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					Capability Statement

REIT Capital delivering quality Direct Property
investment solutions through:
       • Property Funds Management
       • Specialist Commercial Property Development
Property Funds Management                                     Commercial Property Development
REIT Capital Pty Limited (“REIT”) is a boutique property      Being a specialist Commercial Property developer REIT
development and investment group that specialises             has a distinct competitive advantage over its peers by
in Commercial Property. REIT was formed in 2001 and           being directly involved in the construction of property
provides capital growth and investment solutions to the       developments. This capacity together with the ability to
direct property market. The Management Team and the           deliver development projects on time and on budget,
Board has significant property experience across many         are compelling reasons to follow their lead when it
other direct property sectors including Retail, Industrial,   comes to Direct Property investment.
Residential and Retirement.
                                                              REIT’s ability to call upon valued leasing connections
                                                              to provide quality tenants post development ensures
                                                              premium outcomes for astute investors.
Property Funds Management
REIT has extensive Direct Property investment               Capturing the Property Cycle
knowledge of and is in the process of rolling out a range
of Wholesale Direct Property Investment products for
Professional and Sophisticated investors.

These products will be in the form of closed end Trusts
with specific geographic exposure seeking to provide
capital growth and income from the direct commercial
property opportunities in the marketplace.

                                                            Wholesale Property Funds are designed to meet
                                                            investors risk appetite:
Commercial Property Development
REIT specialises in Commercial Property and seeks       Capturing the Development Cycle
diversification both geographically and by industry
sector with investment focused on environmental
sustainability combined with premium quality
development in exceptional locations.

REIT Capital has invested in Norwest C3 (a 16,000m2
project) within one of Australia’s newest and most
advanced commercial business infrastructure - Norwest
Business Park.

Commercial Property projects are designed to capture
growth opportunities.

The Norwest development is in keeping with REIT’s
philosophy of capturing premium development
opportunities in the commercial sector.

Commercial Property Development projects are
designed to meet the investment needs of the Funds
Management business and private investors.
Disciplined Property Process. Experience counts.
To ensure the highest level of quality control, REIT Capital has implemented various processes to guide its business
procedures. We have established an extensive resource network with many reputable property advisors, and
developed sophisticated cost control systems to ensure every project is operated within standard budget allowances.
We have also developed our own Inspection and Test Plan procedures for our clients in order to ensure delivery of the
highest quality.

                                                  for            Yield
                                 Terms                                        Structure

                    Geographic                                                               Debt
                     Location                                                              Facilities

           Tennant                                                                                  Forecast
          Credit Risk                                                                                Income

        Site Area
                                                     Property                                             Exit
                                                      Assets                                            Strategy
Property Expertise in Industry Sectors
The Directors of REIT Capital have a proven track record in many industry sectors for successful development projects.
Our expertise is in the management of projects across a wide range of categories both locally and internationally.
Our experience covers but is not limited to the following industry sectors:

Industrial                                                     Residential
Real estate used and/or capable of being used for              Low, medium and high density developments across
 the purpose of manufacturing, processing or                   the broad spectrum; from affordable housing to luxury
warehousing goods.                                             waterfront apartments.

Retail                                                         Aged Care
Premises used to: (a) sell goods by retail, or by retail and   Self care retirement living developments for people over
wholesale; (b) sell services; or (c) hire goods.               the age of 55 years.

Englobo land that is strategically acquired with the
intention of rezoning, then subdivided into smaller lots
and sold in the market place.
Commercial property:
Preferred partners
International Connections                                     How REIT Capital operates In Australia
REIT Capital has an affiliation with Capital partners who     REIT Capital engages the DMA Group under a
act for a number of European private investors and            Development Management Agreement to deliver its
has allocated some $1.5 Billion dollars to real estate        projects and in doing so acts as a client representative in
investment (financing and co-ownership structures)            all aspects of each development. This is the case for all
in Asia-Pacific. REIT Capital is their exclusive partner in   local and international developments.
                                                              Advisory Services
                                                              Since 1991 Peter Yassa has been advising Clients
                                                              directly for high net worth individuals or via the
                                                              Board of Directors for property trusts. REIT is able to
                                                              offer assistance and strategic advice governing the
                                                              establishment and formation of each property trust
                                                              when required.
The Board
The REIT Capital Board consists of a team of three highly experienced and skilled property professionals, each of
whom believe that sincerity and integrity are vital to establishing and maintaining exceptional relationships within the
investment community.

