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									                                        September 2007

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      Adelaide Group - Meeting SEPTEMBER 2007
                                                                            Inside this issue:
The WVFG meet at TPI House on the corner of South Terrace & Hutt St at
1000hrs on the last Friday of the month, except when the last Friday
                                                                            Activity reports        2
coincides with a public holiday. The Group does not meet in December.
The meeting was convened by Mick Mummery and commenced at 1015hrs.          Activity Report         3
Present: Mick Mummery; John Hamlyn; Graham Parks; Tug Wilson; Sid
Jamieson; Vic Ellul; Rod Langman; Jim Pugh; Vince Iannunzi; Stan Stone;     Fishing reports         4
Rob Schuler; John H; Bruce Standen; Ken Bennett; Brijit & Phil Chapman;
Bob Hunter; Greg Dwiar; Kevin Stone; Colin Fielding.                        Moon and Fish           5
Apologies:   Greg Bonnett; Ike Treloar; Norm Bell; Tony Lawrence; John
                                                                            Xmas Break-up           6
Murphy; John & Edna Salmon.
                                                                            Future Activities
  The meeting commenced with Mick Mummery reciting the Ode to fallen
                                                                            Robbie's Kitchen        7

                                                                            Members Profile         7

                                                                            Hall of fame            8
                They shall grow not old, As we that are left grow old,
             Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn,               Hall of fame            9
             At the going down of the sun , And in the morning,
                                                                            Routine Orders          10
                          We shall remember them.
                                                                            Yearly Planner          10
                       Lest we Forget
                                                                            Eyre Peninsular         10

                                      Page 2                                                September-
                                                               War Veterans Fishing Group – September- 2007

Graham P went out from Nth Haven on Monday the 17th to the Semi reef, he and
Sam were up early for a 0600 start and were back in by 0900 as the wind had picked
up earlier than predicted, there were plenty of small Whiting about but not for
keeping, the weather forced them home early for a hot cuppa coffee.

Sid, and his brother went to Pt Vic, stayed in our usual place, the Holiday Flats for 4
days. The first two days were hard work as they only managed to catch 2 Whiting
(45cm &48cm) from many drops which Sid has in his little black book. The wind was
still blowing around 18knts on the 3rd day which made for a day to go and catch up
on our many friends that live in the area, the last day was a lot calmer and Ideal for
fishing, they did get their quota of Whiting, Sid then tried for Snook using a three
ganged hook with fish flesh as bait and got some good sized Snook.

Vic E has been casting a line in West Lakes and tells us there are plenty of whiting
throughout the system, most of them are still under sized, there are some keepers
amongst them but not many.
Stan S had been to Kangaroo Island for a few days, he went on a charter out of
American River, with the charter bagging out in just 90 minutes, being only a
Whiting Charter, the skipper headed for home, still collecting $80.00 per person for
the experience, so there you go, whenever you go out on a charter before you book,
make sure you know how long you are going to be on the water, and what he is
going to target for you.
Rob S, had a charter with Clayton, read his report on page 3.

Ken B, Lofty and Paul M went to Pt Augusta to track down the Kingy’s again, as
usual they knew the WVFG were in the area, as no fish were to be located, although
others who were there did manage a few runs and a few catches. The Kingfish are
there at this time of the year, you just have to entice them to come near your baits.
It was the first time Ken has fished with Paul, he was amazed how Paul managed
all his own knots and rigging up baits etc. they did catch a few Salmon which were
used as live bait, with the rest put in the freezer to be taken back to Adelaide, As
usual Lofty being part of the ships company, when the boys were passing Pt Pirie it
suddenly dawned on them that the Salmon were still in the freezer of the cabin in
the Caravan Park, a quick phone call to the manager to make sure that they were
taken out before the park had to be evacuated, the boys were assured that the
offending salmon had found a new home in another freezer.

