-C03409-7          Cap. 47pF 500V                                                     EACH            3.92
CRN-C03411-3          Capacitor 200pf 500v For Neg output Mod on MA5000VZ                EACH            1.63
CRN-C03496-4          Relay 5K ohm DPST N C Reed For Amcron EQ2                          EACH          43.64
CRN-C03510-2          Choke 10% axial 470 UH TR                                          EACH            0.63
CRN-C03549-0          Diode Zener 1N961B 10V 1N5240B                                     EACH            1.22

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 18 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-C03578-9          Transistor MPSA93 200V PNP                                         EACH            0.82
CRN-C03583-9          Res .33 Ohm 5W 5% Wire                                             EACH            1.40
CRN-C03625-8          Transistor 2N4125 30V PNP Replaces D 7585-9                        EACH            1.36
CRN-C03679-5          33 uF 50V Capacitor                                                EACH            1.63
CRN-C03786-8          Transistor MPS 4250A 40V PNP                                       EACH            1.50
CRN-C03810-6          Transistor MPSA42 300V NPN                                         EACH            3.22
CRN-C03990-6X3        3523 Output Device for D150 Series 1                               EACH          12.24
CRN-C04061-5          NSD128 NPN D40V2/V1 Rep C05065-5                                   EACH            5.30
CRN-C04160-5          HIA-4741-5 (5) Quad Op Amp                                         EACH            5.35
CRN-C04206-6          100M Ohm 0.25W CM311                                               EACH          10.42
CRN-C04342-9          Amber LED MT 1000                                                  EACH            1.36
CRN-C04345-2          IC LM339N Vol Comparator                                           EACH            1.36
CRN-C04477-3          Cap 470mF 35V Vertical                                             EACH            4.85
CRN-C04508-5          16 Pin socket                                                      EACH            0.98
CRN-C04647-1          Transistor TIP47 Pwr NPN                                           EACH            8.38
CRN-C04751-1          Transistor 2SC4751-1 Amcron 1200                                   EACH            6.91
CRN-C04751-1X1        Transistor MJ15015 SJ7443 Pwr NPN                                  EACH            8.16
CRN-C04751-1X2        Transistor MJ15015 SJ7443 NPN MA600 MA1200 PB1 PB2                 EACH            8.16
CRN-C05094-5          MC7805CTG +5V REG Eon515                                           EACH            2.22
CRN-C05095-2          Reg MC7815CT +15V Eon515                                           EACH            2.04
CRN-C05096-0          Reg MC7915CT -15V 7915 Eon515                                      EACH            2.04
CRN-C05453A1          Transistor 2SA1006BR TO220 PNP                                     EACH            6.12
CRN-C05826-0          LM234Z-6 Thermal Sense Transistor AMCRON O/P Stages                EACH            6.87
CRN-C05869-0          RCA 3626 For DC300 amp 2N5804                                      EACH          21.75
CRN-C05890-6          MJE15028/30 NPN Driver                                             EACH            4.08
CRN-C05891-4          Transistor MTS105 Thermal Sens                                     EACH            4.17
CRN-C06005-0          Screw 6/32" x .18", Grub screw MA                                  EACH            1.50
CRN-C06411-0          IC H11C2 Opto Scr                                                  EACH            5.66
CRN-C06419-3          Shunt .025" Sq Post 2 pos CE2000                                   EACH            1.50
CRN-C06436-7          Transistor 2SC2336BR TO220 NPN                                     EACH            9.71
CRN-C06485-4          Capacitor 10000 MFD 100V MA2400                                    EACH          54.73
CRN-C06486-2          Res 0.2 Ohm 5W 5% Wire                                             EACH            1.36
CRN-C06490-4          Pot 5k Log pot for crown MT 1000                                   EACH            2.96
CRN-C06492-0          Transistor MJ15016 SJ4092 Pwr PNP                                  EACH          13.13
CRN-C06492-0X3        Transistor MJ15016 SJ4092 PNP MA600 MA1200 PB1 PB2                 EACH            8.16
CRN-C06493-8          MJE15029 PNP Driver                                                EACH            4.08
CRN-C06501-8          Transistor MPA76V NPN Dual MT 1000                                 EACH            1.61
CRN-C06777-4          Conn Phone Jack 3 cond .25 Low Geodyne1 Powertech 2 MA series      EACH          22.18
CRN-C06778-2          Jack Cvr .25" Low Profile                                          EACH            0.30
CRN-C06781-6          Switch Bridge Mono MA 2401                                         EACH          25.95
CRN-C06802-0          0.47 MF 50V for tech note 0153                                     EACH            0.54
CRN-C06821-0          PCB Edge Card MA Series                                            EACH          36.95
CRN-C06844-2          Pot 250 ohm Lin vert Adj MA5000vz                                  EACH            3.13
CRN-C06893-9          Pot 5k Log MT / PB                                                 EACH            2.96
CRN-C06900-2          IC MC34084P Op Amp Quad                                            EACH          23.43
CRN-C06910-1          Transistor UPA74HA/UPA76HA Dual NPN Sippk                          EACH            3.44
CRN-C06911-9          Transistor UPA75HA Dual PNP                                        EACH            3.63

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 19 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-C06913-5          1" Spacer Toggle Nut Plastic                                       EACH            1.43
CRN-C06914-3          0.75" Spacer Toggle Nut Plastic                                    EACH            1.43
CRN-C06965-5          Screw 6-32 x .156 MA2400                                           EACH            1.36
CRN-C07015-8          7800uF 90V Capacitor MT1200                                        EACH          65.21
CRN-C07057-0          10 way Header R/A locking MA2400                                   EACH            2.20
CRN-C07062-0          Screw 6-32 x 5/16 Fan Bracket MA2400                               EACH            1.36
CRN-C07072-9          Transistor 2SA1077 PNP ALT No 2SA1396 MA2400                       EACH          14.09
CRN-C07073-7          Transistor 2SC2527 NPN MA2400 new p/n CRN-C07073-7                 EACH          14.20
CRN-C07134-7          Snap Action Switch MA1200                                          EACH          63.88
CRN-C07271-7          Transistor MPSU10                                                  EACH            9.34
CRN-C07318-6          Transistor MPSU60 PNP                                              EACH          18.13
CRN-C07325-1          Switch Ground Lift                                                 EACH            5.17
CRN-C07363-2          Gold contact DPDT Pc slide Switch MA2400 MA3600                    EACH          11.24
CRN-C07383-0          Transistor MJE15029 TO220 Old Style Driver PB1                     EACH            4.08
CRN-C07384-8          Transistor MJE15028 TO220 Old Style Driver PB1                     EACH            3.40
CRN-C07409-3          Pot 5k Linear Log MT2400 Volume pot                                EACH            2.55
CRN-C07444-0          IC LM393 Dual Comparator                                           EACH            1.91
CRN-C07448-1          IC MMBT3904 Chip NPN                                               EACH            0.51
CRN-C07458-0          Transistor 2N4123 30V NPN                                          EACH            1.36
CRN-C07478-8          Diode 1N4148 Smd                                                   EACH            1.50
CRN-C07545-4          Opto Coupler HP4200 SMX6 AMB5 all IQ                               EACH          19.67
CRN-C07558-7          IC MC33079P Op Amp Quad Low Noise                                  EACH          10.20
CRN-C07597-5          J202 N-channel JFET                                                EACH            1.36
CRN-C07607-2          UART HD3 - 6402B - 9 SMX6                                          EACH          58.91
CRN-C07608-0          IC 26LS32                                                          EACH          19.11
CRN-C07609-8          DS3691 ic                                                          EACH            9.55
CRN-C07614-8X5        Xsistor, Mot SJ4438 Replaces Will workwith c-9230-1                EACH          27.42
CRN-C07621-3          IC LF357 Op Amp Rep C 6527-3                                       EACH            5.56
CRN-C07636-1          MC33078P Dual Low Noise Op Amp                                     EACH            4.31
CRN-C07662-7          MAC218 Triac On control PCB MA5000VZ                               EACH            3.40
CRN-C07663-5          MAC224 Triac                                                       EACH            6.96
CRN-C07665-0          MOC3011 Opto-Triac For MA5000VZ                                    EACH            2.31
CRN-C07669-2          Res. 300 ohm 10W macro ref                                         EACH            0.27
CRN-C07778-1          Res 5.6 Ohm .5W 5% FP/FU T/R                                       EACH            0.27
CRN-C07779-9          Res 22 Ohm .25W 5% FP/FU T/R                                       EACH            1.36
CRN-C07781-5          Res 200 Ohm .5W 5% FP/FU T/R                                       EACH            0.27
CRN-C07858-1          CT 1610 115 V AC MUFFIN FAN MA5000VZ                               EACH         115.70
CRN-C07891-2          30a Relay                                                          EACH            8.43
CRN-C07901-9          Xsistor, Mot SJ4438 Replaces C09230-1, Higher Temp.                EACH          25.69
CRN-C07960-5          Sensitivity Switch MA2400                                          EACH          19.87
CRN-C08103-1          Transistor MPSW42 NPN                                              EACH            1.50
CRN-C08104-9          Transistor MPSW92 PNP                                              EACH            1.36
CRN-C08158-5          Diode 1SS143 MA3600VZ                                              EACH            0.27
CRN-C08159-3          Transistor 2SC4029 Pwr NPN Toshiba                                 EACH          16.30
CRN-C08163-5          XLR PIP FX Fml                                                     EACH          10.20
CRN-C08186-6          Transistor 2SA1553 Pwr PNP Toshiba                                 EACH          19.71
CRN-C08188-2          Transistor Motorola Special Pwr SJ7147 MJ15025 OPTN C07065-3       EACH          31.11

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 20 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-C08262-5          IC MC33078D Op Amp Dual Low Noise                                  EACH            2.26
CRN-C08306-0          Hex Buffer 7407 For PIP Cards Old P/T C7546-2                      EACH            1.36
CRN-C08383-9          Diode Fast Recovery MR822 MA3600VZ                                 EACH            4.49
CRN-C08426-6          Cap 1mF 250V 10%Met Replaces C 2938-6                              EACH            1.45
CRN-C08433-2          Cap. 10000UF @ 110VDC (PB-2)                                       EACH          53.43
CRN-C08479-5          5K ohm LNR 20% 11mm PCB Volume Power Base 1                        EACH            4.76
CRN-C08518-0          Reg Pos 15V                                                        EACH            4.94
CRN-C08519-8          Reg Neg 15V                                                        EACH            4.94
CRN-C08523-0          Circuit Breaker 4 AMP GEODYNE I Power Tech 1 Switch                EACH          58.05
CRN-C08573-5          Transistor 2SA1186 Pwr PNP T03P PB1 Current Sanken                 EACH          11.87
CRN-C08574-3          Transistor 2SC2837 Pwr NPN T03P PB1 Current Sanken                 EACH            8.97
CRN-C08613-9          Mc34151p Hi Spd Dual Mosfet Driver K1 / K2                         EACH            2.72
CRN-C08614-7          TLP2601 hi spd opto K1 K2 CE4000                                   EACH            4.76
CRN-C08678-2          2N5087 PNP Transistor                                              EACH            0.54
CRN-C08731-9          TA3F Plug                                                          EACH          40.13
CRN-C08752-5          Bridge Rectifier 35a MA3600vz                                      EACH          11.92
CRN-C08776J3          Handle Ma5000vz Ma5000                                             EACH          23.61
CRN-C08787-1          0.33 Ohm 5W 5% WW T/R For MA5002VZ                                 EACH            9.07
CRN-C08789-7          Flex bar spacers MA5000VZ                                          EACH            5.95
CRN-C08794-7          Un-insulated banana jack Output Terminator Assy Ma5000             EACH            2.04
CRN-C08810-1          SPST 10a Push SW CH use C9091- 7 MA5000VZ                          EACH          25.70
CRN-C08813-5          Transistor MPS8097/MPSA18 Replaces D2962-5 NPN                     EACH            1.50
CRN-C08836-6          Res 100 Ohm .5W 5% FP/FU                                           EACH            0.45
CRN-C08841-6          TLE2037CP (5) Op Amp Hi Speed                                      EACH          63.79
CRN-C08855-6          Dual Diode (2) MA5000VZ B/L Module BYV72 New P/N CRN-137760-1      EACH          16.05
CRN-C08884-6          Terminal Binding post Red MA5000                                   EACH          15.23
CRN-C08885-3          Terminal Binding post Black MA5000                                 EACH          15.32
CRN-C08908-3          Fuse Clip Dual CTS4200a                                            EACH            2.22
CRN-C08926-5          TO-220 Heatsink 6070BMT MA5000                                     EACH            3.67
CRN-C08927-3          TO-220 Heatsink MA5000                                             EACH            2.26
CRN-C08960-4          5 OHM PTC Thermistor For MA5000VZ                                  EACH          40.81
CRN-C08982-8          PTC Res Holder MA5000                                              EACH            1.36
CRN-C09012-3          IC MC33079D Op Amp Quad Low Noise 33079                            EACH            2.99
CRN-C09089-1          Slide SW SP3T Gold Rep C08843-2                                    EACH            8.20
CRN-C09091-7          SPST 10a Push SW CH Power REP C8810-1 MA5000VZ                     EACH          24.39
CRN-C09252-5          Transistor 2N3904 NPN Bias                                         EACH            0.42
CRN-C09361-4          2.4K ohm TW 5% with feet MA5000                                    EACH            1.71
CRN-C09387-9          Plasti-Rivet 156 2 Prong Black                                     EACH            0.64
CRN-C09491-9          6-32.312 Pan HD T15 TT Type W                                      EACH            1.36
CRN-C09677-3          Brown Euro block 3 PIN USM810                                      EACH            5.47
CRN-C09697-1          MC7905ACTG -5V REG                                                 EACH            6.07
CRN-C09785-4          POT 5k 20% LNR 21 DNT .187 CT1600                                  EACH            7.60
CRN-C09787-0          Relay 30A 24V Sealed For MA5000VZ                                  EACH            8.29
CRN-C09843-1          IC CS3310KS 16 Pin SMD Pip DSP Card On audio board                 EACH          40.79
CRN-C09847-2          U2, U3 input buffer IC SSM2143 For PIPDSP                          EACH          17.29
CRN-C09852-2          6300 MFD 200V CAP OPT D08639-3                                     EACH         122.13
CRN-C09892-8          cap. 220pF 500V 5% Mica MA5000 MA5002                              EACH            4.54

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 21 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per       RRP Inc GST

CRN-C09927-2          Mosfet (20) RF641 150VTMOS Rep C08516-4 MA5000VZ New Part          EACH              5.09
                      Number CRN-139246-1
CRN-C09929-8          TL431ACLP ADJ RFNC T/A                                             EACH              1.58
CRN-C09931-4          Transistor MMBT5087LT1 PNP SOT23                                   EACH              1.50
CRN-C09938-9          Fan Blade MA2400 OPT C07313-7                                      EACH              5.48
CRN-C09939-7          Fan Blade CT 810 only CSL800                                       EACH              5.08
CRN-C09953-8          Screw 6-20 x .321 MA2400                                           EACH              1.43
CRN-C09995-9          Ckt Brk/Push Switch 16 Amp For Powertech 3                         EACH            24.16
CRN-C10000-5          Pot 20k ,Level Control Audio, 31DNT                                EACH              8.11
CRN-C10067-4          Diode 1A 100V Silicon SMT T/R                                      EACH              1.50
CRN-C10155-7          Transistor 2SC4793 Pwr NPN                                         EACH              7.22
CRN-C10156-5          Transistor 2SA1837 PNPXS Replaces C 8509-9/C 4116-7 replaces C07073- EACH            7.43
CRN-C10170-6          10a Breaker use 102639-1                                             EACH          14.73
CRN-C10171-4          Breaker 8a MA2400vz MA3600vz                                         EACH          15.45
CRN-C10184-7          Binding Post Dual Term Replaces C 2823-0 MT1200 MA1200             EACH            13.05
CRN-C10207-6          Mosfet 350v 16A For K1 / K2                                        EACH              5.44
CRN-C10223-3          Transistor MJl1302A PNP 200V Dvr TO264                             EACH            24.09
CRN-C10224-1          Transistor MJl3281A NPN 200V Dvr To-264                            EACH            24.09
CRN-C10228-2          Switch Rocker 1P1T 22A Chasmt New 126459-1                         EACH              4.76
CRN-C10245-6          Volume Pot CE4000                                                  EACH              8.75
CRN-C10287-8          optocoupler Hi SPD HCPL- 2611 for a K1/ K2                         EACH            11.15
CRN-C10332-2          Rect Bridge MA5K 50A                                               EACH            49.42
CRN-C10437-9          Bridge Rectifier 50A 200V                                          EACH            39.73
CRN-C10476-7          4MHz HC49U Clock Crystal CE4000                                    EACH              5.94
CRN-C10494-0          HCPL2631 Hi Speed Optocoupler IT8000                               EACH              1.77
CRN-C10507-9          OP AMP, LM318N                                                     EACH              4.53
CRN-C10527-7          Bridge Rectifier 400V 50A MA5000VZ                                 EACH            31.87
CRN-D-C300A-01        Level Pot 10KB For Pulse 2X1100                                    EACH              7.33
CRN-D02923-7          Transistor 2N3637 175V PNP DC3000a                                 EACH              4.28
CRN-D02961-7          Transistor SPS8010 60V NPN                                         EACH              0.41
CRN-D03295-9          Rca 3295 pre drivers for d150 series 1                             EACH              6.75
CRN-D04108-3          collar for a MA5000vz to suit pwer push button swtch               EACH              1.50
CRN-D04669-4          Bal input trim MA2400                                              EACH            24.22
CRN-D04688-4          Volume Level Control Pot D75                                       EACH            21.57
CRN-D05696-6          25K OHM, Pot Audio 177 FTL DC300A Series 2                         EACH              7.21
CRN-D05699A8          SW LEVER 25A SPST NO PSL-2 LEVEL POT                               EACH            13.05
CRN-D06013-3          Push Button ,0.75, Beaded Old Style For MA2400                     EACH              3.44
CRN-D06082-8          Resistor Network C MA1201                                          EACH            11.71
CRN-D06265-9          Knob MA/MT/LX                                                      EACH              9.54
CRN-D06280-8          Sil Pad For PT2                                                    EACH            10.88
CRN-D06291-5          O/P Mod Screw For PT2                                              EACH              0.27
CRN-D06591-8          PTC THERMAL SENSOR 95C 3.5"                                        EACH            12.96
CRN-D06600-7          Res .19 Ohm 5W 5% Wire                                             EACH              0.76
CRN-D06619-7          10 inch Ribbon Assy MA2400                                         EACH              9.22
CRN-D06640-3          Cable for PCC-160 Mic Conn                                         EACH           139.80
CRN-D06729-4X3        Transistor MJ15003 NPN                                             EACH            12.24
CRN-D06899-5          PIP Daisy Rib Cable Conn MA3600vz OLD Version                      EACH            14.96
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist            Page 22 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-D06971-2          Grill cap (R)                                                       EACH            0.93
CRN-D06972-0          Grill cap (L)                                                       EACH            0.93
CRN-D07097R6          Swivel adaptor SASS-P MK-2                                          EACH          69.63
CRN-D07119-7          Air Filter CT1610                                                   EACH            7.61
CRN-D07167-6          Switch plunger For MA2400 Old Style D7134-7                         EACH          13.61
CRN-D07210-4          Screws suit Macro-tech                                              EACH            0.47
CRN-D07376-3          Capsule Screen LM-300A                                              EACH            1.44
CRN-D07587-5          Knob Vol For Powertech2 Geodyne 2                                   EACH            4.76
CRN-D07595-8          Cap 6900uf 100v                                                     EACH          39.65
CRN-D07644-4          16 pin Ribbon cable Amcron Geodyne 1                                EACH          57.24
CRN-D07696-4          Grille Filter .53x16.7 Newer MA                                     EACH            8.08
CRN-D07792J0          Panel Cap MA 5000vz                                                 EACH          17.83
CRN-D07799-4          Front Plastic Bezel Geodyne II                                      EACH          13.83
CRN-D07816-8          Terminator Panel Output Terminator Assy Ma5000                      EACH            6.80
CRN-D07817-6          Plastic Centre Guide MA5000                                         EACH            9.97
CRN-D07826-7          Flex bar Ch1 MA5000VZ Must Sell with H43422-7                       EACH         161.79
CRN-D07827-5          Flex Bar Ch 2 MA5000VZ Must Sell with H43422-7                      EACH         273.29
CRN-D07870-5          Valox washer Insulator MA5000 MA5002VZ                              EACH            0.68
CRN-D07871-3          Valox spacer MA5002VZ                                               EACH            0.54
CRN-D07872-1          Push button only for a MA5000vz                                     EACH            4.08
CRN-D07882-0          15000uf Cap 2 MA5000VZ                                              EACH          55.06
CRN-D07922-4          Insulator MA5000VZ                                                  EACH            6.72
CRN-D07924-0          Bushing, Steel Output Terminator Assy Ma5000                        EACH            3.04
CRN-D07942-2          A ASM Pip Cable Ma5000vz                                            EACH            6.12
CRN-D07978J5          Swivel Base LMSM Brown LM201                                        EACH          44.22
CRN-D07993-5          Main Module CT/MA/MT                                                EACH         182.72
CRN-D08048J6          Handle Ma 2400 series Ma2401                                        EACH          20.62
CRN-D08125-3          Rear Foam CM311                                                     EACH            0.76
CRN-D08128-7          Mic Screen CM311                                                    EACH            6.14
CRN-D08141-0          Mic Ring Clip HD HSG CM311                                          EACH          12.10
CRN-D08144-4          Mic Capsule Holder Plastic CM311                                    EACH            2.02
CRN-D08159-2          Mic Brass Retainer Insert Cap CM311                                 EACH            5.21
CRN-D08362J1          CM311 Headpiece                                                     EACH          49.93
CRN-D08367-1          Volume Knob CT 1610 use part no 130770-1                            EACH            2.27
CRN-D08399-4          Mic Foam Pad CM312                                                  EACH            0.81
CRN-D08548-6          Bottom cover MT MA PB CT with fingergaurd                           EACH         127.25
CRN-D08570-0          Mic Hanging bracket to suit CM311AHS                                EACH            2.17
CRN-D08774-8          PTC 95degc Cast Alum Replaces D 8264-0                              EACH          15.01
CRN-D08876-1          Transformer MA3600 230 Volt                                         EACH         701.01
CRN-D08886-0          Fan Motor, 240V, LOPRM Replaces D6804-5                             EACH         130.49
CRN-D08917-3          8200uf 110v Cap                                                     EACH          73.63
CRN-D09015-5          Transformer Com-tech 210                                            EACH         390.19
CRN-D09017-1          Transformer Universal Rep D09184-9                                  EACH       1,070.22
CRN-D09041-1          Thumbscrew CM311                                                    EACH          20.48
CRN-D09053-6          Diode APT15D30K For CE4000                                          EACH            5.17
CRN-D09189-8          Transformer MA/MT1201 Replaces D07674-1                             EACH         649.53
CRN-D09235-9          Cable 23" 18 COND Tin Picoflex MA5002VZ                             EACH          38.61

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 23 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per       RRP Inc GST

CRN-D09236-7          Cable 22" 20 COND Tin Picoflex MA5002VZ                            EACH            40.20
CRN-D7796-2           Sil Pad 2.87X14.57                                                 EACH              3.40
CRN-D8048J6           MA/LX Paint SIL HDL Handle Replaces F12275J6                       EACH            20.64
CRN-D8049J4           Panel cap "Diecast" Rack ears MA2400                               EACH            10.20
CRN-D8052J8           End cap "handle mount" MA2400                                      EACH              8.16
CRN-D8466JO           Black Knob For Crown Reference Amp                                 EACH            19.62
CRN-D9189-8           Xfmr MA/MT1201 Univ {REP D07674-1}                                 EACH           649.53
CRN-DZ10009           Power Relay Suit XLS                                               EACH         1,019.26
CRN-F12154-5          Heatsink (MA5002VZ)                                                EACH           171.98
CRN-F12163J5          OVERLAY, CROWN MA-5000VZ SP                                        EACH            21.98
CRN-F12176J7          Top Cover For Ma5000VZ                                             EACH            40.79
CRN-F12818-5          Back Panel For Ma5000VZ                                            EACH            22.43
CRN-F12887-0          Front Panel MA1200                                                 EACH            38.34
CRN-H42902-9          Thermal Sensor ASM LM234                                           EACH              5.52
CRN-H42928-4          Fan Motor, 240V, 50Hz D8887-8 MA2400 low RPM has connectors on wires EACH         237.20
CRN-H43358-3          Transformer Fan MA3600vz MA2400 D8887-8 replaces D6785-6             EACH         274.71
CRN-H43422-7          Sleeve for Flex bar on MA5000VZ Use with D07826-7, D07827-5        EACH              3.63
CRN-H43496-1          Fan motor 240v 1400 CSL Alt Part D08886-0                          EACH           271.57
CRN-H43566-1          Fan motor 240v Old H43061-3 MA1200 Geodyne 2 Alt Part D08886-0     EACH           240.78
CRN-H43603-2          Rectifier 35a                                                      EACH            16.99
CRN-K-SVCIQMIX        Service Manual IQ Mixer                                            EACH            63.69
CRN-K-SVCIQMRX        Service Manual IQ Matrixer                                         EACH            63.69
CRN-K80078-7          Manual for Amcron PS400                                            EACH            45.32
CRN-K80103-3          Service Manual for Crown PSL-2                                     EACH            45.32
CRN-K80128-0          Service Manual fr Crown MT1000                                     EACH            27.19
CRN-M04407-2          MT/PB Retrofit Metal Grille                                        EACH            54.38
CRN-M20020-0          Power Switch For DC300A                                            EACH            17.84
CRN-M20485J4          Rack Ears for DC300                                                EACH            45.11
CRN-M20586-0          Transistor MT/MA1200 PB-2 PT-2 GEO-2 PNP ASM                       EACH            17.83
CRN-M20587-8          Transistor MT/MA1200 NPN ASM PB-2 PT-2 GEO-2                       EACH            16.13
CRN-M20590-2          Transistor 2SA1077 PNP ASM Series/MA2400 2sa1396 equiv             EACH            44.20
CRN-M20591-0          Transistor 2sc2527 NPN ASM Series/MA2400                           EACH            44.20
CRN-M21078-7          Terminator Bar Output Terminator Assy Ma5000                       EACH              6.80
CRN-M21193J3          Chassis Assy MA5000vz                                              EACH           204.11
CRN-M21322J8          Heatsink & Fins MA3600vz                                           EACH            70.24
CRN-M44084-8          Fan Kit COM-TECH Amplifiers                                        EACH           123.06
CRN-M44158-0          Knob For stand adaptor                                             EACH            27.60
CRN-M44161-4          Fuse Module                                                        EACH            74.64
CRN-M44507-8          Capsule Ass'y LM200A/AB                                            EACH           111.28
CRN-M45059-9          PIP1- FX Main MA2400, PIP card                                     EACH            95.17
CRN-M45068-0          Mic Capsule SASS-P Upgade Kit Sell as matched pair                 PAIR           178.23
CRN-M45227-2          Grill/housing For PCC170GT                                         EACH            28.02
CRN-M45887-3          Windscreen for CM311A opn WS6                                      EACH            24.65
CRN-M45907-9          Mic Head Assembly CM310A                                           EACH           328.72
CRN-M45963J1          Mic Capsule + Cable Assembly CM312                                 EACH           237.35
CRN-M46504-3          Grille Assy MA Series BTN                                          EACH            67.98
CRN-M46562-1          LH Bi-level Switch Ass'y MA3600vz                                  EACH           594.80

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist            Page 24 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

CRN-M46664-5          B/L Switch Module CH2 Was M45110-0 MA5000vz                        EACH         217.53
CRN-M46665-2          B/L Switch Module CH1 MA5000vz                                     EACH         362.55
CRN-Q42742-9          Display Mod, on D 6260C4 Board MA2400                              EACH         115.88
CRN-Q42777-5          Old Style Main Pcb MA2400                                          EACH         343.60
CRN-Q42928-4          Main Module                                                        EACH         907.41
CRN-Q42929-2          Display Module MA5000                                              EACH         135.96
CRN-Q42935-9          Positive Emitter Module                                            EACH         222.89
CRN-Q42939-1          Serf Main Board MA                                                 EACH         737.87
CRN-Q43032-4          Module Main MA600                                                  EACH         522.43
CRN-Q43056-3          Module PT-1 Main                                                   EACH         522.43
CRN-Q43067-0          Serf Output Module MA Ref                                          EACH          71.24
CRN-Q43097-7          Pos Output Module N#2 replaced by Q43293-2 NPN CRN-136262-1        EACH         160.38
CRN-Q43121-5          Control Card MA3612                                                EACH         224.37
CRN-Q43196-7          Module PT-1 Output                                                 EACH         117.83
CRN-Q43202-3          Output PCb Module MT1200                                           EACH          97.98
CRN-Q43259-3          Main Module No2 Rep Q43095-1                                       EACH         600.67
CRN-Q43294-0          Mod MA5000vz OTPT Neg#2 Replaces Q42936-7                          EACH          68.03
CRN-Q43305-4          Control Module Was Q42929-2 , Q43096-9 MA5000VZ                    EACH         318.42
CRN-Q43306-2          Main Module MA 24x6 OLD ALT PT/N 102526-1                          EACH         259.83
CRN-Q43323-7          Switch Module Rep Q43181-9                                         EACH         133.05
CRN-Q43358-3          Output Module                                                      EACH         158.61
CRN-Q43364-1          MA3600vz Control Module NPT 132116-1                               EACH         102.32
CRN-Q43387-2          Output Module MA3600vz                                             EACH         225.46
CRN-Q43442-5          Display Mod, on D8897-7 Board                                      EACH         191.05
CRN-Q43510-9          Control PCB MA5000VZ                                               EACH         473.58
CRN-S06285-1          Kapton Tape 1/4" TN184 xti                                         EACH          22.66
CRN-WS14              Windscreen/Multistage Pop Filter for CM311A                        EACH          88.12
CRN-WS5               Windscreen for CM30 CM10 LM300A LM300AL LM301A                     EACH          22.93
CRN-WS9               Windscreen Dual Stage for LM300 Series AKA M46170-3                EACH          28.42
CRN-XLSSWITCH         Power Switch D series XLS802D XLS602D                              EACH            6.91
DBX-05-0079           LCD Assy Adapter PCB Driverack PA                                  EACH            6.19
DBX-05-0098           Main PCB 386                                                       EACH         423.60
DBX-05-0099           Digital Card 386/376                                               EACH         280.37
DBX-05-0171           640 Main PCB Assy                                                  EACH         690.78
DBX-05-0213           480R Digital PCB Assy Board                                        EACH         443.20
DBX-05-0480-CS        Front Panel PCB DBX4800                                            EACH         734.88
DBX-05-05331          Front Panel PCB complete with encoders for Drive Rack 480          EACH         271.66
DBX-05-1062-CS        Main PCB Assy 1261                                                 EACH         859.09
DBX-05-1317-CS        Main Digital Card 480                                              EACH         983.52
DBX-05-1333           Drive Input Pot PCB dbx231                                         EACH          32.55
DBX-05-1371           Fader PCB dbx231                                                   EACH         151.08
DBX-05-1790           Complete PCB Assy Driverack PA                                     EACH         319.43
DBX-05-1796-CS        Main PCB Driverack 260                                             EACH         573.23
DBX-05-1904           Main PCB ieq31 old part no. 80-1904-c                              EACH         344.65
DBX-05-5294           Input PCB 2231                                                     EACH          39.40
DBX-05-5330           Digital PCB for 480T                                               EACH       1,024.63
DBX-05-5332           Analogue PCB input 3+4 output 5-8 For DBX 480P                     EACH         278.23

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 25 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

DBX-05-5338-CS        Power Supply 480R                                                  EACH         289.93
DBX-05-5359           Analogue PCB DDP                                                   EACH         109.25
DBX-05-5375           Digital PCB DDP                                                    EACH         259.81
DBX-05-5384           Switchmode Power Supply PCB For Drive Rack & Quantum               EACH         143.94
DBX-05-5389           Power Supply PCB 480P                                              EACH         168.97
DBX-05-5390           Main PCB 160s                                                      EACH         158.50
DBX-05-6225           PCB Set 160AD 160a                                                 EACH          81.70
DBX-05-6225-B         Main PCB 160AD 160a                                                EACH          81.70
DBX-05-6232           Main PCB dbx 1066 v                                                EACH         341.18
DBX-05-6233           Display PCB dbx 1066 v                                             EACH         111.97
DBX-05-6235           Display Assy 1046                                                  EACH         158.50
DBX-05-6355           Main Pcb assy Digital 482s                                         EACH       1,025.01
DBX-05-6368           Communications PCB Drive Rack 480                                  EACH         104.83
DBX-05-6380           Digital PCB Assy Quantum II                                        EACH         951.69
DBX-05-6394           Daughter board PCB Drive Rack 480                                  EACH         118.53
DBX-05-6398-CS        DSP card Drive Rack 481                                            EACH         938.72
DBX-05-6409           Main PCB AFS224                                                    EACH         192.60
DBX-05-6410           Main PCB dbx 220i                                                  EACH         386.84
DBX-07-6148           VCA Module 202XT                                                   EACH            7.09
DBX-10-0097           Lid / Cover for DBX 386                                            EACH          57.64
DBX-10-0099           chassis for DBX 386                                                EACH         112.71
DBX-10-1790           Chassis for DBX Drive Rack PA                                      EACH          57.60
DBX-10-1792           Lid / Cover for DBX Drive Rack PA                                  EACH          57.60
DBX-10-1796           Front Panel Drive Rack 260                                         EACH         209.04
DBX-10-1798           Lid / Cover for DBX 260                                            EACH          57.60
DBX-10-2568           Front Metal Panel Finished 2231                                    EACH          95.64
DBX-10-2572           Front Metal Panel 160SL                                            EACH         938.23
DBX-10-2573           Chassis For 160SL                                                  EACH         285.91
DBX-10-4012           Front Panel 1046                                                   EACH          85.98
DBX-10-5339           Front Panel 1231                                                   EACH          95.17
DBX-10-6314           Metal Front Panel 234xl                                            EACH          71.76
DBX-10-6330           Front Panel 586 Screened                                           EACH         302.16
DBX-12-0074103A       Knob 160x 15mm No Cap                                              EACH            2.71
DBX-12-0086103A       Cap Knob 15mm Red For 12-0074103A-291                              EACH            2.71
DBX-12-0106103A       Cap Knob 15mm Blue For 12-0074103A-291                             EACH            2.71
DBX-12-0107103A       Cap Knob 15mm Green For 12-0074103A-291                            EACH            2.71
DBX-14-0096-A         Tube Bracket For 386                                               EACH            2.95
DBX-14-2574           Lid For 160SL                                                      EACH         104.01
DBX-22-0046-A         Dust Shield For Sliders dbx2231                                    EACH            0.82
DBX-23-0000           SMPS 3.75A@5V +/-15V Powdec                                        EACH          55.74
DBX-23-0001           Universal SMPS 4800                                                EACH         249.25
DBX-24-0142           Switchcap Lightpipe w /Shroud 231                                  EACH            1.67
DBX-24-0145           Mini Lightpipe For DBX Quantam                                     EACH            1.67
DBX-24-1016           Battery Driverack 480                                              EACH            3.99
DBX-24-6408           Decora Wall Plate Cover w/White Screw ZC1 ZC2                      EACH            3.24
DBX-25-1625           Shroud Mini Lightpipe ASSy For Quantum                             EACH            1.52
DBX-26-0001           Inductor 2.5k For Drive rack PA                                    EACH            0.21

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 26 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

DBX-26-0051-4         Xfmr 163 Mains                                                     EACH          35.97
DBX-26-0066           230v torroid for AFS224 (26-0066-A)                                EACH          99.97
DBX-26-0112           Xfmr dbx 160A Output Option                                        EACH         119.58
DBX-26-0120-A         Meter -20to+10 dB Scale                                            EACH          37.12
DBX-26-0191           IND 680uh 0.05A TA For 480R                                        EACH            1.15
DBX-26-0235           Xfmr 1066 Mains & 165A 1046                                        EACH          92.79
DBX-26-0237           Xfmr 263x 230V                                                     EACH          35.97
DBX-26-0240           Xfmr 160A 166A                                                     EACH          35.97
DBX-26-0243-A         Xformer 115V/40VCT 50/60Hz 100                                     EACH          47.58
DBX-26-0247           Xfmr Toroid 160S                                                   EACH          71.38
DBX-26-0269-A         Xfmr 230V/38V CT VA C1 266XL Drive Rack PA NPT 26-0278-A           EACH          42.83
DBX-26-0276-A         Xfmr 230VAC 50HZ 376, 386, Drive Rack PA                           EACH          33.07
DBX-26-0278-A         Xfmr 230V/38V CT VA C1 266 XL Drive Rack PA 2231 OPT 26-0269-A     EACH          23.79
DBX-26-0290-A         Transformer for 376, 386 160A                                      EACH          35.93
DBX-26-0297           Toroid xfmr 240V 37.6v ct 0.65 For 131 231 162                     EACH          10.94
DBX-26-1060-A         Escutcheon dual switchcap Silver Series                            EACH            5.47
DBX-27-0002           Fan 30x30x10 3.5cfm 4" w/con Drive rack                            EACH          68.95
DBX-28-0000           Hex 4-40 x 7/16 Brass Driverack PA ECN# 32351                      EACH            0.45
DBX-28-0030           11554.005.01S.i,sb,p.p,bk/zn/ W8x5.16 480                          EACH            1.81
DBX-28-0050           M2.5mm Tri-Rnd Screw Din 7500c, Black ZNC,480                      EACH            0.48
DBX-28-0058           6-32 x 3/8 Pozi Pan TR3 Black .375. 480                            EACH            1.81
DBX-28-0074           Rack Mount screw DBX PA                                            EACH            0.14
DBX-28-0104           Screws for Nylon Spacers dbx2231                                   EACH            0.82
DBX-28-0187-A         Hex Nut for Slimjack for 386                                       EACH            0.32
DBX-28-0217           Washer DBX PA                                                      EACH            0.09
DBX-28-1045           Nylon Spacers dbx2231                                              EACH            0.82
DBX-28-3200           Srews for front panel of DBX576                                    EACH            0.24
DBX-28-3254           Lamp Axial Wire 6 Volt For 1086 160S Silver Series VU              EACH            5.61
DBX-28-3309           01 Nut, Kep, HX,Stl,C2 6-32X1/ 4 480                               EACH            1.81
DBX-28-3323           Pot Nut for DBX                                                    EACH          52.01
DBX-28-3337           Screw                                                              EACH            1.81
DBX-28-3368           Screw 900 Series Thumb                                             EACH            1.81
DBX-28-3390           Nylon Pot Bush                                                     EACH            1.11
DBX-32-0119           Receptacle AC w/Ground Wire For 386                                EACH            1.72
DBX-32-0179           XLR Fml Panel Mount 231                                            EACH            2.38
DBX-32-0180           Receptacle AC w/Ground Wire For 386                                EACH            2.38
DBX-32-1124           Molex 10way header 160SL                                           EACH            3.58
DBX-32-1130           Pins for Xfmr leads 160SL                                          EACH            3.58
DBX-32-1155           Ribbon Cable 16 way 1046                                           EACH            7.93
DBX-32-1212-D         Ribbon Cable 14way 266XL                                           EACH            7.93
DBX-32-1226           Plug 6 Pos Euro 5.08mm Pitch Driverack Suit SW9088II               EACH            6.61
DBX-32-1246           Conn 7x2 Ribbon 7.5" Fml/Pins                                      EACH            6.90
DBX-32-1274           Conn 13x2 Ribbon 7.5" Fml/Pins                                     EACH            7.04
DBX-32-2000           Vert. male Header 2231                                             EACH            0.52
DBX-32-3135           Conn Jack Socket                                                   EACH          13.61
DBX-32-3195           Jack Dconn Dual Port PC Mount 480R                                 EACH          17.84
DBX-32-3217           10 way Ribbon Cable                                                EACH            5.35

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 27 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                             Per     RRP Inc GST

DBX-34-0112           Knob Black For Encoder For Drive Rack PA                                EACH            0.91
DBX-34-0125           Button Push Black                                                       EACH            1.19
DBX-34-0127           Knob Black White Pointer                                                EACH            1.52
DBX-34-0134           Knob Pot No Cap For 903                                                 EACH          11.23
DBX-34-0135           Knob Black Collet Top                                                   EACH            6.14
DBX-34-0136           Knob Cap Green For 903                                                  EACH            2.09
DBX-34-0138           Knob Cap Orange                                                         EACH            2.09
DBX-34-0139           Knob Cap Red For 903                                                    EACH            2.09
DBX-34-0140           Knob Cap Blue For 903                                                   EACH            2.09
DBX-34-0142           Knob Cap Red Use 12-0107103A-291 160X                                   EACH            2.54
DBX-34-0144           Knob Cap Blue Use 12-0106103A-291 160X                                  EACH            2.54
DBX-34-0146           Knob Cap Green Use 12-0086103A-291 160X                                 EACH            2.54
DBX-34-0159-A         Black white Knob Fader 163A 2231                                        EACH            0.95
DBX-34-0160-A         Black / white D Knob Pot 163, 166XL, 266XL 1231 2231 1046               EACH            4.76
DBX-34-0168-A         Knob DBX Silver Series Alum 586                                         EACH            4.53
DBX-34-0198-C         Switchcap Lightpipe single LED to suit swicth 44-0050 44-0051 266XL     EACH            1.36
DBX-34-0199-A         Cap to suit Switch on " 44-0185" Drive Rack 480 FX Button Array         EACH            2.27
DBX-34-0200-B         Switchcap Lightpipe Dual LED to suit 386                                EACH            1.72
DBX-34-0250A          Knob 160S                                                               EACH          31.26
DBX-34-5330-A         Knob Black For Encoder For 480 Drive Rack                               EACH            0.95
DBX-38-0005           Ribbon Cable Drive Rack 260                                             EACH            2.04
DBX-38-0008           Cable Male/Female 25ft shielde 480R 480P                                EACH          35.35
DBX-38-0009           Front PCB Connecting Loom Driverack PA                                  EACH            3.43
DBX-38-0020           Ribbon Cable 35" Driverack PA ECN# 32351                                EACH            4.19
DBX-38-0176-B         Female to Male Ribbon Cable 1231                                        EACH          10.71
DBX-38-0197           Power Supply loom / cable for Quantum and Drive Rack                    EACH            9.28
DBX-38-0253           Cable Null modem Fml to Fml 10' Drive Rack                              EACH          14.28
DBX-40-0011           Fader 100K W/Centre click 20mm OLD 131, 231 First Generation Black in   EACH            1.13
DBX-40-0016           Fader 100K W/Centre click 20mm 131, 231 Gold Style                      EACH            1.67
DBX-40-1002           slide pot 45mm 100k *w* cc 15mm for a DBX 2231                          EACH            2.95
DBX-40-1014           Slide Pot 60mm X 12.5mm 10K 5V Motorized Used on 480R                   EACH            6.78
DBX-40-2011           Volume Pot dbx 290                                                      EACH            4.31
DBX-40-2057           Fader 1231 EQ                                                           EACH            6.80
DBX-40-2081           Pot 50K B 16mm For Mini Pre                                             EACH            1.59
DBX-40-2082           Pot Single 50KA 16mm For 242                                            EACH            3.72
DBX-40-2084           C5K 16mm Non detent pot 276 266IID 286                                  EACH            3.40
DBX-40-2090           Pot Single 20k Subwoofer level 120XP                                    EACH            6.89
DBX-40-2091           Pot Dual 20k/20k 120XP                                                  EACH          11.66
DBX-40-2092           Pot 1k 760X                                                             EACH          12.28
DBX-40-2093           Pot 12mm 50KB Lin DBX 172                                               EACH            6.48
DBX-40-2094           Pot 16mm 1MA 15mm D Shaft                                               EACH            6.00
DBX-40-2103           Pot 903 Ratio Dual 20k                                                  EACH          12.28
DBX-40-2104           Pot 50k 166x                                                            EACH          12.28
DBX-40-2106           Pot 903 Output Threshold 20k AKA 070121                                 EACH            8.84
DBX-40-2108           Pot Dual 50KC 16mm For 242                                              EACH            6.93
DBX-40-2109           Pot Single 10KA 16mm For 242                                            EACH            3.40

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist               Page 28 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                             Per     RRP Inc GST

DBX-40-2110           Pot Single 10KB16mm For 242                                             EACH            3.72
DBX-40-2113           Pot 100k "C" 14mm Dual Horiz                                            EACH            8.84
DBX-40-2121           Pot 16mm 20KB 15mm D Shaft 166A Threshold                               EACH            5.53
DBX-40-2122           Pot 16mm 10KB 15mm D Shaft                                              EACH            5.53
DBX-40-2125           Pot Rotary 50KB 16mm 131, 231, ZC1                                      EACH            0.00
DBX-40-2128           Pot 15mm C50k x 4                                                       EACH          55.51
DBX-40-2129           Pot 16mm 1MA 15mm D Shaft 41 detent 166XL                               EACH            3.04
DBX-40-2130           Pot 16mm 5KC Vert 41 Click 1066 266XL                                   EACH            4.67
DBX-40-2131           Pot 16mm 5KC Taper 376 576                                              EACH            5.89
DBX-40-2132           Pot 16mm 20k A-Taper D-Shaft 1046                                       EACH            3.35
DBX-40-2134           Pot 20KB 41 Clk alt part no. 40-2086                                    EACH            0.77
DBX-40-2136           Pot 50KA 41 Pos Det D/Shaft Vr24                                        EACH            1.81
DBX-40-2138           Gain Pot Rotary 50K "B" 16mm Vertical 41 Click 2231 266XL 1046 2031     EACH          13.60
                      Equaliser 166XL
DBX-40-2150           10 KC 18mm Slotted Shaft for dbx 160s                                   EACH          36.16
DBX-40-2154           Pot 50k                                                                 EACH         119.96
DBX-40-2155           Pot, 50k W-Taper 41 Click Single, 576                                   EACH            2.71
DBX-40-2156           Pot, 16mm 50Kx2 10c Taper                                               EACH            2.58
DBX-44-0011           Power Switch Rocker Main 1046 2231                                      EACH          16.04
DBX-44-0022           Mini In/Out 6P2T Switch Stereo Couple 166A                              EACH          16.04
DBX-44-0027           Mini In/Out 2P2T Switch                                                 EACH            4.28
DBX-44-0044           SW Dip 6 way SPST RA ZC1                                                EACH            5.71
DBX-44-0050           Mini In/Out 2P2T Switch 6 Pin 166A Over easy switch 2231                EACH            4.08
DBX-44-0051           Switch 4P2T Latch Push Button SW22 & SW23                               EACH            3.90
DBX-44-0052           Switch 6P2T Latch Push Button 18 pin 1066 223XL                         EACH            4.76
DBX-44-0058           Rotary Switch DP4T 25mm ZC3                                             EACH            8.38
DBX-44-0059           Switch DPDT latching 6pin 266XL                                         EACH            0.91
DBX-44-0060           Switch DPDT latching 12pin 266XL                                        EACH            1.95
DBX-44-0068           Switch Toggle DB12 invert                                               EACH            8.47
DBX-44-0105           Switch Rocker, slim                                                     EACH          11.14
DBX-44-0113           Pot dbx786                                                              EACH          26.88
DBX-44-0119           Encoder for Drive Rack 260 480 Quantum                                  EACH          11.33
DBX-44-0134           Switch                                                                  EACH            5.61
DBX-44-0139           Switch 4x2P2T                                                           EACH          25.22
DBX-44-0146           Switch 4 Pole Push 163x                                                 EACH            8.09
DBX-44-0156           Switch Tops                                                             EACH            6.73
DBX-44-0157           Button Push                                                             EACH            3.83
DBX-44-0185           Switch Mini 2.4 Sq head SM Drive Rack 480 Mute Switch FX Button Array   EACH            4.09
DBX-52-1010           Resistor 100K 1% minipre                                                EACH            0.91
DBX-52-4501           Resistor 20K 1% minipre                                                 EACH            0.91
DBX-52-4529           resistor 4.75K 1% minipre                                               EACH            0.91
DBX-52-4531           Resistor 20K 1% minipre                                                 EACH            0.91
DBX-62-3142           Capacitor 0.01uF 50V 376                                                EACH            0.68
DBX-70-0067           LCD Display Driverack PA                                                EACH         123.72
DBX-70-0069           Voltage Regulator 7915 15V DBX131                                       EACH            2.04
DBX-70-0070           Voltage Regulator 7815 15V DBX131                                       EACH            2.04
DBX-70-0082           Transistor QMMBF170 MFET Zonepro 1261                                   EACH            2.04

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist               Page 29 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

DBX-70-1009           Transistor MPS4124 NPN                                             EACH            2.04
DBX-70-1029           Transistor Drive rack 480                                          EACH            0.45
DBX-70-1052           Transistor TIP122                                                  EACH            5.57
DBX-70-1903           3 led Bar Graph grn,yel,red                                        EACH            2.47
DBX-70-1904           8 led Bar Graph                                                    EACH          12.13
DBX-70-1913           LED Amber Rev Mount 1206 SM Quantum                                EACH            0.45
DBX-70-1914           LED Red Rev Mount 1206 SM                                          EACH            0.45
DBX-70-1915           LED Green Rev Mount 1206 SM                                        EACH            0.45
DBX-70-2120-B         LED Red Chrom Hsing w/3" leads T1 Bulk 160SL                       EACH          17.04
DBX-70-2121-B         LED Green Chrom Hsing w/2.5" leads T1 Bulk 160SL                   EACH          17.04
DBX-70-2122-B         LED Yellow Chrom Hsing w/2.5" leads T1 Bulk 160SL                  EACH          17.04
DBX-70-2135           LED Red Narrow D1206 SM Quantum                                    EACH            0.45
DBX-70-2136           LED Green Narrow D1206 SM Quantum                                  EACH            0.45
DBX-70-2137           LED Amber Narrow D1206 SM Quantum                                  EACH            0.45
DBX-70-2181-C         LCD Display For IEM                                                EACH         364.18
DBX-70-2182           LCD Display 480R                                                   EACH         527.37
DBX-70-3022           16 pin socket                                                      EACH            0.45
DBX-70-3207           LED Green 568mm 1206 SM For Drive Racks                            EACH            0.18
DBX-70-3208           LED Amber 585mm 1206 SM For Drive Racks                            EACH            0.18
DBX-70-3209           LED Red 635nm 1206 SM For Drive Racks FX Button Array              EACH          11.56
DBX-70-4117           Reg LM2577T-12 3A Step up Switcher bulk 480R                       EACH          14.37
DBX-72-0046           Eeprom 64K Bit Driverack 260                                       EACH          31.63
DBX-72-0054-00V1      IC CPLD LC4128C-10T128 128 MC Driverack 260                        EACH          31.63
DBX-72-0060-06V1      IC 1meg 3.3u Flash IEQ31                                           EACH          19.85
DBX-72-0061-00V1      IC TS87C52X2 8 BIT OTP MICRO Driverack 260                         EACH          19.85
DBX-72-0062-00V1      IC AM29LV800BT 70nS 8 MEG FLAS Driverack 260                       EACH          14.73
DBX-72-0070           IC NJU7011 low pwr Op Amp smd ZC1                                  EACH            2.49
DBX-72-0077           IC 80C 32x2 MCU IEQ31                                              EACH            4.53
DBX-72-0093-00V1      IC TS87C52X2 220i                                                  EACH          18.26
DBX-72-0095-00V1      U118 Zonepro 640                                                   EACH            2.27
DBX-72-0098-00V1      Firmware Flash IC Zonepro 640                                      EACH            2.27
DBX-72-0116-03        IC EPCS4 Config E2P DBX 1260M 640M                                 EACH          19.26
DBX-72-0194           IC VCA DBX V1 2150A 146732 8 PIN SIP old P/N 72-4062               EACH          15.68
DBX-72-0194A          DBX2231 2131L IC                                                   EACH          29.59
DBX-72-1085           IC 74HC02 Quad 2-Input NOR SO14                                    EACH            2.27
DBX-72-1264           IC Transceiver, EIA RS485, EMC Compliant ADM453 480                EACH            2.27
DBX-72-1266           IC AK5383 96Khz Dual 24bit ADC Driverack PA                        EACH            2.27
DBX-72-1399-00V1      IC CPLD LC4064V-75T IEQ31                                          EACH            2.27
DBX-72-1438           CS4222 20 Bit Stereo Codec                                         EACH          23.79
DBX-72-1439           5532MD DUal bi Polar Op Amp SM Quantum                             EACH          22.66
DBX-72-1442           64K x 24 Async SRAM 3.3V SM Quantum                                EACH          31.88
DBX-72-1450           TL074 Quad Op Amp 640                                              EACH            1.27
DBX-72-1466           DSP56362 Chip for 480T                                             EACH          32.40
DBX-72-1469           CS5396 A/D Converter For DBX IEM                                   EACH          91.54
DBX-72-1477           IC CS4272 codel 220i                                               EACH          25.46
DBX-72-3093-00V1      Eprom Quantum V1.5 FOC.                                            EACH          65.05
DBX-72-3093-03        Flash EEPROM Main Board V2.00 Driverack 480                        EACH          13.82

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 30 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

DBX-72-3093-04        4 Meg Flash EEPROM Daughter V2.00 Driverack 480                    EACH          13.82
DBX-72-3136-01V2      Eprom Digital Compatibility FOC.                                   EACH          12.46
DBX-72-4022           IC OPA2604AP Dual BiFET                                            EACH            9.06
DBX-72-4027           IC LM311 Analog V Comparator AI                                    EACH            1.50
DBX-72-4030           JFET LF353 D1 Input Wide Band                                      EACH            1.45
DBX-72-4032           JFET LF353N Dual in op amp wide SMCAB                              EACH            1.45
DBX-72-4046           IC VCA dbx V8 160S 160SL TSM1-A                                    EACH         357.79
DBX-72-4053           IC KA339 Quad Comparator                                           EACH            3.49
DBX-72-4055           IC That 2155                                                       EACH          15.68
DBX-72-4059           IC NJM4560 2231                                                    EACH          11.78
DBX-72-4062           IC VCA DBX V1 2150A 146732 8 PIN SIP new P/N 72-0194               EACH          17.23
DBX-72-4067           IC dbx RMS1 RMS Detector                                           EACH            6.66
DBX-72-4070           V2B Chip DBX Quad Gate 1074                                        EACH          32.99
DBX-72-4161           IC Z8A0180 Quantum 2 Ref U6                                        EACH          60.41
DBX-72-4251           IC SSM2017                                                         EACH            7.52
DBX-72-4262           VCA IC 2159 UPC1253 146742 Bipolar Analog 8pin Sip                 EACH          15.68
DBX-72-4311           IC LM411                                                           EACH            8.88
DBX-72-4313           IC LM308N 1 Lin Op Amp                                             EACH            2.67
DBX-72-4315           IC TL072 Op Amp Dual                                               EACH            4.44
DBX-72-4321           IC CA3046E Mlt AI                                                  EACH            1.36
DBX-72-4331           IC CA3046E SMD                                                     EACH            1.43
DBX-72-5146           Relay Driverack 260                                                EACH            9.43
DBX-72-5160           Meter VU 165A also 160                                             EACH         258.43
DBX-72-5417           IC 128K x 8 Static RAM 70ns                                        EACH          11.33
DBX-72-5434           NC752125 IC Tiny Logig Buffer 640                                  EACH            0.59
DBX-72-5436           IC ADM211 SMD 480                                                  EACH            2.27
DBX-72-5539-03V1      Eprom Driverack PA                                                 EACH          16.65
DBX-72-5539-03V2      Firmware EPROM V2.00 Driverack PA                                  EACH          15.54
DBX-72-5539-08V1      Flash Chip Driverack Studio                                        EACH          19.51
DBX-72-5540           IC ADS7844 ADC 8ch Mux 640                                         EACH          12.24
DBX-72-6305           IC DSP56367 144 pin 260                                            EACH          99.70
DBX-72-6318           IC SRAM AS7C3256 32Kx8-15ns Driverack PA                           EACH            6.48
DBX-74-1450           IC TL074 Op Amp Quad                                               EACH            4.24
DBX-76-0002           12ax7 Tube 7025 Valve dbx minipre                                  EACH         100.63
DBX-76-0167           12AU7A Dual Triode Vacuum Valve 566                                EACH          31.72
DBX-80-5348-B         Main PCB 166XL                                                     EACH         319.96
DBX-90-0168           Rack Ear 166                                                       EACH          12.75
DBX-90-0221           LED Red                                                            EACH            1.91
DBX-90-0303           Conn Jack 6.35mm 163x                                              EACH          15.47
DBX-90-0339           Pot R5 50212000 122 5KA For 166                                    EACH          11.50
DBX-ICS0061           INA103KU Input Amp for 1086                                        EACH            0.91
DBX-INA103KV          Input amp for 1086 1086                                            EACH            5.44
DBX-MTL0097-C         Panel dbx 576 Faceplate Frame                                      EACH         980.43
DBX-MTR0003           Large dbx Meter Movement                                           EACH            7.57
DBX-POT0028           Pot 50KB Vr11 Vr22 Vr23                                            EACH          11.75
DBX-SCR0041           Screw 6-32x3/8" Socket Cap                                         EACH          30.22
ETC-1085A1040         10 Foot 6pin male to 6pin male XLR Cable                           EACH         203.93

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 31 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

ETC-2121              SCR 6-32x1 PHPHMS                                                    EACH            1.72
ETC-4000B7004         Cable Assembly RFU                                                   EACH         504.77
ETC-4010A4018         EXPN RFu label set Grey for express                                  EACH          29.91
ETC-4010A4018-B       EXP RFU 2 label set Black                                            EACH          28.14
ETC-4031S1001         Upgrade Kit Expression 2X V1.8                                       EACH            0.09
ETC-4031Z2025         Upgrade Kit Expression 2X V1.8                                       EACH            0.09
ETC-4031Z2025-1       Eeprom for Expression 2                                              EACH          39.07
ETC-4052B2005         PROG NEURON IC (Z9019) Sensor                                        EACH         144.38
ETC-4110A3012         Face Panel Express                                                   EACH         486.72
ETC-4110A3016         Bottom cover Express                                                 EACH         230.04
ETC-4110A4001         Overlay Express                                                      EACH         136.50
ETC-4110A4007         CPU END CAP Right For Express 125                                    EACH          67.98
ETC-4110A4016         Track Pad x-y for Express 125 and 250                                EACH         147.28
ETC-4110A4019         Dust Cover Express 250                                               EACH         135.96
ETC-4110A4023         Keycap Set Printed Express                                           EACH         241.55
ETC-4110A4036         Fader Knob Smartfade                                                 EACH            1.57
ETC-4110B5001         Express Cpu Assembly for Express 125                                 EACH       5,342.13
ETC-4110B5007         Express Cpu I/O Dist ASSY for Express 125                            EACH       1,078.12
ETC-4131A4002         Label Set Expression 2                                               EACH          91.36
ETC-4152A4004         Left Front Bumper Moulding Obsn2                                     EACH         838.39
ETC-4152B5005         Facepanel Submaster Board 24ch Obs II                                EACH       3,067.69
ETC-4152B7012         ' Go ' Switch Obsession II                                           EACH         282.38
ETC-4152B7031         Switch RPU Power with cable Obsession II Processor with Green Cap    EACH         281.29
ETC-4152B7037         Obsession 2 PS-PS Cable Assy Power Supply Loom Harness               EACH         135.09
ETC-4152Z2004-1       IC U6XU6 Obsession II                                                EACH          53.02
ETC-4152Z2014         U15 ON OBSN II Face panel CPU                                        EACH         149.55
ETC-4152Z2015         U33 on OBSN II FACE PANEL CPU Board                                  EACH         135.96
ETC-4152Z2016         U34 on OBSN II FACE PANEL CPU Board                                  EACH         145.02
ETC-415S1018          Mem Upgrade OBSN II 32 to 64 M                                       EACH         158.61
ETC-4250K1005         Updated Keycap Set EOS                                               EACH          47.58
ETC-4310B5612         DMX Output PCB Ion                                                   EACH         939.72
ETC-5000Z2005-1       NEURON ETCLINK XCEIVER (Z9185) Sensor                                EACH          70.70
ETC-65A5              Eeprom Chip V2.0 Expression 2                                        EACH          27.64
ETC-7050A4125         Insulator Fuse                                                       EACH          33.72
ETC-7050B5036         Multiplexer card                                                     EACH         292.36
ETC-7050B7039         Wire Assy D20F Output                                                EACH          13.87
ETC-7050B7040         Wire Assy D20F Out                                                   EACH          13.87
ETC-7053A3049         Nuts                                                                 EACH            4.53
ETC-7060A2008         Lamp Assy Rear Complete S400                                         EACH         244.11
ETC-7060A2012         Front barrel Assembly source 4 750                                   EACH         184.15
ETC-7060A2020         Raer Housing Assy Double Clutch Source 4                             EACH         423.98
ETC-7060A2025         Shutter Blade Assy 22 Gauge                                          EACH            9.56
ETC-7060A2030         Lens Tube 15-30 degree For Source 4 Zoom                             EACH         898.15
ETC-7060A2208         Lamp Assy Rear Complete S4 CE                                        EACH         236.97
ETC-7060A2211-K       Housing Assy Sngl Clutch Rear OPN 7060A2011                          EACH         382.58
ETC-7060A2220-K       Rear Housing Dual Pack S4 CE                                         EACH         475.84
ETC-7060A3006         Clip, Reflector Retainer For Source 4                                EACH            2.09

Effective 1/02/2010          Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 32 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                               Per       RRP Inc GST

ETC-7060A3011         Hub Casting Source 4                                                      EACH              4.24
ETC-7060A3012         Spring Retainer                                                           EACH              1.20
ETC-7060A3016         Plate Clutch Source 4                                                     EACH              3.54
ETC-7060A3019         Reflector Support Spring                                                  EACH              8.20
ETC-7060A3025         Screw 1/4-20 Knurled Head                                                 EACH            10.18
ETC-7060A3045         Cover, Iris Slot                                                          EACH              8.74
ETC-7060A3050-00      Lens Holder Left Black S4Par Old                                          EACH            40.45
ETC-7060A3051         Lens Tube Right Source 4 Black Casting Only;Original First Rev Before 10/98 EACH          40.45
ETC-7060A3051-00      Lens Holder Right Black S4PAR Old                                           EACH          40.45
ETC-7060A3054         Reflector Housing For S4                                                  EACH            87.36
ETC-7060A3055         Lamp rear housing socket Casting painted For S4                           EACH            26.12
ETC-7060A3057         Socket Light Baffle Casting Painted Souce 4                               EACH            21.27
ETC-7060A3058         Bracket Yoke Painted Source 4                                             EACH            30.93
ETC-7060A3066         Bracket Gel Clip                                                          EACH              9.75
ETC-7060A3079         Clip Gel Retainer 90 Bend                                                 EACH              3.19
ETC-7060A3085         Lamp retainer wire Source four                                            EACH              3.81
ETC-7060A3086         Bracket Gel Holder                                                        EACH              8.47
ETC-7060A3097         Plate Gel Clip Retainer Source 4                                          EACH              1.40
ETC-7060A3100         Clip,Gel retainer Source 4 Par - modified                                 EACH              2.76
ETC-7060A3102         Lens Tube Left Source 4 Black Casting Only;For Larger 19Lens Second Rev EACH              57.20
                      10/98 thru 05/01
ETC-7060A3104         Lens Tube Right Source 4 Black Casting Only;For Larger 19Lens Second    EACH              57.20
                      Rev 10/98 thru 05/01
ETC-7060A3110         Fixed Balance STandoff S4                                               EACH                2.47
ETC-7060A3111         Endcap Gel Frame Black                                                  EACH              53.53
ETC-7060A3112         Gate Barrel Top Black S4 after 01                                         EACH            55.67
ETC-7060A3113         Gate Barrel Bottom Black S4 after 01                                      EACH            47.11
ETC-7060A3139         Lens Tube Right Source 4 Black Casting Only;For Glass Colour Third        EACH            53.87
                      Rev;From 05/01
ETC-7060A3167         Reflector back UP Clip Shallow Back end S4                                EACH              4.53
ETC-7060A3169         Lens Tube Left Source 4 Black Casting Only;For Glass Colour ED version    EACH            55.53
ETC-7060A3171         Lens Tube Right Source 4 Black Casting Only;For Glass Colour ED version   EACH            55.53
ETC-7060A4001         Lens Aspheric 26 Degree black For Source Four 26 Degree                   EACH           133.47
ETC-7060A4002         Lens Aspheric 19 Degree red For Source Four 19 Degree                     EACH           171.30
ETC-7060A4004         Lens Aspheric 50 Degree yellow For Source Four 50 Degree                  EACH           157.03
ETC-7060A4007         Knob X-Y Lamp Set                                                         EACH              3.65
ETC-7060A4008-01      Knob Set With Male Insert                                                 EACH              3.78
ETC-7060A4008-02      Knob Z Lamp Set W/Female Inset                                            EACH              4.51
ETC-7060A4008-1       Knob Set With Male Insert                                                 EACH              4.52
ETC-7060A4009         Bushing Guide                                                             EACH              1.38
ETC-7060A4011         Bushing Cup S4                                                            EACH              1.52
ETC-7060A4012         Pad Lens Support-Asphere                                                  EACH              0.33
ETC-7060A4015         Reflector Moulded Glass Source 4, S4 Zoom                                 EACH           182.01
ETC-7060A4020         Lens Meniscus 36 Set Front                                                EACH            92.50
ETC-7060A4021         Lens Bi-Convex 36Deg Set Rear                                             EACH            94.36
ETC-7060A4024         Lens Aspheric 05 Degree For Source Four 05 Degree                         EACH           285.51
ETC-7060A4025         Lens Aspheric 10 Degree For Source Four 10 Degree                         EACH           232.97
ETC-7060A4033         Label Lens Tube 19 Degree                                                 EACH              0.71

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                  Page 33 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                              Per       RRP Inc GST

ETC-7060A4034         Label 26 Degree Lens Tube                                                EACH              0.95
ETC-7060A4035         Label 50 Degree Lens Tube                                                EACH              0.95
ETC-7060A4036         Label 36 Degree Lens Tube                                                EACH              0.95
ETC-7060A4037         Rear Handle Source 4                                                     EACH            29.12
ETC-7060A4046         Front Lens Holder 15-30 Degree Source 4 Zoom                             EACH            13.58
ETC-7060A4047         Front Lens Holder 25-50 Degree Source 4 Zoom                             EACH            20.94
ETC-7060A4048         Rear Lens Holder                                                         EACH            29.12
ETC-7060A4050         Gear: Rack Front 15-30 degree                                            EACH            16.99
ETC-7060A4051         Gear Rack Rear                                                           EACH            19.41
ETC-7060A4052         Gear rack front (25-50 degree)                                           EACH            14.56
ETC-7060A4053         Gear Rack Rear 25 - 50 degree Source 4 Zoom                              EACH            12.13
ETC-7060A4054         Light Baffle Source 4 Zoom                                               EACH            12.26
ETC-7060A4056         Dial Ajustment 15-30 degree zoom For Source 4                            EACH            12.96
ETC-7060A4057         Cam Lever                                                                EACH              3.66
ETC-7060A4066         Cam Lever Push Button                                                    EACH              2.31
ETC-7060A4067         Lens Front Glass Source 41530                                            EACH           457.18
ETC-7060A4069         Front Lens Glass 25-50 degrees                                           EACH           305.78
ETC-7060A4070         Rear Lens 25-50 degrees                                                  EACH           163.07
ETC-7060A4082         Zoom Field Angle Label S4 Zoom                                           EACH              1.79
ETC-7060A4094         750W Label for Rear Handle S4                                            EACH              0.33
ETC-7060A7003         Cable Assy 48" W420 16 Gauge                                             EACH              0.91
ETC-7060B7013         TP22 CLCM Assy CE S4 Source 4 Lamp Base                                  EACH            79.94
ETC-7060B7014         CE Version Ground Wire S4                                                EACH              4.85
ETC-7060B7017         Safety Wire Assy S4                                                      EACH            10.42
ETC-7060K1001         Insulated Handle Source Four 750 Only                                    EACH            34.93
ETC-7060K1215         HID Ballast Kit CE 240V S4 HID BLACK Inc Ballast, Lamp Base, Cables      EACH           966.91
ETC-7060K1215-1       HID Ballast Kit CE 240V S4 HID WHITE Inc Ballast, Lamp Base, Cables      EACH           966.91
ETC-7061A1030         S4 Par Safety Screen Mesh                                                EACH            28.55
ETC-7061A2020-1       S4 Par Base Assy White                                                   EACH           420.79
ETC-7061A2201         S4 Par Burner Assy Complete CE Version                                   EACH           178.44
ETC-7061A3005         Clip,Gel retainer Source 4 Par - straight clip NPN 7060a3100             EACH              2.72
ETC-7061A3006         Bracket Yoke Painted Source 4 Par                                        EACH            26.90
ETC-7061A3013         Spring clip, retainer Source 4 Par                                       EACH              3.09
ETC-7061A3023         Burner casting Black S4                                                  EACH            30.69
ETC-7061A3027         Yoke NPN 7061a3006 Source 4                                              EACH            14.66
ETC-7061A3029         Rotator pressure Clip S4Par                                              EACH              3.54
ETC-7061A3050         Bracket Trunnion for MultiPAR 1 bracket only Refer 7061A1045 for Sales Kit EACH         114.20
ETC-7061A3051         Bracket Hanger for MultiPAR 1 bracket only Refer 7061A1041 for Sales Kit   EACH          71.38
ETC-7061A4010-1       Lens PAR Zoom stippled/wave Source 4 Par Zoom                            EACH           117.68
ETC-7061A4011         Focus Handle Source 4 Par                                                EACH              7.00
ETC-7061A4012         Lens rotation ring Source 4 Par                                          EACH              9.23
ETC-7061A4012-1       Lens rotation ring white Source 4 Par                                    EACH            13.85
ETC-7061A4013         Focus Knob Bushing S4                                                    EACH              4.52
ETC-7061A4014         etc- gear focus knob                                                     EACH              2.90
ETC-7061A4015         etc- knob focus                                                          EACH            21.98
ETC-7061A4029         Lens Stop S4Par                                                          EACH              0.26
ETC-7061B7001         PAR CE CABLE ASSY, CERAMIC MICA Source 4 PAR                             EACH            73.01

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                  Page 34 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per       RRP Inc GST

ETC-7061K1201         HID Ballast Kit CE 240V S4PAR/NEL BLACK Inc Ballast, Lamp Base, Cables EACH       1,332.95
ETC-7061K1201-1       HID Ballast Kit CE 240V S4PAR/NEL WHITE Inc Ballast, Lamp Base, Cables EACH         533.42
ETC-7062A2002         Shutter blade Assy S4 Junior                                         EACH              9.71
ETC-7062A2208         Lamp Burner Assy with Cord S4 Junior CE Version                      EACH           240.54
ETC-7062A3014         Light Baffle Strip Source 4 Junior                                   EACH              3.52
ETC-7062A3015         Cover Iris Slot Source 4 Junior                                      EACH              1.68
ETC-7062A4009         Rear Lens 25-50 Junior Zoom                                          EACH           121.34
ETC-7062A4010         Reflector Jr, glass Moulded Source Four light                        EACH           145.61
ETC-7070A3018         BRKT d20F Modal Assy.                                                EACH            88.37
ETC-7070B2005         Chole 5K 25A / 230V 13GA Left ED25 AF Module                         EACH           206.71
ETC-7070B2006         Chole 5K 25A / 230V 13GA Right ED25 AF Module                        EACH           197.00
ETC-7070B2013         Choke 5K 25A / 230V 13GA Right ED25 AFN Module                       EACH           198.63
ETC-7070B2014         Chole 5K 25A / 230V 13GA Left ED25 AFN Module                        EACH           198.77
ETC-7070B5006         Fan control PCB sensor                                               EACH         1,044.81
ETC-7070B7005         Input 4.25 15/16 ECC CBL                                             EACH            14.14
ETC-7070B7007         Input 2.625 15/16 ECC CBL                                            EACH            14.00
ETC-7070Z2002         V 3.21 SNSR ECEM FLASH U38 LB568E                                    EACH            36.57
ETC-7070Z2003         V 3.21 SNSR ECEM FLASH U37 HB47A3                                    EACH            36.57
ETC-7080B5034         Unison Satellite Switch PCB Assy.                                    EACH         1,132.96
ETC-7080B5041         Unison Node CE3120 PCB Ass'y ic Sticker 7080z2004-1.3                EACH           543.82
ETC-7080B5041/1       Unison Node CE3120 PCB Ass'y ic Sticker 7080z2025-1.3                EACH           543.82
ETC-7081A1020         XP Upgrade Kit Unison                                                EACH         1,246.25
ETC-7083A1088         CMd/CMEd Power Cheater Box Bench Mounted                             EACH           307.62
ETC-7083A1089         CME/CMEi Power Cheater Box Cabinet Mounted                           EACH           296.38
ETC-7160A1003         Rotating Gobo Module Source 4 Revolution                             EACH           307.62
ETC-7160A2004         S4rev Lens assembly Source 4 Rev                                     EACH         1,368.29
ETC-7160A2012         Control Data Module Assy S4R MCC ASSY Revolution                     EACH         2,274.07
ETC-7160A2013         Pan motor S4R                                                        EACH           293.98
ETC-7160A2014         Yoke Assembly S4R                                                    EACH         1,430.53
ETC-7160A2015         Upper Enclosure Assembly S4R                                         EACH         2,462.63
ETC-7160A2026         Power Supply S4Rev Source 4 Revolution                               EACH         1,753.82
ETC-7160A2027         Reflector Sub Assy S4R                                               EACH           346.03
ETC-7160A2032         Tilt Motor S4R                                                       EACH           300.46
ETC-7160A3013         Contact QXL Plated S4R                                               EACH            11.13
ETC-7160A3021         Spring for Gobo Wheel S4R                                            EACH              6.00
ETC-7160A3064         Shaft , Tilt S4R                                                     EACH            17.13
ETC-7160A3075         Plate Backup QXL Socket S4R                                          EACH              9.56
ETC-7160A3124         Bracket , Yoke Bearing S4R                                           EACH            81.80
ETC-7160A3140         Bracket , Tilt Travel Yoke S4R                                       EACH           126.34
ETC-7160A3150         Shtr Temp Sensor Bracket S4R Gobo Module                             EACH              9.28
ETC-7160A4010         Insulator QXL S4R                                                    EACH              1.43
ETC-7160A4011         Socket QXL Ceramic S4R                                               EACH              4.85
ETC-7160A4013         Bushing Float Lens Holder S4R                                        EACH              8.71
ETC-7160A4017         Top Cover Black S4R                                                  EACH            81.37
ETC-7160A4018-2       Yoke Cover Without Hole Black S4R                                    EACH            59.28
ETC-7160B5619CFG      PCB for Shutter Module S4Rev                                         EACH         1,155.75
ETC-7160B5620         Temp Sensor LF Assy S4R Gobo Module                                  EACH            48.25

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist              Page 35 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                              Per     RRP Inc GST

ETC-7160B5621         Secondary Control Cards Source 4                                         EACH         304.95
ETC-7160B5622         Master Control Card S4R                                                  EACH       1,253.08
ETC-7160B5626         Gel position Sensor S4R S4R                                              EACH         120.63
ETC-7160B7011         24V harness S4R                                                          EACH          21.75
ETC-7160B7012         Yoke Can Power Harness S4R                                               EACH          32.63
ETC-7160B7013         Harness Main SCC Can Power S4R                                           EACH          23.66
ETC-7160B7024         Yoke Can Power-2 Harness S4R                                             EACH          43.10
ETC-7160B7025         harness Lamp Power-2 S4R                                                 EACH          10.88
ETC-7160B7038         Harness Lamp Power Conn Assy S4R                                         EACH         263.48
ETC-7160K1012         Service & Maintenance Kit Source 4                                       EACH         307.62
ETC-7219B5701         SMTFD Main w/LED RES LF Assy Smartfade                                   EACH       1,691.82
ETC-7310A2024         Rack Mountign Kit RVI                                                    EACH         229.08
ETC-7540B5440         Module Control PCB Matrix SCR                                            EACH       1,014.77
ETC-7540B5441         Module power supply PCB Matrix SCR                                       EACH         891.46
ETC-A105              Disk Drive                                                               EACH         487.26
ETC-A109              Disk Drive Obsession 2                                                   EACH         398.80
ETC-A111              Hard Drive configured with Obesssion II software                         EACH         833.68
ETC-A115              Disk Drive 3.5 Microfloppy 0.5 " High MPF720-3 Impression                EACH         761.35
ETC-A126-F            HD Drive 3.5" SATA 80GB 7200RP Software image & BIOS Settings            EACH         761.35
ETC-B124              Fan For Remote Video Interface                                           EACH         117.83
ETC-B134              Fan Cooling for Unison Rack                                              EACH         643.52
ETC-B151              Fan 60mm 12Vdc 19.1 CFM 32db obsession 2 p/u                             EACH          91.54
ETC-B160              Fan Pentium CPU 12VDC obsession 2 p/u                                    EACH         153.18
ETC-BT104             Battery 3v lithium Obsession I Express 250                               EACH          22.66
ETC-CB215             Sensor Circuit breaker                                                   EACH          74.78
ETC-CR154             LED Red                                                                  EACH            2.72
ETC-CR197             Diode for Obsession II                                                   EACH            9.06
ETC-CR9059            LED Green CLR 410mcd@16mA/525n                                           EACH            6.66
ETC-CR9071-F          Bat 54 Diode Array Ion                                                   EACH            2.04
ETC-DS109             LCD with Backlight RFU                                                   EACH         396.99
ETC-DS115             LCD Assembly Unison                                                      EACH       2,945.69
ETC-F130              Fuse for Express 250                                                     EACH            1.77
ETC-F140              Fuse for Obsession 2                                                     EACH            4.71
ETC-F144              Fuse for ECEM T1A 250v Sensor Dimmer Control Module                      EACH            6.75
ETC-F146              Fuse for ECEM F125ma 250v Sensor Dimmer Control Module                   EACH            4.40
ETC-F155              Fuse for ECEM T 80ma 250v Sensor Dimmer Control Module                   EACH            9.24
ETC-F164              Fuse Holder                                                              EACH            9.24
ETC-F165              Fuse 60a 300V                                                            EACH            9.24
ETC-FL107&FL108       FLT Line 6A & FLT Line Fuse Drawer For Obsession II                      EACH         193.65
ETC-FL109             IEC Filter Socket / Switch For Obsession II Console Fuses not included   EACH         165.19
ETC-HW1184            SCrew 4-40 x 1/4 PhPHMS SEMS S4R Gobo Module                             EACH            0.29
ETC-HW204             Washer SPT #6                                                            EACH            0.14
ETC-HW2116            Screw 6-32x1/4 PHPHMS SS                                                 EACH            0.19
ETC-HW2125            Screw self tap 6-32 x 3/8 black zinc                                     EACH            0.26
ETC-HW2137            screw, 6-32X 1/4 Source 4                                                EACH            2.23
ETC-HW2165            Screw 6-32x3/8 PHPHMS                                                    EACH            0.43

