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					Grants made by the Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales during 2005.

Within each Region, the list is broken down into smaller geographical areas. Grants which appear in "Other"
are outside these areas (e.g. in a village). Grants under "General" have beneficiaries in more than one area.

Within each area charities are listed alphabetically.

Grants made under the Collaborative Programme are shown at the end of each Region.

                                                                                     NUMBER OF
                                                                    PAGE(S)              GRANTS          TOTAL APPROVED

East of England                                                        1 to 8                  194               1,126,389
East Midlands                                                         9 to 17                  211               1,469,943
Greater London                                                       18 to 26                  281               1,713,569
North East                                                           27 to 34                  187               1,304,648
North West                                                           35 to 46                  311               2,871,437
South East                                                           47 to 55                  188               1,051,858
South West                                                           56 to 65                  237               1,197,954
Wales                                                                66 to 73                  181               1,251,731
West Midlands                                                        74 to 85                  285               1,742,463
Yorkshire                                                            86 to 96                  297               1,981,604
Sub-total - Regional                                                                         2,372              15,711,596

Grants across England and Wales                                     97 to 103                  165               3,057,481
New Initiatives                                                    104 to 105                   28                 662,282
Sub-total - England and Wales-wide                                                             193               3,719,763

International grants                                                     106                     3                 95,159

Total grants                                                                                  2,568             19,526,518

Matched Giving Scheme                                                    106                                      992,191


LOCATION/CHARITY                                                              WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                   £


Bedford African Community Support Project (2 of 2, total £11,917)             Core funding and computer equipment                                           4,860
Bedford Concern for the Homeless & Rootless                                   Core funding                                                                  5,000
Family Groups (Bedford) (1 of 2, total £10,000)                               Core funding                                                                  5,000
Family Support Group - Goldington
                                                                              Refurbishment costs (office/bathroom conversion, redecoration, gas supply)    2,770
Haynes Village Hall                                                           New chairs                                                                    2,975
Mayday Trust                                                                  Sessional Worker for the Therapeutic Gardening Programme                      6,500
Oakley Rural Day Care Centre for the Elderly                                  Transport costs                                                              10,000
Renhold Village Hall                                                          Induction loop                                                                  974
St Mark's Clubhouse                                                           Training materials and a computer                                             3,000

Hillcrest Out of School Club                                                  Wages and transport for the holiday scheme                                    5,000

Bedfordshire African Community Centre (BACC) (2 of 2, total £10,478)          The 'Awareness Programme'                                                     4,814
Caraline (Eating Disorders Counselling and Support Service) (2 of 2, total
£8,000)                                                                       Core costs of the Centre                                                      3,000
Family & Relationships Crisis Centre (2 of 2, total £24,415)                  Director's salary                                                             8,205
Lewsey Farm Learning Centre Trust                                             A part-time Administrator                                                     5,000
Liffe-Shaper Limited                                                          A Session Leader                                                              3,000
Luton Churches Education Trust (LCET)                                         Senior Social Inclusion Worker                                               10,000
Osagyefo Theatre Company                                                      Youth project on Marsh Farm Estate during school holidays                     7,600
Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Care Forum                                       Rent                                                                          2,400

Bedfordshire - Other
Alzheimer's Society - South Bedfordshire Branch                               Drop-In Co-ordinator                                                          7,255
Autism Bedfordshire (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                   Manager's salary for two years                                                5,000
Bedfordshire Refugee & Asylum Seeker Support                                  Core funding                                                                  5,000
Eve Project                                                                   Project Co-ordinator                                                         10,000
Mencap - Leighton Buzzard                                                     Volunteer Carers for the Summer Activity week                                 5,000
Sharnbrook Village Hall                                                       Display screens and stacking chairs                                           3,000
Women's Aid - South Beds                                                      Salary of a part-time Administrator                                           9,000

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Cambridge Cyrenians - Cambridge                                        Out of Hours Project Worker                         5,000
Castle Project Workshop                                                New computer equipment and software                 9,346
Cygnets Milton Pre-School                                              Core costs                                            353
English Churches Housing Group                                         Missing Links Project                               4,635
Inspire                                                                The Funky Flamingo Project                          5,000
Lifecraft                                                              Training and activity groups                        4,000
Romsey Mill Trust (1 of 2, total £20,000)                              Mental Health and Child Development Worker         10,000
Tinderbox Pre-School                                                   Rent                                                  760

Alzheimer's Society - Fenland and Marshland (2 of 2, total £10,930)    Cost of running the weekly group in Chatteris       5,465

EARTH                                                                  Core funding                                        5,000
Volunteer Centre - Ely & District                                      The Helping Hands & SOS Project                    10,000

GO4IT                                                                  Core funding                                        3,000
Littlehey Visitors Centre Association (1 of 2, total £15,000)          Support Worker                                      7,500

Chatting Independently                                                 Salary of a Project Finance Co-ordinator            7,500

Gladstone District Community Association (2 of 2, total £15,000)       Child Care Tutor                                    5,000
HomeStart Peterborough                                                 BME Co-ordinator and volunteer and office costs     9,209

Ferry Project (1 of 2, total £9,000)                                   Farming Project Leader                              5,000

Cambridgeshire - Other
Cambridge Joint Playschemes                                            Playschemes                                         5,000
Cambridgeshire Community Foundation (2 of 2, total £15,000)            Setting up the Community Foundation                 7,500
Fenland Area Community Enterprise Trust                                Core funding                                       10,000
Hunts Forum of Voluntary Organisations                                 Furnishing and equipment for the Maple Centre       5,000
Mid Anglia Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre                           Moto-Med cycle                                      4,000
REMAP - Peterborough & District                                        Core funding                                        2,000
Speaking Up                                                            Part-time Support Worker for the Cabinet Project    5,000

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Turning the Red Lights Green                                     Salary of an Employment Advisor and laptop computer for the Aspirations
                                                                 programme                                                                    10,000
WAY Project (Waterbeach & Landbeach Action for Youth)            Core funding                                                                  3,000


Basildon Community Resource Centre (1 of 2, total £10,000)       Core funding                                                                  5,000
Basildon Disabled Sports & Social Club                           Installing security fencing                                                   3,000
CVS - Basildon, Billericay & Wickford (1 of 2, total £18,000)    Partnerships and Participation Worker                                        11,452
Langdon Hills Women's Institute                                  Tables and chairs                                                               724
Rainer Foundation                                                Cradle Project                                                               11,969
Samaritans - Basildon & Thurrock                                 Digital telephone system                                                      5,000
WHCM                                                             Cost of counselling for lone parents and families going through separation
                                                                 and divorce in Basildon                                                       7,500

Braintree District Voluntary Support Agency                      Core funding                                                                  3,500
First Stop Centre                                                Part-time Tutor and Teaching Assistant                                        5,000
Witham Citizen Advocacy                                          Salary of Co-ordinator                                                        5,000

Frontline Partnership (2 of 2, total £10,920)                    Tutor's fees                                                                  3,510
HomeStart Brentwood                                              Core funding                                                                 10,000

Broomfield Methodist Church                                      Furniture and equipment                                                       2,000
Farthing Community & Occupational Centre                         Running costs of the Centre                                                   2,500
YMCA - Chelmsford                                                Cost of the STEPPS Project                                                   10,392

Shopmobility Clacton & Tendring (2 of 2, total £12,500)          Co-ordinator's salary                                                         5,000

Brightlingsea Community Association                              New chairs                                                                    1,500
Colchester and Tiptree Toy Library (2 of 2, total £10,000)       Core funding                                                                  4,000
Colchester Carers Centre (for Children)                          Core funding                                                                  4,670
HomeStart Colchester (3 of 3, total £29,964)                     An Organiser for the Post Natal Illness Groups                               10,153
Roman River Pre-School                                           Play equipment and display screens                                              750

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Action in Mental Health (AIM)                                  The radio project                                                            9,073

Alzheimer's Society - Harlow Branch (1 of 2, total £12,000)    Rest-A-While Project                                                         7,000
Cornerstone Trust (Bishop's Stortford)                         Cost of a part-time Support Worker                                           5,000
Counselling and Life Management Centre                         Cost of establishing a steering group                                        3,430
CVS - Harlow                                                   Community Development Worker                                                 9,360
Family Mediation Service - Herts & Essex                       Subsidised counselling sessions and free counselling service for children    6,000
Freshwaters Contact Centre                                     Core funding                                                                 4,000
HomeStart                                                      Core funding                                                                 7,500
Michael Roberts Charitable Trust (2 of 2, total £12,600)       Support for the Maybury Centre Project                                       4,200
Mind - Harlow                                                  Setting up a Carers Support Service                                          9,729
Solve IT (2 of 2, total £12,911)                               Start up costs for a service in Essex                                        5,896

Buddies Children's Centre                                      Cost of one afternoon pre-school session                                     4,660

Saffron Walden
Saffron Walden Youth Outreach Project                          Cost of street furniture for the Skatepark                                   2,000

Southend Carers Forum (2 of 2, total £9,000)                   Core funding over two years                                                  3,000

Essex - Other
Age Concern (1 of 2, total £15,000)                            Cost of travel expenses for the older people's counselling service          10,500
Essex Holiday Bungalow Trust                                   Cost of producing the Essex Mencap News                                      1,000
Halstead Day Centre (2 of 2, total £13,250)                    Activities Organiser/Deputy Care Co-ordinator                                5,000
Relate - North Essex & East Herts (2 of 2, total £7,850)       Training                                                                     3,975
Scope - Colchester & Tendring                                  Sessional Workers                                                           10,000
Sometimes We All Need Support (SWANS)                          Advocacy Project and the counselling serivce supervision and travel          7,000
St Luke's Hospice                                              Core funding                                                                 5,000


Hemel Hempstead
Dacorum Rent Aid                                               Salary of the Resettlement Manager                                           5,000
Druglink Ltd                                                   Bathroom and kitchen refurbishments                                          5,000
Women's Aid - Dacorum                                          Part-time Administrative Assistant                                           3,640


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People First - North Herts                                                   Salary of a Support Worker                                      7,494
Women's Counselling Centre                                                   Counselling sessions for lone mothers                           8,448

St Albans
St Albans City and District Bereavement Network (SABN)                       Volunteer training                                              2,000

Living Room                                                                  Salary of Project Worker                                        5,000
Relate - North Herts & Stevenage (2 of 2, total £14,459)                     "Supporting Young Parents" Project                              4,560
Stevenage & North Hertfordshire Child Contact Centres                        IT equipment and training                                       2,000
Stevenage Furniture Recycling Scheme                                         Core funding                                                    6,371

CVS - Watford (2 of 2, total £15,715)                                        Cost of the project to work with BME Groups                     5,305
Mind - South West Herts (1 of 2, total £10,000)                              Part-time Support Worker                                        5,000
Watford Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Centre                                  Rent for one year                                               4,500
West Watford Community Association (2 of 2, total £14,250)                   Salary of Outreach Development Worker                           5,000

Welwyn Garden City
Hertfordshire Action on Disability                                           A replacement minibus                                           5,000
Isabel Hospice                                                               Salary of Welfare Benefits Adviser                              5,000

Hertfordshire - Other
Bosnia and Hercegovina Community Association Hertfordshire (1 of 2, total
£15,255)                                                                     Core funding                                                   10,170
Chrysalis Drug Project Limited                                               Core funding and IT equipment                                   4,496
CVS in Three Rivers                                                          Salary of the Executive Director                               10,000
Headway - North Herts & Stevenage (1 of 2, total £15,000)                    Cost of the Community Outreach Worker                           7,500
Hertsmere Community Voluntary Support                                        Development programme for voluntary organisations               5,000
Number 1 Hatfield (Community Resource Centre)                                Core funding (utilities, consumables, salaries and cleaning)    5,000
Parentline Plus                                                              Extending the hours of the Services Co-ordinator               13,721
Stevenage & North Herts Women's Resource Centre (1 of 2, total £14,756)      Crèche Supervisor                                               9,756
Watford & Three Rivers Against Crime (2 of 2, total £7,500)                  Technician to install security devices                          2,500


Great Yarmouth
4th Gorleston Brownie Pack                                                   Two play parachutes                                               400
Age Concern - Great Yarmouth                                                 Core funding                                                    8,856
Crossroads Care Attendant Scheme Ltd - Great Yarmouth                        Core funding                                                    8,800
HomeStart Great Yarmouth & District                                          Salary of Outreach Worker                                       9,200

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Open Door - Great Yarmouth                                             Core funding                                                      5,000
South Yarmouth Way Forward Community Association                       Cost of producing the newsletter                                  1,200

King's Lynn
Age Concern - West Norfolk (2 of 2, total £7,335)                      Pop-In and Lunch Club                                             2,485
Amy Robsart (Syderstone) Village Hall                                  Purchase of a projector screen and audio loop system                500
Terrington St John Methodist Church                                    Chairs                                                            1,600

Embrace Young Mums                                                     Cost of the Project Manager                                       4,495
MIND - Norwich                                                         BME Migrant Worker's project                                      6,000
Norwich Unemployed Support Trust                                       Project Co-ordinator                                              5,720
Solo Housing (East Anglia) Ltd                                         Salary of Homelessness Prevention Officer                         5,000
Special Needs Enterprises (Norfolk) Ltd                                Core funding                                                      5,000
Thalia Theatre Company                                                 Part-time Support Assistant                                       5,791

Age Concern - Swaffham & District                                      Office rental costs and equipment                                 4,324
CVS - West Norfolk                                                     Part-time Volunteering Assistant                                  5,000

CAB - Diss Thetford & District                                         Advice Services & Training Co-ordinator at the Thetford office    5,437

Norfolk - Other
Alzheimer's Society - North Norfolk Branch (3 of 3, total £30,000)     Cost of one Outreach Worker over three years                     10,000
Asperger - East Anglia                                                 Teenage Social Skills Group                                       5,000
Attleborough Friends & Neighbours (1 of 2, total £15,000)              Core funding (Co-ordinator's salary)                             10,000
Benjamin Foundation                                                    Salary of Resettlement Worker                                     5,000
Copeman Centre                                                         Two new fridges                                                     800
Crossroads Caring for Carers in Norfolk Ltd (1 of 2, total £25,000)    Salary of Operational Manager                                    15,000
Garden Science Trust - King's Lynn                                     Project Director                                                  5,000
HAND Partnership                                                       Workshop Engineer                                                 3,000
Julian Housing Support Trust Limited                                   Furnishings and equipment                                         3,000
Matthew Project                                                        Salary of Trainee Youth Worker                                    5,000
Mattishall Methodist Church                                            Kitchen equipment                                                 1,000
Norfolk & Norwich Families' House (1 of 2, total £8,500)               Befriending scheme for Norwich Family Friends                     4,500
Norfolk Autistic Society                                               Salary of Family Services Worker                                  5,000
Norfolk Community Foundation (1 of 2, total £15,000)                   Director's salary                                                 7,500
Norfolk Elders Advocacy Alliance                                       Salary of part-time Area Co-ordinator                            10,000
Norfolk Family Mediation Service                                       Cost of recruiting and training one Mediator                      3,000

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North Walsham Area Community Transport Association (2 of 2, total £10,000)
                                                                              Project Co-ordinator                                    5,000
Olive Tree Projects                                                           Core funding                                            6,000
Open Youth Trust                                                              Furniture and equipment for the Internet Café           5,000
Pabulum (1 of 2, total £10,000)                                               Project Manager                                         5,000
Reymerston Village Hall                                                       Blinds, kitchen equipment and safety equipment            600
St Edmunds Society - Norwich                                                  Floating Support/Resettlement Manager                   5,000


Bury St Edmunds
Cygnets (Whelnetham)                                                          Purchase of a fridge, TV/DVD and cooker                 1,130
Gatehouse Caring in West Suffolk (1 of 2, total £12,500)                      Cost of he Thursday Club                                7,500

Haverhill & District Volunteer Centre                                         Family Befriending Project                              5,871
Haverhill Advocacy and Mentoring Service                                      Out of School Development Officer                      13,566

Cruse - Ipswich and Suffolk Coastal                                           Rent and rates                                          3,000
CVS - Ipswich & District                                                      Core costs of the Priory Heath Civil Renewal Project   15,000
The Challengers                                                               Core costs                                              1,000

DIAL - Lowestoft and Waveney                                                  Welfare Rights Worker                                   7,500
Lowestoft and Oulton Broad Aid & Assist Project                               Day Care Officer                                        5,000
Shopmobility - Lowestoft                                                      Co-ordinator                                            5,000
Suffolk Befriending Scheme                                                    Salary of Assistant Co-ordinator                        7,360

Just 42                                                                       Rural Youth Projects                                    4,408
Rochford Trust                                                                Core funding                                            5,000

Suffolk - Other
ACRE                                                                          Good Neighbour Scheme                                   5,000
Age Concern (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                           Salary of Active Age Officer                           10,000
Association of Suffolk Museums                                                Developing memory boxes for people with Alzheimer's     9,000
Coastal Accessible Transport Service - Leiston                                Cost of a replacement minibus                           5,000
Focus Counselling Services                                                    Core funding                                            5,000
Framlingham & District Volunteer Centre                                       Core funding                                            7,500

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Ipswich & Suffolk Council for Racial Equality (1 of 2, total £10,000)    Part-time Training Co-ordinator for the Translation and Interpreting Project
                                                                         (TIP)                                                                                5,000
Kelsale Pre-School                                                       Rent                                                                                   400
Lakenheath Peace Memorial Hall                                           New chairs                                                                           1,000
Lavenham Community Council                                               Toilet hoist for people with disabilities                                            1,975
Stutton Community Hall Management Committee                              Loop amplifying system                                                               3,000
Volcare                                                                  Core funding                                                                         3,600
Waveney Enterprises Craft Workshop                                       Salary of Assistant Day Care Officer                                                 5,000
Workwise (Suffolk) Ltd                                                   IT equipment                                                                         8,000


CAB - Harlow                                                             Cost of the Financial Literacy/Anti Poverty Project                                  9,946
Farm Crisis Network                                                      Volunteer training & expenses                                                        2,500
Lithium Club                                                             Core funding                                                                         2,000
Rickmansworth Waterways Trust Limited                                    Cost of an Educational Co-ordinator                                                  6,000
Sue Ryder Care - Stagenhoe Park                                          Cost of a Volunteer Co-ordinator                                                     5,000


ACRE - Suffolk
                                                                         Development of the Suffolk Forward Group, in collaboration with Suffolk
                                                                         Association of Voluntary Organisations (SAVO) and Suffolk Council for
                                                                         Voluntary Youth Service (SCVYS) to develop a model and a way of working
                                                                         together to avoid duplication of services and to ensure efficient use of
                                                                         resources in areas such as sector training, ICT, finance, HR and fundraising.        6,000
Norwich and Norfolk Racial Equality Council                              Domestic Violence Project in collaboration with Norwich MIND, which
                                                                         provides the office and meeting space and complementary therapies.
                                                                         The project will employ a co-ordinator to recruit and train volunteers to
                                                                         support BME women through signposting to other agencies for help with
                                                                         legal advice and accommodation, and provide awareness training sessions
                                                                         on mental well being and confidence building.                                      25,000
Prince's Trust (3 of 3, total £82,853)                                   Mentor Co-ordinator/Outreach Worker for the mentoring project for young
                                                                         people who are either in or leaving care, in conjunction with Southend on
                                                                         Sea Borough Council (providing accommodation and support for the project)
                                                                         and Amigos mentoring scheme (involved with the referral process).                  28,900
Suffolk Foundation (2 of 2, total £40,000)                               Collaborative funding with Henry Smith's Charity towards the initial setting
                                                                         up and operating costs.                                                            20,000

                                                                                                                                  194 grants totalling   £1,126,389

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LOCATION/CHARITY                                                                 WHAT WE FUNDED                                            £


T.C.R.S.G. Exercise-4-All                                                        Ramp, fencing and gates                                2,000

Ashbourne Playaway                                                               Playscheme                                             3,000

Buxton For Youth                                                                 Furnishing the premises                                4,000
CAB - High Peak                                                                  Salary of the Chief Executive                         11,698
High Peak Nightstop (1 of 2, total £13,000)                                      Salary of Deputy Co-ordinator                          7,000

CAB - Chesterfield                                                               Cost of developing essential service advice            4,699
Calow Childcare Co-operative Ltd                                                 Rent                                                   2,800
Community Transport - Chesterfield, Bolsover & North East Derbyshire             Cost of the management committee training              1,345
Cruse Bereavement Care - Chesterfield & NE Derbyshire                            Core costs                                             2,000
Gamelea Countryside Training Trust                                               Farmers' Market Co-ordinator                          14,950
Links the Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire Council for Voluntary Service
and Action Limited                                                               Funding Adviser                                       15,000
Marsh Lane Under Fives                                                           Room dividers and equipment                            2,500
SPODA                                                                            Salary of the Project Manager                          9,000
St Bartholomew's Church - Clay Cross Community Hall                              Community hall                                         2,000
Touchstone Community Development                                                 Green-Touch Project                                    8,209

1st Heage Scout Group                                                            Specialised camping equipment for disabled children      875
Asian Advisory Service (3 of 3, total £20,000)                                   Core costs                                             4,000
Community Transport - Derby                                                      Security cameras, webbing and training equipment       7,750
Derby Asian Women's Training Association                                         Salary of the Project Manager                         15,000
Derby Bosnia - Hercegovina Community Association                                 Salary of the Project Co-ordinator                    13,648
Derby Parenting & Family Group                                                   Rent and office costs                                  6,000
Derby Racial Equality Council (2 of 2, total £15,000)                            Core costs                                             5,000
Derby Toc H Children's Camp                                                      Equipment for the camp                                 3,000
Derby Women's Centre                                                             Core costs                                             8,500
Derwent Stepping Stones Nursery & Community Training Centre                      Staffing the Derwent Experience Project               15,000