Mick M and Phil C went out from Wirrina to the spots that Phil haunts regularly
and returned with 27 Whiting all around the 50cm size. Phil said that he would
welcome any of our group down that way for a try at the Whiting anytime at all, just
give him a ring.
                    editor: Greg Dwiar
                                           Page 3
                                                                             War Veterans Fishing Group – September - 2007

       ACTIVITY REPORTS                                                         A very big THA K YOU to Clayton
                                                                                and Mark who worked hard all day
                                                                                to keep us happy. Also on the way
Well for some time now we have                                                  home Eugene and I stopped in to see
been trying to organize a                                                       The Old Fox and Raelene. They are
charter with Pt. Victoria Fishing                                               well and pass on regards. Peter
Charters for a Saturday so I                                                    (Junior) was also on the scene and
could take Thomas. Clayton                                                      says g'day to one and all.
contacted me and informed me
that another party had cancelled
for the 15th Sept and the day
was mine if I wanted it.

After a few phone calls the crew
was set. Eugene , Greg B, Ike            Jim’s Grandson Issac on right
T, Rob S, Thomas S, Jim P,            At 1400 the wind dropped a degree
Jim's son Steve and Jim's             or two and Clayton being the man
G r a n d s o n      I s a a c .      he is, said we will stick our nose
                                      outside and see what the weather is
We all sat down to dinner in the      doing. Boy am I so glad he made
pub at 1830 on Friday night.          that decision. Another 3 drops and
Weather was looking good for          we had our boat limit of KG's along
the following day, so an early        with a few Leather Jackets and Red          Clayton helping Thomas with another
night was had by all. We were         Mullet.                                     nice KG.
all up and ready to go at 0700.

                                      I proudly pulled in the last KG at
Although there was a strong
                                      1640 and we steamed for home. Clayton and Janine, on behalf of all
breeze, we were collected by
                                                                         the members of the WVFG. We all
Clayton and Mark at 0730.
                                      We arrived back at the boat ramp wish you both the very best with
.                                     at 1715 and then got back to the your upcoming wedding, and will
                                      pub to divvy up the catch. What a understand if you don't take any
  The day started off slowly and      great day for us all. Every member bookings from us for the day after
we struggled to find fish. The        of our group was able to take home the wedding.
wind increased in strength and        at least 20 fillets of fresh KG
as we stopped for lunch after         Whiting.                                    ><{{{*> SAangler Rob S
many drops, things were looking
grim. Only 27 KG's in the box.
Hmmmmmm                                                                          ……………..From page 2
.                                                                                There were 9 others at the
                                                                                 meeting that had nothing
                                                                                 to report on as they hadn’t
                                                                                 been out or are just
                                                                                 waiting for an invite to be
                                                                                 part of a crew with a boat

                                       Greg baiting up and Thomas fishing.
    Group shot with Jim's son Steve
    in background

                                      editor: Greg Dwiar
                                      Page 4                                                       September-
                                                                      War Veterans Fishing Group – September- 2007

   FISHING REPORTS                                       For the Boat Owners.

Fishing Report for Port Adelaide                         S 34 46 388
                                                         E 138 25 314
region 27/9/07                                           Snapper up to 3kg and whiting around 35cm
It’s hard to tell what the next day will hold weather
wise. One day it’s cold and windy and the next is 30     Bower Road
degrees. There is a Full moon this week on the 27th,     S 31 51 172
so expect some massive tides over the next week.         E 138 26 879
Lots of movement means lots of fish. Crabs are more      Good crabs and large snook
active around the full moon so I’ll be crabbing this
weekend. Sunday and Monday of the long weekend           Coral Patch
look like great days for fishing land based and for      S 34 50 456
the boaters. Water temperature has gone up 15            E 138 19 362
degrees metro and 16 over Edithburgh side.               15km south west of North Haven and about 65’
                                                         of water
The best time for fishing is Sunday 30th around          The Snapper should be on this ground by now
1.30pm                                                   and especially if the water is dirty in the
Crabbing will be good, and the water should be           shallows.
clearing up from the blow we’ve had this week.
                                                         Thanks to sheldons web site for this report
Expect the last of the winter Whiting, Snapper,
Squid and Snook. If the water is dirty still, hit the
deeper grounds. If the water is clear try the
shallower grounds.