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                Page 36 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ETC-HW2177            Thumbscrew 8-32 x 1/4                                              EACH            3.31
ETC-HW2181            Screw 6-32X3/4 Taptite For Source 4                                EACH            0.23
ETC-HW2255            Screw #6 Captive S4R                                               EACH            6.85
ETC-HW232             Screw 6-32X1/4 Black Zinc For Source 4                             EACH            0.19
ETC-HW253             Screw 6-32x3/8 Truss                                               EACH            0.14
ETC-HW257             screw, 6-32X1/4 phfhms under cut                                   EACH            0.14
ETC-HW301             Nut 8-32 3/8" x 1/4" Blk                                           EACH            0.95
ETC-HW3114            Screw 8-32 x 2" Ph Phst                                            EACH            1.33
ETC-HW3116            Screw 8-10 x 1-1/2 Black Zinc                                      EACH            0.23
ETC-HW3118            Flat #8 .187 x .437 x 0.47 Washer                                  EACH            0.48
ETC-HW369             Screw 8-32 x 5/8 phPHMS Source 4                                   EACH            0.24
ETC-HW370             Nuts Ny-lok, 8/32 black zinc source 4                              EACH            0.17
ETC-HW372             Screw 8-32X1/4 PHPHMS B/Z For Source 4                             EACH            0.24
ETC-HW385             Screw 8-32 x 3/8" PhPHMS SEMS                                      EACH            1.19
ETC-HW391             screw, 8-32X3/4 Source 4                                           EACH            0.23
ETC-HW4112            Screw #10 Lens Knob                                                EACH            0.90
ETC-HW4117            Flat #10 Lens Knob Washer                                          EACH            0.57
ETC-HW466             Screw 10-32 x 7/8                                                  EACH            0.43
ETC-HW5123            Nut Hex 9/16-18 Black Zinc                                         EACH            0.90
ETC-HW5124            Bolt 5/16-18 x 1mm BLack Zinc                                      EACH            0.67
ETC-HW5125            Bolt Carriage 5/16-18 x .75                                        EACH            0.36
ETC-HW5126            Washer Flat 5/6"                                                   EACH            0.20
ETC-HW5139            Washer 1/4" Split Ring Lock S4                                     EACH            0.67
ETC-HW5143            Washer Flat Fibre                                                  EACH            0.14
ETC-HW5172            Bolt Hex 1/4-20 x 1" Black Zin S4                                  EACH            0.38
ETC-HW5193            Bolt Hex 5/1-18 x 3/4 Blk                                          EACH            0.95
ETC-HW5197            Screw 1/4-20x5/8 Phrms Bz For Source 4 Lens Tube                   EACH            0.00
ETC-HW5200            Spacer washer goes with HW5197 For Source 4 Lens Tube              EACH            0.00
ETC-HW5217            Screw 1/4-14 x 1" PhOHSL For Source 4 Lens Tube                    EACH            1.57
ETC-HW5218            Nut 1/4-20 Metal Lock Lowpro                                       EACH            0.33
ETC-HW522             Washer Flat 1/4 Black Zinc S4                                      EACH            0.14
ETC-HW5224            Screw 1/4-20 x 1-1/4" ph PHBMS S4 Lens Tube                        EACH            3.97
ETC-HW5310            Washer Int. 318 Shake Proof Zinc Source 4                          EACH            0.24
ETC-HW534             Hex Nut 1/4-20 Black Zinc                                          EACH            0.29
ETC-HW599-1           Nut S4R                                                            EACH            0.57
ETC-HW599-2           Washer S4R                                                         EACH            0.29
ETC-HW6128            Hole Plug .500 Blk Pop500 3065                                     EACH            1.14
ETC-HW6158            Gasket/Shield e77 Schlegel                                         METR          22.66
ETC-HW7152            Spring .18 dia S4R                                                 EACH            0.86
ETC-HW747             Washer Valve                                                       EACH            1.03
ETC-HW748             Compression Spring                                                 EACH            2.54
ETC-HW749             Spring Ground                                                      EACH            0.14
ETC-HW750             Spring Retainer source4                                            EACH            0.18
ETC-HW753             Rivet Machine 3/16 X 720 Flat head Source 4                        EACH            1.13
ETC-HW754             Shutter Spring                                                     EACH            0.91
ETC-HW776             Push Button Spring                                                 EACH            0.54
ETC-HW779             Spring Compression Lens Knob S4 Junior                             EACH            0.50

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 37 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                           Per     RRP Inc GST

ETC-HW8101            Cap                                                                   EACH            3.17
ETC-HW8105            Cap                                                                   EACH            3.17
ETC-HW8106            Cap                                                                   EACH            3.17
ETC-HW8108            Cap                                                                   EACH            3.17
ETC-HW8110            Cap                                                                   EACH            3.17
ETC-HW8112            Knob For P120 and P130 Pot Knob Tapered Rogan Used On Insight 3       EACH            8.16
ETC-HW8122            Button                                                                EACH            3.17
ETC-HW8144            Handle Yoke Knob for Source4                                          EACH            4.62
ETC-HW8150            Knob For P146                                                         EACH            2.72
ETC-HW8171            Cap                                                                   EACH            3.17
ETC-HW8193            Knob                                                                  EACH            1.81
ETC-HW8194            Knob                                                                  EACH            3.17
ETC-HW8201            Lens Knob 10-32 x .50 Male Stud Focus S4 Junior                       EACH            2.17
ETC-HW8203            Lamp retainer tinnerman clip source four                              EACH            1.13
ETC-HW8209            Lamp Retainer Tinnerman Clip                                          EACH            0.54
ETC-HW8215            Fader Knob Playback Obsession 2                                       EACH          14.82
ETC-HW8226            Clip On 1/4 turn Receptacle Source 4                                  EACH          10.70
ETC-HW9228            Belt Timing (54.2013.0001) Drive Belt For AR5                         EACH          11.33
ETC-HW9287            Tilt Belt S4R                                                         EACH          63.04
ETC-HW9293            Gobo Belt RWM S4R                                                     EACH          22.43
ETC-HW9298            Bearing NB SW 3/8" S4R                                                EACH         218.89
ETC-HW9315            Scroller Belt 100T 0.08P S4Rev                                        EACH          27.19
ETC-HW9317            Pan Belt S4R                                                          EACH          48.17
ETC-HW9341            Bearing Flange S4R                                                    EACH         103.50
ETC-J1558             Panel Mount 5 pin XLR 90 Deg Congo DMX Connector                      EACH            6.85
ETC-J1559             Panel Mount 5 pin DIN Congo MIDI Connector                            EACH            6.85
ETC-J802              XLR6 Male Line mount                                                  EACH          40.68
ETC-J824              Con BNC PCB For Express 125                                           EACH          43.05
ETC-OBSII-KEY         Key for OBSII Face panel console                                      EACH          36.25
ETC-OBSIIBRACK        Obsession II bracket Custom Made                                      EACH            4.03
ETC-P120              Fader 10k 60mm                                                        EACH          12.78
ETC-P130              Pot Slide for Unison Insight 3                                        EACH          14.50
ETC-P146              Pot 100mm                                                             EACH         104.23
ETC-P152              10K Single ALPS 45mm Fader                                            EACH          10.20
ETC-P153              Fader 10k 60mm OBSN 2, Express 250 Grandmaster Ion                    EACH          14.28
ETC-P9003             Trim pot on PCB 7050B5036                                             EACH          20.39
ETC-PS107             Power Supply for RVI                                                  EACH         525.69
ETC-PS115             Obsession II RC PSU Old Style Power supply switch mode NFS110-7601P   EACH         968.00
ETC-PS133             Power Supply 200w Was ETC-SRW200-5013R                                EACH       3,683.02
ETC-PS160             Obsession II RC PSU New Style Power supply switch mode Model:PT-65B   EACH         403.56
                      +5v +12v -12v
ETC-PS168             PSU 5P Din plug Express New Style Express PSU (ETC Version)           EACH         388.72
ETC-PS309             Power Supply Congo                                                    EACH       1,143.84
ETC-PS317-F           Power Supply EOS Console                                              EACH       2,718.42
ETC-PS319             PSU 8P Mini Din Amtex SCL-25-7618 old pn PS127 Express PSU (ETC       EACH         306.53
ETC-Q142              SCR Dimmer module                                                     EACH         392.23
ETC-Q153              scr block 3k/5k dual (ce) SCR for ed25 sensor module                  EACH         374.01
Effective 1/02/2010          Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 38 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                           Per     RRP Inc GST

ETC-Q154              SCR Block                                                             EACH         468.91
ETC-Q159              SCR Module                                                            EACH         486.04
ETC-Q166              SCR Block AF Dual ND (CE)                                             EACH         468.91
ETC-Q249-F            Mosfet IXFB80N50Q2 S4Rev PSU                                          EACH         233.16
ETC-RT174             Lamp Source 4                                                         EACH          14.28
ETC-S103              Switch 2 LEDs                                                         EACH          14.28
ETC-S170              Switch spst Keyboard Grey switches for rfus Obs x 40 Exps x 15        EACH          41.16
ETC-S170-B            Black Keycap / Switch W/LED EXP-RFU2                                  EACH          37.39
ETC-S171              Switch rek nag 05-1-1 grey switches for rfus Express x 25             EACH          45.68
ETC-S171-B            Black Keycap / Switch W/O LED EXP-RFU2                                EACH          37.39
ETC-S278              Switch 6425                                                           EACH          11.52
ETC-S281              Switch                                                                EACH          15.99
ETC-S283              Switch Express A-B Switch                                             EACH          23.08
ETC-S42550JZFL        Source Four jr Spare FrontLens For Source Four jr Zoom 25-50 Degree   EACH         185.58
ETC-S42550JZRL        Source Four jr Spare Rear Lens For Source Four jr Zoom 25-50 Degree   EACH         211.27
ETC-SGJ01             Male PS2 - Male PS2 Cable 100mm                                       EACH          24.47
ETC-T135              Inverter for RFU                                                      EACH          67.98
ETC-THUMBWHEEL        Thumbwheel Radio Remote Focus                                         EACH          59.59
ETC-VR9001-F          78L 05 Voltage Reg Ion                                                EACH            2.31
ETC-W330-02           TP22 CLCM assembly ceramic Source 4 lamp holder                       EACH            4.35
ETC-W330-03           TP22 CLCM assembly Mica Source 4 lamp holder                          EACH            4.17
ETC-W330-04           Single Socket Wire one wire only                                      EACH          23.57
ETC-W6195             36" Fibreglass Sleeve Black Sourve 4                                  EACH          12.53
ETC-X122              Fuse Holder Response Opto Splitter                                    EACH          12.37
ETC-Z216              IC U1 and U2 93C06N On PCB 7070B4005                                  EACH            3.67
ETC-Z237              IC 5895 Serial Latch driver Dip 16                                    EACH          29.00
ETC-Z9214             Servo IC Motor Driver Source 4 Revolution                             EACH          33.58
ETC-Z9328-F           IC DS1314 Non-volatile Controller Smartfade                           EACH          79.26
FPS-25090006          Wholehog 2 LCD Complete                                               EACH       2,555.05
FPS-25090018          Wholehog PCB Battery                                                  EACH          28.96
FSC-BFD15SX-U         Switching PSU 3 and 4 15V 10W                                         EACH         343.44
FSC-BWM12SX-U         Switching PSU 1 12V 15W                                               EACH         127.34
FSC-DE567             Spring A Ceiling Pulley                                               EACH          20.07
FSC-DE568             Spring B Ceiling Pulley                                               EACH          20.07
FSC-DSE64BE60         Motor                                                                 EACH       1,239.10
FSC-HTBN234S3M        Drive Belt                                                            EACH          45.15
FSC-MHS-DRV           PCB for Winch                                                         EACH       4,439.68
FSC-MHS-REM-KEY       PCB Remote Controller A                                               EACH       4,113.60
FSC-MHS-SRP-7SEG      PCB Remote Controller B                                               EACH       1,153.81
FSC-MTW15-51212       Switching PSU 2 5V 12V 16W                                            EACH         115.77
FSC-SRP-7SEG          PCB Remote Controller B                                               EACH       4,113.60
FSC-TOPPART           Ceiling Pulley Top Part                                               EACH       6,772.39
FSC-TSR4251-00        Contact Slip Ring                                                     EACH       1,143.78
FSC-V-154-1A5         Micro Switch B of Winch                                               EACH          15.05
FSC-Z-15GW4-B         Micro Switch A of Winch                                               EACH          50.17
JBL-01-82-761-55      Lock Off Nut SS4-BK                                                   EACH          17.51
JBL-029TI             Transducer HF Dome Tweeter For S3                                     EACH         104.69

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist             Page 39 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-031TIS            Transducer HF Dome Tweeter For 4200 Series P/N 73849-01x             EACH         223.65
JBL-031TIS1           Transducer HF Dome Tweeter For 6208                                  EACH         137.99
JBL-035TIA            Transducer HF Dome Tweeter Replaces LE26                             EACH         354.03
JBL-037TI             Transducer HF Dome Tweeter For Control 10 69495                      EACH         542.46
JBL-052TI             Transducer HF Dome Tweeter For 4400 Series 74856                     EACH         228.40
JBL-1-05-014          FMG22R Dual Diode                                                    EACH            2.27
JBL-1-05-015          FMG22S Dual Diode                                                    EACH            2.27
JBL-1-27-150          Switch Puch 2PDT Latching UREI                                       EACH            4.46
JBL-1-27-403          Thermister UREI                                                      EACH            2.27
JBL-10-11160          Switch Ratio Assy UREI                                               EACH         104.92
JBL-10-11161          Meter Switch UREI                                                    EACH         165.36
JBL-10-13418          Switch Ratio For 1178 UREI                                           EACH          85.56
JBL-10-13419          Switch Meter For 1178 UREI                                           EACH         102.54
JBL-10-15023          Anti Aliasing Filters UREI                                           EACH         470.86
JBL-10243             Binding Post 632 Red                                                 EACH            3.63
JBL-10244             Binding Post 632 Black                                               EACH            3.63
JBL-104H-2            104h-2 Transducer MF Replaces the LE5-10                             EACH         247.44
JBL-114-21001-00      Bass Driver for SB-2 Replaces 124-21001-00                           EACH         390.19
JBL-11754             Xfmr                                                                 EACH          47.58
JBL-12261             Xfmr                                                                 EACH          47.58
JBL-123-00000-00      Transducer HF for Control 23                                         EACH          28.55
JBL-123-00001-00      Transducer HF for Control 25                                         EACH          47.58
JBL-123-00002-00      Transducer HF for Control 25AV                                       EACH          66.62
JBL-123-00003-00      LSR-25P Transduser HF Dome Tweeter                                   EACH          95.17
JBL-123-10002-00      Transducer HF for Control 28                                         EACH          76.13
JBL-123-10003-00      053Ti Transdcer HF Dome Tweter Without Flange For MS26 LSR28 LSR32 EACH           333.09
JBL-124-03000-00      Transducer LF for Control 23                                       EACH            71.71
JBL-124-10000-00      Transducer LF for Control 25                                         EACH          90.41
JBL-124-10001-00      Transducer LF for Control 25AV                                       EACH         104.69
JBL-124-10002-00      Transducer LF for LSR25P                                             EACH          71.38
JBL-124-13000-00      Woofer, Tweeter With Horn For Control 24CT                           EACH         157.03
JBL-124-16000-00      Woofer, Tweeter With Horn For Control 26C                            EACH         223.65
JBL-124-21000-00      127H-2 Transducer LF for 8340 PTN: 306119-001X                       EACH         228.40
JBL-124-21002-00      127H-3 Transducer LF for 8340A                                       EACH         466.33
JBL-124-22001-01      252F Transducer 2 Ohm LSR6312P                                       EACH         885.07
JBL-124-28000-00      2119H Transducer 200mm 8 Ohm MF For SR4700A                          EACH         466.33
JBL-124-28000-02      M209-8A Mid Range Driver                                             EACH         451.10
JBL-124-31003-00      2012H B stock                                                        EACH       1,424.67
JBL-124-31005-01      2250H Transducer 200mm 8 Ohm MF VT4889                               EACH       1,598.83
JBL-124-37010-00      2255H Transducer 380mm LF 8Ohm                                       EACH       1,598.83
JBL-124-58000-00      LF Driver For Control 19CS                                           EACH         252.20
JBL-124-58001-00      Transducer LF for Control 28                                         EACH         152.27
JBL-124-58002-02      218F-1 LF Tranducer For LSR6328P; LSR28P                             EACH         525.33
JBL-124-67001-00      M115-8A Transducer LF Eon1500 and TR Was P/N 330757-001 Was P/N      EACH         447.29
JBL-125-10000-00      2412H Compression Driver 25mm For EON 10 & TR Series                 EACH         176.06
JBL-125-30001-00      2435HPL Compression Driver For VerTec 4889                           EACH       3,717.28

Effective 1/02/2010          Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 40 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-126-00000-00      Horn Flare VS3218-9/WH                                             EACH         255.60
JBL-126-00012-65      2332 Horn Flare 90x45 For Array Series P/N 74247                   EACH         201.21
JBL-126-00090-00      HLA 4895 Horn WaveGuide 3way                                       EACH       2,894.53
JBL-126-00130-00      Waveguide 250mm VS3215-6 VS3218-6 VS2210-6                         EACH       2,126.34
JBL-126-00140-00      Waveguide 250mm VS3215-9 VS3218-9 VS2210-9                         EACH       2,033.89
JBL-126653-1          NC7S02M5 NC7S TINY, SMD, 7S02 PRX                                  EACH            7.95
JBL-127-10000-00      Transducer HF for 8340                                             EACH         275.80
JBL-127H-4            Transducer LF for MP2 Series 250mm                                 EACH         299.78
JBL-128-00024-00      Grille for LSR25                                                   EACH          30.82
JBL-128-00153-61      Grille for Control 23 white                                        EACH          24.11
JBL-128-00163-60      Grille for Control 25                                              EACH          30.64
JBL-128-00173-60      Grille for Control 28 Black                                        EACH          57.15
JBL-128-00173-61      Grille for Control 28 White                                        EACH          55.02
JBL-128-00323-65      Grille for MS115                                                   EACH         216.40
JBL-128-00396-00      Front Grille SR4733X                                               EACH         170.99
JBL-128-00400-00      Grill for Eon 1500 Eon15P                                          EACH          65.85
JBL-128-00418-00      Grille BLack Control 25AV                                          EACH          47.63
JBL-128-00418-01      Grille White Control 25AV                                          EACH          49.90
JBL-128-00420-00      Grille for SR4722X                                                 EACH         133.83
JBL-128-00428-00      Grille for Eon 15G2                                                EACH          71.29
JBL-128-00436-01      Grille MP418sp                                                     EACH         219.70
JBL-128-00437-00      Grille for Eon 10G2                                                EACH          61.36
JBL-128H1             128H-1 Transducer LF                                               EACH         982.14
JBL-129-10000-03      NC SB2 Network Ass Control SB-2 P/N 129-10000-03                   EACH          84.75
JBL-129-20018-00      NC23 Network Assy Control 23 P/N 129-20018                         EACH          58.91
JBL-129-20020-01      NC28 Network Assy Control 28 P/N 129-20020-01                      EACH         148.42
JBL-129-20026-00      Network Assy SP215-6                                               EACH         291.67
JBL-129-20027-00      Network Assy SP222                                                 EACH         265.93
JBL-129-20032-00      Network Assy SP212-9                                               EACH         248.80
JBL-129-20034-00      Network Assy MS112                                                 EACH         212.77
JBL-129-20039-00      Network Crossover MS115                                            EACH         200.67
JBL-129-20040-00      Network Assy MS26                                                  EACH         159.97
JBL-129-20045-00      Network Assy Control 24CT                                          EACH          69.93
JBL-129-20046-00      Network Assy Control 24C                                           EACH          71.29
JBL-129-20052-01      Network Input Assy EON 1500                                        EACH          99.61
JBL-129-20056-00      Network Assy SR4702X                                               EACH         213.99
JBL-129-20058-01      Network SR4725XF                                                   EACH         201.67
JBL-129-20066-00      Network Assy 3632                                                  EACH          86.92
JBL-129-20068-00      NC25AV Network Assy control 25AV P/N 129-20068-00                  EACH         122.36
JBL-129-20069-00      Network Assy 4632-M/HF-T                                           EACH         192.83
JBL-129-30015-01      Network SR4735X                                                    EACH         331.46
JBL-13-0027           Transistor FET UREI                                                EACH            5.69
JBL-13-0048           Globe                                                              EACH          10.15
JBL-13-0143           Transistor LM3014H UREI                                            EACH          17.04
JBL-13-0148           Transistor 2N6728 UREI                                             EACH            4.31
JBL-13-0149           Transistor 2N6728 549 UREI                                         EACH            4.31
JBL-13-0269           Res Network 22k 16pin UREI                                         EACH            4.17

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 41 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-13-0277           NPD5566 UREI                                                       EACH          17.83
JBL-13-0279           Transistor 2SB-554 UREI                                            EACH          46.09
JBL-13-0289           MJE350/9527 Transistor UREI                                        EACH          14.50
JBL-13-0292           LED MV5252 3mm Green UREI                                          EACH            5.98
JBL-13-0372           VCA Module/U5330 dbx 2155 UREI                                     EACH          27.43
JBL-13-0374           LED Green UREI                                                     EACH            1.81
JBL-13-0375           LED Red Square UREI                                                EACH            1.63
JBL-13-0424           Transistor 2N6728 UREI                                             EACH            4.53
JBL-13-0431           V2 Crystal UREI                                                    EACH          17.58
JBL-13-0434           IC 7922 Sony 20018 D/A UREI                                        EACH         224.33
JBL-13-0448           IC M72186 (C2344) UREI                                             EACH          35.12
JBL-13-0452           IC MC146805E2P UREI                                                EACH          50.21
JBL-13-0468           Crystal Vi UREI                                                    EACH         149.55
JBL-13-0470           IC SAA7030 UREI                                                    EACH         184.45
JBL-13-0472           IC A/D Converter UREI                                              EACH          65.30
JBL-13-13111          Matched P/C NSL-02-016-9241 MATCHED PHOTO CELL                     EACH          62.99
JBL-13-14604          IC U5547 Multiple Hybrid Amp UREI                                  EACH          59.05
JBL-131934-3          Main PCB Aluminum heat sink For MP418 SP NPT 131934-4              EACH       1,175.56
JBL-132065-1          BSP315P Mosfet P Logic SOT-223 PRX                                 EACH          12.66
JBL-13216             Inductor Coil 1.4 UREI                                             EACH         219.79
JBL-133-00013-00      U Bracket Speaker MS26                                             EACH         190.56
JBL-134783-2          Main AMP PCB Rev. D For MP418 SP OPT 131934-3                      EACH       1,171.89
JBL-1352179           CL-110 NTC Thermistor Eon518s                                      EACH          16.74
JBL-1366583           Amp Audio TDA7294V LSR2300                                         EACH          45.38
JBL-137303-1          FET 27N25 (136971-1) (crown) VP 7212/64 DPAN DP2 136322-3          EACH          18.49
JBL-138424-1          IGBT 20A 600V W/Diode (crown) PRX                                  EACH          24.83
JBL-138546-1          Mosfet P.CH 60V 27A (crown)                                        EACH            6.89
JBL-138547-1          Mosfet N.CH 60V 30A (crown)                                        EACH            6.71
JBL-138883-1          100V 15A Dual Diode PRX Module                                     EACH          10.15
JBL-13896             Bracket Speaker Control 12                                         EACH         122.04
JBL-14-0428           Switch Mains 2A Line UREI                                          EACH          17.13
JBL-140-00016-00      HLA 4895 Magazine 3way 140-00016-00                                EACH       8,317.60
JBL-141169-2          Main Board Eon315                                                  EACH         353.76
JBL-15-0007           Pot 100k UREI                                                      EACH          99.47
JBL-15-0009           Pot Trimmer Purple 2k UREI                                         EACH            6.53
JBL-15-0024           Pot 25k W/Switch UREI                                              EACH         318.23
JBL-15-0028           Pot 5meg UREI 1176                                                 EACH          24.47
JBL-15-0029           Pot 2k UREI                                                        EACH          24.29
JBL-15-0041           Pot 320k-32k For 1178 UREI                                         EACH         216.95
JBL-15-0138-02        Fuse Holder Cap UREI                                               EACH            6.53
JBL-15-0193           EQ Switch Urei 539 UREI                                            EACH          35.55
JBL-15-0203           Pot Trimmer Blue 100k UREI                                         EACH          43.51
JBL-15-0206           Pot Trimmer Green 100r UREI                                        EACH            7.52
JBL-15-0295           Pot Slider 20k UREI                                                EACH          11.28
JBL-15-0318           Lamp Holder UREI                                                   EACH          11.28
JBL-15-0320           Pot 10k UREI                                                       EACH          23.22
JBL-15-0389           Relay 24V                                                          EACH          64.99

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 42 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-15-0396           Pot 50K Dual UREI                                                    EACH          49.49
JBL-15-0418           Relay 12V UREI                                                       EACH          34.44
JBL-15-0428           Power Switch 2A Line UREI                                            EACH          46.01
JBL-15-12529          Pot 10k W/Dual 6 Pos Switch UREI LA4                                 EACH          66.75
JBL-15-12626          Pot 50k Attenuator UREI                                              EACH          61.18
JBL-15-12676          Pot 50k Tripple UREI                                                 EACH         160.97
JBL-15-13227          Pot 55k Tripple UREI                                                 EACH          37.03
JBL-15-13228          Pot 55k Dual UREI                                                    EACH          37.80
JBL-15-13308          Pot 5m Dual UREI                                                     EACH          40.79
JBL-15-13337          Pot 55k 3 Sect W/Switch UREI                                         EACH         104.19
JBL-15-13338          Switch Rotary 4 Sec Ckt Bd Mn UREI                                   EACH         109.68
JBL-15-13409          Pot For Urei 1178 UREI                                               EACH         133.10
JBL-15-13831          Pot 10k W/Switch UREI                                                EACH          30.64
JBL-15-14361          Pot Spline UREI                                                      EACH          14.05
JBL-15-14516          Pot L Shaft UREI                                                     EACH         125.31
JBL-15-14517          Pot W/Switch UREI                                                    EACH          41.69
JBL-15-14547          Fader for 5547A UREI                                                 EACH          16.68
JBL-15-14549          Fader Pot 20k 45mm UREI                                              EACH          20.12
JBL-15-15982          10K Pot For Urei 7110                                                EACH          25.38
JBL-15-16766          Switch Freq Range rtry 2P3T                                          EACH          42.06
JBL-1525522           RLS418TE-11 Diode LL34 HV Eon518s                                    EACH            0.65
JBL-1566107           Fuse 4A 250V Slow Blow LSR2300                                       EACH            4.07
JBL-16-0028           Xfmr                                                                 EACH         832.72
JBL-16-0033           Xfmr 1176LN Output UREI                                              EACH         111.44
JBL-16-0134           PSU 240VAC Plug Pack Rnd Pins UREI                                   EACH         115.20
JBL-16-11184          Xfmr 240V For LA3A BL-40 UREI                                        EACH         188.43
JBL-16-1147           Xfmr Power For 964 UREI                                              EACH         295.17
JBL-16-12261          Transformer Power for LA4 Urei UREI                                  EACH         190.62
JBL-16-12614-P        Xfmr Audio Output LA4 UREI                                           EACH          73.76
JBL-16-13036          Xfmr                                                                 EACH         158.93
JBL-16-13816          Xfmr Switchable for 1620 1178 UREI                                   EACH         242.44
JBL-16-14469          Xfmr UREI                                                            EACH         186.77
JBL-16-14959-P        Xfmr 7110ex UREI                                                     EACH          86.13
JBL-16-16825          Xfmr LA-22 UREI                                                      EACH          59.05
JBL-179-00002-00      Ball Mount Assembly Black For Control 28 / 25                        EACH          55.53
JBL-179-00002-01      Ball Mount Assembly White For Control 28 / 25                        EACH          61.91
JBL-179-00003-00      Ball Mount Assembly For Control 23                                   EACH          38.07
JBL-179-00003-01      Ball Mount Assembly White For Control 23                             EACH          32.55
JBL-189-00001-00      Thermister 6230 Amp UREI                                             EACH          22.07
JBL-2020H             Transducer 300mm 8 Ohm MF                                            EACH         703.11
JBL-2023H             Transducer 2023H MP412                                               EACH         542.46
JBL-20810             Gasket for 24246h HF Driver                                          EACH            6.71
JBL-21020             Dust Dome 3" Aluminium                                               EACH          10.06
JBL-21060             Dust Dome 4" Aluminium i                                             EACH          10.06
JBL-21219             Dust Dome LE8T                                                       EACH          11.78
JBL-21249-0086        Top Plate 2" Suit 2441(2445)                                         EACH         170.67
JBL-21251             Throat Sleeve                                                        EACH          25.83

Effective 1/02/2010          Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 43 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-21732             Inner Horn Piece 2402                                               EACH          46.45
JBL-21745             Clamp Ring Assy For 075                                             EACH          32.04
JBL-21904             T-Nut 1/4-20 Blk                                                    EACH            1.00
JBL-21910             Solder Lug                                                          EACH            3.08
JBL-226-00012-00      Signal Input PCB LSR28P                                             EACH         185.26
JBL-226-00013-00      Amp Module LSR28p                                                   EACH         591.86
JBL-229-00009-01      EyeBolt Kit for AE/SP Cabinets 3pcs M10 x 35mm EyeBolts & Large     PACK          93.54
JBL-229-00030-00      Quick Release Pin Assy 4889                                         EACH          90.98
JBL-2371B             Replacement Horn for MI-291 Horn;25mm Throat;90x40 Degree 64242     EACH          76.04
JBL-2372              Replacement Horn for Control12 Horn;25mm Throat;90x40 Degree P/N    EACH         163.15
JBL-2373              Replacement Horn for MR Series Horn;25mm Throat;100x80 Degree P/N   EACH         288.22
JBL-2381              Replacement Horn for SP Series Horn;38mm Throat;90x40 Degree P/N    EACH         255.60
                      306561-001 & 126-00000-00
JBL-2383              Replacement Horn for SP Series Horn;38mm Throat;70x50 Degree        EACH         152.59
JBL-24-0019           Knob 1/4" UREI                                                      EACH          14.64
JBL-24-0035           Torroid retainer JBL                                                EACH          16.31
JBL-24-0055           Knob UREI                                                           EACH            7.61
JBL-24-0070           Knob Base Black / white Collar LA4 UREI                             EACH          14.10
JBL-24-0074           Knob 1620 Tone 1/8" Shaft UREI                                      EACH          12.87
JBL-24-0085           Top Knob Silver Black LA4 UREI                                      EACH            9.43
JBL-24-0089           Knob 1/4" UREI                                                      EACH          35.17
JBL-24-0115           Knob 1620 Volume 6mm UREI                                           EACH          14.00
JBL-24-0116           Knob With Orange Line UREI                                          EACH            8.57
JBL-24-0201A          Torroid Cushion JBL                                                 EACH            0.18
JBL-24-13254          Knob Dial                                                           EACH          54.70
JBL-24-14929          Knob Black Fader                                                    EACH            3.26
JBL-24-15323          Knob Square With Orange Line UREI                                   EACH            3.99
JBL-24-16779          Button Cap                                                          EACH            1.45
JBL-24-16780          Button Power Cap                                                    EACH            4.35
JBL-24-16999-002      Knob Blue                                                           EACH            7.61
JBL-2416H             Compression Driver 25mm Throat                                      EACH         622.64
JBL-2416H-1           Compression Driver 25mm Throat mr822                                EACH         702.34
JBL-2418H-1           Compression Driver For EON 15G2                                     EACH         336.90
JBL-25-11562          Dial Plate UREI                                                     EACH          26.38
JBL-250-00001-01      Ac Power Assy Input For Eon15 G2                                    EACH          75.09
JBL-251-00002-00      Amp Module Eon10 G2                                                 EACH         226.41
JBL-256-00000-00      7 PIN Cable Assembly Eon15p                                         EACH            7.11
JBL-257-653           Mount Bezel For 2.5" Meter VU 1178, LA series UREI                  EACH          38.07
JBL-259751            Pot 10k Output For LA-22                                            EACH          38.07
JBL-26-0048           Xfmr Torroid 17V-0-17V JBL M-Series M552 UREI                       EACH         187.24
JBL-263076            Pot 9mm Mult 100k/10k UREI                                          EACH          35.32
JBL-264278-001        Knob Inner LA22 UREI                                                EACH            5.73
JBL-267151-001        Cover Security LA Series UREI                                       EACH          56.20
JBL-269753-001        Knob Outer LA22 UREI                                                EACH            7.13
JBL-27-0221           Binding Post Red                                                    EACH          15.59

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 44 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                             Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-27-0222           Binding Post Black                                                      EACH          15.59
JBL-27-0419           Conn XLR Female PC Mnt UREI                                             EACH          58.69
JBL-27-0420           Conn XLR Male PC Mnt UREI                                               EACH          40.79
JBL-271-00002-00      PCB Assy Signal Input EON 10G2                                          EACH          87.46
JBL-30052             Duraflex 2 Part Touch Up Kit old part no 16677                          EACH         293.12
JBL-304GS             Transducer for Contro Micro P/N 71179                                   EACH         114.20
JBL-305HS             Midrange Driver for Control 10 Mid-range Driver Control 10 P/N 69494X   EACH         766.11
JBL-307054-002        2334 Horn Flare 45x35 For Array Series                                  EACH         272.14
JBL-308G-4A           308G-4A Woofer for 8330 R82 OPT 308G-1                                  EACH         168.97
JBL-31385             Dust Dome 3" Paper                                                      EACH            4.53
JBL-314245-001X       Baffle Assy with Cone EON 15P AC 220/230V Grey                          EACH         643.84
JBL-314245-002X       Baffle Assy with Cone; EON15P Black Series 1                            EACH         582.52
JBL-314256-001        Baffle Assy with Cone;EON10P                                            EACH         407.32
JBL-314256-002        Baffle Assy with Cone;EON10 Non Powered                                 EACH         407.32
JBL-314267-001        Baffle Assy with Cone;EON Sub Grey                                      EACH         407.32
JBL-315436-001X       2418H Compression Driver 25mm For EON 15 & MR Series                    EACH         423.50
JBL-316528-001        2333 Horn Flare 60x40 For Array Series                                  EACH         184.90
JBL-3172              5672 BI Passive Network                                                 EACH         213.00
JBL-318219-001X       2032H Transducer 380mm LF For MR Series P/N 72782-01; 337215-001X       EACH         605.32
JBL-319302-001        Diaphragm cover for 2418H Transducer                                    EACH          30.09
JBL-32-0119           Con Jack 1/4" Phono For Eon15G2 input PCB                               EACH            6.03
JBL-32-0199           Conn Female XLR                                                         EACH          43.01
JBL-32-1997           Con Plug 4 way 3mm For Z21'S and Z32'S                                  EACH            6.75
JBL-32-2016           PLUG 5.08MM PITCH 2 POS EURO                                            EACH            7.35
JBL-32-2017           PLUG 5.08MM PITCH 3 POS EURO                                            EACH          10.70
JBL-32-2018           PLUG 5.08MM PITCH 4 POS EURO                                            EACH          14.65
JBL-32-2019           PLUG 3.50MM PITCH 9 POS EURO                                            EACH          43.52
JBL-32-3189           Fuse 2AG 250V 2.5A For EON10G2 only                                     EACH            7.61
JBL-32-3224           RCA Jack Soundzone Z32S                                                 EACH            5.71
JBL-321134-002        Xfmr Power EON15P 230V Was 562-00009-00                                 EACH         204.75
JBL-321244-001        Nut Xfmr Assy Eon 15                                                    EACH          10.85
JBL-32164             Diaphragm Screw 6-32 x 5/8 UREI                                         EACH            0.50
JBL-321794-001        Retainer Grill Eon 1500                                                 EACH            0.18
JBL-321803-001        Srping Grill Eon 1500                                                   EACH            0.73
JBL-323892-001        Dual Spkr Terminals For 2226 2235 2240 OPN 72792                        EACH            3.99
JBL-32411             JBL Logo With Stud                                                      EACH            9.65
JBL-330507            Grill for Eon 10P OLD PTN 118-00043-00                                  EACH          46.72
JBL-330597-001        Terminal Cup for MR918                                                  EACH          93.45
JBL-330713-001        Grille TR105                                                            EACH          52.43
JBL-330827-001        Corner TR Series                                                        EACH            4.35
JBL-336821-002        Network Assy MP415                                                      EACH         137.41
JBL-336825-001        Logo Badge Mpro MP418 MP412                                             EACH          21.57
JBL-336893-001        Hinge Assy Rear 4889                                                    EACH         534.47
JBL-336916-001        Metal Knob 10-32x3/8 4889                                               EACH            5.62
JBL-336955-001X       127H-4 Transducer LF MP410                                              EACH         418.74
JBL-336961-001X       M112-8 Transducer LF 300mm For SF12                                     EACH         337.85
JBL-336989-003        Network Assy MP255s                                                     EACH         110.35

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist               Page 45 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-336992-001        Fixed Castor 3" MP418s                                             EACH          45.18
JBL-337181-001        Gasket Stand cup MP series                                         EACH            4.35
JBL-337213-001X       2406H Compression Driver MP412                                     EACH         399.71
JBL-337390-001        Baffle Control 24C Micro                                           EACH          45.32
JBL-337394-001        Grille Control 24 Micro C & CT                                     EACH          33.54
JBL-337419-001        Dog Clip Control 24CT Micro                                        EACH            3.08
JBL-337427-001        LF Driver For Control 24C Micro-PL Ceiling speaker                 EACH          89.46
JBL-337428-001        Network Assy Control 24CT P/N 337428-001                           EACH          96.30
JBL-33750             Binding Post Red                                                   EACH          10.33
JBL-33751             Binding Post Black                                                 EACH          10.33
JBL-337535-002        Network Assy MP225                                                 EACH         135.28
JBL-337646-001        Transducer LF For control 29AV PT/N 337646-001                     EACH         290.26
JBL-337658-001        Control 29 Screw for LF                                            EACH            3.43
JBL-337659-001        C29 Nut                                                            EACH            0.91
JBL-337660-001        Seal Gasket For Control 29AV                                       EACH            2.72
JBL-337662-001        Black Plastic Horn Control 29AV                                    EACH         128.48
JBL-337663-001        2413H Transducer HF For Control 29AV                               EACH         171.30
JBL-337685-001        Rubber Plugs For Control 29AV                                      EACH          42.33
JBL-337686-001        NC29AV Network Assy Control 29 AV P/N 337686-001                   EACH         252.88
JBL-337692-001        Terminal cup / plate For Control 29AV                              EACH            9.97
JBL-337702-001        Grille Black Control 29AV                                          EACH         101.12
JBL-337706-001        Grill Seal Rubber For Control 29AV                                 EACH          36.12
JBL-337707-001        Logo Badge Control 29AV                                            EACH          15.41
JBL-337711-001        Invisiball Assy control 29AV PT/N 337711-001                       EACH          60.19
JBL-337712-001        Hex Wrench for Control 29AV                                        EACH          21.39
JBL-337763-001        Right Grille Assy VT4889                                           EACH         215.35
JBL-337763-002        Left Grille Assy VT4889                                            EACH         215.35
JBL-337972-001        Spring For Eon Logo Bagde Grille                                   EACH            0.76
JBL-337974-001        Xfmr Power EON15P1 New style 230V Grey                             EACH         203.66
JBL-338087-001        10-32 x 3/8 Slider knob VT4889                                     EACH          34.62
JBL-338142-00         NC25 Network Assy Control 25 Old Part No. 129-20019-00             EACH          64.35
JBL-338146-001        Network Control 28 T-60                                            EACH          62.27
JBL-338163-003        Grille for AM6340/95                                               EACH         334.36
JBL-338184-001        2 EuroBlock Speaker Connector For SMS1                             EACH            6.89
JBL-338185-001        3 EuroBlock Speaker Connector For SMS1                             EACH            9.24
JBL-338186-001        4 EuroBlock Speaker Connector For SMS1                             EACH          12.33
JBL-338199-001        Invisiball Arm White For SMS1                                      EACH            9.61
JBL-338200-001        Wall Mount white For SMS1                                          EACH            2.66
JBL-338208-001        Main Amp Module SMS1                                               EACH         423.64
JBL-338209-001        Knob Black with white line SMS1                                    EACH            4.35
JBL-338233-001        Logo Badge SMS1 Satelite                                           EACH            6.93
JBL-338236-001        Speaker driver SMS1                                                EACH          27.36
JBL-338259-001        Driver SMS1                                                        EACH          83.42
JBL-338266-001        Grill Top For SMS1                                                 EACH          31.45
JBL-338267-001        Grille bottom For SMS1                                             EACH          30.64
JBL-338293-001        Pot 20K ohm SMS1                                                   EACH            1.95
JBL-338299-001        Sub Amp Module SMS1                                                EACH         287.77

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 46 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-338312-001X       2262H LF Driver VT4888                                             EACH       1,213.40
JBL-338312-004X       2262H LF Driver SRX712M                                            EACH       1,127.75
JBL-338343-003X       2265H LF Driver SRX715M                                            EACH       1,427.53
JBL-338361-002        Main Amp Module complete For MP418 SP 230V 50HZ                    EACH       3,448.91
JBL-338515-001        Rear Hinge bar to suit VT4888                                      EACH         522.70
JBL-338735-001        Horn Waveguide AC2212-64                                           EACH         163.15
JBL-338781-001        Waveguide PT-H95HF AM4212                                          EACH         375.24
JBL-338800-001        Horn JRX115                                                        EACH          26.92
JBL-338812-001        SMS1 Satellite Speaker Grey SMS1                                   EACH         361.59
JBL-338885-001        1/4 x 1 Screw VT4888                                               EACH            2.72
JBL-338900-001        Vertec Repair handle Kit                                           EACH          41.42
JBL-338983-001        Woofer SB210                                                       EACH         428.26
JBL-339013-001        2412H-1 HF Driver For SF12 SF Series                               EACH         199.85
JBL-339014-003        M212-8 LF Driver SF22SP                                            EACH         152.27
JBL-339019-001        Logo Badge SF series                                               EACH          12.87
JBL-339268-001        Mpro Pole Mount MP415 old P/N JBL-73396                            EACH          27.98
JBL-339268-002        Stand Cup JRX518S                                                  EACH          33.72
JBL-339281-001        Screw 10-32 x 2 3/4 Grille VT4880                                  EACH          10.47
JBL-339286-001        Screw 1/4-20x1 1/4 Flat Hd Skt VT4881A                             EACH            4.57
JBL-339336-001        Input Plate AM6400/64                                              EACH          88.28
JBL-339408-001        Network Assy AM6215-95                                             EACH         197.41
JBL-339412-001        Network Assy AM6212/00                                             EACH         159.52
JBL-339437-002        Network Assy AM4215/95                                             EACH         191.61
JBL-339485-001X       2106H Mid Driver VT4888                                            EACH         542.46
JBL-339514-001        Castor Wheel VT4880                                                EACH          89.82
JBL-339548-001X       2256G Transducer 380mm 4 Ohm                                       EACH       1,900.52
JBL-339555-001        Main Power Amp Assy, Eon15 G2 Replaces 251-00001-00                EACH         268.38
JBL-339894-002X       2431H HF Transducer for VT4888                                     EACH       1,313.33
JBL-34-0043           Black Knob For Eon10G2 Eon15G2                                     EACH            9.43
JBL-34-0080           Knob Blue Rubber                                                   EACH          12.69
JBL-34-0259-A         Knob soft touch white line For Z32 Z21                             EACH            3.26
JBL-342423-002X       2414H HF Driver (VRX)                                              EACH         190.34
JBL-350242-001        Baffle Control 30                                                  EACH         217.53
JBL-350243-001        Transducer LF Control 30                                           EACH         513.91
JBL-350244-001        Transducer MF Control 30                                           EACH         199.85
JBL-350245-001        HF Transducer Control 30 350245-001                                EACH          95.17
JBL-350261-001        NC30 Network Assy Control 30                                       EACH         620.86
JBL-350262-001        Cable Assy Control 30                                              EACH          27.19
JBL-350264-001        Input Plate Control 30                                             EACH            8.88
JBL-350266-001        Claw Control 30                                                    EACH          63.45
JBL-350273-001        Logo Badge Control 30                                              EACH            9.06
JBL-350281-001        Hex Wrench Control 30                                              EACH          10.33
JBL-350288-001        Invisball Control 30                                               EACH          83.84
JBL-350317-001        PCB Assy Signal Input EON 15G2 OLd Part No. 271-000001-00          EACH         106.95
JBL-350332-002        Network Assy AM4315/95                                             EACH         377.68
JBL-350342-001        Rear Hinge bar to suit VT4887                                      EACH         338.89
JBL-350515-003X       053Tis HF Drive LSR6328P ms26/wh                                   EACH         394.95

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 47 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-350551-001        Front Hinge bar to suit VT4887                                     EACH         373.15
JBL-350572-001        Rigging Tube Front VT4888                                          EACH         201.12
JBL-350573-001        Rigging Tube Rear VT4888                                           EACH         209.01
JBL-350576-002        Rigging Tube Front VT4881                                          EACH         192.51
JBL-350597-001        Front Hinge bar to suit VT4888                                     EACH         305.81
JBL-350784-001        Rigging Bracket Sqaure Nut VT4888 APN 351922-001                   EACH            6.47
JBL-350839-001        Knob Slider 10-32 x 5/8 patch VT4880                               EACH          34.26
JBL-350875-001        Dolly Housing assem complete VT4889                                EACH         185.81
JBL-350979-001        PSU LSR6328P                                                       EACH         270.18
JBL-351033-001        Volume Pot Knob JRX118                                             EACH          11.78
JBL-351044-001        Main PCB For SF22SP module in JRX118SP                             EACH         193.51
JBL-351062-001        LM2574 HVN-15 JRX Amp Assy                                         EACH          51.39
JBL-351072-001        SF22SP DRIVE JRX118SP                                              EACH          65.05
JBL-351086-001        Input PCB For SF22SP                                               EACH          60.91
JBL-351087-001        5KA Pot JRX118SP                                                   EACH            6.34
JBL-351099-001        Input XLR Neutrik JRX118                                           EACH            0.76
JBL-351256-001        Dual Pole Mount JRX115                                             EACH          26.47
JBL-351371-001        HSE, Dolly Lock VT4889 Was 885-00091-00                            EACH          73.19
JBL-352178-001        Rear Hinge VT4889 WAS 339693-001                                   EACH         601.83
JBL-352200-002        Front Hinge Assy VT4880                                            EACH         341.16
JBL-352248-001        Grille SRX712M                                                     EACH         232.48
JBL-352326-001        Grille SRX718s                                                     EACH         341.52
JBL-352489-001        Gasket LSR6328P                                                    EACH            2.72
JBL-352674-001        PCBA Interface LSR4300                                             EACH         101.97
JBL-352675-001        Amp PWA LSR4300                                                    EACH         666.18
JBL-352676-001        Button Tree LSR4300                                                EACH          27.01
JBL-352678-001        Meter Lens LSR4326P                                                EACH          14.50
JBL-352707-001        Tweeter Assy LSR4328P                                              EACH          61.86
JBL-352920-001        Logo Badge JRX115                                                  EACH          12.87
JBL-352925-004        Network Assy JRX115                                                EACH          76.04
JBL-352938-001X       Driver JRX118                                                      EACH         752.28
JBL-352938-003X       Driver For 2044H MRX528s                                           EACH         848.36
JBL-352946-001        Grille Assy JRX115                                                 EACH          84.65
JBL-352948-001        JRX125 Grille Assy                                                 EACH         158.98
JBL-352949-001        Main Amp Assy JRX118SP                                             EACH         779.20
JBL-35308             Bolt Hh 1/4-20 7/8'                                                EACH            0.62
JBL-353196-001        Moyen Cement FACTORY SERVICE ONLY                                  EACH          30.64
JBL-353250-003        Horn Flare 40x30 PT43-HF PD5322                                    EACH         429.62
JBL-353305-001        Terminal Cup Assy SRX725                                           EACH         101.42
JBL-353310-001        SRX 725 Grille                                                     EACH         531.58
JBL-353341-001        Network Assy SRX715F                                               EACH         186.39
JBL-353342-001        Network Assy SRX725                                                EACH         182.27
JBL-353406-002        Grille SRX715F                                                     EACH         310.70
JBL-353445-001        Foot Rubber MRX                                                    EACH            3.26
JBL-353456-001        Port Tube SRX725                                                   EACH            6.89
JBL-353682-001        Gasket for Pole Mount vrx918s                                      EACH            6.47
JBL-353683-001        Pole Mount vrx918s                                                 EACH          45.64

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 48 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-353849-001        Logo Badge SRX725 SRX718s                                          EACH          17.22
JBL-353946-001        Driver HF Control 126W                                             EACH          81.57
JBL-353965-001        Driver HF 128W                                                     EACH          72.51
JBL-353966-001        Driver Low Freq Control 128 WT                                     EACH         253.78
JBL-354096-001X       Driver Low Freq 2269H VT4881                                       EACH       3,670.79
JBL-354690-001        VT4881A Grille                                                     EACH         628.02
JBL-355021-001        Tweeter HF LSR6325P                                                EACH         114.20
JBL-358358-001        Input Module Eon 510                                               EACH         132.19
JBL-359-00160-03      Gasket for Rear Chamber of Venue Series 10" Wave Guide             EACH          18.31
JBL-359-00226-00      RBI Foam Mid Face VT4889                                           EACH          13.05
JBL-360-04011-25      Gasket for Mid Range driver in LSR32                               EACH          15.05
JBL-361082-001X       Driver Low Freq 262H MRX series                                    EACH         696.63
JBL-361082-002X       Driver Low Freq 262F PRX series                                    EACH         685.21
JBL-361239-001        Locking PIn VRX Series OPN 353561-001                              EACH         107.54
JBL-361343-001        Long Quick release Pin Vertec old P/N 350786-001                   EACH          91.27
JBL-361345-001        Pin Ball Locking 3/8 Shaft VT4889                                  EACH         107.64
JBL-361414-001        Network Crossover Control 29AV-1                                   EACH         279.16
JBL-361549-001X       HF Driver 2408H MRX512M                                            EACH         336.90
JBL-362048-001X       Driver Low Freq 265H MRX series                                    EACH         725.18
JBL-362050-001        Network Crossover MRX515                                           EACH         197.95
JBL-362108-001        Calibration Mic LSR4300                                            EACH          90.64
JBL-362116-001        Wiring Harness VP7212/64DPAN                                       EACH          16.68
JBL-362188-001        Logo Control 226C / 226CT                                          EACH            1.45
JBL-362238-001        Input Cup Assy MRX518s                                             EACH          87.37
JBL-362249-004X       Amp Module VP7212                                                  EACH       6,624.21
JBL-362282-001        Power Xfmr LSR4300                                                 EACH         184.45
JBL-362289-001        Network Crossover MRX512M                                          EACH         211.73
JBL-362292-001        Network Assy MRX525                                                EACH         209.14
JBL-362295-001        Input Cup Assy MRX528s                                             EACH          95.98
JBL-362327-002X       DP1 Amp Assy VPSB7118DPAN                                          EACH       6,620.21
JBL-362328-001        Handle Assy MRX 525s                                               EACH          39.74
JBL-362340-001        Tuning File 64 DP-AN VP                                            EACH            0.18
JBL-362525-001        Grille Assy with Screen MRX518s                                    EACH         184.99
JBL-362526-001        Grille Assy MRX515                                                 EACH         184.81
JBL-362931-001        Digital Board LSR4300 LSR4328                                      EACH         249.25
JBL-363321-002        Grille PRX512M                                                     EACH         330.55
JBL-363372-001X       Input Module 7212/64 VP series                                     EACH       2,073.86
JBL-363435-004        Cable Assy PRX535                                                  EACH          45.21
JBL-363436-002        Cable Assy PRX 518S                                                EACH          33.72
JBL-363647-001        Plastic Top End Cap PRX515                                         EACH          86.78
JBL-363653-001        Power Xfmr LSR4312SP                                               EACH         393.05
JBL-363679-002X       Amp Assy VP7210/95DP                                               EACH       1,681.15
JBL-363680-001        Front Foot PRX525                                                  EACH            3.44
JBL-363681-002        Rear Foot PRX525                                                   EACH            4.17
JBL-363705-001        Ball Mount Assy Control 1                                          EACH          31.79
JBL-363758-001        Grille Control 226C / 226CT                                        EACH          64.53

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 49 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-363858-001X       Driver, High Freq EON510 EON315 2414H-1                             EACH         195.10
JBL-364090-001        Xfmr / Switch Assy Control 226CT                                    EACH         132.52
JBL-364096-001        Device File VP7315/64DP                                             EACH            0.18
JBL-364247-001        Network Crossover JRX115                                            EACH          76.04
JBL-364248-001        Network Crossover JRX125                                            EACH          94.35
JBL-364263-001X       Subassy DP-DBX module VP series                                     EACH         702.16
JBL-364287-001        EyeBolt for AE/SP Cabinets 1pce M8 x 35mm EyeBolt & Large Washers   PACK          67.98
JBL-364345-001        Input Assy PRX515                                                   EACH         201.85
JBL-364346-001        Input Module PRX525                                                 EACH         201.85
JBL-364347-001        Input Assy PRX535 PRX535                                            EACH         201.85
JBL-364389-001        Main PCB PRX518s                                                    EACH         508.47
JBL-364390-001        Modulator PCB PRX535                                                EACH          87.92
JBL-364391-001        Interface PCB PRX518s                                               EACH          41.10
JBL-364392-001        Amp Board PRX518s                                                   EACH         454.63
JBL-364393-001        Modulator PCB PRX518s                                               EACH          87.92
JBL-364399-001        Modulator PCB PRX535                                                EACH         167.45
JBL-364612-001        Amp Assy PRX525                                                     EACH       1,190.15
JBL-364613-001        Amp Assy PRX535                                                     EACH       1,249.66
JBL-364615-001        Amp Assy PRX518s new PN 365343-001                                  EACH       1,154.71
JBL-364675-001        Complete Amp Assy EON515                                            EACH       2,489.04
JBL-364695-001        Amp Assy EON518S/230                                                EACH         955.40
JBL-364742-003X       Driver LF 261F Eon510                                               EACH         571.01
JBL-364770-001        HF LSR2328P and LSR2325P                                            EACH          18.13
JBL-364804-001        Logo Assy Eon 500                                                   EACH          18.13
JBL-364858-001        Complete Amp Assy EON510                                            EACH         658.09
JBL-364871-001        Ribbon Cable PRX518s                                                EACH          27.19
JBL-364946-001        Amp Assy EON315                                                     EACH         627.35
JBL-364948-001        Input Module Eon 315                                                EACH         150.91
JBL-365012-101        Grille Assy AC28/WH                                                 EACH         135.96
JBL-365034-001        PCB Assy Signal Input EON515                                        EACH          68.29
JBL-365042-001        Main Board VRX918SP                                                 EACH         378.50
JBL-365045-001        Input Assy VP7210-95DP VRX918SP                                     EACH         190.70
JBL-365122-001        Input Assy PRX512                                                   EACH         200.67
JBL-365153-001        Driver LF M115-2 Eon315                                             EACH         280.75
JBL-365195-001        Driver LF 235G LSR2325P                                             EACH          38.07
JBL-365270-001        Screw M4 x .65 Eon 510 515                                          EACH            1.33
JBL-365343-001        Amp Assy PRX518s old PN JBL-364615-001                              EACH       1,141.74
JBL-365344-001        Amp Assy PRX525                                                     EACH       1,249.66
JBL-365436-001        Gasket LSR2325P                                                     EACH          25.51
JBL-365440-001        Power Xfmr LSR2325P                                                 EACH         142.75
JBL-380-00095-00      Baffle Eon 1500 Plastic Non Powered                                 EACH          87.74
JBL-380-0011-00       Baffle for MP412                                                    EACH         147.01
JBL-382-00003-01      Bezel Trim Eon 10P, Grey                                            EACH          45.64
JBL-382-00013-00      Bezel Trim Eon 15,15 PAK Grey EON                                   EACH          65.30
JBL-382-00015-00      Seal / Gasket Eon EON                                               EACH          25.51
JBL-382-00358-00      Bezel Trim EonG2 15, black EON                                      EACH          54.11
JBL-382-00380-00      Bezel Trim Eon 10-G2 EON                                            EACH          42.92

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 50 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-385-00020-10      Sub Buffle LSR28 Diecast                                            EACH          87.69
JBL-386-00007-00      Mounting Plate for 5674                                             EACH          74.37
JBL-389-00003-00      Control 28 Standoff                                                 EACH            3.99
JBL-389-00027-01      Grille Control 19CS                                                 EACH          59.41
JBL-389-00028-01      Grille Control 24CT                                                 EACH          34.44
JBL-389-00029-00      Grille Control 26CT                                                 EACH          51.53
JBL-391-00008-00      Aluminium Rear Cover for Venue Series 10" Wave Guide                EACH          86.69
JBL-40-0003           Meter UREI                                                          EACH         759.17
JBL-40-0026           Meter VU 1178 2.5" LA-4 UREI                                        EACH         434.42
JBL-40-0082           Pot 5KA EON 15G2 REF VR 2, 3 Input Volume 2 & 3 EON 10G2 Jack Vol   EACH            4.17
                      only VR2
JBL-40-0083           Pot 5KC EON 15G2 REF VR1 Input 1 Volume EON 10G2 Mic Vol only VR3   EACH          22.12
JBL-40-0083A          Pot 5KC EON 15G2 REF VR1 China Input 1 Volume Made in China Vers    EACH            4.71
                      single row
JBL-40-0084           Pot 20KB Eon15 G2 Ref VR4 VR5                                       EACH            4.35
JBL-40-2022           Pot Quad                                                            EACH          50.17
JBL-40-2071           Pot 16mm 5KB                                                        EACH            9.17
JBL-40-2164           20KB Pot Level For Z32S                                             EACH            4.21
JBL-40-2165           20KA Pot Level For Z32S Z21S                                        EACH            4.21
JBL-412-00041-00      EVO Measurement Microphone                                          EACH         113.30
JBL-42-0211           Pot 10k PCB Horizontal                                              EACH            9.79
JBL-424-00000-00      Conn 1/4" PCB Eon Mmix                                              EACH            4.76
JBL-424-00002-00      Conn XLR Female 3pin                                                EACH          10.11
JBL-424-00003-00      Conn XLR Male 3pin                                                  EACH            8.29
JBL-424-00005-00      Conn XLR Vert PCB Eon Smix EON                                      EACH            7.84
JBL-424-00077-00      Conn RCA Dual PCB Eon Mmix EON                                      EACH            5.85
JBL-424-00080-01      XLR Socker for LSR6328                                              EACH          28.55
JBL-424-00092-00      Terminal Block Control 24C                                          EACH          20.18
JBL-424-00094-00      IEC Input Assy LSR6325P                                             EACH          54.43
JBL-44-0005           Lamp 387 UREI                                                       EACH            4.53
JBL-44-0007           Globe #1133 UREI                                                    EACH          17.76
JBL-44-0008           Globe #81 UREI                                                      EACH          14.32
JBL-44-0022           Switch 4P2T Latching                                                EACH          21.08
JBL-44-0048           Switch Zone Z21S DP3T                                               EACH          20.56
JBL-44-0049           Switch Zone Z32S                                                    EACH          27.50
JBL-440890-001        Amp Assy LSR2300                                                    EACH         239.35
JBL-440949-001        Switch VRX                                                          EACH            8.57
JBL-442974-001        PCB Assy Amp EON515                                                 EACH         353.76
JBL-442975-001        PCB Assy Amp EON510                                                 EACH         346.41
JBL-442983-001        AMp Board EON518s                                                   EACH         294.57
JBL-443226-001        Input Board EON518s                                                 EACH         135.37
JBL-443227-001        SMPS Board EON518s                                                  EACH         244.27
JBL-443228-001        AC Inlet Board EON518s/230                                          EACH          60.59
JBL-443921-001        Main Input Board LSR2325P                                           EACH         121.00
JBL-443923-001        Main Input Board LSR2310SP                                          EACH          52.89
JBL-443941-001        Main Board VRX932LAP                                                EACH         530.41
JBL-452-00000-00      PCB Mount Fuse Holders                                              EACH            0.45
JBL-473002            Fuse Slow Blow 2A - C28 Network                                     EACH          11.42
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 51 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-47314-23          Foilcal 2225                                                       EACH          20.08
JBL-47909-60          Port Tube SRX718s                                                  EACH            4.89
JBL-48003-01          Logo Plate 4670k                                                   EACH          15.63
JBL-50201             Dust Dome 4" Paper                                                 EACH            5.08
JBL-50216-16          Foilcal E140-8                                                     EACH          15.05
JBL-505G              505G Transducer Mid Range For 8830                                 EACH         109.44
JBL-506G-2S           506G-2S Transducer LF For 4206 P/N73887X MS26                      EACH         304.54
JBL-508G              508G Transducer LF For 3310                                        EACH         157.79
JBL-508G-3S           508G-3S Transducer LF For 4208 6208                                EACH         247.44
JBL-513-00001-80      AC Power Assy Eon 15P 15Sub                                        EACH          78.49
JBL-513-00003-80      PCB Assy Main Eon 15Sub                                            EACH         395.09
JBL-513-00004-00      PCB Assy Signal Input Eon10P                                       EACH         155.90
JBL-513-00005-00      PCB Main Amp Eon 10P AKA 318406-001                                EACH         319.22
JBL-513-00006-80      PCB Assy Signal Input Eon15P EON                                   EACH         143.43
JBL-513-00007-80      PCB Assy Power Amp EON15P EON                                      EACH         216.80
JBL-513-00020-01      AC Power Input Eon Power 10                                        EACH          86.33
JBL-513-00021-00      PCB Assy Signal Input Eon15PAK Only                                EACH         347.86
JBL-513-00046-00      Pot Assy for LSR25P                                                EACH          36.25
JBL-513-00048-00      LED Assy LSR25P                                                    EACH          36.25
JBL-513-00049-00      Main PCB Assy LSR25P Amp                                           EACH         616.33
JBL-51594             Pad L 16R 100W                                                     EACH          68.40
JBL-51781             Mounting Flange Suit 075 (2402 2405) Comp Dvr                      EACH          40.15
JBL-52014             Screw 8/32"x1 1/4" Phlps Hd Black Suit 2405                        EACH            0.73
JBL-52347             Foam Gasket Studio Monitor 4435                                    EACH            2.90
JBL-52601             Screw 8/32"x5/8" Suit Backing plate                                EACH            1.09
JBL-52920-001         Pot 50k Threshold For LA22 Alps 11mm                               EACH          20.04
JBL-54279             Foam Ring Suit LE25-4                                              EACH            4.71
JBL-546-00000-00      Switch Power Eon 15 Mmix Smix Or all EON Speakers EON              EACH          24.70
JBL-546-00004-00      Power Switch Push For LSR 28P                                      EACH          21.79
JBL-548-00000-00      Switch Push 4P2T Eon 15P Eon Sub Gry, Eon 10P mic /line            EACH            9.18
JBL-548-00002-00      Switch Push 4P2T Eon Mmix EON                                      EACH            8.75
JBL-548-00006-00      Switch Thermal Close At 80C                                        EACH          23.79
JBL-548-00012-00      Switch Push 2P2T Eon Mmix Smix 67F080 EON                          EACH            5.09
JBL-562-00008-00      Xfmr Power 230V EON10P                                             EACH         163.21
JBL-562-00010-00      Xfmr Eon Sub 220V/230V                                             EACH         268.09
JBL-562-00016-00      Xfmr Power 230V Eon Mmix EON                                       EACH         100.36
JBL-562-00027-00      Xformer Switch Assy Control 25T/WH                                 EACH         154.08
JBL-562-00032-00      Xformer LSR28P                                                     EACH         242.30
JBL-562-00033-00      Xformer Control 28T                                                EACH         210.32
JBL-562-00034-00      Transformer Control 18ST Xfmr                                      EACH         105.64
JBL-562-00035-00      Xformer Control 24CT                                               EACH          89.46
JBL-562-00036-00      Xfmr / Switch Assy Control 26CT                                    EACH          89.46
JBL-562-00038-00      Xfmr / Switch Assy Control 25AV                                    EACH          79.61
JBL-562-00039-00      Xfmr Power EON15 G2                                                EACH         193.00
JBL-562-00040-00      Xfmr Power LSR25                                                   EACH         237.92
JBL-562-00041-00      Xfmr Power EON10G2                                                 EACH         176.06
JBL-57534             Bolt Kit For 2426J Flare                                           EACH            0.81

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 52 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-58450             Pad L 8R Pad AT-50H                                                 EACH          34.13
JBL-59266             Dowel Pin                                                           EACH            0.91
JBL-59633-01          Frame 15" 130 Types (A D E K)                                       EACH         135.55
JBL-59728-01          Frame E120                                                          EACH          60.05
JBL-604-05568-60      Cap 50V 5600uF                                                      EACH          24.20
JBL-604-06109-60      Capacitor                                                           EACH          36.09
JBL-60673             Screw 8-32x1/2"                                                     EACH            0.50
JBL-60925             Foam Plug                                                           EACH            2.36
JBL-60958             Mounting Clamp                                                      EACH            7.07
JBL-610-20104-00      Cap Mprop 250V 0.1uF 10%                                            EACH            2.27
JBL-61232             Screw 8/32"x3/4"                                                    EACH            0.29
JBL-61262             L-PAD Assembly 4430                                                 EACH          20.98
JBL-61287             Gasket for 2426 HF Driver                                           EACH            6.16
JBL-613-55102-60      Cap Ceramic 250V 1000pf 20% EON15P                                  EACH            4.49
JBL-613-55103-70      Cap Ceramic 250V 0.01uF Eon 15G2 EON15P                             EACH            3.18
JBL-61390             Pot 30-2 PH-50B                                                     EACH          51.71
JBL-61407             Foilcal 4435                                                        EACH          92.45
JBL-61578             Xfmr Mains UREI                                                     EACH         199.19
JBL-61860             T-Nut 8-32 x 11/32                                                  EACH            1.14
JBL-61871             Screw 8-32x1/4" Flh                                                 EACH            3.05
JBL-62-0049           1000pF 250V 20% Eon power input PCB                                 EACH            2.18
JBL-62201-02          Foilcal 4411 (Left)                                                 EACH          28.69
JBL-624-00077-00      Conn RCA Socket                                                     EACH            5.26
JBL-62571             Gasket                                                              EACH            4.17
JBL-62711             Grill For 052TI                                                     EACH          11.60
JBL-63059-01          Logo Badge SR Series                                                EACH          15.23
JBL-631-21001-10      Res 1/8W 1.00k                                                      EACH            0.14
JBL-631-21002-10      Res 1/8W 10k                                                        EACH            0.14
JBL-631-21003-50      Res 1/8W 100k                                                       EACH            0.14
JBL-632-71006-50      Res MOF 3W                                                          EACH            1.36
JBL-632-71008-50      Fire Proof 0.1 Ohm                                                  EACH            0.14
JBL-651-31006-10      Res MF 1/4W 10 1% SMD                                               EACH            0.18
JBL-651-32002-10      Res MF 1/4W 20k 1% SMD                                              EACH            0.14
JBL-651-34706-10      Res MF 1/4W 47 1% SMD                                               EACH            0.14
JBL-651-37506-10      Res MF 1/4W 75 1% SMD                                               EACH            0.18
JBL-65394-02          Grille Pin                                                          EACH            0.54
JBL-654-00007-00      Monitor Fader Eon MusicMix 10                                       EACH          11.28
JBL-654-00009-00      Stereo Master Fader Eon MusicMix 10                                 EACH          11.28
JBL-65408             Tweeter For 8330                                                    EACH          90.41
JBL-65820             2442 Horn;100x100 Degree Bi-Radial for 4425 65820                   EACH         494.88
JBL-659-00000-00      Pot 9mm 20k C-Dedent EON                                            EACH            4.21
JBL-659-00001-00      Pot 9mm 20k Eon Mmix Smix EON                                       EACH            4.21
JBL-659-00002-00      Pot 9mm 2k Eon Mmix EON                                             EACH            3.99
JBL-659-00003-00      Pot 12mm 20k Eon Mmix EON                                           EACH          10.56
JBL-659-00004-00      Pot 12mm 20k C-Dedent Eon Mmix                                      EACH          10.29
JBL-659-00005-00      Pot 12mm 20k x 2 Eon Mmix EON                                       EACH          10.74
JBL-659-00006-00      Pot 12mm 5k Volume pot for Eon                                      EACH            0.14

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 53 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-659-00007-00      Fader 60mm 10k Eon Mmix Smix Mono EON                              EACH          21.75
JBL-659-00009-00      Fader 60mm 10k x 2 Mmix Stereo EON                                 EACH          22.66
JBL-659-00013-00      Volume Pot Eon 15PAK                                               EACH            5.12
JBL-65917             Grille 4425                                                        EACH          88.91
JBL-660-00004-00      Pot 6mm Trim EON 15P REF VR201                                     EACH            1.22
JBL-66265             127H-1 Transducer LF                                               EACH         432.59
JBL-66414             Terminal cup 4408A                                                 EACH          10.15
JBL-66477             Switch Rotary CTS205 Sp                                            EACH          35.28
JBL-66923X            2425Hs Screw Mount Driver                                          EACH       1,056.37
JBL-67071-01          116H-3 Transducer LF Replaces 116H-2                               EACH         679.50
JBL-675-00001-00      Diode Sig 250V 200mA                                               EACH            0.14
JBL-676-00016-00      Rect Bridge KBPC1502 200V 15A                                      EACH          25.81
JBL-676-00020-00      Rect Bridge KPBC1002P 200V 10A                                     EACH          24.20
JBL-676-00021-00      Rect KBU602                                                        EACH          13.60
JBL-678-00007-00      LED Green Eon Mmix                                                 EACH            0.73
JBL-678-00008-00      LED Yellow Eon Mmix                                                EACH            0.91
JBL-678-00012-00      LED Red EON MMix EON                                               EACH            3.31
JBL-680-00007-00      Transistor 2SA1370                                                 EACH            2.72
JBL-680-00008-00      Transistor NPN Sig 2SC3467T                                        EACH            2.81
JBL-680-00010-00      Transistor 2SC2362                                                 EACH            1.68
JBL-682-00006-00      Transistor 2SD1763A TO-200F 160V 1.5A 2W                           EACH            8.75
JBL-682-00007-00      Transistor 2SB1186A PNP TO220FP 160V 1.5A 2W                       EACH            3.31
JBL-682-00010-00      Transistor 2SA1302                                                 EACH            0.14
JBL-682-00011-00      Transistor 2SC3281                                                 EACH            0.14
JBL-682-00012-00      Transistor TIP29c Eon Smix EON                                     EACH            2.18
JBL-68301/0099        Frame 12"                                                          EACH          71.51
JBL-684-00000-00      IC NJM 2068 DIL LSR28P                                             EACH            0.18
JBL-684-00001-00      IC NJM 2068 L Eon MMix EON                                         EACH            4.35
JBL-684-00003-00      IC NJM4560                                                         EACH            2.63
JBL-684-00006-00      IC NJM2901                                                         EACH            7.64
JBL-684-00015-00      IC LM3886T OPN 72-0015 NPN                                         EACH          56.06
JBL-68606             Grille Badge MR Series                                             EACH          15.23
JBL-68638             Handle For G730 G731                                               EACH          33.99
JBL-68638-01          Handle Back For G730 G731                                          EACH          30.09
JBL-68670             Cork gasket flare 2426H                                            EACH            6.53
JBL-693-00000-00      Transistor 2SD2338M SMD Eon Mmix Smix EON                          EACH            1.74
JBL-69484-01          Logo Grille Control 10                                             EACH            5.08
JBL-69489             NC12 Network for Control 12 P/N 69489                              EACH         209.91
JBL-69665             Control 10 Knob                                                    EACH            6.53
JBL-69670             Screw Hex Hd                                                       EACH            0.91
JBL-697-00000-00      IC LB1482M ANA EON                                                 EACH          12.83
JBL-697-00002-00      IC NJM 2068 M SMD Eon MMix LSR25P EON                              EACH            5.76
JBL-697-00005-00      IC NJM4560M Eon MMix EON                                           EACH            3.31
JBL-697-00007-00      IC NJM2901 Eon Mmix EON                                            EACH            3.67
JBL-69911             Pad L 30 Watt Control 12SR                                         EACH          39.16
JBL-70-0094           Bridge Rectifier Eon 10G2                                          EACH          13.60
JBL-70-0129           Rect DB102                                                         EACH            5.73

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 54 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                               Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-702-51010-12      SCR,6-32X3/4 ovhd blk Lsr 28p                                             EACH            0.77
JBL-703-11110-08      Screws VT4889 #8-32x1/2 FL, PH, Black                                     EACH            4.49
JBL-703-31110-04      Screws #8-32x1/4 TR,PH,BLK                                                EACH            0.32
JBL-704-01110-16      Screws VT4889 #10-32x1 FL, PH, Black                                      EACH            0.36
JBL-705-90000-16      Thumb Screw                                                               EACH            0.19
JBL-706-31010-28      Truss Bolt eon 15                                                         EACH            6.85
JBL-71126-03X         2241G Driver                                                              EACH       1,831.04
JBL-71127-01          Gasket 15"                                                                EACH            3.81
JBL-71129-01          Gasket Front 2226H                                                        EACH            3.26
JBL-71133             Dust Dome 6 1/4" Paper 2245H                                              EACH            8.16
JBL-71181             NCMICRO Network Control Micro P/N 71181                                   EACH          37.03
JBL-71182             Trim Ring Pro Prfmr                                                       EACH            4.53
JBL-71254             Pad L Set                                                                 EACH          67.84
JBL-71646             Dust Dome 4" Paper 2226H 1400Pro                                          EACH            4.71
JBL-72-0015           IC LM3886T 150w Audio new part no. lm3876                                 EACH          30.99
JBL-72-0021           IC TDA7293 EON 15G2                                                       EACH          75.27
JBL-72-1480           IC NJM4580 Dual Op Amp SO8 EON15G2 On signal input PCB                    EACH            5.80
JBL-72-4034           LM339 Quad Comparator 5M                                                  EACH            4.53
JBL-72-4248           IC MC33078 Op Amp Dual                                                    EACH            9.83
JBL-722-31210-20      Screw Pan Head Phillips Black 6-20 x 1-1/4 for Eon Grille APN: JBL-862-   EACH            0.30
JBL-722-41100-05      Screw                                                                     EACH            0.45
JBL-725-90000-20      Screw Eon 1500 Cabinet only Replaces 724-90017-00                         EACH            1.09
JBL-72778-01X         2022H Transducer 300mm LF For MR Series                                   EACH         705.96
JBL-729-90001-16      Screw for Foot JRX118S                                                    EACH            0.36
JBL-73047             NC10 Network for Contorl 10 P/N 73047 aka 69488                           EACH         161.33
JBL-73122             Cover Magnet For 2445                                                     EACH          66.62
JBL-73150             Gasket for 2373 Horn                                                      EACH         124.17
JBL-73364             Corner Protector MR Series 30 Deg Wedge Rear Bottom Cnr MR 802 805        EACH            6.89
                      902 905
JBL-73392-01          Corner Protector MR Series Trape                                          EACH          12.87
JBL-73392-02          MR Trapezoid Cabinet Corners- Top/R Front                                 EACH          12.87
JBL-73392-03          MR Trapezoid Cabinet Corners- Top/R Rear                                  EACH          12.87
JBL-73392-04          MR Trapezoid Cabinet Corners- Top/L Rear                                  EACH          12.87
JBL-73393             Corner Protector MR Series 90 Deg Front Corners MR 902 905 Replaces       EACH          14.14
JBL-73393-011         Corner protector for 4691B replaces 59459, 250-002                        EACH          14.14
JBL-73423             Corner Plastic suit Wedge                                                 EACH            8.75
JBL-73804-011         Corner TR Series Corner 45deg                                             EACH            7.98
JBL-73890X            2035H Transducer 380mm LF                                                 EACH         642.39
JBL-74114X            2450SL Compression Driver 38mm Throat 8 Ohm;4 Bolt Mount For              EACH       3,868.93
JBL-74176             Logo Grille 4892                                                          EACH          23.57
JBL-74217             Pole Mount for Array Series                                               EACH          27.92
JBL-74704             2217H Transducer LF Array Sub                                             EACH       1,021.49
JBL-74851             Network Crossover 4408a                                                   EACH          75.91
JBL-74853             Network Crossover 4412A                                                   EACH         162.92
JBL-75398             Handle SRA Series                                                         EACH          43.37

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                 Page 55 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                              Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-75401             Screw 8x3/4FRHDPHB                                                       EACH            1.43
JBL-75676             Network Crossover SR4726                                                 EACH         244.36
JBL-75676-02          Terminal Cup SR4722A                                                     EACH         139.58
JBL-75793-115         Braids                                                                   EACH            4.26
JBL-75964             Network Crossover                                                        EACH         273.27
JBL-762-41110-08      Grille Screw Eon1500                                                     EACH            0.19
JBL-803-30100-00      Nut 10-32 K Lock Zinc Lcs                                                EACH            1.05
JBL-803-32011-04      Screw 8-32 x 1/4 Truss Torx VT4888 Grille                                EACH            1.90
JBL-804-41110-12      Screw Eon 1500 Cabinet                                                   EACH            0.38
JBL-804-41110-16      Screw Eon 10P 10G2 Cabinet 10-32                                         EACH            0.38
JBL-804-41110-20      Screw Eon15 Cabinet EON15G2 OPN 900401-020                               EACH            0.38
JBL-804-42110-12      Screw 10-32 x 3/4 Pan Torx BK VT4881                                     EACH            0.95
JBL-804-90003-00      T-Nut Short Barrel vrx918s                                               EACH            0.24
JBL-806-11010-20      Screw 1/4-20 x 1 1/14 vrx918s                                            EACH            0.95
JBL-809-90003-00      Washer for Eon Logo Bagde Grille                                         EACH            1.33
JBL-854-03073-52      Bolt Xfmr Assy Eon 15P OPN 904202-052                                    EACH            2.72
JBL-862-31210-20      Screw Pan Head Phillips Black 6-20 x 1-1/4 for Eon Grille was JBL-722-   EACH            0.57
JBL-862-31610-07      Grille Screw Eon 10                                                      EACH            0.57
JBL-8649260           IRFP250NPBF Mosfet Eon518s                                               EACH            8.15
JBL-8658587           IRFP460NPBF Mosfet N 500W 20A Eon518s                                    EACH          43.96
JBL-882-51110-12      Screw for Grille SRX712M                                                 EACH            0.19
JBL-885-00018-00      Hex Wrench for Control 23                                                EACH            2.54
JBL-885-00019-00      Hex Wrench for Control 25                                                EACH            3.81
JBL-885-00039-00      Hex Wrench for Control 28 Was 885-00038-00                               EACH            4.95
JBL-885-00050-00      Mounting Tab Control 19, 24C, 24CT, 26C, 26CT                            EACH            3.26
JBL-885-00059-00      Threaded Adaptor Mp Series                                               EACH          27.19
JBL-885-00082-01      Standoff 8-32 3/8 Hex VT4888                                             EACH          11.24
JBL-885-00092-00      Pin Ball Locking 3/8 Shaft VT4889                                        EACH          97.66
JBL-888-00025-00      Enclosure Plate Control 25, 28                                           EACH            9.06
JBL-888-00026-00      Pivot Control 25, 28                                                     EACH          15.41
JBL-888-00028-00      Pivot Control 23                                                         EACH          29.69
JBL-888-00050-00      Pole Mount TR series                                                     EACH          23.75
JBL-888-00061-01      C-Bracket Control 24C                                                    EACH          37.78
JBL-888-00061-02      C Clamp Control 26CT                                                     EACH          47.45
JBL-888-00062-00      Ceiling Rail Control 24C                                                 EACH          32.09
JBL-888-00110-00      Rigging Frames VT4889                                                    EACH       1,747.11
JBL-923-00001-01      Handle Eon 1500 Use 923-00025-00                                         EACH          17.76
JBL-923-00002-00      Knob 11mm Gray 6mm D-Shaft For EON15P Grey                               EACH            4.40
JBL-923-00005-00      Knob Rotary Eon Mmix EON                                                 EACH            1.40
JBL-923-00006-00      Knob Fader Eon Mmix EON                                                  EACH            1.50
JBL-923-00007-00      Grey Cap for Mic/Line Switch EON10P EON15P                               EACH            1.99
JBL-923-00008-00      Knob Cap Grey White Line Eon15P Grey                                     EACH            1.76
JBL-923-00020-00      MR TR Series Handle Front Sell Only with 923-00021-00 Was 68595-00       EACH          14.86
JBL-923-00021-00      MR TR Series Handle Back Sell Only with 923-00020-00 Was 68595-01        EACH          14.86
JBL-923-00023-00      Handle Eon 1500 Rep 923-00001-01                                         EACH         177.65
JBL-923-00025-00      Handle EON15G2                                                           EACH          19.03