                        John Elvy has been in the real estate and development         From 2001 to 2004, John was a non-executive director
                        profession for forty years. During that time John’s focus     of James Fielding Group, an Australian public company
                        has been in property investment strategies, project           that specialised in property funds management This
                        development, growing real estate businesses and               group commenced business in 2000 and grew to over
                        building international property networks.                     A$2.3 billion in funds under management prior to
                                                                                      merging with Mirvac Limited in 2005.
                        John has been a senior executive with Colliers
                        International, Knight Frank and was managing director         John has served on many industry and government
                        of LJ Hooker International for NSW as well as chairman        committees to develop strategies for city and urban
John Elvy               for the LJ Hooker Commercial Group. Whilst Chairman           planning programs. He is currently chairman of the
Chairman                of LJ Hooker Commercial Group and director of                 NSW planning committee for the Property Council of
                        International Business Development from 2000 to               Australia.
                        2006, John grew the business to be
                        the largest commercial network in Australasia with 44
                        specialist offices and a turnover in excess of $2 billion.

                        Alan Zammit has been involved in the community and            Alan Zammit is strongly involved with a number
                        urban development for more than 35 years.                     of community organisations and currently acts as
                                                                                      chairman of the Salvation Army Western Sydney
                        Alan is chairman of Norwest Association Limited
                                                                                      Advisory Board and as a director of the Millennium
                        and, as managing director, was responsible for the
                                                                                      Foundation. In addition to Alan’s qualifications in
                        planning, development and marketing of Norwest
                                                                                      accounting, business, local government administration
                        Business Park in Sydney Australia.
                                                                                      and real estate he has also attended the Australian
                        Alan was formerly a director of Rouse Hill Infrastructure     Graduate School of Management where he
                        Consortium and an executive director of land                  successfully completed programmes in general
Alan Zammit AM          development, home buildingand real estate agency              management and marketing management.
Non-Executive           companies in the former Hooker (now Australand)
Director                group.

                        Peter Yassa has significant property development             In addition to Peter’s property development expertise,
                        experience across the residential, commercial, retail,       he is also a qualified builder and an architectural
                        industrial and retirement sectors. Peter has been            designer and has completed a Diploma in Financial
                        responsible for a number of very large projects with         Services gaining his PS146 and PS164 accreditation.
                        portfolio turnovers in excess of $300 million as well as
                        the successful introduction and negotiation for various
                        property developments with gross realisable value
                        of up to $1.4 billion. Peter has a proven track record
                        in successfully managing and expanding a variety of
Peter Yassa             property development companies on both a national
CEO and Managing        and international level.

                        Graham has been involved in Banking and Financial             Graham has extensive knowledge of Funds
                        Services Industry for over 35 years. The last 15 years        Management activities having worked for a large
                        of his career have focused on Financial Services,             global Research House, a private bank (Westpac),
                        predominately Wealth Management, specialising                 listed financial services company (Challenger) and
                        in Funds Management. Graham started his career                a privately held gold investment company. Graham
                        in Banking and specialised in Treasury. Graham is             also has a wealth of skills in Asset Management
                        Principal of FOX Asset Management, who specialise             having worked for a number of domestic and foreign
                        in Investment Consulting, Research and Funds                  owned Investment Banks prior to specialising in Funds
                        Management.                                                   Management. Graham has a Diploma of Financial
Graham Fox                                                                            services and is RG 146 compliant.
Fund Manager
Bankers                           Corporate Governance                    Contact Information
Commonwealth Bank of Australia.   REIT Capital places a high level of     Office 2, Level 2,
                                  importance on the need to establish     77 King Street,
Financial Advisor                 and maintain corporate governance       Sydney, NSW, 2000
KPMG.                             policies and practices which meet the   +612 9299 9751
                                  requirements of the market regulator,
Legal Advisors                    participants and any one who deals
Minter Elison                     with the REIT Capital Group.            AFSL No: 330742

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