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					Pool Chemicals

Product Guide

Chlorine Products          03
Spa Sanitisers        06
Algaecides                 08
Balancing Chemicals        10
Specialty Chemicals        12
Chlorine Super 700                    Chlorine Super 650

                                                                                 chlorine products
Granulated chlorine for regular       Granulated chlorine for regular
use as an effective sanitiser for     use as an effective sanitiser for
pool water. The available chlorine    pool water. The available chlorine
is 70% - 74%.                         is 65% - 68%.

	   Effective sanitisation of your   	   Effective sanitisation of your
     pool water due to the high            pool water due to the high
     performance formulation.              performance formulation.
	   Quick and easy to use due to     	   Quick and easy to use due to
     fast dissolving granules.             fast dissolving granules.
	   8% stronger than normal 65%
     available chlorine.

                         Chlorine Concentrate                     Pool Shock
chlorine products

                         100% soluble granular chlorine           Restore sparkle to dull pool
                         with built-in stabiliser. Suitable for   water when used as shock
                         fresh and salt water pools.              treatment. Over 5 times
                                                                  stronger than liquid chlorine.
                         	   Use up to 60% less than             Destroy chloramines which
                              regular chlorine.                   cause itchy eyes and ‘Chlorine-
                         	   No residue formula means            Like’ odour.
                              crystal clear pool water.
                         	   Non calcium formula.
                              No scale build up on saltwater
                              generator electrodes.
                         	   Dose every other day.

Ultra Shock                           Giant Chlorinating

                                                                                   chlorine products
Non chlorine shock treatment.         Tablets
Dissolves easily in water. Suitable   Convenient, long lasting tablets
also for vinyl pools.                 with built-in stabiliser. Can be
                                      used all year round or during the
	   Make water sparkle.              off-season as a winterizer.
	   Compatible with Chlorinated,
     Brominated and Ozonated pool     	   The built-in stabiliser protects
     and spa sanitizing systems.           the chlorine from the sun’s
	   No pool shut down. Dose and           harmful Ultraviolet rays which
     swim half hour later.                 means the chlorine time in the
                                           water is extended.

                      3 Easy Step
                      Programme to
                      sanitise your spa

                      Use Aqua-Health® Start-up &
                      Balance in newly filled spas to initially
                      balance and sanitise the water.

                      Use Aqua-Health® Spa Bromine
                      Tablets to kill and control algae
                      and bacteria.

                      3                                           Spa Startup & Balance
                      Use Aqua-Health® Spa Shock once
                                                                  High performance granulated
                      a week as a shock treatment. Use
                      Aqua-Health® Start-up & Balance             chlorine for regular use.
                      once a week to buffer the pH and
                      balance the water.
spa sanitisers

                                                                  	   Fast and effective sanitisation
                                                                       of pool water due to the high

                      Safety Tips                                      performance formulation.
                                                                  	   Quick and easy to use due to
                      National Health and Medical
                      Research Council recommend that:                 fast dissolving granules.
                      • The spa pool water is not hotter
                        than 40°C. Ideal range is 35-37°C.
                      • Restrict spa use to 20 minutes.
                      • Keep your head out of the water.
                        Do not swallow spa water.
                      • Clean your spa filter at least once
                        a fortnight.
                      • Empty your spa and thoroughly
                        clean at least every 3 months.

Spa Brominating Tablets                   Spa Shock
Long lasting tablets for effective        Non chlorine shock treatment for
spa pool and hot tub sanitisation.        use in spas.

                                                                                  spa sanitisers
	   Fast and effective sanitisation in   	   Non chlorine (no odours)
     hot water condition.                 	   Dissolves easily in water.
	   Especially formulated for spa
     pools and hot tubs.

                  Algae Starver                         Concide
                  Aqua-Health®    Starver stops         Copper based algaecide to kill
                  algae in its tracks! By removing      and control algae.
                  phosphates (algae food) it retards
                  the growth of algae in pool water.
                  This product will last for up to

                  three months and is an excellent
                  choice to use over winter and
                  when on holidays.

                  	   Slashes pool maintenance.
                       Keeps your pool crystal clear.

Algatrol Concentrate                 Black Algatrol
Highly concentrated, non-metal       For the removal of Black Algae.
based algaecide to kill and
control algae.

	   For chlorinated and saltwater

balancing chemicals

                           pH Increaser                         pH Decreaser (Dry)
                           Used to increase pH. Helps protect   A safer alternative to hydrochloric
                           against scaling and corrosion.       acid, to reduce pH and lower

                                                                	   Helps protect against scaling.
                                                                	   Reduces problems such as
                                                                     cloudy water if the pH level is
                                                                     too high.
                                                                	   Ideal for lowering total

                                                                                balancing chemicals
pH Decreaser (Liquid)                Hardness Increaser
Liquid acid to reduce pH and lower   Increases Calcium hardness level
total alkalinity.                    in pool water. Reduces damage
                                     to Marblesheen and Pebble
                                     finished pools, caused by low
                                     levels of calcium.

                                     Alkalinity Increaser
                                     Helps protect against corrosion and
                                     scaling, and maintain a stable pH.

                                     	   Minimises pH fluctuations.

specialty chemicals

                           Sunscreen                          Dropout
                           Reduces chlorine consumption in    Clears cloudy water and
                           pools by up to 50% by protecting   improves filtration.
                           the chlorine from the sun’s
                           harmful Ultraviolet rays.

                           	   Ideal for chlorinated and
                                saltwater pools.

                                                                                 specialty chemicals
Aquashine                                 Granular De-Stain
Restores sparkle and clarity to           Removes metal stains from vinyl
pool water.                               and Fibreglass pools.

	   Conditions filter which assists in
     removal of suspended matter.

specialty chemicals

                           Ferroban                               Salt Chlorinator
                           	   Aqua-Health®   Ferroban aids      Water Conditioner
                                in the prevention of scale,       Use regularly to prevent scale
                                stains and discoloured water in   deposition on salt chlorinator
                                swimming pools.                   electrodes and heat exchange
                           	   Removes dissolved metallic        elements.
                                compounds from pool water to
                                prevent discoloured water.        	   Prolongs the life of salt
                           	   Prevents stains on pool                chlorinator electrodes and
                                surfaces caused by dirt, algae         heater elements.
                                and metal corrosion.              	   Lowers maintenance
                                                                       requirements - scale can
                                                                       simply be hosed off.

                                                                                 specialty chemicals
De-call Cell Wash                    Filter De-Greaser
Easily removes scale build-up from   Heavy duty de-greaser to extend
electrodes and also removes grime    the life of the pool filter and
and any organic build-up from the    maintain high filtration efficiency.
electrodes without affecting them.
                                     	   Suitable for sand filters,
                                          cartridge filters & DE filters.
                                     	   Eliminates oils & grease
                                          from your filter which reduce
                                          filtration efficiency.

Waterco Ltd.
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of Waterco Ltd.
ABN 62 002 070 733

36 South Street                               Distributed by:

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The information and data contained herein are believed to be correct. The recommendations
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