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                Page 56 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-923-00025-01      Handle Eon OPN 923-00001-00                                        EACH          19.58
JBL-924-00002-01      Foot JRX118S                                                       EACH            1.81
JBL-924-00005-00      3" Caster Wheel VT4889 - M4                                        EACH          79.94
JBL-924-00006-00      Caster Wheel 3"                                                    EACH          93.13
JBL-950-00004-00      Logo Grille Eon                                                    EACH            7.79
JBL-950-00004-01      Logo Badge Eon 10P/15P OPT 321156-001                              EACH            7.79
JBL-950-00005-00      Logo Badge Control 28                                              EACH            8.34
JBL-950-00006-00      Logo Badge Control 23                                              EACH            5.08
JBL-950-00007-00      Logo Badge Control 25                                              EACH            5.44
JBL-950-00041-00      Logo Badge Control 25AV white                                      EACH            5.62
JBL-981-00051-01      Owner's Manual Eon 1500                                            EACH            4.35
JBL-A11368-30130      301K 50V 5% 0603 Power Mod EON500                                  EACH            0.32
JBL-A11368-68100      681R 1/16W 1% 0603 Gain Mod EON500                                 EACH            0.10
JBL-A11368-93110      9.31K 1/16W 1% 0603 Gain Mod EON500                                EACH            0.10
JBL-A11369-102J1      1000 pF 50V 5% NPO MLC 0603 Power Mod EON500                       EACH            0.40
JBL-BA0025            Diode Fast 400v 1.7a                                               EACH          10.11
JBL-BE0525            U3842A Dips Smp SU ONT                                             EACH          28.78
JBL-C1001             Cabinet w/Trim for Control 1                                       EACH          90.64
JBL-C1001AT           Cabinet w/Trim for Control 1AT                                     EACH         163.15
JBL-C1001AW           Cabinet w/Trim for Control 1AW                                     EACH         145.02
JBL-C1001CM           Cabinet w/Trim for Control 1CM                                     EACH         163.15
JBL-C1002             Tweeter for Control 1                                              EACH          66.62
JBL-C1002P            Tweeter for Control 1 Plus                                         EACH         133.24
JBL-C1003             Woofer for Control 1 INTERCHANGES WITH CSB1003                     EACH          90.41
JBL-C1003CM           Woofer for Control 1CM                                             EACH          97.55
JBL-C1003P            Woofer for Control 1 Plus                                          EACH         247.44
JBL-C1004             Grille Assembly for Control 1                                      EACH          37.61
JBL-C1004AT           Grille Assy for Control 1AT                                        EACH          69.84
JBL-C1005             Logo Badge Control 1                                               EACH          20.08
JBL-C1005AT           Logo Badge Control 1AT                                             EACH            9.92
JBL-C1005AW           Logo Badge Control 1AW                                             EACH            9.92
JBL-C1005CM           Logo Badge Control 1CM                                             EACH          25.65
JBL-C1006             NC1 Network for Control 1 P/N C1006                                EACH         106.91
JBL-C1006AT           NC1AT Network for Control 1AT P/N C1006AT                          EACH          78.63
JBL-C1006CM           NC1CM Network for Control 1CM P/N C1006CM                          EACH          44.91
JBL-C1010             Gasket for Control 1                                               EACH          19.03
JBL-C1016AT           Transformer with Switch for Control 1AT                            EACH          59.72
JBL-C1016AW           Transformer with Switch for Control 1AW                            EACH          76.42
JBL-C1016CM           Transformer with Switch for Control 1CM                            EACH          68.28
JBL-C1022             Baffle Assy for Control 1                                          EACH          93.85
JBL-C1022AT           Baffle Assy for Control 1AT                                        EACH          92.90
JBL-C1022AW           Baffle Assy for Control 1AW                                        EACH          92.90
JBL-C1022CM           Baffle Assy for Control 1CM                                        EACH          92.90
JBL-C1024CM           Baffle Adaptor for Control 1CM                                     EACH         185.81
JBL-C10344-7          74HC74 CMOS SMD SOIC14 PRX                                         EACH            2.98
JBL-C16R2118          Recone Kit for 2118J 2118J-1                                       EACH         185.81
JBL-C16R2123J         Recone Kit for 2123J                                               EACH         435.06

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 57 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                           Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-C16R2202          Recone Kit for 2202B 2202J                                            EACH         385.21
JBL-C16R2204          Recone Kit for 2204J                                                  EACH         362.55
JBL-C16R2206          Recone Kit for 2206J                                                  EACH         271.91
JBL-C16R2215          Recone Kit for LE15A 150-H 2215 2215B                                 EACH         407.87
JBL-C16R2220          Recone Kit for 130B 130BP 2220B 2220Cx 2220J                          EACH         398.80
JBL-C16R2225          Recone Kit for 2205B 2205Cx 2205J 2225J                               EACH         312.70
JBL-C16R2226          Recone Kit for 2226J                                                  EACH         339.89
JBL-C16R2250          Recone Kit for 2250JPL                                                EACH         371.61
JBL-C16R2251          Recone Kit for 2251J Factory Service Only (Jands)                     EACH         407.87
JBL-C16R2254          Recone Kit for 2254J Factory Service Only (Jands)                     EACH         462.25
JBL-C16RE120          Recone Kit for M21-16 M22-16 D120F-6 E120-16 K120-16 023125A 023125J EACH          371.61
JBL-C16RE130          Recone Kit for D15Sx M31-16 M32-16 D130F-6 E130-16 L130-16 970302-A EACH           407.87
JBL-C16RE140          Recone Kit for M41-16 M42-16 D140F-6 E140-16 K140-16 970402 970402-   EACH         367.08
JBL-C16RE145          Recone Kit for M46-16 E145-16                                         EACH         389.74
JBL-C16RK110          Recone Kit for M11-6 M12-6 D110F-6 E110-16 K110-16                    EACH         348.95
JBL-C16RK145          Recone Kit for M45-6 K145-16                                          EACH         543.82
JBL-C1R2044           Recone kit for 2044E PRX518                                           EACH         330.82
JBL-C2R218-1          Recone kit for 218F                                                   EACH         244.72
JBL-C2R252            Recone Kit for 252F                                                   EACH         367.08
JBL-C2R262            Recone Kit for 262F & 262F-1                                          EACH         439.59
JBL-C2R265-1          Recone Kit for Eon 515                                                EACH         403.33
JBL-C2REON15P         Recone Kit for EON 15P LF                                             EACH         358.01
JBL-C2REON15P-2       Recone Kit for EON 15-G2                                              EACH         367.08
JBL-C2REONSUB         Recone Kit for EON SUB Includes G2 SUB                                EACH         358.01
JBL-C2X2R2262         Recone Kit VRX932LAP                                                  EACH         548.35
JBL-C2X2R2268         Recone Kit VRX918SP                                                   EACH         557.42
JBL-C4881A            Enclosure for VT4881A                                                 EACH       3,906.80
JBL-C4888             Enclosure for VT4888                                                  EACH       3,071.09
JBL-C4892             Enclosure for 4892                                                    EACH       1,343.42
JBL-C4R2043           Recone Kit for 2043G JRX118                                           EACH         326.29
JBL-C4R2044           Recone Kit for 2044G MRX518s                                          EACH         330.82
JBL-C4R2226           Recone Kit for 2226G                                                  EACH         290.04
JBL-C4R2240           Recone Kit for 2240G                                                  EACH         725.09
JBL-C4R2241           Recone Kit for 2241G                                                  EACH         466.78
JBL-C4R2256           Recone Kit for 2256G                                                  EACH         693.37
JBL-C4R2265-1         Recone Kit VRX915S                                                    EACH         543.82
JBL-C4R252            Recone Kit for 252G                                                   EACH         367.08
JBL-C4R268            Recone Kit for Eon518s                                                EACH         521.16
JBL-C4RC500G          Recone Kit for LSR32 MF Factory Service Only                          EACH         222.06
JBL-C4RE155           Recone Kit for M55-4 E151-4 E155-4                                    EACH         430.52
JBL-C4REON10P         Recone Kit for EON 10P LF                                             EACH         240.19
JBL-C4RK110           Recone Kit for M11-4 K110-4                                           EACH         348.95
JBL-C4RK140           Recone Kit for M41-4 D140F-2 K140-4 970401-A                          EACH         772.70
JBL-C4RK151           Recone Kit for M51-4 K151-4                                           EACH         516.63
JBL-C5001             Cabinet w/Trim for Control 5                                          EACH         215.08
JBL-C5002             Tweeter for Control 5                                                 EACH          85.65

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist             Page 58 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-C5003             Woofer for Control 5 interchange with CSB5003                      EACH         104.69
JBL-C5003P            Woofer for Control 5 Plus                                          EACH          93.62
JBL-C5004             Grille Assembly for Control 5                                      EACH          54.52
JBL-C5005             Logo Badge Control 5                                               EACH          11.42
JBL-C5006             NC5 Network for Control 5 P/N C5006                                EACH         118.92
JBL-C8004             Grille for Control 8SR                                             EACH          62.86
JBL-C8005             Logo Badge Control 8                                               EACH          13.41
JBL-C8006             NC8SR Network for Control 8SR P/N C8006                            EACH          77.86
JBL-C8R1042           Recone Kit for 104-2                                               EACH         122.36
JBL-C8R115            Recone Kit for 115H                                                EACH         213.00
JBL-C8R116A           Recone Kit for 116A 116H                                           EACH         389.74
JBL-C8R116H2          Recone Kit for 116H-2                                              EACH         213.00
JBL-C8R116H3          Recone Kit for 116H-3                                              EACH         185.81
JBL-C8R119HS1         Recone Kit for 119HS 119HS-1                                       EACH         267.38
JBL-C8R126A           Recone Kit for 126A                                                EACH         212.28
JBL-C8R127A           Recone Kit for 127A                                                EACH         353.48
JBL-C8R127H1          Recone Kit for 127H-1                                              EACH         258.31
JBL-C8R128H           Recone Kit for 128H                                                EACH         398.80
JBL-C8R128H1          Recone Kit for 128H-1                                              EACH         425.99
JBL-C8R129H           Recone Kit for 129H                                                EACH         389.74
JBL-C8R1400ND         Recone Kit for 1400ND Factory Service Only                         EACH         353.48
JBL-C8R1400PRO        Recone Kit for 1400PRO                                             EACH         407.87
JBL-C8R2012           Recone Kit for 2012H                                               EACH         290.04
JBL-C8R2020           Recone Kit for 2020H 2020HPL                                       EACH         299.10
JBL-C8R2022           Recone Kit for 2022H                                               EACH         385.21
JBL-C8R2023           Recone Kit for 2023H                                               EACH         294.57
JBL-C8R2025           Recone Kit for 2025HPL                                             EACH         312.70
JBL-C8R2032           Recone Kit for 2032H                                               EACH         358.01
JBL-C8R2033           Recone Kit for 2033H MP415                                         EACH         371.61
JBL-C8R2035           Recone Kit for 2035H                                               EACH         312.70
JBL-C8R2042           Recone Kit for 2042H MR818                                         EACH         430.52
JBL-C8R2044           Recone Kit for 2044H MRX528s                                       EACH         330.82
JBL-C8R2110           Recone Kit for D204 D208 D208H D216 D280 D2110 D2110H              EACH         263.23
JBL-C8R2118           Recone Kit for 2118H                                               EACH         185.81
JBL-C8R2119           Recone Kit for 2119H For AB2118NW                                  EACH         158.61
JBL-C8R2121           Recone Kit for 2121 2121H                                          EACH         439.59
JBL-C8R2122H          Recone Kit for 2122H                                               EACH         435.06
JBL-C8R2123H          Recone Kit for 2123H                                               EACH         435.06
JBL-C8R2142           Recone Kit for 2142                                                EACH         194.87
JBL-C8R2152           Recone Kit for 2152                                                EACH         362.55
JBL-C8R2155           Recone Kit for 2155                                                EACH         616.33
JBL-C8R2168-1         Recone Kit for 2168H-1 VRX928LA                                    EACH         335.36
JBL-C8R2202           Recone Kit for 2202A 2202H                                         EACH         462.25
JBL-C8R2203           Recone Kit for 124A 124H 2203A 2203H                               EACH         530.22
JBL-C8R2204           Recone Kit for 2204H                                               EACH         306.77
JBL-C8R2206           Recone Kit for 2206H                                               EACH         247.51
JBL-C8R2212           Recone Kit for 123A 123A-1 2212 401-133                            EACH         616.33

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 59 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per      RRP Inc GST

JBL-C8R2213           Recone Kit for 123A-3 2213 2213H                                   EACH          421.46
JBL-C8R2214           Recone Kit for 2214H 2214H-1 2214H-2                               EACH          371.61
JBL-C8R2217           Recone Kit for 2217H                                               EACH          285.51
JBL-C8R2220           Recone Kit for 130A 130AS 130H 2220A 2220C 2220H                   EACH          457.72
JBL-C8R2225           Recone Kit for 2205A 2205C 2205H 2225H                             EACH          240.53
JBL-C8R2226           Recone Kit for 2226H                                               EACH          299.80
JBL-C8R2227           Recone Kit for 2227H                                               EACH          348.95
JBL-C8R2235           Recone Kit for 135A 136A 136H 2230A 2231A 2231H 2234H 2235H        EACH          484.91
JBL-C8R2240H          Recone Kit for 2240H                                               EACH          400.89
JBL-C8R2241           Recone Kit for 2241H                                               EACH          313.74
JBL-C8R2242           Recone Kit for 2242H                                               EACH          373.00
JBL-C8R2245H          Recone Kit for 2245H                                               EACH          489.44
JBL-C8R2250           Recone Kit for 2250HPL                                             EACH          371.61
JBL-C8R2255           Recone Kit for 2255HPL                                             EACH          430.52
JBL-C8R2258           Recone Kit for 2258HPL                                             EACH          493.97
JBL-C8R2262           Recone Kit for 2262H SRX712                                        EACH          475.84
JBL-C8R2265           Recone Kit for 2265 SRX715                                         EACH          534.76
JBL-C8R2268           Recone Kit for 2268K SRX718                                        EACH          484.91
JBL-C8R262            Recone Kit for 262H MRX512                                         EACH          439.59
JBL-C8R265            Recone Kit for 265H MRX Series 15"                                 EACH          321.76
JBL-C8RE120           Recone Kit for M20 M21 M22-8 D120 D120F E120-8 K120 D131x D131F    EACH          453.18
                      2130 092577 092577-A/H
JBL-C8RE130           Recone Kit for M30 M31 M32-8 D130x D130F D130Hx E130-8 K130 2135   EACH          484.91
                      023101 023101-A 023101H
JBL-C8RE140           Recone Kit for M40 M41 M42-8 D140F E140-8 K140 043091 043091-A     EACH          489.44
                      043091H 970401 D140R
JBL-C8RE145           Recone Kit for M46-8 E145-8 150-4H                                 EACH          389.74
JBL-C8RE155           Recone Kit for M55-8 E151-8 E155-8; 2240H; 2245H                   EACH          430.52
JBL-C8REON10          Recone Kit for EON 10 LF                                           EACH          285.51
JBL-C8REON10G2        Recone Kit for EON 10-G2 LF                                        EACH          191.73
JBL-C8REON15          Recone Kit for EON 15 LF Unpowered                                 EACH          219.62
JBL-C8REVO            Recone Kit for EVO 324                                             EACH          367.08
JBL-C8RG125           Recone Kit for G125-8 G125A-8                                      EACH          376.14
JBL-C8RG125B          Recone Kit for G125B-8                                             EACH          376.14
JBL-C8RG135           Recone Kit for G135-8                                              EACH          679.78
JBL-C8RG135A          Recone Kit for G135A-8                                              EACH         462.25
JBL-C8RK110           Recone Kit for M10 M11 M12-8 D110F E110-8 K110 2120 043109 043109-A EACH         367.08
JBL-C8RK145           Recone Kit for M45-8 K145 M45-4 K145-4                              EACH         376.14
JBL-C8RK151           Recone Kit for K151 K151-16                                         EACH         516.63
JBL-C8RLE10H-1        Recone Kit for LE10H-1                                             EACH          457.72
JBL-C8RLE111A         Recone Kit for LE111A                                              EACH          444.12
JBL-C8RLE111H         Recone Kit for LE10H,LE111H                                        EACH          385.21
JBL-C8RLE15B          Recone Kit for LE15B                                               EACH          254.74
JBL-C8RLE510          Recone Kit for LE5-6 LE5-8 LE5-10 LE5-12                           EACH          231.12
JBL-C8RLE52           Recone Kit for LE5-2                                               EACH          181.27
JBL-C8RLE8T           Recone Kit for LE8 LE8-1 LE8T LE8TH LE8-101                        EACH          367.08
JBL-C8RM121           Recone Kit for M121-8                                              EACH          284.46

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 60 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-C8RM151           Recone Kit for M151-8                                                EACH         376.14
JBL-C8RM209A          Recone Kit for MR935                                                 EACH         176.74
JBL-C8RM222           Recone Kit for M222                                                  EACH         362.55
JBL-C8RMI10           Recone Kit for MI10 MI10-1                                           EACH         317.23
JBL-C8RMI12           Recone Kit for MI12                                                  EACH         237.75
JBL-C8RMI121          Recone Kit for MI12-1                                                EACH         280.97
JBL-C8RMI15A          Recone Kit for MI15A                                                 EACH         453.18
JBL-C8RU800W          Recone Kit for UREI 800W                                             EACH         441.54
JBL-C8RU801B          Recone Kit for UREI 801B                                             EACH         441.54
JBL-C8RU801C          Recone Kit for UREI 801C                                             EACH         471.31
JBL-C8RU803           Recone Kit for UREI 803                                              EACH         358.01
JBL-CA-915050-AE      CAP 15000uF 50v ECOS1HA103EA MPX1200                                 EACH          61.95
JBL-CSB1003           Woofer for Control SB1 was P/N 972090 INTERCHANGE C1003              EACH         147.51
JBL-D03316P-335M      3.3 mH Inductor Power Mod EON500                                     EACH            4.80
JBL-D16R2405          Diaphragm for 2405 2405H 2404H 2404H-1 077                           EACH         317.23
JBL-D16R2407          Diaphragm for 2407J                                                  EACH         317.23
JBL-D16R2408          Diaphragm VRX932LA-1                                                 EACH         208.46
JBL-D16R2410          Diaphragm for LE75 D174 LE175 LE175-200 LE175DLH 2410 5A350          EACH         530.22
JBL-D16R2421          Diaphragm for LE85 275 2420x 2421B 5A355x                            EACH         552.88
JBL-D16R2425          Diaphragm for LE85 2470 2421B 2425J 2426J 2427J 2420 2425J 2426J     EACH         275.39
                      2427J 5A355
JBL-D16R2440          Diaphragm for 375 375H 2440 5A360 MI11427                            EACH         462.25
JBL-D16R2441          Diaphragm for 375 375H 376 2440 2441 2445J                           EACH         616.33
JBL-D16R2445          Diaphragm for 375 375H 376 2440 2441 2445J                           EACH         421.46
JBL-D16R2450          Diaphragm for 2446J 2447J 2450J 2451J                                EACH         369.52
JBL-D16R2451SL        Diaphragm for 2451SL HLA                                             EACH         516.63
JBL-D16R2470          Diaphragm for 2461 5P355 2470 2475J                                  EACH         548.35
JBL-D16R2482          Diaphragm for 2480 2482 2485J                                        EACH         471.31
JBL-D4R0175TI         Diaphragm for 0175Ti                                                 EACH         144.35
JBL-D4R024            Recone Kit for 024,SLT-1HF                                           EACH         181.27
JBL-D8R035TIA         Diaphragm for 035TiA 035TiA-1 037Ti                                  EACH         240.19
JBL-D8R044            Diaphragm for 044                                                    EACH         376.14
JBL-D8R052TI          Diaphragm for 052Ti For 4400 Series Monitors                         EACH          95.17
JBL-D8R075            Diaphragm for 075 075R 075-022 075-105/B/C/CH/D 2402 2402H 2404H-1   EACH         294.57
JBL-D8R076            Recone Kit for 2403,2403H                                            EACH         326.29
JBL-D8R2145HF         Diaphragm for 2145 2145A 5A395                                       EACH         106.14
JBL-D8R2406           Diaphragm for 2406H MPro                                             EACH         321.76
JBL-D8R2406-1         Diaphragm for 2406H 2406H-1                                          EACH         321.76
JBL-D8R2407           Diaphragm for 2407H AE Series VRX932                                 EACH         271.91
JBL-D8R2408           Diaphragm for 2408H MRX Series                                       EACH         240.19
JBL-D8R2415           Diaphragm for 2415H                                                  EACH         389.74
JBL-D8R2416-1         Diaphragm for 2416H 2416H-1 2152H HF; 2155H HF                       EACH         327.69
JBL-D8R2417           Diaphragm for 2417H                                                  EACH         362.55
JBL-D8R2418           Diaphragm for 2418H EON15 EON15P, 3632 315436-001X                   EACH         170.81
JBL-D8R2418-1         Diaphragm for 2418H-1 G2                                             EACH         146.41
JBL-D8R2421           Diaphragm for 2420 2421A                                             EACH         552.88
JBL-D8R2425           Diaphragm for LE85 2470 2421 2421A 2420 2425H 2426H 2427H            EACH         275.39
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist            Page 61 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-D8R2430           Diaphragm for 2430HPL Factory Service Only                         EACH         317.23
JBL-D8R2431           Diaphragm for 2431HPL Factory Service Only                         EACH         489.44
JBL-D8R2435           Diaphragm for 2435HPL Factory Service Only                         EACH       1,713.03
JBL-D8R2445           Diaphragm for 375 375H 376 2440 2441 2445H                         EACH         421.46
JBL-D8R2450           Diaphragm for 2446H 2447H 2450H 2451H                              EACH         303.28
JBL-D8R2450SL         Diaphragm for 2450SL For 4892 BOX                                  EACH         521.16
JBL-D8R2452           Diaphragm for 24452 SRX700 SRX                                     EACH         324.20
JBL-D8R2490           Diaphragm for 2490H                                                EACH         484.91
JBL-D8RLE20           Diaphragm for LE20 LE20-1 401-132x                                 EACH         191.05
JBL-D8RLE25           Diaphragm for LE21H LE25 LE25-1                                    EACH         172.21
JBL-D8RLE252          Diaphragm for LE25-2 LE25-3                                        EACH         172.21
JBL-D8RLE26           Diaphragm for LE26                                                 EACH         145.02
JBL-EON10G2LF         Baffle Assy with Cone;EON10 G2 120/230 TX                          EACH         436.05
JBL-EON15G2LF         Baffle Assy with Cone EON 15G2 120/230 TX                          EACH         716.39
JBL-EON500PSUG        JBL EON510/515 Power Supply Upgrade, kit of parts                  EACH            0.00
JBL-EVO-LF8           LF Driver EVO                                                      EACH         698.11
JBL-FUSELEAD          Leaded 5A Fuse                                                     EACH            5.20
JBL-G4206             Grille 4206 P/N 73840                                              EACH          19.58
JBL-G4208             Grille 4208 P/N 73841                                              EACH          18.35
JBL-G4312             Grille for 4312 P/N 61989                                          EACH          90.23
JBL-G4406             Grille for 4406 66929                                              EACH         101.97
JBL-G4408             Grille for 4408 66942                                              EACH         105.14
JBL-G4408A            Grille for 4408A P/N 66942-01                                      EACH          82.84
JBL-G4410             Grille for 4410 66952                                              EACH         117.96
JBL-G4410A            Grille for 4410A P/N 66952-01                                      EACH         107.31
JBL-G4412             Grille for 4412 P/N 66961                                          EACH         141.85
JBL-G4435             Grille for 4435                                                    EACH            0.00
JBL-G4660             Grille for 4660AHF                                                 EACH         557.42
JBL-G4892             Grille for 4892 P/N 74175                                          EACH         258.95
JBL-G6208             Grille for 6208 330867-001                                         EACH          22.12
JBL-G8330             Grille for 8330 P/N 68249                                          EACH          61.50
JBL-G8340             Grille for 8340 124-00004-00 305896-001                            EACH         129.16
JBL-GC10              Grille for Control 10 P/N 69440-02                                 EACH          68.97
JBL-GC12              Grille for Control 12 P/N 69440-01                                 EACH          90.18
JBL-GSF15             Grille for SF15 339255-001                                         EACH          63.58
JBL-GSR4719A          Grille SR4719A P/N 76159                                           EACH         521.34
JBL-GSR4733A          Grille for SR4733A P/N 75669                                       EACH         191.97
JBL-GSR4735A          Grille for SR4735A P/N 71961                                       EACH         220.25
JBL-GTR125            Grille for TR125 330713-001                                        EACH          52.43
JBL-IC-000008-00      IC SMT Pos Step Driver                                             EACH         108.94
JBL-IC-000010-00      Housekeeping Module                                                EACH         243.09
JBL-JA0137            LCD Display DSC260                                                 EACH         441.31
JBL-LM3876            IC LM3876 TDA3876                                                  EACH          61.83
JBL-LNK302DN          LNK302DN-TL SOIC-8 EON500 mod Power Mod Digikey 596-1128-1-ND      EACH            3.44
JBL-M112-8A           Transducer LF for MP2 Series 300mm, 2 1/2" Voice Coil              EACH         218.89
JBL-M212-8            LF Transducer 12" SF22SP Series 339014-003                         EACH         137.99
JBL-M222-8            LF Transducer 12" MS112 Series 72778-02                            EACH         502.01

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 62 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-MRUK805/825       Upgrade Kit for MR805 MR825                                        EACH         362.74
JBL-N15-61390         Reho 30Ohm 25W                                                     EACH          80.39
JBL-N2155H            Network for 2155H P/N 71831                                        EACH         197.81
JBL-N3134             Network for 4435 P/N 61449P                                        EACH       1,292.93
JBL-N4208             Network for 4208 P/N 73836 Replaces 74679                          EACH          70.47
JBL-N4406             Network for 4406 P/N 66930-0060                                    EACH         187.84
JBL-N4638             Network for 4638 P/N 320918-001                                    EACH         124.94
JBL-N4691B            Network for 4691B                                                  EACH         348.54
JBL-NEON15            Network for EON 15 With Input Connector/Panel P/N 330298           EACH         220.47
JBL-NMP225            Network for MP225 P/N 337535-002                                   EACH         135.28
JBL-NMR822            Network for MR802/822 P/N 73224                                    EACH         165.05
JBL-NMR826            Network for MR826 P/N 73382                                        EACH         167.22
JBL-NMR902            Network for MR902 P/N 330596                                       EACH         202.57
JBL-NMR905            Network for MR905 P/N 330583                                       EACH         224.87
JBL-NMR922            Network for MR922 P/N 330599                                       EACH         165.41
JBL-NMR925            Network for MR925 P/N 330600                                       EACH         164.96
JBL-NMR926            Network for MR926 P/N 330601                                       EACH         177.42
JBL-NMR935            Network for MR935 P/N 330602                                       EACH         224.87
JBL-NMR938            Network for MR938 P/N 330589                                       EACH         237.56
JBL-NSF15             Network for SF15 P/N 339016-001                                    EACH          65.85
JBL-NSF25             Network for SF25 P/N 339017-001                                    EACH          75.23
JBL-NSR4722A          Network for SR4722a                                                EACH         249.07
JBL-NSR4725A          Network for SR4725A                                                EACH         272.41
JBL-NSR4735           Network for SR4735 P/N 71936                                       EACH         412.76
JBL-NTR105            Network for TR105/125 P/N 330729-001                               EACH         118.60
JBL-NTR125            Network for TR125 P/N 330729-001                                   EACH         118.60
JBL-NTR126            Network for TR126 P/N 330824                                       EACH         116.79
JBL-NTR225            Network for TR225 P/N 330728                                       EACH         118.60
JBL-P01.0130-J        Xfmr DSC280                                                        EACH         680.36
JBL-PS0920-230-L      Power Adaptor 230v 4-pin lock DC conn for SoundZone Z21            EACH          80.85
JBL-PS14550-230       Power Adaptor 230v Soundzone Z32s                                  EACH          61.77
JBL-PT-110000-AT      Trim Pot 100 Ohms                                                  EACH            6.96
JBL-PT-310000-CR      volume pots for a mpx1200                                          EACH          33.17
JBL-PTC15R            Thermistor PTC 15 ohms Power Mod EON500 D5986DC120A70              EACH          19.64
JBL-QD-000031-QD      FET NCHAN TO220 60V 50A MPX600                                     EACH          43.37
JBL-QD-000076-00      Transistor NPN 2SC3298B Was QD-000018-QD                           EACH          34.44
JBL-QD-000077-00      Transistor pnp to-200 250v Was QD-00019-QD aka 2SA1306             EACH          34.44
JBL-QD-0001302        Transistor PNP TO-3 200v 15A MPX                                   EACH          43.41
JBL-QD-008599-TX      Transistor PNP 2SC5200 MPX600                                      EACH          22.18
JBL-QD-400400-BX      Rect Bridge 400V 40A Mx Series "QD-000040-00"                      EACH          48.35
JBL-R-B260C-03-A      DSP PCB Assy For EVOI324                                           EACH       1,191.33
JBL-RE-002205-DM      Resistor 22 ohms Metal Film MPX                                    EACH            5.82
JBL-RE-02205-FW       Resistor WW 0.22 10% 3W MPX                                        EACH            5.82
JBL-S506-5            Fuse EON515                                                        EACH            1.33
JBL-SK3               Bulb SK3 Control Series Fuse                                       EACH            8.57
JBL-T4B               Optical Attenuator UREI                                            EACH         625.12
JBL-T4C               Gain Cell UREI                                                     EACH         374.74

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 63 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JBL-WP-004202-00      Complete output module For MPX1200                                 EACH       2,920.68
JBL-XP07.0030         Ferrite Xfmr DSC280                                                EACH         114.20
JND-0502A007          Ignitor MSR 575W Tourspot                                          EACH         182.49
JND-0503D002          Lamp Socket GX9,5 Silicone Tourspot                                EACH          29.26
JND-0507C037.D04      Dichroic Filter Cyan SW570 Tourspot                                EACH         182.49
JND-0508B002          Connector Hirose Clip 3 Pin Tourspot                               EACH            7.70
JND-0508B005          Connector Hirose Clip 4 Pin Tourspot                               EACH            7.70
JND-0508B043          Connector Hirose Clip 6 Pin Tourspot                               EACH            7.70
JND-0508M001          Cobalt Magnet d=3x4 Sensor Tourspot                                EACH            3.08
JND-0514A013          Hall Effect Sensor Card Tourspot                                   EACH          15.40
JND-0514A014          Photocel Encoder Card Tourspot                                     EACH          28.49
JND-0514S023          8 Motors Control Card Tourspot                                     EACH       1,239.70
JND-0514S024          Pan and Tilt Card Tourspot                                         EACH       1,013.32
JND-100-0028          Fan Assembly 602 DB4 Color Block                                   EACH          75.46
JND-100-0029          2 Wires Harness DB4 Color Block                                    EACH          10.78
JND-100-0030          8 Wires Harness DB4 Color Block                                    EACH          32.34
JND-602-0005          End Plate With Rivets DB4 Color Block                              EACH          48.51
JND-602-0006          Black Plate DB4 Color Block                                        EACH          97.02
JND-602-0012          Power Supply PCB DB4 Color Block                                   EACH         652.19
JND-602-0015          Housing Extrusion Black DB4 Color Block                            EACH         118.58
JND-602-0024          OL Lens Plate DB4 Color Block                                      EACH         339.57
JND-602-0025          OL Lens Block PCB Heatsink DB4 Color Block                         EACH       2,269.19
JND-602-0031          End Plate With Keyholes DB4 Color Block                            EACH          37.73
JND-602-0100          XLR In - Out DB4 Color Block                                       EACH         188.65
JND-900-0017          Screw M3x6 PH PLPS Black DB4 Color Block                           EACH            5.39
JND-900-0024          Screw M3x10 PH PLPS Black Plastite                                 EACH            5.39
JND-900-0040          Screw Self Tap M3x12 Ph PLPS DB4 Color Block                       EACH            5.39
JND-900-0080          Screw Self Tap M3x8 Black DB4 Color Block                          EACH            5.39
JND-900-0601          O Ring 5mm Rubber Black DB4 Color Block                            EACH            5.39
JND-900-1156          Latch Small DB4 Color Block                                        EACH          37.73
JND-900-1157          Latch Catch DB4 Color Block                                        EACH          16.17
JND-DT02K00426        Colour Wheel Tourspot                                              EACH         395.78
JND-DT02K00447        Colour Wheel Tourwash                                              EACH         395.78
JND-HOG500/1KRAM      Hog500/1000 RAM Upgrade Kit (4x4Meg Static RAM Chips)              EACH         594.31
JND-IC0080            IC CPU Z80A ESP                                                    EACH            0.00
JND-LCD24265          LCD 24265 Display W/Window Instinct                                EACH            0.00
JND-NAC3FCA           Neutrik powerkon Connector 3 pole 240v rating                      EACH          30.80
JND-R20275            Connector SL FMD 337P MaleLine Mates with Socapex 337 Series       EACH         188.37
JND-SC106             210/510 PSU Card                                                   EACH            0.00
JND-SPC1001           Knob Rean P772 Black Fader                                         EACH            0.00
JND-SPC1003           Knob Rean P772 Grey Fader                                          EACH            0.00
JND-SPC1005           Knob Rean P772 Brown Fader                                         EACH            0.00
JND-SRP2005           Pot 16mm 50ka                                                      EACH            0.00
JND-SRP2007           Pot 24mm 100ka                                                     EACH            0.00
JND-SRP2008           Pot 14mm 50kc Non detent for J920 volume                           EACH            0.00
JND-SRP2009           Pot 16mm 50kc                                                      EACH            0.00
JND-SRP2012           Pot 16mm 100ka                                                     EACH            0.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 64 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

JND-TF102             Mains Transformer AL7VA/18                                         EACH            0.00
JND-TR00056           MosFET 2SJ56                                                       EACH          32.27
JND-TR00176           MosFET 2SK176                                                      EACH          32.27
JND-TR00U10           Transistor MPSU10                                                  EACH            6.05
JND-TSW008            Thermal Switch 140c                                                EACH          46.20
JND-TX110             Switch 90C Thermal                                                 EACH            0.00
JND-TX300             SCR Block 5k IRKT41-12 TT32                                        EACH         403.74
JND-TX320             SCR Block TT32                                                     EACH            0.00
JND-VR360             Reg LM337 TO3 Adj                                                  EACH            0.00
JND-YBEB444000        Insert Mic 200 Ohm DT108 DT109                                     EACH            0.00
JND-ZZA5200           Fuse Holder R/Pak FH052 + Head digital / analogue roadpak          EACH          11.50
JND-ZZK100            Knob Round Blk/Wht                                                 EACH            0.00
JND-ZZK110            Knob Black Round Elma 021-4425                                     EACH            0.00
LABELECT              Labour Electronics                                                 EACH         110.00
LEX-021-14512         Reverb PCB 960L                                                    EACH       2,432.41
LEX-023-11514         PL FP Pot BD Assy MPXG2                                            EACH          20.17
LEX-023-14023R        Main PCB Larc2                                                     EACH       1,394.45
LEX-023-14024         PL, Meter, BD Assy, LARC2                                          EACH          26.19
LEX-05-0046           Main PCB MX300                                                     EACH         248.12
LEX-05-0082           Main PCB Lambda                                                    EACH         151.14
LEX-05-0137           Data Buffer PCB ECN#34590 960L                                     EACH         151.14
LEX-05-0177           Main PCB MX200                                                     EACH         239.82
LEX-070-15031         Instr S/W Upgrade MPXG2                                            EACH            6.66
LEX-200-12184         POT,RTY,10K15Ax2,7MMFL,14,15L                                      EACH          10.56
LEX-200-13938         POT,SLD,Motor,10K,60mmTRAV                                         EACH         116.38
LEX-26-0000           Ind. FBD 600 ohn 100Hz 200mA ECN#34491 Omega                       EACH            4.35
LEX-26-0001           Inductor FDB 2.5K 0603 Alpha L19 L28                               EACH            4.57
LEX-32-0185           USB Connector Lambda                                               EACH            4.35
LEX-32-0206           Jack XLR Fml R/A PC Latching                                       EACH            4.57
LEX-32-0588           XLR Connector Lambda                                               EACH            4.35
LEX-32-1276           Ribbon Cable 20x2 Omega                                            EACH            4.35
LEX-32-1280           Ribbon Cable 20 pin 26 Gauge ECN#34491 Omega                       EACH            4.35
LEX-330-01298         IC,Digital,MC4044                                                  EACH         134.69
LEX-330-06204         IC,Digital, Lexichip 1                                             EACH         147.06
LEX-330-08079         CD74AC253 IC M300L                                                 EACH            5.35
LEX-330-11990         ICSM,Lexichip3B,100Pin,PQFP                                        EACH         105.05
LEX-34-0081           Encoder Knob MX200                                                 EACH            7.02
LEX-34-0084           Small Black Knob MX400                                             EACH            7.02
LEX-34-0101           Monitor Knob Lambda                                                EACH            7.02
LEX-340-12061         ICSM,LIN,TLC2932,PLL,SSOIC                                         EACH          18.63
LEX-345-03207         IC Inter uA9638 Line Driver 480L                                   EACH            3.99
LEX-345-03208         IC Inter ua9637a Line Receiver 480L                                EACH          10.79
LEX-350-04434         IC DRAM 64Kx4 120nS                                                EACH          24.83
LEX-350-04710         IC SRAM 43256 150ns LPS 480L                                       EACH          11.33
LEX-350-04721         M480 Control V1.00 480L                                            EACH          22.66
LEX-350-05841         IC SRAM 43256 100NS M300L                                          EACH          50.98
LEX-350-10675         IC ROM27C010 M300L V3.5L-1                                         EACH          24.47

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 65 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

LEX-350-10676         IC ROM27C010 M300L V3.5L-2                                         EACH          67.75
LEX-350-11829         PAL IC - V2.11 MPXR1                                               EACH          22.66
LEX-350-11830         PAL IC MPXR1                                                       EACH          23.79
LEX-350-12384         ICSM,DRAM,1Mx4,66NS,SOJ                                            EACH          49.03
LEX-350-13928         FPGA Chip U18 Larc 2                                               EACH         162.01
LEX-350-14175         IC ROM 27C020 V1.11 MPX500                                         EACH         120.55
LEX-350-14375         Boot Rom Chip LARC                                                 EACH          56.10
LEX-350-14698         IC Flash 4M V2.02 MPX500                                           EACH          38.52
LEX-350-15030         IC Flash 4M V1.10 for MPXG2                                        EACH          53.70
LEX-355-03124         DAC, PCM53JC-1 for PCM60                                           EACH         178.33
LEX-355-04590         DAC,PCM53KP-I                                                      EACH         213.81
LEX-355-11942         ICSM,DAC,CS4327,20Bit,STR,SSOP                                     EACH          35.03
LEX-355-12333         ICSM,DAC,CS4390,24bit,ST                                           EACH          59.50
LEX-355-13831         ICSM,ADC,AKM5393,24b,96kHz,SOP                                     EACH         183.81
LEX-355-13929         ICSM,ADC,TLV1548C,SAR,10b,SSOP                                     EACH          45.50
LEX-365-04066         IC uPROG 8749 LARC v1.0a 480L                                      EACH         101.38
LEX-365-04593         IC uPROC DUART MC68681 M300L                                       EACH          44.19
LEX-365-04594         IC, uPROC, MC68008 M300L                                           EACH          45.32
LEX-365-11092         ICSM,UPROC,Z80,CMOS,10mHz,PLCC                                     EACH          27.87
LEX-365-13930         Central Processor U18 Larc 2                                       EACH         362.55
LEX-390-09791         Crystal,25.8 MHz                                                   EACH            5.03
LEX-390-11468         Crystal,25.0000MHz,.005%                                           EACH          11.37
LEX-390-12075         Crystalsm,6.000MHzPAR,18pF                                         EACH            8.93
LEX-390-12361         Crystalsm,11.2896MHz,PAR,HC49                                      EACH            8.93
LEX-390-12362         Crystalsm,11.288MHz, PAR, HC49                                     EACH            8.93
LEX-40-0017           Pot Rotary 50K D 9mm Vert Omega                                    EACH          20.57
LEX-40-0019           Pot Rotary 50K B 14mm Dual Omega                                   EACH          20.57
LEX-40-0024           Pot 100KB MX200                                                    EACH          20.57
LEX-40-0031           POT 5K RD 9mm ROT 30mm D-SFT VRT                                   EACH            1.31
LEX-40-0032           20k Pot dual                                                       EACH            4.08
LEX-40-2053           Pot Rotary 50K D 14mm Dual Omega                                   EACH          20.57
LEX-430-09785         LCD PCM81 PCM91                                                    EACH         571.01
LEX-452-09762         SW,RTY,Encoder,36 POS, Vert                                        EACH          42.01
LEX-452-11947         SW Rotary Encoder for MPX100 16 POS 4 BIT                          EACH          14.28
LEX-452-14617         SW RTY ENC 16POS 4BIT 20mm GRY                                     EACH            4.52
LEX-453-11821         SW,PBM,1P1T,12mmsq x 4.3,130GF                                     EACH            4.04
LEX-453-12166         Switch Bypass 6mm sq MPX200                                        EACH            6.80
LEX-460-04598         Battery Lith 3V@160mAH                                             EACH          17.90
LEX-520-13901         Socket for Boot ROM U12 Larc 2                                     EACH            6.25
LEX-550-11929         Mix Knob MPX100                                                    EACH            0.90
LEX-550-11930         Knob MPX100                                                        EACH            0.82
LEX-550-14169         Volume Knob MPX550                                                 EACH            2.38
LEX-62-0180           2200pF Radial Capacitor Lambda                                     EACH            0.33
LEX-62-1304           120pF cer. 50V Cap. Alpha ECN # 33979                              EACH            0.33
LEX-62-1311           0.01uF cer. 50V Cap. Alpha Alpha ECN # 33654                       EACH            0.33
LEX-62-1312           0.1uF 50V Cap. Lambda ECN#33769                                    EACH            0.33
LEX-680-11709         Cable for power supply PCM80 PCM81                                 EACH         153.18

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 66 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

LEX-70-0004           Diode 1N4148 Lambda                                                    EACH          15.86
LEX-70-0082           M FET N Channel                                                        EACH            4.53
LEX-70-0183           LCD MX300                                                              EACH          93.49
LEX-72-0075           IC USB Streaming Controller Omega                                      EACH          50.30
LEX-72-0092-00V1      IC 24LC128 Omega                                                       EACH          13.28
LEX-72-0154-00V1      AVR 48 8-BIT RISC 2.7-5V 20MHz MX200                                   EACH          10.79
LEX-72-1422           IC CD4053 Omega                                                        EACH            1.13
LEX-72-1430           IC 74HC153 Omega                                                       EACH            1.13
LEX-72-3149-08        IC DRAM 64Kx4-80ns                                                     EACH          15.86
LEX-72-4032           IC LF353M Dual JFET Op Amp                                             EACH            1.13
LEX-72-5419           IC 74HC138 Omega                                                       EACH            1.13
LEX-75-0002           CPU 960                                                                EACH       1,359.55
LEX-750-11396         Power Supply +5V@3A PCM80 PCM81 PCM91 DC2 MPX1                         EACH         148.19
LEX-750-13390         Pwr Sup +3.3V/+-5V/+-12V 300W 960                                      EACH       1,016.99
LEX-750-14151         Pwr Sup +5V/+15V/-15V 16.5W                                            EACH          76.50
LEX-PS0913B-240       USE JND-PSU09AC1.5A OMEGA MPX100/200 Ionix U22 MX200 Power             EACH          29.26
                      Supply 240V
LEX-PS1225DC          Universal Power Supply Ionix U82                                       EACH          82.32
LEX-PSS3-240-AU       Power Supply 240V Ionix U42                                            EACH          40.35
LYC-W8X1.125B         Washer 1 1/8"D x #8 Brass                                              EACH            8.84
OPC-FP-DD32E101       Chassis Front Panel DD32E                                              EACH         283.59
RAN-00396             Pot 50kb                                                               EACH            4.28
RAN-00399             Pot 20KB/10KB cue/program pot MP22 Replaces 130-022                    EACH          10.83
RAN-00906             Pot Slde 60mm Dual 50KA line fader mp24 24x 24z For MP24 was 130-008   EACH         103.38
RAN-00907             Pot Slde 60mm Dual 20KB Cross fader MP22 MP24 Raw Fader New #          EACH         108.86
RAN-01188             Knob Input Channel MP24 Cross Fader knob Mp22 x z                      EACH            3.88
RAN-01196             Post Ground Nut MP22z                                                  EACH            8.92
RAN-01765             Pot Single                                                             EACH            5.35
RAN-01993             Screw TF SPPH BZ 6-32 X 3/16 MP Screws                                 EACH            0.21
RAN-02122             Switch P-P 2P2T small NS Rane XP2016 MP2016                            EACH            3.08
RAN-02139             Pot 10KA x 2 H/phone pot MP22 Replaces 130-034 MP2016                  EACH          10.83
RAN-02304             Screw M PPH BZ 4-40X 3/16 MP chassis mounting screws                   EACH            0.30
RAN-02993             Hi/Lo cut fader PE17 100KW Was 130-049 ME60                            EACH          13.11
RAN-03156             Knob Cap Black Goes with Knob 11943 MM8Z,old number 141-012            EACH            1.16
RAN-03157             Knob Cap Lt Grey old part number 141-013                               EACH            1.16
RAN-03483             Xfmr Mains RA 27                                                       EACH          79.44
RAN-03505             Cross Fader 200KB Dual MP24x mp22x & MM8x series new ran-03505         EACH         103.38
RAN-04511             jack phono 2 - sta gold hot Rane XP2016 MP2016                         EACH            3.57
RAN-05090             Xfmr Talema IC15B                                                      EACH          38.25
RAN-05202             Cap Electrro 80V 4700uF Replaces 110-012 from MA6 Use 4 of these       EACH          29.82
RAN-05205             JACK EURO P1 5MM FEM 3                                                 EACH            4.46
RAN-05393             Pot Slide 60mm Dual MP22z Use 05393 MP22 MP22X                         EACH          59.51
RAN-05394             pot dual vert 14d 50 ka for XP2016, TTM 54I MP22Z remote               EACH            4.95
RAN-05395             Pot Dual vert 14d 20kb d                                               EACH            4.95
RAN-05397             Switch 2 Pole 4 postion Mp22 selector switch Use 131-038               EACH          40.52
RAN-05571             Single RCA jack Rane MOJO MM 8Z                                        EACH            3.95

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist              Page 67 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

RAN-05746             JACK EURO P1 5MM FEM 6                                                 EACH          13.37
RAN-06051             Knob Slider Short Channel Fader knob MP22 Was 141-102                  EACH            3.48
RAN-06197             Screw M SPPH BZ M3X4mm MP Fader mounting screws only                   EACH            0.76
RAN-06280             Jack 3 pin female Rane XP2016                                          EACH            8.15
RAN-06357             Ribbon Ass'y Mp 22Z                                                    EACH          26.37
RAN-06443             Ribbon Ass'y 1x 24P MF3                                                EACH          24.47
RAN-06457             JACK EURO P1 5MM 9                                                     EACH          19.11
RAN-07011             Xfmr Mains MX22 Prem                                                   EACH          73.51
RAN-07469             Potentiometer Dual 10KA 14D for MX22, TTM 54I MP2016 R1 R2 R3          EACH            4.08
RAN-07471             Potentiometer Single 100KB 16D 31P,MX-22 R66                           EACH          10.19
RAN-07473             Jack 1/4 ST 1sw th snap in for Rane XP2016 MP2016 REF:J18              EACH            2.55
RAN-07494             ADG212 IC Switch for rane mm8z                                         EACH          12.74
RAN-07513             JACK EURO P1 5MM FEM 8                                                 EACH          17.70
RAN-07850             Cap Mid Red MM8z                                                       EACH            1.40
RAN-08637             PROG GAL 16V8 R1.0 Page CP-64                                          EACH          18.09
RAN-08638             PROG GAL 16V8 R1.0 Zone 121-085 CP-64                                  EACH          18.09
RAN-08752             Potentiometer Sing Slide 45mm 20KA MM8Z MM8X line fader                EACH          10.95
RAN-08755             Potentiometer Sing Slide 60mm 200KB MP24Z MM8Z DJ mixers Was 130-      EACH          68.52
RAN-08905             ME-60 By Pass Switch was 131-046 TTM 54I Mp24 Engage switch            EACH            4.55
RAN-09028             Potentiometer Sing Slide 45mm 100KW TTM 54 54I Balance Fader TTM       EACH            9.21
RAN-09469             Panel Front MP24x                                                      EACH         145.46
RAN-09524             45mm 200KB Single Xfader Raw Used on TTM 54I series Also option on Z   EACH          77.83
                      series DJ mix
RAN-09551             Pot Dual 20KB 14D TTM54 MP2016 Cue Pan Pot                             EACH            4.15
RAN-09683             Knob 11mm Clock 270 grey sft                                           EACH            4.68
RAN-10097             IC Q-VCA SSM2164 SMT XP2016 REF:Z37                                    EACH          43.43
RAN-10233             Switch Toggle For TTM54                                                EACH          52.11
RAN-10394             Switch Slide SP3T with Baton XP2016                                    EACH          13.64
RAN-10886             Switch lever 2P2T MP44                                                 EACH          12.71
RAN-11031             Level paddle knob ttm54i MP44                                          EACH            4.01
RAN-11471             PCB DSP1 Board                                                         EACH         688.17
RAN-11551             Dual 20KB Mp44                                                         EACH            4.46
RAN-11943             Knob MM8z aux/level                                                    EACH            2.94
RAN-120-007           Transistor PNP Pn 2907A                                                EACH            0.47
RAN-120-010           IC TL074 Op Amp Quad                                                   EACH            4.50
RAN-120-039           IC NE5532 Op Amp Dual                                                  EACH            4.73
RAN-120-056           IC LM837 4574 Op Amp Quad                                              EACH            8.20
RAN-120-192           Transistor 2SC2878                                                     EACH            3.48
RAN-12061             Pot Slide Fader 20KB X 2 TTM56 Cue pan                                 EACH            8.32
RAN-12282             Knob Slider Rectangle TTM54I XFader Knob replaces 09526 MM8Z           EACH            7.22
RAN-130-005           Pot Slde 20mm 100kw D/T/L IC30 EQ ME60                                 EACH            6.02
RAN-130-006           Pot Trim 25k Vert                                                      EACH            2.63
RAN-130-010           Pot 50KA W/Bracket Plastic NPT 00392 SM26B                             EACH            6.42
RAN-130-013           Pot Slde 60mm 100kw D/T/L                                              EACH          14.98
RAN-130-017           Pot Slde 45mm 100Kw D/T/L 01169                                        EACH          11.50
RAN-130-024           Pot Quad 100ke 25mm                                                    EACH         105.47

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist              Page 68 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

RAN-130-034           Pot Dual 100KA Use 02139                                           EACH          11.37
RAN-130-061           Pot 50KA                                                           EACH          11.19
RAN-130-062           Pot Dual 14mm Ver 20k                                              EACH            4.15
RAN-131-004           Switch Push/Push 2P2T NS                                           EACH            6.20
RAN-131-005           Switch P-P 4P2T NS Audio                                           EACH            7.04
RAN-131-037           Switch 2P2T                                                        EACH          12.57
RAN-131-038           Switch 2 Pole 4 postion Mp22 selector switch Use 05397             EACH          41.37
RAN-132-002           Jack 1/4" St Ns Th MP24 Headphone Skt use 00841                    EACH            9.18
RAN-132-003           Jack 1/4" Switching                                                EACH          11.50
RAN-132-048           Jack 1/4" St Ns Nt new 00418                                       EACH            7.53
RAN-135-081           Fuse 1/10A Slow Blow                                               EACH            4.62
RAN-141-013           Knob Cap Lt Grey                                                   EACH            1.03
RAN-141-078           Knob 15mm new part number ran-00726                                EACH            2.14
RAN-141-079           Knob Cap 15mm Black                                                EACH            1.11
RAN-141-104           Knob 15mm D Shaft new no ran-06776                                 EACH            4.37
RAN-141-108           Cap Green Teal new 07941 MM8z H/P level, mic level                 EACH            1.60
RAN-150-007           Xfmr 32VCT 100mA Pcmt                                              EACH          37.45
RAN-230-003           Button Push Cap                                                    EACH            1.78
RAN-230-005           Knob Black For AC22 ME60 ALT PT/N 02971                            EACH            1.69
RAN-230-009           Cap Push Button new part number ran-05956                          EACH            0.98
RAN-410-473           Crossfader MP24 Removable                                          EACH         142.47
RAN-CPR1              Remote Control for CP62 Zone Assign                                EACH          44.58
RAN-F45               45mm Cross Fader Assembly for MP22z MP24z & MM8z                   EACH         164.94
RAN-F60               60mm Cross Fader for MP22z MP24z & MM8z                                         182.77
RAN-PR2               Remote Control for CP64 & CP52 Page Assign                         EACH         123.12
RAN-ST1               Replacable Transform Switch For TTM52 & TTM54 Phone / Line         EACH          62.41
RAN-VR1               Remote Volume Control For MP44,CP64,CP52,DA26 Volume               EACH          97.65
SCF-7POT202K2C1G      7POT202K2C1GBR 2.2K Gain Pot Tac Scorpion                          EACH          19.40
SCF-AE10033           Res 680R 5% 1W MF LX7 II                                           EACH            0.40
SCF-AE10036           Resistor OR47 2 watt                                               EACH            0.74
SCF-AE10037           Res. 100K 5% 2w PRO2 MF LX7II PSU                                  EACH            6.88
SCF-AE2154            Res 150K 5% 2W                                                     EACH            2.69
SCF-AG0655            Res 2W 10 Ohm                                                      EACH            7.50
SCF-AG0656            Res 2W 33 Ohm                                                      EACH          25.99
SCF-AG0667            Res WW 22R 5% 14W Gigrac Modification                              EACH          25.99
SCF-AP1293            Res MF 0.25W 1% 4R7 LX7 II                                         EACH            1.45
SCF-AP1372            Resistor 9K1                                                       EACH            0.70
SCF-BA0001            Diode 1N4148                                                       EACH            0.37
SCF-BA0009            Diode 1N5402 200V 3A Prfmd .6                                      EACH            5.59
SCF-BA10014           Diode Fast EGP10G 400V 1 A Gigrac 1F4                              EACH            1.27
SCF-BB0123            33v Zener Diode                                                    EACH            0.66
SCF-BB0128            Zener Diode 500MW 27V                                              EACH            0.84
SCF-BB0137            Diode TVS 200V 600W P6KE200                                        EACH            3.17
SCF-BB10002           Zener Diode 500MW 2V7                                              EACH            0.22
SCF-BB10022           Zener Diode 500MW 24V                                              EACH            0.84
SCF-BC0213            Rect Bridge W005 1A                                                EACH            3.60
SCF-BC0214            Rect INVW02                                                        EACH            9.88

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 69 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-BC0216            FL402 Bridge Rectifier RS603L 6A                                   EACH          36.41
SCF-BC0217            W04 Bridge Rectifier 15A 400V                                      EACH          36.41
SCF-BD0301            Transistor 2SA970GR (Taped)                                        EACH            1.90
SCF-BD0302            Transistor 2SC2240BL (Taped)                                       EACH            1.63
SCF-BD0320            FET Switch J111 (Taped)                                            EACH          18.63
SCF-BD0322            wFET Switch J112 (Taped)                                           EACH          17.15
SCF-BD0346            Transistor 2SB737 Low RBB also BSS                                 EACH            2.41
SCF-BD0350            Transistor 2SD786S                                                 EACH            5.32
SCF-BD0364            Transistor BF422 NPN                                               EACH            1.98
SCF-BD0365            Transistor BF423 PNP                                               EACH            2.27
SCF-BD0372            TIP31A NPN TO220 Transistor LX7II PSU                              EACH            7.21
SCF-BD0373            Mj15024 Transistor USE PT# ZIX6000                                 EACH         100.17
SCF-BD0376            JE350                                                              EACH          14.19
SCF-BD0380            Transistor MPSA42                                                  EACH            5.87
SCF-BD039412          BC546 NPN Transistor T0-92                                         EACH            2.85
SCF-BD0394R           BC546BT NPN Transistor LX7II PSU                                   EACH            0.70
SCF-BD0395R           Transistor BC556BT PNP Gigrac 1000                                 EACH            1.47
SCF-BD0398            PWR Mosfet STP7NB60FP for E series PSU E8                          EACH          28.51
SCF-BD10020           HV NPN Power Trans                                                 EACH          36.52
SCF-BD10025           Trans IRG4PC50KD IGBT XE01                                         EACH          36.52
SCF-BD10026           TRANSISTOR TIP122, T0220                                           EACH            7.30
SCF-BD10030           IRF740, Mosfet                                                     EACH            5.68
SCF-BD10042           TR3 Transistor M12                                                 EACH            3.26
SCF-BD10043           ZTX751 PNP TRANSISTOR                                              EACH            5.81
SCF-BD10051           MOsfet PWR.STP13NK60Z/FP LX7 II                                    EACH          24.71
SCF-BE0404            IC TL071 Op Amp                                                    EACH          13.95
SCF-BE0410            IC LCM2901SMC Comparator Quad also BSS                             EACH          32.45
SCF-BE0416            Reg Pos 7815 +15V 1A also BSS                                      EACH            6.24
SCF-BE0417            Reg Neg 7915 -15V 1A also BSS                                      EACH            6.24
SCF-BE0431            Reg Neg LM337T -1.2/37V 1.5A                                       EACH          25.24
SCF-BE0439            Mosfet STP6NK60ZFP                                                 EACH            5.68
SCF-BE0455            Reg TL783CKC also BSS                                              EACH          50.42
SCF-BE0477            IC LM35                                                            EACH         122.71
SCF-BE0482            IC NJM072BL                                                        EACH            5.94
SCF-BE0486            V Reg LM317LZ                                                      EACH            9.69
SCF-BE0505            IC NJM4560l                                                        EACH          10.51
SCF-BE0524            IC TDA1514A                                                        EACH          97.39
SCF-BE0525            UC 3842 A DIP8 SMPSU LX7 II also TL 3842                           EACH          13.57
SCF-BE0528            IC TDA7294 Amp                                                     EACH          59.58
SCF-BE0532            IC UCC3810 Digital 328 Power Supply                                EACH          63.83
SCF-BE10032           VOLTAGE MODE PWM DIP-14 GB4 SMPS                                   EACH          33.00
SCF-BF0517            IC DG308/CJ Quad AnalogueGate                                      EACH          11.97
SCF-BF0573            MC14053 BD Mux Discreet Powerstation Live 4 4053                   EACH            5.28
SCF-BF0603            IC SSM2142 Bal Line Driver                                         EACH          41.08
SCF-BF10.947001       Short LCD TN#TB0049 Vi6                                            EACH          64.60
SCF-BS0001R-SOT2      BAS16 Diode SMD FX16 Folio F1                                      EACH            0.66
SCF-BS0506R-SOT2      TR4 Transistor M12 Sot 23                                          EACH            0.70

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 70 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-BS0513R-SOT2      BC846A Transistor NPN                                              EACH            0.40
SCF-BS0529R-SOT2      TRS 2SC2712 NPN GB8                                                EACH            0.40
SCF-BS10034           Phillips 74HC4052D MH3                                             EACH            1.93
SCF-BS10035           74HC4053D Cmos                                                     EACH            7.00
SCF-BS10102-VSOP      IC1003                                                             EACH          36.81
SCF-BS10103-SOIC      IC1004 (Alesis)                                                    EACH          86.68
SCF-BS10111-S0B       TL072ACD Op AMP Dual                                               EACH          13.31
SCF-BS1113R-SO16      IC HCF40998 8 bit Add / Latch SMD Series TWO                       EACH            7.34
SCF-BS2519R           74HC4094 Phillips MH3                                              EACH            6.45
SCF-BS2544R-SO8       MC14053BD MUX/DEMUX Spirit Folio FX8 M8                            EACH            6.28
SCF-BS7001R-SO8       TL072CD SMD Dual Op Amp Folio F1                                   EACH            3.73
SCF-BS700712-S08      LM2901d Comparator Quad                                            EACH            4.27
SCF-BS7007R-S014      OP AMP DUAL AUDIO LM833D                                           EACH            4.48
SCF-BS700912-S08      Op Amp Dual NE5532AD                                               EACH            1.85
SCF-BS7009R-SO8       OP amp Dual Surface Mount 5532                                     EACH            6.51
SCF-BS7015M-S08       DRV-135 Balanced Line Driver MH4                                   EACH          57.38
SCF-BS9001MQFP60      9001 IC K3                                                         EACH         127.20
SCF-BS9058MQFP17      Blackfin Processor BF531 Urei 1601                                 EACH         170.02
SCF-BS9428RTSOP5      SDRAM A43L3616 TSOP54 Urei 1601                                    EACH          66.00
SCF-BS9429RTSOP4      Flash A29L400 TSOP48 Urei 1601                                     EACH          21.63
SCF-BS9617R-SO28      L293D 600MA Motor Driver 328                                       EACH          82.31
SCF-BS9636R-SO16      MAX3232CSE RS232 Transceiver Urei 1601                             EACH          18.99
SCF-BZ10000           PWM CONT SG3525AN                                                  EACH          13.13
SCF-C050.621165       On Semiconductor HC165A MH3                                        EACH            4.94
SCF-C072.010117       Vi6 Fan                                                            EACH         157.30
SCF-C089.201174       Audio Cable M-M Sheilded D25                                       EACH          71.87
SCF-CC0252            100n 63v Cap also BSS                                              EACH            0.69
SCF-CE0416            2.2uf 50v Cap also BSS                                             EACH            0.39
SCF-CE0422            Cap 220uF 25V also BSS                                             EACH            0.92
SCF-CE0433            Cap 1000uF 6.3V                                                    EACH            4.83
SCF-CE0448            10uf 16v Cap                                                       EACH            0.40
SCF-CE0457            33uf 16v Cap                                                       EACH            0.39
SCF-CE0506            CAP ELC RD 330UF 25V GB4                                           EACH            1.98
SCF-CS7224R-1206      Cap Smd 220uf                                                      EACH            2.49
SCF-DA0002            Pot Preh S/Sp 41p/D 10k+Log                                        EACH         107.97
SCF-DA0006            Pot Preh S/Sp 41p/D 100k- X2                                       EACH          39.92
SCF-DA0010            Pot Preh L/Sp 41 P/D+Brkt10k-I                                     EACH          21.51
SCF-DC0207            Pot 20mm Rdm 10KB                                                  EACH          13.14
SCF-DC0221            Pot 20mm Rdm 100KC+Brkt                                            EACH          27.91
SCF-DD0301            Fader Ruwido Mono Fdr 10k Log Series 1                             EACH          53.50
SCF-DD0302            Fader Ruwido Ster Fdr 10k Log                                      EACH          59.88
SCF-DD0360            Fader 10k 100mm Spirit Live 4 Requires KA0232 Knob                 EACH          15.29
SCF-DD0363            Fader Stereo Rep DD0346 T Shaft Spirit Live 4 MKII                 EACH          19.03
SCF-DD0364            Fader 60mm 10KA Spirit Monitor T bar knob KA0232                   EACH          13.63
SCF-DD0366            Fader 10KA 100mm for Spirit Studio                                 EACH          16.86
SCF-DD0367            Fader 10KAX2 100mm For Studio                                      EACH          57.38
SCF-DD0368            Stereo Fader 10KAx2 80mm Spirit Live 4                             EACH          21.48

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 71 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                             Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-DD0369            Fader Alps 10k 100mm T-Bar Mono SM12 OPT DD0321                         EACH          43.45
SCF-DD0370            Fader Alps 10k 100mm Stereo Delta 200 OPT:DD0322                        EACH         121.36
SCF-DD0374            Fader Alps 10k 100mm Stereo                                             EACH          93.67
SCF-DD0375            RM100 Fader 10K , Switch Replaces DD0374                                EACH          77.25
SCF-DD0376            Fader Folio Mono Folio 12/2                                             EACH            9.84
SCF-DD0377            Fader Folio Stereo Folio 12/2                                           EACH          24.28
SCF-DD0382            Fader P&G 3260/D                                                        EACH       1,477.92
SCF-DD0389            Fader P&G 8000 Series 100mm Stereo 10k Log                              EACH         387.13
SCF-DD0408            Fader 10KA Folio Powerstation Original,600 & 1200                       EACH            6.47
SCF-DD0409            Fader 10KAx2, D-MIX500 Powerstation Original 600 1200 Folio             EACH            7.96
SCF-DD0410            Fader Alps 10KBx2 For D-Mix 500, cross fader                            EACH          22.79
SCF-DD0411            Fader 10KAx2 EQ Fader                                                   EACH          13.25
SCF-DD0413            Fader Alps 100mm RA Tag Fdr 2 x 10KA K2                                 EACH          71.46
SCF-DD0414            Fader Alps 100mm RA Tag Fdr 10KA                                        EACH          70.82
SCF-DD0422            Fader Alps Fader 100mm 2 Group, Replaced By DD0438 Spirit 8             EACH          19.42
SCF-DD0423            100mm Fader Alps Fader Stereo Monitor 2 Wedge input only                EACH          19.24
SCF-DD0427            Fader 100mm 10KDX2 pcb Mount Folio F1                                   EACH          17.35
SCF-DD0428            Fader Mono 10KD Fader Ghost                                             EACH          39.18
SCF-DD0436            Fader Alps 10KBx2 Tang4 45mm D-Mix 300                                  EACH          34.87
SCF-DD0438            Fader Alps 100mm Mono - Spirit Live 8 Replaces DD0422 Dust cover        EACH          15.08
SCF-DD0439            Spirit Live Stereo Fader                                                EACH          21.44
SCF-DD0441            Fader Alps 100mm 10kdx2 Stereo Dust Cover M Series                      EACH          19.62
SCF-DD0443            Fader Alps Spirit Digital 328                                           EACH          72.07
SCF-DD0444            Fader Alps 100mm Mono Dust Cover                                        EACH          20.06
SCF-DD0454            10KD T + DC Mono Fader Series 2                                         EACH          20.06
SCF-DD0455            10KDX2 T + DC Stereo Fader Series 2                                     EACH          23.55
SCF-DD0458            Fader Alps 100mm Mono Dust Cover OPT DD0440 Foilio F1, SX, M Series     EACH          12.43
SCF-DD0468            Fader 10K 100mm Panasonic Slim LX7II                                    EACH          13.21
SCF-DD0475            Cross Fader Urei 1601                                                   EACH          57.52
SCF-DD0481            Input Fader Urei 1605                                                   EACH            7.76
SCF-DF0503            Switch Schdw 2 Pole Push Swt                                            EACH          23.28
SCF-DF0512            Switch CK PCB Mnt Micro Vert                                            EACH          69.19
SCF-DF0516            Switch Alps (Sun Type)2 Pole Push Swt also BSS                          EACH            2.42
SCF-DF0517            Switch Alps (Sun Type)4 Pole Push Swt                                   EACH          11.98
SCF-DF0528            Switch Alps SUJ 2pole Push Mom Reset switch for RW1478 also BSS         EACH          11.86
SCF-DF0529            Switch Alps SUJ 2pole Psh Ltchg,new style switch sm12 also BSS          EACH            3.23
SCF-DF0530            Switch Alps SUJ 4pole Psh Ltchg,new style switch sm12 also BSS-DF0530   EACH            3.97
SCF-DF0531            Switch Alps SUJ 6pole Psh Ltchg,new style switch sm12 also BSS          EACH            8.14
SCF-DF0534            Switch Alps Spad S/Pole Illum Psh                                       EACH          41.80
SCF-DF0563            Switch Alps SPUJ 5x2pole Intrlckng As                                   EACH            9.48
SCF-DF0593            Switch Alps Vet Latching                                                EACH          19.85
SCF-DF0594            Switch                                                                  EACH          20.82
SCF-DF0616            Switch Alps SUJ 2pole Psh Ltchg for SM12 OLD STYLE SWTCh                EACH            5.09
SCF-DF0617            Switch Alps SUJ 4pole Psh Ltchg,old style switch sm12                   EACH            6.74
SCF-DF0618            Switch Alps SUJ 6pole Psh Ltchg, old style switch sm12                  EACH          13.13
SCF-DF0622            Switches Folio                                                          EACH            9.25
SCF-DF0643            Switch 4 Pole Vert PCBLatching                                          EACH          10.76

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist               Page 72 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-DF0660            Switch Alps L Travel Vert                                           EACH            1.39
SCF-DF0662            Switch Alps Swt L/Travel Vert Mom                                   EACH            3.10
SCF-DF0663            Switch Vet 2 Pole PFL Powerstation                                  EACH            2.36
SCF-DH0714            Switch CK Rotary Single Pole 12 Way                                 EACH          18.07
SCF-DH0723            Rotary Encoder 36pos2.5mm S.P                                       EACH          32.88
SCF-DH0726            Rotary Encoder Alps 11mm RM1d                                       EACH          12.75
SCF-DJ8002            DPST HOR Mains Switch M12                                           EACH          10.81
SCF-DL10006           Power Rocker Switch Gigrac                                          EACH          15.09
SCF-DL8005            Switch Rocker 2P2T                                                  EACH          51.84
SCF-DM10029           20K 9mm C/D Vert. Mount Pot EPM                                     EACH            0.92
SCF-DM10030           Volume Pot Gigrac 300                                               EACH            1.39
SCF-DM10031           Main Volume Pot 50K Gigrac                                          EACH            1.54
SCF-DM10034           Pot 10K gain EPM                                                    EACH            2.42
SCF-DM10035           Pot 20KK Dual 12mm Compact 10                                       EACH            2.33
SCF-DM10042           Pot 50KK 12mm Vert Gigrac                                           EACH            0.04
SCF-DM1101            Pot Alps 16mm C/D 10KB Lin x 2                                      EACH          30.25
SCF-DM1102            Pot Alps 16mm C/D 10KB Lin                                          EACH            5.54
SCF-DM1103            Pot Alps 16mm 10KA Log                                              EACH          19.82
SCF-DM1104            Pot Alps 16mm 10KRD Rev-Log S200B Gain pot                          EACH          26.94
SCF-DM1105            Pot Alps 16mm 10KA Log x 2 Control room pot for 6000                EACH          10.86
SCF-DM1106            Pot Alps 16mm 100KC Rev. Semilog X2                                 EACH          27.00
SCF-DM1109            Pot Alps 16mm 5KRD Rev-Logx2                                        EACH          28.61
SCF-DM1123            Pot Alps 16mm 20KA Log                                              EACH          12.47
SCF-DM1129            Pot Alps 5KRD Rev Logx211mm                                         EACH            2.09
SCF-DM1130            Pot Alps 20KK 11mm                                                  EACH            2.63
SCF-DM1131            Pot Alps 20KB C/D 11mm                                              EACH            2.38
SCF-DM1132            Pot Alps 200KC 11mm                                                 EACH            4.40
SCF-DM1133            Pot Alps 20KBx2 C/D 14mm                                            EACH          16.74
SCF-DM1134            Pot Alps 20KKx2 14mm                                                EACH            4.57
SCF-DM1136            Pot Alps 11mm 5KE                                                   EACH          17.56
SCF-DM1137            Pot Alps 11mm 10KAC Spirit Live 4 2 Pan pot                         EACH            5.16
SCF-DM1142            Pot Alps 9mm(SB)10k Lin C/D                                         EACH            5.18
SCF-DM1154            Pot 2 x 100K RLG                                                    EACH            6.92
SCF-DM1165            Gain Pot 2x5krd Delta Theatre                                       EACH          14.46
SCF-DM1197            Pot                                                                 EACH          13.20
SCF-DM1198            Pot                                                                 EACH            6.63
SCF-DM1200            Pot 20KK Dual Use DM1223                                            EACH          26.06
SCF-DM1201            Pot                                                                 EACH            9.98
SCF-DM1206            Pot                                                                 EACH          10.99
SCF-DM1213            Pot 10KK Dual Racpac                                                EACH            7.35
SCF-DM1216            Pot 100KC X2 + 10KB CD SM12 Series 5                                EACH          18.92
SCF-DM1219            Pot Alps 9mm Vert(Shrt-D)5krd                                       EACH            3.55
SCF-DM1220            Pot Alps 9mm Vert(Shrt-D)20KB C/D                                   EACH            3.94
SCF-DM1221            Pot                                                                 EACH            4.42
SCF-DM1223            Pot Alps Vert SwtPCB 20KK Dual Rep DM1200 Folio 12/2                EACH            5.62
SCF-DM1226            Pot 12mm 5KRD Dual Folio Lite                                       EACH          17.63
SCF-DM1228            Pot 12mm 10KA / 10KC C/DS Dual Folio Lite                           EACH          18.79

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 73 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-DM1230            10KD Dual Pot Stereo Folio Lite Head Phone                          EACH          17.63
SCF-DM1235            Pot 10KRD / B Dual 12mm Gain Orginal Power station FX16 Gain pot    EACH            5.31
SCF-DM1236            Pot                                                                 EACH            5.88
SCF-DM1238            PAN 12mm 10ka/ 10KC C/D Dual POT                                    EACH            5.31
SCF-DM1239            Pot                                                                 EACH          13.75
SCF-DM1240            Pot 10KU Dual                                                       EACH          14.19
SCF-DM1244            Pot                                                                 EACH          14.19
SCF-DM1245            Pan 9mm 20KU Single Collared Pot                                    EACH            2.37
SCF-DM1247            Pot 14mm 2 x 5krd                                                   EACH          15.47
SCF-DM1248            Pot Alps 9mm Vrt Short-D 10KKY2 Col                                 EACH          13.43
SCF-DM1250            Pot Alps 9mm Vrt Short-D 20KB Cd Col                                EACH            4.21
SCF-DM1251            Pot Alps 9mm Vrt Short-D 20KK Col                                   EACH            1.77
SCF-DM1274            Pot Alps Ultra + Mic Gain Spirit live 4 MK2                         EACH            4.92
SCF-DM1285            Input gain pot for Spirit Folio F1 Obselete Use SCF-DM1326          EACH            7.33
SCF-DM1287            Pot 20KB                                                            EACH            9.04
SCF-DM1292            Pot 20KU 12mm Control room Pot Ghost                                EACH            5.10
SCF-DM1295            Pot Alps 9mm Vrt Short-D 10kw Col                                   EACH          12.81
SCF-DM1296            Pot 5KC Stereo Gain Folio SX                                        EACH          12.81
SCF-DM1307            Pot Alps 12mm 5KD Dual L/Sht                                        EACH            5.06
SCF-DM1322            Pot Alps 14mm Vert 10AC C/D                                         EACH            9.26
SCF-DM1325            Pot Alps 14mm Vert 20KWx2 High/D                                    EACH            9.70
SCF-DM1326            Pot Alps 14mm Vert 10K.4.5KB High/D, Inpt Gn for F1 FX8             EACH            5.49
SCF-DM1327            Pot Alps 14mm Vert 5KCx2 High/D                                     EACH            4.04
SCF-DM1328            Pot Alps 14mm 10K Special 4.5k Pot LX7 Gain                         EACH            4.91
SCF-DM1330            Pot Aux master 47K Log Spirit Live 4.2                              EACH            2.64
SCF-DM1352            Pot Alps 12mm 10Ka X 10KC CD Pan pot for Series Two                 EACH            3.85
SCF-DM1379            Pot Alps 11mm 10K rd Rev log M Series                               EACH            4.11
SCF-DM1400            POT ALPS 11MM 10KRD MIC LX7 MKII GB4                                EACH            7.04
SCF-DM1418            Pot UREI 1620                                                       EACH            2.90
SCF-DM1419            Pot UREI 1620                                                       EACH          29.04
SCF-DM1420            Pot ALPS URIE 1620                                                  EACH          19.73
SCF-DM1421            Pot ALPS 20KKx2 14mm GB8                                            EACH            2.90
SCF-DM1437            Booth Level Pot UREI 1603                                           EACH            3.47
SCF-DZ2229            Relay Powerstation O/P                                              EACH         124.46
SCF-DZ2247            5 pin relay Powerstaion 600                                         EACH          18.85
SCF-FA0114            40 way IDC socket Desk Loom for spirit live K2                      EACH          44.51
SCF-FA0155            10wy Connector GB8                                                  EACH          10.55
SCF-FF0614            Conn Honda .1 2wy Jumper Gold                                       EACH            5.21
SCF-FF0822            FFC 15WY Vert 1.25 FML HDR Series 5 LH PCB connector                EACH            3.87
SCF-FF0825            FFC 15WY R/A 1.25 FML HDR Series 5 RH PCB connector                 EACH            5.02
SCF-FF1019            8 way 2mm male header                                               EACH            0.69
SCF-FF1021            10 way 2mm male header                                              EACH            0.46
SCF-FF1022            12 way 2mm male header                                              EACH            1.69
SCF-FH0703            Headphone Socket K2                                                 EACH          61.16
SCF-FH0717            Conn Jack Skt Ster PCB Mnt                                          EACH          12.86
SCF-FH0733            Conn Jack Skt Mono/Brk 112A/PC                                      EACH          33.54
SCF-FH0734            Conn Jack Skt Str/Brk Mtl 114B/PC K3                                EACH          33.68

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 74 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-FH0738            Conn Jack Ntrk Stereo Plug Mtl                                     EACH          89.81
SCF-FH0743            Conn Jack Skt Stereo Break M203.02 Live 4 headphone                EACH            5.54
SCF-FH0744            Conn Jack Skt M200.02 Stereo                                       EACH            6.38
SCF-FH0745            Nut Jack Socket also BSS                                           EACH            0.57
SCF-FH0751            Jack Collar / Sleeve                                               EACH            2.88
SCF-FH0753            Conn Bantam Jack Socket                                            EACH          36.87
SCF-FH0755            Conn Quad RCA Jacks FX8                                            EACH          16.30
SCF-FH0757            Conn 6.5mm Jack Skt Stereo Break                                   EACH            5.58
SCF-FH0759            Conn 6.5mm Jack Socket Stereo                                      EACH          17.63
SCF-FH0760            Conn Rean Slim Jack also BSS                                       EACH            7.93
SCF-FH0763            Conn Jack Socket Stereo Replaces FH0748 FX8 Racpac Aux Only        EACH            5.64
SCF-FH0764            Conn Jack Socket Stereo Break Replaces FH0749 FX8                  EACH            6.78
SCF-FH0765            Conn Jack Socket Cap FH0763 / FH0764                               EACH            0.32
SCF-FH0770            RCA Connector Folio Notepad                                        EACH            7.53
SCF-FH0773            Conn Jack Socket Stereo Headphone FX16 Series Two Aux              EACH            5.96
SCF-FH0780            Conn Jack Socket Stereo Break                                      EACH            9.94
SCF-FH0783            Jack Socket Stereo/ BRK Nylon Bush FX8                             EACH          14.78
SCF-FH0786            Conn Jack Socket Stereo Break OPT FH0774                           EACH            5.78
SCF-FH0787            Conn Jack Skt Str Bzl+9mm Chrm Replaces FH0741                     EACH            8.15
SCF-FH0789            Conn Jack Gold Skt Str Bzl+ 9mm chrome K3                          EACH          10.35
SCF-FH0808            Stereo Jack Socket MFX Mixer                                       EACH            2.57
SCF-FH10004           XLR Combo Connector Gigrac 1000                                    EACH          19.40
SCF-FJ0817            Conn 10wy Ml Pnl Mnt                                               EACH          82.22
SCF-FJ0818            Conn 10wy Fml Cbl                                                  EACH         158.70
SCF-FJ0820            Conn 5wy Cable Mount Socket DCP125                                 EACH         124.57
SCF-FJ0827            Conn 16wy Pnl Mnt Ml                                               EACH          84.70
SCF-FJ0828            Conn 16wy Cbl Mnt Fml                                              EACH         341.34
SCF-FJ0829            Conn 16wy Cbl Mnt Ml                                               EACH         175.88
SCF-FJ0846            Conn 5wy Panel Mount 45 Deg                                        EACH         102.84
SCF-FJ0850            Conn 3 Pole Power new part no. FJ0861                              EACH          11.16
SCF-FJ0861            Conn 3 Pole Power Ltchng Spirit Folio OPN FJ0850 FX8 FX16          EACH          10.63
SCF-FJ8021            Conn IEC Mains Inlet PowerStation (Original) Replaces FJ0845       EACH          84.02
SCF-FJ8029            Conn IEC Mains Inlet 10A CPS800                                    EACH          47.89
SCF-FJ8055            Fuse Cap for FJ8029 CPS800                                         EACH          21.02
SCF-FK0793            XLR 3WAY ML R/A LH PC Mount For Soundcraft K3                      EACH          16.46
SCF-FK0952            Conn XLR Fml NC3FPRHO                                              EACH          11.14
SCF-FK0953            Conn XLR Ml NC3MPRH                                                EACH          26.39
SCF-FK0960            Conn Neutrik Socket PCB                                            EACH          10.64
SCF-FK0967            XLR Con FML Neutrik vert LX7                                       EACH            8.81
SCF-FK0969            Conn XLR Female                                                    EACH          15.91
SCF-FK0970            Conn XLR A-Srs Plastic Male Pin 1 Ground                           EACH          15.91
SCF-FK0972            XLR 3 way Female R/A pcb mnt + latch K3                            EACH          16.46
SCF-FK0974            Conn XLR 3wy Fml PC Mount Ltch                                     EACH          18.96
SCF-FK0975            XLR 3wy ML R/A PC MNT BSS-FK0975                                   EACH            8.39
SCF-FK0976            Speakon Connector Powerstation                                     EACH          38.70
SCF-FK0977            Conn XLR Fml RA                                                    EACH            7.08
SCF-FK0984            Conn XLR 3wy Fml PCB Vert Grnd                                     EACH          20.57

