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									                           w w w. a s g m w p . n e t                                                   Winter 2005

The Chair of the 2005 NSW Sorry Day             of The Manly Daily. Nathan and
Committee is Nancy Hill Wood. Nancy has         Mackaylla are students at Terrey
lived on the Northern Beaches for 38 years      Hills Public School where they
and is a respected Elder in the community.      had participated in an Aboriginal
Her voice is strong in the ongoing campaign     art project.
for a fair and appropriate resolution to the
issue of the Stolen Wages.                      In Conversation with
Nancy is a long standing and valued             Nancy Hill Wood,
member of the Aboriginal Support Group -        Chair of NSW Sorry
Manly Warringah Pittwater. In 1999 the
Support Group published a book of her           Day Committee
poetry Nobody’s Child.                          In the weeks following this year’s Sorry      Photograph of Nancy taken recently in Cairns where
                                                Day – National Day of Healing (May 26) I      she met some of her family.
Nancy was born in Kyogle, northern NSW,
                                                spoke with Nancy about the NSW Sorry          Future Sorry Days
and when only a few weeks old was
                                                Day events held at First Fleet Park and the
placed in the Bomaderry Children’s Home,                                                      A special meeting, organised by the NSW
                                                Museum of Contemporary Art. We talked
1000km away from her family’s                                                                 Sorry Day Committee and Stolen Generations
                                                about the highlight of the Day and she
community. At twelve years of age she was                                                     Link-Up (NSW), was held in July to discuss
                                                expressed a concern.
sent to the Cootamundra Girls’ Home. Here                                                     the decision for the change of name from
she scrubbed floors, cleaned windows and        “Sorry Day was a wonderful event and it is    Sorry Day to National Day of Healing.
when she turned fifteen was sent to work        very important for the Stolen Generations
                                                                                              The Board of Directors of Stolen
for a succession of local families as part of   to tell their stories” Nancy said. “The
                                                                                              Generations Link-Up (NSW) maintains that
her ‘training’.                                 highlight of the Day was me being the
                                                                                              “the name of Sorry Day remains the same
                                                Chairperson and having a voice and
Three years later Nancy was put on a train                                                    until such time as the Federal Government
                                                speaking to and for our people. I am
for Sydney with just a small suitcase of                                                      of Australia makes an apology to the
                                                becoming strong and proud. Once Kooris
personal belongings. In 1967 Nancy                                                            Aboriginal people of Australia … We
                                                begin to talk they are free and can say
married Tony Wood and they raised four                                                        continually grapple with prejudice and the
                                                things that are important to them. You
adopted Aboriginal children. They now                                                         dismissive comment that now, as the
                                                have to say it as it is.
have eight grandchildren.                                                                     Stolen Generations are acknowledged, it is
                                                My concern is that the name has been          the end of the matter and to move on.”
During Reconciliation Week Nancy was
                                                changed from Sorry Day / Journey of
featured in The Manly Daily and also on                                                       The Support Group has held an event on
                                                Healing to National Day of Healing. I was
the ABC TV program Message Sticks for                                                         May 26 since 1999 when the Journey of
                                                really hurt by that name change. How dare
NAIDOC Week. This program was titled                                                          Healing, also known as Sorry Day, was
                                                they (National Sorry Day Committee)
Best of Friends – Nancy and Tony were                                                         commemorated.
                                                change it, after what we’ve suffered. The
interviewed about their family life and
                                                (National) Committee were sweeping our        On May 26 2006 we plan to support the
experiences together in what is termed ‘a
                                                pain and suffering under the carpet. The      special events organised in the City by the
mixed marriage’.
                                                name should always remain Sorry Day.          NSW Sorry Day Committee. We will be
A photograph of Nancy and her two               That’s the way we all recognise who we        holding our own event on the Northern
grandchildren Nathan and Mackaylla              are and that’s important for our healing!”    Beaches on another day.
recently appeared in the Education Feature                                   Leigh Bowden

Winter 2005                                                          1                                                         ELIMATTA
        Tribute for Father Ted Kennedy
There are people who mysteriously come          He urged all that came into his life not to     for justice for Aboriginal people. We are
into our lives and awaken seeds of              live vicariously through him but to seek        comforted in knowing he is with us as we
possibilities that are life changing. Ted       and find through relationship with the poor     carry his love and his dream in our hearts.
Kennedy was one of those unique people.         the authentic truth. It was through his         We celebrate his life and grieve deeply
                                                relationship with Aboriginal people whom        our loss.
Thirty-three years ago Ted opened the
                                                he acknowledged that shaped his theology
presbytery door to Aunty Helen and so                                                           I know that when Ted arrived in eternity he
                                                of liberation. He urged us to go to ‘that
began his extraordinary journey at Redfern                                                      was met by his beloved black angels Patti,
                                                place’ in our lives and take with us this
and for many of us our journey was                                                              Dicko, Mum Shirl, Normie, and hundreds of
entwined with his. His early days, with that                                                    Aboriginal people who now have their
rag tag group of lay and religious people       Ted had the extraordinary gift of embracing     beloved Father Ted with them. I am in no
who threw their lot in with him and the         us all as part of his family. He had the gift   doubt that a celebration took place with
poor, were tumultuous and life changing.        to celebrate our joys and happiness. He         the chant and dance of the corroboree
                                                connected us to each other forging              resounded when singing him home.
Ted lived his beliefs through a lens that
                                                friendships with him and about him. Ted
was crystal clear and authentic to the true                                                     We have lost a great man and I lost a
                                                sought and found the good in us all and
values of the gospels. He lived his life                                                        soulmate.
                                                lived with our faults and imperfections
committed to justice for the poor, the
                                                because that is what Ted did the best. He                               Rhonda Ansiewicz
marginalised and those who are rejected
                                                loved us in our brokenness while accepting
by society and the church. A special place
                                                with humility his own limitations. And how
in his heart was with the Aboriginal people
                                                he loved, with passion and loyalty. We have        The Aboriginal Support Group
of Redfern and beyond. They recognised
                                                all been touched by his presence in our             Manly Warringah Pittwater
him as a true friend as did the mentally ill,
                                                lives.                                              was founded in 1979 and is
the refugee, homosexual people and those
who are seen as ‘other’ in our world.           Ted was gracious and hospitable. He loved             committed to supporting
                                                good wine, fine food (no greens please).             Indigenous people in their
He taught us the deadly secret that you
                                                He had a voracious appetite for literature               struggle for justice.
have to go to that dark and alienating
                                                and poetry. He had a wicked sense of                   The first newsletter was
place to find the rejected and the outcast
                                                humour. He had one of the finest intellects
and there in that brokenness you will find                                                           produced in March 1982.
                                                in our contemporary world yet he was so
Jesus. The Beatitudes reflect so much of                                                             The 1987 Winter edition
                                                humble. He had an extraordinary
Ted’s life in action. He was the Good                                                                   was named Elimatta
                                                gentleness that many of us have been
Shepherd who tenderly cared for his flock                                                                 for the first time.
                                                privy to and on the receiving end of.
while courageously defending their rights.
                                                Ted felt deep pain and sadness at what
Ted was loved so much by the littlest of
                                                has happened to the Aboriginal people of
our brothers and sisters and this is a
                                                his beloved St Vincent’s since his
testament to the integrity and beauty of
                                                retirement. At times he displayed a white-
this holy man.
                                                hot anger at the behaviour of the priests
He never wanted to be the power broker          towards the Aboriginal people and this
but rather listened to the voice of those who   community. It was anger steeped in his
suffered racism, prejudice and suffering.                                                           In one Aboriginal Language,
                                                uncompromising stance against racism
These people became his teachers. He            and injustice.
                                                                                                     Elimatta means ‘our home’.
understood that gospel passage ‘you will                                                           In naming our newsletter this
                                                Ted loved us. And how he loved. His life
always have the poor among you’ because                                                              way, we express our dream
                                                and his example have sown a seed in us
he knew we had broken our covenant with                                                            for this country – a real home
                                                to continue his legacy. For Ted was
God. Ted was upright, a living treasure,                                                              to both Aboriginal people
                                                splendid and holy in his fierceness of his
hard, earthy, compassionate, welcoming                                                                     and later settlers.
                                                love of Aboriginal people, and splendid and
sinners, a pebble in the comfortable boot                                                             That depends on us being
                                                holy in conscience and in the imaginative
of establishment, a man who spilt his guts
                                                possibilities of what it means to be fully            ‘at home’ with each other,
for others. He selflessly devoted his life to
                                                human. His inspiring example is something                 and to each other.
the liberation of the human spirit.
                                                we can carry in our hearts in the struggle

