Revise Nerd to Poularity by lisalieu


									English                                                                                      Lisa Lieu
6th Period                                                                                     3/10/10
                                       Revise: Nerd to Popularity

           Jacobson Elementary school would be your typical elementary school. There are bullies

and there are nerds. Eight year old, Gary would be your typical nerd. He had brown, curly hair,

chipped teeth, and crooked glasses. Nobody in the school knew Gary, at least not as how he

wanted them to know him as cool, funny, and popular. Everybody’s description of Gary would

be the nerd who sits in the back corner reading a comic book. Billy on the other hand was a

fourth grader, one year older than Gary. Everybody knew Billy; he had brown hair always

covered with a black cap. The entire student body knew Billy as how he wanted to be known for,

a bully.

           One day, as recess started, Gary was sitting in the back corner near the red, brick school

wall. He was reading his comic books as usual, while all the other kids were running about on

the playground. None of the other kids would ever invite Gary to come play with them because

he was always reading his comics. Everybody thought he was a boring. As Gary was reading his

comics, the bright light of the sun was blocked by a big, fat figure. “Hey, get out of the way. I

can’t see!” Gary demanded as he looked up from his dark comic book.

           “What did you say?” Billy asked as he lowered himself toward Gary.

           “Nothing,” Gary stuttered as he gazed at Billy’s angry face.

           “That’s what I thought. Don’t you ever mess with me again wimp,” Billy said as he

pointed at Gary and walked away towards the playground with his friends.

           Gary whispered to himself as he looked at the drawing in his book and said, “I wish I

could be as brave as you Superkid.”

           Moments later, the lunch ladies raised their hands and blew their whistles telling the kids

that it was time to go in for lunch. Walking into the crowded cafeteria, Gary headed toward the

back corner of the lunch room near the trash cans. He sat down and opened his sack lunch. He

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English                                                                                    Lisa Lieu
6th Period                                                                                   3/10/10
                                     Revise: Nerd to Popularity

took out his peanut butter sandwich, potato chips, and juice box. Immediately he began eating his

lunch, but before he got a chance to finish, a loud stomping of guys came marching over towards

his table. Suddenly, a banana peel came swirling into Gary’s face and it hit him right in the eye.

The crowd began laughing as the banana peel slid off of Gary’s face. Embarrassed by the crowd,

Gary threw the peel right below Billy’s feet. Suddenly, a scream filled the room as Billy stepped

foot on the peel and slid. His spaghetti and nachos went flying about the room and some landed

on his black cap. The crowd burst into laughter as Billy rubbed the tomato sauce off of his

favorite hat. Billy angrily stood up with his hand clenched and looked around the lunch room. He

spotted Gary giggling, holding on to his little stomach, nearly bursting in tears. Billy and his

friend stormed over to Gary and Billy picked him up by the shirt and said, “You think you’re so

strong and cool because you made me trip. Well if you’re so tuff meet me after school in the

field for a fight!”

        Billy dropped Gary as he and his friend left for the bathroom. The students began

whispering as they stared at Gary. Gary was nearly horrified as he tried to distract himself by

getting rid of the wrinkles on his shirt. Moments later, a few kids came rushing over towards

Gary’s table. A girl with blond curly hair leaned toward Gary and said, “Wow you are so cool to

stand up to Billy like that. Are you going to fight him?”

        “I don’t know. I really don’t want to get hurt,” Gary said as he sat down and sighed.

        “Aww, we thought that you were going to be the first person to be brave and stand up to

Billy,” said a boy with a stripe shirt on.

        “Brave,” Gary whispered to himself as he thought about Superkid.

        “You know what I think I will fight him!” Gary shouted as the students surrounded him

began to clap and cheer.

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English                                                                                  Lisa Lieu
6th Period                                                                                 3/10/10
                                    Revise: Nerd to Popularity

       In the classroom, Gary was very nervous. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach every time

he watched the minute hand go ticking by. As the bell rang, the students stormed out of the

classroom in excitement for the fight. They all ran outside near the designated area to fight. Gary

on the other hand was beginning to doubt his decision. He walked slowly down the hallway with

his unzipped, blue backpack. As he turned to the next hallway, Gary spotted Billy cracking his

knuckles. Gary quickly turned around and pace over near the staircase. Billy then saw Gary and

noticed a blue fabric lingering out of Gary’s backpack. Billy ran over toward Gary and snatched

the cloth out of Gary backpack in shock as he stared at the teddy bear imprinted on the blanket

with Gary’s name sewed on it. “Look at what I got!” Billy shouted at Gary as he turned around.

       Gary’s mouth dropped and he said, “Give me it back Billy!”

       “Not in your dreams,” Billy shouted as he sprinted towards the stairs and out the door

near the students.

       Gary immediately ran behind Billy as Billy headed outside.

       Billy stormed out in laughter as he pushed toward the center of the crowd and said,

“Look at what I’ve got everybody!”

       He waved Gary’s blanket around the crowd, pointing out Gary’s name sewed on it.

       “You guys all thought that Gary was so brave because he stood up to me, but look at

what he brought with him to school, his blankie!” Gary shouted as he laughed evilly at Gary,

pointing him out.

       The crowd began laughing as they pointed at Gary hiding in the corner. Gary was

extremely embarrassed as all of the students laughed at him, but then he walked up toward the

center of the crowd and said, “Why are you guys acting this way? We’re all only third graders

and fourth graders. We don’t have to grow up too fast, we’re just kids, and we all have secrets.”

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English                                                                                  Lisa Lieu
6th Period                                                                                 3/10/10
                                    Revise: Nerd to Popularity

       The crowd began whispering as a girl in a ponytail stood up and said, “I bring my teddy

bear with me everywhere I go.”

       A boy pushed through the kids and shouted, “I’m still afraid of the dark.”

       One by one, all of the students came up and confessed a secret.

       When they were finished Billy laughed in astonishment as he gripped his stomach and

said, “Only wimps have secrets, cool people don’t have secrets.”

       As Billy began to walk away he threw Gary’s blanket on the floor and stomped on it,

leaving a shoe mark. Suddenly, one of his friends shouted at Billy and said, “Wait, didn’t you tell

me you were afraid of clowns?”

       The kids began laughing at Billy as he ran away and said, “You weren’t supposed to tell


       The kids all patted Gary on his back as he picked up his blanket. They all filed out of the

playground and told him how he was their hero. Gary giggled to himself and said, “Just like


       So, Gary was no longer considered a nerd, but the complete opposite, popular. He had

new friends and even better was considered a hero to the younger kids at his school. From that

point on, nobody picked on Gary anymore. Everybody learned their lesson that kids should be

kids and all get along with each other.

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