Religious Education How much does it cost Consider the following… by sdfwerte


									How much does it cost?
  Consider the following…
(In the Talmud - Jewish Teachings this
           dilemma is posed)

 Imagine yourself and another person
 in a desert with enough water for
 only one of you.
 What would you do?
     Consider the following…
Imagine you have a packed lunch for
school, as normal. You come in one day
and you're the only person with a lunch.
What thoughts would go through your
mind? What would you do?
  How much does it cost?

• Talk Partners’ about what you would
  be prepared to give for others
• Think about whether this would be:
* Very Costly
* Quite Costly
* Costs nothing
   What is a sacrifice?

Talk Partners’ about what you think
the word

Talk to your partner about someone
 you know who sacrificed (gave up)
    their life for someone else.

You can refer to religious stories or
          famous people
Who was Philip Lawrence?

  Have you heard of this name
     Lets read about the
sacrifice of Philip Lawrence...
 LO: To explore the
concept of sacrifice

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