Pyrus calleryana 'Capital'

					Pyrus calleryana ‘Capital’
Capital Callery Pear
Small to medium deciduous tree with a narrow domed
almost columnar form, branches ascending.
Broadly ovate leaves, lustrous dark green turning copper in
Prolific flowers in Spring, however fragrance can be
Bark is thin and easily damaged by mechanical impact.
Must be pruned early to achieve good structure.
Tolerant of a variety of soil conditions and will perform well
where summer moisture is available.
Suitable for narrow restricted growing spaces.
height x width (m)      10-12 x 2-4
origin                  Variety
growth rate             Fast
flower colour           White
flowering time          Spring
shade tolerance         Full sun
drought                 Moderate tolerance, requiring summer moisture
low soil oxygen         Moderate tolerance, prefers well drained soils.
compacted soils         Variable; widely planted in urban areas and generally grows satisfactorily.
pest + disease          Generally not prone to insects that cause obvious damage to foliage, moderate
                        to good Fire Blight resistance.
root disturbance        Moderate tolerance, evidence of successful recovery from root damage in
                        urban landscapes. Shallow rooted tree. Suited to small urban sites.
advanced                Low incidence of problem from planting out as industry standard, 2m plus
                        container grown trees.
limb shear              Few, if any reports of the shedding of major limbs in urban landscape
weed risk               No records of species becoming established in urban landscapes by self-sown
under powerlines        Not suited. Moderately dense or erect canopy form that is poorly suited to
                        training into an open centre under wires.
habitat value           Not known to provide a specific food or habitat resource for native fauna

Shire of Yarra Ranges                                                        Street Tree Species List
Streetscape Strategy                                                         Information Sheet

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Description: Pyrus calleryana 'Capital'