My Thuan Bridge

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					                                       My Thuan Bridge

                                        Project Scope

                                        The SMEC/MBK (now Cardno) Joint         falsework systems.
                                        Venture carried out a Feasibility
                                        Study for the bridge over the Mekong
Location                                River at My Thuan.The river is 700m
Mekong, Vietnam                         wide and up to 26m deep. The bridge
                                        replaced the old ferry and decreased
                                        travelling time between Ho Chi Minh
AusAID, Baulderstone Hornibrook         City and the Mekong Delta.
Project Value
AUD$70.0 Million                        The Joint Venture Study was
                                        comprehensive, covering technical
Start Date
                                        investigations and surveys, traffic
January 1994                            and financial analysis, shipping,
Completion Date                         environmental and social studies as
January 2000                            well as bridge engineering.
Office Responsible
                                        In 1996 the Joint Venture was
Cardno                                  commissioned to carry out the
Responsibilities                        independent proof check of the
Feasibility study, independent proof    design for the accepted alternative,
check of design, review of              the cable-stayed main bridge.
construction engineering and design
of temporary works.                     The main bridge deck is 660m
                                        between expansion joints and the
                                        main span 350m long provides
                                        clearances up to 37.5m for
                                        international shipping. The towers
                                        are designed to withstand ship
                                        impact and, in addition, scour in the
                                        bed to -47m.

                                        In 1998 Cardno was engaged by the
Contact                                 contractor Baulderstone Hornibrook                      as proof design engineer during
1300 782 171 (in Australia) or your     construction responsible for the
local office                            review of construction engineering.
                                        The work was extended to temporary
+61 7 3369 9822 internationally         works designer for access bridges,                          service wharves, tower pilecap
                                        formwork, access platforms and

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