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Disability Direct (1 of 2, total £15,000)                     Cost of the Independent Living Skills Mentor               10,000
Key To The Edge (3 of 3, total £20,000)                       Core costs                                                  4,000
Live At Home Scheme - Derby Project                           Transport costs                                             2,500
Mind - Derbyshire (2 of 2, total £13,100)                     Salary of Finance Officer                                   5,000
Pear Tree Road Baptist Church                                 Refurbishment of the kitchen                                4,200
Play & Recycling Centre (PARC)                                Salary of an Administrator                                  7,500
Repton Pre-School                                             New toys and equipment                                      2,000
Shopmobility                                                  Office equipment                                            2,000
The Open Centre                                               Cost of extending the work of the Multi Cultural Officer    4,368

Glossop and District Age Concern                              Cost of a computer and internet access                      1,500
Jericho Project (2 of 2, total £10,500)                       Part-time Administrative Assistant                          3,500
New Mills & District Volunteer Centre                         Salary of the Transport Co-ordinator/Receptionist          15,000

Erewash User Voice                                            Running costs                                                 500
HomeStart Erewash                                             Core costs                                                 10,000
Marlpool-Langley Youth Project (Benchmark)                    Salary of the Children and Family Worker                    5,000

CAB - Mid-Derbyshire                                          Running costs of the Rural Outreach Bureau                  5,000
South Darley Pre-School                                       Play equipment and room dividers                            2,000

CVS - Amber Valley                                            New database                                                5,000

Church Gresley Pre-School                                     Equipment and training                                      3,000
Derbyshire Association for the Blind                          Running costs of the Swadlincote Resource Centre            8,030
South Derbyshire Mental Health Association                    Costs of setting up an IT and printing room                 9,233

Derbyshire - Other
1st Derbyshire Dales Scout Group                              Core costs                                                  5,000
Advocacy Service - Derbyshire                                 Rent                                                       11,000
Arkwright Society                                             Salary of the Development Officer                           5,000
CVS - South Derbyshire                                        Information Officer                                        15,000
Derbyshire Coalition for Inclusive Living                     Cost of training courses and membership group              14,174
Derbyshire Dales Careline                                     Core costs                                                  7,804
Derwent Rural Counselling Service (2 of 2, total £10,000)     Salary of the Manager                                       5,000

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Fairplay                                                              Playschemes for children in the High Peak and Glossop areas of North
                                                                      Derbyshire                                                              6,500
Federation of West Derbyshire Mental Health Support Groups            Equipment for the Cinema Group                                          1,995
Girlguiding - Hope Valley & Tideswell District                        Camping equipment                                                       1,250


Ashby de la Zouch
1st Appleby Magna with Measham Scout Group                            Stacking tables, activity and camping equipment                         2,205

Age Concern - North West Leicestershire                               Salary of part-time Information & Advice Worker                        10,000
Cruse Bereavement Care - Charnwood & NW Leics Branch                  Salary of the Branch Co-ordinator                                       5,000

ACCEPT                                                                Salary of the Project Manager                                          10,000
Care & Repair - West Leicestershire                                   Cost of the Handyperson Service                                        10,000
HomeStart Hinckley                                                    Salary costs of the Family Support Groups                               8,240
Voluntary Action Hinckley & Bosworth                                  Salary of the Project Development & Support Officer                    13,144
Work-Link Project                                                     Salary of the Healthy Living Supervisor                                10,000

African Caribbean Education Working Group                             Salary of the Project Co-ordinator                                     10,800
Bamboozle Theatre Company                                             Multi-sensory event at Leicester Haymarket Theatre                      5,000
Blaby & Glen Parva Community Service                                  Salary of the part-time Manager                                         3,000
British Red Cross - Family Support Centre (2 of 2, total £14,426)     Leicester ADHD Project                                                  4,844
Broughton Astley Community Bus                                        Replacement minibus                                                     5,000
Centre For Indian Classical Dance                                     Cost of introductory workshops                                          2,800
Centre Project                                                        Salary of the Cook                                                      6,593
Clarendon Advice Centre (2 of 2, total £10,000)                       Rent                                                                    5,000
Headway - Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland                         Computer and furnishings for the extended day centre                    6,980
Kibworth Band                                                         New instruments for the youth group                                     3,893
Leicester Asian Youth Association (1 of 2, total £14,919)             Salary of the Women & Girls Development Worker                          9,929
Leicester Complementary Schools Trust                                 First Aid Training                                                      5,000
Leicester Racial Equality Council (2 of 2, total £13,000)             Project Assistant for the Leicester Racial Equality & Sports Project    5,000
Saffron Arts                                                          Salary of Administrative Assistant                                      4,860
Sapcote Methodist Church                                              Cost of kitchen refurbishment                                           2,000
Shama Women's Centre                                                  Salary of the Centre Co-ordinator                                      15,000
Takeover Radio Children's Media Trust                                 Cost of the Young People's Parliament                                   5,000
Victim Support - Leicestershire and Rutland                           Cost of the Client Liaison Officer                                      4,500
Work-in-Progress (1 of 2, total £13,500)                              Salary of Job Inclusion Broker                                          9,000

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Charnwood Racial Equality Council                             Cost of capacity building of the organisation           9,190

CAB - South Leicestershire                                    Costs of the administrative staff                       9,853

Market Harborough
People's Accessible Transport for Harborough (PATH) Group     Harborough Link Service                                 5,000

Melton Mowbray
Cruse Bereavement Care - Melton & Rutland Branch              Rent                                                    2,000

Helping Hands Community Trust                                 Computer and printing equipment for the 'Print Shop'    7,500
Voluntary Action for Oadby & Wigston                          Carers Forums                                           1,000

Leicestershire - Other
CAB - North West Leicestershire (2 of 2, total £8,000)        Outreach Advice Project                                 5,000
Konnect9 Worldwide                                            A forklift truck                                        5,000
Leicestershire Scout Council                                  Salary of the Local Development Officer                 3,000


Centrepoint Outreach                                          Salary of the Project Worker                            5,000
HomeStart Boston (2 of 2, total £11,010)                      Core costs of the Family Group                          5,810
Samaritans - Boston & District                                Running costs                                           5,000
Stickney Pre-School                                           Cost of two storage units                                 300
Swineshead Pre-School Play Group                              Refurbishing the building                               3,000

Alzheimer's Society - West Lindsey Branch                     Salary of the Branch Manager                           13,000
Scotton Village Hall                                          Recreational area                                       1,000

GIFTS Hospice                                                 Cost of the datatbase                                   3,295
Manthorpe Pre-School Playgroup                                Staff salaries                                          2,000

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CAB - Lincoln and District (1 of 2, total £13,393)                             Specialist Telephone Training Project                       7,206
Eagle Village Hall                                                             New flooring                                                2,000
Hainton Playgroup                                                              A replacement boiler                                        1,500
Lincolnshire Community Foundation                                              Staff costs of the St Giles Community Collective Project   10,000
Metheringham Village Hall                                                      New tables and chairs                                       1,500
Nomad Trust                                                                    Salary of the Day Centre Assistant                          7,393
The King's Outreach                                                            Salary of Development Worker                               12,420

Legbourne & Little Cawthorpe Community Centre                                  Safety flooring and carpets                                 1,495

Alford Youth Advice Centre                                                     Core costs                                                 12,000
Lincolnshire Centre for Grief and Loss                                         Extending the service to the Lincolnshire Coast             7,500
Volunteer Bureau - Skegness & District                                         Salary of the Development Officer                          15,000

HomeStart Sleaford & District                                                  Core costs                                                  4,000
Sleaford & District Toy Library                                                Rent costs                                                  3,525
Sleaford Museum Trust                                                          Operational costs                                           1,000

Moulton Community Association                                                  New kitchen facilities                                      2,000
South Holland User Group (SHUG) (1 of 2, total £13,000)                        Rent and transport                                          9,500

HomeStart South West Lincolnshire (1 of 2, total £7,000)                       Rent costs                                                  3,500
Volunteer Bureau - Stamford                                                    Salary of the Bureau Manager                               12,000

Lincolnshire - Other
Alternatives Pregnancy Advice Centre                                           Salary of the Advice Centre Manager                        10,000
Community Council of Lincolnshire                                              Cost of the website, newsletters and a conference           5,000
Disability Lincs Ltd                                                           Cost of the Home Visiting Advice Service                   10,000
Help the Aged (3 of 3, total £20,000)                                          Rural Village Voice Programme in Lincolnshire               4,000
Langtoft Pre-School                                                            Play equipment for the new play area                        2,000
Lincoln Community Development Worker Project                                   Salary of the Project Leader                               10,000
Lincolnshire Association of People with Disabilities (LAPD) (1 of 2, total
£22,500)                                                                       Volunteer support and administration costs                 15,000

                                                                             Page 14 of 107

CAB - Daventry & District (1 of 2, total £13,500)                           Salary of Guidance Tutor                                          6,700
Daventry Shopmobility                                                       Computer equipment                                                1,571

Kettering Welfare Rights Advisory Service                                   New computers                                                     1,500

Ability Northants                                                           Salary of the Director                                           10,000
Blackthorn Good Neighbours Ltd                                              Admin Assistant's salary and building management costs           10,960
Brackley W.I. & Girl Guide Hall                                             Kitchen refurbishment                                             2,000
Dostiyo Asian Women & Girls Organisation                                    Salary of Domestic Abuse Support Worker                          17,000
Jesus Army Charitable Trust (JACT) Northampton (1 of 2, total £10,407)      Salary of the BME Community Support Worker                        6,938
Methodist Homes for the Aged                                                Salary of the Manager                                             5,000
Shared Churches (Northampton) Ltd                                           Salary of Community Care Manager                                  4,825
Sikh Community Centre & Youth Club                                          Core costs                                                        7,500
Solden Hill House                                                           Cost of equipment for dance, drama, circus and music workshops    4,970

SERVE                                                                       Rent for Valentine's Day Centre                                  10,320

Wellingborough & District Association For Mental Health                     Cost of furniture and IT equipment                                8,500
Wellingborough Youth Advisory Service - Service Six                         Cost of the 1-2-1 Counselling Service                             5,000

Northamptonshire - Other
County of Northamptonshire Council on Addiction (3 of 3, total £20,000)     Salary cost of the Business Manager                               4,000
Drake Music Project - East Midlands                                         Creation of an evening Music Club                                 4,595
Northamptonshire Children's Resource Centre                                 Cost of the feasibility report for expansion                      7,500
Remap - Northamptonshire Panel                                              Materials and engineers' travel expenses                          1,000
Wellingborough Prison Visitors' Centre                                      Staffing costs                                                    5,213


Shopmobility - Beeston                                                      Cost of insurance and scooter maintanance                         2,000

                                                                          Page 15 of 107
Nightstop - Hucknall                                                            Core costs                                                               4,161
Volunteer Bureau - Hucknall & District                                          Temporary Administration Worker                                          6,768

Kirkby in Ashfield
Ashfield Women's Centre Limited                                                 Running costs                                                            9,207

Hettys                                                                          Salary of Prison Parenting Support Worker                               10,000
Mansfield Community and Voluntary Service (CVS) Ltd (1 of 2, total £15,000)
                                                                                Marketing Worker                                                        10,000
Nottinghamshire Unemployed Workers Centre                                       Salary of the Debt Administrator                                         4,048
Scouts - 1st Forest Town                                                        Two tent packages                                                        1,600

Rolleston Village Hall                                                          Furnishings and equipment for the hall                                   2,500

Abbeyfield - Nottingham Society                                                 Salary of Activities Co-ordinator                                        7,600
Asian Women's Project Ltd                                                       Cost of the Kiran Media Project                                          8,000
Beechdale Community Association                                                 Salaries of the Caretaker/Cleaner and Administrative Assistant           3,000
Broxtowe Women's Project                                                        Outreach & Awareness Worker                                              7,500
Carers Council - Allies in Adult Mental Health                                  Cost of the newsletter, Carers Days Out and conference                   9,000
Chapel Lane Playgroup                                                           Equipment for rising twos, ethnic diversity equipment and new books      1,800
Chilwell Community Project                                                      Salaries of Playworkers and Support Worker, cost of Drop in sessions,
                                                                                crèche and leaflets                                                      7,635
Community Accounting Plus (2 of 2, total £15,000)                               Employment Advice Service                                                5,000
Family Welfare Association (1 of 2, total £15,000)                              Salary of the Volunteer Co-ordinator (Voices for Parents Project)        9,000
Friary Drop-In Limited                                                          Racking equipment for the furniture project                              3,875
Lenton and Radford Neighbourhood Association (3 of 3, total £19,489)            Salary costs of a Community Worker                                       6,702
Lenton Care Link                                                                Prescription Service Co-ordinator                                        5,304
Lenton Centre                                                                   Interim Operations Manager                                              14,475
Marriage Care Nottingham and Derby                                              Initial training for three counsellors, and a laptop                     4,980
Muslim Community Organisation Nottingham                                        Staff salaries                                                          11,820
Nottingham Women's Centre                                                       Salary of Fundraising & Development Officer                             10,000
Nottinghamshire Chinese Welfare Association (1 of 2, total £15,000)             Staff salaries                                                          10,000
Nottinghamshire Hospice                                                         Advertising costs                                                        4,051
Nottinghamshire Vietnamese Community Project                                    A staff salary                                                           7,000
Partnership Council Limited                                                     Children's Forum Worker                                                  7,500
Phoenix Farm Open Door Project                                                  Cost of the rent                                                         3,000

                                                                              Page 16 of 107
Ravenshead Day Centre Ltd                                 Cost of the Co-ordinator                                                     3,063
Ruddington Hermitage Pre-school                           New furniture                                                                1,500
Streetwise Opera                                          Running the workshop in Nottingham                                           5,000
Tanc Ltd                                                  Cost of the Nottinghamshire Social Enterprise Support Partnership Co-
                                                          ordinator                                                                   15,000

Dukeries Community Workshop                               Salary of the Workshop Technician                                            8,700
Dukeries Complex Toy Library                              Salary of Support Workers and new equipment                                  2,299
Ollerton Youth Project                                    Project Administration Secretary and a Summer Residential                    7,500

West Street Pre-School                                    Installing a hot water system, and sensory equipment                         1,932

Sutton in Ashfield
Ashfield Home Safety Project                              Equipment and running costs                                                  4,800

Alzheimer's Society - Bassetlaw Branch                    Salary of Development Worker                                                10,000
Bassetlaw Association for Mental Health Ltd               Transport costs                                                              3,975
Cancer Support Group Warsop                               Complementary therapies                                                      1,000
FREED                                                     Counselling and complementary therapies                                      8,000
Live At Home Scheme - Worksop & District                  Running costs                                                                7,337

Nottinghamshire - Other
DIAL - Mansfield and District (3 of 3, total £16,500)     Disability Support Worker                                                    4,000
Life Education Centres - Nottinghamshire                  Training of an Educator in Parenting Skills and delivery of three courses    8,747
Nottingham Hostels Liaison Group (HLG)                    Costs of the Resource Service                                               11,220
Nottingham Independent Venture                            Consultancy fees and the launch of the new management committee              5,000
Relate - Nottinghamshire                                  A new computer system                                                        3,000


Afiya Trust - East Midlands                               Cost of the 'From Fear to Acceptance' Conference                            12,500
Association of Charity Independent Examiners              Two training courses in Leicester and Derby                                  8,376
Cruse Bereavement Care - East Midlands                    Training equipment and training for volunteers                               2,000
East Midlands Racial Equality Consortium                  Development of the regional equalities work                                 15,000
East Midlands School for Social Entrepreneurs Ltd         Salary of the Regional Co-ordinator                                         20,000
East Midlands Voluntary Youth (EMVY)                      Salary of the Development Worker                                            10,681
Farm Crisis Network                                       Volunteer expenses                                                           2,000

                                                        Page 17 of 107
First Movement                                                      Video equipment                                                                   15,000
Peter Le Marchant Trust                                             Day trip on Waterways for people with disabilities                                 4,988


Bassetlaw Community & Voluntary Service (2 of 2, total £10,000)
                                                                    To establish a Lesbian Gay and Bisexual network to develop support for and
                                                                    awareness of issues affecting the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Communities
                                                                    in North Nottinghamshire, in conjunction with the Primary Care Trust,
                                                                    Bassetlaw Local Authority, the local Education Authority, Nottinghamshire           5,000
Children's Links                                                    Salary of Collaborative Group Development Worker, working with
                                                                    Lincolnshire and Stamford YMCA, Lincolnshire Community Foundation,
                                                                    HomeStart Louth and Pre-School Learning Alliance                                  23,892
Community Accounting Plus (1 of 2, total £45,000)                   The expansion of the Community Accounting Service into Lincolnshire, in
                                                                    conjunction with Lincolnshire Development                                         30,000
CVS - Boston District (2 of 2, total £30,000)                       Costs of the BME Community Support Worker in collaboration with
                                                                    Lincolnshire Racial Equality Council, the police and Boston Mayflower
                                                                    Housing Association                                                               15,000
Engage East Midlands                                                Cost of the Cluster Development and collaborative working programme to
                                                                    strengthen organisations                                                          45,000
Engage East Midlands                                                Evaluating the training and effectiveness of the Animators training in the
                                                                    development and piloting of the Cluster Development and Collaborative
                                                                    Training Programme funded by the Foundation                                         6,600
Rural Community Council - Derbyshire                                Costs of the STEER Project - Sustainable Travel for Employment and
                                                                    Education in Rural Areas. In conjunction with Derbyshire Social Services
                                                                    and the Care Leavers Employment Project, the aim is to enable
                                                                    disadvantaged young people (especially those leaving care) to access
                                                                    services, including training and employment, and achieve independent
                                                                    living.                                                                           29,912

                                                                                                                            211 grants totalling   £1,469,943

                                                                  Page 18 of 107

LOCATION/CHARITY                                                             WHAT WE FUNDED                                                £

Barking & Dagenham
Barking and Dagenham Centre for Independent Integrated, Inclusive Living
Consortium                                                                   Salary of Development Manager                              8,000
Carers of Barking and Dagenham                                               Salary of a part-time Welfare Benefits and Debt Advisor    5,000
Community Active Support                                                     Development Worker's salary                                7,500
Ethnic Minority Partnership Agency (EMPA)                                    Rent                                                      10,000
IVB Group                                                                    Core funding                                               2,000
Widows & Orphans International                                               WOI Youth Project costs                                    7,500

Barnet African Health Organisation                                           Supplementary Education/Homework Club                      5,000
Barnet Care Attendant Scheme                                                 Salary of BME Outreach and Development Worker             10,000
Community Advice Centre                                                      IT Training Project                                        3,000
Disability Action in the Borough of Barnet                                   Admin Assistant's salary                                   6,000
East Finchley Advice Service                                                 Volunteer Advisor training                                 2,355
Homeless Action in Barnet (2 of 2, total £7,500)                             Part-time Asylum Seeker Advice Worker                      2,500
Refugee Therapy Centre                                                       Salary costs of the Volunteer Co-ordinator                 9,000

Bexley and Bromley Advocacy                                                  Self Advocacy Project                                      5,000
Bexley Centre for the Unemployed Ltd                                         Hard to Reach Project                                      5,000
Carers Support (Bexley)                                                      Training for volunteers                                    3,525

BANG Edutainment Ltd                                                         Salary of the Training Co-ordinator                        7,500
Bosnia and Herzegovina Community Advice Centre Brent (1 of 2, total
£14,950)                                                                     Core funding                                               9,950
Brent Refugee Forum (1 of 2, total £12,000)                                  Salary of the Information Officer                          8,000
Dayspring Learning Centre                                                    Supplementary School Teacher's costs                       6,000
Help Somalia Foundation                                                      Homework Club                                              5,320
HomeStart Brent                                                              Muslim Family and Children's Project                       7,500
Jewish Bereavement Counselling Service                                       Recruitment and training                                   2,600

Anerley French & Swahili Club                                                Saturday School and Homework Club                          3,000
Carers Bromley                                                               Salary of the Telephone Helpline Worker                    5,000
JusB (2 of 2, total £12,500)                                                 Salary of Project Manager                                  5,000

                                                                           Page 19 of 107
Mencap                                                                Salary of Family Services Support Worker                            7,500
Youth Action UK                                                       Lawyer/Volunteer Supervisor                                         5,000

African Families Association                                          Designing, developing and hosting a website                         4,750
African Support and Advice Project                                    Volunteer training                                                  2,632
Age Concern                                                           Salary of Age Resource Desk Co-ordinator                            5,000
All Souls Clubhouse                                                   Salary of Youth Work Co-ordinator                                   7,500
Bengali Workers Association (BWA)                                     Elderly Project Worker's salary                                     9,760
British Somali Community (1 of 2, total £8,850)                       Sessional Tutors for the supplementary school                       5,850
CAST - Creative & Support Trust                                       Accredited training courses                                         4,500
Elfrida Rathbone (Camden)                                             Interpretation and translation services                             5,960
Ethiopian Community in Britain                                        Volunteers' expenses, publicity and training for elderly project    6,000
Groundwork - Camden & Islington                                       Youth Offenders Project                                            10,000
Latin American Association                                            UK Online Project                                                  10,000
Mary Ward Centre - Holborn Community Development Project              Real Bollywood Project                                              5,000
Mary Ward Legal Centre                                                Core funding                                                        5,000
Oasis North London                                                    Volunteer/Workplacement Co-ordinator's salary                       7,500
Research and Development Centre for Ethiopians in Britain             Rent                                                                6,640
Roundhouse Trust (3 of 3, total £22,500)                              Salary of the Creative Education Co-ordinator                       5,000
Terrence Higgins Trust                                                Salary of the African Advice Caseworker                            10,000
Theatro Technis                                                       IT equipment for the Arts Internet Café                             2,500