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 75 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-FK0988            Conn XLR 3wy Female                                                 EACH            7.24
SCF-FX0003            Toshiba Torx 173 Toslink                                            EACH          45.66
SCF-FX0004            Toshiba Torx 173 Toslink T                                          EACH          43.04
SCF-FZ8002            Dual Binding Post Powerstation 350                                  EACH          14.17
SCF-HA0037            AES/EBU TX PE65612                                                  EACH          36.19
SCF-HB0136            Xfmr Small PSU Mains D8350/5 On Trans T2950F                        EACH         389.13
SCF-HB0167            Power Supply Unit Folio 4 FX16 Folio RacPac & D-Mix 500;240v        EACH         165.00
SCF-HB0169            PSU Folio 4 Racpac 220VAC European                                  EACH         154.00
SCF-HB0184            Power Supply for Folio Lite OPN HB8050                              EACH         154.00
SCF-HB10062           Power Supply for Compact 10                                         EACH          88.00
SCF-HB10068           Power Supply for Compact 4                                          EACH          88.00
SCF-HB8002            Xfmr Powerstation                                                   EACH       1,136.71
SCF-HB8005            Xfmr DCP125 PSU CPS150                                              EACH         213.91
SCF-HB8006            Xfmr To Suit DCP125                                                 EACH       1,482.25
SCF-HB8028            Xfmr Mains Absolute 4P                                              EACH         195.09
SCF-HB8032            Xfmr LX7 Mains                                                      EACH         350.38
SCF-HB8035            Xfmr Folio Power Pad Mains                                          EACH         144.37
SCF-HB8039            Xfmr Toroidial LX7                                                  EACH         497.11
SCF-HB8040            Xfmr Toroidial CPS800 TX 1ss5                                       EACH         497.11
SCF-HB8041            Xfmr Powerstation Toroidial 1200                                    EACH         995.15
SCF-HB8053            PSU Folio:aka HB8020 Folio F1;Folio Sx Large Flat 3 pin connector   EACH         128.33
SCF-HD0002            Fan 80x80X25MM 12VDC Sanyo For Power Station 1200                   EACH          34.83
SCF-HD0003            Fan 120mm 12VDC 0.45A Sanyo                                         EACH         414.15
SCF-HD0011            Fan 60X60X15mm 24V Folio Powerpad OPN HD0010                        EACH          73.13
SCF-HE0005            LF Driver 165mm Absolute 2                                          EACH         201.89
SCF-HE0007            Tweeter 25mm Absolute Zero                                          EACH          48.12
SCF-HE0010            Tweeter 25mm Absolute 4P                                            EACH         115.50
SCF-HE0011            LF Driver 170mm Absolute 4P                                         EACH         365.75
SCF-JA0034            LED T1 3/4 5mm LED Green                                            EACH            3.99
SCF-JA0042            LED T1 3mm Superbright Green JA0101                                 EACH            1.00
SCF-JA0058            LED T1 3mm Superbright Green Prf Short                              EACH            3.27
SCF-JA0059            LED T1 3mm Superbright Green Prf Long                               EACH            3.43
SCF-JA0060            LED T1 3mm Superbright Red new part no. JA0041                      EACH            2.49
SCF-JA0061            LED T1 3mm Superbright Red Prf Long                                 EACH            3.43
SCF-JA0063            LED T1 3mm Superbright Amber Prf Long                               EACH            3.27
SCF-JA0070            LED Red SM20 Mute all                                               EACH            8.03
SCF-JA0100            LED 3mm Red                                                         EACH            1.95
SCF-JA0107            LED 3mm Green                                                       EACH            2.59
SCF-JA0128            LED 3mm Yellow                                                      EACH            3.43
SCF-JA10027           Blue LED Gigrac                                                     EACH            3.25
SCF-JB0125            Bulb T1 .5 5mm Wedge Lamp 24V .04A                                  EACH          10.47
SCF-JB0140            Bulb 9 Volt 2LX Mtr Series 1600                                     EACH          12.79
SCF-JD0319            Meter VU 2L/X                                                       EACH         415.02
SCF-JD0384            Meter VU R730 Buff Trans Scale MH4 Group VU                         EACH         227.47
SCF-JD0385            Meter VU R60B Buff Trans Scale                                      EACH         198.14
SCF-JD0393            Bulb,VU Meter RM100 RM105 RM1D                                      EACH          24.95
SCF-JZ2230            Spacer for Gigrac Blue LED                                          EACH            0.28

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 76 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-KA0013            Knob P&G 1120 Fdr Knob 15mm                                         EACH          28.72
SCF-KA0014            Knob P&G 1120 Fdr 11mm Red                                          EACH          28.72
SCF-KA0018            Knob Ruwido Fader Grey                                              EACH            5.60
SCF-KA0021            Knob P&G 1020 Fdr 11mm Use KA0232                                   EACH          18.49
SCF-KA0029            Knob Yellow Fdr                                                     EACH            7.21
SCF-KA0030            Knob Rean 11mm/Line 4mm Brn                                         EACH            5.32
SCF-KA00314           Grey Knob Top MH4                                                   EACH            2.30
SCF-KA0041            Knob Alps SA012C Fdr Blue                                           EACH            7.21
SCF-KA0045            Knob 12.5mm PushOn Gry/BlkCap                                       EACH            6.65
SCF-KA0046            Knob 12.5mm PushOn Gry/BluCap                                       EACH            6.65
SCF-KA0047            Knob 12.5mm PushOn Gry/GryCap                                       EACH            6.98
SCF-KA0048            Knob 12.5mm PushOn Gry/RedCap                                       EACH            6.98
SCF-KA0049            Knob 12.5mm PushOn Gry/YlwCap                                       EACH            6.65
SCF-KA0052            Knob 14mm PushOn Gry/Blk Cap                                        EACH            6.15
SCF-KA0053            Knob 14mm PushOn Gry/BlueCap                                        EACH            5.96
SCF-KA0054            Knob 14mm PushOn Gry/Grn Cap                                        EACH            6.15
SCF-KA0056            Knob 14mm PushOn Gry/Red Cap S200b Gain knob                        EACH            6.15
SCF-KA0057            Knob 14mm PushOn Gry/Yell Cap                                       EACH            5.96
SCF-KA0058            Knob 14mm PushOn Gry/Gry Cap                                        EACH            6.15
SCF-KA0063            Knob Sifam Low Profile Fdr Red                                      EACH            3.23
SCF-KA0066            Knob Sifam Low Prfle Fdr Yel-1                                      EACH            3.19
SCF-KA0067            Knob Sifam Low Profle Fdr BL-193                                    EACH            3.19
SCF-KA0081            Knob Rean PushOn L/Gry-Blue                                         EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0083            Knob Rean PushOn D/Gry-Blk                                          EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0084            Knob Rean PushOn D/Gry Grey                                         EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0087            Knob Sifam PushOn D/Gry-Red replaces KA0080                         EACH            1.21
SCF-KA0089            Knob Sifam PushOn D/Grey-Yel OLD PTN KA0082                         EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0090            Knob Sifam PushOn D/Gry-Blk                                         EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0091            Knob Sifam PushOn D/Gry-Grey                                        EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0092            Knob Sifam PushOn                                                   EACH            1.16
SCF-KA0093            Knob Sifam PushOn D/Gry-Grn                                         EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0097            Knob Fader Blue Or Use KA0226                                       EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0103            Grey EQ Knob Series 5 VENUE II                                      EACH            1.99
SCF-KA0114            GREY KNOB WITH RED CAP VENUE II                                     EACH            2.46
SCF-KA0116            GREY KNOB WITH BLUE CAP VENUE II                                    EACH            2.46
SCF-KA0117            Yellow Pot Knob VENUE II                                            EACH            2.46
SCF-KA0141            Knob Fader Red                                                      EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0142            Knob Fader Yellow                                                   EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0149            pot knob light grey Red for folio 10/2 old style                    EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0150            pot knob light grey Grey top For folio 10/2 old style               EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0151            pot knob light grey with black For Folio 10/2 old style             EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0152            pot knob light grey, blue top for Folio 10/2 old style              EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0153            pot knob light grey, yellow top for folio 10/2 old style            EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0182            Knob Lte Gry Blue Cap Use KA0247                                    EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0188            Knob 10mm D/C Upper Grey SM12                                       EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0207            Knob Pot                                                            EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0213            Knob Folio Lite Pot Red                                             EACH            5.32

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 77 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-KA0214            Knob Folio Lite Pot Grey                                           EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0216            Knob Folio Lite Pot Yellow                                         EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0217            Knob Folio Lite Fdr White                                          EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0219            Knob Folio Lite Fdr Red                                            EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0226            Knob Fader Blue Folio F1 Use KA0097                                EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0227            Knob Fader Red Replaces KA0136                                     EACH            1.31
SCF-KA0228            Knob Fader White F1 Replaces KA0079 and KA0201                     EACH            1.31
SCF-KA0229            Knob Fader Blue T-bar                                              EACH            0.69
SCF-KA0230            Knob Fader Grey / Black Line T-bar                                 EACH            1.57
SCF-KA0231            Knob Red Fader T-bar                                               EACH            1.50
SCF-KA0232            Knob Fader White T-bar K1                                          EACH            0.70
SCF-KA0233            Knob Fader Yellow T-bar                                            EACH            1.85
SCF-KA0234            Knob Fader Yellow Folio F1                                         EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0235            Knob Red Top                                                       EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0236            Knob Yellow Top                                                    EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0237            Knob Grey Black Top                                                EACH          10.37
SCF-KA0238            Knob Grey Top                                                      EACH            1.89
SCF-KA0239            Knob 11mm Aqua                                                     EACH            1.99
SCF-KA0241            Knob Fader Green                                                   EACH            1.55
SCF-KA0242            Knob Blue Top                                                      EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0243            Replacing KA0178 Green Top RACPAC                                  EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0244            Knob Grey Red Top Replaces KA0179 RACPAC                           EACH            7.75
SCF-KA0245            Knob Grey lte Grey Top Replaces KA0180 RACPAC                      EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0246            Knob Grey Black Top Replaces KA0181 RACPAC                         EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0247            Knob Grey Blue Top Replaces KA0182 RACPAC                          EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0248            Knob Grey Yellow Top Replaces KA0183 RACPAC                        EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0249            Knob Grey Red Cap                                                  EACH            1.11
SCF-KA0250            Knob Grey Yellow Cap                                               EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0251            Knob Grey Blue Cap                                                 EACH            1.06
SCF-KA0252            Knob Grey Grey Cap                                                 EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0253            Knob Grey Blackcap                                                 EACH            5.58
SCF-KA0254            Knob Grey Green Cap                                                EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0261            Knob Grey Mini EQ                                                  EACH            5.32
SCF-KA0266            Knob Dark Grey Red Line                                            EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0267            Knob Dark Grey Grey Line                                           EACH            0.81
SCF-KA0268            Knob Dark Grey Black Line                                          EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0269            Knob Dark Grey Green Line                                          EACH            0.85
SCF-KA0270            Knob Dark Grey Blue Line                                           EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0271            Knob Dark Grey Yellow Line                                         EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0272            Knob Dark Grey Red Line for spirit folio RW 5352                   EACH            1.11
SCF-KA0273            Knob Dark Grey yellow Line for spirit folio RW 5352                EACH            1.16
SCF-KA0274            Knob Dark Grey blue Line for spirit folio RW 5352                  EACH            1.12
SCF-KA0275            Knob Dark Grey grey Line for spirit folio RW 5352                  EACH            1.11
SCF-KA0280            Knob 11mm Red Ptr Grey                                             EACH            7.71
SCF-KA0282            Knob 11mm Black Ptr Grey                                           EACH            7.71
SCF-KA0298            Knob Pot Grey Red Cap Folio F1 Sx                                  EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0299            Knob Pot Grey Grey Cap Folio F1 Sx                                 EACH            0.97

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 78 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-KA0300            Knob Pot Grey Black Cap Folio F1 Sx                                EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0301            Knob Pot Grey Green Cap Folio F1 Sx                                EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0302            Knob Pot Grey Blue Cap Folio F1 Sx                                 EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0303            Knob Pot Grey Yellow Cap Folio F1 Sx                               EACH            0.97
SCF-KA0310            9.8mm D/C upper grey / grey knob series 5                          EACH            2.30
SCF-KA0314            9.8mm D/C upper Grey / Black knob series 5                         EACH            5.11
SCF-KA0320            Knob 14mm D/C Base Grey/Black Top Series 5                         EACH            2.34
SCF-KA0323            Rotary Knob                                                        EACH            5.62
SCF-KA0325            Knob Pot 90 Deg Red LX7 Gain Knob Spirit Sxl                       EACH            1.02
SCF-KA0334            Green Knob Top MH4                                                 EACH            2.30
SCF-KA0337            Green Knob Base MH4                                                EACH            1.69
SCF-KA0343            Knob Series 5 Light Blue white line                                EACH            1.62
SCF-KA0344            Knob Series 5 Dark Blue white line                                 EACH            1.74
SCF-KA0345            Knob Series 5 RED, white line                                      EACH            1.66
SCF-KA0346            Fader Knob White Black Line Series 2                               EACH            1.66
SCF-KA0347            Knob Series 5 yellow, white line                                   EACH            1.74
SCF-KA0348            Knob Series 5 Black, white lin                                     EACH            1.69
SCF-KA0349            Knob Series 5 green, white line                                    EACH            1.74
SCF-KA0351            Knob Series 5 Grey, white line                                     EACH            1.74
SCF-KA0354            Knob Fx Encoder Power station 600                                  EACH            2.63
SCF-KA0355            Knob Fx Encoder White Line Power Station 600                       EACH            3.87
SCF-KA0373            11mm Knob Grey / Red Series 2                                      EACH            1.39
SCF-KA0374            11mm Knob Grey / Grey Series 2                                     EACH            1.39
SCF-KA0375            11mm Knob Grey / Black Series 2                                    EACH            1.39
SCF-KA0376            11mm Knob Grey / Green Series 2                                    EACH            1.39
SCF-KA0377            11mm Knob Grey / Blue Series 2                                     EACH            1.39
SCF-KA0378            11mm Knob Grey / Yellow Series 2                                   EACH            1.39
SCF-KA0399            Rean Pot Knob P930 Grey M Series                                   EACH            0.53
SCF-KA0400            Rean Pot Knob P930 Red M Series                                    EACH            0.53
SCF-KA0401            Rean Pot Knob P930 Blue M Series                                   EACH            0.51
SCF-KA0402            Rean Pot Knob P930 Green M Series                                  EACH            0.51
SCF-KA0403            Rean Pot Knob P930 Yellow M Series                                 EACH            0.53
SCF-KA0404            Rean Pot Knob P930 Black M Series                                  EACH            0.53
SCF-KA0406            11mm FDR Knob DK Blue W/White Line M Series                        EACH            1.23
SCF-KA0407            11mm FDR Knob yellow W/Black Line M Series                         EACH            1.23
SCF-KA0408            11mm FDR Knob white W/Black Line M Series                          EACH            1.03
SCF-KA0420            Knob White LX7 II                                                  EACH            0.77
SCF-KA0424            Fader Knob BLack w/ Whitel Lin E series                            EACH            0.75
SCF-KA0425            Light Blue Rotary Knob                                             EACH            0.32
SCF-KA0435            Knob 2 part White LX7 II                                           EACH            0.92
SCF-KA0439            Knob 10mm Grey/Green Top GB8                                       EACH            2.54
SCF-KA0440            Knob 10mm Grey / Red Top GB8                                       EACH            2.77
SCF-KA0441            Knob 10mm Grey/White Top GB8                                       EACH            4.62
SCF-KA0444            Knob 10mm Grey/Lt BLue Top GB8                                     EACH            2.54
SCF-KA0451            Knob 10mm Red rotary knob EPM                                      EACH            0.46
SCF-KA0452            Knob 10mm Black Rotary Knob EPM                                    EACH            0.46
SCF-KA0453            Knob 10mm White Rotary Knob EPM                                    EACH            0.46

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 79 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-KA0455            Knob 10mm DK/Grey Body Blue To                                     EACH            0.46
SCF-KA0457            Knob 10mm Yellow Rotary Knob EPM                                   EACH            0.46
SCF-KA0460            Knob 10mm Dk. Grey/Lt Grey Top GB8                                 EACH            2.54
SCF-KA10033           Knob UREI 1620                                                     EACH         104.21
SCF-KA10034           Knob UREI 1620                                                     EACH          90.13
SCF-KA10035           Knob UREI 1620                                                     EACH          89.54
SCF-KA10036           Knob UREI 1620                                                     EACH          75.61
SCF-KA108             yellow Gain Pot Knob VENUE II                                      EACH            2.35
SCF-KB0235            Button Schadow L Grey-Blank                                        EACH            6.15
SCF-KB0253            Button Schadow L Grey-5 6                                          EACH            4.66
SCF-KB0618            Button SUJ Lt Grey-ON                                              EACH            6.45
SCF-KB0623            Button SUJ Lt Grey-PFL                                             EACH            6.45
SCF-KB0846            Button AFL                                                         EACH            5.24
SCF-KB0847            Button Illum Push L/Grey-PFL Venue II                              EACH            5.24
SCF-KB0848            On Switch Cap Venue II                                             EACH            5.21
SCF-KB0862            EQ Push Button                                                     EACH            5.06
SCF-KB0872            Mix RH Switch Cap Venue II                                         EACH            3.52
SCF-KB0876            Pan Switch Cap Venue II                                            EACH            5.06
SCF-KB0886            No 1 Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            4.99
SCF-KB0887            No 2 Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            4.99
SCF-KB0888            No 3 Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            4.99
SCF-KB0889            No 4 Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            4.99
SCF-KB0890            No 5 Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            4.99
SCF-KB0891            No 6 Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            4.99
SCF-KB0892            No 7 Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            4.99
SCF-KB0893            No 8 Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            4.99
SCF-KB0938            All Switch Cap Venue II                                            EACH            3.52
SCF-KB0941            Phase Switch Cap Venue II                                          EACH            3.52
SCF-KB0942            Button SUJ Clearance L/GRY 1-2 Venue II                            EACH            3.47
SCF-KB0943            Button SUJ Clearance L/GRY 3-4 Venue II                            EACH            3.47
SCF-KB0944            Button SUJ Clearance L/GRY 5-6 Venue II                            EACH            3.47
SCF-KB0945            Button SUJ Clearance L/GRY 7-8 Venue II                            EACH            3.47
SCF-KB0946            Btn SUJ Clearance L/GRY 2TRK Venue II                              EACH            3.37
SCF-KB0951            Line Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            3.52
SCF-KB0952            Button SUJ Clearance L/GRY MIX                                     EACH            3.47
SCF-KB0954            Button SUJ Clearance L/GRY ON                                      EACH            3.52
SCF-KB0955            Button SUJ Clearance L/GRY RET                                     EACH            3.52
SCF-KB1081            LH Mix Switch Cap Venue II                                         EACH            5.13
SCF-KB1244            STE Switch Cap Venue II                                            EACH            3.52
SCF-KB1245            "M1" Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            5.13
SCF-KB1246            "M2" Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            5.13
SCF-KB1247            "M3" Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            5.13
SCF-KB1248            "M4" Switch Cap Venue II                                           EACH            5.13
SCF-KB1249            PFL LH Switch Cap Venue II                                         EACH            5.13
SCF-KB1562            button SUJ LH + 48V L/Gry Venue II                                 EACH            4.25
SCF-KB1563            button SUJ LH Hi-Pass L/Gry Venue II                               EACH            4.25
SCF-KB1564            button SUJ LH PRE L/Gry Venue II                                   EACH            4.25

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 80 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-KB1567            button SUJ RH "Safe" L/Gry Venue II                                EACH            4.25
SCF-KB1573            button SUJ RH "Dir" L/Gry Venue II                                 EACH            4.25
SCF-KB1624            Button Folio Blank Grey                                            EACH            3.55
SCF-KB1797            Oval Cap Light Grey LX7                                            EACH            0.44
SCF-KB1798            Spirit 8 Purple Switch Cap, LX7                                    EACH            3.55
SCF-KB1813            Button 3-4                                                         EACH            3.99
SCF-KB1973            Button Sifam Illum Push                                            EACH          13.47
SCF-KB2057            Switch Cap Folio SX Grey FX16                                      EACH            0.60
SCF-KB2058            Switch Cap Folio SX Purple                                         EACH            3.55
SCF-KB2122            Knob "Cut" K2                                                      EACH            4.24
SCF-KB2165            Elipse Knob Spirit Digital 328                                     EACH            1.32
SCF-KB2166            Square Knob Spirit Digital 328                                     EACH            1.76
SCF-KB2237            Diffuser Myma Mute                                                 EACH            5.04
SCF-KB2262            PSU Switch Cap                                                     EACH            1.19
SCF-KB2266            Ellispe Grey Cap M8 M12                                            EACH            0.66
SCF-KC0220            Knob Cap D6 Snap Green                                             EACH            3.99
SCF-KC0221            Knob Cap D6 Snap Red                                               EACH            3.99
SCF-KC0230            Knob Cap Rean 11mm Black                                           EACH            1.05
SCF-KC0231            Knob Cap Rean 11mm Blue                                            EACH            1.05
SCF-KC0232            Knob Cap Rean 11mm Green                                           EACH            1.05
SCF-KC0233            Knob Cap Rean 11mm Grey                                            EACH            1.05
SCF-KC0234            Knob Cap Rean 11mm Orange                                          EACH            1.05
SCF-KC0236            Knob Cap Rean 11mm Yellow                                          EACH            1.05
SCF-KD0306            Knob P150 Yellow                                                   EACH            1.61
SCF-LC0243            Cable Ribbon 15wy 80mm Long Series 5                               EACH            5.62
SCF-LC0252            Cable Ribbon                                                       EACH          62.43
SCF-LC0253            Cable Ribbon                                                       EACH          66.64
SCF-M-S2010A-1.0      IC1001( PROGRAMME PIC)                                             EACH          29.77
SCF-NA0120            Screw                                                              EACH            1.50
SCF-NA0190            Screw also BSS                                                     EACH            0.55
SCF-NA0255            Pan pozi screw (black) Venue II                                    EACH            0.29
SCF-NA0256            Screw                                                              EACH            0.15
SCF-NA0283            Screw                                                              EACH            1.16
SCF-NA0328            Screw                                                              EACH            1.00
SCF-NA0337            Screw                                                              EACH            0.28
SCF-NB0157            Nut 9mm Pot Locking Moulded                                        EACH            2.22
SCF-NB0168            Barbed Nut                                                         EACH            1.01
SCF-NC0231            Washer                                                             EACH            0.40
SCF-NC0265            Washer Plastic                                                     EACH            1.69
SCF-ND0395            Standoff Black                                                     EACH            4.60
SCF-ND0398            Standoff                                                           EACH            1.11
SCF-ND0416            Standoff                                                           EACH            4.16
SCF-NZ2315            Plastic Pins                                                       EACH            2.42
SCF-P-S2006A-04       Left Hand End CHeek M12                                            EACH          21.40
SCF-P-S2006B-04       Right Hand End CHeek M12                                           EACH          21.40
SCF-P-S2010R-03       Shoulder Strap Gigrac                                              EACH          42.12
SCF-P0008-01          Transformer SMPS GB4/Reno GB4                                      EACH          33.57

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 81 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-P0151-06          Front Panel Urei 1620                                               EACH         105.38
SCF-P0202-03          Side Moulding Urei 1601                                             EACH          11.78
SCF-P0203-01          Extrusion Urei 1601                                                 EACH          11.78
SCF-P0204-03          Front Panel Urei 1601s                                              EACH          16.71
SCF-P0553-02          Metal Side Plate Left Urie 1603                                     EACH          27.87
SCF-P0743-03          Rack Ear Right GB2R                                                 EACH         120.12
SCF-P0744-03          Rack Ear Left GB2R                                                  EACH         120.12
SCF-PC1310-02         Metal Back Plate                                                    EACH         213.44
SCF-PC1490-04         Fader Panel MH4 Stereo VCA                                          EACH       1,376.38
SCF-PE1019            Retaining Clip Was PP2828 K3                                        EACH            6.60
SCF-PE1487-01         Grey Trim Extrusion (affix ident strip) Venue II                    EACH          30.58
SCF-PE1719-02         Rack Extender for M4                                                EACH         123.20
SCF-PF0542-01         Front Panel For Spirit Power Station orginal                        EACH         656.39
SCF-PF0551-01         Side Plate left Spirit 8                                            EACH         125.74
SCF-PF0552-01         Side Plate Right Spirit 8                                           EACH         125.74
SCF-PJ1354-03         Front Panel RS5664 RM100 Stere                                      EACH         121.86
SCF-PJ1508-04         Front Panel CPS200                                                  EACH         842.67
SCF-PJ1512-01         Front Panel Master RM105                                            EACH         312.29
SCF-PK0948            Jumper 1-16 Ident Strip                                             EACH         196.65
SCF-PK1005            Jumper O/P Indent Strip                                             EACH         180.24
SCF-PK1014            Jumper 33-40 Ident Strip                                            EACH         163.88
SCF-PK2474-01         VU Meter Strip For Spirit 8-32                                      EACH       1,485.07
SCF-PK2520-01         Scribble Strip Series 5 Channel 1-24                                EACH         131.98
SCF-PK2525-01         Top Scribble Strip Series 5 Master L&R + VCA                        EACH         160.41
SCF-PM1200            Bracket                                                             EACH         481.88
SCF-PM1459-01         End Cheek K1 Right Hand                                             EACH          97.19
SCF-PM1461-01         End Cheek PwrStation Side LH                                        EACH          60.43
SCF-PM1462-01         End Cheek PwrStation Side RH                                        EACH          43.52
SCF-PM1476-01         Lid for PowerStation                                                EACH         111.86
SCF-PM1477-01         End Cheek Live 4 MKII Side LH Spirit                                EACH          49.90
SCF-PM1478-01         End Cheek Live 4 MKII Side RH Spirit                                EACH          49.90
SCF-PM1516-01         Left Side Cheek Spirit 8                                            EACH          75.58
SCF-PM1523-01         End Cheek K2 Right Hand                                             EACH         578.42
SCF-PM1532-02         Left Hand Cheek LX7                                                 EACH          45.90
SCF-PM1533-02         Right Hand Cheek LX7                                                EACH          45.96
SCF-PM1534-01         Armrest for a soundcraft                                            EACH          87.18
SCF-PM1567-01         Left Hand Side Cheek Folio F1                                       EACH          12.83
SCF-PM1568-01         Right Hand Side Cheek Folio F1                                      EACH          21.96
SCF-PM1571-01         Left Hand End Cap M12                                               EACH          24.87
SCF-PM1572-01         Right Hand End Cap M12                                              EACH            1.69
SCF-PP3257            Venue Ident Strip 1-24                                              EACH         121.69
SCF-PP3258            Venue Ident Strip 25-40                                             EACH         121.69
SCF-PP3259            Venue Ident Strip Group Matrix                                      EACH         122.47
SCF-PP3370            Ident Strip                                                         EACH         418.18
SCF-R-S2006A-05       Switchmode Power Supply E8 E12 ES                                   EACH         175.27
SCF-R-S2010B-04       Dual Amp Module Gigrac 1000ST                                       EACH       1,379.62
SCF-R-S2010CB-04      PSU Assy Gigrac 600                                                 EACH         399.62

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 82 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-R-S2011E03AF      Power Supply PCB LX7ii                                             EACH         247.50
SCF-R-S2017B-03       Power Supply for Gigrac 1000                                       EACH       1,374.52
SCF-R0047A-04-AF      Output Motherboard GB4 GB8                                         EACH         144.91
SCF-R0050A-04-AF      PSU Assy GB4 GB8                                                   EACH         606.13
SCF-R0110A-03AF       PCB DSP Urei 1601s                                                 EACH       1,228.61
SCF-R0166A-02-AF      PSU UREi-1601                                                      EACH         227.22
SCF-R0280A-03-AF      PCB DJ CHANNEL STRIP UREI 1603                                     EACH         180.25
SCF-R0307A-05-AF      Power Supply PCB Assy MPM20/2                                      EACH         167.20
SCF-R0355A-02-AF      PSU UREi-1603/5 RW5724                                             EACH         123.46
SCF-R0467A-01-AF      EPM POWER PCB ASSEMBLY                                             EACH         148.21
SCF-R0498A-04-AF      Lexicon PSU Assy FX16II                                            EACH         580.35
SCF-R0529A-01-AF      Lexicon FX PCB EFX                                                 EACH         269.88
SCF-R0531A-03-AF      Power Supply PCB MFX                                               EACH         231.23
SCF-R0531B-03-AF      Power Supply PCB EFX8 EFX12 Old PN R0307B-05-AF                    EACH         231.23
SCF-RA3249            PCB Assy Oscillator DC2000                                         EACH       1,053.75
SCF-RA3899            Lexicon & PSU FX16 RD3899                                          EACH         610.23
SCF-RB3251            PCB Assy DC2000 Mast Audio Mother Board                            EACH         686.18
SCF-RB3314            PCB Assy Lexicon Control PowerStation (Original)                   EACH         167.93
SCF-RB3831            Spirit Monitor 2 Input Module                                      EACH         220.37
SCF-RB3837            PCB Assy PSU LX7                                                   EACH         200.58
SCF-RB4113            Dual SPE Module RM1d                                               EACH       1,736.35
SCF-RB4224C           Dual VU meter plus LED'S PCB A                                     EACH         146.67
SCF-RC1306            Series 200 Input Module                                            EACH         416.77
SCF-RC1510            500/600 Stereo Module                                              EACH       1,372.97
SCF-RC2952            Spirit Live Input Module                                           EACH         103.53
SCF-RC2970            Spirit Studio Input                                                EACH         243.66
SCF-RC3005            Spirit Monitor Input Module                                        EACH         159.57
SCF-RC3006            Spirit Monitor Output Module                                       EACH         364.38
SCF-RC3242            DC2000 Input Card                                                  EACH         369.37
SCF-RC3243            PCB DC2000 Input Fader                                             EACH         363.19
SCF-RC3247            PCB Assy DC2000 Aux Master                                         EACH         956.23
SCF-RC3248            PCB Assy Fback Mstr&Studio O/P DC2000                              EACH       1,008.07
SCF-RC3250            PCB Assy DC2000 Control/Phones                                     EACH         668.05
SCF-RC3253            PCB Assy DC2000 Ctrl Grp Fdr                                       EACH         655.25
SCF-RC3254            PCB Assy DC2000 Master Fader                                       EACH         346.83
SCF-RC3642            Aux Master PCB Spirit 8                                            EACH         554.40
SCF-RC3845            Main PCB Board Power station                                       EACH       1,733.15
SCF-RC4184            +5V Reg PCB Assy For RM1D                                          EACH         195.21
SCF-RC4213CH          Mono Control Board MH3                                             EACH         261.73
SCF-RD3246            PCB DC2000 Group/StereoReturn                                      EACH         780.60
SCF-RD3255            PCB DC2000 PSU Dist                                                EACH       1,355.12
SCF-RD3307            PCB Assy Main CPU DC2000                                           EACH     17,777.28
SCF-RD3758            K2 Ster I/P PCB Assy                                               EACH         281.03
SCF-RD3847            Powerstation 350 Amp PCB                                           EACH       1,324.14
SCF-RD3948B           PE Module RM1d                                                     EACH       1,578.04
SCF-RF3792            Amplifier PCB Absolute 4P                                          EACH       1,040.66
SCF-RF3809            328 CPU v2.0 Crystal                                               EACH       2,331.18

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 83 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                                Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-RF3848            PCB Lexicon Powerstation 1200 600/1200                                     EACH         267.72
SCF-RF4105A           PSU PCB M4 M8 M12                                                          EACH         360.54
SCF-RH3529            Spirit Live 4 MK2 Input Module                                             EACH         194.19
SCF-RL4082ACH         Fader PCB MH3                                                              EACH         107.07
SCF-RS1426            6113 Module Mixer S6000                                                    EACH       3,097.71
SCF-RS2000            Passive Crossfader Assembly For D-MIX 300/500 Active no longer available   EACH          96.25
SCF-RS2010DB03AF      Mixer PCB Gigrac 600                                                       EACH         210.32
SCF-RS2193            Dual Aux Module MH4                                                        EACH       1,039.50
SCF-RS2210            328XD PSU                                                                  EACH       1,474.94
SCF-RS2332            Crossfader Assy Urei 1601s                                                 EACH         161.70
SCF-RS2432            Crossfader Assembly For 1603                                               EACH         170.94
SCF-RS4680            Crossfader Assembly For D-MIX 1000                                         EACH         161.70
SCF-RS5059            D223 Delta AVE Module Master                                               EACH       2,117.50
SCF-RS5060            D221 Delta AVE Module Mono Input                                           EACH         664.90
SCF-RS5061            D222 Delta AVE Module Stereo Input                                         EACH         902.06
SCF-RS5149            Venue II Module Input Mono                                                 EACH       1,038.06
SCF-RS5174            BVE100 Module Master                                                       EACH       2,772.00
SCF-RS5175            BVE100 Module Input Mono                                                   EACH         635.25
SCF-RS5353            Venue Theatre Module InputMono                                             EACH       1,482.85
SCF-RS5357            BVE100/BVE100s Module Input Stereo                                         EACH         866.25
SCF-RS5365            CPU Spirit Auto                                                            EACH         770.00
SCF-RS5387            BVE100 Module Input Stereo                                                 EACH         902.06
SCF-RS5555            BVE100S Module Master                                                      EACH       2,772.00
SCF-RS5946            Absolute 4P Amp 230v AS                                                    EACH       1,132.36
SCF-RS5988            328 PSU Assembly                                                           EACH       2,162.81
SCF-RU1759            MYMA Switch Wireform Assy                                                  EACH          46.05
SCF-RV1321            2102 Module Output Module 200B                                             EACH         228.78
SCF-RV2322            Loom Main Spirit Monitor                                                   EACH         275.07
SCF-RV2433            BVE 100 16 WAY MONITOR LOOM                                                EACH          10.49
SCF-RV2524            Power Supply Link Cable DC 8wy 8way SRC to 8way SRC                        EACH         231.00
SCF-RV2525            Power Supply Link Cbl DC 16way 16way SRC to 16way SRC                      EACH         346.50
SCF-RV2602            IEC Socket For DCP125                                                      EACH          37.47
SCF-RV3077            Power Supply Cable DC 10way 10m;10way SRC to 10way SRC For DC2020 EACH                  320.72
SCF-RV3185            Mother Loom LH K3 Ribbon                                          EACH                  314.93
SCF-RV3186            Mast / Group Mother Loom K3 Ribbon                                         EACH         100.48
SCF-RV3189            48CH RH Mother Loom K3 Ribbon                                              EACH         318.55
SCF-RV3221            Mother Looom Spirit Live 4/2 24ch                                          EACH         447.68
SCF-RV3222            Mother Loom Cable Assy Spirit Live 4/2 32Ch                                EACH         454.99
SCF-RV3224            Loom Live 8 24ch Mother Spirit                                             EACH         388.08
SCF-RV3225            Loom Live 8 32ch                                                           EACH         482.33
SCF-RV3261            Cable with 5 way Connector For CPS150                                      EACH         147.63
SCF-RV3324            Loom Live 3/2, 8ch                                                         EACH         103.95
SCF-RV3359            Mother Loom 40 channel Spirit 8                                            EACH         745.05
SCF-RV3705            Power Supply Link Cbl 19way 19way to 19way Socapex MH4                     EACH         519.75
SCF-RV3762            Cable Ribbon Ch 1-4 Input pcb to Mix console FX16                          EACH          63.58
SCF-RV3762-24-11      24 Way Loom Spirit FX 16                                                   EACH          63.58
SCF-RV4034            328 CPU Ribbon Cable                                                       EACH         220.46

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                  Page 84 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SCF-RV4353-210        Cable PSU to Mainboard MFX20/2                                      EACH            4.75
SCF-RX1106            Boot ROM IC For DC2000 version 3.5 Processor 3307                   EACH         293.33
SCF-RX1121-1.0        Eprom IC Gal for Lexicon PCB For FX16                               EACH          16.13
SCF-RZ2358            PCB Assy Lexicon Processor PowerStation (Original)                  EACH         780.43
SCF-RZ2628            D-Mix 500 Crossfader Assy Active                                    EACH         152.74
SCF-RZ2680            Parts Kit for Thermal Fuse Mod GB4 & GB8                            EACH          27.72
SCF-S-S2011A          LX7II Input PCB                                                     EACH         822.14
SCF-TZ2216            Dust Cover S2400 28ch                                               EACH         670.44
SCF-TZ2227            Dust Cover S200 8ch                                                 EACH         197.53
SCF-TZ2228            Dust Cover S200 16ch                                                EACH         223.92
SCF-TZ2240            Dust Cover S500/600 16ch                                            EACH         274.32
SCF-TZ2251            Dust Cover S200B 24ch                                               EACH         320.33
SCF-TZ2283            Dust Cover S200SR 32ch                                              EACH         342.40
SCF-TZ2315            Dust Cover Delta Frame 32ch                                         EACH         335.25
SCF-TZ2403            Dust Cover for Ghost 32/8/2                                         EACH         100.10
SCF-TZ2443            Dust Cover for MH3 - 32ch                                           EACH          93.11
SCF-XW0011            Recone Kit LF for Absolute 2                                        EACH          73.33
SCF-XW0021            Recone Kit HF for Absolute 2 New Style Post Jul 98                  EACH          55.00
SCF-ZD0308            Fuse Clip Bulgin                                                    EACH            3.99
SCF-ZD8011            Fuse Holder Schurter                                                EACH          13.71
SCF-ZD8012            Fuse Carrier Schurter                                               EACH          21.95
SCF-ZD8014            Fuse Holder Schurter CPS900                                         EACH          53.43
SCF-ZD8019            Fuse Holder/Carrier PCB 328                                         EACH            7.78
SCF-ZD8023            Fuse Holder 6.3A PCB MTG LX7 II EFX8                                EACH            8.47
SCF-ZE0423            22.579 MHz Crystal Powerstation                                     EACH            5.82
SCF-ZS8002            Fuse 5a SMD Absolute Series                                         EACH            4.71
SCF-ZZ2280            Bantam Cleaning Jack 3126 /03                                       EACH          45.24
SCF-ZZ2541            Feet Rubber                                                         EACH            4.01
SCF-ZZ2735            Pot Nut Tool                                                        EACH         382.43
SCF-ZZ2867            Foam Filter Small Powerstation                                      EACH            9.31
SHR-10313FH           Pot 20KB                                                            EACH            3.63
SHR-140A002           Crystal SMD 6.4 MHz                                                 EACH          22.48
SHR-140A005           Crystal                                                             EACH            6.16
SHR-140A09            Crystal 4MHz PLL SMT                                                EACH          12.51
SHR-140A12            Crystal 24Mhz PLL SMT                                               EACH          12.15
SHR-140A22            4.9152 MHz Crystal P4R                                              EACH          22.43
SHR-140A26            CRYSTAL QUARTZ SMD 16Mhz PG1 SLX1                                   EACH          20.39
SHR-140A30            Crstal UR1 UR4                                                      EACH          13.28
SHR-140A32            Crystal 4Mhz Resonator UR series                                    EACH            2.86
SHR-145BF1003         Res                                                                 EACH            0.77
SHR-146B02            Pot                                                                 EACH            2.72
SHR-150DB103KB        Capacitor                                                           EACH            0.77
SHR-150DB152JA        Capacitor                                                           EACH            0.77
SHR-150DF334KB        Capacitor                                                           EACH            0.95
SHR-150GC104KB        Capacitor SMD 0.1uF 16v 10% Mod. for PGX1 / SLX1                    EACH            0.91
SHR-150NA338BA        Cap 3.3pf SMD 603 ULX2                                              EACH            0.77
SHR-150NE188BA        Cap 1.8pf SMD 603 ULX2                                              EACH            0.77

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 85 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-151AD475KB        Capacitor                                                          EACH            2.08
SHR-151BF226KD        Capacitor,Electrolytic SMD,22uF,35V,10%                            EACH            2.95
SHR-152A04            TRIM CAPACIT SMD.65-2.5pF PG 1                                     EACH            7.25
SHR-152B01            Capacitor L2 Series                                                EACH            6.84
SHR-152D02            Capacitor Trim SMD 4.5 - 20 PF U4D                                 EACH            4.53
SHR-152E05            TRIM CAPACITOR SMD 3-15pF PG1                                      EACH            4.53
SHR-152H02            Capacitor                                                          EACH            7.98
SHR-155A09            Switch Rotary SP3T SMD U1                                          EACH          21.18
SHR-155A11            16 Position Group Switch for UC1                                   EACH          32.64
SHR-155A12            Switch,Dip,Rotary,SMD,16 Posit For PSM700                          EACH          23.08
SHR-155A16            Sealed SMT slide Switch For UP4                                    EACH            5.76
SHR-155A17            Switch Slide 2 position P2R                                        EACH          22.75
SHR-155A21            Pushbutton Switch PGX2                                             EACH            2.81
SHR-155A28            Pushbutton Momentary Switch ULXS4                                  EACH            3.13
SHR-155A33            Tact Pushbutton switch UR2                                         EACH            1.22
SHR-155B11            10 Position Channel Switch for UC1                                 EACH          33.45
SHR-15A279            Cable Straight lapel mic conductor black for WL84                  FOOT            2.38
SHR-15B2791           Cable                                                              EACH            3.08
SHR-162A03            Choke inductor FP32A Ref L502 L2 Series                            EACH            1.78
SHR-162A06            Inductor SMD                                                       EACH            3.05
SHR-162A10            Inductor SMD 805 12Nh U1, U2                                       EACH            8.34
SHR-162A11059         Filter Saw 110.6Mhz ULXP4-M2                                       EACH          33.17
SHR-162A12            Ferrite Bead SMD 600 ohm UT1                                       EACH            1.13
SHR-162A17            LP201 Low pass Filter U1 U2                                        EACH          34.12
SHR-162A29            P 700 Quadrature Coil                                              EACH          14.22
SHR-162A40            Filter Saw SMD 110.592 MHz TFS 110 B ULX4                          EACH          34.12
SHR-162A68            Filter Saw 110.592 MHz UR4                                         EACH          18.22
SHR-162A79            FERRITE,BEAD,SMD1206, 600 1.5A                                     EACH          10.33
SHR-162B06            Inductor SMD                                                       EACH            2.40
SHR-162B16            INDUCTOR,TYPE CDR63B,33uH P4R U1-MA I1-UA U2-MA U2-UA              EACH            3.17
SHR-162C06            Inductor SMD                                                       EACH            2.40
SHR-162D06            Inductor SMD                                                       EACH            2.45
SHR-162F06            Inductor SMD For U4                                                EACH            1.95
SHR-162H06            Inductor SMD 1008 ,047uH                                           EACH            2.27
SHR-162V10            Inductor SMD 805 6.8 nH                                            EACH            4.35
SHR-170A26            Receptacle Dual Row 16 Pin                                         EACH            5.09
SHR-170A68            Connector Socket 4 Pin UR1                                         EACH            7.61
SHR-170A73            Connector Header UR1                                               EACH            8.95
SHR-183A01            Transistor L2 Series                                               EACH            1.36
SHR-183A02            Transistor L2 Series                                               EACH            0.77
SHR-183A03            Transistor L2 Series                                               EACH            2.12
SHR-183A07            Transistor                                                         EACH            1.68
SHR-183A12            IC Amp Dual Gate                                                   EACH            6.07
SHR-183A14            Transistor SOT23 NPN BF840                                         EACH          13.05
SHR-183A26            Transistor DPAK PNP MJD45H11RL                                     EACH          15.59
SHR-183A27            Trans. PNP SOT23 MMBT2907AL                                        EACH            1.36
SHR-183A30            TRANSISTOR,TMOS,SOT-23,FET 2N7002, U4D, U4S, UC1, UC2,             EACH            2.27

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 86 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-183A33            Transistor Power Darlington NPN MJD112                               EACH            5.89
SHR-183A34            Transistor Power Darlington PNP MJD117                               EACH            6.62
SHR-183A35            TRANSISTOR, POWER, FET N-CHANNEL, MTD3055EL                          EACH            7.89
SHR-183A36            RF Amplifier                                                         EACH          21.25
SHR-183A37            Amplifier IC SOT-143 Microwave Monolithic                            EACH          15.18
SHR-183A38            Transistor Pilot Mute                                                EACH            1.68
SHR-183A41            MosFET Q604 FP33                                                     EACH            8.34
SHR-183A46            MosFET Power SOT-23                                                  EACH            5.69
SHR-183A57            FET amplifier UA870WB                                                EACH            6.34
SHR-183A59            Transistor HFET 2W PA821                                             EACH          92.95
SHR-183A74            Transistor Mosfet Power SOT-23 N-Channel UR1                         EACH            0.95
SHR-183C12            IC Amp Dual Gate                                                     EACH            5.48
SHR-184A08            Diode FP32A                                                          EACH            0.77
SHR-184A14            Diode SMD D-24 90VDC                                                 EACH            7.39
SHR-184A18            LED SSM                                                              EACH            2.45
SHR-184A30            Diode TVS SOT-123 12VDC                                              EACH          10.65
SHR-184A34            Diode TVS 33VDC 600W                                                 EACH            2.31
SHR-184B18            LED SSM                                                              EACH            2.45
SHR-184C21            LED                                                                  EACH            9.47
SHR-184D18            LED Green LX                                                         EACH            2.46
SHR-185A03            Relay Optocoupler UR1                                                EACH          13.28
SHR-187A04            IC VCO                                                               EACH          70.42
SHR-187A05            Fuse                                                                 EACH            9.11
SHR-187A10R           IC VCO                                                               EACH         259.40
SHR-187A11            Oscillator, controlled voltage VCO 824 / 849MHZ                      EACH          40.20
SHR-187AJ06           Fuse SMC 2A FP Series                                                EACH            8.38
SHR-187B11            Oscillator, controlled voltage VCO 914 / 939MHZ                      EACH          37.66
SHR-187B21            Fuse SMD 0.75a PA821                                                 EACH            7.25
SHR-187D04            IC VCO                                                               EACH          48.35
SHR-187D10            Oscillator, controlled voltage OPN 187D10R                           EACH         222.29
SHR-187D16            Oscillator Controll Volt U4D UB                                      EACH          78.67
SHR-187D19            VCO P7R - H3                                                         EACH          51.21
SHR-187E19            VCO P7R - L2                                                         EACH          51.21
SHR-188A01            IC NE571D L Series                                                   EACH          16.68
SHR-188A05            To Suit DFR11EQ'S, DP11EQ's IC                                       EACH            3.81
SHR-188A10312         Detector IR 38KHz                                                    EACH            5.71
SHR-188A115           Reg                                                                  EACH            7.61
SHR-188A118           IC Op Amp                                                            EACH          14.77
SHR-188A126           IC Compander                                                         EACH          25.18
SHR-188A127           LNA Mixer                                                            EACH          40.79
SHR-188A128           Monolithic Linear FM IF Downconverter IC SO-16 LA1175M               EACH          13.67
SHR-188A132           IC Micro Controller                                                  EACH         127.57
SHR-188A134           IC PLL Frequency Synth                                               EACH          37.93
SHR-188A136           IC C393C                                                             EACH            6.28
SHR-188A193           Heaphone Amp to suit PSM                                             EACH          10.60
SHR-188A220           SN75185 Serial IC suit DFR11                                         EACH            7.02
SHR-188A221R          Modulator stereo NJM2035 PSM 600                                     EACH          12.95

Effective 1/02/2010          Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 87 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-188A242           REGULATOR,VOLTAGE,SO-16 LP2953AIMTR P7R-HF P7R-MN                  EACH          37.93
SHR-188A253           NE46134 NPN TRANSISTOR MICROWAVE POWER                             EACH          14.23
SHR-188A268           Demodulator, Mutliplex, FM , PLL, SMD, LA3335M                     EACH            4.63
SHR-188A272           Regulator MC33269DT U900 P4M                                       EACH          13.51
SHR-188A275           Single Op Amp ulx 1 ulx 2                                          EACH            4.00
SHR-188A305           System,IF,Mixer PSM400, IC                                         EACH          34.12
SHR-188A357           PROCESSOR DYNAMICS THAT 4311S ULXP4                                EACH          40.11
SHR-188A369           EEPROM Serial I2CBUS 128Bit SOT23 ULXP4 U9                         EACH            5.89
SHR-188A372           LNA/Mixer IF IC                                                    EACH          51.80
SHR-188A382           VCA ULX1                                                           EACH          21.98
SHR-188A404           IC FM Front End MFP10 UR4                                          EACH            2.40
SHR-188A417           Eeprom Bus Serial 12C 128 bit                                      EACH            3.99
SHR-188A421           Amplifier Power Audio 8 Pin MSOP P2R                               EACH            3.17
SHR-188A45            IC Flip Flop ,Dual D , Set/Res So-14, 74HC74 MX393                 EACH            3.81
SHR-188A477           IC Transceiver Fast Ethernet UR4                                   EACH          23.57
SHR-188A479           CONVERTER,SYNC BOOST,SOT23-6 PGX1                                  EACH            3.33
SHR-188A49            IC MC33179D RC4156 SSM Replaces 188A120 FP32A                      EACH          26.88
SHR-188A568           Compander THA T4320 28 Pin UR1                                     EACH            4.12
SHR-188A57            SWITCH ,ANALOG ,CMOS,SPST,QUAD DG445DY FP32A                       EACH          19.74
SHR-188A573           Demodulator IC SLX4 PGX4                                           EACH          27.19
SHR-188A585           Microcontroller 8-Bit 1KB RAM PGX                                  EACH          39.65
SHR-188A593           Transceiver Toplock Slim UR1                                       EACH            2.86
SHR-188A598           Microcontroller 8-Bit 1KB RAM SLX4                                 EACH          63.22
SHR-188A651           TRansceiver USB HBCC16 UR4                                         EACH          26.83
SHR-188B388           Syntheszier Dual Power LMX2335LTM UR1                              EACH          11.42
SHR-188C210           Voltage Detector OPN SHR-188B210                                   EACH            2.95
SHR-188D238G          Microcontroller NRND 8Bit                                          EACH          17.95
SHR-188D347M          Microcontroller ULX4 U11 MC68HC908GP32CFB                          EACH          59.55
SHR-188D598A          Microprocessor, 8-Bit, 1K RAM SLX P4                               EACH          22.66
SHR-188E347P          Microcontroller NRND PROGRAM,MC68HC908GP32CFB NUA                  EACH          90.64
SHR-188R131MA         EEPROM Error 1                                                     EACH          17.18
SHR-188R131UA         EEPROM Error 1                                                     EACH          22.07
SHR-188R131UB         EEPROM Error 1                                                     EACH          16.95
SHR-188R434MA         16k EEPROM MA                                                      EACH          18.81
SHR-188R434UA         16k EEPROM UA                                                      EACH          15.73
SHR-188R434UB         16k EEPROM UB                                                      EACH          15.73
SHR-188T131MA         EEPROM Error 1                                                     EACH          14.05
SHR-188T131UA         EEPROM Error 1                                                     EACH          16.31
SHR-188T434MA         EEPROM Suit U1 MA Band                                             EACH          18.81
SHR-188T434UA         EEPROM Suit U1                                                     EACH          18.81
SHR-190-124-0134      Headboard UR2                                                      EACH          16.13
SHR-190A046-02        PCB Display URSD / S UR4                                           EACH         307.26
SHR-190A10136         Display PCB Assy UR1                                               EACH         124.76
SHR-190A10144         PCB Assy Switch Board UR2 new PN 190A12413                         EACH         170.68
SHR-190A10146         PCB Assy Head Phone Amp UR4 Old P/N 190A043-01                     EACH         503.44
SHR-190A10302         ROHS IR Receiver Assy PGX2 SLX2 190A11311                          EACH         151.68
SHR-190A10483         PCB Headboard UR2                                                  EACH          21.16

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 88 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-190A10592         Main PCB UA844                                                     EACH         415.61
SHR-190A11024         PCB Assy pre Amp MX412S                                            EACH         125.62
SHR-190A11048         PCB Assy pre Amp MX412D                                            EACH         227.23
SHR-190A12413         PCB Assy Switch Board UR2 old PN 190A10144                         EACH         168.77
SHR-190B10150         PCB UHR Commrouter UR4 Old P/N 190A045-01                          EACH         196.09
SHR-190B10921         PCB-MX IN LINE PREAMP DMPN EZG18                                   EACH          90.59
SHR-190D10152         Display PCB Assy UR4D                                              EACH         786.00
SHR-200A10630         ULXP4 Display Board (M2)                                           EACH         243.81
SHR-200H210162        PCB Assy Programmed P2R H2                                         EACH         557.19
SHR-200H4E041         PCB Assy Programmed H4E 518 - 578 Mhz UR1                          EACH         392.77
SHR-200H4E10148       PCB Assy Programmed H4E 518 - 578 Mhz UR4D                         EACH       2,197.94
SHR-200HE11145        PCB Assy P6R HE                                                    EACH         623.72
SHR-200HF10174        PCB Assy P7R - HF                                                  EACH       1,027.28
SHR-200HF10176        PCB Assy - HF P4R                                                  EACH         929.48
SHR-200HF10601        PCB Assy TX P7T HF                                                 EACH       1,042.32
SHR-200J5041          PCB Assy Programmed J5 578 - 507.975 MHz UR1                       EACH         392.59
SHR-200J5047          PCB Assy Programmed J5 578 - 507.975 MHz UR4                       EACH         861.05
SHR-200J510148        PCB Assy Programmed UR4D J5                                        EACH       2,197.94
SHR-200J59088         PCB Assy Programmed J5 578 - 507.975 MHz UR2                       EACH         668.45
SHR-200J5E9235        Tunes Board Assembly UR2                                           EACH         983.95
SHR-200L210098        PCB Assy Programmed P7T L2                                         EACH       1,334.35
SHR-200L210172        PCB Assy Programmed P7R L2                                         EACH         793.07
SHR-200L3E10148       Tuned Board Assy UR4                                               EACH       2,217.29
SHR-200L3E9235        PCB Assy Programmed UR2 L3E                                        EACH         983.95
SHR-200L410304        RoHS Tuned PCB SLX2                                                EACH         348.27
SHR-200M1010994       Main PCB Assy PG1 M10                                              EACH         165.37
SHR-200M1010998       Main PCB Assy PG4 M10                                              EACH         148.15
SHR-200M101996        PG2-M10 PCB RoHS PCB, PG2(TUNED)                                   EACH         267.70
SHR-200M210181        PCB Assy Programmed Set ULXP4 M2 OPN T190M22017                    EACH         565.03
SHR-200M210568        PCB Assy Programmed ULX 2 M2 RF and Audio                          EACH         602.19
SHR-200M212161        PCB Assy Programmed Set ULX1 M2 OPN 200M210556                     EACH         692.51
SHR-200MA8901         PCB Assy programmed U4D MA                                         EACH       1,101.24
SHR-200MA8907         PCB Assy Programmed U2 OPN T90MA8907                               EACH         657.12
SHR-200P4072          SLX4 - P4 Main PCB new P/N 200p410129                              EACH         340.79
SHR-200P410129        SLX4 - P4 Main PCB Old P/N 200P4072                                EACH         537.52
SHR-200P410300        Main PCB RF & Audio SLX1 old P/N SHR-200P4081                      EACH         402.70
SHR-200P410304        SLX2 - P4 RF Audio PCB opn 200p4082                                EACH         383.94
SHR-200P610128        PGX4 - P6 Main PCB                                                 EACH         321.76
SHR-200P610301        PGX1 - P6 PCB Set OPN - SHR-200P6113                               EACH         381.58
SHR-200P610305        PGX2 - P6 PCB Set opn 200P6112                                     EACH         348.95
SHR-200Q210556        Tuned PCB ULX1 Q2                                                  EACH         375.51
SHR-200Q310162        PCB Assy Programmed P2R Q3 OPN - SHR-200Q38972                     EACH         839.16
SHR-200Q310607        PCB Assy Programmed P2T                                            EACH         771.68
SHR-200Q410304        RF Audio PCB SLX2 - Q4                                             EACH         140.35
SHR-200Q5041          PCB Assy Programmed Q5 740 - 814 MHz UR1 NEW PN 200Q510140         EACH       1,012.32
SHR-200Q5047          PCB Assy Programmed Q5 740 - 814 MHz UR4                           EACH         859.92
SHR-200Q510148        PCB Assy Programmed UR4D Q5 740 - 814 MHz                          EACH       2,298.73

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 89 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-200Q59235         PCB Assy Programmed Q5 740 - 814 MHz UR2 Old P/N 200Q59088         EACH         983.95
SHR-200R78901         PCB Assy Programmed U4S / U4D OPN T90r78901                        EACH         834.49
SHR-200UA8901         PCB Assy Programmed U4 UA OPN 90ua8739                             EACH       1,296.20
SHR-200UA8906         PCB Assy Programmed U1 UA OPN 90ua8739                             EACH       1,031.08
SHR-200UA8907         PCB Assy Programmed U2 OPN T90ua8907                               EACH       1,034.12
SHR-200UB8901         PCB Assy Programmed U4D UB                                         EACH       1,101.24
SHR-200UB8906         PCB Assy Programmed new part no. T90uB8906                         EACH         643.52
SHR-20203FT           Conn Stereo Jack 3.5mm Pnl Mnt FP16 FP32 FP42                      EACH            6.76
SHR-20501FT           Xfmr FP12                                                          EACH          39.83
SHR-24203SD           Input Jack FP24                                                    EACH          64.35
SHR-24302SD           Pot Headphone Dual 100K FP24                                       EACH          18.13
SHR-24303SD           Pot 25K Reverse Channel FP24                                       EACH          86.78
SHR-24601SD           Cap Chain Assy FP24                                                EACH         111.71
SHR-24602SD           Battery tube FP24                                                  EACH          98.11
SHR-26A13             Case Mic Bag 95A2313                                               EACH            3.90
SHR-26A14             Long Mic Bag                                                       EACH            9.52
SHR-26A19             Carry Case for FP32A & FP33                                        EACH          94.79
SHR-26A25             Zippered Square Mic Bag Beta52a                                    EACH            6.71
SHR-29A8243           Foam Nest Insert for 65b8257                                       EACH          47.58
SHR-29B1577           Foam Insert Convoluted for 65b8257                                 EACH          15.42
SHR-30206FT           Knob Blk/Gold Top FP32                                             EACH            5.66
SHR-30207FT           Knob Blue Numbered Sml FP32                                        EACH            4.10
SHR-30212FT           Cover FP32                                                         EACH          93.79
SHR-30213FT           Pad FP32                                                           EACH            1.52
SHR-30214FT           Battery Door FP32                                                  EACH          39.83
SHR-30223FT           Battery Tray FP32                                                  EACH          39.83
SHR-30225FT           Cable Ribbon 4 Way FP32                                            EACH            2.47
SHR-30226FT           Cable Ribbon 6 Way FP32                                            EACH            2.47
SHR-30227FT           Cable Ribbon 8 Way FP32                                            EACH            2.47
SHR-30252FT           Conn DC Pwr Jack 2.1mm Pnl Mnt FP32                                EACH            4.95
SHR-30253FT           Battery Door Assy FP32                                             EACH          93.26
SHR-30305FT           Pot 100k FP32                                                      EACH          15.47
SHR-30306FT           Pot 10KA Dual FP32                                                 EACH          39.83
SHR-30309FT           Pot Trimmer FP32                                                   EACH            5.17
SHR-30315FT           Pot FP32                                                           EACH          21.89
SHR-30317FT           Pot 10KB FP32                                                      EACH          13.70
SHR-30402FT           Switch 3 Pos 2P3T FP32                                             EACH            6.04
SHR-30A1200           Nut Hex                                                            EACH            0.34
SHR-30A1245C          Screw Thd Frm For XLR SLX4 Case                                    EACH            1.63
SHR-30A1314           Circlip Suit all wireless handhelds                                EACH            1.50
SHR-30A1326A          Metal Washer Beta 52, 56                                           EACH            4.53
SHR-30A1345A          Screw Grub MX412                                                   EACH            0.77
SHR-30A1367A          Screw Machine Head Cap Button WH30                                 EACH            0.95
SHR-30A1378           Long Screw For Threaded Hut Replaces 30A1384 SM7                   EACH            1.99
SHR-30A1442           Washer Steel Power Jack ULXS4                                      EACH            1.63
SHR-30A1443           Nut Hex 8mm Power Jack ULXS4                                       EACH            1.72
SHR-30A695B           Screw Grub SM99                                                    EACH            0.54

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 90 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-30A8073A          Screw Phillips Pan Head                                             EACH            0.45
SHR-30A8204A          Washer Flat M6 3.5mm Socket P6 Old Part No. 95X8634                 EACH            3.40
SHR-30A8221           Nut SMA Brass Plated UR1                                            EACH          10.94
SHR-30A8232           Nut Hex Brass UR2                                                   EACH            2.00
SHR-30A8233           Standoff Hex Male UR2                                               EACH            0.76
SHR-30A8234           Lock Washer UR1                                                     EACH            8.95
SHR-30B1224C          Screw Front Case Screw u4                                           EACH            0.91
SHR-30B1434A          Screw, Machine, Head Flat, Steel. PLT, #3-48 M447H                  EACH            1.68
SHR-30B8036B          Screw Sems Head U1                                                  EACH            2.08
SHR-30C1208A          Screw, Sems Head pan PH, STL Plated For UT4 antenna bracket         EACH            0.63
SHR-30C1208B          Screw Sems Ph Stl Plated # UT4 Antenna                              EACH            1.68
SHR-30C1221A          Screw for Grille Beta91                                             EACH            1.90
SHR-30C1239A          Screw Phillips Self Tap UC1                                         EACH            0.95
SHR-30C1239B          CASE SCREW PG1                                                      EACH            1.13
SHR-30C622B           Screw Phillips With Washer antenna screw for T4                     EACH            0.68
SHR-30C622F           Screw Head Round PH, STL, P #4-40                                   EACH            1.63
SHR-30C8129A          Screw Gooseneck For A98KCS                                          EACH            0.45
SHR-30C8136C          Screw Phillips Hex 2-56 UR1                                         EACH            0.95
SHR-30C8136E          RoHS SCREW MACHINE, PH, STL, PLTD                                   EACH            1.76
SHR-30C925F           Screw Head Pan For Case PCB SLX4 Case                               EACH            1.68
SHR-30D1239B          Screw Self Tap HD RD PH STL BLK #2 SLX1                             EACH            1.63
SHR-30D443B           Screw For Pre Amp PCB SM81                                          EACH            0.54
SHR-30D443E           Screw Machine Head Flat 2-56 slx2 pgx2                              EACH            0.43
SHR-30D8227           Screw Control button for LCD UR2 old PN 30A8227                     EACH            1.95
SHR-30E1245           pan head screw 4x5/8 T1 T1/g T11                                    EACH            0.34
SHR-30E687C           Screw                                                               EACH            0.36
SHR-30E925D           Screw for Case & Network Card                                       EACH            0.77
SHR-30E925F           RoHS Screw , HEAD, PAN, PH, STL, BLK, #6- U4D                       EACH            1.76
SHR-30H8077C          Case Screw 4-40 PH STL U1                                           EACH            1.86
SHR-30H8129A          Screw Grip For A98KCS                                               EACH            1.31
SHR-30H8179A          SCREW, REP. BY 30H8179B, RoHS ECO 36448                             EACH            0.95
SHR-30J622E           Screw For Link Bar UC4                                              EACH            1.95
SHR-30J8136A          Screw                                                               EACH            1.22
SHR-30K8136A          Screw Machine Head U1 NPN 30K8136D                                  EACH            1.68
SHR-30K8136D          Screw Machine Head U1 OPN 30K8136A                                  EACH            1.68
SHR-30T631C           Lock Washer ECN #78 UR1                                             EACH            1.95
SHR-31A1128           Screw                                                               EACH            1.19
SHR-31A1139A          Nut SM7                                                             EACH          20.48
SHR-31A1140           Nut                                                                 EACH          22.07
SHR-31A1140B          Nut SM7                                                             EACH          22.07
SHR-31A1142           Bushing SM7                                                         EACH            5.94
SHR-31A1255A          end Cap for Sm10A                                                   EACH            8.41
SHR-31A1321A          Washer SM7                                                          EACH          13.82
SHR-31A1502C          Black Grille Hard Aluminum SM89                                     EACH         296.16
SHR-31A1508C          End Cap For SM89                                                    EACH          40.97
SHR-31A1670B          Collar L2 SM58                                                      EACH          69.20
SHR-31A1721C          Sleeve / Battery Cover U2                                           EACH          61.18

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 91 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-31A1833           Bushing Stainless Steel WH30                                        EACH            3.17
SHR-31A1893           Threaded Hut for long screw For SM7                                 EACH          24.65
SHR-31A1934           Pin Roller Stainless Steel KSM141                                   EACH            4.76
SHR-31A8138           Bar Link P6T UC4                                                    EACH          21.44
SHR-31A8140A          Nut                                                                 EACH            2.95
SHR-31A8142           Pin Stainless P6R                                                   EACH            6.34
SHR-31A8163           Pin Hinge S/Steel UR1                                               EACH            4.35
SHR-31A8165B          Battery Sleeve UR2                                                  EACH          64.62
SHR-31B1762A          Bushing Aluminium Anodized MX415SE MX418SE                          EACH          24.65
SHR-31B1820A          Small Knob A50D                                                     EACH          22.66
SHR-31B8169           Knob Encoder Black Brass Plate UR4                                  EACH          54.84
SHR-31B8170           Knob Monitor Plated Black UR4                                       EACH          30.14
SHR-31C1733DA         Metal Preamp housing MX412                                          EACH          46.09
SHR-32A1019BA         Base for Beta 56                                                    EACH          37.93
SHR-32A8021A          Case Top U1 New part no. 32b8035a                                   EACH          51.80
SHR-32A8024A          U1 Case Door                                                        EACH          37.93
SHR-32A8034A          Case Bottom U1                                                      EACH          57.79
SHR-32A8043           Case Top UR1                                                        EACH          90.86
SHR-32A8044           Case Bottom UR1                                                     EACH         132.19
SHR-32A8045           Battery Door UR1                                                    EACH          90.86
SHR-32A8047A          Bezel Switch Control Buttons UR2                                    EACH          29.41
SHR-32A8055B          Handle Aluminium Painted UR2                                        EACH          64.67
SHR-32A846A           Case Top Painted PSM                                                EACH          45.23
SHR-32A847A           Case Bottom PSM                                                     EACH          53.16
SHR-32A848A           Door Battery PSM                                                    EACH          35.17
SHR-32A876A           Shell SM7, SM7A Replaces 32B810A                                    EACH          32.99
SHR-32B8035A          Case Top U1 OPN 32a8021a                                            EACH          26.01
SHR-32C8042           Rack Ear UR4                                                        EACH          27.41
SHR-32C827CA          Handle U2 old PN 32A827C                                            EACH          62.27
SHR-32C860CA          Handle Zinc SM58                                                    EACH          25.20
SHR-32J660A           Housing Conn Zinc Plated 55SH 2                                     EACH          74.37
SHR-33A513            Washer SM7                                                          EACH            0.63
SHR-34A1090D          Headboard T2 UT2 LX2                                                EACH            4.53
SHR-34A1106B          HeadBoard PCB Assy U2                                               EACH            7.02
SHR-34A115            Washer SM7                                                          EACH            0.36
SHR-34A8255B          PCB Assy                                                            EACH          12.15
SHR-34A8597D          Contact Head BOard PCB UC2                                          EACH          17.63
SHR-35A313A           Screen Cloth Black                                                  EACH            1.81
SHR-36A123            Foam Pad for top of cartridge SM58                                  EACH            0.48
SHR-36A172            Replacement Windscreen For 55SH - Front                             EACH            1.18
SHR-36A173            Replacement Windscreen For 55SH - Back                              EACH            0.95
SHR-36A624            Replacement Windscreen For WCM16                                    EACH          40.79
SHR-36A660            Washer Rubber Pivot Beta 52, 56                                     EACH            7.14
SHR-36A675            PAD, RUBBER, URETHANE,CELLULAR U1                                   EACH            2.76
SHR-36A678A           Inner foam for Grill For Beta 58 and SM 58                          EACH            2.31
SHR-36A8042           Foam Pieces UT1                                                     EACH            0.36
SHR-36A8073           Pad Rubber Urethane For Batt Door UC1 SLX1                          EACH            1.50

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 92 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-36A8074           Pad Foam P6R                                                       EACH            1.04
SHR-36A8110           Foam Pad UR1                                                       EACH            1.90
SHR-36C8066           Washer Emi Elastomer U2                                            EACH            5.33
SHR-37A113C           Front Screen of Grille SM81                                        EACH            3.94
SHR-37A148            Side Screen SM94                                                   EACH            5.89
SHR-37A151A           Front Screen SM94                                                  EACH            8.97
SHR-37A155            Inner Screen SM94                                                  EACH            2.13
SHR-38A180            Disc Compression Battery Cup                                       EACH            6.07
SHR-38A185            Compression Pad For Batt Door L1 L11 UT1                           EACH            0.59
SHR-38C189            Pad Foam UT1 P6R P6R                                               EACH            2.27
SHR-390B18            Globe 12V                                                          EACH            0.18
SHR-39A8227           Nameplate (Shure)                                                  EACH            3.40
SHR-39A8245           NAMEPLATE, BATTERY, POLYESTER                                      EACH            3.04
SHR-39A8295           Label Battery Door P6                                              EACH            3.40
SHR-39HA8282          Frequency Label HA P6T                                             EACH            4.53
SHR-400030            Power Supply AC WBS-670                                            EACH         324.03
SHR-40303FT           Pot - use 46a8084                                                  EACH          31.97
SHR-40316FT           Pot 10KA Dual Was 30315FT Headphone FP32 FP42                      EACH          15.47
SHR-40A8003A          Crystal 60.7 MHz Local osc 49                                      EACH          12.92
SHR-40A8010           CRYSTAL 32.768 Khz PG1                                             EACH            2.31
SHR-40A8012           Crystal 4MHz PLL Watch                                             EACH            3.35
SHR-40A8013           Crystal                                                            EACH          37.93
SHR-40A8016           Crystal 24MHz, UC4 PLL                                             EACH          10.83
SHR-40A8018           99.9 Mhz Xtal 40A8013W Replaces 40A8017                            EACH          34.12
SHR-40A8020           CRYSTAL,TUNING FORK,32.0KHz                                        EACH            2.99
SHR-40AZ8003          Crystal Rx L3AZ-L4AZ T3/T4                                         EACH          34.12
SHR-40AZ8006          Crystal Tx L&T Series                                              EACH          34.12
SHR-40CA8003          Crystal Rx L3 L4 T3/T4                                             EACH          10.15
SHR-40CA8006          Crystal Tx L&T Series                                              EACH          23.10
SHR-40CC8003          Crystal Rx L3/L4 T3/T4                                             EACH          31.97
SHR-40CC8006A         Crystal Tx 19..743333                                              EACH          24.65
SHR-40CF8003          Crystal L3/L4                                                      EACH          31.97
SHR-40CF8006          Crystal L11/L2                                                     EACH          31.97
SHR-40CG8003          Crystal Rx L3/L4 T3/T4                                             EACH          10.15
SHR-40CG8006          Crystal Tx L11/L2 T1/T2                                            EACH          23.10
SHR-40CJ8003          Crystal L3/L4                                                      EACH          31.97
SHR-40CJ8006          Crystal L11/L2                                                     EACH          31.97
SHR-40CK8006          Crystal Tx L11/L2 T1/T2                                            EACH          34.12
SHR-40CL8003          Crystal Rx L3/L4 T3/T4                                             EACH          31.97
SHR-40CM8003A         Crystal 617.1Mhz UT4-TH                                            EACH          10.83
SHR-40CN8003          Crystal L3/L4                                                      EACH          31.97
SHR-40CQ8003          Crystal Rx 63.830MHZ L3/L4 T3/T4                                   EACH          10.15
SHR-40CQ8006          Crystal Tx L11/L2 T1/T2                                            EACH          23.10
SHR-40CR8006          Crystal Tx L11/L2 T1/T2                                            EACH          34.12
SHR-40LA8006A         Crystal                                                            EACH          24.65
SHR-40LA8013          Crystal                                                            EACH          37.93
SHR-40LB8006A         Crystal                                                            EACH          24.65

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 93 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-40LB8013          Crystal                                                             EACH          37.93
SHR-40LC8013          Crystal                                                             EACH          37.93
SHR-40LD8013          Crystal                                                             EACH          37.93
SHR-40LF8006A         Crystal                                                             EACH          37.93
SHR-40LJ8013          Crystal                                                             EACH          45.32
SHR-40LK8013          Crystal                                                             EACH          45.32
SHR-40RH8003A         Crystal Quartz 58.577222                                            EACH            8.93
SHR-40RH8006A         Crystal Quartz UT1 Belt Pack                                        EACH          14.23
SHR-40RH8013          Tune Up Crystal PSM6000 - HA                                        EACH          45.32
SHR-40RJ8003A         Crystal Quartz 58.818889                                            EACH            7.64
SHR-40RJ8006A         Crystal Quartz 22.261851Mhz                                         EACH          13.33
SHR-40RJ8013          Tune Up Crystal PSM6000 - HB                                        EACH          45.32
SHR-40RK8013          Tune Up Crystal PSM6000 - HC                                        EACH          45.32
SHR-40RM8013          Tune Up Crystal PSM600 - HE                                         EACH          45.32
SHR-40TC8003A         Crystal Quartz 59.163333                                            EACH          10.83
SHR-40TC8006A         Crystal Quartz UT1 Belt Pack                                        EACH          24.65
SHR-40TD8006A         Crystal Quartz UT1 Belt Pack                                        EACH          24.65
SHR-40TG8006A         Crystal Quartz UT1 Belt Pack                                        EACH          24.65
SHR-40TH8006A         Crystal Quartz UT1 Belt Pack                                        EACH          24.65
SHR-40TJ8003A         Crystal TJ UT                                                       EACH          10.83
SHR-40TJ8006A         Crystal Quartz UT1 Belt Pack                                        EACH          24.65
SHR-40TK8006A         Crystal Quartz UT1 Belt Pack                                        EACH          24.65
SHR-41A168            Tube Mic Arm SM10 / 12                                              EACH          24.02
SHR-44A311            Spring Compression St/Steel                                         EACH            3.19
SHR-44A8012           Spring P6                                                           EACH            4.53
SHR-44A8013B          Belt Clip Stainless Black PSM400; 600; 700 UC1 P6R                  EACH          16.18
SHR-44A8023C          Belt Clip Stainless Black For U1 new style ULX1 OPT 44A8023A        EACH            5.85
SHR-44A8030A          Belt Clip Stainless Black SLX1 & PGX                                EACH          19.35
SHR-44A8031           Belt Clip Stainless Black UR1                                       EACH          27.83
SHR-44A8032           Spring Compression UR1                                              EACH            3.81
SHR-44A8035           BELT CLIP PG1                                                       EACH            5.21
SHR-44C8025B          Belt Clip Stainless Black P2R                                       EACH          21.39
SHR-46A8008           Pot Vert 100k Lin Trimpot ST6000/T2 ST6300 FP31 EL                  EACH            4.80
SHR-46A8010           Pot 100k FP31                                                       EACH            6.04
SHR-46A8011           Pot 50k FP31                                                        EACH            6.71
SHR-46A8032           Pot Volume for L4 Series replaces 46a8027                           EACH          14.77
SHR-46A8041           Pot 2x2KB Master Pot FP33 Pre 2000 NPT 46A8063                      EACH          35.54
SHR-46A80461          10 K Log Pot Volume UT4 T6                                          EACH            4.26
SHR-46A8048           Pot Old Style To suit U4                                            EACH          21.84
SHR-46A8059           Pot Switch Log Taper Head Phone U4D                                 EACH         138.72
SHR-46A8061           Pot 100K / 20K Ch1 CH2 FP33                                         EACH          93.27
SHR-46A8062           Pot                                                                 EACH         183.09
SHR-46A8063           Pot concentric Dual Lin 2K FP33 Post 2000 OPT 46A8041               EACH         184.54
SHR-46A8064           Volume Pot Switch 100k P4R P4HW P6R P7R Beltpack                    EACH          20.80
SHR-46A8069           Pot new style - Volume Pot 10K U4 UC4                               EACH            8.16
SHR-46A8072           Pot 100KA x 2 Log Taper For PSM                                     EACH            5.48
SHR-46A8084           Pot 100k/20KB With Switch Replaces 46A8051 & 40303FT                EACH          31.97

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 94 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-46A8085           Pot 100k/20KB Ganged K boards and later                            EACH          11.69
SHR-46B8008           POT, TRIM, LINEAR, TAPER, 10K                                      EACH            2.58
SHR-46B8010           Pot 50k PP410 FP410E                                               EACH            7.52
SHR-46B8014           Pot Horiz 50k Trimpot STLM32 STC64 HTS5300                         EACH            5.12
SHR-46B8040           Pot 2x100k W/Switch Replaces 46A8040 FP33 FP32A                    EACH          70.70
SHR-46B8043           Pot Ch3 Use 46C8043 FP32A                                          EACH          37.31
SHR-46B8049           20K Pot PCB Mount LX2 SC2 T2 U2                                    EACH            4.08
SHR-46B8072           Pot 100KA x 2 Log Taper For PSM                                    EACH          17.27
SHR-46C8049           100K Pot PCB Mount Gain SC1 UT2 U1 Ref R201                        EACH            2.49
SHR-46D8000           Pot Audio Taper CW 5K                                              EACH            6.54
SHR-46D8049           Trim Pot PCB Mount 100K T1                                         EACH            3.18
SHR-46E8008           Pot 50k Lin Trim L3                                                EACH            3.69
SHR-46EA8083BC        Pot Centre Indent B Taper 100K SCM262                              EACH            9.06
SHR-46F8008           Pot, TRIM,ANTI-LOG TAPER, 100K UT1                                 EACH            3.40
SHR-46GD8083AC        Pot 15a Taper 500K SCM262                                          EACH            7.98
SHR-46H8014           Pot Trim A Log Taper 100K UC2                                      EACH            4.53
SHR-46X8064           Nut Hex M7 x .75 Pot nut P6R                                       EACH            0.77
SHR-46Y8064           Washer, M7 Pot washer P6R                                          EACH            0.77
SHR-46Z8050           Pot Push Button Switch                                             EACH          37.93
SHR-48A8012           Bracket Small L L4 series                                          EACH          18.77
SHR-48A8028           Panel Front, Aluminium U4-S                                        EACH         153.63
SHR-48A8047B          Chassis Aluminium Painted ULXP4                                    EACH          82.25
SHR-48C8027           Panel Front U4D OPT 48A8027                                        EACH         187.94
SHR-48C8029           Panel Front Aluminum BLK UA845                                     EACH         151.82
SHR-48C8045           Panel Front Aluminum BLK Printed P4800 OPT 46B8045                 EACH         124.22
SHR-48D8051           Front Panel UR4                                                    EACH         181.27
SHR-49A102            Replacement Windscreen For SM102 Black                             EACH          14.23
SHR-49A105            Replacement Windscreen For WL93 SM93 black color                   EACH          19.12
SHR-49A111            Replacement Windscreen 80PPI For SM81                              EACH            3.49
SHR-49A114            Windscreen Foam BLack WH20                                         EACH            2.62
SHR-49A130            Replacement Windscreen SM63 Black old p/n 49C55                    EACH            4.95
SHR-49A66A            Windscreen for SM98 WM98                                           EACH          19.53
SHR-49A74A            Windscreen for SM11                                                EACH          30.36
SHR-49A91             Replacement Windscreen For VP88 Replaces 90A4163                   EACH          49.85
SHR-49B105            Windscreen for SM/WL93 Tan                                         EACH          17.92
SHR-49B109            Windscreen for WL84 Black                                          EACH            3.40
SHR-50503FG           Battery Cover For a VP3                                            EACH            2.51
SHR-51A8056           Transformer 115v psm-600                                           EACH         110.30
SHR-51A8058           Transformer For DFR11EQ                                            EACH          81.65
SHR-51B286            Xfmr SM83 SM99                                                     EACH          37.31
SHR-51C29             Xfmr SM58                                                          EACH          19.60
SHR-51D243            Xfmr Input FP31                                                    EACH          39.83
SHR-51E235B           Xfmr M267                                                          EACH          47.11
SHR-51E8058           Transformer Torroidal SCM268                                       EACH          72.22
SHR-53A1209B          Yoke SM7                                                           EACH          34.12
SHR-53A1211A          Washer SM7                                                         EACH            2.00
SHR-53A1217           Washer SM7                                                         EACH            2.27