Winter 2005                                                          2                                                      ELIMATTA
      Remembering Sir Ronald Wilson
Lizzie Landers telephoned to let me know                invaluable report Bringing them Home.           with the Thais around us.
of the death of Sir Ron Wilson on Friday
                                                        A member of the Uniting Church, Ron             The other memory is of Redfern at the
July 15 in Perth. I was shocked, deeply
                                                        made an important contribution to the           beginning of the NSW Hearings for the
                                                        ecumenical movement nationally and              Stolen Generations. I was responsible for
Much has been written about Ron over the                internationally. His involvement in             organising a dawn vigil with Support Group
past days. Many people have mourned his                 international conferences was greatly           and Acton for World Development
death, especially Leila his wife, and their             appreciated and he represented his church       members outside the building where the
deeply loved family. His life has been in               and country with quiet dignity. Ron was         Hearings were to take place. It was a very
review in most of the nation’s media.                   President of the Uniting Church in Australia    cold, damp morning. The dawn took a long
                                                        from 1988-1991, bringing to that                time to come; our small, candle-lit group
Harvey’s and my friendship with him goes
                                                        appointment warmth and dignity and a            attracted attention. Beyond the dawn, Ron
back a long way – for Harvey, to student
                                                        deep passion for social justice.                joined the circle, apologising for coming
days. Seldom have we been in the same
                                                                                                        late, telling me the plane was late in
place together for any length of time but               Two particular memories of Ron I hold
                                                                                                        landing at Sydney and he did not get to
the relationship remained strong and each               dear. Years ago when Harvey and I were
                                                                                                        bed until the early hours. He remained with
meeting was a merging of family and                     working in Asia, we three met at a huge
                                                                                                        us until it was time for him to take his
‘world’ news. We had so many shared                     inter-Asian conference in Thailand. With
                                                                                                        place inside with the other Commissioners.
concerns and values.                                    time off, Harvey and I took a bus into
                                                        Bangkok to the Sunday Market. There, we         Ron had followed the life of the Support
We followed his career in the law with
                                                        found Ron searching out the stalls for          Group with real interest. He was always
interest and applauded when he was
                                                        family gifts. The three of us then did the      very encouraging, gracious with praise,
appointed a High Court Judge; President of
                                                        rounds together. As day darkened and the        willing to ‘do what you think I can’ when
the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity
                                                        tiny stall lights were lit and the braziers     we sometimes had a special request.
Commission, and co-Chair of the national
                                                        lighted, we sat on rickety stools enjoying
inquiry into the Stolen Generations. This                                                                                                Jill Perkins
                                                        hot roasted corn, chatting and laughing
phenomenal inquiry culminated in that

Artwork courtesy of Culcha Disc Australian Indigenous Images Vol 1

 L O N G E S T
Narrabeen Aboriginal artist Nikki McCarthy worked with the                       It will then be displayed in the Yaamma Aboriginal Festival in
students at Terrey Hills Public School to create a five metre                    Bourke this October.
painting depicting the spirit of the school. The painting has been               The principal of Terrey Hills Public School, Elizabeth Bennett, said
sent to Bourke where the Aboriginal Women’s Sewing Circle will                   that the project had been an enjoyable way for young students to
sew the paintings from city and country schools together to make                 learn more about Aboriginal culture and for city schools to
an Aboriginal version of the ‘longest painting in the world.’                    support country schools at the same time.