City of Westminster
African Women Group                                                   Sessional Female Project Worker                                     4,000
Bayswater Social & Cultural Association                               Salary of BME Community Development Worker                          7,000
Bishop Ho Ming Wah Association                                        Centre Co-ordinator's salary                                        8,000
British Arabs Resource Centre (BARC) (2 of 2, total £15,000)          Salary of Director                                                  5,000
Caxton Kids Organisation                                              Arts Workshop                                                       2,500
Central Africa Project for HIV and AIDS Awareness                     Rent                                                                2,600
Central London Advice Service                                         Salary costs of the Advice Worker                                   7,500
Central London Community Law Centre                                   Immigration Surgery for Asian people                                7,523
Depaul Trust                                                          Drive Ahead Project                                                 5,000
HomeStart Westminster                                                 Salary costs of the Outreach Worker                                 5,000
House of St Barnabas-in-Soho                                          Salary of Project Worker                                            5,000
Kongolese Centre for Information & Advice (1 of 2, total £10,000)     Resource Centre Worker's salary                                     5,000
London Tigers (1 of 2, total £12,404)                                 Salary of a Young People's Development Worker                       8,269
Marylebone Bangladesh Society (2 of 2, total £10,000)                 Salary of the Young People's Project Worker                         4,000
Paddington Law Centre (1 of 2, total £15,000)                         Immigration Case Worker's salary                                   10,000
Soho Family Centre Trust (1 of 2, total £12,500)                      Bengali Community Project                                           7,500
St Vincent's Family Project                                           Salary of part-time Family Space Team Leader                        5,000

                                                                    Page 20 of 107
Sudanese Supplementary School                                              Cost of Supplementary School Teachers                                   2,400
The Avenues Youth Project                                                  Cost of Development Project and training                                5,000
Unleash (Church Action on Homelessness in London)                          Development Worker's salary                                             5,000
Westminster Bangladeshi Association                                        Rent                                                                    4,850
Westminster Refugee Consortium (2 of 2, total £12,500)                     Salary and on costs of the Capacity Building Officer                    5,000
Westminster Volunteer Bureau (2 of 2, total £10,000)                       Salary of the Development Officer                                       5,000

Asian Resource Centre of Croydon                                           Volunteer Training Programme                                            8,000
Community Server                                                           After School IT Club                                                    7,500
Congolese Voluntary Organisation                                           Core funding                                                            4,000
Croydon Community Bus                                                      Salary of a part-time Administrator                                     3,000
Whitgift Special Needs Activity Project                                    Volunteer training for the summer playscheme                            4,957
Youth Development Trust (2 of 2, total £12,500)                            Salary of the Operations Manager                                        5,000

Alzheimer's Concern - Ealing                                               Transport costs                                                         5,000
Barwaqa Relief Association                                                 Core funding                                                            2,500
South Acton Skills and Arts Collaborative (SASAC)                          Project Manager's salary                                                5,000
Voice of Dalit International                                               Rent                                                                    4,680

Adam Community Organisation                                                Supplementary School Teacher's salary                                   3,500
African Family Together                                                    Rent                                                                    2,400
Bangladesh Welfare Association - Enfield                                   After School Study Support Group                                        5,000
British Afghan Women's Society                                             Volunteer expenses and the newsletter                                   4,000
Burkina Community Association                                              Rent                                                                    4,700
Enfield Bangladesh Welfare Association (1 of 2, total £14,984)             Salary of a part-time Co-ordinator                                      9,984
Hornet                                                                     Employment Workshops                                                    3,500
Mind in Enfield                                                            Volunteering Programme                                                  5,000
Nightingale Community Hospice Trust                                        Salary of the Information and Advice Worker                             6,000
Tamil Relief Centre                                                        Core funding                                                           10,000

999 Club Trust                                                             Salary costs of the Advice Worker                                       5,000
African Health for Empowerment and Development (2 of 2, total £12,500)     Salary costs of the Advocacy and Welfare Rights Advisor                 5,000
Association for Relief and Medical Aid                                     Drug Awareness Project                                                  3,500
Greenwich & Lewisham's Young People's Theatre                              Part funding the Arts Workers/Facilitators for the Headstart Project    5,000
Greenwich Citizen Advocacy Project                                         Salary of the Volunteer Co-ordinator/Partnership Support Worker         5,000
Greenwich Vietnam Community                                                Cost of producing the newsletter                                        8,556
HomeStart Greenwich                                                        Volunteer recruitment/training                                          6,800

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Meridian Money Advice                                                     Core funding                                                  3,000
Neutral Ground Contact Centre                                             Core funding                                                  2,000
Schoolhouse Education                                                     Therapeutic Counselling Programme                             6,500
Working With Words Ltd                                                    Core funding                                                  5,000

Access to Employment & Training                                           Core costs                                                    7,500
Amhurst Park Kids Network                                                 Summer Play Scheme                                            3,000
An Viet Foundation (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                Running costs for the Welfare and Advocacy Project            5,000
Fifteen Foundation                                                        Salary of the Training and Development Chef                   7,500
Hackney Chinese Community Services                                        Salary of Mental Health Befriending Worker                    4,940
Hackney Play Association                                                  Salary of an Outreach Play Co-ordinator                       7,000
Hackney Quest                                                             Cost of Quest for Skills IT Project                           8,000
Interlink Foundation (1 of 2, total £7,500)                               Cost of collaboration project to support local groups         5,000
Kids Care                                                                 Summer Programme                                              2,500
Maya Productions Ltd                                                      Drama Workshop Programme                                      2,808
S. Pinter Youth Project                                                   Easter Holiday Programme                                      3,000
Sahil Housing Association                                                 Salary of Sessional Advice Worker                             7,000
SAIL                                                                      Administrator's salary and coach hire for the Summer Camp     3,000

Hammersmith & Fulham
Caring for Carers Association                                             Salary costs of the Co-ordinator                              8,000
Centre for Filipinos (2 of 2, total £15,000)                              Co-ordinator's salary costs                                   7,000
IMPACT Theatre Company                                                    Salary of a part-time MIDAS trained driver                    4,000
Iraqi Community Association (2 of 2, total £15,000)                       Service Manager's salary                                      5,000
Irish Support and Advice Service                                          Salary costs of the Advice Worker                             6,500
Kurdish Association for Refugees                                          Salary of a Co-ordinator                                     10,000
Shepherds Bush Families Project                                           Salary of the part-time Specialist Fundraiser                 6,000
Voluntary Sector Resource Agency Hammersmith and Fulham (VSRA) (2 of 2,
total £12,500)                                                            Salary of BME Project Worker                                  5,000

Bernie Grant Trust (1 of 2, total £14,000)                                Salary of Development Worker                                  9,000
Community Service Volunteers (CSV) (3 of 3, total £18,000)                Salary of the RSVP London Development Manager and on-costs    4,000
Haringey Association of Voluntary and Community Organisations (HAVCO)     Advice Providers Network                                     11,000
High Cross United Reformed Church                                         Youth and Community Programme                                 3,000
Hornsey Ridge Playgroup                                                   Salary costs for a part-time Playgroup Assistant              2,000
Losaganya L'Analengo De london (Losalo - Charity)                         Core funding and volunteers' expenses                         4,750

                                                                        Page 22 of 107
Age Concern Havering                                                         Salary of an Information and Advice Outreach Worker               5,000
HAVCO (Havering Accociation of Voluntary and Community Organisations)        Salary of part-time Support Worker                                7,424
Havering Family Diabetes Group                                               Core costs                                                        1,200
Havering Venture Ltd                                                         Summer Activity Programme                                         2,500
HomeStart Havering                                                           Co-ordinator's and Volunteers' travel expenses                    5,187
Police Summer Camp Project                                                   Summer Camp                                                       3,000

Challenger Trust                                                             Specialist training                                               5,175
Cranford Community Women's Project                                           Salary of Project Co-ordinator                                    8,000
Harlington Hospice                                                           Salary of BME Access Worker                                       6,000
Hillingdon Asian Women's group (HAWG)                                        Salary of Co-ordinator                                           10,000
Hillingdon Carers                                                            Salary costs of the Bangali Outreach Worker                       5,724
Hillingdon Somali Women's Group                                              Salary of the Centre Manager                                     10,000
Spelthorne Farm for the Handicapped                                          Salary of the Farm Manager                                        3,500

Disability Network Hounslow                                                  Salary of Director                                                6,000
Hounslow Asian and African Youth Association (HAAYA) (1 of 2, total £12,500)
                                                                             Co-ordinator's salary                                             7,500
Independent Activities Project Ltd                                           Core funding                                                      6,000
WelCare - Hounslow                                                           Staff costs                                                       5,000

Advisory Centre for Education                                                Advice Project for BME families                                   7,500
Arab Advice Bureau                                                           Salary costs of a part-time Advice Worker                         5,000
Arachne Greek Cypriot Women's Group (1 of 2, total £10,000)                  Salary of Advice and Health Worker                                5,000
Carila Latin American Welfare Group (1 of 2, total £11,000)                  Cost of telephone helpline service                                7,500
Centre 404                                                                   Salary costs of the Fundraising/Community Development Adviser     4,000
Chance UK                                                                    Salary of Parentplus Programme Manager                            9,565
Disability Action in Islington                                               "Making Our Rights a Reality" project                             5,000
Eritrean Community in the UK - Islington                                     Volunteer programme                                               7,500
Evelyn Oldfield Unit (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                 Salary costs of a part-time Communications Officer               10,000
Finsbury Park Homeless Families Project                                      Salary of the Outreach Play and Adult Education Worker            9,000
Hillside Clubhouse                                                           Core costs                                                        9,950
IMECE Turkish Speaking Women's' Group                                        Volunteer Training Programme                                      8,890
Iranian Community Centre                                                     Core costs                                                        7,500
Islington and Camden Community Integration Project (ICCIP)                   Youth Outreach Project                                            3,000
Islington Bangladesh Association (1 of 2, total £12,000)                     Salary costs of Billingual Employment & Training Advice Worker    7,000

                                                                           Page 23 of 107
Islington Music Forum                                               General Manager's salary                                                 5,000
Islington Voluntary Action Council                                  Salary of Director                                                      10,000
Latin American Women's Rights Service (1 of 2, total £10,000)       Salary of a Crèche Worker                                                5,000
Little Angel Theatre                                                Cost of Saturday Club                                                    3,000
London Asian African & Caribbean Centre (2 of 2, total £12,500)     Salary of Education Officer                                              5,000
New Avenues Youth and Community Project                             Cost of the Gardening Project                                            3,000
Peter Bedford Housing Association (1 of 2, total £14,000)           Salary of Employment Support Worker                                      9,000
Prospex (3 of 3, total £18,000)                                     Sessional Workers' wages                                                 4,000
Shape                                                               Ticket Scheme Manager's salary                                           6,500
South Sudanese Community Association                                Development Worker's salary and volunteers' expenses                     7,500
St Mary's Community Centre                                          Core costs of Community Care Project                                     6,000
Toffee Park Adventure Playground                                    Salary of part-time Admin Assistant                                      5,000
Union Chapel Project                                                Core costs                                                               5,000

Kensington & Chelsea
African People's Link (2 of 2, total £10,000)                       Salary of the Project Worker                                             2,500
Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women's Centre                                 Salary of Centre Manager                                                12,500
Baraka Youth Association                                            Study Support Project                                                    9,000
Blenheim Project                                                    Salary of part-time Assessor for the Volunteer and Training Programme    7,500
Deep Recording Trust                                                Core costs                                                               6,000
Flying Gorillas                                                     Dance and Dama Programme for travelling families                         7,000
Kensington and Chelsea Volunteer Bureau                             Volunteering Programme                                                   6,628
Punch & Judy Family Centre                                          Salary of Drop in Worker                                                 5,000
Somali Mothers and Children Organisation                            Salary of part-time Office Manager                                       9,627
Staying Put Services                                                Small Repair Worker's salary                                             3,000
U Can Do IT                                                         400 lesson hours of in home training in IT for disabled people           6,800
Worlds End Under Fives Centre                                       Playworker's salary                                                      5,000

Kingston upon Thames
Kingston, Richmond and Surrey African Postive Outlook (KRSAPO)      Advice and support work                                                  4,000
Learn English at Home                                               ESOL sessions                                                            1,245
Refugee Action - Kingston                                           Co-ordinator's salary                                                    8,528
Straight Talking Project                                            Educational courses                                                      5,000

198 Gallery Ltd                                                     Salary of the Senior Youth Trainer                                       7,500
Adage Development Centre                                            Capacity building training                                               3,530
Agoghene Urhobo Ladies Associaton                                   Supplementary School Project                                             5,500
E.A. Health Concern                                                 Management and Volunteer training                                        2,500
Lady Margaret Hall Settlement                                       Crèche costs for the "All Sewn Up" project                               4,000
Lambeth Summer Project Trust                                        Off Site Summer Activity Programme                                       3,000

                                                                  Page 24 of 107
Manna Counselling Service                                                   Rent                                                                 5,000
Oasis Children's Venture                                                    CHOPPER Project                                                      8,688
Prolific Foundation                                                         ESOL and basic skills workshops                                      4,000
Sophie Centre                                                               Salary of the Project Director                                       5,000
South Island Workshop                                                       Rent                                                                 2,500
Streatham Drop in Centre for Asylum Seekers and Refugees                    Part-time Co-ordinator's salary                                      8,285
Trojans Scheme                                                              Salary of a part-time Training Administrator                         8,000

Aaina Women's Group                                                         Part-time salary of the Information and Development Worker           9,424
Carr-Gomm Society Limited                                                   Project Worker's salary                                              7,500
Deptford Methodist Mission Disabled People's Contact                        Salary of a Senior Care Attendant                                    5,000
IQRA - Somali Health and Education Development                              Salary of a part-time Administrator/Advice Worker                   10,000
Lewisham Families in Focus                                                  Core funding                                                         2,500
Positive Place                                                              Volunteer training                                                   6,100
Second Wave                                                                 Youth and Community Safety Project                                   6,320
Youth AID                                                                   Salary costs of an Administrator                                     7,500

Ethnic Minority Centre (EMC) (1 of 2, total £13,000)                        Capacity Worker's salary                                             8,000
HomeStart Merton                                                            Fathers' Project                                                     5,000
Pearl of Africa Foundation                                                  Black African Women's Tuition Project                                7,155

Aston-Mansfield                                                             Core costs for the Information Service                               5,000
Beckton Islamic Association (2 of 2, total £7,500)                          Salary and recruitment of a BME Older People Worker                  2,500
Citizen Development Community Centre                                        ESOL and IT Training Programme                                       9,393
CORECOG                                                                     Salary of Senior Advice Worker                                       7,500
Drug and Alcohol Service for London (DASL)                                  Girls Talk Co-ordinator's salary                                     4,000
Eagles Height Christian Centre                                              Equipment for a music studio facility for young people               6,559
Eastside Young Leaders' Academy                                             Salary of part-time Teacher for the Peer Tutoring Project            8,500
Girassol Women's Organisation                                               Skills Club                                                          4,000
Hand in Hand Refugee and Homeless Support Group (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Salary of Co-ordinator and associated costs for the Clothes Store    5,000
Iroko Theatre Company                                                       Salary cost of the Administrator/Fundraiser                          5,000
Newham Welfare Trust                                                        Salary cost of a Bi-lingual Advice Worker                            7,000
Sheba Trust                                                                 Salary for part-time Tutor                                           2,500
St John's Centre                                                            Women's Support Worker's salary                                     10,000

Healthy Living Projects                                                     Salary of Co-ordinator                                               5,500
Parkside Stroke Club                                                        Transport costs                                                      2,000

                                                                          Page 25 of 107
Quandeel                                                                   Rent and volunteers' expenses                            3,000
Redbridge Forum for People with Learning Disabilities and their Carers     Advocacy Focus Group                                     3,000
Redbridge French Refugee Women Association                                 volunteers' expenses                                     2,500
Redbridge Indian Social Klub (RISK)                                        Cost of rent and volunteer expenses                      2,000
Redbridge Panjabi Sabhiachrik (Cultural) Sabha (1 of 2, total £15,000)     Development Manager's salary                            10,000
Step Up                                                                    Rent                                                     4,000
Uniting Friends                                                            Volunteer expenses and training                          3,000
WCLC Bridge                                                                "Youthzone Speak" project                                5,875

Africa Advocacy Foundation                                                 Quality Manager's salary                                 7,500
Downside Fisher Youth Club (2 of 2, total £11,500)                         Salary of the Assistant Club Manager                     4,000
Ghana Refugee Welfare Group                                                Part-time Community Worker's salary                      8,724
Latin American Disabled People's Project (2 of 2, total £15,000)           Salary of a part-time Advice Worker                      5,000
Lorrimore                                                                  Counselling Service                                      5,000
Mile Walk Project                                                          Salary of a Youth Outreach Worker                        7,000
Peckham Voluntary Sector Forum (2 of 2, total £15,000)                     Salary of part-time Administrator                        9,000
Sierra Leone Refugee Welfare Association                                   Salary of a part-time Employment Advisor                 8,000
Southwark Homeless Information Project                                     Cost of Youth Homelessness Project                       5,000
Stroke Care                                                                Cost of BME Outreach Project                             4,000

Tower Hamlets
AFAR Community Association in UK                                           Rent                                                     4,800
Alpha Grove Community Trust (2 of 2, total £12,000)                        Salary of part-time Project Worker                       5,000
City Gateway                                                               The 'Engaged' Project                                   10,000
Crossroads Christian Counselling Service                                   Counselling Manager's salary                             4,500
East London Bangladeshi Parents & Families Forum                           Salary of part-time Education Project Worker             7,893
Involvement Consortium                                                     Salary costs of part-time Bi-lingual Outreach Workers    9,393
Kipper Project                                                             Salary of part-time Somali Support Worker                9,000
New Step                                                                   Tutor's salary                                           7,500
Praxis Community Projects (2 of 2, total £15,000)                          Co-ordinator's salary                                    5,000
South Poplar & Limehouse Action for Secure Housing                         Female Youth Training Project                            7,500
St Peter's Community & Advice Centre                                       Cost of Peer Education Project                           7,828
Tower Hamlets Parents Centre                                               Salary costs of the Centre Director                     10,000
Women's Resource Centre                                                    Salary of Policy Officer                                 7,180

Waltham Forest
African Refugee Women 'Nzoto Ya Nkolo'                                     Salary of the Administrator                              7,000

Arts Interest Group                                                        Costs of the MIDAS trained drivers                       2,500

                                                                         Page 26 of 107
Cancer Resource Centre                                             Client Support Officer                                                                 4,000
Katherine Low Settlement                                           Salary of Premises Manager and Administrator                                           5,000
Parkside Community Project                                         Co-ordinator's salary costs for the Befriending Scheme                                 3,000
Skilltrain                                                         Exceeding Expectations Youth Project                                                   7,500
South London Refugee Association (2 of 2, total £14,793)           Salary of a Case Worker and associated costs                                           5,000


African and Caribbean Voices Association                           Public speaking and presentation workshops                                            3,000
Befriending Network                                                Volunteer training                                                                    5,000
Chinese Mental Health Association (1 of 2, total £15,000)          Carers Project and Forum                                                             10,000
Day-Mer Turkish & Kurdish Community Centre                         Youth Camp                                                                            7,100
Food Chain - London                                                Provision of ethnic food for the meal services                                        5,000
Sudanese Community & Information Centre                            Salary of the Community Development Worker                                            6,000
Until the Violence Stops                                           Trust Poject                                                                          2,770
Victim Support - London                                            Volunteer Training Courses                                                            4,500
Women's Counselling Service                                        Expansion of promotional material to include other languages                          2,100


Barnet Multicultural Community Centre (2 of 2, total £20,000)      Salary of the Administrator and Support Worker, in conjunction with Barnet
                                                                   Asian Old People's Association, Barnet African Caribbean Association and
                                                                   Barnet Somali Community Group                                                        10,000
Commonside Community Development Trust (2 of 2, total £27,500)     Salary of Community Development Manager, as part of the collaborative
                                                                   arrangement with the Development Trusts Association                                  12,500
Crystal Palace Community Development Trust                         Salary of a Trust Manager, as part of the collaborative arrangement with the
                                                                   Development Trusts Association                                                       20,000
Development Trusts Association (2 of 2, total £5,250)              Administration costs of collaborative work with Lloyds TSB Foundation, in
                                                                   conjunction with other funders Bridge House Trust and Lankelly Foundation              2,625
London Voluntary Service Council (1 of 2, total £48,000)           Salary and on costs of the Policy Officer to work in collaboration with the
                                                                   CVS Network, Voluntary Sector Form, Third Sector Alliance and second tier
                                                                   advisor network in London                                                            32,000
Riverside Community Development Trust                              Salary costs for the Development Worker and Admin support, as part of the
                                                                   collaborative arrangement with the Development Trusts Association                    22,500
Wright Community Development Trust                                 Salary of the Trust Director, as part of the collaborative arrangement with the
                                                                   Development Trusts Association                                                       24,825

                                                                                                                            281 grants totalling     £1,713,569

                                                                 Page 27 of 107

LOCATION/CHARITY                                             WHAT WE FUNDED                                                              £


Barnard Castle
Durham Dales Action for Carers                               Salaries of two Carer Support Workers and running costs                  4,510

