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					English                                                                            Jason Barnhart
Period 7                                                                                 4/9/2010
                                    Publish- Lonley Weekling

       Ralph was just a lonely kid no one wanted to have around. No one appreciated his

presence and always beat him up. He asked younger kids, older kids, and kids didn‟t even know.

       Everyone he asked to be his friend said, “No.”

       He had an imaginary friend for a while. That didn‟t work out to well. People thought he

was crazy for talking to someone that wasn‟t there. Then something remarkable happened, he

was smacked in the face by an ad to a weight lifting trainer. He was so excited that he ran all the

way home to tell his parents.

       After he told them, they had a fake excitement and said,”Oh yeah. You can go and stay

all you want, but we might not be able to get you there all the time.”

       “That‟s fine,” he said not hearing the sarcasm in their voices, “I can walk. How am I

supposed to get warmed up if I have a ride everyday I go?”

       Glad to hear the remark Ralph‟s parents walk out the room to watch T.V.

       “Hey!” says Ralph, “Maybe you should come with me sometimes.”

       “NO!” his parents exclaim almost in unison, “Well we meant „no‟ its time for you to be

alone and think for a while.”

       Ralph arrives at the „Big Muscle Gym‟ and is excited to see all the weight equipment

around him.

       He walks to the front desk and asks, “Can I have a membership?”

       The big muscle guy at the desk looks up and sees nobody and goes back to reading the

muscle magazine.

       A little louder Ralph says, “Excuse me can I have a membership here?”

       Again the man doesn‟t see him and goes back to reading the magazine.

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English                                                                           Jason Barnhart
Period 7                                                                                4/9/2010
                                    Publish- Lonley Weekling

       This time, frustrated, he climbs on the desk and yells, “CAN I HAVE A MEMBERSHIP


       “What the, where did you come from?” the man asks Ralph.

       “I have asked you three times now do I need to ask again?” Ralph, obviously angry, asks.

       “Well I guess…”

       “It‟s a yes or no question, bub,” Ralph interrupts.

       “Yes, yes you can. Just fill out this form,” the man says. “By the way, my name is Virgil

and if need help or have questions just ask me.”

       Ralph finishes the form out quickly and asks, “Can you help me with the weights, I‟ve

never done this before.”

       “Yeah come this way. By the way why are you here?” Virgil asks.

       “To get muscle so I won‟t get beat up at school anymore.”

       The only thing that stopped Ralph was rain or snow. Over the spring break he went to he

went to the gym more often and longer. One week it rain almost none stop so he couldn‟t go so

he did other work outs instead of going to the gym.

       Spring break is over and he goes back to school with nice lean cut muscles. No one really

recognizes Ralph and they all think he is a new kid at school. Even the teachers didn‟t recognize

Ralph. Everyone asked what his name was and they all gasped when they heard it was Ralph.

Even though he was not weak, no one wanted to be his friend. He was bigger than all the other


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English                                                                            Jason Barnhart
Period 7                                                                                 4/9/2010
                                    Publish- Lonley Weekling

       A new student shows up to school and is equal in strength to Ralph. The kid‟s name is

George. From the first day George didn‟t like Ralph. So like a flashback Ralph was being beat

up by someone again. So Ralph stays at the gym longer and lifts more weights to get stronger

than George, but no matter how much he worked out, he never got stronger than George.

        One day George was beating Ralph and Ralph fought back. They got into a fight and all

they kids gathered around and cheering. The teachers couldn‟t break them up. The school had to

call the cops to break up the two boys. Both bloody and bruised up, are sent to the principal‟s

office. The two start to laugh at each other and themselves because they look funny in the mirror.

They started to talk to each other and they found out they were very much alike.

       George asks Ralph, “Why did you decide to work out?”

       “I was tired of being picked on all the time, why did you?” Ralph says to George.

       “That‟s why I did too. I was always picked on and I wanted to get some attention. So I

worked out everyday I could. I didn‟t get any attention until I moved here. Why is it that you

don‟t get attention like me?” George explains.

       “I don‟t quite know, but I think it‟s because they knew who I was and they were afraid I

would hurt them. All I want is a friend,” Ralph tells George.

       “Well guess what?” George asks.


       “We got what we always wanted, a friend.” George says as they are walking into the

principal‟s office together.

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