Winter 2005                                                                  3                                                        ELIMATTA
                        A Plan for Social Action
On Tuesday April 19th, in the amphitheatre     and the morning tea and lunch.                  A number of the workshop groups noted
beside North Sydney Council Chambers,                                                          that we need to develop partnerships and
                                               Workshop groups discussed and reported
Indigenous people from across Northern                                                         to coordinate services provided by local,
                                               on four key issues for Aboriginal and
Sydney, representatives of 11 local                                                            state, federal and non-government offices.
                                               Torres Strait Islander people in the North
government councils, officers from                                                             That’s a big ask!
                                               Sydney region: Isolation; Culture; Service
numerous State government departments
                                               Knowledge and Service Gaps.                     The Federal Government also has plans for
and members of local reconciliation groups
                                                                                               Aboriginal Australians. If as was suggested
were welcomed to Cammeraigal country.          One of the most commonly mentioned
                                                                                               at the forum we are to derail those plans
We were there as key stakeholders to           needs was for an Aboriginal cultural centre
                                                                                               and to achieve what Aboriginal people
contribute to the Northern Sydney              or meeting place. A place where Aboriginal
                                                                                               need, rather than what the government
Aboriginal Social Plan for 2005-8.             people can feel welcome, can strengthen
                                                                                               wants, we will have to plan carefully. We
                                               their cultural ties and where they can
But why were we there? Didn’t we listen                                                        will have to use the time we have to build
                                               access services.
when a well-known NSW Government                                                               cooperative structures and we will have to
Minister told us all recently that strategic   This was easy for us to say at a                be committed for the long haul.
planning is a waste of time! In one sense I    stakeholders forum but it will take time to
                                                                                               After this stakeholders forum I think we
think he’s right. Well almost. Planning is     achieve. Such a centre would need a
                                                                                               have the basis for an excellent social plan.
the easy part of the task. It is, however, a   central location with good public transport.
                                                                                               Can we then turn it into social action?
waste of time if it isn’t put into practice.   It would need full time Aboriginal staff. For
                                                                                               Judging by the thoughtfulness, enthusiasm
And there is the challenge for us all.         example, where one agency may be
                                                                                               and positive energy that was evident
Putting a plan into practice usually           unable to sustain the work of a full time
                                                                                               during the forum I believe we can.
requires much more time and effort than        Aboriginal worker, a group of agencies may
drawing up the plan ever does.                 be able to share the service provided by                                       Ted Nettle
                                               one or even more full time Aboriginal                           Bennelong and Surrounds
As a beginning to the planning exercise
                                               employees.                                                          Reconciliation Group
the ‘Stakeholders Forum’ was a huge
success. Thanks must go to the Project         But that’s not going to be easy. We have
Officer Susan Moylan-Coombs and the            invested a lot in our separate endeavours
facilitator Mary Senj for an extremely well    and have become comfortable with our
run day and to the staff at North Sydney       different ways.
Council for their presentation of the venue

On May 18 Hornsby Shire Council held                                    • Testing new ways of working with Aboriginal people
a presentation on the Aboriginal
                                                                        • Ensuring that mainstream services are culturally appropriate
Child, Youth and Family Strategy.
                                                                          and are meeting the needs of Aboriginal people.
The aim of this strategy is to
better support Aboriginal children                                      The principles that underpin the strategy include:
and young people (0-18 years),                                          • Key partners work in ways that recognise that Aboriginal
their families and communities.                                           people want to take responsibility for their own lives
This will be achieved by
                                                                        • Aboriginal people are partners in planning, design and
Government and non-government
                                                                          delivery of services
services working together and with
communities to plan and develop more                                    • Planning and service delivery for Aboriginal people aims to
responsive and coordinated services. This strategy focuses on:            strengthen community capacity and economic and social
                                                                          capital as key elements in addressing disadvantage
• Better coordination and targeting of existing resources
                                                                        • Responses are funded and supported in a manner that
• Ensuring key partners are engaged in the process
                                                                          ensures optimum sustainability and capacity building.
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Winter 2005                                                         4                                                        ELIMATTA
                           CONNEXIONS IN TIME
- a photographic project that links young people in Brewarrina and Warringah
I was moved by a photographic project that I saw in the Year                    The project will be in three parts – skills workshops with a
2000 at the Australian Museum. It was called Landmarks of a                     professional photojournalist, an intense documentary phase and
New Generation and featured photos from 19 young Sydneysiders                   an exhibition of the combined photographs from both areas.
that explored what they saw as their personal ‘landmarks’. The
                                                                                Several photographers were interviewed and Fiona Morris, a
diverse subject included backyards, parks where first kisses were
                                                                                young photojournalist who had worked on the Landmarks of a
exchanged, religious rituals and much more. All had an
                                                                                New Generation project and worked with young people in Harlem,
accompanying text where the young person explained why the
                                                                                New York, was chosen to work with the young people in
photo and subject was a ‘landmark’ in their life.
                                                                                Warringah and Brewarrina.
I wondered how to apply this model to a project in Warringah and
                                                                                A group of nine young people have been selected in Warringah
thought of the established sister city relationships that Warringah
                                                                                and they commenced their series of photography workshops on
Council had.
                                                                                Monday 23 May. They were also invited to be a part of the annual
Warringah has two sister city relationships, Chichibu in Japan                  cultural exchange to Brewarrina in the first week of the school
since 1995 and Brewarrina since 2000. These relationships are                   holidays in July.
very active on many levels including annual cultural exchange
                                                                                A group of ten young people in Brewarrina, all from Aboriginal
visits from Chichibu school
                                                                                                                  heritage, commenced their
students and 6 monthly
                                                                                                                  photography workshops on 5th
youth exchanges between
                                                                                                                  June. These have taken place
Brewarrina and Warringah.
                                                                                                                  over several weekends in June
The Connexions in Time                                                                                            and July. Yetta Dhinnakkal
Project was developed to                                                                                          Correctional Centre just to the
extend and explore our sister                                                                                     south of Brewarrina also has
city relationships on a                                                                                           four young men who are
specifically cultural level by                                                                                    interested in photography
putting cameras in the                                                                                            workshops and documenting
hands of the younger                                                                                              their lives.
residents of two areas
                                                                                                                 The culminating exhibition will
(Warringah and Brewarrina),
                                                                                open in Warringah Friday 30th September and in Brewarrina on
so they can visually express how they experience their lives.
                                                                                Friday 14 October 2005.
A Development Grant was applied for through the Federal
Government’s Visions of Australia Scheme. Full funding was                      This is an exciting project and I am thrilled that it has funding
received for this project which is outlined below.                              from the Federal Government and support from both Warringah
                                                                                Council and Brewarrina Shire Council. I believe the project
The young people (12 to 20 years) are being asked to document
                                                                                presents the opportunity for young people from both areas to
a typical day (or week) in their life, in their respective sister ‘city’.
                                                                                experience and examine each other’s culture in an imaginative
The resulting photos and exhibition (of friends, family, activities,
                                                                                way. The resulting photographs may challenge our own
landscapes, etc) will tell the young people’s stories of how they
                                                                                perceptions of life in each area and I am hoping that any issues
see their life being ‘played out’ against the backdrop of their
                                                                                that may be raised will be discussed openly and hopefully
                                                                                addressed in some way.
The collected photos from the two areas could be seen as a
                                                                                                                                   Coralie Hicks
celebration of the similarities and the differences of life from a
                                                                                    Events and Cultural Services Co-ordinator, Warringah Council.
young person’s perspective in each ‘city’.
The Connextions in Time Project will highlight the deeper cultural              Details of the Connexions in Time exhibitions in Brewarrina and
relationships that exist between our areas. Our young people are                Warringah are given on the enclosed Calendar of Events. If you
our future and by asking them to express their lives in this way                would like to assist one morning or afternoon at the Warringah
means we can more easily share and celebrate our common                         Exhibition please telephone Coralie on 9942 2603