Bishop Auckland
Auckland Youth & Community Centre                            General running costs for the after school club                          5,000
Christians Against Poverty (CAP)                             Salary of the Newton Aycliffe Centre Manager                             5,000
Willington Luncheon Club                                     Kitchen equipment                                                        1,709

Chester le Street
Chester-le-Street & District Voluntary Welfare Committee     Salaries of Driver/Escorts for the bus service                           4,500
Ouston Community Association                                 Salary of the Administrator                                              3,000
Pelton Community Association                                 Purchase and installation of new kitchen                                 5,000

Alzheimer's Society - Derwentside Branch                     Salary of the Information/Education Worker                              10,000
Chopwell Community Association                               Salaries of two part-time Community Supervisors                          7,500
Delves Lane Community Association                            Salary of the Project Worker for the Neighbourhood Information Centre    4,457
Derwentside Carers Centre                                    New computer equipment                                                   2,800

First Stop Darlington                                        Core funding                                                             5,000
Firthmoor & District Community Association                   Salary of a part-time Receptionist for the Community Centre              3,000
Samaritans - Darlington                                      Cost of advertising the Samaritans service                               2,500

Belmont Parish Hall Association                              Kitchen fittings and internal furnishings                                2,500
Byers Green Village Hall Community Association               Tables, chairs, two wheelchairs and sound system                         1,700
CVS - Durham City (1 of 2, total £20,000)                    Salary of the Chief Officer                                             12,000
Mencap - Haswell & District (1 of 2, total £15,000)          Salary of a Project Manager                                             10,000
Moving On                                                    Core funding                                                            10,000
Seaham Youth Initiative                                      General running costs                                                    5,000

Community & Voluntary Organisations Sedgefield               Training for community groups                                            5,146
CVS - Easington (2 of 2, total £12,500)                      Rent and salary costs                                                    5,000

                                                           Page 28 of 107
East Durham Community Transport                                             Rent for the current premises for one year                                       4,800
East Durham Deafened & Hearing Impaired Support (1 of 2, total £20,000)     Core funding and the salary of the Development Worker                           12,000
East Durham Youth in Action (1 of 2, total £15,000)                         Salary of a Business Learning & Support Worker                                  10,000
Parkside & District Community Association                                   Volunteer expenses and resources for the homework club                           2,500
Phoenix Fun Club                                                            Salary of Playworker                                                             7,242

Dipton Out of School Hours Club                                             Sessional costs                                                                  2,000
New Quest Club                                                              Salaries, transport, activities and insurance                                    3,000

Co Durham - Other
Byers Green Village Hall Community Association                              Stair lift to enable access upstairs to a room which will be converted into a
                                                                            computer centre                                                                  2,500
Care in Durham                                                              Salary of Assistant Youth Worker                                                10,000
County Durham Furniture Help Scheme                                         Core funding                                                                     2,500
CSV/RSVP - North East Region                                                Volunteer expenses for the Rural Transport Project                               5,000
CVS and Volunteer Bureau - Derwentside (1 of 2, total £20,000)              Salary of the Chief Officer and core funding                                    12,000
Dawdon Youth and Community Centre                                           Salary of the Centre Manager and admin support                                   3,000
Durham Area Disability Leisure Group                                        Core funding                                                                     2,500
Help the Aged                                                               Cost of 300 Home Safety Kits for the Durham HandyVan Scheme                     10,000
Relate - North East                                                         To support core services to people in disadvantaged areas                       12,000
Speaking Up Groups in County Durham                                         Salaries of two part-time Workers to support Steering Group Members             10,000
Victim Support - County Durham                                              Volunteer expenses                                                               5,000
Wear Valley Disability Access Forum                                         Salary of a part-time Administrator/Project Worker and associated costs         10,000


Alnwick Young People's Association                                          General running costs                                                            5,000
Transport in North Northumberland                                           Salary of Transport Co-ordinator, office rent, volunteer training and
                                                                            expenses and the production of information                                       5,000

Success Through Quality Limited                                             Purchase of equipment for basic skills learning for young people                 5,000

Amble MACPI & Drop in Project                                               Cost of rent and utility bills                                                   3,750
CAB - Berwick (2 of 2, total £20,000)                                       Core funding                                                                    10,000
Glendale Gateway Trust                                                      Running costs of the Cheviot Centre                                              7,500

                                                                          Page 29 of 107
Blyth Resource and Initiative Centre                                Material support costs for skill-share group development, the education
                                                                    programme and 18 days tutor input                                                  4,900
Cambois Community Association                                       Installation of a set of swings, safety surface and fencing in the village play
                                                                    area                                                                               6,000
Revive Enterprise                                                   Salary of the Project Manager                                                     10,000

Allendale Pre-School Playgroup                                      Core funding                                                                       2,500
SixtyEightyThirty                                                   Salary of the Project Co-ordinator and Administrator                              12,000
Third Age Trust - Tynedale                                          Rent for premises                                                                  2,460
Tynedale Voluntary Action                                           Salary of the Volunteer Development Co-ordinator                                   6,468

CAB - Castle Morpeth                                                Salary of the Financial Literacy Adviser                                          10,000
Castle Morpeth Disability Association                               Salary of an Information Officer                                                   7,500
Morpeth Youth Initiative                                            Salary of a dedicated worker to carry out a strategic review of the
                                                                    organisation                                                                       3,280
Upper Coquetdale Community Transport                                Cost of a subsidised taxi service for residents                                    3,000

Northumberland - Other
Central Palz                                                        Salary of the Counsellor                                                           8,900
North Northumberland Hospice                                        Salary costs                                                                      10,000
Northumberland County Blind Association (1 of 2, total £20,000)     Salary of the Information Co-ordinator, staff travel and operational costs        12,000
Trinity Youth Association                                           Salary of the Training and Development Officer                                     5,000
Tyneside Cinema                                                     Running costs and equipment for the Northern Stars Film Academy                    5,800
WATBUS                                                              Salary of Transport Administrator                                                  5,000


Hartlepool & District Hospice                                       Salaries of a Lead Nurse and Chaplain to develop the bereavement service           9,600
Hartlepool PATCH                                                    Salary costs                                                                       4,500
West View Advice & Resource Centre                                  Salary of the Centre Manager                                                       5,000

Association of Charity Independent Examiners                        Two training courses for Independent Examiners in Newcastle and
                                                                    Middlesbrough                                                                      1,500
CSV (Community Service Volunteers)                                  Cost of volunteer training and expenses                                            4,250
Easterside Partnership                                              Running costs                                                                      9,740

                                                                  Page 30 of 107
Future Regeneration of Grangetown                                           Salary of the Finance Officer                                                  5,000
Hindu Cultural Society (1 of 2, total £20,000)                              Salary of the Administration Co-ordinator                                     12,000
Holy Trinity North Ormesby PCC
                                                                            Venue hire and freelance artists for the Dramagrophy Youth Theatre Project     2,160
HomeStart - Teesside                                                        Salary of the Project Organiser                                                6,744
Hope Foundation                                                             General running costs                                                         10,000
Open Door North East                                                        Salary of a part-time Administration Worker, Fundraiser and general running
                                                                            costs                                                                         10,000
RDA Centre in Cleveland                                                     Cost of two Horse & Pony Care Courses                                          5,000
South Bank Tomorrow (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                 Core funding                                                                   7,500
Teesside & District Society for the Blind                                   Cost of fuel and insurance for the minibuses                                   5,630

Coatham House (1 of 2, total £12,500)                                       Salary of Support Worker for the Alexander Project                             7,500
Junction (1 of 2, total £20,000)                                            Salary of a Volunteer Co-ordinator                                            12,000
North of England Refugee Service (2 of 2, total £18,330)                    Provision of childcare for ten refugees/asylum seekers                         8,330
North Skelton Village Hall                                                  Cost of refurbishing the kitchen                                               1,500
Redcar & Cleveland Voluntary Development Agency (2 of 2, total £20,000)     Salaries and running costs                                                    10,000

Community Campus '87 (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                Salary of the Building Superintendent                                          5,000
South Cleveland Hospital Kidney Patients Fund                               Replacement carpets in the respite caravan and other equipment                   700
SSAFA Forces Help - Stockton Division                                       Volunteers' expenses                                                           2,000
Stockton Blind People's Voice                                               Salary of the part-time Braille Transcriber                                    5,000
Wolviston Court Community Playgroup                                         Purchase of multi cultural equipment                                             810

Teesside - Other
Cleveland Alzheimer's Residential Centre (3 of 3, total £30,000)            Core funding                                                                   5,000
Cleveland Family Mediation Service                                          Salary of the Development Worker                                              10,000
North East Centre for Independent Living (2 of 2, total £15,000)            Salary of General Manager                                                      5,000
STAMP Revisited                                                             Salary of a Group Advocate                                                    10,000
Tees Valley Arts                                                            Running costs of the 'Small World : Big Drums' Project                        10,000
Teesside Play and Education Resource Centre                                 Rent                                                                           5,000
Teesside Positive Action (2 of 2, total £20,000)                            Core funding                                                                   8,000


Advocacy in Gateshead (2 of 2, total £15,000)                               Salary of Project Manager and on-costs                                         5,000
CAB - Gateshead (1 of 2, total £19,839)                                     Salary of the Outreach Worker                                                 12,000

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Eye of the Fly                                                               Volunteers' expenses and running costs                                        9,930
Gateshead Carers Association                                                 Salary of the Carer Support Worker and core funding                          10,000
Live at Home Scheme - Chopwell & Blackhall Mill                              Salary of a part-time Manager to develop the Men's Group                      3,000
St Chad's Community Project                                                  Salary of the Family Centre Co-ordinator                                     10,000
St James & St Bede Family Centre                                             Salary of the Finance and Admin Manager                                       5,000
Stonham Gateshead Women's Service                                            Salary and on-costs of the Children's Worker                                  8,640
Whickham & District U3A                                                      Rent                                                                          1,000

Byker Advice & Information Project                                           Salary of the Volunteer Co-ordinator                                          5,000
D2 Youth Zone Limited (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                Salary of the Project Development Worker                                      5,000
Dementia Care Partnership (1 of 2, total £17,500)                            Salary of Regional Short Break Development Manager                           10,000
Depaul Trust                                                                 Move-on Packs, cooking ingredients and training                              10,000
Edward Lloyd Trust                                                           Running costs of Studio 9                                                    10,000
Families in Care (2 of 2, total £20,000)                                     Salary and on costs of a Mental Health Worker                                10,000
Fawdon Community Association                                                 Salary of one Playgroup Worker                                                2,710
Grange Day Centre                                                            Running costs of the Life & Times Audio Histories Project                     5,000
Killingworth Young Peoples Club                                              Salary of Development Officer                                                 3,500
Lifeline - Newcastle                                                         Running costs of the Women's Group and the Gym and Swim Service               2,500
Longbenton Youth Project (3 of 3, total £30,000)                             Core funding                                                                  5,000
Magic Trust                                                                  Construction of a new WC and changing area for people with disabilities       5,000
Newbiggin Hall Junior Sea Angling Club                                       Purchase of equipment                                                           500
Newcastle Law Centre Limited (1 of 2, total £20,000)                         Core costs                                                                   12,000
North Benwell Black Residents Support Group                                  Running costs of the youth sessions including the use of ICT                 10,000
Outpost Housing Project                                                      Core funding                                                                  7,500
Park Road Community Association                                              Bottle in the Fridge Scheme                                                   5,000
Quality Independent Care                                                     Core Module                                                                   4,000
Shieldfield & Battlefield Community Development Project - Newcastle upon
Tyne (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                                 Salary of Community Development Worker                                        5,000
Stepping Stones Project (1 of 2, total £20,000)                              Salary of a Night Support Worker                                             12,000
Tyneside Cyrenians                                                           Salary of the Well Being Co-ordinator and volunteer expenses for year 1 of
                                                                             the Health Promotion Programme                                                9,236
West End Refugee Service                                                     Salary of a part-time Refugee Integration Support Worker                      9,000
Women's Aid - Newcastle Upon Tyne                                            Salary of the Administration/Finance Worker                                   6,000
YMCA - Newcastle upon Tyne (2 of 2, total £20,000)                           Costs of recruiting, training and managing the volunteers attached to the
                                                                             Steps Forward Mentoring Project                                              10,000

                                                                           Page 32 of 107
North Shields
Access for the Disabled (North East) Ltd (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Cost of travel permits for enablers working on the Out and About Project        5,000
Learning Disabilities Federation (1 of 2, total £20,000)             Salary of an IPS Case Worker for the Parent Supporter Service                  12,000
MIND - Riverside (3 of 3, total £30,000)                             General running costs and the salary of the Project Manager                     5,000
Phoenix Detached Youth Project (1 of 2, total £16,000)               Salary of a Detached Youth Worker                                               9,000
Safety Crackers                                                      Home safety equipment for homes in North Tyneside                               5,000
Whitley Bay Islamic Cultural Centre Ltd                              First year's running costs and the purchase of equipment for the Homework
                                                                     Club                                                                            8,815

South Shields
South Tyneside Arts Studio Ltd                                       One salary and half the costs of materials and travel expenses                  9,894

Afghan British Association                                           Running costs                                                                   9,630
Box Youth Project                                                    Purchase of carpets, blinds, water boiler and signage                           1,690
Ford, Pallion and Millfield Community Development Project            Running costs of the Helping Hands pilot project                                5,000
Lazarus Centre (1 of 2, total £20,000)                               Clients' after care and support                                                10,000
No Limits Theatre                                                    Running costs of the 'Aspire' Project                                           7,500
Pennywell Neighbourhood Centre                                       Running costs                                                                  10,000
St Mary & St Peter's Community Project                               Salaries of the Project Manager and Project Administrator                       7,500
Wearside CAB Money Advice Service
                                                                     Core funding for the advice project supporting older people in the community    9,000
West Harton Churches Action Station Ltd (2 of 2, total £15,000)      Salaries of the Centre Co-ordinator and Administrator                           5,000

North Tyneside Carers Centre (1 of 2, total £20,000)                 Salary of a Carer Support Worker                                               12,000

Washington Asylum Seekers Project                                    Volunteer expenses, mileage, office and clothing store rent                     9,500

Whitley Bay
Churches Acting Together                                             Salary of the Project Co-ordinator                                             10,000

Tyne & Wear - Other
Comfrey Project                                                      Salary of the Financial Administrator                                           4,090
Fairbridge - Tyne & Wear                                             Salary of the Outreach & Development Worker                                    10,000
First Step North East                                                Salary of a Volunteer Co-ordinator                                              5,000
Gateshead & South Tyneside Sight Service (1 of 2, total £20,000)     Salary of the Chief Executive and Finance Officer                              12,000


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BECON (2 of 2, total £20,000)                                        General running costs                                                      10,000
Brave Hearts of the North East                                       Administration costs                                                          600
Calvert Trust - Kielder                                              Salary and training of a Senior Carer                                      10,000
Country Trust                                                        Salary of the North East Regional Manager, transport costs and Volunteer
                                                                     expenses                                                                    5,000
Deafblind UK                                                         Salary of a Volunteer Liaison Worker                                        5,000
Different Strokes - North East                                       Running costs                                                               5,275
Disability North - Newcastle upon Tyne                               Salaries of the Physiotherapist and the Advice & Information Officer       10,000
Gateshead Voluntary Organisation Council                             Support costs of the North East Funders Forum                               4,000
Gateshead Voluntary Organisation Council (1 of 2, total £20,000)     Salaries of FINE staff                                                     12,000
Helix Arts Limited (1 of 2, total £12,500)                           Core costs of following projects : Choices; Ynot?; Looking Beyond; Arts
                                                                     Programme for Older People; Visual Artist in Residency at St George's
                                                                     Hospital Morpeth                                                            7,500
In Kind Direct                                                       Cost of subsidised registration fees for charities in the North East        2,500
Industrial Trust - North East                                        Staff costs, accommodation, coach hire and stationery                       3,000
Key Enterprises (1983) Ltd                                           Refurbishment of the kitchen area                                           7,620
Keyfund Federation (2 of 2, total £20,000)                           the salary of the Administrator                                             8,000
ME North East                                                        Salary costs of Administrator/Support Officer                               2,500
Mencap                                                               Purchase of fixtures and fittings for the new kitchen at Dilston College    7,500
Mobex North East (2 of 2, total £15,000)                             Salary and on-costs of the Financial Officer/Office Administrator           5,000
Multi Cultural Information Centre                                    Salaries of the Outreach Worker and Facilitator                            10,000
National Association of Youth Theatres                               Provision of 50 free entry passes for young people from the North East
                                                                     Region to attend the Big Youth Theatre Festival                             4,000
Newcastle Employment Bond Limited                                    Salary of the Project Director for the Launch Pad Project                  20,000
Newcastle Youth Enterprise Centre (2 of 2, total £20,000)            Salary costs and running costs for the website          8,000
No Way Trust Ltd                                                     Salary of a seconded officer and the purchase of digital presentation
                                                                     equipment                                                                  10,000
North East Pensioners' Association                                   Core funding                                                               10,000
North East Post Adoption Service (NEPAS)                             Designing of specialist training programmes for volunteers                  5,970
North Eastern League of the Hard of Hearing                          Transport costs                                                             1,000
Northumbria Daybreak                                                 Purchase of new computer equipment                                         10,000
Passionist Congregation                                              Cost of three weekends for families and friends of addicts                 10,000
Percy Hedley Foundation (1 of 2, total £20,000)                      Salary of Disability Sports Development Officer                            12,000
Prince's Trust - North East Region                                   Salary of the Employment Development Manager working in Tyne & Wear
                                                                     and Northumberland                                                         10,000
Princess Royal Trust for Carers (1 of 2, total £20,000)              Salary of a Development Manager for the North East Regional Office         10,000
Regional Refugee Forum North East (1 of 2, total £19,964)            Salary of the Project Assistant                                            12,000
Toby Henderson Trust                                                 Salary of a Family Support Worker for one year                              9,500
Tyne Sound News                                                      Cost of two new duplicators and associated interfaces                       3,662

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Escape Family Support Ltd (2 of 3, total £75,000)     Salaries of two Alcohol Specific Workers, in a joint funding arrangement with
                                                      Tudor Trust, and in conjunction with the local statutory health and mental
                                                      health services and the Drug Action Team.                                          25,000
IMBY (1 of 2, total £40,000)                          Salaries of Catalyst Entrepreneurs to manage Aquamacs NE and Home
                                                      Services Trade Register, the development of a recruitment package for
                                                      Home Care CASA and the co-ordination of Catalyst Entrepreneurs.                    20,000

                                                                                                              187 grants totalling    £1,304,648

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LOCATION/CHARITY                                                WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                     £


Hoole Lighthouse Centre (2 of 2, total £20,000)                 Salary and associated costs of a Fathers Support Worker                        10,000
Samaritans - Chester and District                               General running costs                                                           4,000

CAB - Crewe and Nantwich                                        General running costs of the service                                           10,000
South Cheshire CLASP                                            Salary of the Community Outreach Worker                                        13,500
Supported Community Business (Special Needs) Limited            Annual rent                                                                    12,700

Ellesmere Port
Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities           Salary of Regional Director for Merseyside and Cheshire                         7,500
Oasis For Young People                                          Cost of activity equipment                                                      1,000
Trinity Crèche                                                  Salaries of two Crèche Workers for one year                                    10,000

Age Concern - East Cheshire                                     Salary of Information and Advice Officer                                       10,000

3rd and 9th Runcorn Scout Group                                 New chairs                                                                      1,036
Halton Citizen Advocacy                                         Cost of the rent for one year                                                   4,509
Open Door All Saints Church and HT TK Holy Trinity Church       Project Manager's salary                                                        6,000

A.D.A.S. (Alcohol and Drug Abstinence Service)                  Salary of a part-time Addiction Counsellor                                      8,847
Arts for Recovery in the Community (1 of 2, total £15,000)      Salary of the Programme Co-ordinator                                           10,000
Beacon Counselling                                              IT equipment                                                                    5,000
Charnwood Trust                                                 Installation of accessible toilets                                              3,000
CVS Stockport (2 of 2, total £20,119)                           Salary of the Funding Information Officer                                       7,000
Disability Stockport (1 of 2, total £20,000)                    Salary of Organiser together and additional related project costs of Connect
                                                                Plus                                                                           15,000
Shopmobility - Stockport                                        Salary of the Assistant Co-ordinator                                            5,000
Stockport, East Cheshire & High Peak Cerebral Palsy Society     Salary of a Senior Physiotherapist                                             10,000
Wood Lanes Methodist Church                                     Provision of access to the hall for disabled people                             1,000

                                                              Page 36 of 107
CVS - Warrington                                                             Salary of an Advocacy Worker                                                  15,487
Families United (Warrington) (1 of 2, total £15,000)                         Salary of a part-time Development Officer                                     10,000
National Eczema Society (North West)                                         Volunteer training and expenses                                                2,000
Quays Community Centre                                                       New computer equipment                                                         1,251
Rixton-with-Glazebrook Pre-School                                            Equipment costs                                                                1,000
Warrington Disability Partnership
                                                                             Salary of one Volunteer Support Worker and training costs of the volunteers   10,000
YMCA - Warrington                                                            Salaries and general running costs for twelve months                          10,000

