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					                                                    NEBOSH International
Who should attend?
This study program is designed for
                                                   General Certificate in OHS
managers, supervisors, worker
representatives, and others who
require a knowledge and
                                                                    Block Training Program
understanding of health and safety
principles and practices.                          This study program is a globally-recognised health and
It is especially relevant for personnel             safety qualification from an established independent
who have health and safety
responsibilities and who work in
                                                                      examination board
countries other than Australia.

                                                Program details
Next course: August 18 – Sept 4                 Successful completion of the NEBOSH International General Certificate in Occupational
(including exams)                               Health and Safety ensures participants have an understanding of the principles of
                                                managing risk, which is a key building block for an effective safety culture in any
Block courses run in February and
                                                organization in any country. The program focuses on international standards, so
August each year to coincide with
                                                organizations with operations outside Australia and who are seeking to implement best
NEBOSH standard examination dates.
                                                practice health and safety management across all areas of operations can ensure their
                                                line managers have a sound basis for evaluating risks and hazards in other countries.
Cost                                            International standards can then be adopted in accord with local needs and practice.
Full course (including revision
workshop and final exams):                      The NEBOSH International General Certificate is a vocational qualification that is
$4000 (no GST)                                  transferable across industry, commerce, and the public sector. It is suitable for those
NEBOSH Examination Registration:                embarking on a career in health and safety, providing a valuable foundation for
*£90 (payable directly to NEBOSH)               further professional study.
                                                Program format
Venue                                           Sustainability is currently offering the program as a 14 day block, including the two
TBA (Perth)                                     assessment days.
Courses can be conducted at                               Format
company venues, depending on
numbers.                                                  Full course: 14 days
                                                          Course elements: 11 days
                                                          Revision day: 1 day
Qualification received                                    Practical Assessment: 1 day
NEBOSH International General                              Examinations: 1 day
Certificate of Achievement. This                          Paper 1: 9.30am-11.30am Paper 2: 2.00pm-4.00pm
qualification satisfies the                     Course and exam registration
academic requirements for corporate
membership with the Institution of              Contact to request a registration form or follow the links on
Occupational Safety and Health                  the Sustainability website
(IOSH), which is the recognised                 You are required to complete two registration forms:
professional body in the field.
                                                Form 1 - Sustainability Course Registration Form (to be faxed or emailed to Sustainability)
*This fee is set by NEBOSH and may be subject
to change.
                                                Form 2 - NEBOSH Examination Registration Form (this form is obtainable from
                                                Sustainability and must be sent directly to NEBOSH together with the examination fee of
                                                *£90.00 (*this fee is set by NEBOSH and may be subject to change).

Sustainability Pty Ltd
                                                Closing Dates for Registrations:
Head Office & Training Centre                   Form 1 – Sustainability Block Program Registration Form:
Suite 3, 118 Flora Terrace                      July 8 (for September exam)
North Beach, WA 6020 Australia
                                                January 8 (for March exam)
PO Box 73, North Beach WA 6920                  Form 2 – NEBOSH Exam Registration Form:
Phone: 61 (0)8 9246 6666                        July 15 (for September exam)
Fax: 61 (0)8 9246 6660
                                                January 15 (for January exam)
Web:                  *NEBOSH charge a late fee after these dates. Please see Examination Registration Form for details.

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