Scientific Literacy by rt3463df


									 Scientific Literacy
      Science or Not???

Pseudo Science or Junk Science
      Current Topics 30S
Choose a Topic:
   Can be anything BUT….
     It’s not completely understood at this time
     Something that’s a little “on the edge”
         Could be an “old wife’s tale”
         Could be mythical in nature

         Could be futuristic

     See   the list of sample topics at the end
What to do:
    Find out all of the scientific evidence to
     support or explain your topic
        What methods, equipment, studies were
        Who did the research?
        Give examples of experiments, including
         pictures/graphics if possible.
    Find out all of the “not so scientific”
        Hypothetical theories
        Folklore
        Conjecture
        Media presentation
    Compare the scientific data to the “not
     so scientific data”
Bring your topic back to the lab:
   Create or find a lab that is related to your
       You can make one up
       You can find one in a book
       You can find one on the internet
   Have the students complete your lab during
    your presentation – it needs to be something
    where everyone is involved
Lab con’d:
    If no lab activity is possible……
        Generate a series of questions for discussion
         related to your topic
             If you make a quiz, you’ll have to have answers as well
        Find or make up a “pen & paper” activity related
         to your topic
    You could format your questions/activity as a
     webquest or some other type of internet
     scavenger hunt…. Hmmm!
For further research:
   All presentations must explore the areas
    that require research in the future to
    solve the issue….. Science or not!
(the research must not have been done already)
       Make suggestions as to what can be done
       Predict the outcome of the research…… is your topic
        going to be viewed as Science…. Or not science???
Possible topics include:
    Where the next earthquake will occur
    Near death experiences
    Dowsing
    Lost civilizations
    Mythical creatures – nessie, bigfoot, yeti ogopogo,
     mothman, etc.
    Nasca lines
    Origin of the sphinx & pyramids
    Bermuda triangle/ devil’s triangle
    Easter Island standing stones
    Stonehenge
    Ghosts
More topics:
    Are we alone in the universe?
    Asteroid impacts & the destruction of planet earth
    Fad diets and nutrition
    Cloning of dinosaurs or other extinct species
    Multiple personality disorders
    Lunar myths (the effects of a full moon)
    Acupuncture
    Astrology
    Plant perception
    Spontaneous human combustion
    Subliminal advertising

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