Winter 2005                                                                 5                                                       ELIMATTA
                 Finding and Losing the Aboriginal Voice:
         Reconciliation Service, Canberra City Uniting Church, 29 May 2005.
I want to take you on a time journey but be     been shoot me, or put me in jail. You bring       only to attend. They are going to discuss
warned, it is on a roller coaster and we will   bad sickness ‘mong us!”[i]                        the following resolution:
be travelling fast with only short stops. Our
purpose is to follow the cultural survival of   Now it is May 9, 1927, the opening of             “We representing THE ABORIGINES OF
Aboriginal Australians.                         Parliament House. Most Aboriginal people          AUSTRALIA, assembled in conference on
                                                have been sent away from Canberra but,            the 26th day of January 1938, this being
We begin in the Canberra region about           when the crowd gathers to hear the Duke           the 150th Anniversary of the whitemen’s
twenty-one thousand years ago when the          of Kent speak, there is an old Aboriginal         seizure of our country, HEREBY MAKE
forefathers and mothers of the Ngunnawal        man in a raggedy suit carrying a small            PROTEST against the callous treatment of
people and the Ngarigo of the Monaro            Australian ensign. It is Jimmy Clements, ‘a       our people by the whitemen during the
tablelands hunted bogong moths and other        well known character of the district’. A          past 150 years...we ask for a new policy
seasonal foods, sometimes meeting here          policeman immediately asks him to leave,          which will raise our people to FULL
in large numbers and at other times             but Clements does not want to be moved            CITIZENSHIP STATUS and EQUALITY
dispersing. They believed in an all-seeing      on. The crowd rallies to his side and a well      WITHIN THE COMMUNITY.”[iii]
father spirit, Daramulan, who lived in the      known clergyman calls out that the
sky and took care of the spirits of the         Aborigine has a better right than any man         In November of the same year, my parents
dead. Ceremonial stone sites are still found    present to a place on the steps of                and I are fortunate enough to be able to
in places where the moths gather and rock       Parliament. The old man is allowed to stay        leave Nazi Germany and come as refugees
paintings remind us that at one time emus,      and receives a shower of small change             to Australia. As Jews we have been
plains turkeys and many animals were            amounting to about thirty shillings. [ii]         declared stateless. We arrive in Sydney
plentiful here.                                                                                   early in 1939. I am seven years old and
                                                Ten years pass. The Federal Government is         speak no English, Australia is a foreign
We fast forward to the 1820s and European       calling a conference of State and Federal         place. When War is declared in September,
settlers have arrived, though there are still   officials to adopt assimilation as the official   we refugees become “Enemy Aliens”. From
hundreds of Aborigines living here, moving      policy. Australians of mixed Aboriginal           that time I learn what it is like to be an
around for seasonal hunting and gathering.      descent are to be absorbed into the white         outsider. Most Australians did not tolerate
A legal fiction now exists that all land in     community, the detribalized are to be             cultural difference. In those days they were
Australia is a ‘terra nullius’, meaning ‘no     educated and the rest are to remain on            rather xenophobic. Gradually I become
one’s land’. The Aborigines are believed to     reserves. No one asks Aboriginal people           assimilated, lose my foreign accent, and
be too primitive to have any notion of rights   what they think about this because they           only speak in English. At Sydney University
of prior ownership so there is no need for      are not considered capable of speaking for        I study anthropology and in 1954 I am sent
treaties or compensation. Aborigines are        themselves. Various white people speak on         for some research in Brewarrina NSW. This
moved off their land and many go to live        their behalf, protectors, missionaries,           is where I first meet Aboriginal people.
and work on the white owned pastoral            police, welfare officers, anthropologists and
properties. Their numbers are declining         other so-called experts. The assimilation         Brewarrina Mission is controlled by the
through introduced diseases and everyone        policy can be imposed without consultation        Aborigines Welfare Board, locally
believes they are a dying race.                 because there are separate state laws             represented by a manager and matron.
                                                which apply only to Aborigines.                   They are the bosses and have
By 1895 Aboriginal numbers have indeed
declined alarmingly. At the opening of the      Then something unexpected happens. On             considerable power. Matron can inspect
Tharwa Bridge, Nellie Hamilton, an elderly      January 26 1938, the sesqui-centenary of          the houses for cleanliness and the children
Aboriginal woman of the Ngunnawal               Captain Phillip’s landing at Sydney Cove, in      are sent away in their early teens, girls to
people, speaks out:                             a hall in Elizabeth Street Sydney, a group        Cootamundra for training in domestic
                                                calling themselves Australian Aborigines          service and boys to Kinchela Home to be
“I no tink much of your law. You come here      Conference has called for a Day of                trained as rural labourers. Some parents
and take my land, kill my possum, my            Mourning and Protest – they have invited          have had younger children removed from
kangaroo; leave me starve. Only gib me          Aborigines and persons of Aboriginal blood        their care and sent to Bomaderry Home.
rotten blanket. Me take calf or sheep, you
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Winter 2005                                                           6                                                        ELIMATTA
Continued from Page 6
I find the people shy, ashamed of their            1972 is a very different scene from May          eventually passed with amendments, as
culture, fearful of speaking out. As I get to      1927. Outside the old Parliament House           the first elected national Indigenous
know a few older men and women they                Aboriginal men and women of all ages have        organisation.
are more willing to talk and help me to            set up an ‘Aboriginal Tent Embassy’. It began
understand how they feel.                          as a land rights demonstration but as Paul       In March 1990 Lois (later called Lowitja)
                                                   Coe later said: “It started off as a joke, but   O’Donoghue is appointed its first
One woman sums it up: “To most white               turned out to be perhaps one of the most         chairperson. Later elections are held for 60
people we are like pigs to a                       brilliant symbolic forms of protest that this    ATSIC regional Councils. At last, Indigenous
Mohammedan, we are unclean”. Her                   country had ever seen. The reason why the        people are to be involved in their own
words remind me of my family’s position            Embassy became such a powerful thing             governance and to run a variety of their
as Jews in Germany, where we were also             was because in many ways it typified the         own organisations throughout Australia.
victims of hatred and ethnic prejudice.            history of this country: the invasion,           In 1991 The Council for Aboriginal
However, in 1954 most Aborigines kept              colonization, the arrogance of the white         Reconciliation is formed. The Royal
silent. The few who spoke out, such as             man, imposing his values and his culture         Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in
Pearl Gibbs, William Ferguson and others,          on other people”.[v]                             Custody presents its report and
were generally ignored.                            It also reflected their feeling that they are    recommendations.
Now it is February 1965. A group of 30             foreigners in their own land. Later that         The future looks very positive. At last we
Sydney University students, including              year, there are violent clashes with police      seem to be making progress.
Charles Perkins and one other Aboriginal           and eventually the Embassy is removed,
person, are on a bus tour of northern NSW          only to return in 1992, after twenty years.      This positive spirit reaches its culmination
towns. They are know as the Freedom                                                                 on Sunday May 28 2000 when so many
                                                   Fast forward to 1992. The High Court of          Australians joined the People’s Walk for
Riders. They want to investigate and               Australia has just ruled in the Mabo case
protest against discrimination against                                                              Reconciliation over the Sydney Harbour
                                                   that native title exists over un-alienated       Bridge and enjoyed the celebrations of
Aborigines. In Walgett and Moree there are         crown lands, national parks and reserves
clashes with angry residents which receive                                                          Corroboree 2000 at the Sydney Opera
                                                   and that Australia was never a ‘terra            House.
a lot of media attention. This awakens             nullius’ or ‘empty land’. This judgment
many fair minded Australians, especially           makes sections of the white community            Today, six years later, something seems to
those living in cities, to the social injustices   feel disturbed and frightened that their         be wrong, our roller coaster is stopping.
which they have not known about.                   land may be at risk.                             Aboriginal voices are silent. ATSIC has
Meanwhile FCAATSI (Federal Council For                                                              been abolished. Regional Councils are to
the Advancement of Aborigines and Torres           Meanwhile by the late 1970s the                  be disbanded. There is to be no more
Strait Islanders) has been campaigning for         Aboriginal Protest Movement has been             elected representation. Can someone
Indigenous rights since 1958. Their efforts        steadily growing. Time does not permit us        please explain what is going on? The
help to sway public opinion at the 1967            here to mention the familiar names of the        journey seems to be over. We are no
referendum when 89.34 per cent vote for            many who carried on the struggle. Their          longer moving forward, are we just standing
constitutional amendments giving powers            faces were recorded in the wonderful             still or are we moving backwards?
to the Commonwealth to legislate for               Proof: Portraits from the Movement in
Aborigines who are finally to be counted in        2003, when Juno Gemes, a Hungarian               I am hopeful that we are just in a
the Census. [iv]                                   photographer exhibited her outstanding           temporary lull and that the reconciliation
                                                   Aboriginal portraits at the National Portrait    process will continue despite all these
A land rights movement has been                    Gallery which I am sure many of you will         disappointments.
gradually gaining momentum and                     have seen.
Aborigines have become much more                                                                    One thing I am certain of is that Aboriginal
outspoken, they now have many of their             We forward to 1988, the bicentenary of           survival is assured, and that they will never
own spokespersons and manifold                     Captain Phillip’s landing in Sydney Cove. A      become just darker skinned “whites”. We
organisations. They are writing plays, poems,      long march of Aboriginal and Torres Strait       are much more appreciative now of how
memoirs, developing as dancers, artists,           Islanders from around Australia converges        much the Aboriginal people have
academics, activists. Most of their works          on Sydney. They want to celebrate 1988           contributed and continue to contribute to
deal with the struggle for survival, to maintain   as the Year of Survival.                         our unique Australian cultural heritage.
an Aboriginal identity, to combat the racism                                                                                Ruth Fink Latukefu
and discrimination which their people have         The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
suffered for so long. Australia Day January        Commission (ATSIC) Act is introduced and                                 Continued page 12