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 95 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-53A1801C          Retaining Clip SM10A                                               EACH            6.66
SHR-53A1824A          Steel Spring Plated Black A89SM                                    EACH          37.93
SHR-53A1846           Circlip for SM57                                                   EACH            1.23
SHR-53A1879B          Grille Various Mics                                                EACH          34.12
SHR-53A2003           Ground Clip KSM109                                                 EACH            1.63
SHR-53A2133A          Black Belt Clip RK100pk                                            EACH            4.80
SHR-53A2233           Spring Stainless Steel WH30                                        EACH            3.05
SHR-53A8081           Panel Front FP31                                                   EACH          44.25
SHR-53A8237A          Bracket Cnr Hinge FP31                                             EACH          30.26
SHR-53A8247B          Belt Clip EC1 Replaces 53A8247A                                    EACH            7.39
SHR-53A8252           Rack Ears                                                          EACH          34.12
SHR-53A8260           Spring Clip For Door , L1 L11 Wireless FP32 FP32A FP410            EACH            4.28
SHR-53A8419           Plate Retainer U1 P6                                               EACH            3.31
SHR-53A8440           Rack Support U4S U4D                                               EACH          48.31
SHR-53A8443           Link Bar P4T SLX4 ULXS4 ULXP4                                      EACH            2.76
SHR-53A8459           Bracket mount, short, steel, painted, black UC4 PSM 600 700        EACH          64.95
SHR-53A8481           Bracket mount, Long, steel, painted, black UC4                     EACH          55.91
SHR-53A8484           Bracket mount, single steel, painted, black SCM262                 EACH          47.58
SHR-53A8492           Antenna Bracket UT4                                                EACH            1.13
SHR-53A8573B          LCD Bezel SLX1                                                     EACH            1.90
SHR-53A8590A          RF SHIELD COVER PG1                                                EACH            3.40
SHR-53A8591           Battery Contact Positive SLX2                                      EACH            1.86
SHR-53A8611           Bracket mount, Steel Blk Short SLX4                                EACH            4.31
SHR-53A8612           Bracket mount, Steel Blk Long SLX4                                 EACH          17.22
SHR-53B8484           Bracket mount, dual steel, painted, black SCM262                   EACH            3.67
SHR-53B8633           Copper Contact PG2                                                 EACH            2.38
SHR-53C8335A          Panel, Front Steel Chrome Black Printed For FP33                   EACH         156.94
SHR-53F2039A          HB Contact, Copper, Beryllium T2 L2 UT2 LX2 EC2 U2 OPT 53D2039     EACH            1.95
SHR-55A151            Switch Slide Micro-Miniature SPDT BG4.1 only                       EACH            6.04
SHR-55A168            Switch Slide 1P2T UT1 L2 Series                                    EACH            6.95
SHR-55A178            Switch Slide 2P2T For Shure T2 UC2 LX2 SC2                         EACH            3.85
SHR-55A187            Switch                                                             EACH            2.76
SHR-55A189            Switch Toggle DPDT U1 U2 UC1 ULX1                                  EACH          40.79
SHR-55A206            Switch Slide SPST KSM109                                           EACH          10.47
SHR-55A209            Switch Toggle SPST, Right Angl                                     EACH          52.48
SHR-55A38             Switch                                                             EACH            3.48
SHR-55A44             Switch, mic on/off for 55SH series 2                               EACH            2.00
SHR-55A8019           Switch Slide 4P2T FP31 FP32                                        EACH          24.07
SHR-55A8020           Switch Slide 2P2T FP31 FP32                                        EACH          27.64
SHR-55A8022           Switch Slide 2P3T 3 Pos FP31 FP32                                  EACH          10.30
SHR-55A8061           Mic Line Switch UT4 UT4A For UA830A                                EACH          16.75
SHR-55A8072           Switch FP32A                                                       EACH          35.83
SHR-55A8075           Switch FP32A                                                       EACH          31.34
SHR-55A8087           Switch Slide UT2                                                   EACH            3.76
SHR-55A8096           Switch LX                                                          EACH          35.83
SHR-55A8108           Switch Dip 4 PSM600                                                EACH          29.93
SHR-55A8121           switch dip Rotary 16 postion For UC4                               EACH          28.98

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 96 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-55A8124           Mic / Line Phanton Switch SCM800                                   EACH          23.08
SHR-55A8125           switch dip Rotary 16 postion For UP4                               EACH          22.89
SHR-55A8140           Switch Power Rocker DPST UR4                                       EACH          39.83
SHR-55A8149           Switch Slide SPDT UR2                                              EACH          24.98
SHR-55B169            Switch Slide 1P2T EC2                                              EACH          18.03
SHR-55B8062           Power switch Push 2P2T UC4 Old P/N 55A8062                         EACH            4.00
SHR-55B8070           Switch FP32A                                                       EACH          33.57
SHR-55B8076           Switch FP32A                                                       EACH          35.83
SHR-55B8078           Switch Push Button FP32A M367E                                     EACH          23.27
SHR-55B8100           Switch Rocker TV5 U4 UA845 Includes Bezel                          EACH          61.27
SHR-55B8121           switch dip Rotary 10 postion For UC4                               EACH          28.98
SHR-55B8150           Encoder To suit U4 Reciever                                        EACH          33.31
SHR-55C179            Switch Toggle                                                      EACH          33.57
SHR-55C8055           Switch Slide 1P2T See 55D8055                                      EACH          22.32
SHR-55C8089C          Rocker Switch on/off ULXP4                                         EACH          24.70
SHR-55D171            Switch Slide 3 Position Dt                                         EACH          11.90
SHR-55D8055           Switch FP32A                                                       EACH          20.91
SHR-55D8105           SPST Mom Switch SLX1                                               EACH            2.57
SHR-56A303            Terminal Battery L2 Series                                         EACH            8.70
SHR-56A304            Terminal Battery L2 Series                                         EACH            8.83
SHR-56A315            Terminal Battery L Series                                          EACH            3.31
SHR-56A317            Battery Clip positive UC2                                          EACH            2.40
SHR-56A318            Battery Clip Negative UC2                                          EACH            2.54
SHR-56A8066           Battery Clip                                                       EACH          11.24
SHR-56A8071A          Battery Terminal P6                                                EACH            2.22
SHR-56A8103           BATTERY TERMINAL PG1                                               EACH            4.76
SHR-56A8107           INTERCONNECT STRIP PG1 FP31                                        EACH            4.76
SHR-56B8055           Battery Terminal For FP32 M267 was 56A8055                         EACH            2.40
SHR-56B8084A          Battery Terminal S/Steel Plate                                     EACH            3.22
SHR-56C8041           Conn Socket Strip SC1                                              EACH            2.22
SHR-56C8042           Conn 4pin Strip                                                    EACH            6.20
SHR-56E8074           Strip Interconnect 3 Pin UR2                                       EACH            0.95
SHR-60215FT           Conn Female XLR Blk Pnl Mnt FP16 FP32 FP42                         EACH          37.31
SHR-60217FT           Conn Male XLR Blk Pnl Mnt FP16 FP32 FP42                           EACH          39.83
SHR-60218FT           Conn Phone Jack 6.5mm Pnl Mnt FP16 FP32 or 95A8535                 EACH            7.99
SHR-60402FT           Switch Slide 4P2T FP16 FP32 FP42                                   EACH          20.56
SHR-60403FT           Switch FP16 to FP42                                                EACH            9.09
SHR-65A1218A          Knob Grey Cap SM81                                                 EACH            3.40
SHR-65A1218B          Knob Black Cap SM89                                                EACH          18.99
SHR-65A1719           Cable guide SM98 wm98 A98KCS                                       EACH            1.49
SHR-65A1737           Bezel SC2 aka 65B1737A                                             EACH          20.08
SHR-65A1739A          Handle For SC2 SC2                                                 EACH          28.45
SHR-65A1785           Lens U2                                                            EACH          25.24
SHR-65A1845A          Case Back Clip For WH10                                            EACH            2.00
SHR-65A1878           Clip Boom Arm 512 VR230                                            EACH            3.69
SHR-65A1884           Stand Adaptor UA830A                                               EACH            3.57
SHR-65A1912           Clip Plastic Holds Mic Beta 98 also A98KCS                         EACH            1.06

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 97 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-65A1915           Case front lexan black For WH20                                    EACH          10.88
SHR-65A1916           Case back lexan black For WH20                                     EACH            3.17
SHR-65A1949B          Bottom, Slider, Tan For WBH53                                      EACH            4.63
SHR-65A1951           Case/ case back lexan black For WH30                               EACH            3.04
SHR-65A2015           Wingnut Adjustment Knob Beta56A only                               EACH          19.70
SHR-65A2075           Base for PG52                                                      EACH            4.76
SHR-65A2077           Screwdriver for Gain Pot UT2                                       EACH            2.45
SHR-65A671A           Spare lock plate                                                   EACH            0.62
SHR-65A8139           Case Back L11                                                      EACH            8.97
SHR-65A8173           Case Front L11                                                     EACH            8.88
SHR-65A8186           Battery Box FP32A                                                  EACH          10.71
SHR-65A8189A          Knob, Clip, Pan Lexan Black                                        EACH            3.05
SHR-65A8211           Belt Pack Casing                                                   EACH          19.35
SHR-65A8236           Lens U1                                                            EACH          25.20
SHR-65A8243           Spring Door Delrin Black U1                                        EACH            3.72
SHR-65A8246           Bezel U4 S / D                                                     EACH            8.43
SHR-65A8277           Battery Holder P6                                                  EACH            2.99
SHR-65A8286           Door Spring PSM P6                                                 EACH            2.93
SHR-65A8295A          Case Back ABS Black UC1                                            EACH          50.20
SHR-65A8296           Door Battery ABS Black UC1                                         EACH            2.67
SHR-65A8299           Bezel UC2 UC2                                                      EACH          52.06
SHR-65A8302           Power Knob UC4                                                     EACH            2.27
SHR-65A8309           Front Transparent Lens UC4                                         EACH            3.81
SHR-65A8313           Bottom Cover UT4                                                   EACH          11.60
SHR-65A8324           knob,switch,acetal, glass-fill black for UC4                       EACH            2.27
SHR-65A8348           Lens, polycarbonate, clear Outputs Printed for P4800               EACH          39.43
SHR-65A8352           Battery Door ForAXB1, EC1, LX1 L11, T1, T11, UT1 OPN 65A8226 P4R   EACH            1.86
                      Compression pad PTN 38A185
SHR-65A8354           Grey ACTUATOR, REPL BY 65A8401 P4R                                 EACH            8.75
SHR-65A8355           Acrylic, clear bezel For P42 PSM                                   EACH            8.75
SHR-65A8356           Knob, Mixmode, ABS, Grey For P42 P4R PSM                           EACH            5.71
SHR-65A8357           Shaft, knob, polyetherimide, ultem, black For P42 P4R PSM          EACH            5.48
SHR-65A8377           ULX1 Bezel                                                         EACH          34.12
SHR-65A8380A          Case Top ULXS4                                                     EACH          23.02
SHR-65A8381A          Case Front ULXS4                                                   EACH          18.35
SHR-65A8384A          ULX2 Bezel                                                         EACH            7.57
SHR-65A8408           Frame Input ABS Black Plastic P4800                                EACH          11.56
SHR-65A8409           Frame output ABS Black Plastic P4800                               EACH          11.74
SHR-65A8452           Lcd Holder / Backlight SLX1                                        EACH            9.47
SHR-65A8472           Switch actuator UT2, LX2, T2 ULX2 UC2 Old P/N 65C8298              EACH            1.63
SHR-65A8475B          Bezel SLX2                                                         EACH          16.81
SHR-65A8480           Case Top SLX1                                                      EACH            4.76
SHR-65A8481           Actuator Gain Selector SLX1                                        EACH            1.67
SHR-65A8482           Pushbutton Actuator Select SLX1                                    EACH            2.09
SHR-65A8483A          Bezel Painted SLX1                                                 EACH          22.98
SHR-65A8487           Actuator Power / Mute SLX1                                         EACH            2.08
SHR-65A8490           Actuator Navigation UR4                                            EACH          22.66

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 98 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-65A8491           Lens Infrared UR4                                                  EACH          27.19
SHR-65A8496           Actuator Control UR4                                               EACH          25.92
SHR-65A8499           LCD Lens UR1                                                       EACH          17.27
SHR-65A8500           Battery Door Latch UR1                                             EACH            5.71
SHR-65A8501           Switch Actuator UR1                                                EACH          10.06
SHR-65A8502           Lens Infrared UR1                                                  EACH            5.71
SHR-65A8504           Actuator 4 Positions UR2                                           EACH            8.52
SHR-65A8519           Light Pipe LED UR1                                                 EACH            2.86
SHR-65A8523           Antenna Cover UR2                                                  EACH            7.57
SHR-65A8525           Bezel Power Switch UR2                                             EACH            6.62
SHR-65A8526           Lens Infrared UR2                                                  EACH            5.71
SHR-65A8532B          Interface Bezel w/ Lightpipe PGX2                                  EACH            6.12
SHR-65A8533           Switch actuator PGX2                                               EACH            2.90
SHR-65A8560           Battery Holder UR2                                                 EACH            3.94
SHR-65A8562           Cleaning Tools                                                     EACH            2.27
SHR-65A8595           Bezel Insert- New modification PGX2                                EACH            2.27
SHR-65A874            Closing Ring SM7/A 65A874                                          EACH            2.51
SHR-65AA8545          Handle UC2 OPN 65a8458bb                                           EACH          34.31
SHR-65AA8546          Battery Cup LX2, T2, UT2 OPT 65b8206a                              EACH            5.57
SHR-65AA8547          Handle, New Style ULX2 opn 65a8428a                                EACH          35.98
SHR-65AA8548          Battery Cup ULX2 opn 65b8300bb UC2                                 EACH            6.12
SHR-65B1464A          Cap End ABS Black A89SM                                            EACH            3.81
SHR-65B1618           HOUSING,ABS,BLACK 55SH                                             EACH            2.54
SHR-65B1752           Adapter,Stand,ABS,Black mx202                                      EACH            2.40
SHR-65B1784           Battery Nest U2                                                    EACH            6.07
SHR-65B1802A          Case Front For WH10                                                EACH            2.29
SHR-65B1915           Case/ case front lexan black For WH30                              EACH            1.95
SHR-65B1916           Case, Back, Lexan, Black For WH30                                  EACH            1.90
SHR-65B1948B          Top, Slider, Tan Beta 53                                           EACH            3.81
SHR-65B1950           Case/ case front lexan black For WH30                              EACH            3.63
SHR-65B8203           Top case for a T1/G                                                EACH          10.32
SHR-65B8207A          Bezel Microphone Lexan Painted Printed                             EACH          19.36
SHR-65B8209           Back Beltpack Casing SC1 Replaces 65A8209                          EACH          31.97
SHR-65B8253           Bezel                                                              EACH            8.47
SHR-65B8257           Case Polyethylene Black U4S                                        EACH          50.44
SHR-65B8278           Side Knob P7R                                                      EACH            1.90
SHR-65B8299           Bezel T2 , UT2 Refer notes                                         EACH          24.27
SHR-65B8312           Case Front, Replaces 65Y8312                                       EACH          18.26
SHR-65B8324           Knob Acetal Glass Filled Black UC4                                 EACH            3.17
SHR-65B8348           Lens, polycarbonate, clear Inputs Printed for P4800                EACH          46.68
SHR-65B8352           Battery Door ULX1                                                  EACH            2.27
SHR-65B8355           Acrylic, clear bezel                                               EACH          14.28
SHR-65B8382           LCD Clear Lense ULXS4                                              EACH            2.04
SHR-65B8387A          Len printed Acrylic CLear ULXP4                                    EACH            2.86
SHR-65B8388           Acrylic Transparent Lens U4S U4D                                   EACH            3.04
SHR-65B8393A          Black Case Top P4HW Beltpack                                       EACH          36.98
SHR-65B8458BB         Handle UT2 new part no. 65CA8545                                   EACH          31.97

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 99 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-65BA8451          Battery Cup SLX2 PGX2                                               EACH          23.79
SHR-65C8139           Case Cover Back UT1 LX1                                             EACH            7.57
SHR-65C8294A          Case Top ABS Black UC1 OPT 65A8294A                                 EACH          63.72
SHR-65C8299           Bezel LX2,T2 Transmitter, Refer Notes                               EACH          18.58
SHR-65C8379A          Case Bottom ULXS4                                                   EACH          16.99
SHR-65C8394A          Black Case Bottom P4HW Beltpack                                     EACH          49.67
SHR-65C8427A          Handle, New Style LX2, T2 OPT 65C8301A, NPT 65C8458A Requires New   EACH          28.45
                      Bezel and Switch
SHR-65C8458BB         Handle, New Style LX2, T2 opn 65c8458a                              EACH          34.44
SHR-65CA8545          Handle UT2 opn 65b8458bb                                            EACH          34.44
SHR-65D8173           Case Cover Front UT1 LX1 OPT 65C8173                                EACH            9.18
SHR-65D8499           Lens Acrylic Clear UR1 Printed Q5                                   EACH          45.32
SHR-65D8676           Lens Printed Acrylic Clear Q5                                       EACH          81.70
SHR-65H8676           Len Printed CLear UR2 H4E                                           EACH          58.14
SHR-65J8499           Len LCD Aclylic Printed H4E UR1                                     EACH          17.63
SHR-65J8676           Len Printed CLear UR2 J5E                                           EACH          79.08
SHR-65K8499           Len Printed CLear UR1 J5E                                           EACH          17.86
SHR-65Y8312           Front Panel UT4                                                     EACH          11.74
SHR-66A191            Shockmount SM87 Beta87                                              EACH            2.27
SHR-66A271            Shockmount SM98 A98KCS                                              EACH          10.78
SHR-66A307            O Ring U2 ur2                                                       EACH            2.04
SHR-66A310            Ring Blue Beta 56 57 Also fit Beta 87                               EACH            3.67
SHR-66A316            Rubber Grommet MX392/S                                              EACH            4.35
SHR-66A368            O ring Seal Silicone Red KSM141                                     EACH            2.86
SHR-66A8035           Ring Blue Rubber For Beta58 Replaces 66A291                         EACH            3.58
SHR-66A8039           Actuator                                                            EACH            8.62
SHR-66A8044           Actuator Pair Menu Select U4DS                                      EACH            4.14
SHR-66A8045           Actuator Pair + - button's U4DS new p/n 66B8045                     EACH            4.52
SHR-66A8061A          Black Rubber Keycap mode/set ULX2                                   EACH            2.67
SHR-66A8062           Keycaps Black Rubber for ULX                                        EACH            2.67
SHR-66A8070           Grey Pushbutton Actuator SLX2                                       EACH            2.99
SHR-70A553            Cable 5-Conductor Shielded                                          EACH          41.92
SHR-70A8021           Antenna SLX1                                                        EACH            3.13
SHR-70A8022           Antenna PG1 PG1                                                     EACH            5.66
SHR-80A253            Ferrite Bead SM91                                                   EACH            0.34
SHR-80A439            XLR Washer with Grooves MX412                                       EACH            0.45
SHR-80A485            Cap For A98KCS                                                      EACH            1.27
SHR-80A575            .048 6 flute drive set screw KSM141                                 EACH            1.31
SHR-80A8268           Connector Strip Elastomeric UR1 UR2 LCD                             EACH            8.70
SHR-80M380            Fuse 80mA P7t                                                       EACH            6.76
SHR-82A8011           Inductor PCB L2 Series                                              EACH          12.60
SHR-82A8012           Inductor Multi Tap                                                  EACH          92.22
SHR-82A8015           Inductor PCB                                                        EACH            5.69
SHR-82B8015           Inductor                                                            EACH            5.69
SHR-84A0029E          SOFTWARE FOR 188A347 P4R                                            EACH          33.94
SHR-84A0041T          Microcontroller ULXP4 All Freq                                      EACH          33.49
SHR-84A0042T          Microcontroller ULX2-M2                                             EACH          33.94

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 100 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-84A0066F          Microcontroller 8-Bit 1KB RAM PGX2-P6                              EACH          33.49
SHR-84A0066J          Microcontroller All Frequencie PGX2                                EACH          33.49
SHR-84D0068B          Microcontroller IC300 SLX2-P4 Green Dot                            EACH          39.65
SHR-86A8320           Transistor K122/L17 L4 Series                                      EACH            2.72
SHR-86A8880           IC                                                                 EACH          19.71
SHR-86A8895           IC That 2155                                                       EACH          25.60
SHR-86A8941           IC LM3915                                                          EACH          15.95
SHR-86B8985           RF Coil Suit PSM P6 HA HB                                          EACH          37.93
SHR-86B9010           Amplifier Controlled Voltage SIP8 2180LB                           EACH          37.93
SHR-86F8958           FET for SM94 preamp                                                EACH            1.31
SHR-86PD8982CD        Capacitor Electrolytic 3300Uf 35V 20%                              EACH          16.27
SHR-88A8895           IC VCA dbx2155                                                     EACH          27.33
SHR-89B238            Case Top and Bottom P2R                                            EACH          23.57
SHR-90A10170          PCB-SCM262                                                         EACH         663.32
SHR-90A10611          PCB Assy ILP3 aka RPM626 MX412/C                                   EACH          81.94
SHR-90A10698          PCB Board For KSM27 Alt PN: SHR-90A8444C                           EACH         113.89
SHR-90A10714          PCS Assy KSM32                                                     EACH         120.64
SHR-90A10726          11HS PCB SM89                                                      EACH         384.16
SHR-90A1984           Conn Male XLR Insert SM57, SM58, SM7, BG2.0 etc                    EACH            3.13
SHR-90A3013           Inner foam for Grill Beta 87 New p/n 90D3013                       EACH          40.79
SHR-90A3133B          PCB Assy SM81 Pre-amp SM81                                         EACH         164.64
SHR-90A3621           Conn XLR Insert SM81                                               EACH            7.30
SHR-90A4310           Xfmr Line SM57                                                     EACH          15.27
SHR-90A4323           Xfmr Input Replaces 95B8165 FP32                                   EACH          41.68
SHR-90A4329D          PCB Assy Audio SC2                                                 EACH         178.57
SHR-90A4330F          PCB Assy RF SC2                                                    EACH         302.80
SHR-90A4360           Pre-Amp for SM93 Use With WL93 Mic                                 EACH         324.62
SHR-90A4392           Belt Clip Assy T1 / G UT1 Old Style U1 LX Body pack or lapel       EACH            3.44
SHR-90A4407B          Goose Neck 12" MX412 Mic 300mm see note's for more info            EACH         159.29
SHR-90A4475A          PCB Interface For MX418                                            EACH            8.87
SHR-90A4487           Pot , Wire, volume pot For shure 520 bullet mic                    EACH          32.63
SHR-90A4641           Tie Cable Velcro                                                   EACH            2.67
SHR-90A4646BA         Steel Adaptor A56D                                                 EACH          37.93
SHR-90A4694           Holder;Magnet;Black For MC/WL50                                    EACH          39.83
SHR-90A4697           Wire and Connector Assy For MC/WL50                                EACH          39.83
SHR-90A4779C          PBAS Flex Impedance Converter C1                                   EACH          21.74
SHR-90A6569H          Printed Circuit board, Mixer                                       EACH       1,580.57
SHR-90A8274           PCB Assy SM99                                                      EACH          96.85
SHR-90A8387           Knob Blk/White Dot Wireless                                        EACH            5.35
SHR-90A8457L          PCB Assy                                                           EACH         282.02
SHR-90A8476F          PCB Assy RF EC2                                                    EACH         435.10
SHR-90A8478E          IC VCO EC SC                                                       EACH          84.97
SHR-90A8498B          PCB Assy L2 Audio                                                  EACH         100.20
SHR-90A8517E          Local Oscillator SC4                                               EACH         259.49
SHR-90A8528F          PCB Assy RF SC1                                                    EACH         393.54
SHR-90A8534           Cable Assy W/3pin TQG                                              EACH          46.86
SHR-90A8569H          PCB Mixer                                                          EACH         175.47

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 101 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-90A8593           Battery Clip                                                           EACH            5.12
SHR-90A8645D          PCB Assy                                                               EACH         292.65
SHR-90A8651           LED back light Display U4                                              EACH          52.43
SHR-90A8652           Volume Knob For Old Style U4 To suit pot 90A8652                       EACH            8.93
SHR-90A8656           PCB Assy                                                               EACH          34.12
SHR-90A8657J          Fully Loaded PCB For UA30A                                             EACH         318.45
SHR-90A8691F          PCB Assy U1                                                            EACH       1,189.74
SHR-90A8706           bottom case for a T1/G                                                 EACH            7.13
SHR-90A8747           Volume Knob suit pot 46A8069 U4 New version                            EACH            7.47
SHR-90A8786T          PC Board "Inc Audio, Rf & Mic Jack Board UT1 Was 90A8786S              EACH         218.12
SHR-90A8787K          PCB Assembly UT2 Audio & RF PCB was 90a8787n                           EACH         157.71
SHR-90A8810           Front Panel UC4                                                        EACH          29.19
SHR-90A8846D          PCB Board For P4HW PSM                                                 EACH         234.91
SHR-90A8905           Display control knob ULX4P                                             EACH            4.53
SHR-90A8943E          PCB UT4 TE TF TC TD NEW Style Freq split A (596-608 MHz)               EACH         398.30
SHR-90A9037           Ear Support E4G                                                        PAIR          13.05
SHR-90AA8100          Hardware Bagged for P4T                                                EACH          14.77
SHR-90AH8100          Hardware Bagged for P2T                                                EACH          14.96
SHR-90AR8100          Hardware Kit ULX rack Kit                                              EACH            6.07
SHR-90AZ8100          Hardware Kit SLX4 Rack Kit                                             EACH            5.44
SHR-90B3622           Plug Assy XLR Beta87                                                   EACH          51.89
SHR-90B4220           Amplifier Assy ILP-1 discontinued rep SHR-RPM628 to suit SM91A SM98A   EACH         346.48
SHR-90B4327           Tie Clip tan for SM93 WL93                                             EACH          21.62
SHR-90B4407B          Goose Neck MX418 Mic 460mm                                             EACH         121.91
SHR-90B4694           Holder;Magnet;Tan For MC/WL50                                          EACH          39.83
SHR-90B8476F          PCB Assy RF EC2                                                        EACH         407.62
SHR-90B8478E          IC VCO EC SC                                                           EACH          82.52
SHR-90B8499J          PCB Assy Audio L11 EC1/11 (90A8376F)                                   EACH         151.74
SHR-90B8528G          PCB Assy RF SC1                                                        EACH         400.57
SHR-90B8593           Battery Clip                                                           EACH            5.12
SHR-90B8777           Pan Pot includes Knob P7R                                              EACH            5.66
SHR-90B8786S          Printed crcuit board TG UT1                                            EACH         134.64
SHR-90B8787AA         PCB Assy UT2 614-626 Mhz                                               EACH         175.61
SHR-90B8943E          PCB UT4 TG TH TJ TK Old style Freq split B (614-626 MHz) OPT 90B8788J EACH          162.74
SHR-90B8981           Antenna J5 578 - 698 Mhz UR2                                          EACH           52.71
SHR-90C4330F          PCB Assy RF SC2                                                        EACH         323.21
SHR-90C4694           Holder;Magnet;White For MC/WL50                                        EACH          39.83
SHR-90C8418           Cable Assy                                                             EACH          39.43
SHR-90C8459E          LO PCB Assembly                                                        EACH         178.83
SHR-90C8478E          IC VCO EC SC                                                           EACH          89.55
SHR-90C8514           Metal case for the FP33                                                EACH         320.31
SHR-90C8517E          Local Oscillator Replaces 90B8517E SC4                                 EACH         259.49
SHR-90C8528F          PCB Assy RF SC1                                                        EACH         335.13
SHR-90D1725           Switch Actuator Assy                                                   EACH          27.78
SHR-90D4268           Gooseneck Assy SM99 18" in lenght                                      EACH         132.60
SHR-90D8418           Cable Assy                                                             EACH          44.00
SHR-90D8981           Antenna Q5 740 - 814 Mhz UR2                                           EACH          52.71

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist             Page 102 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-90E8338/1         Meter VU FP33                                                      EACH          98.12
SHR-90E8893           Battery Door P7R                                                   EACH          42.10
SHR-90F1984           Conn Male XLR Insert Beta 52, 56, 56A, 57A new PN 90J1984          EACH          10.77
SHR-90F8338/1         Meter VU FP33                                                      EACH         101.59
SHR-90H4321           Transformer for SM94                                               EACH          21.13
SHR-90HH2600          Replacement Grille For BG 1.0                                      EACH          28.46
SHR-90HJ2600          Headband Ass'y SM10A A.K.A 90A3997 & RK352                         EACH          92.45
SHR-90J1984           RoHS PLUG, MALE, XLR, 3-PIN Beta 58 old P/N 90F1984                EACH            4.26
SHR-90JY2600          Replacement Windscreen For SM99 Replaced By A99WS                  EACH            8.62
SHR-90KL2600          Trimmed Cable Accessory For 577B                                   EACH          55.24
SHR-90LC2600          Replacement Cartridge For BG 2.0                                   EACH          69.29
SHR-90MA8739G         PCB Assy Programmed U1 MA                                          EACH       1,065.01
SHR-90MA8739K         PCB Assy Programmed flexi antennas U1 MA                           EACH         553.79
SHR-90SN2600          Replacement Cartridge For SM62                                     EACH         147.78
SHR-90SP2600          Replacement Cartridge For SM63L                                    EACH         154.58
SHR-90UA8739J         PCB Assy Programmed U1 UA                                          EACH       1,252.15
SHR-90UA8739K         PCB Assy Programmed U1 UA                                          EACH         553.79
SHR-90UB8790R         UC1-UB PCB                                                         EACH         295.11
SHR-90VL1371          Hardware Kit ua844                                                 EACH          16.99
SHR-90VR1371          Hardware Kit PSM600                                                EACH          13.60
SHR-90WD1371          Hardware Kit For M44-7 and M44G                                    EACH            7.57
SHR-90XH1371          FIT KIT - E2                                                       EACH          52.71
SHR-90XJ1371          E3/E5 Fit Kit w/ Cleaning Tool                                     EACH          45.27
SHR-94B8429           Plastic Hard Case PGX System                                       EACH         101.65
SHR-95-8185           Conn XLR L4 Series                                                 EACH          27.60
SHR-95A1143           Cable 9pin FP410 FP410E                                            EACH          34.12
SHR-95A2029           Antenna U2                                                         EACH          16.99
SHR-95A2041           Switch, Membrane Tuf Touch MX412D/C MX418D/C MX412D/O MX418D/O EACH              56.34
                      MX412D/S MX418D/S
SHR-95A2050           Stand Adaptor Beta 56                                          EACH                5.53
SHR-95A2158           Cable connector, XLR Dual Female for P4HW                      EACH             199.40
SHR-95A2162           Clip;Vampire;Polycarbonate Translucent;For MC/WL50                 EACH          39.83
SHR-95A2190C          Pre Amp PCB KSM44                                                  EACH         284.79
SHR-95A2202           PG52 Swivel wing Nut                                               EACH            5.71
SHR-95A2207C          Grille PG48                                                        EACH          26.69
SHR-95A2208C          Grille PG56                                                        EACH          32.40
SHR-95A2221           Plastic Case Black WL51B                                           EACH         113.11
SHR-95A2232           Zippered clam shell pouch Black for E2                             EACH          23.89
SHR-95A2234           Case Plastic black WBH53                                           EACH          98.36
SHR-95A2300           Y Split Cable for VP88 XLR-5FC to 2x3MC opn 90a4148                EACH         108.35
SHR-95A2334           CABLE,INTERCONNECT,BOARD,PHONE POWER                               EACH            3.90
SHR-95A2335           CABLE, 6 POSITION                                                  EACH            3.38
SHR-95A2348           Antenna Flexible U1 OPN 70a8019                                    EACH            3.58
SHR-95A2390           Cable rear XLR Plate                                               EACH          42.30
SHR-95A2427           cable/connector assembly, DC For shure UC4 receiver                EACH          28.69
SHR-95A2428           Foam Screen Assy SM87 Beta 87                                      EACH            5.85
SHR-95A2482AA         Goose Neck MX412/C 300mm replaces 95a2273aa                        EACH          78.49

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 103 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-95A8061           Conn Male XLR Slver Pnl Mnt FP31                                     EACH          37.31
SHR-95A8062           Conn Mini Phone Jack 3.5mm PCB FP31                                  EACH            9.99
SHR-95A8068           Meter VU FP31                                                        EACH         206.36
SHR-95A8077           Conn Male Receptacle TB3M TA3F SM91                                  EACH          27.55
SHR-95A8137           Carrying Case FP32                                                   EACH         104.54
SHR-95A8188           Conn 4pin Male MiniXLR Pnl L1 Series                                 EACH          31.97
SHR-95A8195           Clip                                                                 EACH            2.12
SHR-95A8320           Antenna T4V diversity Receiver T Series Receiver                     EACH          12.46
SHR-95A8328           Conn Skt DC Plug Replaces 95A8064 FP32A UT4A                         EACH            1.69
SHR-95A8329           Conn Skt Jack 6.5mm PCB Mono UT4 UT4A                                EACH            7.98
SHR-95A8351           3.5mm Conn Phone Jack FP32A                                          EACH            6.84
SHR-95A8353           Latch battery cover                                                  EACH          30.14
SHR-95A8367           Conn Fml XLR Silver Pnl Mnt                                          EACH          47.58
SHR-95A8400           Conn Male                                                            EACH          37.93
SHR-95A8420           Cable Pwer DC For a UA845                                            EACH          44.02
SHR-95A8508           Carry Strap Sell with Carry Bag FP32 FP32A FP33                      EACH          35.83
SHR-95A8535           Conn Skt Jack 6.5mm PCB Stereo T1 G                                  EACH            6.44
SHR-95A8577           Receptacle, power iec , dual inlet / outlet for U4                   EACH          68.79
SHR-95A8603           Power Supply U4 WA405 UA840 new PN:95C8603                           EACH         326.80
SHR-95A8631           BNC Socket R/A PCB UC4 P6T PA705 UA830A                              EACH          72.28
SHR-95A8634           Conn Skt Phone Jack                                                  EACH            9.38
SHR-95A8638           Head Phone Knob U4, 520DX Vol knob                                   EACH            3.44
SHR-95A8641           Connector SMC for U2 Antenna                                         EACH          39.83
SHR-95A8653           Knob concentric set for FP33 head phone master post 2000             EACH          24.27
SHR-95A8661           Cable/Connector, 5 circuit 12" U4                                    EACH          40.79
SHR-95A8665           Conn                                                                 EACH          29.14
SHR-95A8682           Lemo Socket P6HW                                                     EACH         221.06
SHR-95A8683           Case Assy P6                                                         EACH         182.50
SHR-95A8687           Conn RF PSM600                                                       EACH          86.08
SHR-95A8706           Knob Volume PSM P6R P7R                                              EACH          16.13
SHR-95A8714           IEC Receptacle and Fuse Holder P7T                                   EACH          83.11
SHR-95A8733           CONNECTOR , LEMO , RIGHT ANGLE 5-PIN , P6 HARDWIRED                  EACH         206.20
SHR-95A8747           BNC to Lemo Cable Assy TEST EQUIPMENT                                EACH         262.85
SHR-95A8751           Battery Nest U1                                                      EACH            5.08
SHR-95A8752           Knob Black with White Pointer scm262                                 EACH            2.00
SHR-95A8765           Antenna UT4                                                          EACH          13.64
SHR-95A8774           Jack Phone Stereo 3.5mm Right Angle PSM 400                          EACH            7.14
SHR-95A8801A          PCB Assy SM94 Pre-amp                                                EACH          50.62
SHR-95A8804J          Pre Amp PCB For MX412, RPM626 Lecturn New PN 95A8804K                EACH         118.96
SHR-95A8804K          Pre Amp PCB For MX412, RPM626 Lecturn Old PN 95A8804J                EACH         118.96
SHR-95A8806D          Pre Amp PCB For MX412S/418S Lecturn                                  EACH         140.19
SHR-95A8810E          Pre-Amp / Main Pcb Beta 87A                                          EACH          52.93
SHR-95A8839           Headphone Jack 3.5mm P7R                                             EACH            3.14
SHR-95A8853           P4R LCD                                                              EACH          18.99
SHR-95A8854           Antenna P4T-HF w/out BNC Connector Old Style P4T 722Mhz-745Mhz       EACH          18.22
SHR-95A8879           Volume Knob P2R                                                      EACH            2.22
SHR-95A8882           SMA Connector For UP4 UR2                                            EACH          34.12

Effective 1/02/2010          Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 104 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                           Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-95A8883           Antenna UP4                                                           EACH          45.95
SHR-95A8889           Link Cable AMS8100                                                    EACH          13.42
SHR-95A8898           Input Combo Connector P7T                                             EACH          35.83
SHR-95A8910           LCD ULXS4                                                             EACH          23.38
SHR-95A8915           LCD ULX 1 Beltpack                                                    EACH          13.64
SHR-95A8921           LCD ULXP4                                                             EACH          37.93
SHR-95A8932           Receptacle ULX1 SLX1 PGX1 TA4M male socket, SC1, UR1 old Part No.     EACH            6.38
SHR-95A8934           LCD U1, U2 OPT 95B8574                                                EACH          18.13
SHR-95A8982           Volume Knob UT4A - Silver Face                                        EACH            4.53
SHR-95A8983           Connector Eithercon UR4                                               EACH          42.83
SHR-95A8984           Connector USB 4 Pin UR4                                               EACH          47.58
SHR-95A8988           Volume Knob UT4 UC4 ULX4P                                             EACH            2.76
SHR-95A8989           Knob Assy U4D                                                         EACH            2.54
SHR-95A8991           LCD SLX1                                                              EACH            4.58
SHR-95A8994           Conn Bulkhead Adaptor BNC U4 OPN 95a8647                              EACH            5.42
SHR-95A8995           Power Supply Switching UR4                                            EACH         152.27
SHR-95A9024           LCD SLX4                                                              EACH          15.18
SHR-95A9030           Connecor Jack End Launch UR1                                          EACH          39.83
SHR-95A9033           Connector Socket Strip, 0.100IN PITCH 2                               EACH            4.31
SHR-95A9036           Battery Terminal Assy SLX1                                            EACH            2.24
SHR-95A9042           Battery Holder UR1 new PN 95C9042                                     EACH          19.35
SHR-95A9047B          Handle SLX2                                                           EACH          33.90
SHR-95A9049           Connector Header 4 pin UR1                                            EACH            4.19
SHR-95A9063           Battery Contact Assy SLX1                                             EACH            1.86
SHR-95A9064           Battery Contact Negative SLX2                                         EACH            3.81
SHR-95A9068           Battery Cover SLX2                                                    EACH            3.26
SHR-95A9100           PSU Switching Power Supply U4S U4D                                    EACH         162.45
SHR-95A9134           Fan / Connector Assy UR4                                              EACH          92.31
SHR-95A9139           CASE ASSY PG1 PG1                                                     EACH          29.00
SHR-95A9140           Handle Assy inc. Battery Cup PG2                                      EACH          47.58
SHR-95A9167           9 inch extension Cable E500                                           EACH          24.65
SHR-95A9227           Plastic Hard Case PGX System                                          EACH          97.21
SHR-95B2064           Replacement Windscreen MX202W For MX202 White                         EACH            4.62
SHR-95B2125           Champagne Elastic KSM44                                               EACH            2.90
SHR-95B2207C          Grille PG58                                                           EACH          33.99
SHR-95B2299           ANTENNA P2R-H2                                                        EACH            7.23
SHR-95B2313           Long Mic Bag Was SHR-26A14                                            EACH            4.24
SHR-95B2482AA         Goose Neck MX418 Mic 460mm                                            EACH          95.17
SHR-95B8043           Conn Phone Jack 6.5mm PCB Mnt ST6000 ST6008 AMS4000/8000              EACH          22.38
SHR-95B8065           Catch Battery Door FP31                                               EACH          10.66
SHR-95B8196           Xfmr Input                                                            EACH          39.83
SHR-95B8277           Cable 11 3/4" Antenna link Cable For U4D                              EACH          15.95
SHR-95B8354           Knob concentric Dark Blue set head phone master Pre 2000 FP32A FP33   PAIR          23.60
SHR-95B8367           Conn FP32A                                                            EACH          39.83
SHR-95B8372           Knob level for a shure FP33 PSM P6T                                   EACH          16.37
SHR-95B8373           Power Cable SLX UA844                                                 EACH          78.56

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist            Page 105 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-95B8410           Cable Assy                                                         EACH            1.36
SHR-95B8420           RoHS CABLE, POWER, DC                                              EACH          44.02
SHR-95B8571           LCD Screen U4D                                                     EACH          37.34
SHR-95B8625           Chassis, Receiver UHF U4-S                                         EACH         267.29
SHR-95B8638           Knob Grey Top Inlay                                                EACH            3.44
SHR-95B8661           Cable Connector 18' U4                                             EACH          45.32
SHR-95B8682           Nut Hex M9 .6mm for LEMO jack P6HW                                 EACH            0.45
SHR-95B8687           Nut Hex M7 .5mm Lemo antenna socket nut P6R                        EACH            4.17
SHR-95B8699           Antenna UA UC4 UC4 UB Use pt no PA715                              EACH          37.93
SHR-95B8746           PSU, UA845 New P/N 95C8746                                         EACH         388.76
SHR-95B8752           Knob Black with Blue Pointer scm262                                EACH            1.90
SHR-95B8839           Nut Hex M6 .5mm 3.5mm Socket Old Part No. 95Y8634 P6R              EACH            1.95
SHR-95B8840           Input / Headphone knob P7T                                         EACH          30.93
SHR-95B8855           SUPPLY,POWER,SWITCHING,88-264V P4800                               EACH         567.43
SHR-95B8882           Nut Slotted Brass UR2                                              EACH            8.52
SHR-95B8971           PSU to suit PA821                                                  EACH         337.13
SHR-95B9023           BNC Cable Assy Antenna SLX                                         EACH          42.92
SHR-95B9027A          Back Case Assy SLX1                                                EACH          22.75
SHR-95B9028           Front Case Assy SLX1                                               EACH          28.46
SHR-95B9038           LCD ASSEMBLY BITMAP 120x40                                         EACH         186.85
SHR-95B9043           Antenna J5 578 - 698 Mhz Black Cap UR1                             EACH          74.59
SHR-95B9060           Battery Door SLX1 PGX1                                             EACH          14.59
SHR-95B9079           Glass LCD UR2 & UR2                                                EACH          44.68
SHR-95B9081B          Handle Assy - new modification PGX2                                EACH          40.79
SHR-95B9167           3 foot extension cable E500                                        EACH          34.12
SHR-95C2029           Antenna UB Frequency U2                                            EACH          71.51
SHR-95C2042           Switch Membrame Tuf Touch MX300 series MX392                       EACH          37.31
SHR-95C2361           Replacement Grille For Beta 87 87A old PN 90A3955                  EACH          70.56
SHR-95C8148           Internal Frame Assy PG2                                            EACH          13.60
SHR-95C8238           Knob Grey Pointer P2T                                              EACH            3.81
SHR-95C8311           Antenna Blue Ring USED for EC2 short non flex                      EACH          52.57
SHR-95C8418           BNC Panel mount + Cable Assy 13 Inch for U4D U4S New P/N 95F8418   EACH          67.24
SHR-95C8603           Power Supply U4 WA405 UA840 PA760 old PN:95a8603                   EACH         287.05
SHR-95C8687           Lockwasher Int Tooth M7 Lemo Antenna washer P6R                    EACH            2.58
SHR-95C8746           PSU, UA845 Old P/N 95B8746                                         EACH         301.40
SHR-95C9042           Battery Holder UR1 old PN 95A9042                                  EACH          21.32
SHR-95C9043           Antenna Q5 740 - 862 Mhz new part no. 95F9043                      EACH          55.83
SHR-95C9048           Battery Holder SLX2 Old P/N 95B9048                                EACH            4.21
SHR-95C9148           Internal Frame Assy PG2                                            EACH            3.81
SHR-95D2042           Switch membrane printed MX393                                      EACH          45.32
SHR-95D2299           Antenna UC1 UT1 P4R opn 70A8015                                    EACH            2.45
SHR-95D2303           RoHS ANTENNA ASSEMBLY                                              EACH          86.88
SHR-95D2426           Antenna SLX1 PGX1 702-720MHz                                       EACH            3.13
SHR-95D8080           Knob Numbered/Blk/Slvr Top FP31                                    EACH            7.90
SHR-95D8311           Antenna Yellow Ring                                                EACH          52.57
SHR-95D9059           Chassis Cover SLX4                                                 EACH         100.97
SHR-95E8418           BNC Cable SLX4-P4                                                  EACH          46.20

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 106 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-95F8311           Antenna VHF 1/4 Wave Brown 225Mhz EC                               EACH          49.25
SHR-95F8418           BNC Panel mount + Cable Assy 13 Inch for U4D U4S Short Old P/N     EACH          55.15
SHR-95F9043           Antenna Q5 740 - 862 Mhz Blue Cap UR1                              EACH          74.59
SHR-95G8418           BNC Cable assembly 17-3/4 Inch For U4D and U4S Long                EACH          57.10
SHR-95K8338           Meter VU Left w/Bat Indicator FP33                                 EACH          75.99
SHR-95L9279           Half Wave Antenna ULX opn - UA820L3                                EACH          45.32
SHR-95RS1371          Hardware FP32                                                      EACH          19.51
SHR-95W8631           Nut Hex                                                            EACH            1.40
SHR-95Z8322           6.5mm, 1/4" Conn Phone Jack FP32A                                  EACH          26.65
SHR-95Z8562           NUT, HX, M8 X 0.8MM FOR U4 SUIT PART NO 90B8688                    EACH            0.77
SHR-96A8010           Pot 100k                                                           EACH            3.63
SHR-96B8000           Pot 100k                                                           EACH            4.53
SHR-97C306            Mic Boom Assy SM10A                                                EACH         235.66
SHR-99A878            Cartridge for SM99                                                 EACH         191.05
SHR-99D668B           Cartridge for Pacific Marine                                       EACH          42.64
SHR-C107              Microphone Cable 7.5m TA3F To TA3F Miniature Cable For SM91        EACH          95.88
SHR-C122              Cable for MX185, MX Lapels                                         EACH         139.47
SHR-C14C              Curly Cord                                                         EACH          55.39
SHR-C98D              Cable for Beta 98 TA4F / TA3F 15' Triple Flex                      EACH          53.72
SHR-PRW607            SMD Capacitor Kit 0603                                             EACH         227.59
SHR-PT1838AJ          BNC Plug to SMA Jack                                               EACH          57.34
SHR-PT1838I           BNC (f) to SMA Tool                                                EACH         167.26
SHR-PT1838K           Toray Non-Inductive Tuning Tool BLUE                               EACH         136.54
SHR-PT1838L           Toray Non-Inductive Tuning Tool PINK                               EACH         203.93
SHR-PT1838M           Toray Non-Inductive Tuning Tool White                              EACH         136.54
SHR-PT1838V           Vessel Tuning Tool Trimmer Capacitor                               EACH         136.54
SHR-PT1872            Cable Dual BNC to 3.5mm                                            EACH         135.96
SHR-R103              Cartridge for 514B                                                 EACH          69.52
SHR-R104              Cartridge for SM81                                                 EACH         457.35
SHR-R112              Cartridge for SM85                                                 EACH         212.28
SHR-R115              Cartridge for 55SH Series II                                       EACH         112.16
SHR-R127              Cartridge for SM83                                                 EACH         212.28
SHR-R128              Cartridge for SM87                                                 EACH         285.60
SHR-R130              Cartridge for 809; SM90                                            EACH         179.63
SHR-R131              Cartridge for 527B                                                 EACH          35.17
SHR-R133              Cartridge for 839                                                  EACH         148.60
SHR-R136              Cartridge for 587; SM48                                            EACH          72.37
SHR-R144              Cartridge for SM89                                                 EACH          84.91
SHR-R146              Cartridge for SM84                                                 EACH         148.60
SHR-R16P              Cartridge for Prologue 16L                                         EACH          86.36
SHR-R172              Cartridge for 503BG                                                EACH         148.60
SHR-R174              Cartridge for Beta56 Beta57A                                       EACH         239.10
SHR-R175              Cartridge for Beta52                                               EACH         239.10
SHR-R176              Cartridge for Beta58A Wired only                                   EACH         239.10
SHR-R180              Cartridge for 588SDX                                               EACH         101.39
SHR-R186              Cartridge for BG 1.1                                               EACH          53.33

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 107 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-R188              Cartridge for BG 3.1                                               EACH          97.73
SHR-R191              Cartridge for SM63 SM63L/B                                         EACH         142.25
SHR-R193              Cartridge for Beta87A                                              EACH         503.99
SHR-R198              Cartridge for 520DX (Green Bullet)                                 EACH          80.03
SHR-R199              Cartridge for VP64A VP64AL                                         EACH          85.92
SHR-R44D              Cartridge for 520D                                                 EACH         127.37
SHR-R50               Cartridge for 540 560 575 579SB                                    EACH          95.89
SHR-R57               Cartridge for SM56 SM57                                            EACH         190.93
SHR-R59               Cartridge for SM58 SM58S                                           EACH         165.73
SHR-R65               Cartridge for 565 566 PE50SP PE56                                  EACH         158.88
SHR-R70               Cartridge for 570 570S 571                                         EACH         202.59
SHR-R90               Cartridge for 562                                                  EACH          89.91
SHR-R92               Cartridge for PE52                                                 EACH         106.14
SHR-R93               Cartridge for 512 SM1; SM2 SM10; SM12; SM14                        EACH         167.95
SHR-R96               Cartridge for 526T Series II 550L                                  EACH          61.41
SHR-R98B              Cartridge for                                                      EACH         160.70
SHR-R99               Cartridge for SM11 SM17                                            EACH         179.87
SHR-RK106S            Mic Switch for 545SD                                               EACH          63.68
SHR-RK14PG            Grille for Prologue 14                                             EACH          43.01
SHR-RK200BC           Belt Clip for SM10/11/12/14                                        EACH          11.74
SHR-RK203TC           Single Mount Tie Clip for SM11                                     EACH          32.58
SHR-RK229WS           Windscreen for SM63-Brown                                          EACH          27.06
SHR-RK240SB           Single Mount Tie Bars Pack of 4;For 838 839 SM83/84                4PAK          57.33
SHR-RK241DB           Dual Mount Tie Bars Pack of 4;For 838 839 SM83/84                  4PAK         225.02
SHR-RK242WS           Windscreen for SM/WL83 838 839 Pack of 4                           4PAK          32.83
SHR-RK243G            Grille for SM87 SM96                                               EACH          42.46
SHR-RK248G            Grille for SM48                                                    EACH          68.11
SHR-RK249G            Grille for SM94                                                    EACH          63.68
SHR-RK253G            Grille for 588SD                                                   EACH          79.49
SHR-RK254G            Grille for 515SD                                                   EACH          33.59
SHR-RK257WS           Windscreen for SM89                                                EACH         107.72
SHR-RK261BWS          Windshield for MX183/184/185 SM84 WL84 WL / MX183/4/5 Pack of 4    4PAK          43.01
SHR-RK274G            Grille for Beta57C                                                 EACH          76.42
SHR-RK277G            Grille for Wireless SM96                                           EACH          86.23
SHR-RK278G            Grille for Beta57M                                                 EACH          67.93
SHR-RK279             Inst Mounting Clip for SM11                                        EACH          67.67
SHR-RK282             Swivel Adaptor for SM98                                            EACH          46.00
SHR-RK304T            2xWindscreens & 2xTieclips For SM93 WL93 Tan                       PACK          64.44
SHR-RK307DB           Dual Mount Tie Bar for SM/WL93 Pack of 2 Black                     2PAK          46.32
SHR-RK308             Grille for BG 1.0                                                  EACH          30.19
SHR-RK309             Grille for BG 2.0                                                  EACH          36.26
SHR-RK311             Windscreen for SM81                                                EACH          16.45
SHR-RK312             Grille for Beta87                                                  EACH          89.69
SHR-RK316             Mic & Boom for WH10XLR                                             EACH         177.68
SHR-RK317             Mic & Boom for WH10TQG                                             EACH         177.68
SHR-RK318WS           2xWindscreens;1xClothing Clip for WH10 WH20 90VK1371               EACH          16.27
SHR-RK319             Head Band for WH10/WH20                                            EACH          20.35

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 108 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-RK320             Grille for Beta56 Beta57A                                            EACH          93.76
SHR-RK322             Replacement Accessory Kit PG30 Includes 2 x Wind Sock 1 x Tie clip   EACH            9.70
SHR-RK323             Acessory Kit PG185                                                   EACH            9.70
SHR-RK323G            Grille for Wireless Beta58A Black Grille                             EACH          94.67
SHR-RK324G            Grille for Wireless Beta87 Black Grille                              EACH          99.66
SHR-RK332G            Grille for 588SDX                                                    EACH          70.56
SHR-RK333G            Grille for 515DSX                                                    EACH          39.06
SHR-RK334G            Grille for 515SLX 515SBGX 515SBG18X 515SBG18XF                       EACH          39.06
SHR-RK345             Windscreen for SM7A SM7B                                             EACH          36.93
SHR-RK351G            Grille for BG 3.1                                                    EACH          53.33
SHR-RK363             Firmware upgrade U4D UA                                              EACH         326.75
SHR-RK365             Firmware upgrade U4D V2.0                                            EACH         317.23
SHR-RK366G            Grille for SM63                                                      EACH          54.70
SHR-RK371             Grille for KSM32/SL                                                  EACH         195.37
SHR-RK372             Grille for KSM32/CG                                                  EACH         195.37
SHR-RK373             Shock Mount Elastic Bands KSM                                        EACH            7.79
SHR-RK374             Cartridge Assembly for KSM32                                         EACH         488.40
SHR-RK375             Switch and FET PCB-KSM32                                             EACH         195.37
SHR-RK412WS           Windsceen MX412 / 418 Snap-Fit                                       4PAK          49.20
SHR-RK57S             515 Series Except 515SD                                              EACH          17.52
SHR-RK6MB             Mounting Bracket for 514B Pack of 3                                  3PAK          23.27
SHR-RK82G             Grille for 588SA/588SB                                               EACH          63.68
SHR-RKC207            Replacement Part Kit Controller/Module Cable 7.6m                    EACH          66.87
SHR-RKC800            Replacement Part Kit XLR Adaptor Panel For SCM800/SCM810             EACH         586.06
SHR-RP325             Replacement Part Kit Cable Ass                                       EACH          42.11
SHR-RPM100            Mic Cable & Connector Assembly For WH20QTR                           EACH         164.07
SHR-RPM102            Mic Cable & Connector Assembly For WH20TQG                           EACH         164.07
SHR-RPM104            Mic Cable & Connector Assembly For WH20XLR                           EACH         164.07
SHR-RPM106            Cartridge for SM7 and SM7A                                           EACH         390.69
SHR-RPM108            Cartridge for All Beta Mini Cardioid Beta98                          EACH         148.46
SHR-RPM110            Cartridge for All Beta Mini SuperCardioid Beta98                     EACH         168.00
SHR-RPM112            Cartridge for SM86                                                   EACH         216.44
SHR-RPM114            Cartridge for KSM109                                                 EACH         177.06
SHR-RPM116            Cartridge Assy KSM 137 KSM141                                        EACH         367.89
SHR-RPM118            Replacement Cartridge For Beta87C                                    EACH         586.06
SHR-RPM132            Boom Assembly for WBH53-Black 4 pin conn                             EACH         675.88
SHR-RPM134            Boom Assembly for WBH53-Beige 4 pin conn                             EACH         675.88
SHR-RPM140            Cartridge Assy for KSM27                                             EACH         330.12
SHR-RPM142            Cartridge for Easyflex Grey Cardioid                                 EACH         114.88
SHR-RPM144            Cartridge for Easyflex Grey Omnidirect                               EACH          74.23
SHR-RPM146            Cartridge for Easyflex White Cardioid                                EACH         114.88
SHR-RPM150            Cartridge for PG58                                                   EACH          56.65
SHR-RPM152            Cartridge for PG56 & PG57                                            EACH          56.65
SHR-RPM154            Cartridge for PG52                                                   EACH         136.77
SHR-RPM160            KSM9 Cartridge                                                       EACH       1,250.97
SHR-RPM208            Cap/Grille for MC/WL50B Hi EQ                                        EACH          52.79
SHR-RPM212            Cap/Grille for MC/WL50T Hi EQ                                        EACH          46.86

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 109 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-RPM214            Cap/Grille for MC/WL50T Mid EQ                                     EACH          46.86
SHR-RPM216            Cap/Grille for MC/WL50W Hi EQ                                      EACH          46.86
SHR-RPM218            Cap/Grille for MC/WL50W Mid EQ                                     EACH          46.86
SHR-RPM220            Cap/Grille for MC/WL50B Mid EQ                                     EACH          52.79
SHR-RPM232            Cap/Grille Flat EQ for WCE6B & WCB6B; Countryman                   4PAK          83.79
SHR-RPM234            Cap/Grille +4dB EQ for WCE6B & WCB6B; Countryman                   4PAK          83.79
SHR-RPM236            Cap/Grille +8dB EQ for WCE6B & WCB6B; Countryman                   4PAK          83.79
SHR-RPM240            Cap/Grille Flat EQ for WCE6T & WCB6T; Countryman                   4PAK          83.79
SHR-RPM242            Cap/Grille +4dB EQ for WCE6T & WCB6T; Countryman                   4PAK          83.79
SHR-RPM244            Cap/Grille +8dB EQ for WCE6T & WCB6T; Countryman                   4PAK          83.79
SHR-RPM260            Grille for Wireles KSM9 Silver                                     EACH         131.06
SHR-RPM262            Grille KSM9/CG                                                     EACH         126.03
SHR-RPM264            Grille for Wireless KSM9 Black                                     EACH         140.03
SHR-RPM272            Cap/Grille Cardioid for WCE6T & WCB6T; Countryman                  4PAK          83.79
SHR-RPM273            Cap/Grille Hyper-Cardioid for WCE6T & WCB6T; Countryman            4PAK          83.79
SHR-RPM304            Windscreen for MC/WL50B WBH53B Beta53                              5PAK          78.13
SHR-RPM306            Windscreen for MC/WL50T WBH53T                                     5PAK          82.04
SHR-RPM308            Windscreen for MC/WL50W                                            5PAK          82.04
SHR-RPM310            Windscreen for Easyflex Grey Gooseneck Mics Pack of 4              4PAK          34.12
SHR-RPM312            Windscreen for Easyflex Grey Overhead Mics Pack of 4               4PAK          34.12
SHR-RPM314            Windscreen for Easyflex White Overhead Mics Pack of 4              4PAK          34.12
SHR-RPM316            Windscreen for Beta54; Black                                       4PAK          69.37
SHR-RPM318            Windscreen for Beta54; Tan                                         4PAK          69.37
SHR-RPM320            Windscreen for WCE6B & WCB6B Black                                 4PAK          72.38
SHR-RPM322            Windscreen for WCE6T & WCB6T Tan; Countryman                       4PAK          72.38
SHR-RPM412            PCB Assy KSM109                                                    EACH         106.95
SHR-RPM414            PCB Assy KSM137 KSM141                                             EACH         100.02
SHR-RPM422            PCB board for KSM27                                                EACH         214.90
SHR-RPM500            2 x Lapel & 2 x Dual Tie Clips for MC/WL50B                        PACK         117.19
SHR-RPM502            2 x Lapel & 2 x Dual Tie Clips for MC/WL50T                        PACK         132.03
SHR-RPM504            2 x Lapel & 2 x Dual Tie Clips for MC/WL50W                        PACK         132.03
SHR-RPM506            Wire Aiming Hanger-Grey For Easyflex Overhead Mics                 EACH          31.27
SHR-RPM508            Wire Aiming Hanger-White For Easyflex Overhead Mics                EACH          31.27
SHR-RPM510            Swiveling Lapel Clip-Black For WBH53B                              5PAK          78.13
SHR-RPM512            Swiveling Lapel Clip-Beige For WBH53T                              5PAK          78.13
SHR-RPM520            Replacement Part Kit for WH30                                      5PAK         136.77
SHR-RPM522            Clip; Black for WCE6T & WCB6T                                      4PAK         125.26
SHR-RPM524            Clip; Tan for WCE6B & WCB6B                                        4PAK         149.82
SHR-RPM540            Beta 98 Horn Clamp Assy                                            EACH          66.44
SHR-RPM550            Headband for WBH53-Black                                           EACH         136.77
SHR-RPM560            Headband for WBH53-Beige                                           EACH         136.77
SHR-RPM570            Boom Holder/Logo Pad Black For WBH53B                              EACH          19.58
SHR-RPM600            Headband & Wireform Black Elastic for WH20                         EACH          58.64
SHR-RPM602            Switch Cover Plate for SM7/A                                       EACH          11.74
SHR-RPM604            Nuts & Washer for SM7/A Yoke                                       EACH          48.82
SHR-RPM606            Conn XLR Kit for Beta 87A                                          EACH         143.61
SHR-RPM622            Plug & Housing Assy. Beta91                                        EACH         135.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 110 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SHR-RPM624            Case Assy & PCB for Beta98                                         EACH          97.07
SHR-RPM628            Inline Preamp Replaces ILP-1 to Suit SM90A, SM901A, SM98A          EACH         421.07
SHR-RPM640            Locking Mounting Flange, Black                                     EACH          16.42
SHR-RPM642            Shockmount Rings for KSM27 Pack of 4                               4PAK            3.94
SHR-RPM652            Cable; Black for WCE6B                                             EACH         180.68
SHR-RPM654            Cable 1mm Tan for WCE6T & WCB6T; TA4F; Countryman                  EACH         634.39
SHR-RPM655            Cable 2mm Tan for WCE6T & WCB6T; TA4F; Countryman                  EACH         634.39
SHR-RPM682            Cable 1mm Tan for WCE6T & WCB6T; LEMO-3; Countryman                EACH       1,020.21
SHR-RPM683            Cable 2mm Tan for WCE6T & WCB6T; LEMO-3; Countryman                EACH       1,020.21
SHR-RPW160            KSM9 Cartridge                                                     EACH       1,250.97
SHR-RPW260            Input Connector/PCB Assy LX1                                       EACH          36.77
SHR-RPW262            Input Connector/PCB Assy T1                                        EACH          36.77
SHR-RPW264            Input Connector/PCB Assy T11                                       EACH          44.21
SHR-RPW266            Input Connector/PCB Assy SC1                                       EACH          36.77
SHR-RPW268            Input Connector/PCB Assy U1                                        EACH          49.85
SHR-RPW270            Input Connector/PCB Assy UC1 ULX1                                  EACH          99.70
SHR-RPW272            Input Connector/PCB Assy UT1                                       EACH          39.25
SHR-RPW276            Input Connector/PCB Assy SLX1/ PGX1                                EACH          99.70
SHR-RPW278            Input Connector/PCB Assy UR1                                       EACH          54.38
SHR-RPW280            Mic Input TA4M Connector PG1                                       EACH          46.90
SHR-RPW604            SMD Resistor Kit 0805                                              EACH         682.77
SHR-RPW605            SMD Resistor Kit 0603                                              EACH         720.70
SHR-RPW606            SMD Capacitor Kit 0805                                             EACH         227.59
SHR-RPW607            SMD Capacitor Kit 0603                                             EACH         227.59
SHR-RPW626            Hardware Kit UC4                                                   EACH          33.99
SHR-RPW636            Hardware Kit P6T P7T                                               EACH          40.61
SHR-T-10658           Spanner Wrench Tool for KSM9 NOT FOR SALE                          EACH         142.75
SHR-T190A001          ULXS Display Board                                                 EACH         523.83
SHR-T190A002          ULXP Display Board                                                 EACH         366.81
SHR-T190M2017         ULXS4 RF & Audio PCB M2                                            EACH         329.65
SHR-T90H28913         PSM 200 Transmitter H2 Band pn: 200h210607                         EACH         516.27
SHR-T90M28921         PCB Assy ULX 2 M2 New part no. 200M210568                          EACH         345.32
SHR-T90Q28921         PCB Assy Programmed ULX2 - Q2 RF and Audio                         EACH         218.84
SHR-T90UA8762         PCB Assy Programmed UC1-UA OPT 90UA8790-X                          EACH         385.43
SHR-T90UA8763         PCB Assy Programmed UC2 UA PCB Set Replaces 90UA8792AA             EACH         381.13
SHR-T90UA8766         PC Board Assy UC4 UA                                               EACH       1,130.56
SHR-T90UA8821         Programmed / Tuned PCB UP4                                         EACH         670.44
SHR-T90UB8762         PC Board Assy UC1 UB                                               EACH         545.04
SHR-T90UB8766         PC Board Assy UC4 UB                                               EACH         709.87
SHR-T90UB8906         PCB Assy Programmed U1 UB opn 200ub8906                            EACH         493.11
SPL-ACC-AD1550/A      Irem Lighter-12                                                    EACH       1,602.02
SPL-AFGL167CMA12      Gel Holder CMA 12E                                                 EACH          15.98
SPL-AFGL230CMA25      Gel Holder CMA 25E                                                 EACH          15.98
SPL-AS/VDSCAT25H      Lamp Holder assy with Cable VD 25 H                                EACH         141.83
SPL-C-SP070F24L3      Lamp Cap SFER-D70-ANOD-BRIL                                        EACH          36.18
SPL-C-SP100F32L3      Lamp Cap SFER-D100-ANOD-BRIL                                       EACH          46.44
SPL-C-SP150F52L3      Lamp Cap for COM 25 F SFER-D150-ANOD-BRIL                          EACH          59.83

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 111 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SPL-CMA/MOL/SG12      Uncoupling Kit CMA12/25                                            EACH            0.00
SPL-CMA/MOL/SP12      Motivating Force Shop Kit CMA 12/25                                EACH            0.00
SPL-COM/CAR/MA05      Handle Kit for Com 05                                              EACH            3.86
SPL-COM/CH/TET05      Bolt kit for Com 5                                                 EACH          12.41
SPL-COM/FRIZ05        Clutch Handle assy Com 05                                          EACH            6.26
SPL-COM/FRIZ05Z       Clutch Kit for com 05 ZS/ZW                                        EACH            6.84
SPL-COM/FRIZ25        Clutch Yolk Com 25                                                 EACH          31.15
SPL-COM/LFR05         Lens Fresnel Com 05F                                               EACH          85.60
SPL-COM/LFR12         Lens Fresnel Com 12F                                               EACH         104.53
SPL-COM/LFR25         Lens Fresnel Com 25F                                               EACH            0.00
SPL-COM/LPC05         Lens PC Com 05 PC                                                  EACH         100.89
SPL-COM/LPC12         Lens PC Com 12 PC                                                  EACH         111.04
SPL-COM/MOL/TEG       Retainer Spring Com 05/12/25                                       EACH            9.75
SPL-COM/PLEA05        Lense assy for COM05                                               EACH            0.00
SPL-COM/PLEP05        Lense Assy for Com05                                               EACH            0.00
SPL-COM/VSF05F        Screw Kit Com 05F                                                  EACH          35.81
SPL-COM/VSF05PC       Screw Kit Com 05PC                                                 EACH            0.00
SPL-COM/VSF12F        Screw Kit Com 12F                                                  EACH            0.00
SPL-COM/VSF12PC       Screw Kit Com 12PC                                                 EACH          41.42
SPL-COM/VSF25F        Screw Kit Com 25F                                                  EACH          41.20
SPL-CONT-KUB1         Lamp Hour Meter                                                    EACH          66.11
SPL-CVP03Z100101      Lamp Cable assy 2metre                                             EACH          20.93
SPL-CVP03Z150101      Lamp Cable assy 2metre                                             EACH          27.00
SPL-CVP03Z150105      Lamp cable assy 2metre SS05                                        EACH          27.37
SPL-CVP03Z250102      Cable assy COM 25 F 2metre                                         EACH          31.70
SPL-DIA12BO           Diaphragm VD 1200W                                                 EACH         494.97
SPL-DIA25HBO          Diaphragm VD 25H                                                   EACH         698.78
SPL-DOM/MOL/FORC      Bracket Dom1000                                                    EACH            7.17
SPL-GHI/12            Blade Kit 05/12                                                    EACH          25.73
SPL-GHI/25            Shutter Blade Assy for series 25                                   EACH          36.07
SPL-LPCO-090D6T       Lense 090D6T                                                       EACH          66.91
SPL-LPCO-150D2        Lense 150D2                                                        EACH         104.82
SPL-LPCO-150D3T       Lense 150D3T VD 25H                                                EACH         221.28
SPL-LPCO-230D15       Lense 230D1.5 VD 25H                                               EACH         374.14
SPL-MNTP-I117         Handle TPL-F/INT117 COM 25 F & VD 1                                EACH          11.76
SPL-MNTP-I117B        Handle TPL-F/INT117 Bottom COM 25 F & VD 1                         EACH            5.86
SPL-MNTP-I179         Handle TPL-F/INT179 VD 25H                                         EACH          21.05
SPL-MNTP-I935V0       Handle TPL-F/INT93.5V0                                             EACH            5.82
SPL-PL-G22/1          Lamp Holder assy 1000/CID-2000W                                    EACH         101.49
SPL-PL-GX95           Lamp Portal 1000-1200W                                             EACH          17.69
SPL-PL-GY95           Lamp Socket 300-500W                                               EACH            8.97
SPL-PL-R7S/DOM        Lamp socket for DOM1000                                            EACH          26.80
SPL-TEL-FG-DOM-Z      Fermagel Chasis For Zinc B                                         EACH          34.94
SPL-TEL-PG-DOM-Z      Portagel Chasis for Zinc B                                         EACH          34.94
SPL-TR2-DOM1          Chassis Screen - Grille for DOM1000                                EACH          39.31
SPL-VD/CAR/MA12       Undercarriage Handle Kit VD12MHR                                   EACH            0.00
SPL-VD/CAR/MA25       Undercarriage Handle Kit VD 25 H                                   EACH          21.51

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 112 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

SPL-VD/CAV/AL12       Cable Kit High Tension VD12MHR                                     EACH            0.00
SPL-VD/CAV/AL12M      Cable Kit High Tension VD12MHR                                     EACH            0.00
SPL-VD/CH/BAC25       Ball shutter basin VD 25 H                                         EACH            0.00
SPL-VD/CH/TET12       Shutter assy VD 12MHR                                              EACH          26.09
SPL-VD/FRIZ12M        Clutch VD 12 MHR                                                   EACH          27.15
SPL-VD/MOL/TEG/1      Tegolino Kit VD 12 MHR                                             EACH            8.52
SPL-VD/REG/LAM25      Regulation lamp Kit VD25H                                          EACH            0.00
SPL-VD/SCO/PLE25      Screw assy VD 25 H                                                 EACH            4.84
SPL-VENTIL-12         Fan PAPST-4586Z-220V VD 25H                                        EACH         146.11
SPL-VENTIL-13         Fan PAPST-4850Z-858                                                EACH         142.04
SPL-VOM-25-5X30       Knob D25-5x30                                                      EACH            5.75
STN-3PL501            3 Position Phono/Line Switch For SMX501                            EACH          28.55
STN-3PLSA3            3 Position Phono/Line Switch For SA3                               EACH          28.55
STN-3PLSK2            3 Position Phono/Line Switch For SK2                               EACH          23.79
STN-3PLSK6            3 Position Phono/Line Switch For SK6F                              EACH          23.79
STN-411-C304-419      Xfmr C324                                                          EACH          80.89
STN-422-304-068       Fuse 2A Chip SM C304 C303                                          EACH          16.13
STN-AMPS00003         Amplifier IC TDA2052V ATM6 240V                                    EACH          52.43
STN-ARMS00001         Tone Arm Assy T90 USB                                              EACH         154.08
STN-CAPG00098         Capacitor 10000uf 16V ECN#S07-0006 C314                            EACH            9.06
STN-CF-PG100          Cross Fader Penny & Giles for SA8 & SMX501                         EACH         262.90
STN-CF-PG110          Cross Fader Penny & Giles SA-12                                    EACH         166.54
STN-CF-PG401          Cross Fader Penny & Giles SMX401                                   EACH         166.54
STN-CF-PGSA5          Cross Fader Penny & Giles SA5                                      EACH         158.61
STN-CF202             Crossfader M201                                                    EACH          69.34
STN-CF251             Crossfader for SMX251                                              EACH          28.55
STN-CF301             Crossfader For SMX301                                              EACH          63.45
STN-CF303             Crossfader For M303                                                EACH          63.45
STN-CF402             Crossfader For RM402                                               EACH          36.25
STN-CF404             Crossfader For RM404                                               EACH         115.56
STN-CF406             Crossfader For RM406                                               EACH          67.98
STN-CFF1              Focus Fader Vers 1.0 for SK-2; SK-6; SK-1 SK2F                     EACH         137.99
STN-CFF1SK5           Focus Fader Vers 1.0 for SK-4 and SK-5                             EACH         137.99
STN-CFF2              Focus Fader Vers 2.0 for SK-2FLtd Ed only SA8 SA12 & SMX-501       EACH         294.57
STN-CFPDJ11           Crossfader For PDJ11                                               EACH          22.29
STN-CFPDJ33           Crossfader For PDJ33                                               EACH          22.29
STN-CFPDJX            Crossfader For PDJ-22                                              EACH          26.75
STN-CFPG304           Penny & Giles Fader For M304                                       EACH         158.61
STN-CFPRO             Crossfader For PRO80;PRO100                                        EACH          22.29
STN-CFPRO30           Crossfader For PRO30                                               EACH          22.29
STN-CFRM19            Crossfader For RM50; RM80; RM100                                   EACH          36.25
STN-CFRM22            Crossfader For RM22                                                EACH          38.07
STN-CFRM3S            Crossfader Replaces CFRM3 For RM3 and RM3S                         EACH          65.49
STN-CFSA3             Crossfader For SA3                                                 EACH          77.04
STN-CFSK1             Crossfader For SK1                                                 EACH          93.27
STN-CFSK5             Crossfader For SK4 SK5                                             EACH          28.55
STN-CFSMX             Crossfader for SMX201 SMX211                                       EACH          80.89

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 113 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

STN-CFVRM10           Crossfader for VRM10                                               EACH         199.85
STN-FADS00001         Pitch Control Fader C314                                           EACH         158.61
STN-FS0004            Feet (Bumper) for FS Scratch Amp                                   EACH            1.63
STN-FS0005            IC (UDA1325H) Audio Codec For FS Scratch Amp                       EACH          57.77
STN-FS0007            IC (W81181AD) USB Nub for FS Scratch Amp                           EACH          14.56
STN-FS0013            IC (LM393) Op Amp for FS Scratch Amp                               EACH            0.95
STN-FS0017            PCB Complete Scratch Amp                                           EACH         679.78
STN-FS0027            Channel Gain Pot FS2                                               EACH          15.86
STN-FS0036            Firewire Chip TSB41AB2PAP Scratch Amp                              EACH          33.99
STN-FS0047            PCB Digital Scratch AMp 2 Version 2 FS2                            EACH         679.78
STN-FS0048            PCB Analogue Scratch Amp 2 Version 2 FS2                           EACH         530.22
STN-FS1XTAL           Final Scratch Amp Crystal                                          EACH            0.91
STN-FSAMP             Final Scratch Amp No Software;OS,PSU                               EACH         430.52
STN-HARS00015         6 key knob play / cue button c324                                  EACH          19.26
STN-HDB0002           Rotary Chrome Knob (Large) for VRM10                               EACH            8.75
STN-HDB0003           Rotary Chrome Knob (Small) for DJF1                                EACH            5.62
STN-HDB0005           100k CUT OFF POT For DJF1                                          EACH          14.35
STN-HDB0006           C10k Log Dual Resonance Pot For DJF1                               EACH            3.14
STN-HDB0007           50k Dual Input Level Pot For DJF1                                  EACH            3.35
STN-HDB0025           Rotary Chrome Knob (Small) for VRM10                               EACH            4.85
STN-HOKS00001         TONE ARM REST & HOOK ASSEMBLY FOR ST150, str8150, t120,t120c       EACH          11.56
STN-HOKS00003         TONE ARM REST & HOOK ASSEMBLY STR850,860,880 old p/n SHP0007       EACH          11.56
STN-HP0000            Headphone Cord;Coiled L-Shaped For DJ PRO 300                      EACH            9.06
STN-HP0002            Headphone Cord;Coiled L-Shaped For DJ PRO 2000                     EACH          13.60
STN-HP0003            Headphone Cord ; Straight For DJ PRO 1000/MKII                     EACH          38.52
STN-HP0006            Headband MK2 & ST Pro                                              EACH            7.25
STN-HP0007            Ear Element DJPRO2000/200S                                         EACH          10.83
STN-HP0008            Ear Cushion (Rubber surround) DJpro2000                            EACH            9.11
STN-HP0010            Ear Element DJPRO1000/500MC/ 300                                   EACH            8.88
STN-HP0011            Ear Cushion (Rubber surround) DJPRO 1000S 300                      EACH            6.53
STN-HP0017            Ear Element DJPRO50                                                EACH            3.17
STN-HP0022            Switch Stereo/Mono DJ Pro 2000                                     EACH            1.24
STN-HP0023            Ear Element DJPRO60                                                EACH            5.48
STN-HP0034            Headphone Cord;Coiled L-Shaped For DJ PRO 3000                     EACH          30.59
STN-HP0037            Battery Door (Holder) For DJ PRO 3000                              EACH            0.91
STN-LCDS00001         LCD SCS1                                                           EACH          46.22
STN-LF301             Line Fader For SMX301                                              EACH          38.07
STN-LF303             Linefader For M303                                                 EACH          54.38
STN-LF304             Linefader For M304                                                 EACH          36.25
STN-LF401             Line Fader For SMX401                                              EACH          84.94
STN-LF501             Line Fader For SMX501                                              EACH          38.07
STN-LF505             Line Fader M505                                                    EACH          64.71
STN-LFRM19            Linefader For RM50; RM100                                          EACH          33.31
STN-LFRM3S            Linefader For RM3S or RM3                                          EACH          38.07
STN-LFRM80            Linefader For RM80 only                                            EACH          33.31
STN-LFSA3             Linefader For SA3                                                  EACH          45.32
STN-LFSK2             Linefader For SK2 SK2F SK2FLTD                                     EACH          93.27

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 114 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                                 Per     RRP Inc GST

STN-LFSK5             Linefader For SK5                                                           EACH          28.55
STN-LFSK6             Line Fader for Stanton SK6                                                  EACH          38.07
STN-LFSMX             Line Fader For SMX201 SMX211                                                EACH            2.71
STN-LFVRM10           Linefader for VRM10                                                         EACH         133.24
STN-MECS00003         CD Mechanism C324                                                           EACH         327.43
STN-MECS00004         CD Mechanism C502                                                           EACH         173.34
STN-MICHPJCK-NUT      Mic-headphone jack Nut                                                      EACH            0.95
STN-NFS0026           IC 4558LD Op Amp For RM3                                                    EACH            1.13
STN-NFS0101           Curve Adjust Knob Black wwhite For a SMX501 SK6 SA3 SA5 SA8                 EACH            0.27
STN-NFS0104           Line fader PDJ-90                                                           EACH            4.95
STN-NFS0113           Cue/FX loop Switch For a RM3                                                EACH            2.57
STN-NFS0116           Crossfader Reverse Switch For RM3 Phone/line RM50 2 way CH 2&3              EACH            2.00
STN-NFS0122           Power Switch RM3; SK2; SK2-F; SK6; SK-6F; SK2-FLTD;                         EACH            2.05
STN-NFS0125           Cap for Push button For PDJ22                                               EACH            0.36
STN-NFS0126           Black Toggle post round For M303 M304 SA3 SA5 SA8 RM50-80-100-402-          EACH            0.32
                      404-406 & SMX
STN-NFS0132           Input Select Switch For a RM3                                               EACH            4.14
STN-NFS0133           Balance fader For RM80 RM100                                                EACH            3.81
STN-NFS0201           tone Pot For a RM3                                                          EACH          11.56
STN-NFS0203           Balance / CH Pan Pot For a RM3                                              EACH            1.90
STN-NFS0210           Gain pot For PDJ22 ESM11                                                    EACH          11.33
STN-NFS0212           50kaX2 Master pot For RM80                                                  EACH            2.36
STN-NFS0301           XLR - 1/4" Mic Jack RM3S RM50                                               EACH            8.95
STN-NFS0303           Headphone Socket 6.5mm SK2-F Jack outputs SK2 SMX501                        EACH            1.47
STN-NFS0304           Headphone Jack For a RM3                                                    EACH            1.40
STN-NHJ0207           Fader Knob (Line & Xfader) For PDJ11;PDJ33                                  EACH            0.95
STN-NHJ0214           Line Fader Pro30/Pdj11/Pdj33 Mixer                                          EACH            4.01
STN-NHJ0219           Rotary Rubber Knob;Black/White For PDJ11;PDJ33;PRO30;XCUT3                  EACH            0.52
STN-NHJ0222           Crossfader Switch For PDJ11 ESM11 Pro30                                     EACH            2.28
STN-NHP0000           Tone Arm NEXT 2500 Turntable                                                EACH          58.23
STN-NHP0001           Counter Weight For NT1500;NT2500                                            EACH          12.42
STN-NHP0003           Platter for Stanton Turntable (8mm centre hole) for T50 STR8-20 / 50 / 60   EACH          54.06
STN-NHP0003B          Platter for Stanton Turntable (10mm centre hole) for T60 STR8-30 / 60       EACH          54.06
STN-NHP0008           Transformer For STR830                                                      EACH          20.98
STN-NHP0011           Belt for T50 STR8-20 & STR8-50                                              EACH            3.99
STN-NHP0012           Motor For NT1500;NT2500                                                     EACH         108.45
STN-NHP0015S          Pitch Fader Knob;Silver For NT1500;NT2500; STR8-30 /50 /60                  EACH            1.59
STN-NHP0016           Pitch Fader For STR8-60 STANTON TURNTABLE                                   EACH          15.41
STN-NHP0020           TONE ARM REST ASSEMBLY FOR NEXT NT2500                                      EACH            5.98
STN-NHP0021           Main PCB FADER FOR STR8-60 ALT PART NO 704-DJ2500A-1649                     EACH          85.92
STN-NHP0025           Target Light Bulb w/Spring STR850 Light Assy NT2500                         EACH            2.27
STN-NHP0055           Speed IC, Micro Processor Alr PT No 704-dj2500-1669 STR830             EACH               15.27
STN-NHP0056           45 RPM Adaptor (Plastic) Suit T50, T60, T80 NT1500, NT2500, STR8-50/60 EACH                 1.49
STN-NHP0100           CD Mechanism All CD Players                                            EACH              173.34
STN-NHP0101           CONTROLLER PCB ASSMEBLY FOR NCD-5000 DUAL CD PLAYER                         EACH         108.04
STN-NHP0103           Pitch fader for a NCD5000 CD Player                                         EACH            4.03
STN-NHP0104           POWER Transformer for NCD5000                                               EACH          27.98

