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									Royal Institute of British
   The SaaS experience

         Jolanta Kent

• Lost the post of Systems Librarian, cataloguers
  become Unicorn system administrators

• Problems with having no IT support inhouse

• No access to server
                   SaaS project

• Not much for the librarians to do till the final
  configuration checks

• Mostly IT work, testing VPN connections, making
  changes to firewalls etc.
                  SaaS project

•   In our case there were no third parties
    involved and no customisation making the
    whole process easier

•   Time: 4 months (29 April to 29 August 2008)
    including configuring a new test server, service
    down for 3 days
• Getting VPN tested and working

• Our local problems with bandwidth and internet
  speed, slow response time

• Still need some inhouse IT support, mainly with
  bandwidth, network issues and PC configuration

• Occasional outages, no choice of dates they are
  planned for
• Having a test server for the first time

• Better IT support: SD do all the server
  maintenance, fix problems and perform
  upgrades and daily backups

• All the disaster recovery planning and
  implementation included

• Automatic server capacity upgrades, all future
  server capacity provided

• Allowing third parties (other libraries in our case)
  access to our server (e.g. through Z39.50)

• All Unicorn modules are available

• Freed a lot of IT staff time

• Oracle embedded licence included

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