Bream…………. land based                                    The Fisherman and the Catch of the year
Second footbridge at West Lakes                          entries will be coming to a close shortly, If
Trimmer Parade                                           you have caught any fish worth while, that
Jervois Bridge                                           you consider could put you in the running
Wading out off the beaches                               for our only Group awards, then get in
                                                         touch with Kevin Stone (ph 8284 3974 )
Bream………... Boat                                         as soon as you can, a photo or a witness,
North Arm wrecks                                         is all that you need to be in the running
Cement wharf                                             for this years awards
Hot water outlet
Mangroves on outgoing tide

Mulloway…………. land based
Jervois bridge …. Plastics working well
Tug boats …live bait doing the work
#2 dock

Mulloway……………... boat
Top end of the river fishing the structure
#1 dock
Jervois bridge

West lakes has produced some salmon trout up to 1
kg around Island point, Brebner Drive and Trimmer
Parade. Diving minnows working well along with frog
mouth Pilchards and White Bait.

                                 editor: Greg Dwiar
                                           Page 5                War Veterans Fishing Group – September 2007

  Sent in by Graham Parks                           FULL MOON - Tides build in intensity
                                                    from the first quarter until the full moon.
We often talk about fishing by the moon
                                                    Full moon tides are usually the largest
but not everyone understands what the
                                                    tides of winter & are associated with
moon phases are. So here they are. I
                                                    large tides year round. Night fishing
offer them freely. There is no cost to
                                                    during the full moon is good because the
                                                    fish & bait are generally more active
Aren't    I   really    generous     eh!      ?     than during the darker moons. Assuming
                                                    there is no cloud cover the full moon
New Moon - 1st              Quarter— Full           provides enough light to improve the
Moon—and the                 Last Quarter           ease & enjoyment level of night fishing.
                                                    The presence & view of a full moon stirs
NEW MOON - Tides build in size from                 the emotions in most of us. This is
the last quarter of the old moon until the          especially so in natural habitats with
arrival of the new moon. They will then             little or no artificial light.
decrease in size until the first quarter.
The dark nights that go with the new                LAST QUARTER - Tides decrease in size
moon can produce top fishing at dawn &              from the full of the moon until the last
dusk, & better than usual fishing during            quarter & then increase until the arrival
the day. New moon tides generally                   of the new moon. The small tides that go
produce the largest tides of the summer             with the last quarter are good for spear
& go hand in hand with large spring                 fishing ter flow. Habita& snorkelling
tides year round. Large tides place                 because of the decreased wats with
physical restrictions on fish in certain            large tidal flow can fish well for longer
habitats. When the environment allows,              periods during the last quarter. Less
fish will feed hard to satisfy their need           current allows the fish to move around &
for energy. During the new moon this                feed without consuming to much energy.
time is mainly during the daylight turns            As soon as the current reaches enough
o f          t h e          t i d e .               force, fish will hold out in a protected
                                                    area until conditions improve.
1ST QUARTER - Tides decrease in
intensity from the new moon until they
become the smaller neap tides of the
first quarter. The tides will then build
again until the moon is full. Spear
fishers, free divers & snorkelers in areas
with large tidal effect take advantage of
the decreased water flow that goes with
the first & last quarters of the moon.
Local Knowledge is worth considering
when deciding on species & habitats to
target during the first quarter of the
m           o         o        n         . Editor: Greg Dwiar
                                                       Page 6                                                September-
                                                                                War Veterans Fishing Group – September- 2007

                                                                     Future Activities
                                                                Sinker Making day will be on the 24th and 25th of
                                                                October at Tony Lawrence’s new place in Moonta
                                                                Bring along any Lead and Sinker Moulds that you
                                                                A gas bottle preferably full, saucepan and ladle,
         13 Beatty S                                            gloves, vice grips and a gas burner are needed, we
                    t Linden Pa
                               rk                               have all of these things which will be brought up
       Starting at 11.30 am going thru until 2.30pm             there.
                                                                Lead is some thing that is in short supply at the
  There will be a B-B-Q lunch (bring you own meat and           moment if you have any bring it along as well.

