Remilitarisation of the Rhineland March 7th 1936 by sdfwerte


									 Remilitarisation of the
Rhineland March 7  th 1936

• Germany rearmed in defiance of Versailles
• It became public knowledge when Hitler
  made announcements on successive
  Saturdays in March 1935 of the existence
  of the Luftwaffe and the reintroduction of
       International Reaction
• Britain, France and Italy were alarmed and
  met at Stresa in Italy
• The Stresa Front April 1935 promised
  close and cordial collaboration to oppose
  any country who endangered the peace of
• This fell apart because of Italy’s ambitions
  in Abyssinia and the Anglo-German Naval
        The Rhineland Crisis
• On March 7th 1936 Hitler took advantage of the
  Abyssinian crisis and marched 10,000 troops
  into the demilitarised Rhineland zone.
• Shortly after the troops moved in Hitler
  suggested he was interested in negotiating new
  security pacts with his neighbours.
• It was a huge gamble for Hitler. He said later
• “The 48hours after the march into the Rhineland
  were the most nerve-racking of my life. If the
  French had then marched into the Rhineland,
  we would have had to withdraw with our tails
  between our legs.”
     International responses to the
    Remilitarisation of the Rhineland
•   Germany
•   Britain
•   France
•   League of Nations

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