Murray & Mallee – Murray Bridge Meeting Outcomes

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					    Murray & Mallee – Murray Bridge Meeting Outcomes

    Region           Murray & Mallee

    Date             15 October 2007

    Venue            Murray Bridge Council

    OFTA Staff       Glenys Raveane, Ruth Russell, Anne Gale


Kay Cox, CEO, MMACG                                  Deb Burton, Manager, Buddy Program
Cecelia Oxborrow, Mgr, Murray Bridge & Hills C.S     Lynn Openshaw, Resthaven
Rachel Sorokin, Kira Murray & Mallee Carers          Helen Feist, Special Project Officer, MMACG
Joanna Diasinas, Regional Coordinator, Tumake        Ann Ratsch, C.N. Domiciliary Care, MMCHS
Yonde, Southern Fleurieu, A.S. Murray Mallee
Community Health Service
Jennifer Verrall, Team Coordinator, Disability SA    Lyn Pine ACH Coordinator
Rob Crouch, Coordinator, Alzheimers Australia, SA    Brian Haray, Regional Manager, ACH
Helen March, Coordinator, RCMB                       Kylie Cornish, Coordinator, RCMB
Reg Budarice, Manager, RCMB                          Tony Bonnici, Administator, Murray Bridge
                                                     Lutheran Homes Inc.
Joan Martin, Administator, Murray Bridge Lutheran    Tony Brown, Project Officer, Hills Positive
Homes Inc                                            Aging Project (Adelaide Hills Council)
Ailene Lawson, Murray Mallee Community Health        Nicole Dycer, Commonwealth Respite &
Service                                              Carelink Centre
Gary Sawyer, Murray Mallee Ageing Task Force         Susan Michael, Community Life Styles Inc.
Helen Liebelt, Housing SA                            Jim Quinn, Coorong District Council
Marion Wilson, Mid-Murray Community Support          Clare Crew, Mallee Health Service

        1. Overview of Regional Priorities
    Who                              What                      Where             When
    Target Groups                    Service Groupings         Region/sub-       Timing of
                                                               region            funds

    Frail older people with          SG 1                      Across the        Year 1
    complex needs:                   • Social Support and      Region
    • Social and physical               meaningful activity;
        isolation;                   • Personal Care           Geographical
    • Lack of monitoring of          • Domestic Assistance     Isolation
        medication;                  • Home maintenance        particularly in
    • Depression, incontinence       SG 2                      Hills Face
        and leg ulcers;              • Coordination            Mid-Murray
    • Post-hospital release          • Counselling and         Southern
                                        Support                Mallee
                                     SG 3
                                        • Nursing
                            Murray & Mallee – Murray Bridge – 15.10.07                       1
    David Kelly
    and Associates
                                SG 7
                                • Non-medical transport

People with dementia            SG 1                        Across the        Year 1
                                • Social Support and        Region
                                   meaningful activity;

                                SG 2
                                • Assessment and
                                • Coordination
                                • Counselling and
                                • Information and
                                   education for families
                                   and carers – Link
                                   Worker mode

                                SG 4
                                • Day programs/small
                                   group activities and
                                   living skills

Isolated older people with      SG 7                        Remote            Research
limited access to transport                                 communities       and
                                                            and farms         Development
                                                            particularly in   In Year 1
                                                            Hills Face

    2. Notes from Exercise 1
How do the service principles and topics for further development outlined in
the presentation resonate with your experience of working in your region?

Service Principles
   • Support the notion of greater flexibility - particularly around funding multi-
      purpose service centres
   • Strong support for Promoting independence – it’s what agencies are
      fundamentally trying to achieve
   • Greater clarity required between Health and HACC re promoting
   • The diversity of the region and the large number of small communities calls
      for community-specific local community development programs

Research Topics

    •    Strong support for one-off assistance eg equipment
    •    How to engage with potential volunteers pre-retirement
    •    Transport:
             o Access to Adelaide
                       Murray & Mallee – Murray Bridge – 15.10.07                      2
David Kelly
and Associates
            o Intra-regional
    •    Growth of the region

    3. Notes from Exercise 2 - Identifying Regional

Who                           What                    Where               When
Target Groups                 Service Groupings       Region/sub-         Timing of
                                                      region              funds

Frail older people in small   SG 1                    Hills Face          Year 1
towns in hills face mid-      • Social Support;       Mid-Murray
Mallee & southern Mallee      • Personal Care         Southern Mallee
Evidence: travel costs        • Dom Assistance
prohibit service              SG 2
                              SG 7
                              Flexibility the
                              overarching theme

Frail older people needing    SG 7                    Hills Face
non-medical transport.                                Southern Murray
(possible small community                             Opportunity to
based)                                                look at the
                                                      development of
                                                      local community
                                                      based transport
                                                      pools - based
                                                      upon voucher
                                                      system and
                                                      neighbours and
Dementia and frail aged       SG2                     Across the region
need regular support to
review medication regime

Dementia and frail aged       SG2 (Alzheimers) Link   Opportunity to
-Families and carers need     Worker                  develop non-
information                                           traditional
-                                                     networks and
                                                      supporters in
                                                      communities to
                                                      assistance eg
                                                      post office or
                                                      local shop
                         Murray & Mallee – Murray Bridge – 15.10.07                   3
David Kelly
and Associates
Older retired men and           SG1
women experiencing              Social Support
depression                      Meaningful activity