Winter 2005                                                              7                                                        ELIMATTA
        Belonging: People and Place – a celebration of Aboriginal Culture and Heritage in Northern Sydney

                                                The festival was opened by the Chair of           Yarruudanginya Goanna Dreaming group
                                                the Guringai Festival Committee, Lee              from the Wiradjuri nation of NSW. They
                                                Mladenovic, listing what was to follow.           involved many of the children in the actions
                                                Allan Madden of the Metropolitan Local            as we learnt the origins of the thorny devil
                                                Aboriginal Land Council welcomed us to            and other animals. We all thoroughly
                                                Guringai country and then the various             enjoyed it. In the story it was explained
                                                Mayors of the Councils present gave an            why the bad things happened – from bad
                                                outline of other events in their areas.           behaviour, not following tribal law etc – but
                     Photo courtesy of ATSIC
                                                                                                  it was gently told as part of the story.
                                                This was followed by school children
                                                carrying the Aboriginal and Torres Strait         There were stalls with information pamphlets,
    GURINGAI FESTIVAL                           Islander flags to the flagpole where the
                                                Australian flag was flying. A short flag
                                                                                                  badges, stickers and helpful assistants and
                                                                                                  a school art show of Aboriginal type
     LAUNCH - MAY 24                            raising ceremony was held. It was great to        paintings. We were invited to sample emu
                                                see the three flags together.                     egg quiche and various native jams on
A beautiful sunny day welcomed us to the                                                          fresh scones for morning tea.
opening ceremony of the Guringai Festival       Everyone was then invited to come up to
at Mona Vale Plaza. The balloons were           the smoking ceremony area to walk                 There was truly something for everyone, a
swaying in a light breeze showing the           through the smoke so that bad spirits             great opening to this year’s Guringai Festival
black, yellow and red colours of the            would be sent away. This ceremony and             which is becoming bigger each year.
Aboriginal flag. From the top bank looking      following dances and Dreamtime stories
                                                                                                  Congratulations Pittwater Council.
down was a small Sea of Hands, a puddle,        were presented by Girrawaa
each colour forming a letter of Guringai,                                                                                           Pat Fisher
red, black, yellow and green, blue, white.
It was very effective.

