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									                 Qantas Engineering Summer School
                 Closing: 12:00 noon Monday 29th September 2008

Following the recent signing of a collaboration agreement by Qantas Airways and the
University of Adelaide, Qantas is making available one place for an Engineering
student from the University to attend its vacation Summer School over the 2008/2009
summer break.

The conditions are:
   • The Summer School runs from 28th November 2008 to the 27th January 2009
       at the Qantas Jet Base at Mascot in Sydney.
   • Participants will be contracted employees of Qantas for the duration of the
       Summer School and will be paid a total of $5,000 (before tax).
   • Qantas will provide induction training and supervision over the course of the
       Summer School.
   • Accommodation will be the responsibility of the participant (although Qantas
       may provide assistance in finding suitable accommodation if needed).
   • Participants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents and may have
       to undergo a security clearance check.

   • Applications close at 12:00 noon on Monday 29th September 2008
   • Applicants must be currently enrolled 3rd or 4th year students in one of the
       following Engineering programs at the University.
           o BE(Aerospace)
           o BE(Computer Systems)
           o BE(Electrical and Electronic)
           o BE(Software)
       or associated double/combined degrees.
   • Applicants will be shortlisted based on their cumulative GPA to the end of
       Semester 1, 2008. Preference may be given to students whose academic
       record shows a strength in programming courses, ideally with some
       experience in artificial intelligence.
   • Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed by Qantas staff in Adelaide in the
       week of 29th September. Qantas will select the successful applicant.

Applications, comprising a copy of your resumé and your academic transcript, should
be sent to:
        Qantas 2008 Summer Scholarship
        c/- Head, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
        Room N107, Engineering North

The project to be conducted during the Summer School will be assigned by Qantas
Engineering. The attached description is indicative of the type of project that will be
                           Fuel Prediction Model Project

Current fuel prediction models used in airlines are based on manufacturer provided
databases and software. These prediction models are developed using a combination
of Flight Testing and theoretical equations based around the classical Newtonian
equations. Individual aircraft are then ascertained based on the reference database
(also called “book value”) and actual values recorded in flight. Due to the simplified
aircraft model used, only non accelerating cruise points are considered to evaluate real
aircraft performance vs. book value. Real aircraft performance is then applied to
Flight Planning via two catch for all coefficients that represent fuel burn and drag.
Fuel burn used in the Flight Planning stages is then ascertained per individual aircraft
by applying these two computed coefficients on the theoretical aircraft model. Any
over-predicted value implies extra dead weight; hence a possible reduction of payload
and/or a fuel burn of carrying that dead weight.

The aim of the project is therefore to use novel non-deterministic methods of
predicting aircraft fuel burn that close the gap on actual vs predicted fuel burn. These
methods would be based around machine self learning algorithms which would use as
inputs real flight data over the whole commercial flight envelope, and not just
restricted to stable cruise. The final result would be a fuel prediction model per
individual aircraft that could be applied to the entire Flight Plan.

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