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									        MURRAY BRIDGE
             CLEARING SALE
     Stationary Engines, Antiques
       Memorabilia & Sundries
   Friday 11th December, 11.00am
     Murray Bridge Showgrounds
               Account GW & CL Clothier
Cooper Coffey Pot 11/2 HP with air compressor,
International 3 HP Horizontal, Lister D No.130760 2HP,
Douglas SV-45 No.28380T9 Vert. Air Cooled, Sundial
2HP Horizontal No.9218 with Manchester Corn Grinder
485, Sunshine 5hp 2 Stroke Type C No.7300 with Ajax
Pump A3C, Fairbanks Morse 2 HP 530G94, Engine Brand
Unknown LSA-2003 Circ 2 HP, Petter Lister Diesel 4HP
No.10407515LT1C01Q, Rose Bery 2 HP No. 14046, Rose
Bery 2 HP No. C35602, Cooper Small Flock, Complete
with handpiece/ Villiers, Mark 15/2 No. 550X2511, Villiers
Mark 10 driving small gear pump No.523/37776D, Mobil
Co Heavy Duty Chain Saw No. S14864 14” McCulloch,
Air Compressor Forbes Villiers Mark 10 No. 104-27180,
Garden Chipper Malcha Model CC3300, B-B-Q Circular
18”- Handy Size, Work Bench Heavy Duty with vices,
Vintage Household Goods, Oil Cans, Jacks, Electric Repair
Kit, Several Bench Drills, Hand Drills, Caravan Truck Hitch
– Anti Shock, Carpenter Mobile Work Bench with Support
Stands, 1 Tonne Gantry with Roller Carriage, Mobile Post
Hole Borer with Cable and all attachments with Villiers
10 Motor, Lawn Mower Reel Type Qualcot-JAP, Motor
circa 1930, Lawn Mower Victor – Modern Silver Streak,
18” X 20” Tarpaulin Heavy Duty(white) new, Mobile Work
Trolleys x 2,Workshop Grinder, Workshop Mobile Lathe,
Buff, Thread Cleaner, & Welder(combined), Cooper 4HP
XD No.240727 Driving Cooper Generator No 79339 with
Switchboard – Tank Cooled Not Wired but Fully Restored,
Ronaldson Tippett 4 HP No.77944 Type N Water Cooled
Tank, Villiers 20 No. 115X9114 & Villiers 10 104X11209
on Platform, Cans, Signs, Set of Mobil Oil Bottles in Stand,
Electric Cables, Ashford Spinning Wheel with Spinning
Equipment, Cabinet Singer Sewing Machine 1953, Domo
Separator on original box, Plus a Host of Vintage Articles.
               Account MK & JE Clothier
Blackstone 8 HP on Original Transporter (Restored
but not Painted), Fuller & Johnson Farm Pumper 2 HP,
International 1 HP No.LAA57494,Force Pump 3”, Sundial
2 HP H.V.McKay Type B No.5778,International 1.5 HP
Engine No. AX15351, Newway Model A Type C 3 ½ HP,
Horward Bagshaw 3 HP OCG Machine No.1087, Cooper
2HP TB9947, Petter Type API 3 HP No. 1529976, Hornsby 3
½ HP, Crossley Made 1898.
                    Account A Mason
1924 Buzzacott Hit & Miss Open Crank 2 HP Serial
No.1642, 1950 Ajax Centrifugal Water Pump Type CM 1
¼, 1960 Metters Nufrend Bantam Power Sprayer, 1958
Cooper RVB 1HP Serial No. RV580068, 1939 Norman T300
Mk1 2 Cylinder Air Cooled 2.75 HP Serial No. TE2444, 1945
Aircraft Generator 28 Volt Type RK, 1948 Tadco RVE 12 Volt
DC Generator 1 HP Serial No. 488591.
                   Account B Stevens
1950 Morris Minor Sedan Highlight, 850 Sidevalve Motor
in Excellent Running, Condition, Spare Motor & Gearbox
plus other Parts, All Rubbers Have Been Replaced, Tyres
are in Fair Condition.
                    Account B Staker
1922 Dodge Brothers Pickup, Good Running Order, Club
                Account W Gravestocks
BSA Aircooled 4 Stroke Petrol Engine Approx 3HP, Kirby
Aircooled Petrol Engine Approx 2HP, Villiers Mark 10 petrol
Engine Aircooled, Engine No. 104X30948D.
                Account D & OG Clothier
Old Baked Enamel Sign – “BARNET GLASS Checkskid
Tyres” 6ft x 2ft, Old Baked Enamel Sign – “Fire Agency,
Union Assurance” 17in x 24in, Villiers Mk 40 air cooled
5HP Engine, Kohler air cooled 3HP Engine, Ronaldson
Tippet Parts 2HP & 3HP, Old Cast Iron Plough Seat, Old
Motor Horn – Oogar – Goes Well, Wilconsin 11HP Single
Cyl Engine Electric Start with Reduction Gear, Villiers 2HP
Propane Gas Engine MK-7, very old Buffalo Forge Blower.
Terms: Cash at sale, ID required, number system applies
Light luncheon available.

MURRAY BRIDGE (08) 8532 2622
Ashley Clothier 0429 019 020

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