                               AT BILLARONG RESERVE, NORTH NARRABEEN - MAY 26
Approaching the Scout Hall the soft lights along the path gave a           could understand every word.
sense of the warm welcoming atmosphere I found inside. It was
                                                                           There was great activity and giggles as the children with Nikki’s
remarkable the feeling of complete ease and companionship
                                                                           help decorated boomerangs and had their faces painted and
there, not often felt in groups I find. Of course giving out
                                                                           showed them off proudly. Adults had the choice of watching a
friendship and support and having a combined interest is why
                                                                           video Sorry Proof Country while this was happening.
everyone was there.
                                                                           The feeling of peace and harmony, combined with the wonderful
The music of Nature Nature drifting over us as we settled down
                                                                           moonlight at the Lake’s edge, with the water gently carrying our
for the evening’s entertainment was just lovely. The talk from
                                                                           flowers away into the night, will stay with me as a spiritual
Nikki McCarthy reinforced our views and confirmed the reasons
                                                                           experience as I thought of the Guringai People. My respect and
we had come together. Nature Nature invited the audience to be
                                                                           love goes out to all our Indigenous friends.
frogs and crocodiles etc with enthusiastic response from the
younger fraternity. I in my usual manner of being out there on             The evening finished off with a lovely supper and time to chat so
stage leapt into the fray but being a frog is not one of my talents.       thanks to all the efficient people who joined in setting up this
I found crocodiles more my style. It was great fun and the                 event and making it such a success plus putting everything back
didgeridoo very hard to resist.                                            in order again so smoothly.
More music with Waltzing Matilda finishing off that section of the         My appreciation goes out to the Aboriginal Support Group-Manly
concert, we then listened to the lovely voices of Corey Kirk, her          Warringah Pittwater and Friends.
family and friends, so very talented and easy to listen to as one                                                                  Pat Russell

Winter 2005                                                            8                                                        ELIMATTA
 CHILDREN OF THE SETTING SUN                                                                                     THE TRACKER
                                                                                        The Tracker directed by Rolf de Heer was a free film shown at
                              A Play by PATRICIA O’JONES                                Collaroy Cinema on June 8th. Grant Page, one of the actors,
                              What a venue – Stony Range at Dee                         presented an amusing and very interesting talk prior to the film to
                              Why! It was beautiful!                                    an almost full cinema.
                              We sat together “in the bush”                             I found the film to be very moving personally and almost
                              surrounded by trees and plants. It                        overwhelming in the honest portrayal of the actors. David Gulpilil
                              was a play reading. Two ladies – one                      was, as usual, awe inspiring in his interpretation of a black
Indigenous (Pam) and one non Indigenous (Patricia, the author) –                        tracker used by the police at the turn of the century. It was a very
meet by chance waiting at a bus stop and share their past.                              personal portrayal, clearly signifying his dilemma at being caught
When we arrived I was excited to see a friend, Pam Young, an                            between two worlds, which was handled despite the tense and
actor. I met her when she was studying with Pauline McLeod and                          dangerous situation with his usual dry humour.
Kim Redman at the Eora Centre in the 80’s. She has been on TV,                          The cinematography was amazing, picturing the contrast and
in film and in the theatre. Her portrayal of the mother was very                        vivid colours of the harsh landscape and depicting the absolute
special. The spirits of her children who appeared out of the                            dependence on the tracker for survival by the cruel police
darkness were played by two young Indigenous actors – Allan                             sergeant. This role was played by Gary Sweet.
Clark who is now training at Eora and Angelina Maree who has                            The film builds to an almost unbelievable climax. Gulpilil’s
worked with Leah Purcell.                                                               character finally wins over the sergeant’s arrogant cruelty, in such
There was much sadness, pain and anger. It was a moving and                             a manner that destroys completely his dignity and creates a
powerful play.                                                                          wonderful sense of justice from the black perspective. The
                                                        Helen Ford                      audience is left shocked, dumbfounded, awe inspired and
                  This Guringai Festival event on                                       probably not a dry eye in the theatre. An interesting portrayal of
                  Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May                                         black and white justice in a very harsh land.
                  was sponsored by Warringah Council.                                                                                              Jan Kirk
                                                 B4Sun Artwork by Lionel Phillips           The Aboriginal Support Group thanks the Mustaca family of
                        Courtesy of Culcha Disc Australian Inigenous Images Vol.1         Collaroy Cinema and Warringah Council for their support which
                                                                                                         made this film screening possible.

                 EVENTS IN MANLY
                  The Manly Art Gallery and Museum hosted the
launch on June 16 of the Short Film Festival Belonging: People
and Place showcasing films from all over Australia which dealt
with Indigenous themes or were made by Indigenous film makers.
Six were previewed at the launch – a varied and entertaining
program. All the films, totalling 4 hours in length, were then
screened at cafes throughout Manly in the following weeks.
                                                                                         Photo courtesy of Manly Council
Friday June 17 was the opening night of two exhibitions at the
Manly Art Gallery. Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir AC,                            Her Excellency Prof. Marie Bashir with Lois Birk (left) and Nikki McCarthy (right)
                                                                                        at the Manly Art Gallery & Museum.
Governor of NSW, opened Luminous: Contemporary Art from the
Australian Desert. This beautiful exhibition selected from the Helen                    resource and will raise awareness of the protocols in managing
Read Collection featured the work of seventeen artists from the                         Indigenous art and culture. The Dot Box is on tour with the
northern and central desert regions of Australia. It is now touring                     Luminous exhibition.
nationally.                                                                             These events were sponsored by Manly Council. During the
The second exhibition opened was Dreamcatcher by Narrabeen                              Guringai Festival Manly Council also organized a series of
artist Nikki McCarthy, a descendant of the Dabbee Tribal group                          Aboriginal Cultural walks. Led by Rick Shapter, Council’s Aboriginal
from the Wiradjuri Nation. In her work Nikki combines new                               Heritage Officer, they included a visit to a site that served as a
technology with more traditional medium and presents an insight                         factory for the Guringai people. These walks proved extremely
into the complex nature of Indigenousness. Nikki shared this                            popular and even though an additional one was arranged many
exhibition with her three sons, Paul, Stephen and Matthew.                              people were still disapppointed. Let’s hope that similar walks will
Nikki also created the Dot Box. This can be described as a                              be part of next year’s festival program.
‘suitcase’ exhibition. It is a valuable and innovative learning                                                                                               Pat Frater

Winter 2005                                                                         9                                                                    ELIMATTA
LAW FORUM                    Aboriginal issues within the Australian Legal System

            BLACK LAW                                                             WHITE LAW
                                   The Law Forum was presented jointly by the Northern Sydney
                                Region Reconciliation Network and the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal
                                   Land Council at the Dougherty Centre Auditorium, Chatswood
                                         on 15 June as part of the 2005 Guringai Festival.