                 A Cold dish if you wish
                                                                During our November meeting Rod Langman has
                                                                invited a Fishing Inspector to come along and have a
        Bar facilities available at reasonable prices           talk to us about the current regulations and rules
                                                                concerning fishing and boating. Our Guest will arrive
         Full size Billiard table for your enjoyment            at about 1100hrs so we will have to make sure that
                                                                our meeting starts at 1000hrs sharp so we can have
                                                                time for an informative talk, with question and
                Or just sit around and relax

               Fun and games for everyone                       The Darwin trip is coming towards us at an unbelievable
                                                                rate, it hardly seems any time since it was two years
                     Presentations of                           away.
                                                                The firm booking for all five(5) cabins will be made in
                                                                November as agreed to by the site manager. I propose to
               Fisherman of the Year Award
                                                                pay for the cabins in full at time of booking to show
                 Catch of the year Award                        good faith and to acknowledge the preferential treatment
                                                                that we have been given in relation to booking
  Off street parking is limited on the grounds to about 7       arrangements. To enable this I require full payment at or
                           vehicles                             before the November meeting which is now not all that
                                                                far away. Some members have already paid in full,
                                                                some have paid a deposit whilst others have paid
                                                                nothing and obviously are waiting for the deathknock. I
                                                                do not wish to be saddled with the task of chasing
                                                                payment so I ask that payments be made in accordance
                                                                with my wishes.
                                                                                As intimated at the September meeting it
                                                                is proposed to hold a bi-monthly get together of the
                                                                Darwin adventurers at the conclusion of our ordinary
                                                                meetings. The first of these get togethers will be
                                                                following the November meeting when I trust that
                                                                numbers etc will be crystal clear. Any questions,
                                                                suggestions and advice will be handled at these get
                                                                togethers and I am sure that as a result everyone will be
There is a public car park about 140 meters from the hall or
                                                                well prepared for this wonderful trip.
    street parking on the western side of the road. only

                              editor: Greg Dwiar
                                                         Page 7                                                September-
                                                                                  War Veterans Fishing Group – September- 2007

                        This Month
               YOGHURT SALAD

    Meat from 4 fresh crabs
    2 small potatoes, finely grated
    1 medium carrot, finely grated
    130g can creamed corn
    130g can corn kernels
    3 green shallots, finely chopped
    1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
    1 egg, lightly beaten
                                                                     Name: Robert ‘Pom’ Hunter
    2 tablespoons sour cream
                                                                     Age: 59
    2 tablespoons oil
Press excess liquid from crab, potatoes and carrot. Combine crab     Birthplace: London
potatoes, carrot, both cans of corn, shallots, parsley, egg and      Military Service: 8 years. Vietnam 5RAR
cream in large bowl.
                                                                     ,3RAR.New Guinea Survey Corps
Heat oil in large frying pan, pour 1/4 cup mixture into pan,
flatten gently with egg slide, cook over medium heat for about 5     Most memorable catch: Record breaking
minutes on each side or until crisp; turn cakes once during          mullet
cooking; drain on absorbent paper. Serve with spicy yoghurt
                                                                     Favourite fishing spot: Smoky Bay
                                                                     Favourite fish to catch: King George
                  SPICY YOGHURT SALAD                                Whiting
    3 medium carrots, coarsely grated                                Favourite fish to eat: Tommy Ruff
    1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley                               Favourite food: Roast
    3 teaspoons chilli sauce                                         Favourite drink: Beer
    3/4 cup plain yoghurt
                                                                     All time favourite movie: Davy Crockett
    2 teaspoons honey
                                                                     Favourite TV show: Dad's Army
Press excess liquid from carrots. Combine carrots, parsley, sauce,
yoghurt and honey in medium bowl.                                    Other hobbies: Rowing
SERVES 4.                                                            Ambition: Visit New Zealand
                                         In memory of R the T

