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Profiles- current Endeavour Awards winners


Profiles- current Endeavour Awards winners

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									          Profiles- current Endeavour Awards winners

                    Ms Sri-anant Wanasen is a research assistant at the Food
                    Biotechnology Laboratory, National Centre for Genetic Engineering
                    and Biotechnology (BIOTEC). After one year of exchanging
                    scientific ideas via internet communication with Dr Thomas Ross,
                    her current supervisor at University of Tasmania who is a world
                    renowned scientists for his work on predictive microbiology and risk
                    assessment in various foods, Sri-anant was accepted by Dr Ross as
                    his PhD student and was recommended to apply for Endeavour
                    Scholarship. She is now a third year PhD student at the School of
                    Agricultural Science, University of Tasmania. She would like to
                    continue her research in the area of food safety and risk assessment
                    upon her return to Thailand.

                    “My experience of studying in Australia has been nothing less than
Sri-anant Wanasen   amazing, I have met many scientists not only from Australia and had
                    a chance to learn from the world’s best. I strongly recommend
                    anyone who is interested to give it a try,” said Sri-anant.

                    Ms Punyanuch Sirisawadwattana graduated with first class
                    honour in Business Administration majoring in accounting from
                    Thammasat University. She used to work as an auditor at
                    PricewaterhouseCooper. She is now concluding or undertaking a
                    Master of Business Administration (MBA) majoring in corporate
                    finance at Australian National University in Canberra.

                    Punyanuch said she applied for the Endeavour Awards scholarship
                    because the Award did not limit areas of study. She could study
                    what she was really interested in without the having to think about
                    dealing with financial issues.

                    “I would like to become a management consultant in corporate
                    finance or a management associate at a multinational corporation.
   Punyanuch        After about ten years of applying what I have learned from the
Sirisawadwattana    Australian MBA degree to real world practices, I would move on to
                    my long-term goal of becoming a leading business professor in
                    Thailand to inspire the next generation of business students,” said
                      Ms Ladawan Hengwichitkul used to work at Patai Udom Suksa
                      School as a head of Innovation and International Projects to build up
                      online learning network with schools in other countries and also
                      worked for Srinakharinwirot University where she earned a Masters
                      Degree to create and develop online activities and lesson plans for
                      talented children.

                      Ladawan received several awards including the Microsoft
                      Innovation Teacher Leadership Awards 2007 and the Thailand
                      Animation & Multimedia Awards 2005. She also received a
                      scholarship to take the online Professional Development Course in
                      the Teaching of Foreign Language and Second Languages by using
                      ICT as Tools in 2008 from the USA.

                      Ladawan received the 2009 Endeavour Vocational Education and
                      Training (VET) Award to undertake a diploma of Multimedia
                      Authoring at Southbank Institute of Technology in Brisbane,

                      “I will apply the knowledge and skills from the multimedia
                      authoring to my teaching by creating an international online
   Hengwichitkul      collaboration project with schools in Australia.
                      As technology can empower teachers to create better learning for
                      students, I hope I could also introduce technology to serve students
                      of today in life long learning and in their personal lives as
                      inquisitive, reflective and caring citizens,” said Ladawan.

                      Dr Siriporn Khumsap is an Assistant Professor, Equine Clinic,
                      Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University. Dr Siriporn
                      received the Endeavour Executive Award in April 2009 and has
                      commenced her professional development at the Goulburn Valley
                      Equine Hospital in Victoria which is one of the busiest places for
                      equine surgery in Australia. Her duties at the Goulburn Valley
                      Equine Hospital are to work with veterinarians, interns, veterinary
                      nurses for equine patients, to observe and assist with surgical cases.

                      “Veterinary medicine is an exciting career for me. I am always
                      delighted to see the suffering animal being better. The Endeavour
                      Award provides the opportunity for me to gain more experience in
                      clinical practices which would encourage me to commence surgical
                      services to equine patients in northern Thailand. I would encourage
                      everyone who receives the information regarding the scholarship to
                      send in the application. The announcement is very long before the
Dr Siriporn Khumsap   deadline, giving us plenty of time to gather the necessary document.
                      The submission of application is very convenient with web-based
                      system that you can upload and update your application as frequent
                      as you wish before the deadline,” said Dr Siriporn.
                  Mr Peter O’Donnell is an Australian PhD Candidate in Resource
                  Management in Asia-Pacific Program (RMAP), Research School of
                  Pacific and Asian Studies, Australian National University. He is
                  currently conducting a research on environmental governance in
                  Northern Thailand at Chiang Mai University.

                  Peter decided to apply for the Endeavour Awards following
                  encouragement from his PhD supervisor and is now studying
                  alongside world renowned scholars in his field. The knowledge and
                  language skills which he will acquire in Thailand will help with his
                  future employment as he wishes to work in the Australian Public
                  Service for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

                  “The Award has helped me to foster links which will be useful for
                  both my current research and future work. I highly recommend
Peter O’Donnell   others to apply for the award,” said Peter.

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