Cheshire - Other
Age Concern - Cheshire (1 of 2, total £15,000)                               Salary of the Advocacy Co-ordinator                                           10,000
CAB - Chester (1 of 2, total £21,331)                                        Salary of the Rural Advice Worker                                             11,331
Ellesmere Port and Neston CVS & Volunteer Bureau (2 of 2, total £18,000)     Salary for the Training Officer                                                6,000
Family Contact Line (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                  Salary of the Family Support Worker                                            7,500
HomeStart- Vale Royal (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                Salary of Scheme Organiser                                                    10,000
Over Ward Project - The Welcome Café                                         Salary of Manager                                                             11,000
Petty Pool Trust                                                             Outdoor Pursuits Centre Manager's salary                                      15,000
Visyon                                                                       Implementing Quality Standards over two years                                  8,055
Voluntary and Community Action Trafford Ltd (2 of 2, total £23,736)          Salary of the In-Patient Advocacy Project Worker                              10,173


Barrow in Furness
Ashton Group Theatre                                                         Salary costs of the Re-Active and Re-Play Workshop Leader                      8,864
Barrow & District Disability Association                                     Purchase of a fully adapted minibus for disabled people                        5,000
Barrow Community Regeneration Company                                        Salary of Disability Physical Activity Development Worker                     10,000
Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service                                    Recruitment, training and supervision costs of volunteer counsellors in
                                                                             Barrow and South Lakeland                                                     14,000
Drop Zone Café (2 of 2, total £22,000)                                       Salary of the Project Manager                                                 11,000
NACRO Youth Inclusion Project - Cumbria                                      Salary of a new part-time detached Youth Worker for 20 hours per week and
                                                                             a contribution towards management and admin costs                             10,700

CAB - Carlisle (2 of 2, total £22,500)                                       Salary of an Advice Service Manager                                            7,500
Carlisle Carers Association                                                  Salary of a Carers Support/Admin Officer                                      16,000
Carlisle City Church                                                         Soft play equipment                                                            2,500
Carlisle Mencap (2 of 2, total £10,700)                                      Increased hours of the Home Respite Service Team Leader and training           3,000
CVS - Carlisle (1 of 2, total £12,258)                                       General running costs of the Volunteer Bureau                                  6,153
East Cumbria Family Support Association                                      Salary of the Contact Centre Co-ordinator for one year                         7,519
Living Well Trust (1 of 2, total £25,000)                                    Salary of a Family Worker                                                     15,000

                                                                           Page 37 of 107
SIS (Self-Injury Support in North Cumbria) (1 of 2, total £19,400)     Manager's salary                                                              9,700
YWCA Cumbria Young Women's Project (1 of 2, total £22,500)             Employing part-time Information Workers                                      15,000

CAB Cumbria Rural                                                      Salary of the Advice Sessions Supervisor for one year                        10,300
Citizens Advice South Lakeland                                         Running costs of the General Advice Service                                  15,000
Disability Action                                                      Salary of a Caseworker and associated project costs                          15,000
Workbase                                                               Salary of a Development Worker for twelve months                             11,000

Eden CAB (1 of 2, total £25,000)                                       Salary of the Community Financial Literacy Trainer/Money Advice
                                                                       Caseworker                                                                   15,000
Eden Community Alarms                                                  Manager's salary and cost of accreditation fees in the first year            15,000
Eden Community Outdoors                                                Salaries of the Bursar and Administrator for one year                        10,000
Volunteer Bureau Eden                                                  Core funding                                                                 10,000

CAB - Whitehaven (2 of 2, total £17,000)                               Costs of the Home Visiting Project                                            8,500
St Peter's Parish Hall Community Centre                                New kitchen units                                                             5,000

Allerdale Disability Association                                       Salary of the Information Officer                                            10,000
CAB - Workington (3 of 3, total £30,000)                               Salary of the Recruitment and Training Officer                                5,000

Cumbria - Other
Addaction (1 of 2, total £25,000)                                      Salary of Family Support Worker                                              15,000
Appleby Heritage Centre                                                Salary of the Music Vision Project Manager                                    5,000
CAB - Millom and District (1 of 2, total £15,000)                      Cost of Manager's salary relating to supervision work                        10,000
Carelink (Emmanuel Christian Centre)                                   Kitchen equipment                                                             4,000
Carlisle Community Law Centre                                          Salary of the Information Officer                                            10,000
Community Transport South Lakeland (1 of 2, total £14,326)             Salaries of the Project Manager and Project Assistant, and general running
                                                                       costs                                                                        10,317
Copeland Occupational & Social Centre                                  Cost of access for disabled people in the new garden development              1,000
Cumbria Cerebral Palsy (1 of 2, total £9,767)                          Salary of the Information Officer and additional costs of producing the
                                                                       quarterly newsletter and running the freephone helpline                       4,883
Cumbria Deaf Association                                               Salary costs of the part-time Co-ordinator for the Deaf Awareness courses    10,000
Hawkshead Pre-School                                                   Core funding                                                                  1,000
Long Marton After School Club                                          General running costs                                                         2,685
Mobex Cumbria                                                          Salary costs of the Project Manager                                          10,000
Pre-School Learning Alliance - Cumbria Sub Committee                   Salaries of four part-time Project Workers for one year                      10,000
Prism Arts                                                             Salaries of two part-time members of staff                                   10,000

                                                                     Page 38 of 107
Safety Net Advice & Support Centre                                    General running costs                                                      7,420
South Cumbria Dyslexia Association                                    Salary of an Administrator/Co-ordinator                                    5,000
St Mary's Parish Centre (Ambleside) Trust                             Installation of a lift for disabled people                                 5,000


Beacon Bolton Counselling Service (2 of 2, total £7,000)              Cost of the rent and service charges                                       3,500
Bolton Area Supported Social Environment Team                         General running costs                                                      4,560
Bolton Carers Support                                                 General running costs of the Outreach and Opportunities Project           20,000
Bolton Nursery                                                        Salary costs of a Nursery Assistant                                        5,000
Community Care Options                                                Running costs of the shopmobility workshop                                10,000
Cruse Bereavement Care (2 of 2, total £19,694)                        Quality Assurance Project                                                  9,413
Emmaus Bolton (1 of 2, total £24,420)                                 Salary of the Community Leader                                            15,000
Hibbert Community Centre (1 of 2, total £22,500)                      Salary of Manager                                                         15,000
Horwich Visiting Service (1 of 2, total £18,698)                      Salary costs of a part-time Assistant Co-ordinator                         8,931
New Bolton Somali Community Association                               Salary of a Community Development Worker                                   5,000

Bury Women's Aid                                                      Project Worker's salary                                                   13,860
Early Break                                                           Salary costs of two Mobile Service Outreach Workers to work in the Bury
                                                                      MBC area                                                                  10,010
HomeStart Bury                                                        Salary costs of the Project Worker                                        10,000
Jinnah Day Care Centre (2 of 2, total £20,000)                        Salary of a Volunteer Co-ordinator                                         5,000
Prestwich and Whitefield Methodist Church                             Salary costs of a Youth Worker                                             8,600
United Response                                                       Training costs                                                             4,250

Addiction Rehabilitation Centre                                       General running costs                                                     10,000
Burnside Community Centre                                             Salary of an Administration Assistant                                      5,000
Cheetwood Community and Sports Centre Ltd (1 of 2, total £30,000)     Salary of Community Development Worker                                    15,000
Childline North West                                                  Salary of a full-time Counselling Supervisor                              10,000
Chorlton Workshop                                                     Salary of Project Director                                                14,000
Chrysalis Manchester                                                  Salary costs of the Crèche Leader                                         10,000
City in the Community                                                 Sessional costs                                                            9,112
Community Arts North West (2 of 2, total £15,000)                     Core costs of the work undertaken with refugees and asylum seekers         5,000
Community Technical Aid Centre                                        Salary of the Resources Co-ordinator                                      15,000
Cornerstone Drop in Day Centre (1 of 2, total £27,000)                Salary of Day Centre Support Worker                                       18,000
Drake Music Project (1 of 2, total £15,000)                           Salary of a Regional Co-ordinator for the North West                      10,000
Manchester Advocacy Services (2 of 2, total £15,000)                  Salary costs of an Advocacy Co-ordinator                                   5,000
Mood Swings Network                                                   Salary of Volunteer Co-ordinator                                           5,000

                                                                    Page 39 of 107
Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester                                  Cost of the community project involving blind and partially sighted people    4,500
Mustard Tree                                                                  Salary costs of the Communication Officer                                    15,000
Oasis Drop-In Centre (1 of 2, total £14,800)                                  Manager's salary                                                              7,400
Old Moat Youth Outreach Project                                               Salary of the full-time Youth Worker plus administration costs               16,000
Partners of Prisoners and Families Support Group (1 of 2, total £25,000)      Salary costs of a Service Development Manager                                15,000
Relate - Greater Manchester South                                             Training costs of two Family Counsellors                                      5,000
Saint Vincent's Store                                                         Team Leader's salary                                                         13,500
Signpost Young People's Advice and Information Centre Ltd                     Salary costs of an additional Advice and Information Worker                   9,913
Women's Action Forum                                                          General running costs                                                         5,000

CAB - Oldham District                                                         Salary of Research and Support Officer relating to the asylum seeker and
                                                                              refugee strategy implementation project                                       9,738
Coppice Neighbourhood Group (2 of 2, total £13,936)                           General running costs of the Elderly Persons' Luncheon Club                   6,968
Oldham Law Centre (2 of 2, total £10,130)                                     Salary of a Trainee Solicitor dealing with housing and employment matters     4,760
West Pennine Housing Association (1 of 2, total £22,500)                      Salary costs of the Oxford Park Community Activities Co-ordinator            15,000

CVS - Rochdale                                                                General running costs of Trust Middleton                                      8,000
Hebron Pentecostal Church                                                     Salary of the Project Manager                                                 9,914
New Step for African Community Charity                                        Rent, volunteers' expenses and training costs                                10,000
Rochdale Special Needs Cycling Club                                           Cost of two child/adult tandems                                               2,000

Fairbridge in Greater Manchester                                              Personal Development Programme                                                3,000
HomeStart Salford                                                             General running costs and staff salaries                                     12,500
Interlink Foundation North West Branch                                        Salary of a Development Worker and additional costs                          13,563
Our Kids                                                                      Salary of an Administrator                                                   10,000
St Ambrose Young Families Project                                             Salary costs of employing two Play Leaders                                   14,200

Meeting Point @ St Barnabas                                                   Salary of a part-time Development Worker                                      5,000
People First Tameside                                                         Costs of the Sexual Health Advocacy Project                                  13,977
St Peter's Community Partnership (2 of 2, total £25,000)                      Salaries of the Youth Strateqy Support Officer and Finance/ Personnel
                                                                              Officer                                                                      10,000
Tameside Association Voluntary Youth Organisation (2 of 2, total £15,000)     General running costs                                                         5,000
Tameside Independent Counselling and Advice Service                           Rent costs                                                                    7,500
Tameside Women's Project                                                      Materials for the Workshop                                                    2,000
Volunteer Centre Tameside (2 of 2, total £15,000)                             Salary of an Administration Assistant and Volunteer Bureau Manager            5,000

                                                                            Page 40 of 107
CAB - Trafford (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                           Salary of a Guidance Tutor                                                      7,500
Disablement Information and Advice Line (2 of 2, total £12,483)                  Salary of an Information Worker                                                 4,250
St John's Centre (1 of 2, total £25,000)                                         Salaries of the Project Manager and the Administrator                          15,000

CHARAD                                                                           Installation of a tracking hoist                                                5,000
Federation of Local Supported Living Groups                                      Salary of Development Consultant                                               15,000
Groundwork Wigan and Chorley                                                     General running costs of work with young people aged 8-16                      10,000
Leigh Agape Family Support Group                                                 Co-ordinator's salary                                                          20,000
Parish of St Francis of Assisi                                                   Installation of new kitchen equipment                                           3,000
Queen's Hall Homeless Outreach                                                   Running costs of the homeless project                                           2,000
Scope - Wigan and Leigh                                                          Salary of the Service Manager                                                  20,000
Wigan and District Community Transport                                           Salary costs                                                                    7,000
Wigan and Leigh Bereavement Support Network                                      Salary costs of the Children's Bereavement Co-ordinator                        15,000

Greater Manchester - Other
Autistic Society Greater Manchester Area (ASGMA) (1 of 2, total £14,595)         Salary costs of a Service Development Manager                                   8,654
Benchill Ecumenical Service Scheme (BESS)                                        Salary costs of the Administrator/Receptionist and a contribution towards
                                                                                 volunteers' expenses                                                           10,000
Big Life Services - Self Help Services                                           Self Help Services Co-ordinator's salary                                       10,000
Cruse Bereavement Care Greater Manchester Area                                   General running costs                                                           6,000
GHAP (Gay Healthy Alliance Project)                                              Salary costs of a Support Officer                                               8,959
Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (2 of 2, total £25,000)     Salary of the voluntary sector Network Development Officer                      8,000
Leisure for Autism                                                               Salary of a Playscheme Co-ordinator                                             3,000
NEARIS                                                                           Running costs of the Homelessness Network Project                              10,000


Age Concern Isle of Man (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                  Salary of an additional Information & Advice Officer                            5,000
Crossroads Caring for Carers (Isle of Man)                                       Salaries of the three workers involved in the running of the social club for
                                                                                 young people                                                                   12,500
Isle of Man Children's Centre (2 of 2, total £25,000)                            Salary of the 'Mobex' Project Leader                                           10,000

                                                                               Page 41 of 107

Blackburn Diocesan Board of Finance Limited -Steering Group, Family and
Diversity Development Worker                                                   Salary of Blackburn East Cluster Faith Family Development Worker             16,000
Blackburn with Darwen Education Development Trust                              Out of School Behaviour Club Workers training costs                           3,000
CVS Blackburn with Darwen (2 of 2, total £22,436)                              Salary of a part-time Project Co-ordinator                                    7,500
Women's Centre for Blackburn and District                                      Salary of Centre Co-ordinator based at the Accrington Office                 10,000

Ashley Foundation (1 of 2, total £30,000)                                      Salary of a Therapeutic Drug/Alcohol Worker                                  20,000
Blackburn Diocesan Board for Social Responsibility (1 of 2, total £25,000)     Salary of the Family Support Co-ordinator working in South Blackpool         15,000
CAB - Blackpool                                                                Salary costs of the Guidance Tutor and Training Support Worker               15,000
Claremont West Family Centre                                                   Salary of the Nursery Nurse                                                  14,606
HomeStart Blackpool (2 of 2, total £25,000)                                    Salary costs of the Organiser for South Blackpool                            10,810
PIP Integration                                                                Salary costs of a part-time Volunteer Co-ordinator for 18 hours per week     10,129
Salvation Army (1 of 2, total £20,000)                                         Salary of a Worker for the Bridge Project                                    12,000
South Shore Community Links (1 of 2, total £25,000)                            Salary of the Community Worker                                               15,000
Waterloo Tots Club                                                             Cost of play equipment                                                          500

Burnley District Citizens Advice Service                                       Salary costs of the Volunteer Recruiter/Trainer                              10,000
Burnley Women's Aid                                                            General running costs                                                         4,000
Jinnah Community Development Trust (2 of 2, total £19,000)                     Salary of a Development Officer                                               9,000

Chorley Women's Refuge Group (1 of 2, total £20,000)                           Salary costs of the 'Helping Hands' project                                  10,000
Crossroads Chorley and South Ribble                                            Cost of respite care service and training                                     5,000

Fylde Coast
Ormerod Home Trust                                                             Salary costs of an Operations & Development Co-ordinator for the 'CanAble'
                                                                               project                                                                      10,000
YMCA - Fylde Coast                                                             Rent Bond Guarantee Officer's salary                                         14,500

Dallas Road Kids Club                                                          Rent cost of the after school and holiday clubs                               4,968
Friendship Centre                                                              Part-time Development Worker's salary                                        10,000
Galgate Pre-School Playgroup                                                   Running costs                                                                   975
HomeStart Morecambe                                                            Senior Co-ordinator's salary                                                 15,000
Lancaster Boys' Club (1 of 2, total £25,000)                                   Salary of the Team Leader                                                    15,000

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Marsh Community Centre Charitable Company (1 of 2, total £25,000)           Salary of Community Development Worker                                      15,000
Samaritans of Lancaster and District                                        Furniture and equipment costs                                                2,500
West End Impact                                                             Equipment for the kitchen                                                      400
Yealand Village Hall                                                        New kitchen equipment                                                        3,500

Nelson and Colne
Colne Open Door Centre (2 of 2, total £35,000)                              General running costs of the Centre                                         15,000
Community and Accessible Transport                                          Salary of the Administration Co-ordinator                                   16,500
Grassroots Family Centre @ St Phillip's                                     General running costs of the learning through play sessions                 10,000

Emmaus Lancashire                                                           Project Manager's salary                                                    10,000
Great Eccleston Village Centre Limited (3 of 3, total £33,000)              Salary of the Centre Co-ordinator                                            7,000
Groundwork Lancashire West                                                  Salary of a Youth Works Programme Manager                                   10,000
Inskip Pre-school Playgroup                                                 Additional salary and training costs of an Assistant Supervisor              4,646
Merriweather Home Association (2 of 2, total £13,000)                       Salary of the Resettlement Worker                                            6,000
Preston Advocacy                                                            Salary cost of a part-time Parent Advocate                                   8,928
Preston YMCA                                                                Caretaker's salary                                                           9,980
Pukar Disability Resource Centre                                            Rent costs for six months                                                    4,875
South Ribble Pensioners' Association                                        IT equipment                                                                 2,000

South and West Lancashire Food Bank (2 of 2, total £15,000)                 Salary costs of the Co-ordinator                                             5,000
Trinity Methodist Church Skelmersdale                                       Salary costs of a Senior Group Worker and the increased salary costs of a
                                                                            Project Co-ordinator for the Skelmersdale And Up Holland Family Groups       8,705
West Lancashire Association of Disabled People                              Transport costs relating to theatre and day trips                              704
West Lancashire Crisis and Information Centre                               Salary and costs of the 'Moving On' Support Worker                          25,000

Lancashire - Other
Age Concern - Lancashire (1 of 2, total £22,500)                            Salary of the Co-ordinator working in Carnforth                             15,000
Burscough Outreach Trust                                                    Salary of Volunteer Co-ordinator                                             3,000
Carers Link- Hyndburn and Ribble Valley (2 of 2, total £23,492)             Salary of Manager/Carers Development Officer and to include in year one
                                                                            the CES PQASSO Mentoring Training Coruse                                     9,246
Community Futures (1 of 2, total £25,000)                                   Cost of the pilot training programme                                        15,000
CVS - Hyndburn and Ribble Valley                                            Salary of Volunteer Project Manager                                         10,000
CVS Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde (2 of 2, total £22,500)                         Salary of the Volunteer Bureau Manager                                       7,500
East Lancashire County Scout Council (1 of 2, total £25,000)                Salary of County Development Officer                                        15,000
Groundwork East Lancashire                                                  Salary costs of the Youth & Community Workers located at the Waterside
                                                                            Project in Colne                                                            10,000
HARV (Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Domestic Violence Team) (1 of 2, total
£25,000)                                                                    Salary costs of the Team Manager                                            15,000

                                                                          Page 43 of 107
Hyndburn Homewise Society Limited                                  Handy Person Project                                                         10,000
Kelbrook and Sough Village Hall                                    Installation of a toilet for disabled people                                  1,500
Melling Village Institute                                          Purchase of tables and chairs                                                 2,000
Mencap - West Lancs                                                Salary of the Project Worker                                                  5,000
North Lancashire Counselling Service                               General running costs                                                         2,500
Prospects Foundation                                               Salary of Sales and Marketing Manager                                        20,000
Saheli Connection                                                  General running costs                                                         5,000
Scouts - 7th Wigan (All Saints) Scout Group                        Stacking chairs and camping equipment                                         1,500
Shopmobility - Accrington (1 of 2, total £7,500)                   Running costs                                                                 5,000
Signposts Multiagency Resource Centre (2 of 2, total £30,000)      Salary of the Information and Advice Worker (Housing Support)                10,000
Southfield Community Action Forum Ltd                              Salary of part-time Development Manager                                      15,000
Stacksteads Riverside Park Group                                   Salary of an Administrator                                                   10,000
West Lancashire Volunteer Bureau                                   Cost of increasing the hours of the Manager and Assistant of the Volunteer
                                                                   Bureau                                                                       15,552
Whitewell Bottom Community Association                             Purchase of nine sofa chairs and three tables with chairs                     2,500


Christ Church Youth & Community Centre (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Core running costs                                                            5,000

Age Concern - Knowsley                                             Salary costs of the Service Development Officer                              13,874
CVS - Knowsley (2 of 2, total £22,500)                             Salary of a small grants advisor                                              7,500
Knowsley Disability Concern                                        Citizens Advocacy Project                                                    14,535
Listening Ear Merseyside (2 of 2, total £9,000)
                                                                   Salary of a Counsellor dedicated to Knowsley and associated project costs     3,000

Adult Dyslexia Access                                              Salary of the Dyslexia Community Worker based in Bootle                      10,000
Asylum Link Merseyside (2 of 2, total £22,500)                     Salaries of the Centre Manager and Administrator                              7,500
Bankfield House (1 of 2, total £17,000)                            Salary costs of the Active Ageing Programme Manager                           8,500
Bronte Youth and Community Centre                                  Salary costs of a Community Development Worker                               14,700
CAB - Garston                                                      Salary of a dedicated Income Maximisation Worker                             10,000
Chestnut Grove Parent Support Group                                Salary of Administrator                                                       8,000
Christians Against Poverty (1 of 2, total £12,500)                 Salary of the Liverpool Centre Manager                                        7,500
Class Community Association                                        Salary of a Community Development/Volunteer Co-ordinator                     10,000
Compass - Liverpool                                                Salary of the Assistant Director                                             10,000
Croxteth & Gillmoss Community Federation                           Salary of a Counselling Co-ordinator Development Officer                     15,000
Croxteth Child Development Service                                 Salary of the Manager for one year                                           10,000
Depaul Trust                                                       Salary of Mediation Worker based in Liverpool                                11,000