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                  Page 115 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

STN-NHP0105           Control Cable for C & NCD & S series CD players Use CD player to   EACH          20.22
STN-NHP0107           Power SWitch S650                                                  EACH            2.52
STN-NHP0111           Fader Knob For NCD & S series CD players                           EACH            0.95
STN-NHP0113           LCD For NCD5000                                                    EACH          13.97
STN-NHP0121           RCA Cable STR880                                                   EACH          16.65
STN-NHP0122           Controller Knob Mold Assembly For NCD5000                          EACH          25.38
STN-NHP0145           Pitch fader for a NCD7000, S700, S650, S500, S250                  EACH            9.61
STN-OS2               Optical Scratch Switch For SA5 SA8 SA12 SK2F limited               EACH          42.83
STN-PCAG00003         Left PCB A1800                                                     EACH         249.25
STN-PCAG00004         Right PCB A1800                                                    EACH         249.25
STN-PCAS00010         CD1 Servo PCB for CM205                                            EACH         108.76
STN-PCAS00011         CD2 Servo PCB for CM205                                            EACH         119.41
STN-PCAS00022         Control PCB C313                                                   EACH         381.35
STN-PCAS00026         Control PCB C324                                                   EACH         577.81
STN-PCAS00027         PCB Main/Servo C324                                                EACH         288.90
STN-PCAS00028         Buffer PCB C324                                                    EACH         327.43
STN-PCAS00029         Servo PCB Was PCAS00030 C402                                       EACH         173.34
STN-PCAS00031         Control PCB C402                                                   EACH         290.04
STN-PCAS00032         Power Supply PCB C402                                              EACH          96.30
STN-PCAS00033         Buffer PCB C402                                                    EACH         290.04
STN-PCAS00035         Power & Balance PCB Assy C402                                      EACH          77.04
STN-PCAS00037         Controller PCB C502                                                EACH         558.55
STN-PCAS00038         CD1 Buffer PCB Assy C502                                           EACH         250.38
STN-PCAS00039         CD2 Buffer PCB Assy C502                                           EACH         211.86
STN-PCAS00040         CD1 Servo PCB C502                                                 EACH         211.86
STN-PCAS00041         CD2 Servo PCB C502                                                 EACH         219.79
STN-PCAS00045         Jog Encoder PCB SCS1D                                              EACH         870.11
STN-PLSK1             2 Position Phono/Line Switch For SK1 SK5                           EACH          28.55
STN-PLSK2             2 Position Phono/Line Switch For SK2                               EACH          23.79
STN-PLSK6             2 Position Phono/Line Switch For SK6                               EACH          23.79
STN-PP501             Face Plate for SMX-501                                             EACH          36.25
STN-PPSA3             Face Plate for SA3                                                 EACH          36.25
STN-PPSK1             Face Plate For SK1                                                 EACH          42.83
STN-PPSK2FB           Face Plate for SK2F (blue)                                         EACH          36.25
STN-PPSK2FLE          Face Plate for SK2FLtd (Black)                                     EACH          42.83
STN-PPSK6F            Face Plate for SK6f (Black)                                        EACH          38.07
STN-PPSK6FB           Face Plate for SK6f (Blue)                                         EACH          38.07
STN-PS16              Power Supply 240 v For SA5 SMX401 Australian Plug                  EACH          42.83
STN-PS18              Power Supply 240 v SA-3 RM3 Australian Plug                        EACH          36.30
STN-PS19              Power Supply 240 v RM50 RM80 RM100 SMX501 SA-8 Australian Plug     EACH         132.56
STN-PWSS00001         Power Supply SCS1D                                                 EACH         115.56
STN-PWSS00002         Power Supply SCS1M                                                 EACH         115.56
STN-RF-RM19           Rotary Fader set of 4 for RM50 and RM100                           EACH         137.99
STN-RF-RM3            Rotary Fader set of 3 for RM3/3S Silver                            EACH         103.50
STN-RF-RM80           Rotary Fader set of 4 for RM80                                     EACH         137.99
STN-RF-VRM10          Rotary Fader for VRM10                                             EACH         142.75

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 116 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

STN-SFS0000           Grounding Post Screw SK2                                            EACH            2.05
STN-SFS0005           Crossfader Reverse Button SA3                                       EACH            1.90
STN-SFS0008           Fader Knob (Line & Xfader) SK2                                      EACH            1.33
STN-SFS0009           Cue Fader Knob SK2                                                  EACH            0.86
STN-SFS0011           Toggle Post Flat For a RM3 SA3 SMX301 SMX401                        EACH            0.18
STN-SFS0012           Mic Tone Pot For a RM3                                              EACH            2.58
STN-SFS0013           2ba15218 IC RM50                                                    EACH            1.13
STN-SFS0016           4P RCA SK-2F                                                        EACH            3.17
STN-SFS0017           Opto coupler Ic For SK6                                             EACH            6.25
STN-SFS0022           Cue Pan Fader For RM3S RM80 RM100 SK2F                              EACH            3.17
STN-SFS0023           RCA outputs SK2                                                     EACH            1.59
STN-SFS0024           AC Pwr Socket RM3 SK6F                                              EACH            0.67
STN-SFS0034           Line & XFader Knob For a RM3 SK6F RM50, RM80, RM100                 EACH            1.33
STN-SFS0035           Headphone Cue Pan Slider Knob For SK6 SA3 SA5 SA8 SA12 SMX series   EACH            0.82
                      & RM series
STN-SFS0036           Silver Rotary Knob For a RM3 RM50, RM80, RM100                      EACH            1.27
STN-SFS0045           IF Reverse Switch For a SK6F                                        EACH            3.71
STN-SFS0053           Cue Pot Sk6                                                         EACH            2.24
STN-SFS0071           Kill PCB Assy SMX501                                                EACH          95.17
STN-SFS0079           Opto coupler Ic for SA8                                             EACH            5.71
STN-SFS0084           Curve control pot 100KAX2 SMX501                                    EACH            1.54
STN-SFS0085           Crossfader Assign Switch SMX501                                     EACH            1.62
STN-SFS0104           Stereo Phone (RCA) Input For SK6                                    EACH            1.95
STN-SFS0107           EQ Kill Switch For a RM3                                            EACH            1.67
STN-SFS0136           Cue pan Fader SA5                                                   EACH            3.76
STN-SFS0145           RCA Jack 6P Gold For RM3                                            EACH            4.40
STN-SFS0204           Cross and line fader Knob(P&G) For SA5 SA8 SA12 SMX401 SMX501       EACH            1.33
STN-SFS0216           RCA Jack 4P SA5                                                     EACH            4.19
STN-SFS0222           Channel gain pot M304                                               EACH            3.17
STN-SFS0224           Channel Tone Pot SMX201                                             EACH            0.63
STN-SFS0227           Main PCB SMX301                                                     EACH         253.15
STN-SFS0230           Upper Face Plate SA5                                                EACH          40.79
STN-SFS0231           Lower Face Plate SA5                                                EACH          42.83
STN-SFS0243           Master Fader SA-5                                                   EACH          28.31
STN-SFS0248           Trim Knob SA5                                                       EACH            1.33
STN-SFS0255           Curve Assy PCB SA3                                                  EACH          28.55
STN-SFS0272           Channel Gain Pot RM406                                              EACH          13.60
STN-SFS0274           Line / Master Fader RM404                                           EACH          38.52
STN-SFS0275           Cue Pan Slider (VR) RM404 RM406                                     EACH            9.06
STN-SFS0280           Rotary Knob (w/ cut out) for RM404 & RM406                          EACH            1.90
STN-SFS0281           Fader Knob (Line & XFader) for RM402 RM404 & RM406                  EACH            1.90
STN-SFS0284           Rotary Knob (w/o cut out) for RM404 & RM406                         EACH            8.09
STN-SFS0293           Zone/Booth/Send/Rtn Pot - RM40                                      EACH          14.28
STN-SFS0299           Plate Fader SA5                                                     EACH            7.93
STN-SFS0300           Face Plate RM404                                                    EACH            1.81
STN-SFS0301           Cue Fader Knob For M303 & M304                                      EACH            0.91
STN-SFS0302           Rotary Knob Silver For M303 & M304                                  EACH            7.70

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 117 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                              Per     RRP Inc GST

STN-SFS0307           Fader Knob (Line and Xfader) (New Black) For M303 & M304                 EACH            7.70
STN-SHJ0002           Fader Knob (Line & Xfader) SK5                                           EACH            0.59
STN-SHJ0003           Headphone Socket 6.5mm SK5 Jack outputs                                  EACH            1.27
STN-SHJ0009           Headphone pot, SK-1, SK-5                                                EACH            2.95
STN-SHJ0010           Cue Pan Pot, SK-5                                                        EACH            3.71
STN-SHJ0011           Gain Pot, SK-4 SK-5 50KB X2                                              EACH            2.86
STN-SHJ0101           CF Monitor Knob for SK1                                                  EACH            0.19
STN-SHJ0102           Fader Knob (Line & Xfader) SK1                                           EACH            0.52
STN-SHJ0106           CF Monitor Slider Fader For SK1                                          EACH            3.94
STN-SHJ0110           Rotary Plastic Knob (Grey) for SK1                                       EACH            0.67
STN-SHK0202           Switch and Pot Kit SA12                                                  EACH         140.80
STN-SHP0000           Tone Arm STR8 Series Turntable                                           EACH          72.69
STN-SHP0001           Counter Weight For T50, T60 & T80 STR8-50 / 60 / 80                      EACH          23.11
STN-SHP0002           Dust Cover For STR8-50 / 60 /80                                          EACH          21.57
STN-SHP0005           Drive motor STR8-60 Old Style refer to tech notes 704-DD2250-2531        EACH         136.41
STN-SHP0006           Foot for stanton turntables For STR8-50;STR8-60;STR8-80 Stanton Record   EACH          52.39
STN-SHP0007           TONE ARM REST & HOOK ASSEMBLY FOR STR8-50;STR8-60;STR8-80                EACH          11.56
                      new p/n HOKS00003
STN-SHP0008           Complete hinge assembly for For STR8-50 / 60 /80 Stanton Record player   EACH            2.81
STN-SHP0014           Transformer For STR860 Alt No: 411-DD2220-162                            EACH          21.89
STN-SHP0016           Mains Conn Assy For STR8-60 STANTON TURNTABLE                            EACH            6.03
STN-SHP0017           Pitch Fader For STR8-50 Stanton Turntable                                EACH            7.07
STN-SHP0018           centre shaft assy str8-50 Stanton Turntable                              EACH          17.31
STN-SHP0023           IC 89C2051CPU For STR8-60 ( 1664-1D97*1.31 ) ALT No 704-DJ2500-          EACH          16.00
STN-SHP0026           Drive motor assy STR8-80 Without Phono - line switch                     EACH         136.86
STN-SHP0027           Platter for T80 & STR8-80                                                EACH          50.12
STN-SHP0029           RCA Cable STR880                                                         EACH          14.28
STN-SHP0030           Transformer For STR880 Alt No: 411-DJ150-195                             EACH          26.31
STN-SHP0032           45 RPM Adaptor (Aluminium) for T50, T60, T80, STR8-80 ST-90, ST-100 & EACH             13.40
STN-SHP0033           Pitch Fader For STR8-80 ST150 str8-100 st-100 STR8150 Stanton Turntable EACH           16.13
STN-SHP0034           Main PCB For STR8-80                                                    EACH          283.29
STN-SHP0049           Eprom IC REF IC303 For STR8-80 only                                      EACH          14.68
STN-SHP0061           Tone Arm Assy ST-100                                                     EACH         121.18
STN-SHP0063           Direct Drive motor assy STR8-90 STR8-100 ST90 ST100                      EACH         134.01
STN-SHP0064           Main PCB FOR ST-100                                                      EACH         234.98
STN-SHP0065           Counter Weight For ST-90 & ST-100                                        EACH          13.91
STN-SHP0069           Transformer suit ST100                                                   EACH          20.56
STN-SHP0073           Pitch Fader Knob (Silver) for ST-90, ST-100, STR8-100 & S250             EACH            1.27
STN-SHP0074           Power Switch STR8 90                                                     EACH            6.80
STN-SHP0078           IC 303 spdif IC For SPDIF equipped Turntables ST100                      EACH          12.69
STN-SHP0079           IC 102 TA7259P STR880                                                    EACH          13.28
STN-SHP0086           Counter Weight For STR8-100                                              EACH          13.55
STN-SHP0094           Drive motor assy STR8-80 With Phono - line switch                        EACH         130.11
STN-SHP0095           Main PCB For STR8-80 With Phone/Line Switch                              EACH         239.87
STN-SHP0100           Control PCB For S650II                                                   EACH         481.51

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist               Page 118 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

STN-SHP0101           Main PCB For S700 S650                                               EACH         183.68
STN-SHP0104           Xfmr S550 S650                                                       EACH          19.37
STN-SHP0105           Power Knob s650                                                      EACH            0.41
STN-SHP0115           CONTROLLER PCB ASSMEBLY FOR S-700 DUAL CD PLAYER                     EACH         433.47
STN-SHP0134           Jog/Shuttle Switch for S550                                          EACH          16.59
STN-SHP0138           LCD For NCD7000                                                      EACH          24.74
STN-SHP0144           Main PCB Assy S500                                                   EACH         389.74
STN-SHP0145           Transformer For S-500                                                EACH          27.69
STN-SHP0148           Controller front panel Assy S500                                     EACH          52.93
STN-SHP0157           Fader Start Cable For NCD & S series CD players                      EACH            3.81
STN-SHP0163           Controller PCB Assy S550                                             EACH         433.47
STN-SHP0174           CD Mechanism S250                                                    EACH          96.30
STN-SHP0175           Transformer Xfmr s250                                                EACH          18.46
STN-SHP0177           Main PCB S250                                                        EACH         145.61
STN-SHP0187           Controller PCB Assy S650II                                           EACH         253.42
STN-SHP0188           Buffer PCB Assy S650II                                               EACH         250.38
STN-SHP0189           Main PCB Assy S650II                                                 EACH         165.09
STN-SHP0208           Servo Board S-550                                                    EACH         240.19
STN-SHP0237           IC 103 466a-c5b1*31 S450                                             EACH          50.67
STN-SHP0309           Tone Arm Assy STR8-90                                                EACH         117.24
STN-SHP0311           Tone Arm STR8-30 Turntable Only                                      EACH          51.80
STN-SHP0312           Counter Weight For STR8-20 & STR8-30                                 EACH          11.19
STN-SHP0315           Drive motor STR8-30                                                  EACH         157.30
STN-SHP0321           Counter Weight For T120C                                             EACH          14.14
STN-SHP0322           Target Light Assy For T50, T60, T80, T120, T120C ST-150 & STR8-150   EACH          57.78
STN-SHP0323           Platter Assy For T120, T120C, ST-150 & STR8-150                      EACH          98.48
STN-SHP0326           Counter Weight ST150 STR8150                                         EACH          34.67
STN-SHP0327           Tone Arm Assy ST150                                                  EACH         346.69
STN-SHP0328           Tone Arm Assy STR8120 T120                                           EACH         430.52
STN-SHP0331           Start / Stop Assembly ST150                                          EACH          27.19
STN-SHP0332           PCB for ST150                                                        EACH         590.87
STN-SHP0333           Motor Assy STR8150 st150                                             EACH         422.05
STN-SHP0336           Output PCB ST150                                                     EACH          57.78
STN-SHP0338           Pitch Fader Knob (Silver) For ST-150, STR8-150                       EACH            6.62
STN-SHP0340           Start / Brake Speed Pot STR8150                                      EACH            0.91
STN-SHP0344           Xfmr str8-150 230V                                                   EACH          67.05
STN-SHP0503           Fader Knob (Line & XFader) for SMX Series SA3 & RM22                 EACH            0.68
STN-SHP0509           Fader Start Cable SMX 251                                            EACH            1.09
STN-SHP0525           4P RCA for SMX201                                                    EACH            2.05
STN-SHP0535           SA12 Fx Cap                                                          EACH            0.19
STN-SHP0595           CD Door                                                              EACH          19.26
STN-SHP0609           Xfmr C303 C304 C314 C324 120v                                        EACH          80.89
STN-SHP0624           Direct Drive Motor T120C                                             EACH         404.47
STN-SHP0625           Controller PCB Assy C303                                             EACH         298.60
STN-SHP0626           Controller PCB Assy C304                                             EACH         288.90
STN-SHP0628           Pitch Control Fader C303                                             EACH          57.78
STN-SHP0629           Servo PCB C303 C304                                                  EACH         446.84

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 119 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

STN-SHP0630           Buffer PCB Assy C304                                               EACH         235.66
STN-SHP0631           Buffer PCB Assy C303                                               EACH         155.44
STN-SHP0632           Drive PCB T80                                                      EACH         173.34
STN-SHP0634           Main PCB T60                                                       EACH          53.11
STN-SHP0638           Drive Motor PCB T60                                                EACH         173.34
STN-SHP0639           Tone Arm Assy T80                                                  EACH         134.82
STN-SHP0640           Main PCB Assy T80                                                  EACH         232.85
STN-SHP0650           Xfmr 240V T120 T120C                                               EACH         121.34
STN-SHP0654           Buffer Ic C314 C313                                                EACH          26.83
STN-SHP0660           CD2 Servo PCB Assy C500                                            EACH         144.67
STN-SHP0662           CD2 Servo PCB Assy C501                                            EACH         192.60
STN-SHP0665           Control IC C313 C314                                               EACH          36.81
STN-SHP0666           Buffer PCB Assy C314                                               EACH         288.90
STN-SHP0670           Main / Servo PCB Assy C400                                         EACH         172.21
STN-SHP0671           Pitch Fader C400 C500 C501 Stanton Turntable                       EACH            9.06
STN-SHP0679           Transformer C303 C304 C314 240v                                    EACH          80.89
STN-SHP0701           Control PCB C500                                                   EACH         288.90
STN-SHP0702           Servo PCB C500                                                     EACH         158.61
STN-SHP0705           CD1 Servo PCB Assy C501                                            EACH         194.87
STN-SHP0707           Xfmr 240V C501                                                     EACH          54.38
STN-SHP0708           Xfmr 240V T90USB                                                   EACH          58.91
STN-SHP0717           Xfmr C500                                                          EACH          37.57
STN-SHP0718           IC103 C500/C400 Servo Control                                      EACH          31.72
STN-SHP0740           Main / Servo PCB Assy C313                                         EACH         216.31
STN-SHP0741           Main / Servo PCB Assy C314                                         EACH         216.31
STN-SHP0743           Buffer PCB C313                                                    EACH         208.46
STN-SHP0774           Cue Pan Fader M201 M202                                            EACH          19.26
STN-SHP0775           Volume Pot M202                                                    EACH          13.60
STN-SHP0866           Control PCB C314                                                   EACH         543.14
STN-SKF1-SK5          Focus Fader Vers 1.0 for SK-5 and SK-4                             EACH         137.99
STN-WOFS60101         LF Speaker ATM6                                                    EACH         423.73
STN-XFRS000013        Xfmr C400                                                          EACH          77.04
SXCF-KA10035          Knob UREI 1620                                                     EACH          90.13
VEG-0220780           Plastic Rear cover For New BT 2020                                 EACH          12.46
VEG-0220781           Plastic Top Panel For New BT 2020                                  EACH          13.60
VEG-0220782           Plastic Front cover For New BT 2020                                EACH          12.46
VEG-0230069           Battery Door Hinge HT2020                                          EACH            1.13
VEG-0230080           Plastic Rear cover For Old BT 2020                                 EACH          18.56
VEG-0230081           Plastic Front cover For Old BT 2020                                EACH          10.71
VEG-0230083           Plastic Battery cover For Old BT 2020                              EACH            2.86
VEG-1890016           inductors L13, L19 for RC-2020                                     EACH            2.27
VEG-2490255           Cartridge N/D 767 HT2020                                           EACH         523.43
VEG-2870593           BNC connectors J12 to J19 for MC2020                               EACH          18.58
VEG-2990333           Switch power on BT2020 HT2020                                      EACH            9.52
VEG-2990629           Switch Channel Select BT2020                                       EACH          25.51
VEG-4150040           Cap Plug For antenna BT2020                                        EACH            0.45
VEG-4250564           MC34164 FET BT2020                                                 EACH            9.06

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 120 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

VEG-5280285           Battery Door Hinge screw HT2020                                     EACH            0.45
VEG-6680028           Antenna BT2020                                                      EACH            5.66
VEG-6750092           BNC Bulkhead Con to RA MMCX Connector. Long Cable MS700             EACH          68.66
VLT-06.6007.0001      RTV108 Glue VL2402                                                  EACH          25.83
VLT-06.6027.0002      White Verilube G321 5.3 ounces/tube                                 EACH         120.44
VLT-10.9621.0069      NUT, LOCK, WHEEL SHAFT For dimmer Bulkhead Assy.                    EACH          32.36
VLT-10.9621.0097      Stablilzer stepper gobo wheel VL6B                                  EACH          17.75
VLT-10.9621.0102      Collet, Lock, Wheel Shaft For Dimmer Bulkhead Assy.                 EACH          46.25
VLT-10.9628.0211      Tilt Stabilizer                                                     EACH            9.15
VLT-10.9634.0034      Spring Drive Arm Filter VL500                                       EACH            4.40
VLT-10.9634.0035      Link Drive Arm VL500                                                EACH            3.24
VLT-10.9634.0067      Pad Filter Extrusion Silicone VL5                                   EACH            1.57
VLT-10.9634.0100      Clip Mounting Reflector VL1000                                      EACH          10.66
VLT-10.9638.0039      Blade Dimmer VL2402 old P/N 10.9671.0039                            EACH         150.51
VLT-10.9638.0117      Knob Knurled Back Cap / Lamp VL2000                                 EACH          24.84
VLT-10.9638.0151      Stablilzer Motor VL6 VL6B                                           EACH          16.18
VLT-10.9638.0164      Washer Felt VL2000                                                  EACH          14.94
VLT-10.9650.4118      Safety Hook Adapter 10.9650.4118                                    EACH          46.44
VLT-10.9660.0110      SPinning GOBO holder VL2000                                         EACH         140.47
VLT-10.9660.0144      Spinning GOBO Wheel Spring GOBO Retainer, VL2000                    EACH          35.69
VLT-10.9660.0212      Spacer Lens 2 - 3 VL2000                                            EACH          30.55
VLT-10.9660.0226      Retainer Lens #1 VL2000                                             EACH          45.97
VLT-10.9660.0333      Filter Air Front Cover VL2000                                       EACH            2.47
VLT-10.9661.0086      Cover head VL2416                                                   EACH         140.47
VLT-10.9661.0224      UV Glass Clip VL2416                                                EACH          14.48
VLT-10.9661.1252      Enclosure Overlay Layout VL2000                                     EACH          59.34
VLT-10.9661.1259      Input Bracket VL2000                                                EACH          58.91
VLT-10.9663.1026      Spring Latch VL1000                                                 EACH          12.09
VLT-10.9663.1032      Spacer Side Rail VL1000                                             EACH          16.18
VLT-10.9663.1104      Reflector Mount VL1000                                              EACH         102.97
VLT-10.9663.1206      MIddle Flange VL3000                                                EACH          19.43
VLT-10.9663.1211      Spacer Teflon Gobo Gear VL1000                                      EACH          18.49
VLT-10.9663.1212      Motor - gobo Pulley VL1000                                          EACH          47.96
VLT-10.9663.1214      Shaft Rotating Gobo VL1000                                          EACH          29.13
VLT-10.9663.1217      Pulley, Gobo driver motor VL1000                                    EACH         131.05
VLT-10.9663.1219      Sun Gear Moulded VL1000                                             EACH          12.05
VLT-10.9663.1240      Gobo Wheel Bore Bearing VL3000                                      EACH            1.38
VLT-10.9663.1241      Idler Pulley VL1000                                                 EACH          18.65
VLT-10.9663.1311      Seperator Shutter VL1000                                            EACH          22.51
VLT-10.9663.1314      Rack Shutter VL1000                                                 EACH          12.80
VLT-10.9663.1380      Space, Shutter VL1000                                               EACH          55.82
VLT-10.9663.1381      Seperator, Shutter VL1000                                           EACH          35.02
VLT-10.9663.1507      Colour Diffuser VL1000                                              EACH            8.66
VLT-10.9663.1509      Colour Cover Plate Liner Sheet VL1000                               EACH            9.09
VLT-10.9663.1510      Diffuser Cover Plate Liner Sheet VL1000                             EACH          13.56
VLT-10.9663.1521      Colour Cover Plate Liner Sheet VL1000                               EACH          11.71
VLT-10.9663.1522      Diffuser Cover Plate Liner Sheet VL1000                             EACH          11.71

Effective 1/02/2010         Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 121 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-10.9663.1621      Arc Pulley, w/Flange Dimmer VL1000                                   EACH          53.96
VLT-10.9663.1625      Arc Dimmer Shaft VL1000                                              EACH          16.18
VLT-10.9663.1635      Shaft Support VL1000                                                 EACH          47.16
VLT-10.9663.1756      Roller Lens VL1000                                                   EACH            4.81
VLT-10.9663.1851      Pan Tube Top VL1000                                                  EACH         350.74
VLT-10.9663.1898      Spacer Pan Bearing VL1000 Outer Crossmember                          EACH          14.18
VLT-10.9667.0132      Iris Actuator VL2000                                                 EACH          17.18
VLT-10.9667.0334      Mounting Plate AFT rotating gobo wheel                               EACH          18.13
VLT-10.9667.0632      Cover Yoke Thermoform VL2000                                         EACH         193.95
VLT-10.9671.0190      Blue/Amber Bushing VL2000                                            EACH         423.59
VLT-10.9671.0191      Hub Assy Blue Wheel VL2000                                           EACH         154.76
VLT-10.9671.0198      Gasket Colour Wheels VL2000                                          EACH          12.46
VLT-10.9671.0199      Spring Colour Wheels VL2000                                          EACH          60.18
VLT-10.9676.0019      Strobe Blade Dimpled VL2500                                          EACH         138.76
VLT-10.9676.0061      Stablizer Strobe Motor VL2500 Spot                                   EACH         101.79
VLT-10.9676.0233      Aft Bulkhead Crossfade Colour VL2500                                 EACH         294.39
VLT-10.9676.0273      Heatshield Colour Sensor VL2500 S2K-031                              EACH          52.61
VLT-10.9676.0491      Front Stipple Lens Clamp - mod VL2000                                EACH         113.16
VLT-10.9676.8061      Strobe Stabilizer VL2500                                             EACH         105.92
VLT-10.9678.0224      Planet Retaining Ring VL3000                                         EACH            5.09
VLT-10.9678.0228      Gobo Carrier, Cast For patterns only VL3000                          EACH          11.56
VLT-10.9678.0229      Gobo Carrier, Cast For Rain Drops,glacier,prism, glass only VL3000   EACH          11.56
VLT-10.9678.0456      Shaft Colour Wheel VL3000                                            EACH          29.61
VLT-10.9678.0469      Rear Colour Bulkhead VL3000                                          EACH         235.07
VLT-10.9678.0491      Bumper Stop, Strobe Teflon                                           EACH          10.47
VLT-10.9678.0609      Front Filter Foam Zoom VL3000                                        EACH          13.96
VLT-10.9678.0645      Lamp Adj Knob Moulded VL1000                                         EACH            7.85
VLT-10.9678.0649      Spring for Locking Stud VL3000 TN-263                                EACH            1.14
VLT-10.9678.0809      Pan Toggle Stop VL2500                                               EACH          12.47
VLT-10.9678.0833      Spacer 1.125" Enclosure VL3000q Vent Cover                           EACH          16.94
VLT-10.9678.0885      Kit Termal TRansfer Main Controller VL3000                           EACH         117.51
VLT-10.9678.1647      REFLECTOR CLAMP VL3000 VL3000 FOR HOT BOX ASSY                       EACH          23.79
VLT-10.9685.0509      Lower Crossmember Black VL500                                        EACH         186.53
VLT-10.9685.0510      Upper Crossmember BLack VL500                                        EACH         270.09
VLT-10.9685.0526      Washer VL500                                                         EACH          35.17
VLT-10.9685.0527      Washer Centrering Step VL500                                         EACH            2.72
VLT-10.9685.0572      Counterweight VL500                                                  EACH          35.17
VLT-10.9685.0595      Seal Air                                                             EACH          25.42
VLT-10.9686.0644      Reflector Mount Spring VL3500wash                                    EACH            9.38
VLT-10.9686.0732      Yoke Cover VL3000                                                    EACH         230.55
VLT-10.9686.0839      Top Cover VL3000 old p/n 10.9678.0839                                EACH          36.97
VLT-10.9686.0846      Handle Cast Enclosure VL3000Q                                        EACH          20.53
VLT-109676023001      SPACER, COLOR WHEEL .123LG VL2500                                    EACH            8.95
VLT-109678045701      Spacer Colour Wheel L.387 VL3000                                     EACH            5.57
VLT-109678045702      Spacer Colour Wheel L.190 VL3000                                     EACH            4.62
VLT-109678045703      Spacer Colour Wheel L.123 VL3000                                     EACH            4.47
VLT-109678045704      Spacer Colour Wheel L.031 VL3000                                     EACH            2.49

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 122 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per      RRP Inc GST

VLT-109678085201      Layout Enclosure Overlay VL3000                                    EACH          27.88
VLT-12.9638.0200      Beam Size Iris Leaf VL2000                                         EACH          55.74
VLT-12.9660.7073      Reflector VL2402 VL2000 wash OPN - VLT-12.9660.0073                EACH         418.63
VLT-12.9661.0042      LVS 100W 24v/4.2A VL2416 NPT 69.3174.0103                          EACH         613.89
VLT-12.9661.1236      Cover Machined Front for VL2402                                    EACH          84.65
VLT-12.9661.1238      Cover Machined Side for VL2402                                     EACH          79.13
VLT-12.9663.1323      Shutter Blade Side A VL1000                                        EACH         177.01
VLT-12.9663.1324      Shutter Blade Side B VL1000                                        EACH         166.02
VLT-12.9673.0247      Machined Barrel Main Left VL2000 Spot                              EACH         356.93
VLT-12.9678.0610      Head Cover VL3000                                                  EACH         131.05
VLT-12.9678.1861      1200W Ballast Shielded Cage Post Dec 05 Vl3000 vl3000q             EACH       3,341.73
VLT-12.9678.1862      1200W Ballast Shielded Cage Use with 28.9678.0100 VL3000 See S3K-014 EACH     3,508.82
VLT-12.9678.7152      Reflector retro spherical coated VL3000                              EACH       393.14
VLT-12.9678.7155      Reflector VL3000 wash only Old P/N VLT-12.9678.1155                  EACH       713.86
VLT-12.9678.8151      Reflector VL3000 spot only opn 12.9678.7151                        EACH         478.84
VLT-12.9678.8610      Head Cover VL3000                                                  EACH         215.81
VLT-12.9685.0553      80V Pan Tube VL500                                                 EACH         315.69
VLT-149-7899          OPB610 Opto Switch                                                 EACH          13.92
VLT-21.9650.0603      VL7 Series Spinning Gobo Assem 21.9650.0603                        EACH       3,242.63
VLT-21.9650.0900      VL7 Series Zoom Optics Assembly; SP.9650.0900                      EACH       6,552.78
VLT-21.9650.3111      VL7 Series PTA Motor Assembly 21.9650.3111                         EACH         993.42
VLT-21.9650.4109      Theatre Hook 21.9650.4109                                          EACH         565.89
VLT-21.9660.0225      Sub barrel lens 1 Assy VL2202                                      EACH         767.77
VLT-21.9661.1254      Ventilatation Cover Assy VL2000                                    EACH         479.36
VLT-21.9661.1365      Assy, Top Cover For VL2402                                         EACH          87.17
VLT-21.9663.1003      Assy, Edge Cntrl Dimmer&Color VL1000                               EACH       5,896.69
VLT-21.9663.1200      Assy, Gobo Wheel bulkhead VL1000                                   EACH       2,675.62
VLT-21.9663.1201      Assy, Gobo Wheel bulkhead VL1000 TS                                EACH         815.50
VLT-21.9663.1302      Motor ( Shutter ASSY ) For VL1000                                  EACH          90.65
VLT-21.9663.1350      Assy, Shutter 6 Rollers VL1000                                     EACH       2,983.74
VLT-21.9663.1501      Motor ( Colour change) For VL1000                                  EACH         155.46
VLT-21.9663.1600      Assy, Gobo bulkhead(ARC) VL1000                                    EACH       4,886.71
VLT-21.9663.1710      Lens Barrel Assy VL1000 TS                                         EACH       1,848.51
VLT-21.9663.1722      Motor edge For VL1000                                              EACH         222.12
VLT-21.9663.1815      Pan Motor Assy For VL1000                                          EACH         979.00
VLT-21.9663.1816      Tilt Motor Assy For VL1000                                         EACH         974.38
VLT-21.9663.1818      Code Wheel Assy VL1000                                             EACH         193.38
VLT-21.9663.1900      575W Ballast Assembly (ARC) VL1000                                 EACH       4,960.41
VLT-21.9667.0023      Assy Front cover Plastic VL2402                                    EACH         369.21
VLT-21.9667.0118      Assy iris/Gobo motor VL2000                                        EACH         791.14
VLT-21.9667.0131      Color / Gobo / Beam Iris Assy VL2201                               EACH       3,843.43
VLT-21.9667.0306      Lens Barrel Assy VL2201 only                                       EACH       2,571.03
VLT-21.9667.0310      ASSY, MOTOR EDGE For 2402                                          EACH         672.60
VLT-21.9667.0311      Motor Zoom Optics Assy VL2000                                      EACH         524.28
VLT-21.9671.0150      Blue / Amber Color Wheel Assys VL2000                              EACH       3,653.34
VLT-21.9671.0158      Amber Colour Wheel VL2000 Wash                                     EACH       1,640.47

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 123 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-21.9671.0161      Magenta Color wheel VL2402                                          EACH       1,121.18
VLT-21.9671.0162      Glass Assy Blue color matched to Amber VL2402 VL-2000wash Specify   EACH       1,121.28
                      number on blue
VLT-21.9671.0163      Amber Color wheel VL2402 VL-2000Wash                                EACH       1,121.28
VLT-21.9671.0492      Front Lens Assembly VL2000 Wash                                     EACH       1,062.94
VLT-21.9673.0024      ASSY, Fan Cover VL220 , VL2204                                      EACH       1,221.54
VLT-21.9673.0131      Bulkhead Link Iris / Gobo Assy VL2000                               EACH       3,316.35
VLT-21.9673.0290      Dimmer Bulkhead Assy VL2201/ VL2202/ VL2402                         EACH       1,066.43
VLT-21.9673.0306      Lens Barrel Assy VL2202 only                                        EACH       4,402.59
VLT-21.9676.002       Assy Front cover Plastic VL2402                                     EACH         369.21
VLT-21.9676.0118      Iris / Gobo Motor Assy VL2500                                       EACH         420.45
VLT-21.9676.0139      Assy Rear Head VL2500                                               EACH       1,408.21
VLT-21.9676.0289      Diffuser                                                            EACH         465.33
VLT-21.9676.0290      Magenta Wheel Assy VL2500                                           EACH         955.74
VLT-21.9676.0291      Cyan Wheel Assy VL2500                                              EACH         955.74
VLT-21.9676.0292      Yellow Wheel Assy VL2500                                            EACH         955.74
VLT-21.9676.0293      Dimmer Wheel Assy VL2500                                            EACH         748.20
VLT-21.9676.0298      Assembly Sensor PCB (CMY/Dim) & bracket                             EACH         154.61
VLT-21.9676.0600      Yolk Assy VL2500                                                    EACH       2,292.61
VLT-21.9676.1006      Front Wash Assy VL2500                                              EACH       4,509.63
VLT-21.9676.1120      Fixed Colour Wash Assy VL2500                                       EACH         904.68
VLT-21.9676.1201      Crossfade Colour Wash Assy VL2500                                   EACH       5,844.93
VLT-21.9678.0200      Spot Gobo Assy VL3000                                               EACH       5,813.09
VLT-21.9678.0243      Assy Motor Long Shaft VL3000                                        EACH         221.33
VLT-21.9678.0331      Assy Motor/Plate VL3000                                             EACH         343.54
VLT-21.9678.0334      Fixed Colour Wheel Assy VL3000                                      EACH       1,500.90
VLT-21.9678.0619      80mm Fan Assy VL3000                                                EACH         361.45
VLT-21.9678.0659      Gobo / Colour Fan Assy VL3000Q                                      EACH       1,079.89
VLT-21.9678.0660      Gobo / Colour Fan Assy VL3000                                       EACH       1,023.35
VLT-21.9678.0678      Transfer Fan Assy new part no. 21.9678.0664                         EACH         354.31
VLT-21.9678.0700      Yoke Assy VL3000                                                    EACH       2,154.71
VLT-21.9678.0708      Assy Drive Pulley VL3500 wash                                       EACH          98.28
VLT-21.9678.0765      Tilt Motor Assy VL3000                                              EACH         510.06
VLT-21.9678.0828      PAN DRIVE PULLEY ASSY VL3000                                        EACH         244.77
VLT-21.9678.0864      Pan Motor Assy For VL3000                                           EACH         602.63
VLT-21.9678.0881      Pan Tube Assy VL3000                                                EACH         394.87
VLT-21.9678.1200      Gobo / Shutter Module Assy VL3500                                   EACH     12,515.30
VLT-21.9678.8611      Head Cover Assy VL3000                                              EACH         530.61
VLT-21.9685.0170      Pastel Colour Bulkhead Blue/ Magenta                                EACH       3,623.71
VLT-21.9685.0171      Colour Assy Amber/Diff VL500                                        EACH       3,451.15
VLT-21.9685.0172      Pastel Colour Bulkhead Amber/Diffuser Vl500                         EACH       3,451.15
VLT-21.9685.0173      Pastel Colour Bulkhead VL500 Pastel to Arc-dark                     EACH       3,953.14
VLT-21.9685.0174      Pastel Colour Bulkhead VL500 Tungsten-dark to Pastel                EACH       4,150.79
VLT-21.9685.0175      Pastel Colour Bulkhead VL500 Arc-dark to Pastel                     EACH       4,010.66
VLT-21.9685.0280      Motor Assy Magenta / Blue VL500                                     EACH         332.95
VLT-21.9685.0281      Motor Assy Amber / Diffuser VL500                                   EACH         332.95
VLT-21.9685.0312      Head Assy VL500                                                     EACH       2,710.81

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 124 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-21.9685.0512      Lower Crossmember VL500                                            EACH         475.98
VLT-21.9685.0513      Upper Crossmember VL500                                            EACH         545.54
VLT-21.9685.0540      Pan / Tilt Motor Assy VL500                                        EACH         613.70
VLT-21.9685.0545      Drive Pulley Pan / Tilt Motor VL500                                EACH         138.54
VLT-21.9685.0731      Assy, MCB/FAN VL500                                                EACH       3,020.32
VLT-21.9685.0750      80V Dimmer Module VL500                                            EACH       2,568.36
VLT-21.9686.0400      Colour Assy VL3500W                                                EACH     15,246.09
VLT-21.9686.0404      Strobe Assy VL3500                                                 EACH       1,277.67
VLT-21.9686.0499      Matched Pair Amber / Cyan VL3500W Filter Assembly                  EACH       3,089.27
VLT-21.9686.0611      Head Cover Assy VL3500W                                            EACH         456.38
VLT-21.9686.0660      Dual fan Tray Assy VL3500 wash                                     EACH         653.63
VLT-21.9686.0807      Pan Pulley Assy VL3500 wash                                        EACH         271.37
VLT-21.9686.0811      Exhaust Fan Assy VL3500 wash                                       EACH         279.99
VLT-21.9686.0864      Pan Motor Assy VL3500 wash                                         EACH       1,212.49
VLT-21.9686.1132      Internal Lens Travel Stop VL3500wash                               EACH            4.76
VLT-21.9686.2140      Internal Lens Rail Assy VL3500                                     EACH       2,031.71
VLT-21.9686.2142      Actuator Assy VL3500W                                              EACH         713.05
VLT-21.9686.2144      Buxom lens Assy VL3500                                             EACH       1,218.97
VLT-21.9686.2160      ASSEMBLY, PIVOT, VARI-BRITE VL3500 Wash                            EACH         206.90
VLT-21.9686.2164      Assy, Split Zoom Buxom Right VL3500 Wash                           EACH         344.94
VLT-21.9686.2165      Assy, Split Zoom Buxom Left VL3500 Wash                            EACH         344.94
VLT-21.9686.3101      Split Zoom Buxom Assy - Left                                       EACH         190.38
VLT-21.9686.3102      Split Zoom Buxom Assy - Right                                      EACH          96.80
VLT-21.9686.3103      Lens Zoom Fresnel Left VL3500 wash                                 EACH         142.71
VLT-21.9686.3104      Lens Zoom Fresnel Right VL3500 wash                                EACH         250.16
VLT-21.9686.3105      Split Lens Mounting Kit VL3500                                     EACH          98.39
VLT-21.9686.8611      Head Cover Assy VL3500W                                            EACH         456.38
VLT-219660340.04      ASSY, Reflector VL6/B 21.9660.0340.04 VL2402                       EACH         949.02
VLT-219663153801      Magenta Flag Assy VL1000                                           EACH         342.61
VLT-219663153802      Cyan Flag Assy VL1000                                              EACH         342.61
VLT-219663153803      Amber Flag Assy VL1000                                             EACH         342.61
VLT-219663153804      Diffuser Assy VL1000                                               EACH         342.61
VLT-219678067801      Transfer Fan Assy VL3000 spot                                      EACH         330.71
VLT-22.9634.0147      Assy clutch VL5 P/T VL5                                            EACH         148.87
VLT-22.9638.0129      Safety Tether Internal                                             EACH          85.97
VLT-22.9638.0220      Drive Shaft assembly Pan tilt                                      EACH          26.22
VLT-22.9650.0160      VL7 Series Aft Bulkhead Assemb 22.9650.0160                        EACH         365.40
VLT-22.9650.0595      Belt Assembly VL7                                                  EACH         195.28
VLT-22.9650.0904      VL7 Series Group4 Lens Assemb 22.9650.0904                         EACH       1,952.53
VLT-22.9650.3065      VL7 Series Clutch Assembly 22.9650.3065                            EACH         418.41
VLT-22.9661.0409      Baffle / Beam Spreader Assy VL2416 22.9661.0409.02                 EACH       4,364.81
VLT-22.9661.0609      Yoke Fan Assy VL3000                                               EACH         186.12
VLT-22.9661.0610      Tilt Motor Assy VL2000 VL2000                                      EACH         952.93
VLT-22.9661.0664      VL 2416 Pan Motor Assembly new part no. 22.9661.1210               EACH       1,068.09
VLT-22.9661.0665      VL 2416 Tilt Motor Assembly 22.9661.0665                           EACH         448.39
VLT-22.9661.1210      Pan Motor Assy VL2000                                              EACH       1,049.19
VLT-22.9661.1636      FAB ASSY, BRACKET TRUSS HOOK VL2000 ect For Base of VL2000         EACH         127.19

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 125 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-22.9663.1222      Pulley Gobo Wheel Assy VL1000                                      EACH         116.88
VLT-22.9663.1629      Dimmer wheel Assy VL1000                                           EACH       1,990.50
VLT-22.9667.0031      Removable Top Cover VL2000 Was                                     EACH         219.08
VLT-22.9667.0404      Back Cap Assy VL2201/ VL2202                                       EACH       1,187.80
VLT-22.9667.0605      FAB ASSY, YOKE STRUCTURE FOR VL2402                                EACH         808.03
VLT-22.9671.0077      Bulkhead Assy, Color VL2402                                        EACH       2,660.13
VLT-22.9671.0468      Beam spreader motor For 2402                                       EACH         769.87
VLT-22.9673.0143      FILTER WHEEL HUB AND CLIP (PEEK) FOR VL2402                        EACH         155.46
VLT-22.9673.0145      ASSY, FILTER WHEEL VL2500S                                         EACH       1,095.06
VLT-22.9673.9143      ASSY, FILTER WHEEL -HUB & CLIP new part no. 22.9676.4142           EACH         278.53
VLT-22.9676.0011      Bottom Cover Assy VL2500                                           EACH         160.84
VLT-22.9676.0016      Strobe Assy VL2500                                                 EACH       2,095.93
VLT-22.9676.0090      Fan Assembly VL2500                                                EACH         960.66
VLT-22.9676.0140      UV /IR Filter Glass VL2500 Spot                                    EACH         753.12
VLT-22.9676.0145      Iris 53mm OD Custom VL2500                                         EACH         329.68
VLT-22.9676.0605      Yoke Assy VL2500                                                   EACH         847.95
VLT-22.9676.0609      Yoke Fan Assy VL2500                                               EACH         188.24
VLT-22.9676.0610      Tilt Motor Assy VL2500                                             EACH         879.46
VLT-22.9676.4142      ASSY, FILTER WHEEL -HUB & CLIP                                     EACH          77.09
VLT-22.9678.0103      Spot Optic Assy VL3000                                             EACH       9,136.18
VLT-22.9678.0149      Rod clamp assy VL3000Q                                             EACH          56.51
VLT-22.9678.0230      Planet Gear Assy VL3000                                            EACH          94.26
VLT-22.9678.0275      Iris 49mm OD VL3000                                                EACH         428.59
VLT-22.9678.0402      Colour / Dimm / Strobe Assy VL3000                                 EACH       9,874.61
VLT-22.9678.0403      Strobe Assy VL3500                                                 EACH       1,122.37
VLT-22.9678.0420      Pulley Assy with Bearing VL3000                                    EACH         129.67
VLT-22.9678.0435      Dimmer Wheel VL3000                                                EACH         922.65
VLT-22.9678.0462      Complete Colour Module Assmbly VL3000QSPOT                         EACH     13,166.81
VLT-22.9678.0463      Strobe Assy VL3500q                                                EACH       1,367.43
VLT-22.9678.0467      Right Strobe Blade Assy VL3000                                     EACH         260.43
VLT-22.9678.0468      Left Strobe Blade Assy VL3000                                      EACH         260.43
VLT-22.9678.0472      Cyan Wheel Assy VL3000                                             EACH       1,300.91
VLT-22.9678.0474      Yellow Wheel Assy VL3000                                           EACH       1,300.91
VLT-22.9678.0476      Magenta Wheel Assy VL3000                                          EACH       1,227.67
VLT-22.9678.0478      Colour Temp Wheel Assy VL3000                                      EACH       1,227.67
VLT-22.9678.0481      Colour Sensor PCB Mount #1 VL3000                                  EACH         124.39
VLT-22.9678.0489      Colour Sensor PCB Mount #2 VL3000                                  EACH         526.38
VLT-22.9678.0609      Yoke Fan Assy VL3000                                               EACH         441.36
VLT-22.9678.0639      UV Filter Bulkhead Assy VL3000                                     EACH         583.00
VLT-22.9678.0693      Gobo Clamp Assy VL3000                                             EACH         104.69
VLT-22.9678.0694      Colour Clamp Assy VL3000                                           EACH          92.22
VLT-22.9678.0851      ASSY, UPPER ENCLOSURE VL3000                                       EACH         630.59
VLT-22.9678.1126      Edge lead screw assy VL3000Q                                       EACH         210.64
VLT-22.9678.1181      Lens Assembly Group 1 VL3000 SPOT                                  EACH         847.95
VLT-22.9678.1190      Lid Assy VL3000 Spot Zoom Box                                      EACH         317.91
VLT-22.9685.0126      Diffuser Panel Assy VL3000                                         EACH         317.91
VLT-22.9686.0410      Cyan Colour Wheel Assy VL3500W                                     EACH       1,469.02

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 126 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-22.9686.0411      Yellow Colour Wheel Assy VL3500W                                   EACH       1,469.02
VLT-22.9686.0412      Magenta Colour Wheel VL3500W                                       EACH       1,469.02
VLT-22.9686.0413      CTO Colour Wheel VL3500W                                           EACH       1,469.02
VLT-22.9686.0414      Dimmer Whhel Assy VL3500W                                          EACH       1,469.02
VLT-22.9686.0437      Rear Strobe Blade Assy vl3500 wash                                 EACH         228.86
VLT-22.9686.0438      Front Strobe Blade Assy vl3500 wash                                EACH         228.86
VLT-22.9686.0674      Dual Fan Duct Assy VL3500 wash                                     EACH         599.83
VLT-22.9686.0705      Yoke Structure Assy VL3000qspot                                    EACH         508.77
VLT-229650305701      VL7 Series Pan Drive Assembly 22.9650.3057.01                      EACH       2,065.40
VLT-229650305702      VL7 Series Tilt Drive Assembly 22.9650.3057.02                     EACH       2,051.64
VLT-229661040902      VL 2416 Beam Spreader Assembly 22.9661.0409.02                     EACH       4,364.81
VLT-23.9650.1515      VL7 Series Head Control Board 23.9650.1515                         EACH       2,556.80
VLT-23.9650.1518      VL7 Series Ignitor Assembly 23.9650.1518                           EACH         600.42
VLT-23.9650.3327      Relay Elec Assy VL2402                                             EACH         214.94
VLT-23.9661.1253      Pan Eot Sensor VL2402                                              EACH         111.12
VLT-23.9661.1534      Fan Assy High Speed VL2000                                         EACH         248.29
VLT-23.9663.2008      Fan Assy VL1000                                                    EACH         281.02
VLT-23.9663.2009      Fan / Temp Switch Electrical Assy for VL1000                       EACH         239.97
VLT-23.9667.0025      ASSY, 60MM FAN 2000 Wash                                           EACH         162.79
VLT-23.9667.0216      Optical sensor Assembly VL2402                                     EACH         279.57
VLT-23.9671.1250      700w Ballast Assembly VL2202 / VL2402                              EACH       2,841.06
VLT-23.9673.0026      ASSY, 80MM FAN 2000 Wash                                           EACH         123.45
VLT-23.9678.0499      Strobe Motor Assy VL3000q                                          EACH         396.85
VLT-23.9678.0684      Fan Assy Head Front VL3000                                         EACH         262.85
VLT-23.9678.0686      Fan Assy Upper Enclosure VL3000                                    EACH         217.98
VLT-23.9678.0687      Elec Assy, Pan EOT Sensor VL3500 wash                              EACH         259.81
VLT-23.9678.0699      Fan Assy Front Head VL3000q                                        EACH         318.18
VLT-23.9678.0888      Fan Assy Slow Upper Enc. VL3000                                    EACH         321.08
VLT-23.9678.1120      Linear Actuator Assy VL3000                                        EACH         502.04
VLT-23.9678.1269      1200w Ballast Assembly TN245A Replaced by 12.9678.1862 Obs. from   EACH         915.08
VLT-23.9685.0780      Lamp Socket Hi - Temp VL500                                        EACH         485.05
VLT-23.9686.0824      Fan Assy Upper Enclosure VL3500                                    EACH         299.42
VLT-23.9686.1500      1500W Ballast Shielded Cage VL3500W                                EACH       3,758.11
VLT-24.9638.0113      PCB ASSY Sensor VL6 VL2402                                         EACH         172.16
VLT-24.9650.1503      VL7 Series Lens Sensor Assemb 24.9650.1503                         EACH         180.63
VLT-24.9650.3300      VL7 Master control PCB Assy                                        EACH       1,982.74
VLT-24.9661.0629      PCB Assy, Pan/ Tilt Encoder VL2402                                 EACH         209.89
VLT-24.9661.1225      Main Control PCB VL2416 /24.9661.1225                              EACH       1,873.79
VLT-24.9661.1251      DMX Input PCB Assy VL2000                                          EACH         513.18
VLT-24.9661.1400      Aux Control PCB VL2000, VL2416 24.9661.1400                        EACH       1,541.72
VLT-24.9661.3126      Ignitor PCB VL2000 VL2500 VL3000                                   EACH         578.95
VLT-24.9661.9629      Wheel Position Sensor PCB Assy VL3500 wash                         EACH         428.21
VLT-24.9663.1930      PCB Assy controller VL1000 new part 24.9663.3930                   EACH       1,075.40
VLT-24.9663.3230      Pcb, Assy, Wheel sensor VL1000 old PN 24.9663.1230                 EACH          21.46
VLT-24.9663.3231      Pcb, Assy, Index sensor VL1000 VL3000                              EACH         130.52
VLT-24.9663.3895      DMX Input PCB Assy VL3000 opn 24.9663.1830                         EACH         265.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 127 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-24.9663.3930      PCB Assy controller VL1000                                           EACH       3,852.71
VLT-24.9667.0321      PCB ASSY, SENSOR ROTATING GOBO new part no. 24.9667.3321             EACH         154.67
VLT-24.9667.3321      PCB ASSY, SENSOR ROTATING GOBO VL2402                                EACH         141.42
VLT-24.9671.0175      PCB Assy, Crossfade color Sensor VL2402, VL2500 VL2404               EACH         161.74
VLT-24.9676.0730      Main Control PCB new part no 24.9676.3730                            EACH       2,480.87
VLT-24.9676.3299      BD ASM Colour VL2500                                                 EACH         108.31
VLT-24.9676.3730      Main Control PCB VL2500                                              EACH       2,270.13
VLT-24.9678.0209      Gobo interconnect pcb assy VL3000                                    EACH         941.12
VLT-24.9678.0730      PCB Assy controller VL3000 NPN - VLT-24.9678.3730                    EACH       3,022.31
VLT-24.9678.0825      Display PCB Assy New Part No. 24.9678.3825 OLD STYLE as per TN-255   EACH         589.92
VLT-24.9678.1117      Zoom sensor PCB VL3000                                               EACH          40.92
VLT-24.9678.1240      Wheel position sensor PCB VL3000                                     EACH          42.87
VLT-24.9678.1480      PCB Assy Colour Sensor #1 VL3000                                     EACH          73.42
VLT-24.9678.1730      PCB Assy controller VL3500 New Part 24.9678.4730                     EACH       3,178.87
VLT-24.9678.1732      Motor Driver Piggy Back PCB VL3500                                   EACH         341.25
VLT-24.9678.1825      Display PCB Assy 20pin Connector OPN 24.9678.0825 NEW STYLE as per EACH           430.51
VLT-24.9678.3112      Zoom Sensor PCB Vl3000                                             EACH            97.45
VLT-24.9678.3116      Arc zoom interconnect pcb assy VL3000Q                             EACH            86.51
VLT-24.9678.3240      Wheel position sensor PCB VL3000                                     EACH          39.21
VLT-24.9678.3454      PCB Assy Colour Sensor #2 VL3000                                     EACH          27.27
VLT-24.9678.3729      PAN/TILT ENCODER PCB VL3000 opn 24.9678.0729 New P/N                 EACH          66.09
VLT-24.9678.3730      PCB Assy controller VL3000 OPN - VLT-24.9678.0730                    EACH       2,915.44
VLT-24.9678.3825      Display PCB Assy VL2000 VL2500 Replaces VLT-24.9678.0825             EACH         292.82
VLT-24.9678.4730      PCB Assy controller VL3500                                           EACH       3,178.87
VLT-24.9678.9729      Pan / Tilt Encoder PCB VL3500                                        EACH          50.84
VLT-24.9685.0826      LCD PCB VL500                                                        EACH       1,099.34
VLT-24.9685.3730      Controller Assy PCB VL500 old PN 24.9685.0730                        EACH       2,038.08
VLT-24.9685.7735      PCB Sensor Pan / Tilt Encoder VL500                                  EACH          22.75
VLT-24.9686.0427      Colour Sensor PCB Offset Assy VL3500 wash                            EACH         233.89
VLT-24.9686.0429      Main PCB VL3500W                                                     EACH       3,124.75
VLT-24.9686.2428      Color Sensor PCB Inline Assy VL3500 wash Old PN 24.9686.0428         EACH         326.20
VLT-25.8007.2212      Ground Strap Assy                                                    EACH          87.36
VLT-25.9638.0073      Yoke cable assy VL6                                                  EACH         405.32
VLT-25.9650.3322      Input Cable ASSY                                                     EACH         562.78
VLT-25.9661.1516      Main to Aux / Data & Power Cable Assembly 2202                       EACH          39.45
VLT-25.9661.1517      Pan / Tilt Control Cable Assy For VL2402                             EACH         304.49
VLT-25.9661.1526      Ignitor to Relay Cable Assy VL3500 wash                              EACH          11.56
VLT-25.9661.1551      Cable Assy, lamp supply                                              EACH         140.90
VLT-25.9661.1559      LVS Adaptor for 69.3177.0150                                         EACH          38.75
VLT-25.9663.2020      Pan / Tilt control Cable For VL1000                                  EACH         152.99
VLT-25.9663.2026      Cable Assy Dimmer to Control VL1000                                  EACH         245.81
VLT-25.9663.2035      Arc power to Ignitor VL1000 Arc                                      EACH         112.39
VLT-25.9663.2036      Cable Assy Ignitor to Lamp VL1000                                    EACH         198.96
VLT-25.9663.2040      Shutter Harness Cable Assy For VL1000                                EACH         347.09
VLT-25.9663.2050      Harness Colour Gobo Lens For VL1000                                  EACH         399.81
VLT-25.9667.0007      Motor Harness Cable assembly For VL2000 Spot                         EACH         565.03
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 128 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                           Per      RRP Inc GST

VLT-25.9667.0146      Heatd OT Switch #2 Cable Assy                                         EACH         169.88
VLT-25.9671.0007      Motor Harness Cable assembly For VL2402                               EACH         596.57
VLT-25.9676.0125      Cable Assy T-Stat Colour/Gobo VL2500                                  EACH          81.80
VLT-25.9676.0715      Cable Assy Colour/Fixed Bulkhe VL2500                                 EACH         692.60
VLT-25.9676.0716      Optics Strobe Cable Assy VL2500                                       EACH         693.78
VLT-25.9676.0717      Strobe 1 Cable Assy VL2500                                            EACH          51.39
VLT-25.9676.0718      Fans / Disconnect Cable Assy VL2500                                   EACH          45.50
VLT-25.9676.0818      Pan/Tilt Control Cable Assy VL2500                                    EACH         200.13
VLT-25.9676.1716      Optics Strobe Bulkheads Cable Assy VL2500 wash                        EACH         293.21
VLT-25.9678.0409      Colour interconnect pcb assy VL3000 opt 24.9678.0409                  EACH         896.53
VLT-25.9678.0419      Color Interconnect PCB Cable Assy VL3000Q                             EACH       1,002.22
VLT-25.9678.0677      Front head fans cable assy VL3000Q                                    EACH          27.60
VLT-25.9678.0715      Head controller cable assy VL3000                                     EACH         912.58
VLT-25.9678.0758      Yoke Fan Cable Assy VL3000 / VL3500                                   EACH          12.80
VLT-25.9678.0789      Cable Assy Ignitor to lamp Socket OPN - VLT-25.9678.0688              EACH         193.29
VLT-25.9678.0810      AC Input Pigtail Cable Assy VL2500 VL3500                             EACH         279.51
VLT-25.9678.0811      Cable Assy EMI Filter to Power VL2500 VL3500                          EACH          27.46
VLT-25.9678.0812      Cable Assy Ac Input Splitter VL2500 VL3500                            EACH          47.53
VLT-25.9678.0813      Cable Assy Data I/O Link VL2500 VL3500                                EACH          28.69
VLT-25.9678.0816      Cable Assy Ballast to Control VL3000 VL3500                           EACH          36.21
VLT-25.9678.0818      Pan / Tilt Control Cable VL3000                                       EACH         180.77
VLT-25.9678.0819      Lamp Supply to relay Cable Ass VL3000                                 EACH         236.97
VLT-25.9678.0821      DC Output Cable Assembly VL2500                                       EACH          69.47
VLT-25.9678.0829      Cable Assy Lamp Supply to Relay VL3500                                EACH         280.27
VLT-25.9678.1419      Color interconnect cable assy VL3000Q                                 EACH         927.67
VLT-25.9678.1825      Cable Assy Display VL3000 VL3500                                      EACH          53.61
VLT-25.9678.2209      Gobo interconnect cable assy VL3000Q                                  EACH         957.03
VLT-25.9685.0766      Ignitor to Socket Cable Assy VL500                                    EACH          75.91
VLT-25.9685.0790      Main Harness Cable VL500                                              EACH       1,120.31
VLT-25.9686.0012      Yoke to Dual AC Fan Cable Assy VL3500                                 EACH         124.08
VLT-25.9686.0013      OT Switch 1 to OT Switch 2 Cable Assy VL3500                          EACH            9.56
VLT-25.9686.0201      Cable Assy OT Switch to Interlock Cable VL3500 wash                   EACH            7.79
VLT-25.9686.0205      Colour Harness Cable Assy VL3500 wash                                 EACH         637.99
VLT-25.9686.0209      Transfer Fans Cable Assy VL3500 wash                                  EACH          55.33
VLT-25.9686.0210      Upper Enclosure Fans Cable Assy VL3500                                EACH          70.47
VLT-25.9686.0843      Cable Assy Dual AC fan LVS to Yoke VL3500                             EACH          90.17
VLT-28.8500.0054      Luminaire USB Program Kit                                             EACH         802.13
VLT-28.9650.0040      VL7 Series Shutter Assembly 28.9650.0040                              EACH       8,338.29
VLT-28.9650.0048      VL7 Series Noise Baffle 28.9650.0048                                  EACH         425.09
VLT-28.9661.0054      luminare programming kit cable                                        EACH       1,558.68
VLT-28.9673.1000      Spare Parts Kit vl2000                                                EACH       2,279.64
VLT-28.9676.0100      VL2500 Ballast Conversion Kit                                         EACH         442.53
VLT-28.9676.1001      Spare Parts Kit VL2500                                                EACH       4,068.55
VLT-28.9678.0100      Ballast Conversion Kit TN245A use with 12.9678.1862 VL3K when replacing EACH       642.39
VLT-28.9678.1000      Spare Parts Kit VL3000                                                  EACH     2,611.89
VLT-28.9686.0800      Cooling System Mod. Kit VL3500wash                                      EACH     4,026.34

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist            Page 129 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-40.7113.0002      Fan 24V 80mm VL2500                                                EACH          59.96
VLT-40.7144.0001      80mm Lamp Fan VL3500                                               EACH         264.38
VLT-40.7145.0004      80mm Metal Fan VL3000 NEW STYLE                                    EACH         265.95
VLT-40.7146.0002      DC Fan 3.15 x 3.15 VL2500                                          EACH          91.18
VLT-41.9634.0068      Reflector,Par 64,Custom Coated VL2416                              EACH       1,148.59
VLT-41.9637.0047      Uv Mirror Glass VL2402                                             EACH          97.12
VLT-41.9660.7021      ELLIPSOIDAL REFLECTOR - 45 LUN Coated OPN - VLT-41.9660.0021       EACH         544.22
VLT-41.9663.1133      UV /IR Filter Glass VL1000                                         EACH         318.67
VLT-41.9678.0608      UV /IR Filter Glass VL2500 wash                                    EACH         378.65
VLT-41.9678.1160      IR/UV Shield VL3000q                                               EACH         485.65
VLT-41.9686.0490      Fixeed Colour Filter Red VL3500                                    EACH         342.61
VLT-419678030501      Deep Red Fixed Filter VL3000                                       EACH         342.61
VLT-419678030502      Kelly Green Filter Fixed VL3000                                    EACH         342.61
VLT-419678030503      Congo Blue Filter Fixed VL3000                                     EACH         342.61
VLT-419678030504      Magenta Fixed Filter VL3000                                        EACH         342.61
VLT-419678030505      Orange Filter Fixed VL3000                                         EACH         342.61
VLT-419678030506      Dark Fuschia Filter Fixed VL3000                                   EACH         342.61
VLT-42.9661.0208      Uv heat shield Lens VL2416                                         EACH         383.72
VLT-42.9661.0235      Uv Glass,Flat 7.65" OD VL2416                                      EACH         484.98
VLT-42.9663.0237      Reflector, VL1000                                                  EACH         502.23
VLT-42.9663.1117      Reflector,(ARC) VL1000                                             EACH         502.23
VLT-42.9663.7118      Reflector,(ARC) VL1000 Old P/N 42.9663.7117                        EACH         467.86
VLT-42.9685.0190      Parabolic Reflector VL500 new PN 42.9685.7190                      EACH         346.63
VLT-42.9685.0201      Front Lens Clear VNSP VL500                                        EACH         105.64
VLT-42.9685.0203      8 - Row Lenticular Lens VL500                                      EACH          60.36
VLT-42.9685.0205      Front Lens Very Wide Buxom VL500                                   EACH         105.64
VLT-42.9685.0207      Front Lens Stipple PAR 64 VL500                                    EACH         105.64
VLT-42.9685.7190      Parabolic Reflector VL500 old PN 42.9685.0190                      EACH         400.99
VLT-42.9686.0105      UV/IR Blocking Filter Lens VL3500wash                              EACH         394.52
VLT-42.9686.0120      Reflector Eliptical VL3500wash                                     EACH         539.61
VLT-44.5029.0001      MOTOR, STEPPER 42MM X 34MM -AR Dimmer Stepper VL2000 series        EACH         157.27
                      (2402 2202)
VLT-44.5031.0001      MOTOR, STEPPER 42MM X 40MM, 10 Blue, amber motor For 2402          EACH         182.68
VLT-44.5034.0001      MOTOR, 4.4 OHM, KT60KM1-002, 3 1.2 deg step Pan / Tilt For 2402    EACH         423.98
VLT-44.9663.1202      Motor gobo For VL1000                                              EACH         107.64
VLT-44.9663.1326      Motor 17 53" Shaft 11.8mH VL3000                                   EACH         102.46
VLT-44.9663.1351      Assy Shutter Motor VL1000                                          EACH          77.70
VLT-44.9663.1766      Motor ( Edge, Zoom) For VL1000                                     EACH         107.59
VLT-44.9667.0116      MOTOR, GOBO/COLOR WHEEL For 2402                                   EACH         198.57
VLT-44.9667.0117      MOTOR, IRIS For 2402                                               EACH         200.28
VLT-44.9676.0236      Motor Colour VL2500                                                EACH         108.68
VLT-44.9678.0278      Motor 17 94" Shaft 11.8mH VL3000                                   EACH         102.49
VLT-44.9678.0455      Colour Motor VL2500 VL3000                                         EACH         108.68
VLT-44.9678.0680      Motor 3 phase Sive 23 High Torque VL3500                           EACH         416.27
VLT-44.9685.0230      Linear Motor VL500                                                 EACH         111.00
VLT-44.9686.0164      Motor Split Lens VL3500 wash                                       EACH         111.01
VLT-51.0541           Dmx Card Screw Kit VL2500                                          EACH            0.32

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 130 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-52.6274.2313      Strain Relief Skintop Flex Ty VL2000                               EACH          22.36
VLT-52.6498.0014      Conn 14 Position Dual Row                                          EACH          17.63
VLT-52.6541.0001      Blue Cable PWR Inlet 3 Pole Lo Powercon                            EACH          51.39
VLT-52.6585.0005      XLR 5 Pin Fem PC mount Vert                                        EACH          63.85
VLT-52.6586.0005      XLR 5 Pin male PC mount Vert                                       EACH          68.09
VLT-52.6625.0005      Conn Recept. XLR 5pin Female                                       EACH          43.46
VLT-52.6626.0006      Conn Recept. XLR 5pin Male OPN 52.6626.0005                        EACH          45.63
VLT-52.8231.0005      Term. Ring #6 Blue 16-14 AWG VL500                                 EACH            1.22
VLT-52.8244.0001      Faston Recept Flag Insulated VL500                                 EACH            1.77
VLT-52.8323.0001      Contact , crimp 18-22 AWG SL-15                                    EACH            1.36
VLT-52.8347.0001      Contact 24-30 AWG Male Crimp                                       EACH            0.57
VLT-53.2002.0001      Nut 6-32 Kep Zinc Plated VL1000                                    EACH            0.48
VLT-53.2005.0001      NUT, 3/8-32 X 3/32T WHEEL For dimmer Bulkhead Assy.                EACH            0.33
VLT-53.2030.0001      Nut acorn 10-32 THD 3/8 VL3000                                     EACH            0.38
VLT-53.2200.0004      Nut 4 - 40 KEPS SS                                                 EACH            0.24
VLT-53.2200.0006      Nut 6-32 Keps SS VL2500 Spot                                       EACH            0.23
VLT-53.5506.0750      SCREW, 6-32 x 3/4" PPSS                                            EACH            0.14
VLT-53.5554.0250      Screw 4-40 x 1/4" LG Socket                                        EACH            0.76
VLT-53.5558.0376      Screw 6-32 x .375" SET SS H VL 2000 Grub                           EACH            0.90
VLT-53.5604.0250      SCREW, 4-40 x 1/4" PPSS BLK                                        EACH            0.14
VLT-53.5638.1250      Lamp Housing Knob VL2000 series                                    EACH          33.17
VLT-53.5711.2500      SCREW, 10-32 X 2 ½" Phillips truss head SS Black VL1000            EACH            0.50
VLT-53.6514.0001      SCREW                                                              EACH            0.33
VLT-53.6514.0004      Screw Beam Adjust 2416                                             EACH            2.00
VLT-53.6519.0001      Screw 4-40 x 5/8" PPZ VL-1                                         EACH            0.14
VLT-53.6520.0001      SCREW, 6-32 x 5/16" PPZ                                            EACH            0.14
VLT-53.6520.0188      SCREW, 4-40 X 3/16 PFZ UNDCUT VL2500                               EACH            0.29
VLT-53.6521.0001      Screw 8-32 x 1/2" PPB VL500                                        EACH            0.14
VLT-53.6525.0001      SCREW, 6-32 x 5/16" PPZ                                            EACH            0.05
VLT-53.6539.0011      Focus Screw VL2000 series                                          EACH            0.95
VLT-53.6539.0012      Screw 10-32 x 2" PFBSS VL2000                                      EACH            0.95
VLT-53.6543.0001      SCREW, 6-32 X 3/8" PPB For Upper Enclosure Assy                    EACH            0.14
VLT-53.6545.0001      Head Assy Screw                                                    EACH            0.59
VLT-53.6545.0003      SCREW, 8-32 X 3/8" PPZ Flat head For Ballast                       EACH            0.62
VLT-53.6545.0004      SCREW, 8-32 X 3/8" PPZ For Ballast                                 EACH            0.62
VLT-53.6552.0002      Screw, 8-32 X 1/2" PFB - VL500                                     EACH            0.10
VLT-53.6556.0001      Screws 4 - 40 x ¾ "PPZ                                             EACH            0.14
VLT-53.6558.0001      SCREW, 6-32 X 3/8" PPZ For Upper Enclosure Assy                    EACH            0.05
VLT-53.6558.0010      Screw,6-32x1/4 For Upper Enclosure Assy                            EACH            0.24
VLT-53.6582.0001      SCREW VL3000 TN-263 FOR HOT BOX ASSY                               EACH            0.29
VLT-53.6598.0312      Screw 4-40 x 5/16' PFB VL1000                                      EACH            0.19
VLT-53.6605.0004      Stud, 2-56 X 1.0" LG Full thre VL2000                              EACH            3.53
VLT-53.6607.0001      SCREW, 6-32 X 1/4" PPB For Upper Enclosure Assy                    EACH            0.10
VLT-53.6608.0001      SCREW, 6-32 x 3/8" PFB VL500                                       EACH            0.55
VLT-53.6608.0003      SCREW, 6-32 X 3/16"LG PPZ ( for Front Lens ASSY VL2000             EACH            0.05
VLT-53.6609.0500      SCREW, 6-32 X 1/2" LG PFZ                                          EACH            0.19
VLT-53.6610.0003      SCREW, 6-32 X 7/16 PPZ VL2500 Spot                                 EACH            0.18

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 131 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-53.6613.0001      SCREW, 6-32 X 1/2" PPZ                                             EACH            0.14
VLT-53.6625.0001      SCREW, 10-32 X 1/2" PPB                                            EACH            0.14
VLT-53.6627.0001      SCREW, 10-32 X 5/8" PPB For Upper Enclosure Assy                   EACH            0.14
VLT-53.6633.0002      SCREW, #4 X 3/8" PFZ SHT METAL For Rotating Gobo Wheel VL2000      EACH            0.05
VLT-53.6653.0027      Screw 1/4-20 x 1-5/8" SOC head                                     EACH          16.18
VLT-53.6653.0502      SCREW, 1/4-20 X 1/2"LG SOC H For Upper Enclosure Assy              EACH            1.86
VLT-54.1217.0004      Link Actuator / Drive Ring VL500                                   EACH            3.14
VLT-54.1226.0001      Latch Assy VL500                                                   EACH          47.01
VLT-54.1255.0001      Bearing Assy Black Flush Mount Housiing VL1000                     EACH          70.33
VLT-54.1255.0002      Bearing Assy Inner Crossmember VL1000                              EACH         132.01
VLT-54.1259.0002      Bearing VL1000                                                     EACH          23.89
VLT-54.2029.0001      Timing Belt .080" Pitch 70 VL2000                                  EACH          11.47
VLT-54.2032.0001      Timing Belt .080" Pitch 80 VL2000                                  EACH          16.13
VLT-54.2036.0017      Timing Belt N =150 W = .125 VL3000                                 EACH          12.94
VLT-54.2039.0001      BELT, GT TIMING 2MM PITCH 182 GRV 9mm WB NYL CVRD                  EACH          31.42
VLT-54.2044.0001      Timing Belt MXL .080" Pitch 9 VL2000                               EACH          14.68
VLT-54.2045.0002      Timing Belt 080 Pitch .200W VL1000                                 EACH          75.03
VLT-54.2047.0024      Pan Timing Belt VL1000                                             EACH          43.01
VLT-54.2047.0039      Tilt Timing Belt VL1000                                            EACH          80.31
VLT-54.2049.0135      Timing Belt MXL Pitch 135 GRV                                      EACH          58.43
VLT-54.2050.0001      Timing Belt MXL 080" Pitch 9 VL1000                                EACH          58.43
VLT-54.2054.0001      Timing Belt MXL .080" Pitch VL3000                                 EACH          19.99
VLT-54.2055.0001      Pan Timing Belt VL3000                                             EACH          30.36
VLT-54.2057.0001      Timing Belt MXL Pitch 14 VL3000                                    EACH          13.95
VLT-54.2058.0001      Timing Belt MXL Pitch 16 VL3000                                    EACH          16.89
VLT-54.2059.0001      Timing Belt MXL Pitch 150 VL3000/VL2500                            EACH          59.19
VLT-54.2060.0001      Timing Belt VL3000                                                 EACH          60.76
VLT-54.2064.0192      Timing Belt MXL (.080) VL3500 wash                                 EACH          23.13
VLT-54.2065.0001      Pan Timing Belt VL5000                                             EACH          26.69
VLT-54.2066.0001      Tilt Timing Belt VL500                                             EACH          57.67
VLT-54.2067.0001      Timing Belt S2M 448mm VL3500 wash                                  EACH          58.60
VLT-54.9663.1220      Index Timing Belt VL1000                                           EACH          99.85
VLT-55.2118.0003      WASHER, .750"OD .380"ID .034" VL2000                               EACH            2.63
VLT-55.2132.0011      Standoff 1/4" Hex 1.093"L VL3000                                   EACH          11.01
VLT-55.2132.0012      Standoff 1/4" Hex 0.75"LG VL3000                                   EACH            3.04
VLT-55.2203.0001      Screw 4-40 x 1/4" PPZ Vl2000 lens Motor                            EACH            0.05
VLT-55.2233.0003      RETAINER, PUSH-ON TYPE VL2000 VL3000                               EACH            0.59
VLT-55.2233.0006      Stud 1/4 turn .455L VL3000 from Reflector Assembly                 EACH            7.34
VLT-55.2233.0008      Stud 1/4 turn .495" VL2000                                         EACH            2.95
VLT-55.2233.0014      Stud 1/4 turn .615" VL2000                                         EACH            3.67
VLT-55.2233.0775      Stud 1/4 turn . VL3000                                             EACH            5.30
VLT-55.2256.0001      Magnet                                                             EACH          23.13
VLT-55.3301.0006      washer #6 flat ss                                                  EACH            0.14
VLT-55.3303.0004      washer #4 Lock int tooth SS                                        EACH            0.14
VLT-55.3303.0006      washer #6 Lock int tooth SS                                        EACH            0.14
VLT-55.6504.0001      washer #6 Lock Ext tooth                                           EACH            0.14
VLT-55.6506.0029      Spacer VL1000                                                      EACH          10.80

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 132 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-55.6512.0001      Washer #6 Flat Zinc VL3000                                         EACH            0.14
VLT-55.6528.0001      Washer #6 Flat Zinc VL3000                                         EACH            0.09
VLT-55.6538.0001      washer #6 Lock Int tooth                                           EACH            0.05
VLT-55.6540.0001      Washer #10 Flat Brass VL2000 Back Cap                              EACH            0.45
VLT-55.6543.0002      Grommet strip Serrated .125"                                       EACH            2.27
VLT-55.6549.0001      WASHER, 1/4" SPLIT LOCK For Upper Enclosure Assy                   EACH            0.14
VLT-55.6568.0016      spring, extsn 125"OD .500"LG .18"Wire Dia SS                       EACH            2.95
VLT-55.6568.0038      Spring VL2416 Lamp Adjust SPRING, CPRSN .300"OD .88"LG             EACH            5.12
VLT-55.6568.0054      Strobe Motor Spring VL2500                                         EACH            9.56
VLT-55.6568.0058      Spring VL500                                                       EACH            3.40
VLT-55.6568.0077      SPRING VL3000 TN-263 FOR HOT BOX ASSY                              EACH            1.36
VLT-55.6573.0001      Hardened Shaft 10mm Dia. x 200 VL3000 q                            EACH          75.18
VLT-55.6603.0001      spring ss 4.6 VL6B                                                 EACH            4.31
VLT-55.6621.0001      washer #4 Flat zinc                                                EACH            0.14
VLT-55.6677.0040      Washer .624"OD 145"ID .03 VL1000                                   EACH            2.81
VLT-55.6677.0042      Washer .624"OD 145"ID .03 VL1000                                   EACH            5.44
VLT-55.6759.0002      THREADED STANDOFF W / FLANGE VL3000                                EACH            3.22
VLT-55.6807.0002      Plastic Handle VL2000                                              EACH          27.33
VLT-55.6818.0002      Kurly-Lok, standoff. 45 deg, nylon 6/6                             EACH            1.04
VLT-55.6848.0001      Grommet 500OD 190ID Strobe Assy VL3000                             EACH            2.00
VLT-56.6541.0004      CONN, CHASSIS POWER 3-POLE LOC NAC3MPA                             EACH          43.46
VLT-60.9244.0501      RES, 30W 5% .05 OHM TO-220 For 700W Arc Ballast                    EACH          38.93
VLT-60.9245.0751      RES, 30W 1% .075OHM T0-220 For 700W Arc Ballast                    EACH          55.79
VLT-67.4006.0007      Clamp Cable Ferrite 0.193 VL500                                    EACH          14.82
VLT-67.4015.0001      Filter EMI 16A 250V Single Phase VL2000                            EACH         145.70
VLT-68.4580.0001      VL2000 Choke 700W APS                                              EACH         330.38
VLT-68.9661.1112      Transformer gate drive For 700W Arc Ballast                        EACH          95.44
VLT-68.9661.1113      VL2000 Choke                                                       EACH         151.36
VLT-68.9661.1114      VL3000 Choke 1200W PFC                                             EACH         151.36
VLT-68.9661.1116      VL3000 Choke 1200W PFC Arc Ballast                                 EACH         274.89
VLT-69.2936.1003      VL 2416 Spare Power Supply 69.2936.1003                            EACH         773.49
VLT-69.3173.0240      Dimmer 1200W 240V Rev Phase VL1000                                 EACH         549.05
VLT-69.3174.0130      LVS power supply VL2416 OPT 69.3126.1103                           EACH         575.18
VLT-69.3176.0201      LVS 200W LV3500qspot                                               EACH         481.84
VLT-69.3177.0151      LVS VL1000 VL 2500 VL3000 OPN 69.3177.0150                         EACH         353.99
VLT-69.3178.0121      LVS 120W 24V VL500                                                 EACH         320.20
VLT-69.3180.0600      LED Power Supply 12V DC 600W VLX                                   EACH       1,651.75
VLT-69.9676.0700      700w Ballast Assembly VL2500 ref: TN258                            EACH       2,615.00
VLT-70.3744.1150      Circuit breaker , 15.0A 240V Horiz 2416 For Connector Panel Assy   EACH          92.36
VLT-70.3762.0020      Fuse 20A 250V Very Fast Act Ceramic VL2402 VL2202 VL2416 VL1000    EACH          21.50
VLT-71.2502.0003      Lamp Socket, Fassung GY9.5 W/584 mm Lead VL2000 VL3000 VL2500      EACH          98.83
VLT-71.2560.0001      Lamp Holder Socket Screw term. VL1000                              EACH         231.26
VLT-71.2561.0002      Lamp Holder - Gold Contacts opn 71.2571.0001 TN-253                EACH         272.90
VLT-71.2571.0001      Lamp Holder - Gold Contacts new part no. 71.2561.0002 TN-253       EACH         259.90
VLT-72.2129.0002      LCD for Controller Card VL1000                                     EACH          70.02
VLT-73.9636.0153      Cordage for power lead VL2000                                      FOOT          14.56
VLT-74.1034.0001      SWITCH, THERMAL 15AMP 315 deg VL2500                               EACH          76.36

