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					Learning with flexibility
We know some students require
flexibility of distance education.
                                                     program at a glance...
These flexible study programs have
                                                        100% flexible and self paced
been written specifically to offer this
flexibility but to also ensure you are                  Start anytime
still learning from practical tasks,                    Strong focus on practical tasks & learning
industry contacts and real world                        Industry experience & contacts
fitness settings.

Programs & Qualifications
                                                      (Average completion ~ 4 to 12 months)
                   The College offers you a
                   choice of 3 programs by
                   distance learning. All include
                   full  tutor   support      and
                   designed to include many
                   hands on practical tasks.

  ► Combined – Certificate III + IV
  ► Certificate III in Fitness (Gym Instructor)
  ► Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)
                                                    Student Profile

BONUS Value Offer                                                     PROFILE ► Julie, Central QLD
                                                                      “I really wanted to launch my
                     Do the Combined Certificate                      personal training business. However
                     program and receive bonus                        living in a small town in QLD I
                     support materials, including                     needed the convenience of distance
                     extra fitness text books and                     education. The ACSF course was
                     FREE heart rate monitor!                         fantastic. The tutor called me at start
                     Bonus value $300                                 my course and supported me the
                                                                      whole way through. The practical
                                                                      parts of course still had me out
                                                                      seeing & meeting people in the
                                                                      fitness industry – so there was no
                                                                      compromise on learning my hands
                                                                      on skills. Thanks ACSF.”
Who should apply?
                                                    How does distance education work?
    Do you need the convenience to learn at
    your own pace?                                               As a student you will be sent a
    Would you find it difficult to make regular                  complete course pack and study
     classes or training sessions?                               materials. These are designed to
     Are you motivated to study fitness?                         provide simple step-by-step learning.
    Are you prepared to start “exploring” the       A tutor will be available to support you at all times.
    exciting world of fitness?                      Correspondence with your tutor is mostly via email
                                                    or phone when required. In addition to assignment
If you said yes to these questions then our         tasks you will undertake a practical placement at a
internship fitness course could be for you.         fitness centre near you. A final practical assessment
                                                    is also arranged. Contact us to discuss in more detail.
                                                       Launch your new fitness career with the
                                                       ACSF Distance Education programs.

                            why distance education?
                            why distance education?
                            The flexibility and time created by not having to attend a class is
                            becoming more and more attractive due to our increasingly busy lifestyles.
                            Distance learning gives the opportunity for learners to still achieve their
                             goals or qualifications whilst having fulltime jobs or other commitments

                                                    how does it work?
                                                    how does it work?
Once you have enrolled we will assign you a personal tutor who will assist your progress throughout
    your course.

You will receive your course package complete with easy to follow instructions and guides. Upon
     receiving your course package we like students to call us for a brief 30 minute phone induction
     to explain your program and course package. This gets your program off to a flying start.

You will manage your training plan and how you move through each step of the course. Some
     stages are based on theory work and some stages are based on practical tasks.

When a lesson or stage is completed, your tutor will mark and comment on your work, then you will
    move onto the next section.

With a personal commitment from you and our dedicated trainers, you can guarantee completion
     of your course which will allow you to achieve your personal goals.

                                                                           tips & hints
                                                                           tips & hints
                Here are some tips for successful distance education learning program.
                      CREATE A POSITIVE STUDY AREA                     ENSURE YOU REST UP AND HAVE FUN
                      SET A TASK LIST                                  MASTER YOUR SUBJECT
                      FIND OUT WHEN YOU STUDY BEST                     SET ‘STUDY RULES’ FOR FAMILY
                      USE HOLIDAY TIME WISELY                          AIM TO “LEARN” NOT JUST “DO”

                                 review & qualifications
                                 review & qualifications
                           At the completion of your studies you’ll be awarded the respective government
                           qualifications for your program:
                           ● Certificate III in Fitness (Fitness Instructor)
                           ● Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer)

                           Congratulations. You are now ready to start your new fitness career!

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