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Dingle Multi Agency Centre Ltd (2 of 2, total £12,000)                    Salary of a Receptionist                                                     4,000
Dovecot and Princess Drive Community Association                          Running costs                                                                5,000
Edge Hill Youth Club                                                      Salary of the Return to Learn Programme Worker                              15,000
Help and Neighbourhood Development Scheme                                 Advice and Information Centre and general running costs                      2,500
HomeStart South Liverpool (2 of 2, total £15,000)                         Cost of increasing the Organiser's hours                                     5,000
Kuumba Imani Millennium Centre (KIMC) (2 of 2, total £12,000)             Salary of a full-time Receptionist                                           6,000
Lily Centre                                                               Costs of the Therapist                                                       3,750
Liverpool Centre for Arts Development                                     35 workshops                                                                 4,900
Liverpool Community Spirit                                                Core costs of the Community Spirit Youth Council Programme                  10,000
Liverpool Lesbian and Gay Film Festival                                   Core costs relating to the production of a DVD relating to aids awareness
                                                                          and safer sex                                                                5,000
Liverpool Six Community Association                                       Tables and chairs                                                              769
Merseyside Development Foundation                                         Salary of Community Development Worker                                      25,000
Metal Culture Ltd                                                         Furniture and decoration                                                     1,160
Motor Waste (1 of 2, total £25,000)                                       Salary of the Project Development Manager                                   15,000
North West Disability Arts Forum                                          Sign language interpreters and audio describers for the summer school        4,650
PCC Saint Christopher's (2 of 2, total £15,000)                           Salary of a Community Development Worker for The Three Churches
                                                                          Project                                                                      5,000
Sanctuary Family Support (1 of 2, total £15,000)                          Salary of Administration Co-ordinator                                       10,000
St Gregory's Youth and Community Initiative                               Salary of Project Leader                                                    10,000
St John's Community Centre                                                Salary of Parent Activity Support Worker/Administrator                      13,000
St Nicholas Church Halewood St Nicholas Centre                            Salary of Bursar                                                             3,000
Vauxhall Community Law and Information Centre (1 of 2, total £17,500)     General running costs and a contribution to the Administrator's salary      10,000
Walton Youth Project (2 of 2, total £18,000)                              Salary of the Families First Support Worker                                  6,000
Young Persons' Advisory Service                                           General running costs of the 'Drop In' Monthly Themes Project               13,000

Sefton Carers' Centre                                                     Salaries and additional running costs of the Link Workers Project           10,000
Sefton CHOICES                                                            Session supervision costs for one year                                       5,000
Sefton Pensioners Advocacy Centre                                         Cost of training volunteers                                                  2,000

Ainsdale Community Care Programme                                         General running costs                                                        7,500
Light for Life                                                            Salary of the Accommodation Officer                                         10,772

St Helens
HomeStart St Helens                                                       Project Co-ordinator's salary for one year                                  10,000
Leaf Centre Ltd (2 of 2, total £14,000)                                   Salary of the Crèche Workers                                                 7,000
Newton Boys' and Girls' Club (1 of 2, total £22,500)                      Salary of a full-time Youth Worker                                          15,000
St Helens District Society for Deaf People                                Administration Worker's salary for one year                                 10,000
Women's Aid - St Helens and District                                      Salary of Project Co-ordinator for the 1st Steps Programme                  15,000

                                                                        Page 45 of 107
YWCA St Helens                                                            Salary of a part-time Tracking & Monitoring Officer                          8,554

Wallasey Welfare Advice Centre (1 of 2, total £25,000)                    Salary of Trainee Money Debt Adviser                                        17,000

CAB - Bebington                                                           Salary of the IT Technical Support Worker                                   20,000
CAB - Heswall and District                                                Salary of Co-ordinator                                                      11,974
CAB - West Kirby                                                          Salary of Advice Session Supervisor                                          9,172
Laird Street Family Support Centre (2 of 2, total £15,000)                Salary of a Family Support Worker                                            5,000
Reader - University of Liverpool (1 of 2, total £20,000)                  Salary costs of the part-time Project Worker for the "Get Into Reading"
                                                                          project                                                                     10,000
Wirral Churches Action on Substance Misuse                                Salary of the Project Manager                                               10,000
Wirral Heart Beat                                                         Equipment for the Ellesmere Port Centre                                      3,250
Wirral LA21 Forum                                                         The RE:Paint Scheme                                                          3,509
Women's Enterprise Breakthrough                                           Running costs                                                                8,670
Youth Exchange Wirral                                                     General running costs                                                        3,000

Merseyside - Other
All Together Now Ltd                                                      Salary of the Co-ordinator/Editor                                           10,000
Ferries and Port Sunlight Family Groups                                   Project Manager's salary                                                    15,000
Friends of St Joseph's                                                    A Doc M toilet suite and specialised showering equipment for the changing
                                                                          rooms in respect of the Hydrotherapy Facility Project                        3,000
Merseyside Family Support Association (1 of 2, total £22,500)             Salary of a Finance and Administration Worker                               15,000
Merseyside Youth Theatre                                                  Costs of the Saturday and Out of School Workshop Leader's fees               2,200
Prescot Oasis Centre (2 of 2, total £23,000)
                                                                          Salary costs of the Team Leader involved in the Adult Re-entry Programme     8,000
PSS - Liverpool Personal Service Society Inc                              Interpreter's costs                                                         10,000
Refugee Skills Development Limited (1 of 2, total £14,821)                Administrator's salary                                                       7,301
Solve IT                                                                  Salary of Development Worker based in Liverpool for one year                14,000


Community Foundation for Merseyside (1 of 2, total £25,000)               Salary of Development Officer (Trusts) responsible for the Dormant Trust
                                                                          Project                                                                     12,500
Federation of Black and Asian Drug and Alcohol Workers (1 of 2, total
£20,000)                                                                  Salary of an Admin and Information Officer                                  10,000
Making Space                                                              General running costs of the Befriending Scheme in Oldham                   10,000
North West Deaf Association (2 of 2, total £11,000)                       Salary of the Cultural Development Officer                                   4,000
P3 (Prison Partnership Projects)                                          Salary of part-time Co-ordinator                                            10,000

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Refugee Action                                                       North West Development Officer                                                        10,000
Young Enterprise North West                                          Salary of Manager and associated operating costs of the Young Offenders
                                                                     Project                                                                               26,528


Carers Link - Hyndburn and Ribble Valley (2 of 2, total £41,804)     Salary of Quality Assurance Support Worker and associated project costs to
                                                                     enable the partners to achieve King's Fund Quality Standards for Carers and
                                                                     PQASSO accreditation                                                                  20,797
CVS - Wirral (1 of 2, total £45,616)                                 Salary of a part-time Quality Standards Worker who will deliver training
                                                                     relating to the 'Quality First' system to all the CVSs on Merseyside who will in
                                                                     turn offer training to their affiliated groups                                        22,081
Halton Voluntary Action                                              Towards employing a Business Development Manager and additional costs
                                                                     associated with the Happen 4 U Consortium, working towards sustainability
                                                                     with partners Hope Inclusion Time Success for Young People, Age Concern
                                                                     Halton and the Kings Cross Project.                                                   44,305

                                                                                                                               311 grants totalling     £2,871,437

                                                                   Page 47 of 107

LOCATION/CHARITY                                                     WHAT WE FUNDED                                          £


Maidenhead Volunteer Bureau                                          Core costs                                           3,000

Newbury Community Resource Centre                                    Rent costs                                           5,000

Care Cultural Intergration Ltd                                       Salary of Project Co-ordinator                      12,000
CommuniCare Trust                                                    Advice Services Supervisor salary                    4,500
Council for Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations - South East     Core funding                                         9,468
Reading Refugee Support Group (3 of 3, total £21,225)                Project Support Worker's salary costs                7,075
Step Forward Education and Training Trust                            Cost of lessons and travel expenses                  4,976
Support Women and Children Organisation                              A part-time Project Co-ordinator                    10,000

Aik Saath                                                            Salary of Schools Officer                           10,000
CVS - Slough                                                         Training costs                                       9,470
Slough Furniture Project                                             Van driver's salary and volunteer expenses           9,988
Slough Homeless Our Concern                                          Salary of Day Centre Manager                        10,000
Slough Refugee Support (1 of 2, total £10,000)                       Drop-In Project                                      5,000
Slough West Indian People's Enterprise                               Cultural Musical Arts Project                        4,920

Berkshire - Other
Age Concern Berkshire                                                Core costs of the Advocacy Service                   5,000
Berkshire Association of Clubs for Young People                      The Create! Project                                    750
Paul Bevan Cancer Foundation                                         A new vehicle                                        3,000


Milton Keynes
City Counselling Centre                                              Core costs                                           6,269
Community Advice Link                                                Homeless Project Manager's salary, and core costs   10,000
Inter-Action                                                         A night club for people with disabilities            5,000

                                                                   Page 48 of 107
Buckinghamshire - Other
CAB - Buckingham, Winslow & District (1 of 2, total £10,000)            Outreach Project costs                                    5,000
Milton Keynes ADHD Family Support Group                                 Resource centre costs                                     2,500
Milton Keynes Community Mediation Service                               Training courses for Mediators                            9,990


Bexhill Community Partnership                                           Executive Director's salary and running costs            10,000

Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Participation Worker's salary costs                       5,000
Brighton Women's Centre                                                 Running costs                                             8,623
Fun in Action for Children                                              Core costs (rent/utilities)                               8,398
Hollingdean Development Trust                                           Soft play equipment                                       2,000
Impact Initiatives                                                      Mentor Co-ordinator's salary                              6,170
Mosaic Black & Mixed Parentage Family Group (3 of 3, total £30,000)     Volunteer Support Programme                              10,000
Moulescoomb Neighbourhood Trust                                         Running costs                                             6,875
St Anne's Trust (2 of 2, total £10,000)                                 Salaries                                                  5,000
Survivors Network                                                       Core costs                                                5,900
Woodingdean Youth Centre                                                Youth Worker's salary, volunteer expenses and training    4,150

Brighton & Hove
Black and Minority Ethnic Community Partnership                         Salary of the Team Leader                                 7,500
Brighton and Hove Speakout                                              Groups Network                                            5,000
Pathways to Health                                                      Cost of Practitioner                                      3,240
Sanctuary Housing Association                                           Kitchen equipment                                         5,460
Threshold Women's Mental Health Initiative                              Recruitment and training of volunteers                    8,752

Hastings Advice and Representation Centre                               Charity Shop Worker's salary                              4,953
Hastings and Rother Mediation Service (1 of 2, total £10,000)           Salary costs of two Supervisors                           5,000
Hastings Furniture Service Ltd                                          Service expansion costs                                   7,500
Hastings Trust                                                          Rent and refurbishment costs of the Oasis Project         5,890

CAB - Lewes & Seaford                                                   Money Advice Service                                      5,000
Chailey Heritage Enterprise Centre                                      Running costs                                             2,500

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Junction Ltd                                       Salary of the Drop-In Co-ordinator                                   8,256

East Sussex - Other
A Step Forward (3 of 3, total £15,000)             Salary of Project Co-ordinator                                       5,000
Age Concern - East Sussex                          Advocacy Worker's salary                                             5,000
Age Concern Uckfield and District                  Volunteer drivers' expenses                                          1,000
Terrence Higgins Trust (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Mentoring Co-ordinator's salary                                      5,000


Rushmoor Voluntary Services                        Placement Development Officer's salary and on-costs                  5,000

Age Concern - Andover & District                   Take a Break Drop-in and Day Care Centre                             3,300
Kids Church (2 of 2, total £10,000)                Salary of Care Worker                                                5,000
Scout Group 23rd Andover                           Camping equipment                                                      700
Testway Housing                                    Furniture re-use project                                             5,000

Winklebury Infants Pre-School                      Salary and training of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator    1,000

CAB                                                Money Advice Unit                                                    2,500

Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight Law Centre                           Costs of the Advocates Court Desk                                   10,000
Not Just Enterprises Ltd                           Garden Supervisor's salary                                          10,000
Real World Trust                                   Setting up costs of a shop to recycle furniture                     13,500

New Forest
Forest Forge Theatre Company                       Weekly session costs                                                 2,000
New Forest & Romsey Mobile Community Trust         Senior Youth Worker salary                                           5,000

Age Concern - Portsmouth                           A minibus                                                            3,000
EC Roberts Centre (1 of 2, total £15,000)          User Involvement Worker salary                                       7,500
Haslar Visitors Group (2 of 2, total £30,000)      Co-ordinator's salary and core costs                                15,000
Highbury Area Community Association                Provision of access for disabled people                              1,000
John Pounds Community Trust                        Staff training costs                                                 2,500

                                                 Page 50 of 107
Leigh Park Community Association                                        Community Development Worker salary                                            5,000
PARCS (Portsmouth Area Rape Crisis Service) (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Training costs                                                                 5,000
Portsmouth Friendship Centre (1 of 2, total £10,722)                    Part-time Assistant's salary and core costs                                    5,722
Relate Portsmouth and District                                          Funding fees for people on low incomes                                         5,700
Southern Focus Trust                                                    Salary costs of the Information and Outreach Worker                           10,000
University of the Third Age                                             Printing costs                                                                 1,062

CAB - Southampton (2 of 2, total £10,000)                               Court Housing Advisor                                                          5,000
City Life Education and Action for Refugees                             Business start-up training course                                             10,000
Disability Advice and Information Network                               Computer equipment                                                             3,926
S.A.D.S.A.L.A.D.                                                        A replacement minibus                                                            500
Southampton Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Counselling Service              Recruitment and training of volunteers                                         5,000
Warsash Sea Scouts Fareham West Scout District                          Camping equipment                                                              1,000

CAB - Winchester                                                        Adviser's costs                                                                6,400
Crime Concern Trust Ltd                                                 3D Parenting Programme                                                        10,000
Winchester Visitors Group for Refugees                                  Assist Scheme                                                                  5,000
Winchester Young Carers Project                                         Project Manager's salary                                                       5,000

Hampshire & Isle of Wight - Other
CAB - New Milton and District                                           Salary costs of a Debt/Money Advice Specialist                                 4,500
Club Hampshire                                                          Transport costs                                                                5,000
Emmaus Projects                                                         Salary of Project Worker                                                       5,000
Hampshire Autistic Society                                              Outreach Service core costs                                                    5,000
Jacob's Well Care Centre                                                A new van                                                                      5,000
Ladder 4 Learning (2 of 2, total £12,500)                               An Administrative Worker's salary                                              5,000
Learning Links Ltd                                                      Tutor and Learner support costs                                                5,000
Life Education Centres                                                  A mobile classroom and training costs                                          5,000
No Way Trust Ltd                                                        South East Office running costs                                               10,000
Shearwater Care Group                                                   Subsidising transport costs and printing newsletter                            1,550
University of Winchester
                                                                        Director's fees and the production costs of staging plays in HMP Winchester    7,000
Voluntary Action for East Hampshire                                     Cascade Training Project                                                       5,000
Weston Adventure Playground                                             Playground equipment                                                           2,000
Yateley Industries for the Disabled                                     A screen printer and equipment                                                 5,000

                                                                      Page 51 of 107

Fifth Trust                                             A sensory room                                                           2,000
Hersden Neighbourhood Centre Association                Staff costs for the after school club                                    5,000
Northgate Early Years Project                           Project Worker's costs                                                   5,768
Paddocks - Riding for All                               Volunteer training                                                       3,500
Scrine Foundation                                       General running costs and expenses                                       6,830

MHS Community Charity                                   Equipment for the community project                                      7,307

CAB - Dartford                                          Salary of the Advice Session Supervisor                                  5,000
Oasis Counselling Centre                                Salary of Administrator and expenses                                     6,100

Martha Trust                                            IT equipment                                                             2,300

Cruse Bereavement Care - Dover District and Shepway     Supervision costs                                                        1,200

St John's Youth Work                                    Salary of Youth Worker                                                   4,000

CAB - Maidstone                                         Outreach service                                                         5,000
VSU Youth in Action                                     Equipment for the skateboarding club                                       546

Christian Housing Trust                                 Part funding the part-time post of a Training Co-ordinator and cost of
                                                        premises                                                                 9,500

HomeStart Medway                                        New toys                                                                 7,069
Medway Mediation                                        Cost of CLS Quality Mark                                                 5,200
Vines Centre Trust (2 of 2, total £12,500)              Book-keeper's salary costs                                               5,000

Borstal Village Hall                                    Cost of new curtains for the village hall                                 950

                                                      Page 52 of 107
West Kent Mediation                                     Cost of Basic Mediation Skills training courses                     3,727

Kainos Community                                        Salary of Deputy Programme Manager at HMP Swaleside                 5,000
Sheppey Matters                                         Lifelong Learning Programme                                         5,818
Swale Volunteering & Community Development Centre       Core funding for Rushenden Centre                                  10,000

Swale Mediation Service                                 Salary costs of a part-time Personal Assistant                      5,148

Big Idea Thanet Ltd                                     Publicity materials and Architect                                   5,000
CAB - Thanet District                                   Additional management hours                                         2,424
Kent Refugee Support Group                              Multi-cultural women's group and the mentoring project              5,000
Thanet Phobic Group                                     Laptop and software                                                 1,000
Volunteer Bureau Thanet (1 of 2, total £10,000)         Project Co-ordinator's salary                                       5,000

Tunbridge Wells
Number One Community Trust                              Core costs                                                          5,000
Tunbridge Wells Mental Health Resource Ltd              Drop-in Centre core costs                                          10,000

Kent - Other
Bridge Trust (1 of 2, total £10,000)                    Core funding                                                        5,000
Cerebral Palsy Care                                     Part funding the salary of a Senior Team Member                     4,000
East Kent Cyrenians                                     Cost of training and publications                                   3,875
Greatstone Playgroup                                    New floor surfaces in the main playroom                             1,000
Kent Refugee Action Network (2 of 2, total 30,000)      Salary of a part-time Administrator and running costs              15,000
Mencap - Tonbridge & District                           Leisure Enabling Scheme                                             5,000
New Romney Counselling Services                         Running costs of the service                                        5,689
Relate Kent (1 of 2, total £10,668)                     Cost of delivering the Moving Forward courses for members of the
                                                        Gingerbread organisation in Kent                                    5,334
Romney Marsh Christian Fellowship                       Salary costs                                                        4,758
Vigo Village Hall Management Committee                  Purchase of chairs, tables and curtains                             1,500
Wateringbury Millennium Hall                            Providing facilities for disabled people                            2,500
Waterside Family Centre Ltd (1 of 2, total £14,800)     Cost of employing a Play Leader to expand the service               9,800
Women Intercessors UK                                   Salary of the Youth Playworker                                      5,000
YWCA West Kent Young Women's Centre                     The Y4U programme                                                   7,897

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Cherwell Housing Trust (2 of 2, total £15,000)                              Project Worker's salary                                                 7,500

Bail for Immigration Detainees (2 of 2, total £20,000)                      Salary costs                                                           10,000
Blackbird Leys Community Development Initiative (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Youth Project                                                           5,000
Blackbird Leys Neighbourhood Support Scheme Ltd                             Core funding                                                            5,000
My Life My Choice                                                           The 'Our Freedom' project                                               5,000

Independent Advice Centre                                                   Cost of office furniture                                                3,926

Oxfordshire - Other
Asylum Welcome                                                              Advice Worker's salary costs                                           10,000
Bridewell Organic Gardens                                                   Core costs of the programme to support women who have been sexually
                                                                            abused                                                                 10,000
Carers Centre (North and West Oxfordshire)                                  Volunteer Respite Service                                               3,000
Centrepoint (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                         Development Worker for the Consultation and Participation Project in
                                                                            Oxfordshire                                                             5,000
Fusion                                                                      Pulse Project                                                           6,563
Inter Agency Day Care Group                                                 Core funding                                                            5,000
Orinoco - The Oxfordshire Scrapstore                                        A computer and core costs                                               1,000
Oxfordshire Play Association                                                The Play United Project                                                 5,000
Reading Quest (2 of 2, total £14,000)                                       Salary of Tutor                                                         7,000
The Porch (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                           Salary of the Project Worker                                           10,000


CAB                                                                         Guidance Tutor, training and workbooks                                  5,000

YMCA - Guildford                                                            Plantation Information and Advice Centre                                5,000

Grange Centre for People with Disabilities                                  Furniture                                                               5,000


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East Surrey Domestic Violence Forum (2 of 2, total £13,244)            Counsellor's costs and expenses                    6,500
SSAFA Forces Help                                                      Administration costs                               1,000

Carers Support - Spelthorne                                            A franking machine                                 2,500

Oakleaf Enterprise Ltd (1 of 2, total £10,000)                         Employment Officer's salary                        5,000

Surrey - Other
Dyscover                                                               Volunteer training courses and on going support    1,842
Headway Surrey                                                         Community Support Project                          5,341
Options Pregnancy Crisis Centre                                        Core costs                                         9,781
Royal Air Force Association - Camberley & Bagshott                     Refurbishment costs                                3,000
Surrey Community Association                                           The Vulnerable Adult Awareness Training Course     5,936


Rox Music and Arts Organisation                                        Workshop costs                                     1,500

Chichester Community Transport                                         Core funding                                       5,000
Chichester Counselling Services                                        Rent                                               5,000
Chichester Diocesan Association for Family Social Work                 Salary of Family Support Worker                    5,000

Age Concern Crawley                                                    Cost of producing a three year business plan       1,770
Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group - Caterham (1 of 2, total £15,000)     Rent costs                                        10,000
HomeStart Crawley and Horsham                                          Salary of Co-ordinator and travel costs            4,800