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 133 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

VLT-74.1089.0001      SWITCH, THERMAL 15AMP 295 Degree F Open OLD STYLE as per TN-       EACH          77.22
VLT-74.1099.0001      Switch Minature 5A 150deg VL3000                                   EACH          28.07
VLT-74.1100.0001      Old Style therrmal Switch 15amp 255 deg VL3000. TN-261             EACH         115.63
VLT-74.2000.0001      Rocker Mains Switch 10A VL3000                                     EACH            6.33
VLT-74.2000.0002      Switch VL3500 Wash                                                 EACH            5.98
VLT-80.2616.0001      Transistor, IGBT, IRGPC50FD2, 600V 70A FOR APS6                    EACH          56.83
VLT-80.2616.5025      Transistor, POWER MOSFET, 5025 500V 23A FOR APS6                   EACH          16.95
VLT-80.2623.0003      TRANSISTOR, 2N4403 PNP 40V 600 For 700W Arc Ballast                EACH            0.23
VLT-80.2652.0001      TRANSISTOR, IXGH24N60CDI IGBT FACTORY SERVICE ONLY Ballast.        EACH          77.09
VLT-82.5318.0160      DIODE, MUR160, 600V, 1A                                            EACH            1.04
VLT-83.3109.0001      IC, 14024 SEVEN STAGE RIPPLE COUNTER FOR APS6                      EACH            1.86
VLT-83.3117.0001      IC, LM393 DUAL COMPARATOR FOR APS6                                 EACH            2.22
VLT-83.3149.0002      IC,SG3526N PULSE WIDTH MODULATOR FOR APS6                          EACH            9.52
VLT-83.3151.0620      IC,AD620AN INSTRUMENT AMP FOR APS6                                 EACH          82.16
VLT-83.3153.0633      IC, AD633JN MULTIPLIER 8-PIN DIP FOR APS6                          EACH         113.25
VLT-83.3159.0001      IC, ISO122 ISOLATION AMP FOR APS6                                  EACH          85.83
VLT-84.4234.0002      IC, RS485 TRANSCEIVER SUR MT S For aux controller pcb assy         EACH            7.48
VLT-84.4263.0001      IC, AD7302BR 8-BIT DAC 2.7-5.5 For aux controller pcb assy         EACH          27.15
VLT-84.5000.0016      IC Ram Chip                                                        EACH          86.69
VLT-84.7427.0001      IC, WPCO3R24S15L DC-DC CONVERT For 700W Arc Ballast                EACH         142.66
VLT-85.3773.0002      IC, STEPMOTOR DRIVER opn. 85.3773.0001                             EACH          33.76
VLT-85.5157.0001      IC, UC2854ADW PREREGULATOR 16P For Rider Card PCB                  EACH          26.01
VLT-85.5160.0001      IC, UCC2305DW HID LAMP CONTROL For Rider Card PCB                  EACH          58.73
VLT-85.5164.0001      IC, L6234PD THREE PHASE MOTOR main controller 3 phase pcb          EACH          69.43
VLT-86.6109.0001      IC Opto Coupler For 700W Arc Ballast                               EACH            8.66
VLT-86.6120.0001      IC, LTV817S PHOTOCOUPLER SUR M For Rider Card PCB                  EACH            0.14
VLT-86.7002.0003      Switch, slotted optical                                            EACH          40.40
VLT-86.7002.0004      Optical Switch OPB610 VL3000                                       EACH          10.04
VLT-86.7005.0001      Sensor ,Hall-Effect A3141LCT SM VL2402                             EACH          12.33
VLT-86.7009.0001      GP1A70R Photo interupler IC For Pan motor Assy                     EACH          29.37
VLT-87.7188.0001      IC EPIK50QC208-3 VL3000 Controller PCB                             EACH         254.01
VLT-88.8139.0002      Display VL2000                                                     EACH          66.07
VLT-HTI1200WSEOS      Lamp 1200W HTI VL3000                                              EACH         626.93
VLT-MSR700SAPH        Lamp 700W Arc For VL2202 VL2402                                    EACH         785.55
VLT-REP.MCB           Repair Charge for Controllers and PCBs all models                  EACH         734.16
YAD                   Manufacturing Ancillary Duty                                       100P            3.67
YAF                   Manufactring Ancillary Freight                                     100P            3.67
YAK                   Manufacturing Ancillary Costs                                      EACH            3.67
YC044C                Network System 44                                                  EACH            0.00
YC1400C               Network System 1400                                                EACH            0.00
YC4PAK                Chassis Att 4PAK                                                   EACH         146.54
YC4PAK IEC            Chassis Att 4Pak IEC                                               EACH         133.75
YC730C                DDX48 Main Card B3.3 (1)                                           EACH         685.67
YC780C                ESP Preset Circuit Card Cmplt                                      EACH         645.33
YC781C                ESP Scene Circuit Card Cmplt                                       EACH         463.83
YC784C                Instinct Scene Master Card                                         EACH         524.33

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 134 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

YC785C                Instinct Preset Card Complete                                      EACH         705.83
YC786C                Instinct Analogue Master Card                                      EACH         403.33
YC787C                Instinct Karma (CPU) Card                                          EACH       1,089.00
YC788C                Instinct Analogue Acquisition                                      EACH         766.33
YC789C                Instinct Digital Master Card                                       EACH         847.00
YC820C                Digital R/Pak Dimmer Card                                          EACH         438.54
YC822C                Analogue R/Pak In/Out Card                                         EACH         161.33
YC827C                Digital R/Pak Mimic Driver                                         EACH         157.38
YC832C                4Pak Dimmer Card B2.10 (1)                                         EACH         201.67
YCDD8                 Chassis Att DD8                                                    EACH         379.46
YCDDX60               Chassis Att DDX 60                                                 EACH         205.69
YCESPII24             Chassis Att ESPII 24                                               EACH         629.76
YCESPII48             Chassis Att ESPII 48                                               EACH         921.84
YCESPII60             Chassis Att ESPII 60                                               EACH         695.36
YCEV24                Chassis Att Event 24                                               EACH         554.55
YCEV36                Chassis Att Event 36                                               EACH         443.05
YCEV48                Chassis Att Event 48                                               EACH         479.39
YCEV48+               Chassis Att Event 48+                                              EACH       1,179.14
YCEV60+               Chassis Att Event 60+                                              EACH         541.38
YCEZ200               Chassis Att Ezicom 200                                             EACH         202.93
YCEZ400               Chassis Att Ezicom 400                                             EACH         203.28
YCFLOPPYOPT           Chassis Floppy Drive                                               EACH          92.00
YCHOG1K               Chassis Att Hog1000                                                EACH       1,492.17
YCHP12TR-A            Chassis Att HP12TR                                                 EACH       1,535.42
YCHPX12-100           HPX12 Chassis Attachments 10A                                      EACH         682.31
YCHPX12-200           HPX12 Chassis Attachments 20A                                      EACH            0.00
YCHPX12-AZ290         HPX12 Chas Attach20A DMX Relay                                     EACH         288.84
YCHPX6-AZ200          HPX12 Chass Attach 25A Hi Rise Dual 20A AZ Out, 50A tail           EACH       2,215.07
YCSTAGE12             Chassis Att Stage 12                                               EACH         202.98
YCSTAGE24             Chassis Att Stage 24                                               EACH         336.22
YHPXBK10A             HPX Breaker Assy 10A Complete                                      EACH          66.53
YHPXBPAZ10A           HPX Back Aus 10A Socket                                            EACH         550.00
YHPXBPHW20A           HPX Back Hardwire 20A                                              EACH            0.00
YHPXCHASATT           HPX Common Chassis Attachments                                     EACH         141.86
YHPXCPSTD             HPX Standard Control Module                                        EACH         228.86
YHPXHSTR10-240        HPX Heatsink Triac 240us Tunnel Complete                           EACH       1,250.72
YHPXPACK              HPX Packaging                                                      EACH            0.00
YKHP6/12              Rack Kit HP6/12                                                    EACH          10.43
YLDD8                 Loom DD8                                                           EACH         353.35
YLDDX60               Loom DDX60                                                         EACH          43.38
YLESPII24             Loom ESPII 24                                                      EACH         302.84
YLESPII48             Loom ESPII 48                                                      EACH         395.90
YLESPII60             Loom ESPII 60                                                      EACH         243.05
YLEV24                Loom Event 24                                                      EACH         308.70
YLEV48+               Loom Event 48+                                                     EACH         355.38
YLEZ100               Loom Ezicom 100                                                    EACH          75.34
YLEZ200               Loom Ezicom 200                                                    EACH         134.67

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 135 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

YLEZ400               Loom Ezicom 400                                                    EACH         257.17
YLHOG1K               Loom Hog1000                                                       EACH         451.62
YLHP12TR/SC           Loom HP12TR/SC                                                     EACH         518.23
YLOPFD                LOOM FLOPPY DRIVE OPFD                                             EACH          24.24
YLSTAGE12             Loom Stage 12                                                      EACH          78.76
YLSTAGE24             Loom Stage 24                                                      EACH          84.44
YPC100                PCB Led Mains Indicator PDS                                        EACH          58.58
YPC106                PCB Driver card SR3000                                             EACH            0.00
YPC123                PCB M/Video Card Complete Not fitted with Mcard socket             EACH         377.29
YPC124                PCB M Card Complete                                                EACH         226.77
YPC125                PCB Floppy Drive Card Complete                                     EACH         273.68
YPC125E               PCB Floppy D Event\Esp Chipset                                     EACH         100.74
YPC125E+              PCB Floppy Drive Event+ Chipse                                     EACH          53.90
YPC138                PCBA 4PAK-D Control Complete                                       EACH         361.68
YPC139                PCBA 4PAK-D Output Complete                                        EACH         224.67
YPC141                PCB E400 Ezicom Master Complet                                     EACH         708.77
YPC142                PCB E200 Ezicom Master Complet                                     EACH         280.23
YPC144                PCB E100 Ezicom Sub SMD Comp                                       EACH          84.42
YPC148                PCB DDX60 SMD Complete                                             EACH         722.51
YPC150                PCB DD8 Complete                                                   EACH         386.75
YPC152                PCB DD6-2 Complete                                                 EACH         963.75
YPC160                PCB 4PAK SMD Dimmer Complete                                       EACH         307.12
YPC161                PCB 4PAK SMD Control Complete                                      EACH         280.65
YPC162                PCB Preset Complete Stage 12/24;ESPII;Event/Plus                   EACH         521.75
YPC163                PCB Assign Complete Event/Plus;ESPII-60                            EACH         855.44
YPC164                PCB Event Master Complete                                          EACH         606.45
YPC164-EVPLUS         PCB Event Plus Master Complete                                     EACH         443.57
YPC165                PCB ESPII 24/48 Scene Complete                                     EACH         448.19
YPC166                PCB ESPII 24/48 Mastr Complete                                     EACH         668.39
YPC167                PCB Event/ESPII CE CPU Complte                                     EACH         456.48
YPC167-ESPII          PCB ESPII CE CPU Complete                                          EACH         433.29
YPC167-EVENT          PCB EVENT CE CPU Complete                                          EACH         456.50
YPC168                PCB Event+/ESPII60 CE CPU Comp                                     EACH       1,205.37
YPC168-ESPII60        PCB ESPII60 CE CPU Complete                                        EACH         884.66
YPC168-EVPLUS         PCB Event Plus CE CPU Complete                                     EACH       1,022.82
YPC172                PCB Event4 Palette Card Complete                                   EACH         222.38
YPC173                PCB Event4 Preset Card Complete                                    EACH         609.91
YPC174                PCB Event4 CPU Card Complete                                       EACH       1,361.18
YPC175                PCB Event4 Assign Card Complete                                    EACH         446.29
YPC176                PCB Event4 Master Card Complete                                    EACH         922.00
YPC177                PCB Ev4/HOG50 Backlight Driver Complete. Small PCB Pre RoHS.       EACH         117.98
YPC212                PCB Stage12/24 Master Complete                                     EACH         684.28
YPC212-STAGE12        PCB Stage12 Master Complete                                        EACH         584.58
YPC212-STAGE24        PCB Stage24 Master Complete                                        EACH         584.58
YPC300                PCB JandsHog Menu Complete                                         EACH         152.20
YPC301                PCB JandsHog Playback Complete                                     EACH         822.98
YPC303                PCB Hog Rimpoc CE CPU Complete Jands hog only                      EACH       1,395.98

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 136 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

YPC303-JHOG250        PCB JandsHog 250 Rimpoc CE CPU Complete                            EACH       1,430.80
YPC303-JHOG500        PCB JandsHog 500 Rimpoc CE PU Complete                             EACH       1,395.97
YPC303-JHOG600        PCB JandsHog 600 Rimpoc CE CPU Complete                            EACH       1,395.97
YPC303L               PCB Hog250 Rimpoc CPU Mem Only                                     EACH         274.49
YPC303M               PCB Hog600 Rimpoc CPU Mem Only                                     EACH         316.35
YPC304                PCB JandsHog Back Panel Complete                                   EACH         140.59
YPC320                PCB Hog Menu Complete                                              EACH         580.08
YPC322                PCB Hog Program Complete                                           EACH       1,746.76
YPC324                PCB Hog Playback Complete                                          EACH         759.63
YPC326                PCB Backlite Driver Complete                                       EACH          80.18
YPC330                PCB Coldfire CPU Complete Cold CPU 6                               EACH       1,565.29
YPC380                PCB HP6C Dimmer Front Complete                                     EACH         357.03
YPC390                PCB FPX power card Less Triacs & Fan Drive                         EACH         258.48
YPC392                PCB FPX Front Panel                                                EACH          44.03
YPC394                PCB Front Input/Switch Card FPX                                    EACH          40.65
YPC400                PCB FP12 Front Panel Card Complete                                 EACH         127.51
YPC402                PCB HP12TR/SC Dimmer Front Complete                                EACH         413.46
YPC403                PCB HP12WM Dimmer Front Complete                                   EACH         487.70
YPC404                PCB HP6/12TR/SC Dimmer CPU Complete                                EACH         503.10
YPC405                PCB HP6/12TR/SC Filter PCB Complete                                EACH          58.41
YPC408                PCB HP6CE Dimmer Power Complete                                    EACH         560.05
YPC413                PCB HP12TR Dimmer Power Complete                                   EACH         963.50
YPC414                PCB HP12SC Dimmer Power Complete                                   EACH       1,120.84
YPC416                PCB GP12 SMD Dimmer Power Comp                                     EACH         511.10
YPC417                PCB FP12WM/FP12 DIMMER POWER GPWMPWR3.PCB                          EACH         753.43
YPC421                PCB GP12C SMD Input Card Compl                                     EACH         174.81
YPC422                PCB FP12WM Front P Card Comp                                       EACH         150.27
YPC425                PCB HP12WM Input Card Complete                                     EACH          33.88
YPC500                PCB Hub24 Dimmer Complete                                          EACH         285.59
YPC505                PCB Hub24 Power Complete                                           EACH         958.61
YPC510                PCB Hub24 CPU Complete                                             EACH       1,002.93
YPC520                PCB Hub24DMX In/Thru/Opt Compl                                     EACH         199.32
YPC530                PCB HPX Std Control PCB Complete                                   EACH         353.78
YPC532                PCB HPX Front Connector PCB Complete                               EACH          70.37
YPC534                PCB HPX Dimmer Output PCB Complete                                 EACH         280.80
YPC536                PCB HPX Power PCB Complete                                         EACH         229.94
YPC538                PCB HPX Fan Control PCB Complete                                   EACH          28.90
YPC540                PCB HPX 12Chan Strip PCB Complete                                  EACH          73.99
YPC542                PCB HPX Neutral Link                                               EACH            9.58
YPC603                PCB Vista S3 PlayBack Upper                                        EACH         839.49
YPC610                PCB Vista Program Upper Compl                                      EACH       1,263.88
YPC613                PCB Vista S3 Program Upper                                         EACH       1,000.44
YPC614                PCB Vista Function switch card Snap off from YPC613                EACH          36.67
YPC630                PCB Vista CPU Interface Compl Pre July 2006                        EACH         746.57
YPC631                PCB Vista CPU Interface Compl Post June 2006                       EACH         746.57
YPC636                PCB Vista Power Complete V2 Post June 2006                         EACH         156.97

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 137 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

YPC637                PCB Vista Power Complete V3 Post December 2007 Switchable Tablet       EACH         245.56
YPC666                PCB Vista ETX Mother PCB Compl Post June 2006                          EACH         966.67
YPC682                PCB Vista S1 Front Complete                                            EACH       1,570.08
YPC684                PCB Vista S1 CPU Complete                                              EACH         537.41
YPC686                PCB Vista S1 Back Complete                                             EACH         411.46
YPC870                Replacement Capacitor Kit for 4PAK, 4PAKII                             EACH            0.00
YPC871                Replacement Capacitor Kit for HP6 Dimmer                               EACH            0.00
YPC872                Replacement Capacitor Kit for HP / FP / GP12 Dimmer                    EACH            0.00
YPC993                PCB Vista S3/E2 CPU                                                    EACH       1,097.69
YPC994                PCB Vista i3 CPU                                                       EACH       1,076.18
YPC995-V2             PCB Vista CPU Complete Post July 2006                                  EACH       2,222.65
YPDD8                 Packaging DD8                                                          EACH          90.89
YPDDX60               Packaging DDX60                                                        EACH          66.96
YPESPII24             Packaging ESPII 24                                                     EACH         225.02
YPESPII48             Packaging ESPII 48                                                     EACH         326.44
YPESPII60             Packaging ESPII 60                                                     EACH         162.83
YPEV24                Packaging Event24                                                      EACH         272.81
YPEV36                Packaging Event36                                                      EACH         207.44
YPEV48                Packaging Event48                                                      EACH         207.44
YPEV48+               Packaging Event48+                                                     EACH         390.17
YPEV60+               Packaging Event60+                                                     EACH         205.59
YPEZ100               Packaging Ezicom 100                                                   EACH          52.30
YPEZ200               Packaging Ezicom 200                                                   EACH         114.90
YPEZ400               Packaging Ezicom 400                                                   EACH         111.37
YPFLOPPYOPT           Packaging Floppy Drive                                                 EACH          63.03
YPFP12WM              Packaging FP12WM                                                       EACH         199.95
YPGP12                Packaging GP12                                                         EACH         145.42
YPGP12WM              Packaging GP12WM                                                       EACH         158.55
YPHOG1K               Packaging Hog1000                                                      EACH         328.18
YPHP12TR/SC           Packaging HP12TR/SC                                                    EACH         194.43
YPHP6/12WM            Packaging HP6/12WM                                                     EACH         262.13
YPHP6C                Packaging HP6C                                                         EACH         215.60
YPM/VIDCARD           Packaging M/Vidcard                                                    EACH          63.95
YPMCARD               Packaging Mcard                                                        EACH          37.33
YPSTAGE12             Packaging Stage 12                                                     EACH         123.28
YPSTAGE24             Packaging Stage 24                                                     EACH         124.20
YVISTACPU             Vista CPU Tray V1 Complete                                             EACH       7,075.42
YVISTACPU-V2          Vista CPU Tray Complete-V2 Pentium M class Processor                   EACH       8,670.20
YVISTACPU-V3          Vista CPU Tray Complete-V3 Pentium M class Processor Compatible with   EACH       8,414.77
                      V1 & V2 Tablet
YVISTATABLET          Vista Tablet Module CompleteV1                                         EACH       6,841.16
YVISTATABLET-V2       Vista Tablet Module CompleteV2                                         EACH       7,533.79
YYHPXCPSTD            HPX Standard Control Mod Sub Contract only                             EACH            0.00
YZ2                   Internal sales special items                                           EACH            0.00
ZCC0050               Cap Ceramic 10pF 100V - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.18
ZCC0050-S             Cap Ceramic 10pF 50V 1206SMD - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.15
ZCC0150               Cap Ceramic 22pF 100V - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.18
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist             Page 138 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZCC0150-S             Cap Cerami 22pF 200V 1206SMD                                       EACH            0.06
ZCC0200               Cap Ceramic 33pF 100V - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.22
ZCC0200-S             Cap Cerami 33pF 200V 1206SMD - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.30
ZCC0250               Cap Ceramic 47pF 100V - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.22
ZCC0250-S             Cap Ceramic 47pF 100V 1206SMD                                      EACH            0.06
ZCC0300               Cap Ceramic 56pF 100V                                              EACH            0.27
ZCC0350               Cap Ceramic 68pF 100V                                              EACH            0.08
ZCC0400               Cap Ceramic 100pF 100V - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.20
ZCC0400-S             Cap Cerami 100pF 50V 1206SMD - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.12
ZCC0450               Cap Ceramic 120pF 100V - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.18
ZCC0480               Cap Ceramic 150pF 100V                                             EACH            2.90
ZCC0500               Cap Ceramic 220pF 100V - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.26
ZCC0500-S             Cap Ceramic 220pF 100V 1206SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.22
ZCC0600               Cap Ceramic 390pF 100V                                             EACH            0.07
ZCC0650               Cap Ceramic 470pF 100V                                             EACH            0.07
ZCC075                Cap Ceramic 68pF                                                   EACH            0.81
ZCC0750               Cap Ceramic 1nF 100V                                               EACH            0.07
ZCC0750-S             Cap Ceramic 1nF 50V 1206SMD - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.14
ZCC0850-S             Cap Ceramic 2n2 50V 1206SMD                                        EACH            0.10
ZCC0860               Cap Ceramic 4n7 1000V Disc - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            0.39
ZCC1000-S             Cap Ceramic 10nF 50V 1206SMD - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.12
ZCC1150-S             Cap Ceramic 47nF 50V 1206SMD - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.11
ZCC1200-S             Cap Ceramic 100nF 50V 1206SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.12
ZCE0050               Cap Electro 1uF63vRB 11x5x1 - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.13
ZCE0050-S             Cap Electro 1uF 50V SMD 4mm - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.70
ZCE0100               Cap Electro 2uF2 63v RB                                            EACH            0.16
ZCE0150               Cap Electro 4uF7 63v RB                                            EACH            0.23
ZCE0200               Cap Electro 10uF 50vRB11x5x1 - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.12
ZCE0200-S             Cap Electro 10uF 35V SMD 5mm - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.72
ZCE0250               Cap Electro 10uF 100v RB                                           EACH            0.00
ZCE0450               Cap Electro 22uF 50v RB                                            EACH            0.00
ZCE0480               Cap Bipolar 33uF 50v RB - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH            0.77
ZCE0500               Cap Electro47uF50vRB12x6.3x2.5 - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.22
ZCE0600               CapElectro100uF25vRB12x6.3x2.5 - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.22
ZCE0650               CapElectro100uF35vRB12x8x3.5 - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.40
ZCE0675               CapElectro100uF50vRB11x8 LESR Low ESR Vista only - RoHS-YES        EACH            0.77
ZCE0700               Cap Electro 100uF 63v RB - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.95
ZCE0750               Cap Electro 100uF 80v RB                                           EACH            0.00
ZCE0800               CapElectro220uF35vRB 12x10x5 - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.62
ZCE0810               Cap Electro 220uF 63v RB                                           EACH            0.00
ZCE0850               Cap Electro 470uF35vRB20x10x5 - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.68
ZCE0900               CapElectro470uF63vRB26x13x5 - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.95
ZCE1000               CapElectro 1kuF35vRB25x12.5x5 - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            1.26
ZCE1040               Cap Electro 1000uF 50V - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            1.57
ZCE1050               Cap Electro 1kuF 160v RB                                           EACH            0.00
ZCE1060               Cap Electro 1k5uF 35v RB                                           EACH            0.00
ZCE1080               Cap Electro 2k2uF 35v RB - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            1.80

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 139 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                         Per     RRP Inc GST

ZCE1100               Cap Electro 3k3uF 80v                                               EACH            0.00
ZCE1120               Cap Electro 4k7uF 35v RB                                            EACH            0.00
ZCE1150               Cap Electro 8200uF 100v SME                                         EACH          48.32
ZCE1170               Cap Electro 15kuF 50v                                               EACH            0.00
ZCE1200               Cap Electro 15000uF 80v SME                                         EACH          51.91
ZCE8110               Cap Electro 10kuF 100V                                              EACH         201.67
ZCP0050               Cap Poly 1nF 100v - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH            0.23
ZCP0100               Cap Poly 1nf5 100v                                                  EACH            0.00
ZCP0150               Cap Poly 2nf2 100v                                                  EACH            0.00
ZCP0250               Cap Poly 4nf7 100v - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.29
ZCP0350               Cap Poly 10nF 100v - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.21
ZCP0400               Cap Poly 15nF 100v                                                  EACH            0.00
ZCP0450               Cap Poly 22nF 100v - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.24
ZCP0500               Cap Poly 33nF 100v                                                  EACH            0.00
ZCP0550               Cap Poly 47nF 100v - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.22
ZCP0700               Cap Poly 100nF 100v                                                 EACH            0.00
ZCP0720               Cap Poly 220nF 100v - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.95
ZCP0850               Cap Poly 2.2uF 250v                                                 EACH            0.00
ZCP0920               Cap Poly 4n7 Y-250v Mains - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.73
ZCP0930               Cap Poly 10nF Y-250v Mains                                          EACH            1.58
ZCP0950               Cap Poly 47nF 250v Mains - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH            0.51
ZCP0960               Cap Poly 100nF 250v Mains - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.48
ZCP0970               Cap Poly 1000Pf Y 250V Mains 5mm Disc                               EACH            0.73
ZCP0980               Cap Poly 1uF 250v DO NOT USE 27.5mm X2 Rated                        EACH            3.03
ZCP0985               Cap Poly 1uF 250v Mains 32x11 NARROW for GP/4pak - RoHS Compliant - EACH            3.03
ZCP1000               Cap Poly 7uF 250v Mains                                             EACH            0.00
ZCP1050               Cap Poly 10uF 250v Mains Cap                                        EACH            0.00
ZCP1170               Cap Poly 35uF 250v Mains Cap                                        EACH            0.00
ZCP1200               Cap 100nF 50v Monolithic Cap - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.15
ZCP1230               Cap Pcm5 820pF 63v Fks2 5%Cap                                       EACH            0.00
ZCP1250               Cap Pcm5 1nF 63v Fks2 5% Cap - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.37
ZCP1260               Cap Pcm5 1nf8 63v Fks2 5% Cap                                       EACH            0.00
ZCP1300               Cap Pcm5 10nF 63v Mks2 5% Cap                                       EACH            0.37
ZCP1350               Cap Pcm5 47nF 63v Mks2 5% Cap                                       EACH            0.18
ZCP1400               Cap Pcm5 100nF 63v Mks2 5%Cap - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.26
ZCP1500               Cap Pcm5 220nF 63v Mks2 5%Cap - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            0.44
ZCP1550               Cap Pcm5 1uF 63v Mks2 5% Cap - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            1.32
ZCT0010               Cap Tantalum 10uF 35v - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            1.58
ZDB0010               Diode HER303                                                        EACH            1.09
ZDB0100               Diode HER302 - RoHS Compliant -                                     EACH            4.18
ZDB0200               Diode Bridge 8A 200V KBU8D Silver?                                  EACH            2.23
ZDB0250               Diode Brdge 35amp 400v MDA3504                                      EACH            8.43
ZDB1010               Diode Bridge 1A 100V DIP DB101 - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            2.91
ZDB1200               Diode Zener 33V 1W                                                  EACH            4.03
ZDC0050               Battery Lith Panasonic Cr2032 3V, 3 pin PCB MTG-F=18mm              EACH            4.87
ZDC0055               Battery Lith Cr2032, 3V 2 pin Horiz. PCB Mount (for Vista CPU V1)   EACH            6.45
ZDC0060               Battery Lithium Instinct/ESP                                        EACH          20.77

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist          Page 140 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

ZDC0100               Battery Lith Cr 1/2AA-6127 Varta 3V axial lead                       EACH          22.28
ZDL0050               Diode LED 5mm Red                                                    EACH            0.00
ZDL0200               Diode LED 5mm R/A Bezel Red - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.66
ZDL0250               Diode LED 5mm R/A Bezel Green - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.62
ZDL0290               Diode LED 5mm Bicolour - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.61
ZDL1050               Diode LED 3mm Red - RoHS Compliant -                                 EACH            0.23
ZDL1050-S             Diode LED Red 1206 - SMD - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.27
ZDL1100               Diode LED 3mm Green - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.24
ZDL1100-S             Diode LED Green 1206 - SMD - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.33
ZDL1100-S603          Diode LED Green 0603 - SMD - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.22
ZDL1115-S603          Diode LED Megabright Blue Clear SMD 0603- RoHS Compliant             EACH            0.94
ZDL1150               Diode LED 3mm Flat Top Red                                           EACH            0.44
ZDL1200               Diode LED 3mm Flat Top Green                                         EACH            0.37
ZDL1300               Diode Led 3mm Right Angle Red                                        EACH            0.00
ZDL1350               Diode Led 3mm Right Agle green Early HP only (H.P. brand)            EACH            0.00
ZDL1355               Diode Led 3mm RightAngle green Kingbright Brand - RoHS Compliant -   EACH            0.62
ZDL1400               Diode LED 3mm BICOLOUR - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH          60.50
ZDL1405               Diode LED 3mm Blue Diffused                                          EACH            2.31
ZDL1406               Diode LED 3mm Purple/Blue -RoHS Compliant-                           EACH            0.81
ZDL1407               Diode LED 3mm Orange Diffused -RoHS Compliant-                       EACH            0.18
ZDL2050               Diode LED Green Pin - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.50
ZDL2120               Diode LED 5X2mm X 7mm Red                                            EACH            0.00
ZDL2150               Diode LED 5X2mm X 9.5mm Red                                          EACH            0.33
ZDL2200               Diode LED 5X2mm X 9.5mm Green                                        EACH            0.34
ZDL3050               Diode LED 7 Seg Display                                              EACH            0.00
ZDL3100               Diode LED 7 Seg Display                                              EACH            0.00
ZDL3150               Diode LED 7 Seg Display                                              EACH            2.49
ZDL3200               Diode LED 7 Seg Display Dual - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            9.90
ZDN0050               Diode BAV21 250ma 200V - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.19
ZDN0050-S             Diode BAV103 200VSOD-80SM                                            EACH            0.22
ZDN0051-S             Diode Double A2/K2A1/K1 SOT23 RoHS                                   EACH            0.04
ZDN0060-S             Diode LS4148 QUATRO-MELF - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.06
ZDN0061               Diode 1N5342                                                         EACH            0.48
ZDN007                Diode Array 8SD4                                                     EACH            8.07
ZDN0099-S             - SPARE -                                                            EACH            0.00
ZDN0100               Diode 1N4004 1A 400V - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.13
ZDN0100-S             Diode MRA4007T3G 1AMP 1000V 12mm Tape - RoHS Compliant -             EACH            0.19
ZDN0110-S             Diode SM4936 1A 400V Fast SMD **NO LONGER USED**                     EACH            0.73
ZDN0200               Diode 1n5404 3amp 400v - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.48
ZDN0250               Diode 1n5407 3amp 800v - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            1.09
ZDN0300               Diode 1n4937 High Speed - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            2.02
ZDN0350               Diode 1n5817 Schottky - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            0.44
ZDN0350-S             Diode Bar43c Schottky Sot23 - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.35
ZDN0400-S             Diode MBRS360T3G Schottky SMD - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.64
ZDN1000               Rect Bridge 25A BR254                                                EACH            6.41
ZDN1010               Rect Bridge 35A                                                      EACH            9.24
ZDN5120               LED 3mm Hi Intensity Red                                             EACH            0.61

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 141 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZDN5130               LED 3mm Hi Intensity Green                                         EACH            1.21
ZDN5300               LED GL112T13-9 Bargraph                                            EACH            6.05
ZDN5410               LED LN0401 Red                                                     EACH            3.31
ZDN5420               LED LN0401 Amber                                                   EACH            4.19
ZDZ0030-S             Diode Zener 2V4 400mw SOT23SMD                                     EACH            0.00
ZDZ0050               Diode Zener 3V3 400mw                                              EACH            0.00
ZDZ0050-S             Diode Zener 3V3 400mw SOT23SMD                                     EACH            0.00
ZDZ0100               Diode Zener 3V6 400mw IN4685                                       EACH            0.00
ZDZ0140               Diode Zener 4V7 400mw                                              EACH            0.00
ZDZ0140-S             Diode Zener 4V7 400mw SOT23SMD                                     EACH            0.00
ZDZ0150               Diode Zener 5V1 400mw - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.25
ZDZ0200               Diode Zener 5V6 400mw                                              EACH            0.41
ZDZ0300               Diode Zener 8V2 400mw                                              EACH            0.25
ZDZ0350               Diode Zener 10V 400mw                                              EACH            0.00
ZDZ0400               Diode Zener 12V 400mw - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.25
ZDZ0450               Diode Zener 15V 400mw - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.34
ZDZ0450-S             Diode Zener 15V 500mw SOD80SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.50
ZDZ0980               Diode Zener 10V 1.3W                                               EACH            0.00
ZDZ1200               Diode Zener 33V 1.3W                                               EACH            0.00
ZEB0050               Circuit Breaker KD1-5 Heineman SR1500                              EACH          28.68
ZEB0080               Circuit Breaker KD1-8 Heineman                                     EACH          28.68
ZEB0100               Circuit Breaker Wilco 10amp MCB4-110                               EACH          11.73
ZEB0105               Circuit Breaker Moeller 10amp PLSM-C10 10kA                        EACH          18.33
ZEB0110               Circuit Bkr Terasaki 10amp 6kA DTCB6110C                           EACH          23.83
ZEB0111               Circuit Bkr Delixi 10amp 6kA JDB17 240v - C Curve.                 EACH            5.54
ZEB0112               Circuit Bkr J&V 10amp 10kA JVM16-63 240v,C Curve,1P, RoHS Black    EACH            7.06
                      lever,Custom Jands Print
ZEB0113               Circuit Bkr J&V 10amp 4.5kA JVM6-32 240v,C Curve,1P+N RoHS Black   EACH            6.03
                      lever,Custom Jands Print
ZEB0127               Circuit Bkr Delixi 20Amp 6kA JDB17 240v "C" Curve                  EACH            8.95
ZEB0155               Circuit BKR MCB/RCD 10Amp 30ma 1 pole width, tall                  EACH         155.83
ZEB0180               Circuit Breaker Carlsw 10amp M series 4pakC                        EACH          38.60
ZEB0200               Circuit Breaker Carlsw 11.5Amp                                     EACH          34.76
ZEB0250               Circuit Breaker Carlsw 25 Amp                                      EACH          62.19
ZEB0270               Circuit Breaker 50AMP 3 Pole 25kA                                  EACH         180.23
ZEB0275               RCD 3PH 63A 30ma                                                   EACH         132.00
ZEB0280               ISO Switch 3 PH 80amp                                              EACH          77.00
ZEB1600               RCD Single Phase 40Amp / 30ma                                      EACH          90.93
ZEC0040               Switch 2P2T Slide                                                  EACH          18.63
ZEC0070               Switch Mains J300S                                                 EACH          29.86
ZEC1140               Switch Shaddow 4 Pole Push Input mode swt Jands 920                EACH            9.32
ZEC1260               Switchcap Mic Talk Back                                            EACH            2.42
ZEC1280A              Talkback Call Button Assy                                          EACH          46.29
ZEC1410               Lamp Holder                                                        EACH            0.69
ZEC2010               Switch Toggle Dpdt R/Angle                                         EACH          10.59
ZEC2200               Switch 6 Pos Rot ESP Mode Slct                                     EACH            5.55
ZEC2220               Switch 12 Position (Rotary) Digital Roadpak                        EACH          25.41
ZEC2620               Switch 5A Rocker                                                   EACH         254.10
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 142 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZEC3140               Switch Flash Button Schadow                                        EACH            6.35
ZEC3250               Button Cap Stk Flash White                                         EACH            0.48
ZEC3310               Button Cap Stk L Flash Red                                         EACH            0.48
ZEC3320               Button Cap Stk L Flash Yellow                                      EACH            0.48
ZEC3330               Button Cap Stk L Flash Blue                                        EACH            0.48
ZEC3340               Button Cap Stk L Flash Grey                                        EACH            0.48
ZEC3350               Button Cap Stk L Flash White                                       EACH            0.48
ZEC338/SET24          Switch Cap Stk L Black Set24 ESP/Instinct                          EACH          75.02
ZEC5060               Key Switch Assy And Keys Instinct                                  EACH          27.78
ZEF1250               Fuse 250mA 3AG                                                     EACH            1.01
ZEF1500               Fuse 500mA 3AG                                                     EACH            1.01
ZEF1750               Fuse 750mA 3AG                                                     EACH            1.01
ZEF1800               Fuse M205 63ma Slow Blow                                           EACH            2.62
ZEF2000               Fuse M205 100ma Slow Blow - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.00
ZEF2050               Fuse M205 250ma Slow Blow - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            1.37
ZEF2060               Fuse M205 315ma Delay Action                                       EACH            1.17
ZEF2070               Fuse M205 500ma Slow Blow - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.92
ZEF2090               Fuse M205 1amp Slow Blow - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            1.21
ZEF2130               Fuse 3A 3AG                                                        EACH            1.01
ZEF2150               Fuse M205 2amp Fast Blow - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            1.10
ZEF2155               Fuse 5A 3AG                                                        EACH            2.02
ZEF2160               Fuse 6A 3AG                                                        EACH            1.09
ZEF2180               Fuse 8A 3AG                                                        EACH            0.81
ZEF2190               Fuse M205 4amp Fast Blow                                           EACH            0.13
ZEF2210               Fuse M205 5amp Fast Blow - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.00
ZEF2250               Fuse M205 6.3amp Fast Blow Ceramic - RoHS Compliant -              EACH            0.00
ZEF2310               Fuse M205 10 AMP Fast Blow Ceramic - RoHS Compliant -              EACH            0.59
ZEF3200               Fuse 3ag 10amp FastBlow Ceram                                      EACH            2.16
ZEF4000               Polyswitch 900ma 30V - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            1.44
ZEF4050               Polyswitch 250ma 60V - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.92
ZEF4100               Polyswitch 300ma 60V - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.68
ZEF7000               Fuse 10A Reyrolle                                                  EACH            9.80
ZEF7100               Fuse 20A Reyrolle                                                  EACH            8.11
ZEF8200               Switch Mains Tx1-P05-U00-Wh2 210 510 Series                        EACH          62.89
ZFB0050               Ferrite Bead Axial - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.66
ZFB0060               Ferrite Bead Double Radial - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            1.31
ZFB0100-S             Ferrite Bead 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.06
ZFB0250               Ferrite Bead Double Aperture - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH          17.12
ZFB0300               Ferrite Bead Emi Sleeve - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH          19.43
ZFB0305               Ferrite flat cable with clamp 28S2011-OMO - RoHS Compliant -       EACH          13.38
ZFB0900-S             EMI Filter DIE9L - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH            0.62
ZIC0050               IC 4N28 Was ZIC005                                                 EACH            4.03
ZIC0120               IC BRT12H OPTO 0.4" 10mm Lead - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            7.60
ZIC0121               IC PC3SF11YVZAF Sharp Opto - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            3.65
ZIC0130               IC CNY17F-3 OPTO1+6 OPP6 - RoHS Compliant - H11AV1A                EACH            1.71
ZIC0140               IC 6N137 Opto - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH            2.26
ZIC0170               IC H11N1 Opto - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH          11.02

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 143 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZIC0172-S             IC KB354NT Opto - RoHS Compliant -                                 EACH            0.92
ZIC0255               IC TNY0255G Switch Reg - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            6.63
ZIC0500               IC TL071/LF351 - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            0.91
ZIC0550               IC TL072/LF353 - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            0.62
ZIC0550-S             IC Tl072/LF353 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.72
ZIC0570               IC LM334Z - RoHS Compliant -                                       EACH            2.61
ZIC0600-S             IC LM324 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                    EACH            0.46
ZIC0650               IC LM339                                                           EACH            1.65
ZIC0700-S             IC TL084/LF347 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.58
ZIC0750               IC LM358 - RoHS Compliant -                                        EACH            0.36
ZIC0750-S             IC LM358 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                    EACH            5.72
ZIC0800               IC LF444 - RoHS Compliant -                                        EACH            3.35
ZIC0850               IC LM555 Was ZIC085                                                EACH            0.73
ZIC0900               IC LMC660 Was ZIC090                                               EACH            6.05
ZIC0950               IC DAC0801 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH          12.90
ZIC1000               IC ADC0820 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH          15.51
ZIC1000-S             IC ADC0820 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            6.60
ZIC1010               IC 75176 - RoHS Compliant -                                        EACH            1.10
ZIC1020               IC 75177 / DS3697N                                                 EACH          13.27
ZIC1024-S             IC SN75HVD12D RS485 Driver -RoHS Compliant-                        EACH            8.42
ZIC1050-S             IC MC1413D SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            1.80
ZIC1110               IC 4516                                                            EACH            0.00
ZIC1110-S             IC 4516 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                     EACH            1.20
ZIC1120-S             IC 4504 SMD                                                        EACH            2.16
ZIC1140-S             IC 4017 SMD                                                        EACH            0.91
ZIC1150               IC 4558 Was ZIC115                                                 EACH            1.98
ZIC1160-S             IC 4584 SMD                                                        EACH            1.45
ZIC1200               IC NE5532P - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            1.86
ZIC1270-S             IC LM833M SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH            1.74
ZIC4050               IC 4051 - RoHS Compliant -                                         EACH            0.96
ZIC4050-S             IC 4051 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                     EACH            0.73
ZIC5040               IC 74F74                                                           EACH            0.90
ZIC5050-S             IC 74HC00 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH            0.36
ZIC5150-S             IC 74HC04 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH            0.43
ZIC5160               IC 74HC05 - RoHS Compliant -                                       EACH            1.91
ZIC5160-S             IC 74HC05 SMD                                                      EACH            0.72
ZIC5250               IC 74F10                                                           EACH            0.00
ZIC5300               IC 74HC14                                                          EACH            0.73
ZIC5300-S             IC 74HC14 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH            0.54
ZIC5400               IC 74HC74                                                          EACH            0.58
ZIC5430-S             IC 74HC125 SMD                                                     EACH            0.89
ZIC5450               IC 74HC138 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            0.89
ZIC5450-S             IC 74HC138 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            0.56
ZIC5550               IC 74HC165 Was ZIC555                                              EACH            0.00
ZIC5600               IC 74HC166 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            0.52
ZIC5650               IC 74HC244 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            2.15
ZIC5650-S             IC 74HC244 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            0.50

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 144 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZIC5700               IC 74HC245 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            0.63
ZIC5700-S             IC 74HC245 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            0.51
ZIC5705-S             IC SN74AHCT245DW - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH            2.35
ZIC5810               IC 74HC365 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            3.10
ZIC5950               IC 74HC393 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            1.45
ZIC6050               IC 74HC573 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            1.35
ZIC6050-S             IC 74HC573 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            1.07
ZIC6100               IC 74HC574 - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            1.59
ZIC6100-SMD           IC 74HC574SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH            0.55
ZIC6150               IC 1488 RS232 Driver - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.86
ZIC6200               IC 1489 RS232 Receiver - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            1.11
ZIC6250               IC 27C256-150 EPROM - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            9.17
ZIC6350               IC 27C010-120 EPROM - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH          11.16
ZIC6400               IC 62256l-70 SRAM                                                  EACH          26.34
ZIC6480               IC 414256-80 DRAM                                                  EACH          23.03
ZIC6480-S             IC 514256J-60S DRAM KM44C256DJ-60                                  EACH          10.82
ZIC6500               IC IDT 7134-S-70J SRAM DualPrt                                     EACH          58.04
ZIC6520-S             IC FIFO CY7C425-20JXC - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH          62.75
ZIC6550               IC M5M51008-85 1MB128KX 8 SRAM                                     EACH          23.86
ZIC6550-S             IC M5M51008 55/70ns 1MB 128KX8 SRAM, 32 Pin SOP - RoHS             EACH            6.88
                      Compliant -
ZIC6600               IC HM628512LP-7 4MB512KX8 SRAM Was ZIC660                          EACH         126.05
ZIC6600-S             4MB512KX8 SRAM - RoHS - 70ns,32 Pin SOP, Surface Mount             EACH          11.73
ZIC6650-S             IC K6T4016C3B-TB55 256x16 SRAM Surface Mount                       EACH          34.20
ZIC6651-S             IC AT24C64CN-SH-B SerialEEprom RoHS SMD S08 RoHS Compliant         EACH            1.56
ZIC7000               IC HD3-6402-B9 UART Plastic Was ZIC700                             EACH          38.20
ZIC7050               IC HD64180 RCP10x                                                  EACH         113.54
ZIC7090               IC MC68HC000 FN16 16MHz PLCC - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH          44.32
ZIC7100               IC HD68000 F12 16MHz DIP Package Was ZIC710                        EACH          20.17
ZIC7120-S             IC MC68332 ACFC 25                                                 EACH         101.82
ZIC7140-S             IC MCF5202 PU 33 A New Version!                                    EACH         113.50
ZIC7141-S             IC AT91SAM7S64-AU CPU - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH          22.90
ZIC7150               IC MC68EC030RP40C Obsolete (was ZIC715)                            EACH         253.92
ZIC7156               IC Intel Pentium-M 1.8GHz 400 - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH         925.92
ZIC7157               IC Intel Core2 Duo E6400 - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH         821.16
ZIC7200               IC 68B45 CRT Controller                                            EACH          33.71
ZIC7220-S             IC F65510 LCD Driver                                               EACH         121.59
ZIC7250               IC MC68705 P5 GP12 CPU Was ZIC725                                  EACH          43.36
ZIC7300               IC MCHSC705C8ACFNE Fast C8 - RoHS Compliant - (was                 EACH          35.55
ZIC8050-S             IC AM85C30-10JC PLCC                                               EACH          36.92
ZIC8100               IC EP610-PC-20T-Prog "Bus" Label Was ZIC810                        EACH          53.64
ZIC8150               IC EP610-PC-20T-Prog "General" Label Was ZIC815                    EACH         161.21
ZIC8200               IC EP610-PC-20T-Prog "Main" Label Was ZIC820                       EACH         161.49
ZIC8400               IC CYM1464PD-25C FastRAM                                           EACH            9.88
ZIC8450               IC PALACE16V8-7PC High Speed                                       EACH            0.00
ZIC8500               IC GAL16V8-20 - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH            5.19
ZIC8500P              IC GAL16V8-20 Programmed Specify Program When Ordering             EACH            3.99
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 145 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

ZIC8520-S             IC ISPLSI2096-80LQ                                                     EACH          41.93
ZIC8550               IC MAX691CPE - RoHS Compliant -                                        EACH          15.00
ZIC8550-S             IC MAX691CWE SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                    EACH          17.02
ZIC8570-S             IC MAX693CWE SMD - RoHS Compliant -                                    EACH          21.97
ZIC8580-S             IC MAX749CSA - RoHS Compliant -                                        EACH          14.59
ZIC8590               IC MAX1480BCPI Was ZIC859                                              EACH            0.00
ZIC8600               IC MC68901P                                                            EACH          27.55
ZIC8610               IC MCS3201 FN                                                          EACH          42.25
ZIC8630               IC 146818A RTC                                                         EACH          34.04
ZIC8640-S             IC DS12885S Dallas RTC - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH          26.54
ZIC8650               IC FDC37C665 IR QFP Obsolete Oct 2000 Was ZIC865                       EACH          70.03
ZIC8655               IC FDC37C669 IR QFP - RoHS Compliant -                                 EACH          20.13
ZIC8700               IC XC7336-15 EPLD Obsolete Aug '99                                     EACH          44.94
ZIC8800               IC Cirrus Cl-GD5429-86-QC Obsolete                                     EACH         124.89
ZIC8850               IC 28F020-150 FlashRAM (5-12v) AMD Only HOG250                         EACH            0.82
ZIC8860               IC CAT28F001P-12B FLASH RAM Was P28F001 BX-B 120 Flash Ram             EACH          30.99
ZIC8870               IC AM29F040B-90PD 4mg FlashRM - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            9.02
ZIM0512               Memory Module DDr 512M PC3200                                          EACH         295.08
ZIM1000               Memory Module 1GB SODIMM DDR Corsair - RoHS Compliant-                 EACH         208.05
ZIM1002               Memory Module 1GB PC5300 DIMM DDR2 Corsair - RoHS Compliant-           EACH          76.96
ZIS0040               IC Socket 4 Pin Machined Sip                                           EACH            0.00
ZIS0050               IC Socket 5 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.57
ZIS0060               IC Socket 6 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.51
ZIS0080               IC Socket 8 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.42
ZIS0090               IC Socket 9 Pin Machined Sil -RoHS Compliant-                          EACH            0.88
ZIS0140               IC Socket 14 Pin Machined High Profile -RoHS Compliant -               EACH            2.18
ZIS0160               IC Socket 16 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.73
ZIS0200               IC Socket 20 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            1.07
ZIS0240               IC Socket 24 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            1.44
ZIS0280               IC Socket 28 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            1.65
ZIS0320               IC Socket 32 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            1.91
ZIS0400               IC Socket 40 Pin Machined                                              EACH            0.00
ZIS0440               IC Socket 44 Pin Plcc - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            2.26
ZIS0440-S             IC Socket 44 Pin Plcc SMD - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            2.35
ZIS0480               IC Socket 48 Pin Machined - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            3.35
ZIS0520               IC Socket 52 Pin Plcc - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            2.13
ZIS0680               IC Socket 68 P ChipCarrier LEADLESS - RoHS Compliant -                 EACH            2.49
ZIT1260               Insulator Mica TO126                                                   EACH            1.01
ZIT2180               Insulator Mica TO218 - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH            2.28
ZIT2200               Insulator Mica TO220, + shldr washer. - RoHS Compliant -               EACH            1.61
ZIT4030/40            Single choke insulator Nomex/Silicon Rubber Drwgs 2258C & 2083D        EACH            0.78
ZIT4041               Choke Insulation Disk Silicon Moulded 3mm - RoHS Compliant - UL-94VO   EACH            1.37
ZIT4050               Q.C. Insulation Barrier, Nomex Drawing # 002293-0 FPX-S                EACH            0.83
ZIX0050               Transistor MPSA18 P/N TR00A18                                          EACH            1.17
ZIX0060               Transistor 5087                                                        EACH            2.18
ZIX0090               Transistor MPSA42                                                      EACH            0.00
ZIX0090-S             Transistor FMMTA42 SOT23 SMD FFMTA42                                   EACH            0.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist             Page 146 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZIX0100               Transistor MPSA43 P/N TR00043                                      EACH            1.70
ZIX0140               Transistor MPSA92                                                  EACH            0.00
ZIX0140-S             Transistor FFMTA92 SOT23 SMD                                       EACH            0.00
ZIX0150               Transistor MPSA93 P/N TR00093                                      EACH            1.98
ZIX0180               Transistor PN100                                                   EACH            0.00
ZIX0200               Transistor BC327                                                   EACH            0.00
ZIX0250               Transistor BC337 - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH            0.20
ZIX0300               Transistor BC338                                                   EACH            0.00
ZIX0350               Transistor BC547B - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.38
ZIX0400               Transistor BC548                                                   EACH            0.00
ZIX0450               Transistor BC549                                                   EACH            0.00
ZIX0500               Transistor BC557 - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH            0.08
ZIX0530-S             Transistor BCP53 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            3.65
ZIX0550               Transistor BC558                                                   EACH            0.15
ZIX0580-S             Transistor BCX17 SOT23 SMD PNP - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.10
ZIX0590-S             Transistor BCX19 SOT23 SMD NPN - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.09
ZIX0600               Transistor 2N5087                                                  EACH            0.56
ZIX0610               Transistor 2N5401                                                  EACH            0.00
ZIX0620               Transistor 2N5551                                                  EACH            0.00
ZIX1000               Transistor LM35DZ Temp Sense - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            3.23
ZIX1050               Transistor MC34064P-5 - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.86
ZIX5000               Transistor TIP41C - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            2.72
ZIX5050               Transistor TIP42C - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            3.31
ZIX5100               Transistor BD139 P/N TR00139                                       EACH            0.00
ZIX5150               Transistor BD140 P/N TR00140                                       EACH            0.00
ZIX5170               Transistor TIP35C                                                  EACH            0.00
ZIX5180               Transistor TIP36C                                                  EACH            0.00
ZIX5200               Transistor TIP142 P/N TR00142 -RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            4.24
ZIX5250               Transistor TIP147 P/N TR00147                                      EACH            0.00
ZIX5300               Transistor MJE340 P/N TR00340                                      EACH            1.58
ZIX5350               Transistor MJE350 P/N TR00350                                      EACH            1.47
ZIX5800               Transistor MJE15030                                                EACH            0.00
ZIX5850               Transistor MJE15031                                                EACH            0.00
ZIX6000               Transistor MJ15024 P/N TR15024                                     EACH            9.97
ZIX6050               Transistor MJ15025 P/N TR15025 '                                   EACH            9.97
ZIX6100               Transistor Mosfet 2SJ50/10N28                                      EACH            0.00
ZIX6150               Transistor Mosfet 2SK135/10P28 P/N TR00135                         EACH            0.00
ZIX6250               BUZ901                                                             EACH            0.00
ZIX6500-S             Transistor Mosfet RFD14N05SM TO252 Package - RoHS Compliant        EACH            1.56
ZIX7000               TRIAC BTA41-600B - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH          13.23
ZIX7100               Triac Q6040 K7 - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH          16.99
ZIX7150               SCR S6065K Was ZIX715                                              EACH          15.89
ZIX7250               SCR S6035K / BTW68-600 Was ZIX725                                  EACH          20.51
ZIX7500               IGBT IRG4PC40FD - RoHS Compliant -                                 EACH          17.51
ZIX7510               IGBT IRG4PH40UD - RoHS Compliant -                                 EACH          22.20
ZIX8040               Crystal 4MHz OSCILLATOR F1100.E 4.000                              EACH            0.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 147 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZIX8050               Crystal 4MHz Oscillator - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH            1.69
ZIX8080               Crystal 8Mhz - RoHS Compliant -                                    EACH            1.69
ZIX8100               Crystal 8MHz Oscillator F1100E 8.000 - RoHS Compliant              EACH            9.35
ZIX8150               Crystal 14.31818MHz - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            1.39
ZIX8160               Crystal 14.31818MHz Oscillator F1100E - RoHS Compliant -           EACH            6.60
ZIX8200               Crystal 16MHz - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH            1.91
ZIX8210               Crystal 16MHz Oscillator F1100E 16.000 - RoHS Compliant            EACH          10.82
ZIX8290               Crystal 20MHz Oscillator F1100E 20.000 Was ZIX829                  EACH            9.35
ZIX8300               CRYSTAL 20MHZ QC49/A 20M000 - RoHS Compliant                       EACH            1.91
ZIX8320               Crystal 24MHz Oscillator F1100E 24.000 - RoHS Compliant            EACH            8.07
ZIX8330               Crystl 24MHz Oscillator P5C-2 24.000 Was ZIX833                    EACH          14.48
ZIX8350               Crystl 32MHz Oscillator F1100E 32.000 - RoHS Compliant             EACH            7.70
ZIX8360               Crystal 32.768kHz - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            1.76
ZIX8400               Crystal 40MHz Oscillator F1100E 40.000 -RoHS Compliant-            EACH            7.70
ZIX9050               Regulator 7805 5V TO220 - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH            0.51
ZIX9060               Regulator 7905 Neg 5V TO220 - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.61
ZIX9120               Regulator 7812 12V TO220 - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.66
ZIX9130               78L12 Reg +12V 100mA                                               EACH            2.26
ZIX9130-S             Regulator MC78L12ACM SMD - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.51
ZIX9140               Regulator 7912 -12V TO220 Was ZIX914                               EACH            1.82
ZIX9150               Regulator 7815 15V TO220 Was ZIX915                                EACH            1.16
ZIX9160               Regulator 7915 -15V TO220 Was ZIX916                               EACH            2.22
ZIX9200               Regulator LM317T Adjustable - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.82
ZIX9500               Regulator LM2576-5 "Straight Leg" - RoHS Compliant -               EACH          11.51
ZIX9512               Regulator LM2576-12 - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            7.52
ZLC0150               LCD Inverter 5C Seiko Jands Hog Playback / Program                 EACH          41.05
ZLC0200               LCD Inverter CXA-L10L - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH          29.83
ZLC1000               LCD Display 32x2 - RoHS Compliant - Event Assign, ESPII            EACH          69.83
ZLC1100               LCD 40x2 L4052-21J000 Menu,Playback,Hog,USE ZLC1105 Replaced by    EACH         150.81
ZLC1105               LCD 40x2 Winstar WH4002A-WGH-JT#(ROHS) replaces ZLC1100            EACH          69.52
ZLC1200               LCD Graph Disp DG-32240WN1C1W Data Vision For Echelon              EACH         471.53
ZLC1210               LCD Graphics Display (Black) 320 x 240 DMF50174NF-FW-BDN - RoHS    EACH         568.34
                      Compliant -
ZLC1220               LCD Graphics Display (Blue) 320 x 240 DMF50174NF-FW                EACH         705.91
ZLC1222               LCD Graphics 128x64                                                EACH         135.30
ZLC2464               LCD Graphics 240x64 Blue/White WG24064A-FMC-VZ# (RoHS) Vista       EACH         197.92
ZLC5500               LCD Wacom Tablet only For Vista V1 Consoles                        EACH       4,033.33
ZLC5505               LCD Wacom Tablet Pen For Vista inc 5 spare nibs                    EACH         102.37
ZLC5508               LCD Wacom Tablet Pen Tip Only Spare                                5PAK            5.13
ZLC5510               LCD Wacom Tablet only For Vista V2 - RoHS -                        EACH       4,220.33
ZLC5515               LCD Wacom Tablet Pen + Switch For Vista V2 - RoHS -                EACH         143.00
ZLC9950               LCD Backlight Spare. White 40x2 (Echelon, Hog)                     EACH          20.89
ZLM1224               Globe 12V 24W MES Suit J600                                        EACH            4.03
ZMA0400               Manual Jands Hog500                                                EACH          42.46
ZMA0500               Manual Jands Hog Range                                             EACH            0.00
ZMA0510               Manual Hog Range Technical                                         EACH            0.00
ZMA0600               Manual HP6 Series Dimmer                                           EACH          52.43
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 148 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZMA0700               Manual HP Series Dimmer Tr/Sc REVISION 2                           EACH          40.33
ZMA0710               Manual HP6/12 Technical                                            EACH          44.00
ZMA0750               Manual GP12c                                                       EACH          16.43
ZMA0760               Manual GP12 Technical                                              EACH          35.38
ZMA0800               Manual GP12WM Operators                                            EACH          24.81
ZMA1000               Manual Stage12/24                                                  EACH          22.73
ZMA1050               Manual Event\Event Plus V3                                         EACH          75.17
ZMA1150               Manual ESPII 24/48/60                                              EACH          33.06
ZMA1250               Manual Event Quick Guide                                           EACH            1.86
ZMA1300               Manual ESPII Quick Guide                                           EACH            1.25
ZMA1500               Manual Event/ESPII Technical                                       EACH          57.93
ZMA1550               Manual DDX60 Technical                                             EACH          23.10
ZMA2100               Manual M/Video Option                                              EACH            0.00
ZMA2150               Manual Floppy Drive Option                                         EACH            0.00
ZMA3150               Manual 4PAK                                                        EACH            6.42
ZMA3156               Manual 4PAK-D                                                      EACH            1.19
ZMA3200               Manual DDX60C                                                      EACH          22.22
ZMA3250               Manual Ezicom 200/400                                              EACH          31.74
ZMA3300               Manual Ezicom E100 Sub                                             EACH            3.62
ZMA3500               Manual DD8                                                         EACH          15.58
ZMA3800               Manual Event 408/416 Version 5                                     EACH          64.78
ZMA6001               Manual Vista PC                                                    EACH         256.67
ZMA9950               Imported Products Warranty Reg 200GSM WHITE CARD - DOUBLE SI       EACH            0.92
ZMA9990               Jands Products Warranty Regist 200GSM BLUE CARD - DOUBLE SID       EACH            0.86
ZMO312                AXR-3-12 3 Pin Male Line                                           EACH            7.38
ZMO313                Cannon 12 Pin Female Line                                          EACH         100.83
ZMO314                Cannon AXR3-14 3pin Round Chas                                     EACH            7.99
ZMO315                AXR-PDN-14 Male Chassis                                            EACH          14.12
ZMO316                AXR-PDN-11 Female Line                                             EACH          17.75
ZMO333                Cannon AXR-Pdn-31 Female Chass                                     EACH          11.86
ZMO335                X707-01 3pin F/M PC Mount Rean J500                                EACH          13.51
ZMO336                Rean 706-01 3p Mle PC Mount                                        EACH            4.03
ZMO338                AXR-3-34 Chas Male F/M Mnt                                         EACH            6.90
ZMO342                AXR-4-32 4 Pin Male Chassis                                        EACH          17.14
ZMO350V               3pin Vert F/M NC3FD-V-B Mnt                                        EACH          19.68
ZMO351V               3pin Vert Male NC3MD-V Mnt                                         EACH          16.58
ZMO370                Cannon 14 Pin Female Chassis                                       EACH         100.83
ZMO384                Cannon EP-8-14 Male Chassis                                        EACH          31.10
ZMO386                EP-8-13 F/M Ch/Mnt                                                 EACH          26.90
ZMO403                UTG24AC 48 Pin Std Burndy Bshl                                     EACH          28.15
ZMO405                19p Female Chassis Burndy                                          EACH          27.02
ZMO406                19p Male Line Burndy                                               EACH          52.43
ZMO407                19p Backshell Burndy                                               EACH          22.71
ZMO410/50             SC20MITK6 F/M Burndy Pins Pkt 50                                   EACH          30.25
ZMO411/50             SM20MITK6 Male Burndy Pins Pkt 50                                  EACH          32.27
ZMO414/50             Gold Male Burndy Pins                                              EACH         110.92
ZMO431                Socket P/M 4 Pin                                                   EACH            0.81

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 149 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                           Per     RRP Inc GST

ZMO454                212044-1 5p Din Pcb Mnt F/M                                           EACH            2.58
ZMO502                EP114-25PG Fan Guard (ZZA-255)                                        EACH          12.50
ZMO512B               AXR5-12B Mle Line Cannon Blk                                          EACH          12.34
ZMO532B               AXR5-32 Male Chassis                                                  EACH          11.33
ZMO550                Belt Clip Chrome ZZA505 E100 Old style                                EACH            7.34
ZMO710                Cable Gland 37311 Henley                                              EACH            5.65
ZMO900                5/16 Tri Nuts                                                         EACH            2.42
ZMO901                3/8 Tri Nuts                                                          EACH            4.84
ZMO903                Tri Handles 3/8                                                       EACH            4.03
ZMO904                Tri Handles 5/16                                                      EACH            4.03
ZMO980                Choke Former                                                          EACH            4.03
ZMO999                Mic Insert Talkback                                                   EACH          24.20
ZPC002                Binding Post Red                                                      EACH            7.99
ZPC003                Binding Post Black                                                    EACH            7.99
ZPC009                Fuse Holder + Cap Old R/Pak                                           EACH          13.15
ZPC056/ASSY           Strobe Tube Assemblies                                                EACH          96.80
ZPC060                Fan 120mm 240V 4" -S920 Papst                                         EACH         169.40
ZPC061                Fan 80mm 240V 3" -M600                                                EACH         103.25
ZPC062                Fan 120mm 240V 4" -S920 Budget Model Fulltech                         EACH         169.40
ZPC065                Fan 80mm 12VDC -2RU Type Amps                                         EACH          86.72
ZPC1000               PCB LED Mains Indicator PDS12LEDS3 - "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int'   EACH            7.12
ZPC1230               PCB Vid/Memory 1265.58/B5.5                                           EACH          61.20
ZPC1250               PCB Floppy Drive 1265.58/B9.3 "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int"          EACH          53.39
ZPC1410               PCB E400/200 Ezicom TBMSTR9 - "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int'          EACH         119.13
ZPC1440               PCB E100 Ezicom Sub SMD (4xarray) EZCOM104.PCB RoHS Compliant -       EACH          66.29
                      "ENIG" - Int'
ZPC1480               PCB DDX60 Surface Mount Tested DDX60V9.PCB                            EACH         177.28
ZPC1500               PCB DD8 DMXD_3.PCB E-GOLD / E-SILVER LOCAL                            EACH          68.02
ZPC1510               PCB Stage12/24 Master STGMST_3.PCB - TESTED - "ENIG" RoHS             EACH          59.57
                      Compliant -Int'
ZPC1600               PCB 4PAK SMD Dimmer 4PKIIOP2                                          EACH          36.30
ZPC1610               PCB 4PAK SMD Control 4PKIICC2                                         EACH          56.47
ZPC1620               PCB Preset 1265.58/B2.4 - "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int'              EACH          56.18
ZPC1630               PCB Assign 1265.58/B3.5 - "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int'              EACH         175.60
ZPC1635               Inverter adaptor (100xarray) INV0.pcb                                 EACH            1.12
ZPC1640               PCB Event Master 1265.58/B4.2 - "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int'        EACH          54.27
ZPC1650               PCB ESPII Scene 1265.65/B2.1 - "ENIG" -RoHS Compliant - Int'          EACH          67.95
ZPC1660               PCB ESPII Master 1265.65/B1.2 "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int'          EACH          78.50
ZPC1670               PCB Event/ESPII CPU Tested EVCPU8.PCB - "ENIG" - RoHS                 EACH          32.90
                      Compliant - Int'
ZPC1680               PCB Event+/ESPII60 CPU Tested PLUSCPU4.PCB "ENIG" - RoHS              EACH          97.50
                      Compliant - Int'
ZPC251                Socket Push IN6100-33                                                 EACH            6.05
ZPC256                Fan Filter SR3000 & Grille                                            EACH          14.12
ZPC260                Socket Mains Filter ESP & Instinct                                    EACH          44.37
ZPC3000               PCB Hog Menu 1265.84/B3.2                                             EACH            0.00
ZPC3010               PCB Hog Playback WMCPBAK9.PCB                                         EACH            0.00
ZPC3020               PCB Hog Program WMCPRG12.PCB                                          EACH            0.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist            Page 150 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per      RRP Inc GST

ZPC3030               PCB Hog Rimpoc      Tested RIMPOC10                                    EACH         320.83
ZPC3040               PCB Hog Back Panel (4xarray) JHBPAN7                                   EACH            0.00
ZPC3200               PCB Hog Menu Tested HogMENU2 - "ENIG - RoHS Compliant - Int'           EACH          71.17
ZPC3220               PCB Hog Program Tested ECHPROG4.PCB - "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - EACH                 76.28
ZPC3260               PCB Grunty Backlite Driver BAKLITE4.PCB - "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int' EACH       100.54
ZPC3300               PCB Coldfire CPU Tested COLDCPU6 - "ENIG" - RoHS Compliant - Int'        EACH       186.82
ZPC4000               PCB FP12 Front Panel Card 16 ARRAY                                     EACH         170.50
ZPC4020               PCB HP12TR/SC Dimmer Front (2XARRAY) HPCEFPN2.PCB                      EACH         194.11
ZPC4030               PCB HP12WM Dimmer Front (1XARRAY) HPWMFPN2.PCB                         EACH         218.50
ZPC4040               PCB HP6/12TR/SC Dimmer CPU (Tested) DIMCPU8.PCB                        EACH          39.45
ZPC4080               PCB HP6CE Dimmer Power HP6CPWR0                                        EACH         187.00
ZPC4130               PCB HP12TR Dimmer Power HPTRPWR3.PCB                                   EACH         163.28
ZPC4140               PCB HP12SC Dimmer Power HPSCPWR6.PCB                                   EACH         245.67
ZPC4160               PCB GP12 SMD Dimmer Power (Tested) GP12COP1                            EACH          81.77
ZPC4170               PCB GP12WM/FP12 DIMMER POWER GPWMPWR3.PCB                              EACH         141.51
ZPC4210               PCB GP12C Input Card (4xarray) GP12CFP0                                EACH          12.83
ZPC4220               PCB GP/FP12WM Front Panel Card (5xarray) GPWMFPN0.PCB                  EACH          17.23
ZPC4240               PCB HP WM Input Card 24 Array HPWMINP1.PCB                             EACH         168.64
ZPC435                Knob Rean P778-Fo Black/Wht                                            EACH            1.41
ZPC436                Knob Rean P778-Ob Black/Grn                                            EACH            0.85
ZPC437                Knob Rean P778-Go Gry/Black                                            EACH            3.63
ZPC471                Knob 920 Volume                                                        EACH            5.24
ZPC601                Nut/Ins Suit PC602 6.5mm                                               EACH            1.41
ZPC602                6.5mm Mono Socket PC Mnt                                               EACH            8.67
ZPC604                6.5mm PC Mnt Ster Skt                                                  EACH            2.62
ZPC699                6kV Pulse T/F Super Strobe                                             EACH          16.13
ZPC701                Fuse Base Reyrolle F276                                                EACH          31.94
ZPC702                Fuse Carrier Reyrolle F195 10A Set (2 Pieces)                          EACH          10.89
ZPC703                Fuse Carrier Reyrolle F196 20A Set (2 Pieces)                          EACH            9.32
ZPC704                Reyrolle F210 Cov Plate 10A                                            EACH            5.81
ZPC705                Reyrolle F211 Cov Plate 20A                                            EACH            4.32
ZPC710                Fuse Holder M205 Horiz Mount                                           EACH            3.43
ZPC720                Fuse Hold Belling Lee                                                  EACH            4.44
ZPC763                Fuse Holder M205 Digital roadpak 3 Phase                               EACH            6.25
ZPC764                Fuse Holder Cap M205 Digital Roadpak 3 phase                           EACH            4.84
ZPC800                Bead Insulator                                                         EACH            0.40
ZPC810                Par 56 64 Lamp Base                                                    EACH          16.13
ZPC811                QCJ-6l Lampholder 649.5                                                EACH          23.19
ZPC9953               PCB Leadtek Dual Video Card - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH         620.92
ZPC9954               PCB MSI NX8400GS Video Card PCI-E 256MB - RoHS Compliant -             EACH         162.10
ZPC9955               PCB Intel P"M" ETX Board Arbor ETX i702 -RoHS Compliant                EACH         792.85
ZPC9956               PCB Intel Core 2 Duo M/Board DG33BUC LGA775                            EACH         420.30
ZPC9960               PCB Galaxy GF8400GS Video Card PCI-E 256MB DDR2 - RoHS -               EACH          99.99
ZPG0100               Alcatel AC3M (AXR-3-12R )                                              EACH            0.00
ZPG0150               Alcatel AC3FDZ - RoHS Compliant -                                      EACH            9.75
ZPG0250               Alcatel AC3MMDZ - RoHS Compliant -                                     EACH            8.87

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist             Page 151 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZPG1000               Alcatel AC4F (AXR-4-11P )                                          EACH            0.00
ZPG1100               Alcatel AC4FDZ (AXR-4-21P )                                        EACH            0.00
ZPG1200               Alcatel AC4MDZ (AXR-4-22R ) - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH          12.21
ZPG2050               Alcatel AC5FDZ - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH          26.07
ZPG2051               Lih Sheng 5pin Female PCB Mt - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            3.83
ZPG2150               Alcatel AC5MDZ - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH          18.88
ZPG2151               Lih Sheng 5pin Male PCB Mt - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            4.24
ZPG2500               Neutrik NC5FBV 5pin PCB Vert - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH          15.09
ZPG2505               Neutrik NC5FBH 5pin PCB Horiz - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH          17.93
ZPG2510               Neutrik NC5MBV 5pin PCB Vert - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH          13.07
ZPG2515               Neutrik NC5MBH 5pin PCB Horiz - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH          18.59
ZPG2520               Socapex 19 Pin Female Chassis                                      EACH         108.72
ZPG2522               Kupo 19 Pin Female Chassis Solder type                             EACH          84.39
ZPG2524               Kupo Ground disk for 19pin                                         EACH            5.06
ZPG2527               Kupo 19Pin Line Female Crimp Type, Including pins                  EACH         115.49
ZPG2530               Kupo 19Pin Line Male Crimp Type, Including Pins                    EACH         114.52
ZPG2550               Socapex 19 Pin Male Line                                           EACH         154.00
ZPG2600               Wieland 10 Pole Open Entry Base                                    EACH          74.80
ZPG2650               10 Pole Female Insert Ilme/Weiland                                 EACH          38.50
ZPG3005               Wieland GST18 F Pan Sock Screw White                               EACH            7.52
ZPG3050               Wieland GST18 Fem Panel Socket Black                               EACH            7.15
ZPG3055               Wieland GST18 F Pan Sock Screw Black                               EACH            7.52
ZPG3200               Wieland GST18 M-F 1mtr Black                                       EACH            0.00
ZPG3250               Wieland GST18 M-F 1mtr White                                       EACH            0.00
ZPG3305               Wieland GST18 M-STrip 1m Black                                     EACH          14.67
ZPG4050               Din 5pin 180deg R/A PCB Mount                                      EACH            2.02
ZPG4100               Din 5pin 180deg Chassis Mount - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            3.89
ZPG4170-F             D Conn 9pin R/A M/ PCB Mount Filtered - RoHS Compliant -           EACH            7.99
ZPG4200-F             D Conn 15pin R/A M/ PCB Mount Filtered                             EACH            9.02
ZPG4400-F             D Conn 15pin VGA R/A F/M PCB Mount Filtered - RoHS -               EACH            6.82
ZPG4450-F             D Conn 25pin R/A F/M PCB Mount                                     EACH            8.24
ZPG4500               D Conn Mounting Kit LongThread - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            1.39
ZPG9950               Smart Card Connector                                               EACH          97.35
ZPH02000-2            2way Jaguar Wafer Discontinued                                     EACH            1.01
ZPH02300-2            2way Jaguar Header Discontinued                                    EACH            1.41
ZPH110                IDC Header 10 pin Latching                                         EACH            6.05
ZPH1140               1.27mm 14Way Latch Header - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            5.83
ZPH1160               1.27mm 16Way Latch Header - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            6.05
ZPH1200               1.27mm 20Way Latch Header - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            5.53
ZPH1260               1.27mm 26Way Latch Header - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            6.68
ZPH1340               1.27mm 34Way Latch Header - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            9.32
ZPH1340L              1.27mm 34W Low Profile Header - RoHS Compliant- 2.54mm pitch       EACH          13.86
ZPH1500               1.27mm 50Way Latch Header - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH          10.76
ZPH2430               2.54mm 3Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.22
ZPH2440               2.54mm 4Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.29
ZPH2450               2.54mm 5Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.36
ZPH2460               2.54mm 6Way Lock Wafer                                             EACH            0.44

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 152 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZPH2500               2.54mm 10Way Lock Wafer                                            EACH            0.84
ZPH2640               2.54mm 4Way R/A Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            1.57
ZPH2650               2.54mm 5Way R/A Lock Wafer                                         EACH            0.00
ZPH2660               2.54mm 6Way R/A Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            0.55
ZPH2680               2.54mm 8Way R/A Lock Wafer                                         EACH            0.00
ZPH2700               2.54mm 10Way R/A Lock Wafer                                        EACH            0.00
ZPH2720               2.54mm 12Way R/A Lock Wafer                                        EACH            0.00
ZPH2750               2.54mm 15Way R/A Lock Wafer                                        EACH            0.00
ZPH2900               2.54mm 40Pin SIL Strip Header - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.74
ZPH2910               2.54mm 80Pin DIL Strip Header 40 PAIR - RoHS Compliant -           EACH            2.05
ZPH2920               2.54mm 40Pin R/A SIL Strip Hdr                                     EACH            2.27
ZPH3420               3.96mm 2Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.17
ZPH3430               3.96mm 3Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.26
ZPH3440               3.96mm 4Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.44
ZPH3440-G             3.96mm 4Way Lock Wafer Gold - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.55
ZPH3460               3.96mm 6Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.59
ZPH3480               3.96mm 8Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.69
ZPH3500               3.96mm 10Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH            1.14
ZPH4030               2mm 3 Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.30
ZPH4040               2mm 4 Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.48
ZPH4040R              2mm 4 Way Lck Wfr Right Angle - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.48
ZPH4050               2mm 5 Way Lock Wafer - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.33
ZPH4950               2mm 5Way SIL Strip                                                 EACH            0.00
ZPH5160               1.27mm 16Way Mini Header - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.66
ZPH5200               1.27mm 20Way Mini Header - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            1.25
ZPH5200R              1.27mm 20Way Mini Hdr Rt Angle - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            1.25
ZPH5260               1.27mm 26Way Mini Header - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.66
ZPH5340               1.27mm 34Way Mini Header - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            1.25
ZPH5500               1.27mm 50Way Mini Header - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            1.69
ZPH606                Conn Jaguar 6 Way                                                  EACH          20.17
ZPH7020               5.08mm 2Way R/A Non Lock Wafer                                     EACH            0.33
ZPI2010               2.54mm SHUNT - RoHS Compliant -                                    EACH            0.04
ZPI2030               2.54mm 3Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.22
ZPI2040               2.54mm 4Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.21
ZPI2040F              2.54mm 4Way Floppy Crimp HOUSG - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.40
ZPI2050               2.54mm 5Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.81
ZPI2051               2.54mm 5Way SIL Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            2.12
ZPI2060               2.54mm 6Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.40
ZPI2100               2.54mm 10Way Crimp Housing                                         EACH            0.88
ZPI2990               2.54mm Crimp Pin - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH            0.09
ZPI2991               2.54mm SIL Crimp Pin - RoHS Compliant -Gold                        EACH            0.68
ZPI3000               2.54mm Crimp Pin Floppy Loom - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH         583.53
ZPI3020               3.96mm 2Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.15
ZPI3030               3.96mm 3Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.26
ZPI3060               3.96mm 6Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.37
ZPI3080               3.96mm 8Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            0.55
ZPI3100               3.96mm 10Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            0.81

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 153 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZPI3990               3.96mm Crimp Pin TRIFURCON Phosphor Bronze Special                 EACH            0.15
ZPI3990G              3.96mm Crimp Pin TRIFURCON Gold - Phosphor Bronze Special          EACH            0.16
ZPI4030               2mm 3Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.26
ZPI4030R              SPARE                                                              EACH            0.00
ZPI4040               2mm 4Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.33
ZPI4050               2mm 5Way Crimp Housing - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            0.29
ZPI4990               2mm Crimp PinS - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            0.10
ZPJ1160               1.27mm 16Way Cable Connector - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH          30.42
ZPJ1200               1.27mm 20Way Cable Connector                                       EACH            0.00
ZPJ1260               1.27mm 26Way Cable Connector                                       EACH            0.00
ZPL0200               Flat Cable Event24/ESPII24 - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH          51.81
ZPL0250               Flat Cable Event36                                                 EACH          66.37
ZPL0300               Flat Cable Event48/48+/ESPII48 - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH          87.45
ZPL0350               Flat Cable Event60+/ESPII60                                        EACH          88.00
ZPL0450               Flat Cable Stage12 - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH          17.31
ZPL0500               Flat Cable Stage24 - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH          26.91
ZPL1000               Flat Cable Floppy Option - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH          35.53
ZPL2000               Flat Cable DDX60 Display - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH          20.28
ZPL2500               Flat Cable HP6/12 CPU-Front - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH          29.26
ZPL2550               Flat Cable HP6/12 CPU-Power - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH          19.36
ZPL2560               Flat Cable HP12TRSCFront-Power - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH          29.19
ZPL2580               Flat Cable Hub24 CPU-Power - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH          17.60
ZPL2600               Flat Cable GP12 Input - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH          37.40
ZPL2610               Flat Cable FP12WM Front - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH          22.51
ZPL350                Flat Cable JandsHog600 Main                                        EACH          51.79
ZPL3520               Flat Cable Hog1000 Main - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH          85.07
ZPL3525               Flat Cable EV4/Hog500 Floppy - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH          28.05
ZPL3530               Flat Cable Hog1000 Floppy - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH          28.16
ZPL3540               Flat Cable Hog1000 LCD - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH          12.14
ZPL355                Flat Cable JandsHog250/500Main                                     EACH          44.57
ZPL3550               Flat Cable Optrex Display - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH          10.63
ZPL371                Flat Cable JandsHog FDD                                            EACH          13.35
ZPL380                Flat Cable JHOG LCD Prog Card                                      EACH          11.94
ZPL390                Flat Cable JHOG VGA/MIDI                                           EACH          10.93
ZPL3950               Flat Cable Event416 Main - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH          89.65
ZPL410                Flat Cable Hog Encoder                                             EACH          18.11
ZPL421                Flat Cable Hog Print                                               EACH          16.34
ZPL6204               Loom Vista S3 Front Buss - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH          16.10
ZPL6234               Loom Dual Digital Video Extn - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH          48.36
ZPR0003               Relay HongFa HFD3/003 3 Volt - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            2.90
ZPR002                Relay FRL-263 DO12/02CK 12V                                        EACH          21.30
ZPR004                Relay FRl264A240/02CK 240V                                         EACH          25.01
ZPR0040               Relay NEC MR62 5VDC - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            5.22
ZPR0050               Relay 12VDC 150mW - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            1.17
ZPR006                Relay FRL-263 DO48/02CK 48V                                        EACH          21.38
ZPR0290               Relay 24V For SR400                                                EACH          18.96
ZPR0300               Relay 48V For SR3000 Was PR048                                     EACH          18.96