                                         editor: Greg Dwiar
                                    Page 8                                                   September-
                                                                War Veterans Fishing Group – September- 2007

                                 HALL OF FAME

                                                                       Catch of the
       Senior Champion
                                                                        Year 2006

   SPECIES         WEIGHT       LE GTH         LOCATIO            CAUGHT          WIT ESS         DATE
  KI GFISH            27 kg       140 cm         Pt Augusta         Mick M.          Max G.       Aug 02

LEATHERJACKET        N/R          43.5 cm       Port Hughes         Tony L.          Rod L.       Mar 07

   MULLET             N/R         31.2 cm        Coffin Bay         Bob H.            Greg D.       Oct 06
 MACKEREL –           N/R          41 cm        Port Hughes         Tony L.           Paul C.      Feb 07
   A YGAI            4.4 kg        65 cm        Pondalowie          Tug W.           Mal N.       Dec 01
PERCH - SILVER        N/R          32 cm          Renmark           Kevin S.         Bob H.       May 07

PERCH - REDFI         N/R          28 cm        Khancoban           Bob H.          Kevin S.      Nov 06
   SALMO             4.12 kg       69 cm       Gunyah Beach        Richard I.        Peter B.      Feb 01

 SAMSO FISH           17 kg         N/R         Cape Forbin        Eugene N.         Rob S.       Faille 02
   SHARK -            N/R           N/R         Port Victoria        Tug W.          Mick M.        Oct 06
   S APPER          16.00 kg       98 cm         Santa Anna          Bob C.         Norm B.        Feb 05
   S OOK              N/R          89 cm        Roslyn Shoal         Sid J.         Mick M.       Faille 03

    SQUID            1.1 kg        86 cm        Fowlers Jetty        Jeff B.         Rob S.       Sept 00

  STRO GY            1.15 kg       47 cm       Fowlers Ledge        Mick M.          Paul M.      Sept 00

SWALLOW TAIL         1.3 kg        46 cm           Rivies          Michael C.       Mick M.       Falie 03

    SWEEP            650 gm        38 cm        Buffalo Reef       Tommy T.         Mick M.       Falie 00

  TREVALLY           2.1 kg        57 cm        Corny Point         Klaus R.         Mal P.       May 06

TROUT-BROW           2.1 kg       50 cm          Khancoban          Kevin S.       Beverley S.    Nov 04
     TU A            18.4 kg        N/R          Pt Lincoln        Michael C.        Bob C.       Mar 03

   WHITI G           1.2 kg        55 cm        Port Victoria          Sid J.        Mal P.         May

             editor: Greg Dwiar
                                            Page 9                       War Veterans Fishing Group – September -2007

                    WAR VETERANS FISHING GROUP
                                                                                           Catch of the Year
  Senior Champion                   HALL OF FAME                                                 2006

   SPECIES       WEIGHT         LE GTH               LOCATIO            CAUGHT         WIT ESS            DATE
BARRACOUTTA          N/R          110 cm               Coffin Bay        Tony L.          John H.          Oct 06

 BARRAMU DI         4.25 kg        71 cm             Corroboree (NT)     Tug W.          Kevin C.         May 07

 BLUE GROPER         N/R           N/R                 Cape Forbin      Mick M.           Rob S.          Falie 02
    BLUE            4.55 kg        75 cm               Pondalowie        Tug W.           Mal N.           Dec 01
    REEF            4.5 kg        59.5 cm        Shoal Bay (NT)          Tug W.           Mal N.          May 06
    BREAM           1.56 kg        48 cm                Pt. River        Rob S.          Mick M.           Feb 98