Group 2

People with dementia            SG 4                        Murray Bridge           Year 1
                                Day programs/small
                                group for these people
                                // living skills

Frail aged                      SG 7                        Lower/Mid-              Year 1
                                Transport to get to         Murray/Mallee
                                -service provider to
                                accompany (can be
                                part of program)
                                -transport costs to visit
                                the client (social

Socially isolated               SG 1                        Across the region       Year 1

Engaging of people who          SG 1                        Across the region       Year 2
have had an acute               Visits (social and          (consider pilot)
episode/released from           monitoring) to build up
hospital                        resilience – maybe
Younger people with             Respite – group –           Whole region intake –   Year 1
disability                      daytime & overnight         M/B Centre plus
Younger disabled or             Basic support services      Whole region –
chronic illness                                             maybe not directly
                                                            HACC but needs to
                                                            be pointed out
Older people                    basic home                  Across the region       Year 1
                                Maintenance / mods

Group 3
Ageing carers of people         SG 1                        Across the region
with a disability               In home support
                                promotion for the
                                people they care for
Frail older people (including   Flexible packages of a      Murray Bridge
those with dementia) living     range of services
alone (long waiting lists for   tailored to meet
packages in Murray Bridge)      individual needs
with complex care needs         SG 1
(additional hours of service    SG2
4 hours often needed and        SG7
Social isolation                Social support              Nildotte
                          Murray & Mallee – Murray Bridge – 15.10.07                         4
David Kelly
and Associates
                                                       Swan Reach
Isolated people with limited   Personalised services   Across the region      Year 3
access to transport            for people whose
                               needs are not catered
                               for by CPN –
                               especially those who
                               require an escort or
Allied Health (submission      SG3                     Across the region
EO1 last round)                Podiatry

Frail older people with        Nursing Ax – access     Murray Bridge
incontinence                   to CAAS (access and     Mannum
                               support to apply)       Other local regions?
Frail older people who         Expansion of HACC       Murray Bridge
suffer from leg ulcers         funded lively legs
                               -nursing care
                               -social support
                               SG 1 and S# 3
Male specific activities                               Murray Bridge
(social support) centre        SG 4
based day care (MMCHS          centre based day care
waiting for outcome of 06-
07 submission
Dementia                       Dementia specific day   Murray Bridge
Dementia                       Domestic assistance     Palmer
                                                       Murray Bridge (major

    4. Other Comments or Submissions
Ailene Lawson, Manager – MMCHS. Written submission about priorities
    • Allied Health – waiting for outcome of submission for expansion funds in
       previous funding round.
    • Frail older people living alone with complex care needs, including
       dementia. Long waiting list for CACP, EACH & EACH D packages results in
       HACC services providing increasing levels of care to assist people to remain
       in their own homes.
            o Assessment & care coordination
            o Nursing care, esp continence care & assessment & wound care
            o Medication management
            o Personal care
            o Social support
            o Linen provision
            o Domestic assistance
    • Community Nursing

                          Murray & Mallee – Murray Bridge – 15.10.07                   5
David Kelly
and Associates
              o  Continence assessment & care – C’wealth Continence Assistance
                 scheme changes impacting on referrals for nursing assessment etc.
             o Wound care – Living Legs Group operating beyond capacity,
                 expansion of program to incorporate Paramedical Aide support to
                 assist nurses with wound care, while maintaining very successful
                 social support component of the program.
    •    Dementia – Diagnosis, Assessment, Care & Support – current
         arrangements with visiting Geriatrician are limited & increasing waiting times
         for appointments are occurring. Current home based HACC support services
         are at capacity & struggling to meet the demands of the increasing number of
         people with Dementia in the community (links to 2nd dot point).
    •    Centre Based Day Care & Dementia Specific Day Care – waiting on
         outcome of previous submission for expansion funds for generic centre based
         day care services.
             o Community need for dementia specific day care has also been
                 identified – MMCHS would support a collaborative approach with
                 NGO providers to develop a service, possibly based in a community
                 location (separate to general day centre), supported by current day
                 centre structures & programs, but staffed & run specifically for people
                 living in the community with a diagnosis of dementia & where generic
                 day centre program does not meet clients’ needs.

Mary Weymouth – Barossa Health – written submission to OFTA

It seems we missed the HACC consultation for Mid Murray...apologies. Our current
area covers 3 of the new HACC boundary areas, including yours.

As we at Barossa Health provide HACC services in the Swan
Reach/Nildotti/Sedan/Cambrai area, can I now add a few comments?

HACC services we provide in part of Mid Murray area are Assessment (OT, Nursing,
Physio, Social Work), Case Management, Personal Care, Nursing Services, Home
Help, Equipment prescription and hire, Home Modifications......we also provide other
non-HACC Community services eg Palliative Care, Diabetes education, Womens
Health, ECI services etc.

We do work closely with CHIPS re meeting the needs of clients, and often have
clients in common.

The isolation (social and geographical) and transport issues are a concern for those
in this area.

More resources are needed to support our Home Nursing, Assessment (as above)
and Personal Care services for this area - particularly given the huge distances that
need to be travelled in order to provide a home service. (An "outreach service" based
at Swan Reach has been put forward in the past, but funding was not granted to
support this).

Hope you can include these comments and if you wish to discuss further, please do
contact me.

                        Murray & Mallee – Murray Bridge – 15.10.07                     6
David Kelly
and Associates

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