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					The weekend works!                                    What are you waiting for?
What’s one way to improve
relationships with your children?
                                                      It seems clear that even with the busy lifestyles
                                                      many couples lead, a small investment of time in the
“Leave them for the weekend” according to a
                                                      weekend program may be one that pays dividends
                                                      for the rest of your lives                                is a
majority survey spanning 20 years of Worldwide
Marriage Encounter enrichment weekends. Nine out
of 10 couples reported a significant improvement in
their family interaction after they attended a
                                                       INVEST IN YOUR MOST                                   Journey
Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend.                    PRECIOUS ASSET…
Fears unfounded                                            Your Marriage!
The survey showed that fears commonly
experienced by individuals before the weekend were
unfounded in all but a small number of attendees.
“Women worried unnecessarily about stirring up
problems with their husbands”. “Men were
particularly relieved that there was no group

Improvements in 5 major areas
According to the survey, varying degrees of
immediate and long term improvements in               Weekend Dates:
relationships were achieved in five key areas:
                                                      16-18 April 2010, Wantirna, Vic
•   Intimacy and closeness                            25-27 June 2010, Anglesea, Vic
•   Communications                                    20-22 August 2010, Wantirna, Vic
•   Sexual relationship                               15-17 October 2010, Wantirna, Vic
•   Respect for each other
                                                      For More Information Please Contact:
•   Increased spirituality
                                                      Peter & Erika Smith
                                                      11 Venice Street                                          Continue to grow
                                                      Box Hill South VIC 3128                                      And make
                                                      Phone, (03) 9899 0824
                                                                                                                New discoveries
                                                                                                                 Along the way
                                                          What are the topics?                                   Worldwide Marriage Encounter
When was the last time…
                                                          The topics all centre around bringing a closeness,      Weekend Application Form
you had a great weekend                                   intimacy, love and romance into our every day lives.

just for the two of you?                                  For example:                                           Surname: _________________________________
                                                          • Making time for each other in the hustle-bustle of   Husband: ____________ Wife: ________________
                                                            family life
Was it your honeymoon?                                    • Dealing with difficult topics - talking about the    Postal Address: ____________________________
Was it a hotel weekend?                                     hard things without hassles, bitterness or stress
 Was it just last weekend?                                • Strengthening couple and family unity
                                                          • Understanding the role of marriage in our             ____________________ Postcode:_____________
  Remember the intimacy, love,
    romance and contentment you felt?                     • What has God and the Church got to do with you
                                                                                                                 Email Address: _____________________________

                                                            and your marriage                                    Telephone: ________________________________
You deserve this special weekend which provides an
atmosphere for married couples to concentrate just        • The benefits of listening and being listened to
                                                                                                                 Wedding Date: _____________________________
on each other. Free of the usual tension, pressures       • There’s something special about you as a
and interruptions.                                          couple… Take the time to enjoy it!                   Religion: Husband: _________ Wife: __________

                                                                                                                 Weekend Date: _____________________________
It’s all organised                                        Who is Worldwide Marriage
• Your meals are all organised - even special diets
                                                          Encounter for?                                         2nd Preference (if available) ___________________
• Two nights accommodation                                It is for couples of any age, those who have been
                                                          married only a few months to couples married over      Further information will be forwarded to you before
• You can afford it! Couples are asked to contribute                                                             the weekend including what you need to bring, etc.
                                                          50 years. All they need is a commitment to each
  to the cost of their weekend, however no one is
                                                          other and a willingness to work towards a stronger
  denied the opportunity to attend through lack of                                                                      Please make cheques payable to
                                                          and more meaningful future together.
  funds. (Donations are made through a                                                                              WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER
  confidential blank envelope system on the
  weekend.)                                               But we have a good marriage!                                    Please return completed form with
• 7.30pm Friday to 5pm Sunday.                            GREAT! But why settle for what you have if it can              application fee of $55 (inc GST) to:
                                                          be better? Every marriage can be improved. Don’t
What happens?                                             let your good marriage stand in the way of a great
                                                          marriage.                                                       Worldwide Marriage Encounter
First you settle into your room and then get together                                                                     c/o Peter & Erika Smith
for a cup of tea or coffee. The flow of the weekend       Is the weekend open to couples of any faith?                    11 Venice Street
then starts with a series of short informal talks given                                                                   Box Hill South VIC 3128
by people who have been on the weekend before.            Yes. The weekend is presented through a Catholic
                                                          perspective, but each couple is invited to apply the
These talks are broken up by plenty of private time
                                                          experience through their own religious belief.
for you to spend together.

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