   CARP-            1.38 kg        51 cm                Renmark          Bob. H           Vince I         May 07
CORAL TROUT         4.2 kg         70 cm              Fitzroy Reef       Ted C.          Laurel C.         Aug 02

  CRAYFISH          3.2 kg         N/R                Western Drop       Tug W.           Lofty A.         Jan 06

 CUTTLEFISH         3.5 kg         N/R                 Corny Point      Jeffery B.        Paul M.         Falie 02

  DRUMMER            3 kg          50 cm             Bird Island Reef    Tony l.          John H.         June 06

  EAGLE RAY          N/R          1.27 m              Buffalo Reef      Mick M.           Mick C.         Falie 00

  FLAT HEAD         2.15 kg        67 cm                Pt. Turton      Klaus R.          Ross C.          Mar 05

  FLOU DER           N/R           68 cm                St. Kilda         Sid J.           Col F.         April 00

   GARFISH           N/R           35 cm               Port Hughes       Paul C.          Tony L.          Jan 07

  HARLEQUI          2.25 kg        56 cm              Buffalo Reef       R the T         Carol M.         Falie 00

   JEW FISH         11 kg         112 cm                 Boyne           Tug W.           Bob S.          May 00

                Trout Farm Day List - Tuesday, 20TH November.

Stan S.        Jim P.         Vince I.               Edna S.            Reserves: Sid J.
Kevin S.       Mick M.        Pom .                  Greg D.

Meet at the War Veterans Home, Ferguson St, Myrtle Bank at 10.00 AM.
Depart approx 10.30 for the Tooperang Trout Farm, out of Mt Compass or make
your own way there.
Return to home around 3PM to prepare fish for barbeque with participants around
4.30 PM.

                         editor: Greg Dwiar
                                                Last Page                       War Veterans Fishing Group – September - 2007

             ROUTINE ORDERS                                               YEARLY PLANNER
                                                               Meetings               Planned Activities

                   New Members:                                January 2007

There were no new members this month.                          [Meeting 26th]

                                                               February 2007           Distribution of updated Membership
                                                               [Meeting 24th]         list
Now available from Kevin Stone, if you have moved,             March 2007
changed phone number, joined the internet, please inform       [Meeting 30th]
Kevin of your current position, or ring Kevin for an updated
members list, one can be posted out to you or available        April 2007             14th Sinker making at Burnside RSL
from the next meeting you attend.                              [Meeting 27th]         Anzac Day

                                                               May 2007               River fish at Renmark 7th—11th
There are still a number of shirts and caps for sale,          [Meeting 25th]
if you need another one please see me, Greg Dwiar
at a meeting to try one on for size, If you have not           June 2007              12th WVH Trout Farm Kevin S
got one then now is the time to buy, country orders            [Meeting 29th]         Cancelled
are welcome, phone Greg Dwiar 83362120. They
                                                               July 2007              Blood worm run ,New moon Garden
are still $20 for shirt & $10.00 for cap, sorry no hats                               Island Boat ramp
left.                                                          [Meeting 27th]

                                                               August 2007            Long Tan day 18th
Been out fishing lately, after you return drop me a line       [Meeting 31st]
with how you went and I will put it in the newsletter and
onto the web site, all catches that are verified count         September 2007         Port Augusta Kingfish Hunt T.B. A
towards the Fisherman of the Year Competition, send
                                                               [Meeting 28th]
them to: Greg Dwiar

                                                               October 2007           Sinker making day Pt Hughes 24—25
                                                               [Meeting 26th]

                                                               November2007           Xmas break up at Burnside RSL
                                                               [Meeting 30th]         Sun 25th.
                                                                                      Trout Farm WVH see Stoney
                                                                                      Fisheries Inspectors to          visit
                                                                                      meeting 1100hrs for a talk
                                                               December 2007          No meeting until the last Friday of
                                                               [No meeting]           Jan next year
                                                                                      Pt Vic Charter 6th contact Tug

                                editor: Greg Dwiar

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