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 154 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZPR0400               Relay SR3000 F/P Card 240V                                         EACH          32.91
ZPR0500               Relay Omron 1746W3 28V                                             EACH          33.28
ZPR0900               Relay Omron 110/5A 28V                                             EACH          33.28
ZRA0010               Resistor 1R0 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.07
ZRA0010-S             Resistor 1R0 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.03
ZRA0020-S             Resistor 2R7 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.03
ZRA0040               Resistor 4R7 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.07
ZRA0050               Resistor 5R6 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.08
ZRA0100               Resistor 10R 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA0100-S             Resistor 10R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.01
ZRA0150               Resistor 15R 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA0220               Resistor 22R 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA0330               Resistor 33R 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA0330-S             Resistor 33R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD                                      EACH            0.00
ZRA0470               Resistor 47R 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.02
ZRA0470-S             Resistor 47R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.02
ZRA0560-S             Resistor 56R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD                                      EACH            0.00
ZRA0680-S             Resistor 68R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD                                      EACH            0.00
ZRA1100               Resistor 100R 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA1100-S             Resistor 100R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA1120-S             Resistor 120R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA1150               Resistor 150R 1/4W 1% Met/Film                                     EACH            0.00
ZRA1150-S             Resistor 150R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA1220               Resistor 220R 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA1220-S             Resistor 220R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA1270               Resistor 270R 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA1270-S             Resistor 270R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA1330-S             Resistor 330R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA1390-S             Resistor 390R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA1470               Resistor 470R 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA1470-S             Resistor 470R 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA1560               Resistor 560R 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA2100               Resistor 1K0 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA2100-S             Resistor 1K0 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.01
ZRA2150               Resistor 1K5 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA2150-S             Resistor 1K5 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD                                      EACH            0.00
ZRA2150-S805.1        Resistor 1k5 0.1W 0.1% 0805SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.28
ZRA2220               Resistor 2K2 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA2220-S             Resistor 2K2 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.01
ZRA2270-S             Resistor 2K7 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD                                      EACH            0.00
ZRA2330               Resistor 3K3 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA2390               Resistor 3K9 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA2470               Resistor 4K7 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA2470-S             Resistor 4K7 0.25W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA2680               Resistor 6K8 10.W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.00
ZRA2680-S             Resistor 6K8 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD                                      EACH            0.00
ZRA2820               Resistor 8K2 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 155 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZRA3100               Resistor 10K 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA3100-S             Resistor 10K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.01
ZRA3120               Resistor 12K 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA3180               Resistor 18K 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA3180-S             Resistor 18K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD                                      EACH            0.00
ZRA3220               Resistor 22K 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA3220-S             Resistor 22K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.01
ZRA3270               Resistor 27K 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA3270-S603          Resistor 27K 0.63W 1% 0603SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.00
ZRA3330               Resistor 33K 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA3330-S             Resistor 33K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.01
ZRA3330-S603          Resistor 33K .063W 1% 0603 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA3390               Resistor 39K 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA3470               Resistor 47K 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA3470-S             Resistor 47K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.01
ZRA4100               Resistor 100K 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA4100-S             Resistor 100K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA4220               Resistor 220K 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA4220-S             Resistor 220K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.02
ZRA4330               Resistor 330K 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA4330-S             Resistor 330K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD                                     EACH            0.00
ZRA4390-S603          Resistor 390K 0.063W 1% 060SMD                                     EACH            0.00
ZRA4470               Resistor 470K 0.6W 1% Met/Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.03
ZRA4470-S             Resistor 470K 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.01
ZRA5100               Resistor 1M0 0.6W 1% Met/ Film - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.00
ZRA5100-S             Resistor 1M0 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.01
ZRA5470               Resistor 4M7 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.05
ZRA5470-S             Resistor 4M7 1/4W 1% 1206 SMD - RoHS Compliant -                   EACH            0.02
ZRA6100               Resistor 10M 0.6W 1% MetalFilm - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            0.07
ZRB0020               Resistor 2R7 1/2W 5% (Unbent)                                      EACH            0.00
ZRB3330               Resistor 33K 1/2W 5%                                               EACH            0.00
ZRC0020               Resistor 2R7 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.29
ZRC0040               Resistor 4R7 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.26
ZRC0180               Resistor 18R 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC0220               Resistor 22R 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.29
ZRC0270               Resistor 27R 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC0330               Resistor 33R 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.43
ZRC0390               Resistor 39R 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC0560               Resistor 56R 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC0680               Resistor 68R 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC0820               Resistor 82R 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC1100               Resistor 100R 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            0.33
ZRC1120               Resistor 120R 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC1180               Resistor 180R 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC1220               Resistor 220R 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            0.19
ZRC1330               Resistor 330R 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC1331               Resistor 330R 1W 5% PR01 Metal Oxide 350Volt - RoHS Compliant      EACH            0.05

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 156 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZRC1390               Resistor 390R 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC1680               Resistor 680R 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC1820               Resistor 820R 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC2100               Resistor 1K 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.26
ZRC2120               Resistor 1K2 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC2150               Resistor 1K5 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.25
ZRC2180               Resistor 1K8 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC2220               Resistor 2K 2 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.25
ZRC2470               Resistor 4K7 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.21
ZRC2560               Resistor 5K6 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC2680               Resistor 6K8 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.17
ZRC2820               Resistor 8K2 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC3180               Resistor 18K 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC3220               Resistor 22K 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC3270               Resistor 27K 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC3330               Resistor 33K 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.17
ZRC3390               Resistor 39K 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC3470               Resistor 47K 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            0.29
ZRC3560               Resistor 56K 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC3680               Resistor 68K 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC3820               Resistor 82K 1W 1%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRC4100               Resistor 100K 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            0.25
ZRC4120               Resistor 120K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC4150               Resistor 150K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC4180               Resistor 180K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC4220               Resistor 220K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC4270               Resistor 270K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC4390               Resistor 390K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC4560               Resistor 560K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC4680               Resistor 680K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC4820               Resistor 820K 1W 1%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRC5100               Resistor 1M 1W 1% - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            0.17
ZRD0010               Resistor 1R 5W 5%                                                  EACH            0.92
ZRD0040               Resistor 4R7 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD0120               Resistor 12R 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD0180               Resistor 18R 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD0220               Resistor 22R 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD0270               Resistor 27R 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD0560               Resistor 56R 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD0820               Resistor 82R 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD2180               Resistor 1K8 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD2270               Resistor 2K7 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD2390               Resistor 3K9 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD3180               Resistor 18K 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD3330               Resistor 33K 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRD3470               Resistor 47K 5W 5%                                                 EACH            0.00
ZRDA0150              Resistor 0R15 5W 5%                                                EACH            0.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 157 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZRDA020               Resistor 0R27 5W 5%                                                EACH            0.00
ZRDA030               Resistor 0R33 5W 5% - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            0.92
ZRDA040               Resistor 0R47 5W 5% - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            0.92
ZRE1100               Resistor 100R 3W 5% AC03 Vishay - RoHS Compliant -                 EACH            1.47
ZRE1220               Resistor 220R 3W 5% AC03 Vishay - RoHS Compliant -                 EACH            1.50
ZRE1330               Resistor 330R 3W 5% AC03 Phycom - RoHS Compliant -                 EACH            1.10
ZRE1470               Resistor 470R 3W 5% AC03 Philips                                   EACH            0.00
ZRE2220               Resistor 2K2 3W 5% AC03 Philips                                    EACH            0.00
ZRE3100               Resistor 10k 4W                                                    EACH            4.14
ZRE3470               Resistor 47K 2W 5% RS2FS                                           EACH            0.59
ZRE4100               Resistor 100K 2W 5% RS2FS                                          EACH            0.00
ZREA0220              Resistor 0R22 3W 5% Ac03 Philips                                   EACH            0.00
ZRG0120               Resistor 10r 50W Power                                             EACH            9.32
ZRH00270              Resistor 2r7 10W Suit 510/516                                      EACH            2.06
ZRN0040-8-4           Resnet 47R 8PIN 4RES                                               EACH            0.29
ZRN0100-9-8           Resnet 100R 9pin 8Res - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.33
ZRN0150-9-8           Resnet 150R 9pin 8Res - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.27
ZRN0220-10-9          Resnet 220R 10pin 9Res                                             EACH            0.00
ZRN0220-8-4           Resnet 220R 8pin 4Res                                              EACH            0.00
ZRN024                Resistor 10W 24R                                                   EACH            6.05
ZRN027                Resistor 10W 27R                                                   EACH            6.05
ZRN2100-10-9          Resnet 1K 10pin 9res                                               EACH            0.36
ZRN2100-6-5           Resnet 1K 6pin 5Res - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            0.17
ZRN2100-9-8           Resnet 1K 9pin 8Res - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            0.24
ZRN2220-8-4           Resnet 2K2 8pin 4Res                                               EACH            0.00
ZRN2220-8-7           Resnet 2K2 8pin 7Res - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.22
ZRN2220-9-8           Resnet 2K2 9pin 8Res - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.25
ZRN3100-10-9          Resnet 10K 10pin 9Res                                              EACH            0.00
ZRN3100-6-5           Resnet 10K 6pin 5Res - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.17
ZRN3100-8-4           Resnet 10K 8pin 4Res - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.21
ZRN3100-9-8           Resnet 10K 9pin 8Res - RoHS Compliant                              EACH            0.37
ZRN3220-8-4           Resnet 22K 8pin 4Res                                               EACH            0.00
ZRN4100-6-5           Resnet 100K 6pin 5Res                                              EACH            0.00
ZRN4100-8-4           Resnet 100K 8pin 4Res                                              EACH            0.00
ZRN4100-8-7           Resnet 100K 8pin 7Res - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.21
ZRN4100-9-8           Resnet 100K 9pin 8Res - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.26
ZRN512                Resistor 10W 12R                                                   EACH            6.05
ZRP0050               Pot Rotary 10K Lin 16mm C/D Cen/Dent VB16L4CC10KB10KCCN355         EACH            9.09
                      Chaser Rate - RoHS Compliant -
ZRP0200               Pot Rotary 50K Audio 16mm STD N15KC15A50KAVB16L4PH2D               EACH            0.89
ZRP0300               Pot Rotary 50K Audio 16mm 21DE VB16L4N15KCB50K21PCN370             EACH            0.00
ZRP0350               Encoder ECW1J-B24-BC0024 Bourn Hp12TR/SC HP12TR/SC                 EACH          25.81
ZRP0450               Encoder HRPG-AS64 # 17F Hewlett Packard Late Jands Hog             EACH         111.83
ZRP0455               Encoder HRPG-ASCA # 17F - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH          62.64
ZRP0460               Encoder HRPG-ASCA#16F AGILENT - RoHS Compliant - 120CPR "D" Shaft EACH           58.61
ZRP2007               Pot 14mm 10k Lin PCB Non indented                                 EACH             4.03
ZRP310                Pot 24mm 10k Lin PCB Non indented 920 volume pot                   EACH            4.03

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 158 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

ZRP350                Pot 24mm 50k Lin Detent Volume Pot J600                                EACH            8.07
ZRP500                Pot 16mm 10KA D                                                        EACH            6.49
ZRP503                Pot 16mm 100k RD Alps                                                  EACH            4.84
ZRP504                Pot 16mm 100kE X 2 Alps                                                EACH            3.27
ZRP505                Pot 16mm 50k 21 Detent Alps SR3000 210                                 EACH            6.82
ZRS0050               Pot Slider 10K Lin 60mm Noble VJ6012EPVN25BH -RoHS Compliant           EACH            6.93
ZRS0100               Pot Slider 10K Lin 60mm Dust Cover; Hog 250 600 Jands Hog Fader (was   EACH            5.28
ZRS0150               Pot Slider 10K Lin 60mm, Dust Cover; 4mm Shaft, 4PAKD                  EACH            2.43
ZRS0200               Pot Slider Master 10k Lin 60mm 8mm Shaft - RoHS Compliant - Dust Cover, EACH         10.48
                      4pak, Event 4
ZRS310                Fader 60mm C10kX2 Log Dual JD1 Noble                                    EACH           7.54
ZRS350A               Fader 50KAx2 45mm                                                       EACH           6.05
ZRS351                Fader 50KB 60mm Dual Quad Plus                                         EACH            4.44
ZRS411                Fader 10K Lin 45mm Sonar A10K ohm 8712                                 EACH            4.52
ZRS412                Fader 100KCx2 45mm JP4                                                 EACH            6.05
ZRS500                Fader 10K Log 100mm JM10 Long Cut Shaft                                EACH            8.59
ZRS501                Fader 10KA 100mm JM10                                                  EACH          15.13
ZRS700                Fader 10k Log Mono Alps Stuck                                          EACH          40.33
ZRS701                Fader 10KA 100mm Plastic Shaft -JM9/8                                  EACH          10.08
ZRT2100               Pot Trim 1K Cermet Horiz - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            0.71
ZRT2500               Pot Trim 5K Cermet Horiz - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH            2.66
ZRT3100               Pot Trim 10K Cermet Horiz - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            2.09
ZRT3115               Pot Trim with knob 10K Bourns3386FT - RoHS -                           EACH            5.35
ZRT3500               Pot Trim 50K Cermet Horiz - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            4.08
ZRT4100               Pot Trim 100k Sealed Horiz 3386F - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            5.32
ZRX0010               Thermistor 120R NTC B57364-S121-M                                      EACH            0.00
ZRX0050               Varistor Siemens So5k11 - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            1.21
ZRX0075               Varistor 275V 9mm SO7K275                                              EACH            2.07
ZRX0080               Varistor420V 7mm B72510V140K6                                          EACH            2.06
ZRX0085               Varistor 660V AC V660LA50A                                             EACH          14.74
ZRX0100               Transorb 1.5KE12CA - RoHS Compliant -                                  EACH            1.32
ZRX0250               Thermistor 100ma PTC - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH            2.88
ZRX0300               Thermistor 30ma PTC Fourpak II - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            2.12
ZRX0500               Temp Cutout Thermic 110 Deg C                                          EACH            8.07
ZRX0550               Thermal Switch 110 Deg High Current 4PAKII                             EACH          11.92
ZRX0600               Thermal Switch 130 Deg Low Current GP12C                               EACH            7.33
ZSC-ECHELON           Bump Button Cap Set Echelon Same as Hog 1000                           EACH            0.00
ZSC0050               Switchcap SRKL Black Schadow - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            1.36
ZSC0100               Switchcap SRK2l Black Schadow 2 LED Holes;ESPII Master - RoHS          EACH            1.62
                      Compliant -
ZSC0110               Switchcap STK2l Black Schadow 2 LED Holes;Event Master                 EACH            0.00
ZSC0150               Switchcap STFKL Black Schadow - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            3.72
ZSC0150-004           Switchcap Printed "1 BUILD"                                            EACH            4.95
ZSC0150-006           Switchcap Printed "2 CLEAR"                                            EACH            4.95
ZSC0150-008           Switchcap Printed "3 STACK"                                            EACH            4.95
ZSC0150-010           Switchcap Printed "4 PAGE"                                             EACH            4.95

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist             Page 159 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZSC0150-012           Switchcap Printed "5 ASSIGN"                                       EACH            4.95
ZSC0150-014           Switchcap Printed "6 FILE"                                         EACH            4.95
ZSC0150-016           Switchcap Printed "7 MEMORY"                                       EACH            4.95
ZSC0150-018           Switchcap Printed "8 EDIT"                                         EACH            4.95
ZSC0150-020           Switchcap Printed "9 CHASE"                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0150-022           Switchcap Printed "0 SETUP"                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0200               Switchcap STFK Black Schadow - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            1.45
ZSC0200-000           Switchcap Printed"<-LEFTARROW"                                     EACH            4.95
ZSC0200-002           Switchcap Printed "-> RTARROW"                                     EACH            4.95
ZSC0200-004           Switchcap Printed " + ON "                                         EACH            4.95
ZSC0200-006           Switchcap Printed " - OFF "                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0250               Switchcap STFK Red Schadow - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            1.31
ZSC0250-000           Switchcap Printed " RECORD "                                       EACH            4.95
ZSC0300               Switchcap STFK Grey Schadow                                        EACH            0.00
ZSC0300-000           Switchcap Printed " EXIT "                                         EACH            4.95
ZSC0350               Switchcap SRK Black Schadow - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            1.38
ZSC0360               Switchcap STKL Black Schadow                                       EACH            1.03
ZSC0400               Switchcap FG Black SF2UEE - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            1.25
ZSC0440               Switchcap FSD White SF2UEE - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            1.72
ZSC0450               Switchcap FMR White SF2UEE - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            2.08
ZSC0460               Sw'cap FVRB Black Shell Red Cap Sf2uee - RoHS Compliant -          EACH          20.90
ZSC0470               S'cap F01-0003-00ch Chass. SF2UEE                                  EACH            4.29
ZSC0480               OBSOLETE S'cap Fl1 Lamp Holder SF2UEE - replaced by ZLC1412 +      EACH            0.00
                      ZDL0060 + R1K5 0.5W
ZSC0490               S'cap 24V 820 3K Lamp SF2UEE OPTN ZSC0490                          EACH            3.67
ZSC0500               Switchcap Cherry 1x1 8mm Skirt No LED                              EACH            0.57
ZSC0500-002           Switchcap Printed " 0 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-004           Switchcap Printed " 1 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-006           Switchcap Printed " 2 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-008           Switchcap Printed " 3 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-010           Switchcap Printed " 4 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-012           Switchcap Printed " 5 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-014           Switchcap Printed " 6 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-016           Switchcap Printed " 7 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-018           Switchcap Printed " 8 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-020           Switchcap Printed " 9 " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-022           Switchcap Printed " + " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-024           Switchcap Printed " - " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-026           Switchcap Printed " + ON " Event4                                  EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-028           Switchcap Printed " - OFF " Event4                                 EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-030           Switchcap Printed " EXIT " Event4                                  EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-032           Switchcap Printed " . "(DOT) Event4                                EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-034           Switchcap Printed " / " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-036           Switchcap Printed "PIG" HOG                                        EACH            4.93
ZSC0500-038           Switchcap Printed " l<< " HOG                                      EACH            4.94
ZSC0500-040           Switchcap Printed " < " Arrow HOG, Event4                          EACH            1.47
ZSC0500-042           Switchcap Printed "<<" D Arrow HOG                                 EACH            1.46

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 160 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZSC0500-044           Switchcap Printed "<-" BkSpace HOG                                 EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-046           Switchcap Printed " GO AND " Event4                                EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-048           Switchcap Printed "THRU HALT" Event4                               EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-050           Switchcap Printed "RELEASE @" Event4                               EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-052           Switchcap Printed " @ " HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-054           Switchcap Printed " BEGIN " HOG                                    EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-056           Switchcap Printed " COPY " HOG                                     EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-058           Switchcap Printed " CUE " HOG                                      EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-060           Switchcap Printed " DELETE " HOG                                   EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-062           Switchcap Printed " END " HOG                                      EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-064           Switchcap Printed " FULL " HOG                                     EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-066           Switchcap Printed " GOTO " HOG                                     EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-068           Switchcap Printed " LIST " HOG                                     EACH            4.57
ZSC0500-070           Switchcap Printed " LOAD " HOG                                     EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-072           Switchcap Printed " MACRO " HOG                                    EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-074           Switchcap Printed " MOVE " HOG                                     EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-076           Switchcap Printed " NEXT " HOG                                     EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-078           Switchcap Printed "NEXT/FADER" Event4                              EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-080           Switchcap Printed "NEXT PAGE" HOG                                  EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-082           Switchcap Printed "PAGE" HOG                                       EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-084           Switchcap Printed "RECORD" HOG, Event4                             EACH            4.69
ZSC0500-086           Switchcap Printed "RELEASE" HOG                                    EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-088           Switchcap Printed "SET" HOG                                        EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-090           Switchcap Printed "SHIFT" Event4                                   EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-092           Switchcap Printed "THRU" HOG                                       EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-094           Switchcap Printed "TIME" HOG                                       EACH            4.95
ZSC0500-096           Switchcap Printed "UNDO" HOG                                       EACH            4.95
ZSC0550               Switchcap Cherry 1x1 8mm Skirt with LED - RoHS -                   EACH            0.94
ZSC0550-002           Switchcap Printed "0 SETUP" Event4                                 EACH            3.52
ZSC0550-004           Switchcap Printed "1 COPY" Event4                                  EACH            3.52
ZSC0550-006           Switchcap Printed "2 CLEAR" Event4                                 EACH            3.52
ZSC0550-008           Switchcap Printed "3 STACK" Event4                                 EACH            3.53
ZSC0550-010           Switchcap Printed "4 PAGE" Event4                                  EACH            3.51
ZSC0550-012           Switchcap Printed "5 ASSIGN" Event4                                EACH            3.52
ZSC0550-014           Switchcap Printed "6 FILE" Event4                                  EACH            3.54
ZSC0550-016           Switchcap Printed "7 MEMORY" Event4                                EACH            3.50
ZSC0550-018           Switchcap Printed "8 EDIT" Event4                                  EACH            3.50
ZSC0550-020           Switchcap Printed "9 CHASE" Event4                                 EACH            3.51
ZSC0550-022           Switchcap Printed "SCROLLER" Event4                                EACH            3.41
ZSC0550-024           Switchcap Printed "FIXTURE" Event4                                 EACH            3.48
ZSC0550-026           Switchcap Printed " > " GO HOG                                     EACH            1.71
ZSC0550-028           Switchcap Printed " ll " PAUSE HOG                                 EACH            1.69
ZSC0550-030           Switchcap Printed " CHOOSE " HOG                                   EACH            1.72
ZSC0550-032           Switchcap Printed " ACTIVE " HOG                                   EACH            4.31
ZSC0550-034           Switchcap Printed " BEAM " HOG, Event4                             EACH            4.69
ZSC0550-036           Switchcap Printed " BLIND " HOG                                    EACH            4.35
ZSC0550-038           Switchcap Printed "CLEAR REST" HOG, Event4                         EACH            3.96

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 161 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZSC0550-040           Switchcap Printed "COLOUR" HOG, Event4                             EACH            4.67
ZSC0550-042           Switchcap Printed "DBO" HOG                                        EACH            4.18
ZSC0550-044           Switchcap Printed "EFFECT" HOG                                     EACH            4.19
ZSC0550-046           Switchcap Printed "GROUP" HOG                                      EACH            4.15
ZSC0550-048           Switchcap Printed "HIGH LIGHT" HOG                                 EACH            3.94
ZSC0550-050           Switchcap Printed "MENU" HOG                                       EACH            4.30
ZSC0550-052           Switchcap Printed "MONITOR" HOG                                    EACH            3.91
ZSC0550-054           Switchcap Printed "POSITION" HOG, Event4                           EACH            3.72
ZSC0550-056           Switchcap Printed "SETUP" HOG                                      EACH            4.32
ZSC0550-058           Switchcap Printed "TRY CUE" HOG                                    EACH            3.94
ZSC0550-060           Switchcap Printed "UPDATE" HOG                                     EACH            4.32
ZSC0550P              Switchcap Cherry 1x1 8mm Skirt with LED Printed                    EACH            0.00
ZSC0600               Switchcap Cherry 2x1 8mm Skirt No LED - RoHS Compliant             EACH            6.45
ZSC0600-002           Switchcap Printed "ENTER" HOG                                      EACH            4.93
ZSC0605-018           Switchcap Printed "O"BLUECIRCL VISTA                               EACH            3.15
ZSC0725               Switch cap 0673R Black                                             EACH            0.43
ZSC0728               Switch cap KTSC-22K-H - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.17
ZSC0730               Switch cap Square 12mm Black Suit KTSC - RoHS Compliant - Custom   EACH            0.55
ZSW0050               Switch 4 Way DIP Ds-04 - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            1.94
ZSW0050-S             Switch 4 Way DIP Surface Mount TOP-Seald - RoHS Compliant -        EACH            5.78
ZSW0100               Switch 4 Way DIP 45deg Dp-04 - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            3.45
ZSW0110-S             Switch 8 Way DIP Surface Mount Top Sealed - RoHS Compliant -       EACH            8.69
ZSW0150               Switch Schadow SF2UEE Push/Push for Talkback                       EACH          10.27
ZSW0200               Switch Alps Sng/Key 2Ple Latch SHORTING LEVER HT=6.5mm W/O FR -    EACH            5.65
                      RoHS Compliant -
ZSW0250               Switch Alps 2 Pole Slide                                           EACH            7.88
ZSW030                Switch Slide 3 Pos 4 Pole                                          EACH            8.34
ZSW040                Switch Bank Select Was EC248                                       EACH          17.36
ZSW0400               Switch BCD Encoder Kds/10/4/1/2                                    EACH          40.15
ZSW0450               Switch Schadow SERU - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            8.80
ZSW0455               Switch Cherry BCD Thumbwheel                                       EACH          17.42
ZSW0500               Switch ITT Membrne Push Button 532-000-001 - RoHS Compliant -      EACH            4.84
ZSW1360               Switch Rocker 16amp W/Neon Arcoelectric                            EACH            5.91
ZSW140                Mains Switch SR3000                                                EACH            9.11
ZSW1450               Switch Miniature Rocker 6amp - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            8.67
ZSW1500               Switch Cherry MX1A-A1NW - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH            1.14
ZSW2115               LED Element Blue 24V front fixing Moeller with screw terminals     EACH          17.99
ZSW2164               Lens Green EAO 18mm Square Concave                                 EACH          13.36
ZSW2170               LED Red EAO 24vDC/AC 7/14mA Single Chip                            EACH          15.88
ZSW2172               LED Yellow EAO 24vDC/AC 7/14mA Single Chip                         EACH          15.88
ZSW2174               LED Green EAO 24vDC/AC 7/14mA Single Chip                          EACH          16.13
ZSW2190               Push Button Mechanism EStop Mushroom Head 40mm Turn to release     EACH         116.82
ZSW2192               Switch Body Complete Harmony Style 4, 1N/C contact                 EACH          40.26
ZSX0025               PD-25A Switchmode PSU - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH          44.43
ZSX0140               Switchmode UP0131A-05G Power Supply - RoHS Compliant               EACH          56.31
ZSX0150               Switchmode UP0303S-0156 Power Supply - RoHS Compliant              EACH          91.34
ZSX0200               Switchmode NFS40-7608J Power Supply --RoHS Compliant-              EACH         165.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 162 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                            Per     RRP Inc GST

ZSX0301               PSU NFS110-7604 Instinct PSU                                           EACH         726.00
ZSX0305               Switchmode 300W ATX PSU Digicor HG2-6300P-RoHS - RoHS Compliant - EACH              440.00
ZSX0307               Switchmode 400W SATA PSU Digicor HG2-6400P-RoHS - RoHS            EACH              555.50
                      Compliant -
ZSX0324               Switchmode Meanwell RS-25-24 24V DC 1.1A - RoHS Compliant -       EACH               61.86
ZTR00060              Transistor MPSU60                                                 EACH                 3.83
ZTR00958              Transistor 2SA958                                                      EACH            8.67
ZTR02168              Transistor 2SC2168                                                     EACH          10.00
ZTR0335Z              Transistor 2N335Z                                                      EACH            4.36
ZTR03440              Transistor 2N3440 Use in place of RCA403                               EACH            7.06
ZTR06676              Transistor 2N6676                                                      EACH            1.21
ZTR3019               Transistor 2N3019 TBS TBM                                              EACH          10.00
ZTR5416               Transistor 2N5416                                                      EACH            2.82
ZTX005                Transformer JM                                                         EACH          63.53
ZTX0180               Transformer 3VA 0-9-0-9 230v Dagnall D3001 - RoHS Compliant HC01V      EACH          55.66
ZTX020                Ezicom Mains Transformer 100V                                          EACH       1,270.50
ZTX0200               Transformer 240/30/12 potted 80VA Torroid, 90mm rubber                 EACH         172.33
ZTX0250               Transformer 100/30/12 80VA Torroid                                     EACH            0.00
ZTX0400               Transformer 375/23 10VA PCB Mt                                         EACH            0.00
ZTX0450               Transformer 240/14 10VA PCB Mt HP12TR/SC                               EACH            8.41
ZTX100                Xfmr SR400                                                             EACH         316.78
ZTX150                Xfmr SR1500                                                            EACH         429.94
ZTX300                Xfmr SR3000                                                            EACH         518.36
ZTX4500               Transformer Trigger                                                    EACH          12.47
ZTX4600               Transformer DD8 120va 240/110--20-9-9, 90mm rubber With cut out        EACH         326.33
ZTX5000               Choke ECore 10AMP 0.75mmsq+6.3qc@80mm both leads                       EACH          19.73
ZTX5100               Choke ECore 10AMP GP12WM 0.75SQ 290mm                                  EACH          25.48
ZTX5210               Choke ECore 10AMP HP12TR 1x3/4                                         EACH          44.22
ZTX5220               Choke Torroid 10AMP SC 4.8MH                                           EACH         102.67
ZTX5230               Choke Torroid 10AMP HP12WMTR/HP6C 240us Black dip                      EACH         108.17
ZTX5232               Choke Torroid 10AMP 220uS HPX AUS 10A                                  EACH          23.77
ZTX5234               Choke Torroid 20Amp 140us 120v T200-26B                                EACH          23.39
ZTX5240               CHOKE TORROID 10AMP 4PAK T200-26B-90-1.6-100mm                         EACH          23.28
ZTX5241               Choke Torroid 10Amp FP12/FPX T200-26B-90-1.6-250mm+6.3QC               EACH          18.60
ZTX5243               CHOKE TORROID 10AMP 4PAK-D T184 no flying leads                        EACH          13.72
ZTX6000               Choke 1mH 598-239 - RoHS Compliant -                                   EACH          14.04
ZTX8600               Choke 220uh 0.9A RADIAL                                                EACH          11.46
ZTX8650               Choke 47uh Newport Low Current Radial - RoHS Compliant -               EACH            6.41
ZYM006                SR3000 Metal Fan Cover                                                 EACH          10.08
ZYM0620               WM-Shallow Wall Bracket Raw Galvabond 1.15mm (China, painted Fuller)   EACH            0.00
ZYM1010P              Event 24W Chassis Processed                                            EACH          51.91
ZYM1020P              Event 36W Chassis Processed                                            EACH          66.00
ZYM1030P              Event 48W Chassis Processed                                            EACH          81.31
ZYM1040P              Event 48W Plus Chassis Processed                                       EACH          62.75
ZYM1050P              Event 60W Plus Chassis Processed                                       EACH         110.00
ZYM1200P              ESPII 24W Chassis Processed                                            EACH         187.55
ZYM1210P              ESPII 48W Chassis Processed                                            EACH         173.62

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist             Page 163 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZYM1220P              ESPII 60W Chassis Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM1300P              Stage12 Chassis Processed                                          EACH          70.99
ZYM1310P              Stage24 Chassis Processed                                          EACH          29.33
ZYM1500P              Stage12 Base Processed                                             EACH          14.63
ZYM1510P              Stage24 Base Processed                                             EACH          15.72
ZYM1610P              Event 24 Base Processed                                            EACH          45.83
ZYM1620P              Event36 Base Processed                                             EACH          55.00
ZYM1630P              Event 48/48plus Base Processed                                     EACH          88.00
ZYM1640P              Event 60plus/ESPII 60 Base Processed                               EACH          91.67
ZYM1710P              ESPII 24 Base Processed                                            EACH          59.16
ZYM1730P              ESPII 48 Base Processed                                            EACH          67.43
ZYM1810A-BLACK        Event L/H Side Ssf Black INJECTION MOULDED                         EACH          65.22
ZYM1820A-BLACK        Event R/H Side Ssf INJECTION MOULDED                               EACH          65.22
ZYM1830A-BLACK        Event Front Ssf Black INJECTION MOULDED                            EACH          43.48
ZYM1830A-GREY         Event Front Ssf Grey INJECTION MOULDED                             EACH          39.86
ZYM1830P-BLACK        Event Front Bumper Plate Processed                                 EACH          40.33
ZYM1840A-BLACK        ESPII L/H Ssf INJECTION MOULDED                                    EACH          65.22
ZYM1840P              ESPII L/H Bumper Plate Processed                                   EACH          27.25
ZYM1850A-BLACK        ESPII R/H Ssf INJECTION MOULDED                                    EACH          65.22
ZYM1850P              ESPII R/H Bumper Plate Processed                                   EACH          49.80
ZYM1910P              Desk Option Blank Panel Processed                                  EACH            1.83
ZYM1960P              M.card Plate Processed                                             EACH            0.00
ZYM1970P              M/Video Plate Processed                                            EACH            1.65
ZYM1990P              M/V Card Bracket Processed                                         EACH            0.00
ZYM2000P              Serial Option Plate Processed                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM2010P              DDX60 Chassis Processed                                            EACH          17.42
ZYM2020P              DDX60 Lid Processed                                                EACH            8.07
ZYM2030P              DDX60 Front Processed                                              EACH            7.33
ZYM2040P              Opto Option Plate Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM2050P              Floppy Drive Plate Processed                                       EACH            1.65
ZYM2060P-L            Floppy Drive Bracket L/H Processed                                 EACH            0.00
ZYM2070P-R            Floppy Drive Bracket R/H Processed                                 EACH            0.00
ZYM2200P              Opto Option Bracket Processed                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM3042               4PAKD Chassis                                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM3043               4PAKD Base                                                         EACH            0.00
ZYM3044               4PAKD Output Panel Aust                                            EACH            0.00
ZYM3045               4PAKD DMX Shield                                                   EACH            0.00
ZYM3046               4PAKD Heatsink                                                     EACH            0.00
ZYM3047-L             4PAKD End Cheek LHS                                                EACH            0.00
ZYM3047-R             4PAKD End Cheek RHS                                                EACH            0.00
ZYM3048               4PAKD Breaker Bracket Dual                                         EACH            0.00
ZYM3070P-L            HPWM TR/SC Left Support Processed                                  EACH            0.00
ZYM3080P-L            HPWM TR/SC Left Front Processed                                    EACH          11.00
ZYM3090P-R            HPWM TR/SC R/Front Aust 10Amp Processed                            EACH          42.17
ZYM3091P-R            HPWM TR/SC R/Front Hardwire Processed                              EACH            9.52
ZYM3092P-R            HPWM TR/SC R/Front PatchGST18 Processed                            EACH            0.00
ZYM3100P              HP12TR/SC Chassis Processed                                        EACH          30.25

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 164 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZYM3110P              HP12TR/SC Lid Processed                                            EACH          54.08
ZYM3120P              HP12TR/SC Front Support Processed                                  EACH            0.00
ZYM3130P              HP12TR/SC Front Fascia Processed                                   EACH            7.55
ZYM3140P              HP12/6/FP/PDS Back Aust 10Amp Processed                            EACH          30.80
ZYM3141P              HP12TR/SC Back Weiland 10 pin Processed                            EACH            0.00
ZYM3142P              HP12TR/SC Back Socapex x4 Processed                                EACH            0.00
ZYM3143P              HP12TR/SC Back Socapex x2 Processed                                EACH          30.07
ZYM3144P              HP12TR/SC Back Hardwire Processed                                  EACH          30.80
ZYM3145P              HP12TR/SC Back Patch GST18 Processed                               EACH            0.00
ZYM3146P              HP6C/PDS/FP Back 10MP Processed                                    EACH          32.08
ZYM3147P              HP6C Back Hardwire Processed                                       EACH            0.00
ZYM3148P              HP12/6 Cover Plate Hardwire Processed                              EACH            7.52
ZYM314P               Rack Ears Roadpack                                                 EACH          30.25
ZYM3150P-S            HP12TR/SC Card Tray Slots Only Processed                           EACH            0.00
ZYM3151P-H            HP12TR Card Tray Holes Only Processed                              EACH            0.00
ZYM3160P-S            HP12TR/SC Heatsink Slots Only Processed                            EACH          11.00
ZYM3161P-H            HP12TR/SC Heatsink Holes Only Processed                            EACH          11.00
ZYM3170P              HP12TR Choke Tray Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM3180P              HP12TR/SC Neutral Link Processed                                   EACH            0.00
ZYM3190P              HP/GP Screw Strip Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM3250P              HP12TR Mono Fan Bracket Processed                                  EACH            0.00
ZYM3260P              HP12SC Dual Fan Bracket Processed                                  EACH            0.00
ZYM3280P              GP12WM Choke Tray Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM3290P-L            GP12WM Choke Tray Left Side Processed                              EACH            0.00
ZYM3291P-R            GP12WM Choke Tray Right Side Processed                             EACH            0.00
ZYM3340P              HP12 rear socket bracket Aust                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM3400P              HP12TR/SC Outlet Spacer Processed                                  EACH            4.86
ZYM3410P-L            HP6/12 Left Rear Rack Ext/Bkt Processed                            EACH            8.98
ZYM3411P-R            HP6/12 Right Rear Rack Ext/Bkt Processed                           EACH            8.98
ZYM3420P              HP6 Front Fascia Processed                                         EACH            7.55
ZYM3440P-L            HP6/12 Rear Rack Left Bracket Processed                            EACH            5.21
ZYM3441P-R            HP6/12 Rear Rack Right Bracket Processed                           EACH            5.21
ZYM3620P              Smpsu CE Bracket Side Processed                                    EACH            2.57
ZYM3630P              Event Stiff Rib Processed                                          EACH            0.00
ZYM3650P              Event\ESP SMPSU CE Bkt Processed                                   EACH          23.98
ZYM3660P              Evt\ESP SMPSU CE Top Processed                                     EACH          32.39
ZYM3661P              Hog/Ev4 SMPSU CE Top Processed                                     EACH          17.47
ZYM3670P              ESPII Stiff Rib Processed                                          EACH            0.00
ZYM3700P-L            ESPII Masking Left Processed                                       EACH            0.00
ZYM3710P-R            ESPII Masking Right Processed                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM3720P-L            Event Masking Left Processed                                       EACH            0.00
ZYM3730P-R            Event Masking Right Processed                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM3800P              Hog1000 Chassis Processed                                          EACH          62.33
ZYM3820P              Hog1000/500 SMPSU Bracket Processed                                EACH          23.46
ZYM3830P              Hog1000 CPU Bracket Processed                                      EACH          38.28
ZYM3840P              Hog Mesh Processed                                                 EACH            3.67
ZYM3850P              Hog1000 Arm Rest Processed                                         EACH            0.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 165 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZYM3860P              Hog1000 Base Processed                                             EACH          45.83
ZYM4000P              GP12 Chassis Processed                                             EACH          21.08
ZYM4001P              GP12 Export Chassis Processed                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM4020               GP12 Cast Back Panel Raw                                           EACH         124.67
ZYM4030P              GP12 Front Panel Support Processed                                 EACH            0.00
ZYM4040P              GP12 Lid Processed                                                 EACH          19.07
ZYM4050P              GP12 Front Rack Ear Processed                                      EACH            3.19
ZYM4052P              GP12 Export Rack Ear processed                                     EACH            0.00
ZYM4060P              GP12 Power Bracket Processed                                       EACH            0.00
ZYM4070P              GP12 Input Shield Bracket Processed                                EACH            0.00
ZYM4080P              GP12 Side Plate Processed                                          EACH            2.75
ZYM4100P              GP12 N/Earth Bussbar Processed                                     EACH            0.00
ZYM4101P              GP12 Export Bussbar Processed                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM4110P              GP12 Rear Rack Ear Processed                                       EACH            3.19
ZYM4120P              GP12 Rear Rack Ear Extension Processed                             EACH            2.75
ZYM4150P              GP12 Thread Plate Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM4500P              HPWM/GPWM Extn Back Plate Processed                                EACH          32.08
ZYM4520P              HP/GP Shallow Wall Bracket Processed                               EACH          24.48
ZYM4530P              HP/GP Patch Teminal Plate Processed                                EACH          11.73
ZYM4550P              HP12WM Vent Plate Processed                                        EACH          10.08
ZYM4600P-L            FP12WM Left Front Processed                                        EACH            7.33
ZYM4620P-R            FP12WM Right Front Aust 10 amp Processed                           EACH            7.33
ZYM4621P-R            FP12WM Right Front Hardwire Processed                              EACH            0.00
ZYM4622P-R            FP12WM Right Front Patch GST18 Processed                           EACH            0.00
ZYM4630P              FP12WM Breaker Bracket Processed                                   EACH            0.00
ZYM4650P              HP12WM Input PCB Cover Processed                                   EACH            0.00
ZYM4700P              HP/FPWM Back Panel Cover Zinc Processed                            EACH            5.50
ZYM5010P              EZ400 Ezicom 4ch Chassis Processed                                 EACH          11.00
ZYM5020P              EZ400/200 Ezicom Master Lid Processed                              EACH          11.00
ZYM5030P              EZ200 Ezicom 2ch Chassis Processed                                 EACH            0.00
ZYM5040P              EZ400 Ezicom 4ch Front Processed                                   EACH            3.73
ZYM5050P              EZ200 Ezicom 2ch Front Processed                                   EACH            3.78
ZYM5060P              EZ100 Ezicom Sub Chassis Processed                                 EACH          18.51
ZYM5070P              EZ100 Ezicom Sub Lid Processed                                     EACH            7.53
ZYM5080P              EZ400/200 Ezicom Heatsink Processed                                EACH            0.00
ZYM5090P              EZ300 Chassis Processed                                            EACH          11.00
ZYM5250P              DD8 Chassis Processed                                              EACH            9.53
ZYM5260P              DD8 Front Panel Processed                                          EACH            7.55
ZYM5270P              DD8 Lid Processed                                                  EACH            7.15
ZYM5280P              HP/FPWM Term Block Mtg Plate Processed                             EACH            7.15
ZYM5290P              PDS6/12 Chassis Processed                                          EACH          22.73
ZYM5300P              PDS6/12 Lid Processed                                              EACH          14.48
ZYM5310P              PDS6/12 Cir/Breaker Bracket Processed                              EACH          10.01
ZYM5320P              PDS6 Front Fascia Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM5330P              PDS12 Front Fascia Processed                                       EACH            0.00
ZYM5340P              PDS6/12 Front Support Processed                                    EACH            8.43
ZYM5350P-L            PDS6/12 Rear Rack Ear Left Processed                               EACH            0.00

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 166 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZYM5360P-R            PDS6/12 Rear Rack Ear Right Processed                              EACH            0.00
ZYM5370P              HP6/PDS/FP Outlet Spacer Processed                                 EACH            0.00
ZYM5380P              PDIS Chassis Processed                                             EACH            0.00
ZYM5390P              PDIS Front Processed                                               EACH            0.00
ZYM5400P              PDIS Top Processed                                                 EACH            0.00
ZYM5410P              PDIS Base Processed                                                EACH            0.00
ZYM5420P              PDIS Rack Ear Processed                                            EACH            0.00
ZYM5430P              PDIS Inlet Cover Processed                                         EACH            0.00
ZYM5440P              PDIS Vented Cover Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM5450P              PDIS Circuit Breaker Bkt Processed                                 EACH            0.00
ZYM5460P              PDIS LED Bracket Processed                                         EACH            0.00
ZYM5470P              Hog500 Chassis Processed                                           EACH          14.68
ZYM5471P              Hog500 Mesh Processed                                              EACH          11.69
ZYM5480P              Hog500 Base Processed                                              EACH          51.41
ZYM5490P              Hog500 Side mask D/Drive Processed                                 EACH          11.00
ZYM5500P              Hog side masking STD Processed                                     EACH          11.00
ZYM5510P              Hog500 CPU Tray Processed                                          EACH          39.68
ZYM5520P              Hog/Ev4 D/Drive BRKT Processed                                     EACH            7.41
ZYM5530P              Hog500 Arm Rest Processed                                          EACH          16.70
ZYM5540P-L            Hog500 Alum Trim Left Processed                                    EACH          54.27
ZYM5550P-R            Hog500 Alum Trim Right Processed                                   EACH          54.27
ZYM5560-L             Hog500 Wood Left Raw (small) BLACKWOOD MILLED AS SPECIFIED         EACH         128.33
ZYM5560P-L            Hog500 Wood Left Processed                                         EACH          97.17
ZYM5570-R             Hog500 Wood Right Raw small BLACKWOOD MILLED AS SPECIFIED          EACH         128.33
ZYM5570P-R            Hog500 Wood Right Processed                                        EACH          97.17
ZYM5671-L             Ev4/Hog1000 Wood Left Large                                        EACH         149.42
ZYM5671P-L            Ev4/Hog1000 Wood Left/H/Side Processed                             EACH         110.00
ZYM5672-R             Ev4/Hog1000 Wood Right large                                       EACH         149.42
ZYM5680P              Event416 Chassis Processed                                         EACH          33.31
ZYM5690P              Event416 Base Processed                                            EACH          60.87
ZYM5700P              Event416 Arm Rest Processed                                        EACH            0.00
ZYM6135A              Vista Wacom Facia Black P/COAT SUPER MATT BLACK                    EACH          24.02
ZYM6176               Vista Armrest Pen Holder                                           EACH            0.00
ZYM7002               FPX-A/S Chassis for Optional Back Panel, Complete                  EACH         146.66
ZYM7005               FPX-A/S Lid Complete                                               EACH          43.71
ZYM7010               FPX-A/S Breaker Shroud Complete                                    EACH          46.30
ZYM7026               FPX-A/S, WMX Choke End Plate Complete Drwg 002949-A                EACH            1.61
ZYM7032               FPX-A/S Power Tray Complete                                        EACH         135.47
ZYM7047               FPX-S Earth Bar Socopex                                            EACH          14.12
ZYM7052               FPX-A/S Shadow Plate Complete                                      EACH            0.00
ZYM7055               FPX-A/S Front Panel Complete                                       EACH          13.79
ZYM7060               FPX-A/S Rear Rack Bracket Complete                                 EACH          12.48
ZYM7065               WMX Chassis Complete                                               EACH         146.99
ZYM7070               WMX Power Card Tray Complete                                       EACH         155.33
ZYM7075               WMX DIN Rail Complete                                              EACH            0.00
ZYM7080               WMX Socket Panel Complete, Silkscreened                            EACH          65.42
ZYM7085               WMX Control Panel Complete, Silkscreened                           EACH          76.38

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 167 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZYM7090               WMX Tray Support Complete                                          EACH            0.00
ZYM7095               WMX Earth Bar Complete                                             EACH          12.36
ZYM7100               FPX-A/S WMX Q.C. Active Link                                       EACH            4.93
ZYM7105               FPX-A/S WMX Q.C. Neutral Link Large                                EACH            9.88
ZYM7110               FPX-A/S WMX Q.C. Neutral Link Small                                EACH            7.78
ZYM7115               FPX-A/S WMX Q.C. Link Support                                      EACH            6.38
ZYM7125               FPX-A/S Breaker Support A                                          EACH          64.69
ZYM7130               FPX-A/S Breaker Support B                                          EACH          18.87
ZYM7137               HPX Rising Clamp 25sqmm 7mm screw                                  EACH            0.13
ZYM7160               FPX-S Backpanel Socapex Outlet Complete                            EACH          51.63
ZYM7200               HPX Chassis RM Drwg 002357-5                                       EACH         108.33
ZYM7205               HPX Breaker Shroud RM Drwg 002350-2                                EACH          33.33
ZYM7210               HPX Cable Bush Bracket Drwg 002356-B                               EACH            8.33
ZYM7215               HPX Front Rack Ears Drwg 002351-1                                  EACH            7.50
ZYM7220               HPX Breaker Bracket Drwg 002352-3                                  EACH          43.75
ZYM7225               HPX SELV Shield Drwg 002353-B                                      EACH          10.42
ZYM7230               HPX Breaker Bracket Support Drwg 002354-C                          EACH          10.83
ZYM7235               HPX Output Panel Rail Drwg 001937-3                                EACH            9.17
ZYM7240               HPX Lid RM Drwg 002349-3                                           EACH          32.00
ZYM7245               HPX Control Panel Backing Plate, Drwg 002355-4                     EACH            0.00
ZYM7250               HPX Outlet Earth Busbar Drwg 002358-3                              EACH            6.25
ZYM7260               HPX Backpanel 12x10 Aus Drwg 001939-4                              EACH          39.59
ZYM7262               HPX Backpanel 2 x Socapex Drwg 002975-3                            EACH            0.00
ZYM7275               HPX Neutral Locating Plate Drwg 002363-1                           EACH          10.42
ZYM7280               HPX Neutral Lug Support Drwg 002362-3                              EACH            7.92
ZYM7285               HPX Neutral Feeder Support Drwg 002361-2                           EACH            6.25
ZYM7290               HPX Neutral Feeder Drwg 002360-4                                   EACH            7.29
ZYM7295               HPX End Plate Drwg 002318-1                                        EACH          22.92
ZYM7300               HPX Fan Clamp Drwg 002193-1                                        EACH            6.25
ZYM7305               HPX Power-in Rail Drwg 002192-2                                    EACH          11.67
ZYM7310               HPX PSU Card Rail Drwg 002194-2                                    EACH          11.67
ZYM7315               HPX Choke Tray Drwg 002187-4                                       EACH            0.00
ZYM7320               HPX Temp Sensor Clip Drwg 002182-1                                 EACH            1.04
ZYM7325               HPX Phase Joiner Drwg 002240-1                                     EACH            4.17
ZYM7330               HPX Lug Feeder Drwg 001934-2                                       EACH            5.00
ZYM7335               HPX Lug Beefer Drwg 002241-2                                       EACH            4.58
ZYM7355               HPX Heatsink Extrusion Drwg 2426 Rev 2 & 1894 Rev J                EACH          87.50
ZYM7400               HPX Deflector Short Drwg 003168-1                                  EACH            0.00
ZYM7420               HPX Bracket Brace Drwg 003466-A                                    EACH            8.33
ZYM7430               HPX Lug Support Large Drwg 003622-A                                EACH            5.00
ZYM7435               HPX Rear Rack Mount Bracket Drwg 003262-1                          EACH            9.17
ZYM7437               HPX Rear Paint Masking Drwg 003836-A                               EACH            0.00
ZZA0010               Microphone Electret AM4010                                         EACH            1.96
ZZA0050               Buzzer 24v PCB Mount                                               EACH            9.64
ZZA0070               Speaker 4" WES SP105                                               EACH          13.68
ZZA0090               Rubber Foot Penn F1693 - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            1.95
ZZA0100               Rubber Foot SJ5523 - RoHS Compliant -                              EACH            1.08

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 168 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                          Per     RRP Inc GST

ZZA0150               Rubber Foot 22mmDIAX10mm Heght (EACH)                                EACH            0.95
ZZA0200               Rubber Foot GH422                                                    EACH            0.00
ZZA0202               Foot Hub24                                                           EACH          48.92
ZZA0205               Fan 120mm 12vDC PAPST PC064 Old HP12 Dimmer                          EACH          99.22
ZZA0207               Foot Vista M1 Large 1mm panel                                        EACH            0.46
ZZA0250               Grille 80mm                                                          EACH            8.67
ZZA0420               Grommet Continuous Amb2                                              EACH         118.70
ZZA0430               Grommet Cord Grip Screw 38hd Clipsal                                 EACH          13.53
ZZA0440               Grommet Cord Grip H3341a                                             EACH            1.49
ZZA0450               Grommet Cord Grip H2097A - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            1.33
ZZA0455               Grommet Cord Grip H2097b                                             EACH            0.65
ZZA0460               Grommet                                                              EACH            0.43
ZZA0470               Grommet                                                              EACH            0.30
ZZA0480               Snap Bushing Split 19mm                                              EACH            0.29
ZZA0489               Harness Clip Standoff MIS-5                                          EACH            0.19
ZZA0490               Spiral Binding 6mm Natural Pkt 10m                                   EACH          30.16
ZZA0500               HOLE PLUG 25mm 2713                                                  EACH            1.58
ZZA0516               Hole Plug 16mm Black                                                 EACH            0.57
ZZA0519               Hole Plug 20mm Black                                                 EACH            0.00
ZZA0520               HOLE PLUG 32mm WHITE HE2741                                          EACH            1.55
ZZA0548               End Cap 47.6 Yellow SC Series701 Formula 1.65 Wall 40mm Long         EACH            3.81
ZZA0550               FLAT Cable CLAMP 25mm BLACK -RoHS Compliant- Quote 55546 AUS         EACH            0.42
ZZA0560               FLAT Cable CLAMP 50mm BLACK Quote 55546 AUS - RoHS Complia           EACH            0.99
ZZA0600               Cable Tie Heat Resistant PLT3S-M30, Quote 55546 AUS                  EACH         401.36
ZZA0650               Cable Tie 99mm X 2.5mm WHITE REF; 5194 - RoHS Compliant -            EACH            0.02
ZZA0700               Cable Tie 142mm X 3.6mm WHITE                                        EACH            0.09
ZZA0710               Cable Tie 142mm X 3.6mm BLACK                                        EACH            0.04
ZZA0780               Cable Tie 188mm X 2.5mm WHITE Quote 55546 AUS                        EACH            0.14
ZZA0800               Cable Tie 188mm X 4.8mm WHITE Quote 55546 AUS                        EACH            0.16
ZZA0950               Cable P CLAMP 6.4mm WHITE - RoHS Compliant - Quote 55546 AUS         EACH            0.27
ZZA0955               Cable P.Clamp 4.8mm White CCS19-S8-C, Quote 55546 AUS                EACH          28.21
ZZA1000               Window LCD Event/Esp DIMENS = VIEW AREA NOT BORDER                   EACH          10.63
ZZA1100               Window DDX60 DIMENS = VIEW AREA NOT BORDER                           EACH            8.93
ZZA1150               Window LCD Hog P'back/Ech Menu                                       EACH          11.00
ZZA1200               Window LCD Hog 250/600 Program DIMENS = VIEW AREA NOT BORDER         EACH            0.00
ZZA1300               Window LCD Hog1k Program Large square window                         EACH          14.80
ZZA1311               Vista Tablet Glass - RoHS - 325 x 250 x 2mm CP456 Chem Tough plain   EACH         245.77
                      float glass
ZZA1312               Window Vista S3 LCD Printed                                          EACH          30.62
ZZA1325               Pen Holder Vista                                                     EACH          22.73
ZZA1355               Dimmer SC Lightpipe - RoHS Compliant -                               EACH            1.67
ZZA1440               Disc Drive 3.5IN 1.44MB - Sony Black faceplate.                      EACH          33.08
ZZA1450               Disk 3.5" Hi-Density Flop/Disk Box 50                                EACH          73.92
ZZA2010               FAN 80mm 12V SANYO DENKI 35mm Thick                                  EACH          16.52
ZZA2011               FAN 80mm 12V Sunon                                                   EACH          14.35
ZZA2040               Titan TTC-004 Blower/Fan - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH          12.36
ZZA2050               Fan 80x80x15 12V (HPX) - RoHS Compliant -                            EACH          11.31

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist           Page 169 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZZA3000               Jack Socket Stereo PCB - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            4.73
ZZA3100               Heatsink TO-220 30 degC/W - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH          13.93
ZZA4000               Din G Mounting Channel H2233                                       EACH            0.00
ZZA4500               Screw Terminal Block Weco983d 2way                                 EACH            3.30
ZZA5050               Belt Clip Chrome Rp-30000                                          EACH          13.75
ZZA5055               Spring for TO247 (Hub)                                             EACH            1.32
ZZA5150               Fuse Holder F415s 13a Touch Safe old Four Pak 4                    EACH          19.86
ZZA5210               Fuse Holder Schurter 0031.1631 For GP12                            EACH            7.23
ZZA5230               Fuse Holder Cap Knurled Schurt 0031.1616 For GP12                  EACH          11.84
ZZA5250               Fuse Holder M205 PCB                                               EACH            0.77
ZZA5300               Fuse Holder M205 Cover                                             EACH            0.00
ZZA5350               Earth Bar 5 Tunnel Dlml5 Clipsal                                   EACH            8.14
ZZA5450               Socket 10amp P415m HP12, GP12                                      EACH          24.53
ZZA5500               Socket 10amp 10mlb road pack digital                               EACH            0.00
ZZA5550               SOCKET 10AMP AC10F WHITE (1.2mm PANEL) ETD (Same as CAT38          EACH            4.51
ZZA5550B              SOCKET 10AMP AC10F BLACK (1.2mm PANEL) ETD                         EACH            4.51
ZZA5551               SOCKET 10AMP Richbay White                                         EACH            4.12
ZZA5552               SOCKET 10AMP Clipsal 10MP Replaced by ZZA5553                      EACH          12.83
ZZA5553               SOCKET 10A Clipsal 415MPBLK,WE Unswitched Special.                 EACH          13.70
ZZA5553B              SOCKET10A Clipsal 415MP Black Unswitched Special. Black            EACH          11.11
ZZA5555               SOCKET 15AMP Clipsal 415MP15                                       EACH          65.64
ZZA5560               Socket 20Amp HPM38/20-2.5 (2.5mm Panel)                            EACH          41.27
ZZA5600               Socket Tenby 7065 15amp Panel Socket                               EACH          33.92
ZZA5640               Plug 5pin 40amp                                                    EACH         230.00
ZZA5645               Kripal 56P540 40Amp Plug                                           EACH          64.38
ZZA5650               Plug 5pin 32amp                                                    EACH         216.26
ZZA5660               Plug 5pin 50amp                                                    EACH         162.26
ZZA5700               Plug 3 Pin 10A 240V 439S Transparent                               EACH            7.86
ZZA5710B              Plug Black 10A 240V Piggy-Back Insulated Pins                      EACH          11.05
ZZA5720               Plug 3 Pin 10A 240V XHD Safety Transparent                         EACH          10.35
ZZA5740               SOCKET IEC INLET SNAP IN 1.2mm PANEL                               EACH            0.00
ZZA5750               Socket IEC Fused Inlet - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH          13.93
ZZA5800               Socket IEC Mains Filter Fused 06AR2D - RoHS Compliant              EACH          91.97
ZZA5810               Socket IEC Switched Fused - RoHS Compliant                         EACH          41.43
ZZA5850               Socket Iec Volt Select                                             EACH            8.29
ZZA5900               PLUG PAK 12V 500ma PS12500                                         EACH            0.00
ZZA5950               DC SOCKET 2.5mm PCB MOUNT - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            1.80
ZZA6000               GLAND 20mm MG20                                                    EACH            8.07
ZZA6050               Gland PG29 Brass - RoHS Compliant -                                EACH          31.17
ZZA6051               Lock Nut PG29 Brass - RoHS Compliant -                             EACH            3.85
ZZA6052               Gland PG29 Black Plastic                                           EACH            8.25
ZZA6055               Insert 6x7.5mm for PG29 Gland                                      EACH          21.82
ZZA6080               GLAND/CONDUIT NUT 25mm                                             EACH            0.00
ZZA6096               Gland 20mm Black Nylon Cable Gland                                 EACH            2.35
ZZA6100               Gland 32mm Black Nylon Cable Gland                                 EACH            1.30
ZZA6132               Gland 32mm Metal GU32                                              EACH          24.33

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 170 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZZA6135               Gland Locknut Metal 32mm LNM 32                                    EACH            5.87
ZZA6150               GLAND 40mm MG40                                                    EACH            9.90
ZZA6400               Terminal Strip 12w 25mm 83A                                        EACH          54.82
ZZA6500               Terminal Block Weco 323 Hd5 12way                                  EACH            8.17
ZZA6540               Terminal Block 3 Way PCB                                           EACH            1.21
ZZA6600               Terminal Strip 10 Way PCB - RoHS Compliant -                       EACH            5.06
ZZA6610               Din Rail Terminal block2.5sqmm WDU2.5                              EACH            2.82
ZZA6614               Din Rail Terminal 4sqmm WDU4                                       EACH            3.30
ZZA6616               Din Rail Terminal 6sqmm WDU6                                       EACH            4.80
ZZA6618               Din Rail Terminal 10sqmm WDU10                                     EACH            6.69
ZZA6620               Din Rail Earth Block 2.5sqmm WPE2.5                                EACH          16.35
ZZA6622               Din Rail Earth Block 4sqmm WPE4                                    EACH          15.44
ZZA6624               Din Rail Earth Block 6sqmm WPE6                                    EACH          15.96
ZZA6626               Din Rail Earth Block 10sqmm WPE10                                  EACH          16.27
ZZA6630               DinRail End Bracket TS35 ZEW TS35                                  EACH            3.45
ZZA6632               DinRail WDU Divider WAP 2.5/4/6/10                                 EACH            2.86
ZZA6636               DinRail M205 Fuse Holder ASK1                                      EACH          28.60
ZZA6638               DinRail Fuse holder End Plate AP1.5                                EACH            4.07
ZZA7000               Bobbin #6 72 Od X 30 Id X 28 Iw                                    EACH            0.00
ZZA7050               Bobbin #4 52 Od X 28 Id X 16 Iw                                    EACH            0.00
ZZA8110               LUG 6.0mm Crimp H1405/100 Utiliux CG6M6                            EACH            3.05
ZZA8120               LUG 4mm Ring Crimp Blue - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH            0.38
ZZA8150               Lug Ring Terminal 4mm Red                                          EACH            0.20
ZZA8200               LUG 5mm Crimp H3125/100                                            EACH            0.18
ZZA8250               Lug 36A Fork Insulated 4mm Crimp Yellow 2.5-6mm2 (QTY=INDIVID      EACH            1.14
                      PIECES NOT PACKS)
ZZA8300               TAB 6.3mm NON INSULATED BRAZED SEAM                                EACH            0.25
ZZA8500               2.8mm MICRO QC H2880/150 - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.22
ZZA8640               LUG TAB 4.8mm PCB VERT 12361103                                    EACH            0.00
ZZA8650               4.8mm Qc Recp 15.4mm H1143b/150                                    EACH            0.45
ZZA8750               LUG TAB 6.3mm PCB VERT H25706/1000 - RoHS Compliant -              EACH            0.19
ZZA8800               LUG TAB 6.3mm PCB R/A - RoHS Compliant -                           EACH            0.36
ZZA8806               LUG TAB Utilux 6.3mm 45deg - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            0.54
ZZA8810               Ferrule Un-insulated 10.0mm Bootlace                               EACH            0.12
ZZA8820               Ferrule Un-insulated 6.0mm Bootlace                                EACH            0.11
ZZA8830               Ferrule Un-insulated 4.0mm Bootlace                                EACH            0.09
ZZA8840               Ferrule Insulated 10.0mm Brown Bootlace                            EACH            0.49
ZZA8850               Ferrule Insulated 16.0mm White Bootlace                            EACH            0.49
ZZA8860               Ferrule Insulated 6.0mm Green Bootlace                             EACH            0.32
ZZA8900               6.3mm QC INSULATED Female, Quote 55546 AUS                         EACH            0.72
ZZA8930               Insulated In-Line Quick Splice Connector                           EACH            0.59
ZZA8950               Event Magnet 253/17mm                                              EACH            6.06
ZZA9000               Leather Black, Elmosoft VI 99999                                   EACH         163.05
ZZK0050               Knob Slider Black/Red (15x8) - RoHS Compliant -                    EACH            1.01
ZZK0100               Knob Slider Black/Yellow(15x8) - RoHS Compliant -                  EACH            1.00
ZZK0150               Knob Slider Black/Blue(15x8)                                       EACH            0.75
ZZK0200               Knob Slider Black/Grey - RoHS Compliant -                          EACH            1.02

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 171 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                           Per     RRP Inc GST

ZZK0250               Knob Slider Black/Green (15x8) - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            1.02
ZZK0300               Knob Slider Black/White                                               EACH            0.00
ZZK0350               Knob Slider Black/White Line P779-OF Jands Hog Only                   EACH            0.02
ZZK0400               Knob Slider Black/White line                                          EACH            0.00
ZZK0450               Knob Slider Black/Blue (11x8) - RoHS Compliant -                      EACH            0.41
ZZK0460               Knob Slider Black/Green (11x8) - RoHS Compliant -                     EACH            0.44
ZZK0470               Knob Slider Black/Red (11x8)                                          EACH            0.68
ZZK0480               Knob slider Black/Gray line - RoHS Compliant -                        EACH            0.45
ZZK0500               Knob slider Silver/Black                                              EACH            2.64
ZZK1050               Knob Round Black/Grey line - RoHS Compliant -                         EACH            0.51
ZZK1100               Knob Slider Black/Red 24x11x4mm Shaft -P774-0A                        EACH            0.73
ZZK1151               Knob Slider Black/Green 24x11x4mm Shaft -P774-0D                      EACH            0.85
ZZK1160               Black slide Knob with White Indicator line                            EACH            0.38
ZZK1200               Knob Jands Rubbery SR/HP                                              EACH            6.60
ZZK1210               Knob Jands Rubbery Hog - Black                                        EACH          12.28
ZZK1250               Knob Jands Rubbery Hog - Grey                                         EACH            6.60
ZZK1260               Knob Horizontal EncoderWheel                                          EACH            1.67
ZZL0010               Lexan Film Matt Velvet 8B35 610mm WIDE x 250micron                    METR          12.65
ZZL0710               Lexan HP12TR Front Printed/Light Embos.                               EACH          78.83
ZZL0715               Lexan Dimmer PCB insulator Knife cut only - 8B35 10 Thou              EACH            2.96
ZZL0720               Lexan HP12SC Front Printed/Light Embos.                               EACH          93.84
ZZL0740               Lexan HP12WM/TR/SC WM Front Printed                                   EACH            0.00
ZZL0750               Lexan HP6c Front Printed Blue LIGHTLY EMBOSSED.                       EACH         120.20
ZZL0760A              Lexan HP6WM Front Panel Knife Cut                                     EACH          11.65
ZZL1000               Lexan Event 24 Printed                                                EACH         164.27
ZZL1000A              Lexan Event 24 Lasercut                                               EACH          82.72
ZZL1200               Lexan Event 48 Printed                                                EACH         273.53
ZZL1300               Lexan Event+ 48 Printed                                               EACH         484.00
ZZL1300A              Lexan Event+ 48 Lasercut                                              EACH            0.00
ZZL1440               Lexan ESPII 24 Printed                                                EACH         174.78
ZZL1440A              Lexan ESPII 24 Lasercut                                               EACH          85.15
ZZL1480               Lexan ESPII 48 Printed                                                EACH         162.68
ZZL1480A              Lexan ESPII 48 Lasercut                                               EACH         173.02
ZZL3500               Lexan Hog1k Printed                                                   EACH         200.22
ZZL3500A              Lexan Hog1k Lasercut                                                  EACH         110.88
ZZL6000               Lexan DD8                                                             EACH          42.72
ZZL6000A              Lexan DD8 Knifecut                                                    EACH            6.25
ZZL8100               Lexan Event416 Printed                                                EACH         209.00
ZZL8100A              Lexan Event416 Lasercut                                               EACH         139.50
ZZL999-150            3M 467MP TRANSFER TAPE 150mm X 55m                                    EACH         382.20
ZZL999-300            3M 467MP TRANSFER TAPE 300mm X 55m                                    EACH         760.41
ZZP0250               Carton HP12tr/Sc / FPX / WMX 588 x 560 x 178 1C Tuck Top Carterholt   EACH          31.17
ZZP0300               Carton PDS6/12,Patch6W10 588 x 488 x 178 3TC Tuck Top                 EACH          35.93
ZZP0310               Carton Stage12 542x426x206 3TC Tuck Top                               EACH          55.00
ZZP0317               Carton DTP1210/610 Stock Box #14                                      EACH            8.43
ZZP0320               Carton Insert PDS6/12,Pat6W Top/Bot Pad 580 x 480 6 LAYER 3TC         EACH          43.63
ZZP0330               Carton Insert GP12 Filler Pad 360x108 3TC ONE PIECE UNGLUED           EACH            5.65

Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist            Page 172 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                                 Per     RRP Inc GST

ZZP0350               Carton Insert HP12tr/Sc Top/Bottom Pad 580 x 552 9 LAYER 3TC                EACH          55.00
ZZP0370               Carton Insert Wall Mount Top/Bottom Pad                                     EACH          63.14
ZZP0400               Carton Stage 24 800x430x200 3TC RSC                                         EACH          55.00
ZZP0500               Carton Event/ESPII 24 755 x 620 x 195 1TC FULL FLAP                         EACH          73.33
ZZP0510               Carton Insert Event Left/Right Pad 612 x 194 14 LAYER     3TC               EACH          21.74
ZZP0530               Carton Insert Event/Esp Scored Liner 465x434 SCORED LinER 1 TC              EACH          10.51
ZZP0550               Carton Insert Esp Left/Right Pad 612 x 194                                  EACH          21.74
ZZP0552               Carton Insert HOG500 Left/Right Pad                                         EACH          21.74
ZZP0554               Carton Insert HOG1000/EV4 Left/Right Pad                                    EACH          21.74
ZZP0556               Carton Insert Stage12/24 Left/Right Pad                                     EACH          14.49
ZZP0560               Carton Event408 970 X 610 X 245 FULL FLAP 1TC                               EACH         154.00
ZZP0570               Carton Event416 1150 X 610 X 245 FULL FLAP 1TC                              EACH         164.73
ZZP0600               Carton Event 36 1025x620x195 FULL FLAP 1 TC                                 EACH         110.00
ZZP0620               Carton Hog1000 1065 X 610 X 245 FULL FLAP 1TC                               EACH         157.67
ZZP0700               Carton Event/ESPII48/Hog600 1285x620x195 FULL FLAP 1 TC                     EACH         165.00
ZZP0800               Carton Event/ESPII 60 1550x620x195 FULL FLAP 1 TC                           EACH         110.00
ZZP0850               Carton Hog500 FFSC 855 X 610 X 245 FULL FLAP                                EACH         146.67
ZZP0900               Carton Desk Options STOCK CARTON #17                                        EACH            9.17
ZZP1100               Carton 4 Pak, HCPB, Patch Mod 395x332x170 3C tuck top                       EACH          14.67
ZZP1106               Carton Sleeve Printed 4 Pak-D                                               EACH          38.40
ZZP1107               Outer Carton 4PAK-D (4 x Presentation cartons)                              EACH            0.00
ZZP1150               Carton Ezicom Sub/Desk option 180 x 180 x 115mm 5C Tuck Top                 EACH          18.33
ZZP1155               Carton Ezicom E300 5C Tuck Top                                              EACH          22.00
ZZP1325               Foam packer Set of 2 Left/Right Pad                                         EACH          21.74
ZZP3050               Carton SYS15 555x510x805 RSC 3 T/C                                          EACH          72.47
ZZP3680               PR2 Carton 2RU Draw/Tray CHANGED - 510x430x95mm 5PF 1C                      EACH          16.31
ZZP3690               PR2 Carton 3RU Draw/Tray CHANGED - 510x430x140mm 5PF 1C                     EACH          21.74
ZZP3700               Carton 3RU Rack Tray 500x390x200mm RSC 3C                                   EACH          18.12
ZZP3750               Carton Roobar 3ru 550 x 210 x 610mm 5C END OPENING                          EACH          15.22
ZZP3760               Carton 1ru Panel - End Opening 130mm x 50mm x 500mm 5C BOARD                EACH            9.06
ZZP3780               Carton 10ru Touring Rack 538 x 548 x 502mm RSC 3C                           EACH          34.06
ZZP3800               Carton 10ru Performance Rack 605mm x 605mm x 150mm RSC 3TC                  EACH          27.18
ZZP3820               Carton 10ru Performance Rack Door 600mm x 70mm x 520mm 5 FOLD               EACH          16.31
ZZP3850               Carton 13ru Touring Rack 550 x 475 x 640mm RSC 3C                           EACH          50.73
ZZP3900               Carton 21ru Performance Rack 1210mm x 580mm x 200mm FULL FLAP 3             EACH         144.94
ZZP3920               Carton 21ru Performance Rack Door 600mmx70mmx1010mm 5 FOLD 1B               EACH          28.99
ZZP3930               Carton 27ru Rack Side Panel 5 panel folder 1215 x 480 x 30 Carter Holt 1C   EACH          29.35
                      SUPER BOARD
ZZP3940               Carton 27ru Rack Post/Strip (Tuck Flap) 1215 x 290 x 60 5 PANEL FOLDER      EACH          28.62
                      3 TC BOARD
ZZP3950               Carton 39ru Performance Rack 1850mm x 580mm x 200mm FULL FLAP 3             EACH         144.94
ZZP3970               Carton 39Ru Performance Rack Door 600mm x 70mm x 1630mm 5 FOLD              EACH          28.99
ZZP3990               Carton 45ru Rack Post/Strip (Tuck Top)2010 x 290 x 65 5 PANEL FOLDER        EACH          54.35
                      1C Carterholt
ZZP4010               ANTISTATIC BAG 457 x 381 ABS1418                                            EACH            1.79
ZZP5008               Plastic Bag 420 x 340mm 75um LDPE Natural                                   EACH            0.46
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist                  Page 173 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                        Per     RRP Inc GST

ZZP5010               Plastic Bag 750 X 500mm 75um Custom                                EACH            0.67
ZZP5020               Plastic BAG 660 X 1220mm 50um                                      EACH            1.30
ZZP5650               Plastic BAG PRESS Seal 230x305                                     EACH            0.26
ZZP5990               Bubble Wrap E Bubble 1400MM X 115M                                 EACH         245.85
ZZP6000               Air Cap C120                                                       EACH         188.42
ZZP6010               Air Cap D240                                                       EACH         421.24
ZZP6050               Plastic Stretch Wrap Natural 500mm x 400m x 20um                   EACH          58.70
ZZP6100               Plastic Film Grey P180 Material code 100005355                     EACH         518.15
ZZP6150               Plastic STRAPPinG 12mm BLUE DANBAND                                EACH          53.05
ZZP6200               Plastic Strapping Buckles White                                    EACH          66.20
ZZP6250               CORRUGATED CARDBOARD 1520mm X 75m                                  EACH         222.77
ZZP6300               Wrapping Paper Brown                                               EACH         333.35
ZZP6350               Wrapping Paper Butcher's                                           EACH         348.57
ZZP6400               Labelopes "Invoice Enclosed"                                       EACH            0.17
ZZP6500               Labels Green "240 Volt"                                            EACH         706.56
ZZP6550               Labels Green "463 Plug"                                            EACH         344.22
ZZP6600               Labels Green " IEC Lead "                                          EACH            0.35
ZZP6650               Labels Yellow "Hold Until"                                         EACH            0.65
ZZP6700               Labels Blue " Demo"                                                EACH            0.34
ZZP6750               Labels Brown "Packing Check OK                                     EACH         434.81
ZZP6800               Labels Red "Short"                                                 EACH            0.65
ZZP6810               Labels Orange "QUARANTINE" Black Text 1000/ROLL 100mm (W) x 50mm EACH              0.34
ZZP6850               PACKING TAPE VIBAC 48mm x 75 Mtrs CLEAR                          EACH              4.67
ZZP6920               DOUBLE SIDED 3M VHB 9473 6mm X 54.8m                             EACH            96.67
ZZP7000               STAPLES SW9040 19mm                                                EACH          61.34
ZZP7050               STAPLES SW9040 22mm                                                EACH          59.71
ZZP7080               STAPLES SW9060 32mm                                                EACH            0.07
ZZP7150               STAPLES SW7437 19mm                                                EACH          64.42
ZZP7990               Laser Labels 3 1/2" Diskette re-order code 2820                    EACH         125.37
ZZP8000               BARCODE LABEL 100X160mm NARROW EDGE TO SUIT FACIT D450             EACH         217.40
                      LEADING 76mm CORE - MATTE
ZZP9960               Cartridge For Instapak I75w                                        EACH       7,234.55
ZZP9970               Drum Instapak Part A RED 100039698                                 EACH       7,826.54
ZZP9980               Drum Instapak Part B I75w BLUE 100039705                           EACH       6,699.52
ZZT0060               TUBING 6mm PVC Black                                               EACH            1.81
ZZT1060               Tubing 6mm VIDAFlex 942 Black                                      EACH            3.86
ZZT3050               Heatshrink 5.0mm Black (Roll approx 61m)                           METR            4.17
ZZU0050               EPOXY M TYPE ARALDITE 20kg                                         EACH         983.72
ZZU0060               Protective Tape PT105 110mm x 100m                                 EACH          77.65
ZZU0070               Protective Tape PT105 25mm x 100m                                  EACH          17.46
ZZU0100               IRON POWDER PNC 45 25kg                                            EACH         144.94
ZZU0150               HARDENER LC234 2.5kg HA 023425                                     EACH         379.12
ZZU0210               Solder Paste KOKI KOKI                                             EACH         307.99
ZZU0250               HOT MELT GLUE 3M AE3738 (5kg)                                      EACH       1,561.83
ZZU0300               Dye Mark Ink - Blue                                                EACH          24.35
ZZU0350               X32-10i Flux 5l                                                    EACH         157.62
ZZU0360               63/37 Extrusol Stick Solder                                        EACH          41.67
Effective 1/02/2010        Jands Pty Ltd ABN 45 001 187 837 - A$ Spare Parts Pricelist         Page 174 of 177
Stock Code            Description                                                             Per      RRP Inc GST

ZZU0365               Thixotropic Agent TH5039 001                                            KILO          207.26
ZZU0370               60/40 0.90mm RESIN CORE SOLDER                                          EACH           31.70
ZZU0375               60/40 0.355mm RESIN CORE SOLDE                                          EACH           72.47
ZZU0380               60/40 1.25mm RESIN CORE SOLDER                                          EACH           28.99
ZZU0390               60/40 1.60mm RESIN CORE SOLDER                                          EACH           31.52
ZZU0400               ISI PROPANOL (25 LITRES)                                                EACH          218.53
ZZU0450               Pc81 Solvent Cleaner 5l                                                 EACH          172.11
ZZU0470               DE-SOLDER BRAID 2.75mm BLUE                                             EACH             8.84
ZZU0480               DE-SOLDER BRAID 5.35mm Red                                              EACH           12.46
ZZU0500               Crc 2-26 Lube                                                           EACH           43.34
ZZU0550               Crc Co Cleaner                                                          EACH           61.72
ZZU0600               Silicon Neutral Cure Sealant                                            EACH           28.18
ZZU0650               SELLEYS KWIK GRIP GLUE 100ml                                            EACH           27.65
ZZU1000               "Dulux Powdercoat ""Gannet""" 954-50784                                 EACH           43.48
ZZU1050               Araldite 5 minute 24ml syringe                                          EACH           24.35
ZZU2110               KOKI Glue to suit adhesive 10ml syringe                                 EACH          115.95
ZZW0100               Wire Coax HC2332 black                                                  METR          178.97
ZZW0200               Wire Coax Hc2763                                                        METR             4.57
ZZW0250               Wire Coax Hc2522 1 Pair 30/0.12                                         METR             4.24
ZZW0300               Wire coax HCY366 Blue Sheath "JANDS" Printed @500mm SPECIAL             METR             3.63
ZZW1620               Wire 0.50mm 16/0.20 0.6/1kV V90HT - Colour as indicated - RoHS          METR             0.51
                      Compliant -
ZZW1815               Wire 18 Core 1.5sqmm Black Lighting Multicore                           METR           23.69
ZZW1825               Wire 18 Core 2.5sqmm Black Lighting Multicore                           METR           38.50
ZZW2420               Wire 0.75mm 24/0.20 0.6/1kV V90HT - Colour as indicated - RoHS          METR             0.66
                      Compliant -
ZZW3020               Wire 1.5mm 30/0.25 0.6/1kV V90HT - Colour as indicated - RoHS           METR             1.19
                      Compliant -
ZZW3220               Wire 1.0mm 32/0.20 0.6/1kV V90HT - Colour as indicated - RoHS           METR             0.85
                      Compliant -
ZZW5020               Wire 2.5mm 50/0.25 0.6/1kV V90HT - Colour as indicated - RoHS           METR             1.88
                      Compliant -
ZZW5070               5 Core, 6mm2, PVC/PVC, 105 Deg 84/0.30mm Stranded, Flexible Copper      METR           17.87
                      Conductor. Black Sheath
ZZW5100               WIRE 5CORE 6mm 3PH Aus Col. R,W,B,Bk,G/Y Siemens Black Ozoflex          METR