If I were to summarise the collective views    Australians for the first 150 years of        Norman Laing delivered a powerful talk
of the Law Forum speakers, it would be         European settlement. He said that while       that dealt with the issue of legal and
that the Australian legal system has failed    he agreed with Noel Pearson that casting      scientific racism, which compared the
the Aboriginal People because it was           Indigenous people as victims is               identical DNA and chromosomes that make-
designed exclusively to serve the interests    disempowering, it is also crucial to look     up the human specie with the inequality of
of the British invaders who created it.        squarely at the facts, ie. the most           human beings who, out of ignorance,
Discriminatory laws continue to protect        disadvantaged, lowest standards of            measured ‘human intelligence’ against an
and benefit those who have inherited their     education, worst health, highest levels of    assumed advanced evolutional state.
‘rights’ at the expense of Aboriginal people   unemployment etc.
                                                                                             Norman then focused on Aboriginal land
who suffer ongoing injustices, particularly
                                               Robynne Quiggin gave us an insightful         rights within a dominant white legal
in relation to land rights.
                                               story as to why ‘White Australia has a        system that requires Aboriginal people to
Although this brief summary may not do         Black History’ and the importance of          prove why they have an unbroken
justice to the comprehensive speeches          acknowledging this. Robynne also pointed      traditional association with the land they
presented so articulately at the Law Forum     out that the current legal system still       were dispossessed of and why their pre-
by non-Indigenous lawyers, Danny Gilbert       discriminates against Aboriginal Peoples      European rights should be recognised
and barrister Susan Phillips and Indigenous    and they are sometimes forced to take         under our law. This ‘proof’ must be given
lawyers, Robynne Quiggin and barrister         issues of racism to the ‘United Nations       in a court environment, full of British
Norman Laing, it does reflect the powerful     Committee – for the elimination of all        tradition of wigs, gowns and officialdom,
nature of their material, which is too         forms of discrimination’ when their claims    presented in an English legal tongue within
extensive to reproduce in this short review.   are rejected by Australian courts. And        its legal framework, with men and women
                                               although the courts may ignore the            in black suits who represent the
Like the State of Origin game that clashed
                                               findings of the United Nations Committee,     government and large law firms. But, as
with the Law Forum, there were no holds
                                               Robynne said it is very important to have a   Norman pointed out, we must not give up
barred, and despite the clash of events the
                                               decision of a United Nations body that        hope; after all, we all have the same
auditorium was packed with a receptive
                                               measures Australia’s compliance with          genetic make-up.
audience who enjoyed the collective
                                               human rights standards.
knowledge and professionalism of their                                                       The Mabo case informed us that the
legal panel guests.                            Susan Phillips took a more personal           British invaders of 1788 measured
                                               approach by sharing her childhood             ‘intelligence’ by the ability of its inhabitants
The panel spoke on matters from
                                               experiences with Aboriginal people and the    to conquer them. English law treated
Aboriginal land rights to discrimination,
                                               values she holds dear and led the audience    territories where its inhabitants were not
racism and inequality under the law, DNA
                                               on a thought provoking, ethical journey to    considered sufficiently organised to defeat
mapping, acknowledgement of black
                                               a destination that should be compulsory       them or make a formal cession, as
history and the need for law reform, to
                                               for law students, lawyers and politicians     uninhabited. The Law Forum informed us
name but a few, all of which deserve more
                                               alike. In a nutshell Susan said that when     that the battle for justice isn’t over yet and
than a two sentence summary.
                                               disrespect, cruelty, disregard, inhumanity    there are some very intelligent, inspirational
Danny Gilbert referred to the need to          occurs, it does so in our name by the         and dedicated lawyers out there, black and
address the injustices of the past and our     system that protects us and our children      white, maintaining the fight.
failure as a nation to honestly own up to      from those same injustices and that we need                                    Ian de Vulder
and acknowledge the violence and               a system that is fair and responsive. It is
destruction, genocidal in tendency, which      not fair and responsive to others it is not
white Australia visited upon Indigenous        fair and responsive to us and our children.

Winter 2005                                                        10                                                       ELIMATTA
LINKING UP                                                                                            Nobody’s Child
IN WORDS AND FILM                                                                                    The shadow within a little girl
                                                                                                     A nothing, a misery.
An Aboriginal Support Group Information Night for the Guringai Festival on July 4                    Within me to stay
                                                                                                     Not knowing the feeling
How does a member of Australia’s Stolen          As a result of Link-Up’s detective work,            That’s in my heart.
Generations ever get in touch, often             reunions are arranged, some with people             Her soul so sad
decades later, with members of their             taken overseas after adoption by parents            That she knows no love.
original family?                                 of European migrant origin. The                     No care, no cuddles,
                                                 investigations may begin by access to               No comforting words.
It’s never easy, either locating the family or
                                                 adoption records that frequently record
establishing contact. For George Ellis, a                                                            Surrounded around me
                                                 only the mother’s name – a starting point           My brothers and sisters
case-worker at Link-Up (NSW), the
                                                 at least.                                           And yet I can’t see
organization devoted to re-establishing
such links, it’s a laborious process with no     For many children taken away at birth               A smile on their faces.
guarantees of success. For filmmaker             there is still suffering many years later.          No joy in their voices
Rachel Landers who documented the                There is often a great cultural distance            Nor sound of their laughter
process, some scenes were too raw to be          between them and their birth families.              The look on their faces
shown and her camera would leave the             Some need emotional support. “Link-Up               So sad and forlorn
scene.                                           clients are clients for life” George said. He       The stolen generation.
                                                 explained the whole Link-Up organisation            Kidnapped from happiness
Both George and Rachel were guests at
                                                 had sprung from the work of Coral                   A mum and dad we never knew
the Aboriginal Support Group - Manly
                                                 Edwards while at university in Canberra in          Still Lingers in my heart.
Warringah Pittwater during NAIDOC Week.
                                                 the l980s, tracing three sisters who had            The place where we were born
A feature of the evening was the screening
                                                 been placed in Cootamundra Girls’ Home.             One day we will return
of the documentary on Link-Up made by
                                                 Others heard of her work and the                    It may be sad and sorrow
Rachel who spoke about the making of the
                                                 organisation spread. A total of about 6000          When we hear the real truth
documentary. It is part of the Missing
                                                 clients are being helped in NSW; each               Of what had really happened
series made by Rachel and shown recently
                                                 placement may affect groups of twenty or            When we were just a babe.
on SBS TV. The series deals with the
                                                 more relatives.
location and reunion of missing persons                                                                                  – Nancy Hill Wood
with their families and shows the work of        One of the most distressing examples he
the police and the Red Cross as well as of       gave was of a father’s letters to the
Link-Up. Rachel and George were joined           authorities, showing he was desperate to
by two members of the Stolen Generation,         get in touch with his child. These letters
Nancy Wood and Susan Moylan-Coombs,              were never delivered.                           ARE YOU AN INDIGENOUS
for discussion after the screening.
                                                 George believes that placements of              ARTIST OR PERFORMER?
George, himself the third generation of his      Aboriginal children are now made with
                                                                                                 The Guringai Festival Committee is seeking
family to be separated from parents, said        greater sensitivity, often with members of
                                                                                                 to commission new artwork for the 2006
he was very passionate about the job. His        their kinship group.
                                                                                                 Guringai Festival. The artwork will become
grandfather who was a sole parent had
                                                 Nancy Wood spoke of her own experiences,        the design for the festival program, poster,
lost George’s father and uncles to Kinchela
                                                 and of her reunion with some of those she       flyer, banner and website.
Boys’ Home and his aunts to Cootamundra
                                                 had known in the Cootamundra Girls’ Home.
Girls’ Home. His mother was also sent to                                                         The Committee is also looking for visual
                                                 She read some of her poems about being
Cootamundra.                                                                                     artists, storytellers, dancers, singers,
                                                 a stolen child. Susan Moylan Coombs, now
                                                                                                 performers, writers and actors with ideas
Now, as so many of these former stolen           Project Officer for the Northern Sydney
                                                                                                 that could be incorporated into the 2006
children seek to reunite with their families,    Aboriginal Social Plan, spoke of having
                                                                                                 Guringai Festival program.
a number of Link-Up groups operate               been removed from her family at birth and
throughout Australia, with five in Western       the pain and hurt that she carries as a         For further information please contact
Australia, two each in the Northern Territory    result of this.                                 Karen Gardner on (02) 9942 2672
and Queensland and one each in Victoria,                                                         or email
                                                                               Pauline Byrne
South Australia and New South Wales.                                                   