East Grinstead
Citizens Advice Bureau - East Grinstead                                A reconditioned photocopier                         737

Crossroads - Mid Downs                                                 Co-ordinator's salary for 'Neil's Club'            5,300

West Sussex - Other
4 Sight                                                                Salary of Volunteer Co-ordinator                   6,000
Bognor Fun Bus                                                         Sessions in the Pevensey Ward                      4,520
HomeStart Arun                                                         Volunteer training costs                           3,965

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Lodge Hill Trust (1 of 2, total £20,000)          Young Offenders Poject                                                              10,000
Windmills Opportunity Playgroup                   Two part-time Assistants                                                             2,500


In Kind Direct                                    Cost of subsidised fees for organisations in the South East                           7,500
Outlook Foundation                                Refurbishment costs                                                                   3,000
Prince's Trust (2 of 2, total £15,000)            The On the Level Project                                                              5,000


CVS - North West Kent (3 of 3, total £78,843)     Project Director's salary for the Thames Gateway Kent Business Community
                                                  Partnership, to establish a partnership of local businesses, funders and local
                                                  voluntary and community groups.                                                     27,204
West Berkshire Mencap (2 of 2, total £20,000)
                                                  Project Co-ordinator's salary, to establish a new community project, jointly
                                                  with the following organisations - Link Up, Community Furniture Project,
                                                  Ormonde Centre, West Berkshire Friendship Clubs, Leisure Plus, Empower,
                                                  Connexions, Newbury College, Greenham Common Community Trust.                       10,000

                                                                                                           188 grants totalling    £1,051,858

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LOCATION/CHARITY                                                                  WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                     £


ACTA Community Theatre Ltd                                                        "Rhythm of the Night" two day event and external evaluation                    10,000
Age Concern - South Gloucestershire                                               Salary of the part-time Volunteer Co-ordinator                                  4,000
Alzheimer's Society - Bristol and South Glos                                      Salary of Carer Support Worker                                                  7,000
Bangladesh Association - Bristol Bath West                                        Additional hours for the Advice Worker                                          9,488
Black Development Agency Ltd                                                      Cost of publishing and updating the BDA commissioned research to map the
                                                                                  BME voluntary and community sector in the South West                            8,500
Bridge Foundation                                                                 Staffing costs of the Building Bridges Project                                 13,500
Brigstowe Project (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                         Salary of an Advice Worker, on-costs and associated capital costs of the
                                                                                  Advice Project                                                                 10,000
Bristol Children's Playhouse                                                      Part-time Finance Officer's salary and IT equipment                             5,000
Bristol Community Accountancy Project (2 of 2, total £13,000)                     Salary of an Independent Examiner                                               5,000
Dhek Bhal - Bristol (2 of 2, total £14,000)                                       Salary of a Bi-lingual Driver                                                   6,000
Fairbridge West (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                           Refugee and Asylum Seekers Project                                              5,000
Holy Trinity Church - Hotwells                                                    Cost of a microphone system                                                     1,000
Humdard (2 of 2, total £10,300)                                                   Salary of the Administrator                                                     4,000
Long Ashton Community Association                                                 Induction loop                                                                  1,000
Malago Play Association Ltd                                                       Provision of an entrance door, access way and ramp for disabled people          2,500
North Bristol Advice Centre (1 of 2, total £12,708)                               Core costs of the Outreach Service                                              6,354
Off the Record                                                                    Volunteer and telephone helpline costs                                          5,000
One25 Limited (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                             Salary of the Project Co-ordinator                                             10,000
Paul's Place                                                                      Salary of a General Assistant                                                   3,500
Rainbow Centre                                                                    Counselling costs                                                               1,000
Sanctuary Charitable Trust                                                        Salaries of the Crèche Manager and Crèche Workers                               5,041
Scout Group - 2nd Patchway                                                        Alterations to the Scout hut                                                      500
Sofa Project                                                                      New telephone system                                                            5,000
South West Adoption Network (SWAN)                                                Salary of Financial Manager                                                     6,000
St Mary's Church Pre-school                                                       A laptop computer, plug-in keyboard and mouse                                     735
St Paul's Advice Centre Association (1 of 2, total £14,044)
                                                                                  Outreach welfare benefit advice service for black and ethnic minority groups    9,044
St Werburgh's City Farm                                                           Part funding for the Children's Work Manager                                    6,000
Sydenham Road Underfives                                                          Running costs                                                                   1,000
Terrence Higgins Trust                                                            The HIV positive women's support group in Bristol                               9,630
The Carers Centre - Bristol and South Gloucestershire (3 of 3, total £15,000)
                                                                                  Costs of the Carers Support Officer                                             2,000
West of England Centre for Inclusive Living (1 of 2, total £14,558)               Costs of a Welfare Rights Service                                               7,279

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Youth Education Service                                        Salary of Project Worker                                                        5,000


1st St Mabyn Scout Association                                 Accessible toilet facilities                                                    1,000
East Cornwall Council for Voluntary Service                    Increasing the hours of the Project Worker                                      8,200

CAB - Bude, Holsworthy & District                              Salary of a Money Advice Assistant                                              8,181

Elim Pentecostal Church - Camborne (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Salary of Community Development Worker                                          5,000

Porthoustock Villlage Hall                                     Cost of tables and chairs                                                       1,000

Callington Bowling Club                                        Alterations to accommodate people with disabilities                             1,000
Caradon Housing Youth Project                                  Salary of the Advice and Information Worker                                     5,000
Princetown Pre-school and Playgroup                            Rent                                                                              500

Cornwall Disability Arts Group                                 Office costs, travelling expenses and art materials                             1,500
Trelya                                                         Salary of an Administrator and core costs                                      15,000
West Cornwall Women's Aid (2 of 2, total £15,000)              Finance/Administration Co-ordinator's salary, the rent for the DiVA Project,
                                                               additional Administrator hours and towards activities                           5,000

St Austell
St Peter's Church - Treverbyn                                  Accessible facilities to the Hall                                               1,000

Tregony Playgroup                                              A soft seating area, tables and chairs                                           500
Truro Hospital Radio                                           Volunteers' expenses                                                             794

Cornwall - Other
Calstock Development Trust                                     Opening costs of the centre                                                     5,600
Cornwall Arts Centre Trust                                     Carn to Cove Project                                                            4,000
Cornwall Association for Deaf & Hard of Hearing People         Salary of the Co-ordinator                                                      6,000
Cornwall Mobility Centre                                       A van                                                                           5,000

                                                             Page 58 of 107
Cornwall Rescue Group                                              Rescue equipment                                                            500
Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum                                    Salary of the Manager                                                    15,000
Gwellheans (1 of 2, total £14,228)                                 Cost of the Woodwork Project                                             10,000
Mid-Cornwall Lifestyles                                            Lifestyle Workers' salaries                                               9,696
New Connection (1 of 2, total £15,000)                             Core costs of the Café and Day Centre                                    10,000


Bratton Fleming Playgroup                                          Toys and resources                                                          200
Chittlehampton & District Playgroup                                Cost of the rent                                                            400
HomeStart North Devon (1 of 2, total £15,000)                      Core funding                                                             10,000
Life Education Centre - North Devon                                Core funding                                                              5,000
Torridge Poverty Action Group (2 of 2, total £10,000)              Co-ordinator's salary                                                     5,000
Working Advocacy In North Devon                                    Costs of the mental health telephone support line                         3,894

CAB - Exeter                                                       IT training and the Office Manager's salary                               4,101
CVS Exeter (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                 Refugee and Asylum Seeker project                                         5,000
HomeStart Exeter (1 of 2, total £15,000)                           Administrator's salary and office costs                                  10,000
Parents of Children With Special Needs                             Salary of a Saturday Team Leader                                          5,890
Refugee Support Group Devon (2 of 2, total £10,000)                Volunteer Co-ordinator's salary and on costs                              5,000
St Petrock's (Exeter) Ltd (2 of 2, total £10,000)                  Insurance, equipment repairs and maintenance, telephone and stationery
                                                                   costs                                                                     5,000
Turntable Furniture                                                Domestic appliance testing costs                                          5,000

Age Concern Exmouth & District                                     Salary of an Advice & Information Advocate                                5,000
Exmouth & District Community Transport Group                       General running costs                                                     5,000

Newton Abbot
Bovey Tracey Youth Action (2 of 2, total £15,000)                  Salary of Café Manager                                                    5,000
Community Care Trust (South Devon) Ltd (1 of 2, total £15,000)     Salary of a Development Worker                                            7,500
HomeStart Teignbridge (2 of 2, total £10,000)                      Senior Organiser's salary                                                 5,000
Ilsington Village Hall                                             Refurbishing the kitchen                                                  1,000
Liverton Pre-School                                                Wages and advertising                                                     1,000

                                                                 Page 59 of 107
Bratton Clovelly Under Fives Playgroup                     Salary of Senior Playgroup Leader                                        1,000
North Tamar Community Transport                            Running costs and training                                              10,000
West Devon Citizens Advice Bureau                          Salary of a part-time Development Officer                                5,700
Winsford Trust (2 of 2, total £10,000)                     Salary of an Administrator                                               5,000

All Nations Ministries                                     Teaching road safety in French, Swahali and Lingala and strengthening
                                                           general activiites                                                       5,000
Horrabridge Busy Bees Pre-School                           Salaries and core running costs                                          1,000
Open Doors International Language School                   Running costs of the Family Learning Centre                             15,000
Plymouth Access to Housing (PATH)                          Cost of attending a Housing Aid and Advice Course                        1,620
Plymouth Eddystone Trust                                   Cost of the Women's Health Fair                                          2,650
Refugee Action - Plymouth (2 of 2, total £15,000)          Part cost of the Refugee Awareness Project                               5,000
Relate - Plymouth                                          Family counselling training costs                                        4,000
Steps Up Project (2 of 2, total £8,000)                    Setting up costs                                                         3,000
Students and Refugees Together (1 of 2, total £15,000)     Cultural events and supporting workshops                                10,000
Tamerton Young Leisure Group                               Salary of a Youth Worker                                                 2,000
Youth Enquiry Service - Plymouth                           Cost of refugee and asylum 'Leisure' Project                            10,000

Churches Housing Action Team (Mid Devon) Ltd               Office rent and moving expenses                                          5,000
Honiton Ring and Ride                                      Running costs                                                            2,000
Tiverton Market Centre                                     Salary of Deputy Manager and formal evaluation                          10,000
Villages in Action                                         Costs of 'Digital Express' Project                                       2,000
Volunteer Support Agency - East Devon                      Evaluation and running costs of 'Speaking Up' courses                    2,000

Project 58                                                 Running costs                                                           15,000
South Devon Play Resource Centre                           Administrator's salary                                                   5,000
Special Toys Education Postal Service                      Salary of part-time Assistant                                            6,413

Devon - Other
Buckland Monachorum Village Hall                           New kitchen units                                                        1,000
CAB - South Hams                                           Advice session supervision                                               3,450
Cornwood and Lutton Under Fives Association                Ten folding tables and a storage trolley                                 1,000
CVS - South Hams                                           Cost of a conference for voluntary and community organisations           3,000
Dawlish Action for Youth                                   Salaries of two Youth Workers                                            5,000
Devon Community Foundation (1 of 2, total £15,000)         Salary of Development Manager                                           10,000
Devon Law Centre (1 of 2, total £15,000)                   Salary of an Asylum and Refugee Support Worker                          10,000
Dunkeswell Pre-School                                      Cost of computer and printer                                               600

                                                         Page 60 of 107
Totnes Opportunity Group                                  Core costs                                                                   1,000
Winkleigh Pre-School                                      Salary costs                                                                   530
Women's Aid - South Devon                                 Part funding for the West Devon Outreach Project                            10,000


Alleyway Charitable Trust (1 of 2, total £15,000)         Salary of a Project Worker                                                  10,000
CAB - Bournemouth                                         County Court Advice Service                                                  8,000
CAB - East Dorset                                         Salary of an Advice Session Supervisor                                      10,000
International Care Network (2 of 2, total £12,000)        Part funding the Branch Manager's salary for the Open Doors Bournemouth
                                                          Project                                                                      6,000
St Andrew's Church                                        Salaries of a full-time Youth Worker and part-time Assistant Youth Worker    3,500
Vita Nova (2 of 2, total £15,000)                         Core funding                                                                 5,000

CAB - Dorchester and District                             Two notebook computers and bespoke software                                  2,000
National Childbirth Trust - Dorset                        Training cost of a post natal leader                                         2,000

HomeStart Bournemouth & Poole                             Cost of running the service in Christchurch and East Dorset                 12,708

Shaftesbury Advice Centre                                 Running costs                                                               10,000

CAB - Sherborne & District                                Computer server, support costs and staff training                            3,400

Bridport and District CAB                                 Salary of the Money Advice Specialist                                        4,000
Island of Portland Heritage Trust                         Access and toilet facilities for people with disabilities                    1,000
Kainos Community                                          Salary of Deputy Programme Manager at The Verne Prison                      10,000
Littlemoor Community Action Group                         Salary of a part-time Neighbourhood Worker                                   2,500
Southwell Pre-School                                      Cost of rent for one term                                                      750
Westhaven Pre-School                                      Speech and language resources and training costs                               937

Dorset - Other
Axe Valley & West Dorset Ring & Ride Service Ltd          Salary of a full-time Driver                                                 5,000
Knees Up - Healthy Living for Mature People               A new heating system                                                         1,000
Millennium Young People's Advice & Information Centre     Salaries of Support and Session Workers                                     10,000

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Re Run                                                                          Salary of the Project Manager                                           10,000


Cheltenham & District Carers and Families                                       Salary of part-time Project Support Worker                               4,000
Gloucestershire Aids Trust                                                      Cost of information materials and support for newly diagnosed clients    6,000
Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project                                               Costs of evaluation                                                      5,450

Phoenix Charitable Trust                                                        Salary of Trust Manager                                                  2,000

Forest of Dean
Blakeney Under Fives                                                            Accessible toilet facilities                                             1,000
Forest of Dean CAB                                                              Refurbishment costs of the Lydney Office                                 1,850
Forest Voluntary Action Forum (3 of 3, total £15,000)                           Manager's salary                                                         3,000
Orchard Trust                                                                   Cost of a workshop for the new sensory garden                            8,000
Teens in Crisis                                                                 Cost of free Access Counselling Service                                  6,000

Abbeydale Playgroup                                                             Computer equipment                                                       1,000
Family Haven (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                            Salary of Nursery Nurse                                                 10,000
Girls Brigade - Cotswold District                                               A laptop, case and projector                                               500
Matson Neighbourhood Project                                                    Salary of the Phoenix Club Deputy Manager                                5,000
Newent Millennium Trust                                                         Core running costs of the Chillout Zone                                  4,000
Podsmead Neighbourhood Project (2 of 2, total £10,000)                          Education and Training Co-ordinator's post                               5,000
Spurgeon's Child Care (2 of 2, total £10,000)                                   Salary of the Project Manager                                            5,000

CVS Stroud & District (2 of 2, total £9,000)                                    Increasing the Development Worker's hours                                4,000

Little Foxes Playgroup                                                          Salaries of two Playleaders                                              1,000
Priors Park Neighbourhood Network                                               Salary of a part-time Project Co-ordinator                               2,500

Gloucestershire - Other
Citizen Advocacy Trust - Gloucestershire                                        Salaries and running costs                                               6,000
Gloucestershire Community Foundation (1 of 2, total £15,000)                    Salary of the Director                                                  10,000
Gloucestershire Council for Voluntary Youth Services                            Development Officer's salary                                             5,000
Gloucestershire Domestic Violence Support and Advocacy Project (1 of 2, total
£14,448)                                                                        Crisis Advocacy and Advice Service                                       7,224

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Share Young People's Counselling Service            Part funding the core costs of the organisation          4,000
Survivors of Child Abuse                            Counselling sessions for low income families             2,000


Cruse Bereavement Care Bath & District              Bereavement Evaluation Project                           3,000

Bridgwater Family Support Group                     Salary of Co-ordinator                                   1,000
East Huntspill Pre-School Learning Alliance         Roof repairs                                               500
HomeStart Sedgemoor                                 Salary of the Senior Organiser                          10,000
YMCA - Bridgwater                                   Staffing costs of the Canal Youth Project               10,000

Positive Action on Cancer                           Salary of a part-time Counsellor                         5,745

Somerset & Wessex Eating Disorders Association      Salary of a Support Worker                               5,000

Addressing Family Life Around Minehead & Exmoor     Salary of the Family Project Co-ordinator               10,000
Timberscombe Village Hall                           Accessible facilities                                    1,000
Washford Pre-School                                 A lockable cupboard                                        800
West Somerset Council for Voluntary Service         Salary of the Development Worker                        10,000

Red Room Pre-School                                 Equipment for the new pre-school                         1,000
Stratton on the Fosse Village Hall Trust            New tables                                                 770
S.W.A.L.L.O.W.                                      Extra support staff costs for one day a week             5,000

Keinton Mandeville Playing Fields                   A mower                                                  1,000
Lydford on Fosse Parish Hall                        Accessible toilet facilities                             1,000
Toybox Playgroup (Long Sutton)                      Transport and installation of a new portable building    1,000

Albemarle Centre                                    Salary of a part-time Development Officer                8,000
CAB - Taunton and District                          Recruiting and training volunteers                       9,000
Combe Florey Village Hall                           An accessible toilet                                     1,000
Crowcombe Pre-School                                Running costs                                            1,250

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HomeStart Taunton Deane (1 of 2, total £15,000)                               Cost of establishing and providing a home-visiting service into a rural village,
                                                                              and external evaluation                                                            7,500
Milverton Community Playgroup                                                 Rent costs                                                                           500
Mind in Taunton & West Somerset (2 of 2, total £10,000)                       Cost of the Minder Project                                                         5,000
Nynehead Under 5's Pre-school                                                 Staff training, mobile screens, tables and chairs                                    650

West Country Health Education and Research Enterprise                         Salary of the Chief Executive                                                      5,000

Horrington House Pre-School                                                   Running costs                                                                        600
Mendip Advocacy                                                               Core costs                                                                         3,575
Scouts - 5th & 7th Wells Group                                                Replacement windows                                                                  500
West Mendip Opportunity Group                                                 Provision of a session of education and therapy for severely disabled
                                                                              children                                                                           6,000

Pill Community Foundation                                                     Running costs of the Resource Centre                                               2,000
Preanes Green Residents' and Tenants' Association                             Volunteer training, expenses and core funding                                      3,540
Springboard Opportunity Group                                                 Salary of a Family Support Worker                                                  6,000
Women's Project - Weston Super Mare                                           Counselling costs                                                                  3,000

Able Advocacy                                                                 Salary of part-time Outreach Advocacy Support Worker                               5,000
CVS Yeovil & District (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                 Core costs                                                                         5,000

Somerset - Other
Children's Society (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                    Sessional Worker for traveller young people in Glastonbury area and
                                                                              Sessional Playworkers for sites in Somerset in year one and Sessional
                                                                              Worker in year two                                                                 5,000
Oasis Centre Cheddar Valley Pregnancy Counselling Service                     Running costs                                                                        600
Stepping Stones Community Preschool                                           Outside play area                                                                  1,000


CAB - North Wiltshire                                                         Advice Session Supervisor's salary                                                 9,950
CVS - North Wiltshire (2 of 2, total £13,000)                                 Drop-in centre for homeless people                                                 5,700
Leonard Cheshire Foundation - Chippenham                                      Staff costs                                                                        3,000
North Wilts Holiday Club for Children and Young People with Special Needs
                                                                              Salary of Assistant Supervisors                                                    1,000

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Seagry Pre-School                                                              Cost of a Supervisor Course                                               875

All Cannings Pre-school                                                        Play Leader's salary for two months and training and development costs   1,000
Refurbiz                                                                       Salary of an Electrical Engineer                                         8,628
Voluntary Action Kennet                                                        Cost of increasing Administrator's hours                                 4,938

Amber Foundation (1 of 2, total £10,000)                                       Salary of a Basic SkillsTutor                                            5,000
Kennet Friends                                                                 Transport costs                                                          2,000
Wootton Rivers Village Hall                                                    Facilities for disabled people                                           1,000

Age Concern Salisbury District                                                 Salary of Handyperson and evaluation costs                               6,000
Elizabeth House Social Centre (2 of 2, total £13,000)                          Cost of Betty's Café and the literacy skills group                       5,000
St Edmunds Arts Trust Ltd (1 of 2, total £11,000)                              A participatory programme for people with disabilities, and evaluation   5,000

Clivey Project (1 of 2, total £10,000)                                         Salaries of part-time Youth Workers                                      5,000
Family Mediation Service                                                       Salary of the Finance Manager                                            4,500
HomeStart Swindon                                                              Core funding                                                             7,126
Octobus Project (1 of 2, total £10,000)                                        Salary costs of the Sessional Workers                                    5,000
Phoenix Mailing                                                                Staff and supported employment costs                                     5,000
Swindon 10 to 18 Project (S.T.E.P.)                                            Salary costs of a Project Co-ordinator and Project Worker                7,022
Swindon Advocacy Movement                                                      Cost of increasing the hours of the Parents Worker and evaluation        5,000
Swindon African Women Association                                              A computer and furniture                                                 1,000
The Harbour Project for Swindon Refugees and Asylum Seekers (3 of 3, total
£15,000)                                                                       Part-time Worker to co-ordinate activies                                 3,000
Viscountess Barrington's Memorial Hall & Recreation Ground Trust               An induction loop                                                        1,000
Voluntary Action - Swindon (2 of 2, total £15,000)                             To establish a trustee network in Swindon                                5,000
Walcot Family Centre (1 of 2, total £7,280)                                    Child Care Workers' salaries                                             5,000

