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									NWPS Uniform Pool Price List and Order Form
We encourage parents to use this order form for purchases.
By sending in your order in plenty of time before a change in season, you will be sure of getting the uniforms
your child needs in a timely fashion. This is particularly important for the girls’ uniform as there is a six week
wait between us ordering and the stock arriving.
The Uniform Pool is run by parents for the benefit of the school community and thus all efforts are voluntary
and we all do the best we can so your understanding is appreciated.
Please ensure that you complete the attached order form and place the order with the office in an envelope
marked “Uniform Pool”. Orders are collected regularly.
The Uniform Pool is open 8.45-9.30am Friday mornings and on other days as advertised in the NWPS
weekly newsletter. Consignment items will be accepted during this time. If you are unable to attend at this
time, please drop a note to the Uniform pool at the Office and we will try to call you back asap. In
emergencies, please call Colleen on 99808841 for an appointment.

Your Full Name: ____________________________________________

Phone Number: _____________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Payment may be made by
  Cheque (payable to “NWPS Uniform Pool”), or
  Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa only).
  Name on Card: ___________________________________________
  Card Number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
  Expiry Date: __ __ / __ __
   MasterCard            Visa

Collection of Order:
   Pre-paid orders will be sent home with your child.
   Child’s Name: ______________________________________________

   Child’s Class: ______________________________________________

   If you choose not to pre-pay, you will receive a phone call or email when the order is ready and you can
   pick the order up at the Uniform Pool on a Friday morning (8.45-9.30am) once payment has been
Second-Hand Items:
Second-hand items of clothing are available from the clothing pool and the uniform pool takes clothes on
If you wish to purchase second-hand items, please come and view the items on the racks outside the
Uniform Pool when it is open on Friday mornings 8.45-9.30am. The Uniform Pool does hold special days for
the sale of second-hand items and you will be notified of these days in the NWPS weekly newsletter.
If you wish to sell second-hand clothes through the Uniform Pool on consignment, please complete a
Uniform Pool Consignment Note and deliver the items and the note to the uniform pool. Only items sold new
through the Uniform Pool will be sold on consignment and excludes socks, stockings and hair ties. Payment
will be made against the Consignment Note, via cheque, once all items are sold.
Consignment items will be held for 6 months only and after this time, payment will be made, by cheque,
based on the items sold. The unsold items will be donated to an overseas charity for children in need.
The Uniform Pool reserves the right to price items on consignment based on the price of similar items
already available and retains 20% of the sale price once sold.
All profits from the Uniform Pool are forwarded to the P&C Association for projects which will benefit the
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