Winter 2005                                                           11                                                      ELIMATTA
                                                                                                             Continued from Page 4
                                                                                                             ACYF Strategy Presentation
      GIFT OF LARGE FRAMED ARTWORK                                                                           Around fifty people turned up to Hornsby
                                                                                                             Council Chambers to partake in a smoking
                                                                                                             ceremony, watch the Pondi Dancers
                                                                                                             perform, listen to presentations on the
          On Sorry Day Manly artist Garry Parkinson donated to the Support Group                             strategy as well as the introduction of the
           one of his original paintings entitled Hands of Time. He has used pastel                          newly appointed Aboriginal Child, Youth
                coloured inks to depict hands as a symbol of Reconciliation.                                 and Family Strategy Community Facilitator,
              This painting is being raffled to raise funds for the Support Group                            Herb Smith.
                      and will be drawn at next year’s Sorry Day event.                                      Herb will be based at Hornsby Council and
                                  Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.                                           will be the contact person for the strategy
                                                                                                             for the 11 Local Government Areas who
                                  Your support will be appreciated.                                          are involved in the Northern Sydney
    Our thanks to Garry for his generosity in giving this beautiful painting to the Group                    Region. His main role is to network with
                                                                                                             the community and other Councils, locate
                                                                                                             the Aboriginal population, and co-ordinate
                                                                                                             activities outlined in the strategy.

    AN INVITATION TO JOIN US...                                                                              Herb Smith can be contacted on
                                                                                                             9847 6052 for more information.

       The Aboriginal Support Group – Manly Warringah Pittwater                                                                           Simone Shore
                      meets on the third Monday of each month at 7.30 pm
                                                                                                               Continued from Page 7
                              INFORMATION NIGHTS                                                               A Journey of Cultural Survivlal
                 are September 5 and November 7 at 7.30 pm                                                     [i]” Canberra: Australia’s capital city”,
                        Details are given on the enclosed calendar of events                         
                                                                                                               canberra p1
                                     Venue: Angophora Room,
                                                                                                               [ii] Mark McKenna, ‘The need for a
                   Nelson Heather Centre, Cnr Pittwater & Jacksons Roads,
                                                                                                               Reconciled Republic’. P1-2 Manning
                                         North Narrabeen.                                                      House inc.
             Entrance to the centre’s carpark is from Boondah Road off Jacksons Road                 
                                  ☎ For further information ☎                                                  nciled_repblic.htm
                                                                                                               [iii] Lorna Lippmann, Generations of
                                (02) 9913 7940 (02) 9982 1685
                                                                                                               Resistance: the Aboriginal Struggle for
                               P.O. Box 129 NARRABEEN NSW 2101
                                                                                                               Justice, p48, Longman Cheshire 1981
                                                                                       [iv] Sue Taff, Black and White Together:
                                                                                                               FCAATSI: The Federal Council for the
                                                                                                               Advancement of Aborigines and Torres
                                                                                                               Strait Islanders 1958-1973. UQP
Elimatta is the newsletter of the Aboriginal Support Group – Manly Warringah Pittwater.
Articles are welcome with the understanding that editorial changes may be made and that contributors agree     2005; Jack Horner, Seeking Racial
that the material will be archived by the National Library of Australia.                                       Justice: An Insider’s Memoir of the
Contributors to Elimatta are from many different cultures and backgrounds. The views expressed are not         Movement for Aboriginal Advancement,
necessarily those of the Editors or members of the ASG.                                                        Aboriginal Studies Press 2005
Please email articles where possible to                                                  [v] Kevin J. Gilbert, Because a White
                           If you use any of the material it would be appreciated if the extract is set in     man’ll never do it, p. 29 Angus and
                           context and the source acknowledged.                                                Robertson 1973
                           Editorial Committee:     Anna Bell and Pat Frater
                                                                                                               [vi] Kevin Gilbert(ed.) Inside Black
                           Layout/Design:           Mark Ansiewicz: (02) 9979-9112
                                                                                                               Australia: an anthology of Aboriginal
                           Distribution:            Jackie O’Hare, Anna Bell, Rob Osborn, Pat Russell,
                                                    Jan Kirk, Carol Gerrard, Don and Pat Frater.               Poetry, p32, Penguin 1988

Winter 2005                                                                       12                                                      ELIMATTA

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