Arts Together                                                                  Evaluation and monitoring                                                3,350
Help Counselling Services                                                      Counselling supervision                                                  3,500
Relate - Mid Wiltshire                                                         Family counselling training                                              2,575
Stepping Stones                                                                Salary of Key Worker                                                     6,019
Voluntary Action West Wilts                                                    Salary of a Quality Project Development Officer                          5,750
West Wilts Portage Service                                                     Cost of funding two extra children and their families                    4,900

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Wiltshire - Other
Different Strokes - Wiltshire                                                 Cost of whole body therapy                                                          5,000
Splash - Wiltshire (3 of 3, total £15,000)                                    Part-time Administrative Co-ordinator's salary                                      4,000
Trident Club                                                                  Running costs                                                                       2,000
Whitley Reading Rooms                                                         Cost of new kitchen                                                                 1,000
Wiltshire Charities Information Bureau (2 of 2, total £15,000)                Core costs                                                                          5,000


Prince's Trust (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                        Cost of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project in the South West, and
                                                                              independent evaluation                                                            10,000
SAVAGE (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                                Salary of South West Development Officer                                            5,000


Black Development Agency Ltd                                                  Salary and on costs of an Administrator for the Black South West Network
                                                                              (BSWN) to support the network during the development of the BSWN
                                                                              collaborative programme to enable BSWN to be sufficiently connected to
                                                                              mainstream infrastructure provision. Collaborative partners are: Council for
                                                                              Ethnic Minority Organisations, Linking Communities, Barton and Treadworth
                                                                              Development Trust, regional Citizen Advice Bureaux, South West Acre
                                                                              Network, South West Regional Development Agency and South West
                                                                              Forum.                                                                            29,000
North Somerset Local Volunteer Development Agency (1 of 2, total £54,536)     Salary of the Development Worker, on-costs, line management costs and
                                                                              evaluation-costs to develop a co-ordinated network of services.
                                                                              Organisations involved are the CAB, Community Action, North Somerset
                                                                              Council Community Development Team, Community Group Forum, Local
                                                                              Agenda 21 network, LALINS and the North Somerset Fund.                            26,782
Routeways Centre Limited (3 of 3, total £90,000)                              Salary of Co-ordinator for the asylum seekers and refugee service in
                                                                              Plymouth to provide co-ordinated services from charitable and statutory
                                                                              service providers                                                                 30,000
Wiltshire Charities Information Bureau (3 of 3, total £30,000)                Funders mapping exercise for the South West Region and three years' core
                                                                              costs for the Regional Funders Forum                                                5,000

                                                                                                                                      237 grants totalling   £1,197,954

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LOCATION/CHARITY                                                             WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                      £

Association For Real Change                                                  Healthy Lifestyles Pliot Project in Anglesey                                    15,000
Ynys Mon (Anglesey) Riding for the Disabled Association                      Insurance costs for 12 months                                                      634

Blaenau Gwent
Blaenau Gwent (Abertillery) Community Association (2 of 2, total £7,464)     Salary of part-time Caretaker                                                    2,488
Blaenau Gwent CAB                                                            Salary of a part-time Administration Worker/Receptionist                         6,474
Crafts For Everyone                                                          Salary of Project Manager and Development Worker, working specifically
                                                                             with clients with mental health problems                                         4,177

Bridgend Samaritans                                                          Training and volunteer costs                                                     3,000
Cylch Meithrin Pencoed                                                       Salary of a Helper                                                               2,000
Every Link Counts                                                            Salary costs of the Volunteer Co-ordinator and towards volunteer expenses
                                                                             and training                                                                     8,876
Friends of Blaengarw                                                         Running costs of the Time Centre Project                                        10,000
KPC Youth                                                                    Part funding the post of Project Manager                                        10,000

HomeStart Cwm Rhymni                                                         Salary of a part-time Family Group Worker                                        8,279
YMCA - Bargoed                                                               Core funding                                                                     6,580

Advocacy Matters (Wales)                                                     Cost of production and distribution of newsletter and annual report, plus the
                                                                             purchase of a digital camera                                                     2,946
Alzheimer's Society - Cardiff & Vale Branch                                  Salary of a Development Officer for services for people (under 65) with
                                                                             dementia                                                                         9,653
Bangladeshi Women's Group                                                    Rental and administrative costs                                                  9,998
Cardiff and District Samaritans                                              Purchase, installation and running costs of a new telephone system               5,400
Crime Concern Trust Ltd (2 of 2, total £15,000)                              Salary and on costs of a Family Support Worker based at Llanrumney YIP           5,000
Dasmais Singh Saba Gurdwara Bhatra                                           Tables and chairs for the Luncheon Club and for wider community use              8,370
George Thomas Hospice Care                                                   Salary of a full-time Social Worker, part of the Multi Disciplinary Care and
                                                                             Support Team                                                                    15,000
Hindu Cultural Association (Wales)                                           Accessible toilet facilities within the centre                                   3,000
Innovate Trust (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                       Salary of a Co-ordinator to run the Social Enterprise Café Projects              5,000
Menter Caerdydd                                                              Running costs of the Special Needs Youth Club                                    4,821

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Rainbow Charity Workshop                             A part-time Co-ordinator and Tutor costs                                           5,600
Safer Cardiff Ltd                                    Funding the Administration Team Leader post                                       21,450
Young Women's Charitable Trust                       Series of sessions/workshops on diet and nutrition                                 3,500

Beacon of Hope - Ffagl Gobaith                       Training for staff, volunteers and beneficiaries and travel costs for staff and
                                                     volunteers                                                                         9,500
Canolfan Glannau Teifi MS Therapy Centre             Equipment and the services of a Physiotherapist                                    5,000
Comins Coch Playgroup                                Staff costs                                                                        1,000
Cyngor Henoed Ceredigion Age Concern                 Rental costs of the new premises                                                   6,750
Cynllun Chwarae Aberteifi                            Salary costs of a Part-Time Supervisor for the Toy Library Service                 3,432
Mentro Lluest                                        Salary of a Volunteer Co-ordinator, volunteer expenses and equipment               3,960
Prosiect Dyslecsia Cymru                             Production costs for establishing an e-learning course for adults concerned
                                                     with the education and welfare of children or any individual with dyslexia         4,500

Breakthro' Cefn Sidan
                                                     Subsidies and travelling expenses for voluntary carers plus insurance costs        2,250
Carmarthen Women's Aid (1 of 2, total £15,000)       Salary of a Co-ordinator                                                          10,000
Carmarthen Youth Project
                                                     Health & Well Being Information Project, including elements of core funding        7,200
Carmarthenshire Youth and Children's Association     Salary and on costs of a part-time Information, Guidance and Funding
                                                     Officer working within the Emotional Health & Well Being Programme                12,000
Chooselife Cymru (1 of 2, total £15,000)             Salary of an Assistant Project Worker                                             10,000
Llanybydder Family Centre                            Salary and on costs of a part-time Playworker                                      8,811
Lynx Workshops (3 of 3, total £23,944)               Salary of an IT Tutor to provide computer training for people with mental
                                                     health problems                                                                    5,903
Neuadd Y Ddraig Goch                                 Tables and chairs                                                                  3,000
Pontyates Welfare Association                        Salary of a part-time Centre Manager                                               4,000
St Paul's Family Centre (1 of 2, total £9,151)       Salary and on costs of a Children's Club Worker                                    6,101
West Wales Action for Mental Health                  Salary costs of the IT Development Worker                                          9,000

Conwy Community Transport                            Salary of a Driver for Accessible Vehicles                                         7,500
Conwy Crossroads                                     Additional care hours                                                              5,000
Cruse Bereavement Care - Conwy & Denbighshire        Salary of the North Wales Development Officer's post                               7,000
MASE - The Music and Sound Experience                Salary of the Active Partnership Development Worker Post                          10,000
Methodist Homes For The Aged                         Part funding the purchase of a mini-bus                                            2,000
Myasthenia Gravis Association                        Developing a support group network in North Wales with a focus on
                                                     increasing membership and establishing another support group                       2,500

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North Wales Victim Support                               Salary of a part-time Administrative Assistant and associated costs for
                                                         Conwy Victim Support                                                              6,210
Touchstones 12 (1 of 2, total £15,000)                   Part funding the salary and on costs of a House Manager                          10,000

Benefit Advice Shop                                      Increasing the hours of a Welfare Rights Officer                                  7,488
Boys & Girls Clubs of Wales (1 of 2, total £15,000)      Salary of North Wales Programme Development Officer                              10,000
Colwyn Link Magazine For The Blind Association           Running costs of the studio                                                         500
St Vincent De Paul Society                               Running costs of the furniture recycling service in Rhyl                          5,000
Women's Aid Glyndwr                                      Salary and on costs of a Refuge Worker                                           10,000

DAFFODILS                                                Running costs of holiday workshops, excursions and drop-ins                       6,817
Deeside Club for the Blind                               Transport for members                                                             2,340
Flintshire Mental Health Advocacy Services               Salary of a part-time Office Administrator                                       11,368
Welsh Wheelchair Curlers                                 Purchase of a sports wheelchair, spare wheels and extension cues                  2,020
Youth Action Flintshire                                  Salary and on costs of a Volunteer Development Worker                             9,500

Antur Waunfawr                                           Tools, equipment and personal protection equipment for the new "Green"
                                                         building                                                                          8,841
Bangor & District Women's Aid                            Salary of a part-time Unpaid Workers Co-ordinator                                 7,521
Cyfeillion yr Hen Ysgol                                  Kitchen goods and crockery                                                        3,000
Dawns Gwynedd                                            Taster sessions for disabled/disadvantged people at a Dance Celebration
                                                         Festival                                                                          1,463
GISDA                                                    Salary costs of a Project Tutor for the Pave The Way Learning Programme           9,828
Gwasanaeth Cynnal Gofalwyr - Carers Outreach Service     Salary and associated costs of a Consultation Officer                            12,500
Mantell Gwynedd (1 of 2, total £15,000)                  Salary of a Training Development Officer together with the costs relating to a
                                                         series of training and information sessions                                      10,000
Mental Health Advocacy Scheme                            Salary of a part-time Administrator                                              11,252
Samaritans of Bangor and Gwynedd                         General running costs                                                             3,000
Tan y Maen Ltd                                           Salary of the Centre Co-ordinator, Volunteer Co-ordinator, Administrator and
                                                         Caretaker                                                                         9,983

3G's Development Trust                                   A series of community activities in 2005, to include Summer educational
                                                         trips, Summer play activities, Summer Fun day Event and Roundabout
                                                         Development - Arts Project                                                        8,000
Dowlais Community Development Forum                      Salary costs of a part-time Youth Officer at the Trax Project                     6,000
HomeStart Merthyr Tydfil (2 of 2, total £9,000)          Volunteer costs, including recruitment, training and expenses, and purchase
                                                         of equipment                                                                      3,000

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Merthyr & The Valleys Mind                                           Rental costs for 6 months, a new telephone system, utility costs, setting up a
                                                                     new internal accounting system and management costs                               8,400
Merthyr Tydfil Children's Contact Centre (1 of 2, total £12,050)     Salary of a part-time Co-ordinator                                                8,050
Tarian Merthyr Women's Aid (1 of 2, total £10,683)                   Salary of a part-time Finance and Administrative Assistant                        7,122
Willows Centre Troedyrhiw                                            Salary and on costs of a Youth Development Officer                               10,000

Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations                         Salary of Older People's Volunteer Development Officer                            6,885
Roger Edwards Almshouses Charity                                     Accessible bathrooom and kitchen facilities                                       2,000
Theatr Ffynnon                                                       Salary and on-costs of an Administrator/Development Officer                       6,305

Neath & Port Talbot
CAB Port Talbot                                                      Core funding                                                                      2,311
Neath Port Talbot Community Transport (1 of 2, total £15,423)        Salary of a part-time driver over two years                                      10,482
Neath Women's Aid                                                    Salary and on costs of a Finance Administration Worker                           10,000
New Sandfields Sustainable Regeneration (NSSR)                       Furniture and office equipment for the Local Action Centre                        5,894
Special Needs Activity Club (1 of 2, total £13,398)                  Salary of Development Officer Post                                                8,932
View (Dove) Ltd                                                      Salary of a Project Worker to manage the Community Garden Project                 9,253
VIEW Ltd - Neath                                                     Salary of the Arts & Culture Co-ordinator                                         8,172
Ystalyfera Development Trust (2 of 2, total £13,847)                 Part-funding salary and on costs of a Project Development Manager                 4,421

Charter Housing Association (2 of 2, total £12,360)                  Cost of Volunteer to Professional Project                                         4,120
Mind - Newport                                                       Salary costs of a male Outreach Worker to work with men who use Urdu
                                                                     Punjabi and Bengali as their preferred language                                  10,000
Newport Chinese Community Centre                                     English classes, refreshments and administration                                  5,592
Newport Women's Aid                                                  Running costs of The Freedom Programme                                            4,750
South East Wales Racial Equality Council                             Updating the existing IT infrastructure to include new hardware, software
                                                                     and networking facilities                                                         7,533

Age Concern Pembrokeshire                                            Salary of a Volunteer Support Worker                                             10,015
CAB - Pembroke & District                                            New telephone system                                                              2,461
Connect for Disability Rights Advice                                 Workshops looking at Community Care                                               4,999
Fishguard & Goodwick Young Persons Trust Ltd                         Additional hours for the Youth Development Worker post                            5,800
Solva Memorial Hall                                                  Stair lift                                                                        3,049
Span Arts Ltd                                                        Funding drama and film workshops for adults with learning difficulties            5,000
St Johns Community Hall Management Committee                         Folding tables and a notice board for the community hall                          1,680

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Alzheimer's Society - Montgomeryshire Branch (1 of 2, total £10,578)     Salary of part-time Branch Service Co-ordinator, to provide a Befriending
                                                                         Service                                                                        7,052
Brecon Advice Centre                                                     Salary of a part-time Centre Co-ordinator                                      5,000
Brecon International Festival of Jazz                                    The Celf O Gwmpas Project                                                      4,400
Cantorion Llandrindod                                                    Portable keyboard                                                              1,000
Cruse Bereavement Care                                                   Administrative costs and a contribution for volunteer expenses                 3,200
Cyngor ar Bopeth Powys Citizens Advice Bureau                            Salary of a part-time Peripatetic Generalist Advisor in Powys                 10,500
Masquerade - Llanfyllin Integrated Drama                                 Salaries of two part-time Co-ordinators                                        9,996
Montgomeryshire Crossroads (1 of 2, total £11,250)                       Additional care hours                                                          7,500
Ponthafren Association                                                   Salary of part-time Administrator                                              5,000
Swansea and Brecon Diocesan Board for Social Responsibility              Salary and on costs of a Family Outreach Worker                               10,000
Triangle Group                                                           Part funding the Active Lifestyles Project                                     5,758

Rhondda Cynon Taff
Blaenllechau Community Regeneration                                      Arts Development Programme                                                     4,133
Bryncynon Community Revival Strategy Ltd                                 Salary of a full-time Youth Worker                                            10,000
Community Mediation Services RCT                                         Salary costs of an Officer supporting the Neighbourhood Mediation Officer
                                                                         working directly with BME communities                                          4,821
Cwmaman Public Hall and Institute                                        Equipment for the Healthy Living Awareness Centre and the Volunteering
                                                                         Futures Programme                                                              9,735
Cylch Meithrin Treherbert                                                Support staff costs                                                            1,000
Diabetes UK - Pontypridd & District Voluntary Group                      Annual running costs                                                             500
Llanharan Community Development Project Ltd                              Core running costs (lighting/heating, telephone/IT, postage and stationery)    5,800
Menter Iaith Rhondda Cynon Taff                                          Staff costs to run Summer Playschemes in four separate areas within
                                                                         Rhondda Cynon Taff                                                             6,000
Mid Glamorgan Council On Alcoholism                                      Purchase of furniture and equipment for the centre, priority given to the
                                                                         purchase of furniture within clients' bedrooms                                10,000
Pontypridd Children's Contact Centre                                     Volunteer recruitment, training and expenses plus administration-costs         2,300
YMCA - Mountain Ash                                                      Salary of a part-time Financial Administrator                                  5,000

Age Concern Swansea (1 of 2, total £15,000)                              Salary costs relating to running the City Centre Luncheon Club                10,000
Aids Trust Cymru                                                         Post of a General Administrator                                                8,697
Christians Against Poverty (1 of 2, total £7,500)                        Salary costs of a part-time Debt Counselling Manager in Swansea                5,000
Cilybebyll PCC                                                           Purchase and installation of a kitchen within the new community building       5,000
Cycling Projects (Incorporating Cycling Project for the North West)      Setting up costs for the "Wheels For All" Scheme in Swansea, a cycling
                                                                         programme for people of all ages with disabilities and differing needs         6,215
Fairbridge Cymru                                                         Equipment for the access and follow on programme at the new South West
                                                                         Wales Centre based in Swansea                                                  5,000

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Lliw Valley Women's Aid (1 of 2, total £15,000)              Part-funding the salaries of two Child Workers                                 10,000
Longfields Association (1 of 2, total £15,000)               Salary of a part-time Hydrotherapy Pool Assistant Manager                      10,000
Morriston and District Pensioners' Association               Cost of attending the Christmas Pantomime and running costs                       820
South Wales MS Therapy Centre                                Physiotherapy costs                                                             5,000
South West Wales Family and Friends of Prisoners             General office costs and training costs                                         2,000
Spark Blaenymaes Ltd                                         Salaries of two part-time Nursery Assistants                                    9,984
Swansea Carers Centre                                        Transport costs in order to provide respite breaks for carers of
                                                             mentally/physically frail individuals                                           5,000
Swansea Chinese Community Co-op Centre                       2005 Chinese New Year Cultural Awareness Event                                  4,000
Swansea Council for Voluntary Service                        Cost of the South Wales Volunteering Forum Conference 2006                      5,170
Swansea Multicultural Women's Resource & Training Centre     Salary and on costs of a Development Worker, supporting the Consultation
                                                             and Inclusion Programme                                                         5,298

Gwent Association for the Blind
                                                             Five computers and a software licence for the new computer training facility    8,243
Monmouthshire Spastics Society                               General running costs                                                           2,000
Torfaen Voluntary Alliance                                   Running a National Play Day                                                     4,450
Welsh WTF Taekwondo Association                              Equipment costs - specifically targetting disaffected young people and
                                                             children with disabilities                                                      2,000

Vale of Glamorgan
Gibbonsdown Children's Centre                                Salary of a Community Development Officer                                      10,000
MIND Vale of Glamorgan                                       Equipment for the Catering in Mind Project, based at the Café Gallery           4,969
Penarth Youth Project (3 of 3, total £10,860)                Salary of a part-time Admin Assistant within the Info Shop                      3,620
Wick & District Playgroup                                    Salary costs of a SENCO Support Teacher                                         1,020

Caia Park Partnership Ltd (1 of 2, total £15,000)            Running costs of the Enable Project, to specifically support people who have
                                                             mental health issues, substance misuse or dual diagnosis problems              10,000
Church of the Nazarene - Wrexham                             Refurbishment costs of the kitchen for use by the Luncheon Club                 3,800
Groundwork Wrexham                                           Training and Volunteer costs for the `Roots for Healthy Hearts` Project         4,200
Offa Playschemes Association                                 Salaries of four Play Workers                                                   9,645
Venture                                                      Running costs of four community based football teams                            5,000
Wrexham Disability Forum Ltd                                 Salary of Administration Assistant                                              6,668
Wrexham Homework Clubs                                       Salary costs relating to running five transitional homework clubs               7,500
Wrexham Women's Aid                                          Part funding the salary costs of Drop In Workers                               11,610

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Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus                     Salary costs of a South Wales Community Advisor                                   7,080
Bobath Children's Therapy Centre Wales (1 of 2, total £17,500)     Salary costs of a Bobath Therapist                                               10,000
Communities That Care                                              Core funding the Wales Office                                                     9,069
Community Foundation in Wales (1 of 2, total £15,000)              Salary and on-costs of Donor Development Officers                                10,000
Cruse Bereavement Care Cymru                                       Rent and refurbishment costs relating to the move to the new office
                                                                   accommodation                                                                     6,500
Diabetes UK Cymru                                                  Cost of Diabetes Education Programme for Somali people in South Wales,
                                                                   using the Somali community's own story-telling tradition                          9,500
Dragons Rugby Trust                                                The new Inclusion National Programme                                             10,000
Epilepsy Bereaved                                                  Salary of an Outreach Family Support Worker in Wales                             10,000
Forest Schools Wales                                               Salary of an Information & Development Co-ordinator                              12,577
Gofal Cymru                                                        Salary and on costs of a part-time Co-ordinator for the Befriending Service      16,000
KeyRing - Living Support Networks                                  Costs relating to the Member Involvement Programme in Wales                       4,695
NACRO - Cymru                                                      Resettlement Programme in Wales                                                  10,000
National Museums & Galleries of Wales                              Salary of an Administration Officer for the On Common Ground Initiative          10,000
Prince's Trust - Cymru (3 of 3, total £60,000)                     Project Manager's salary and on costs associated with the Leaving Care
                                                                   Mentoring Project                                                                10,000
Re-Solv                                                            Production and distribution of 5,000 `Solvent Information for Parents`
                                                                   leaflets and their translation into Welsh                                         5,000
Shared Care Network                                                Salary of Wales Development Officer Post                                         10,000
Third Age Trust                                                    Expansion of the U3A network across Wales                                         3,240
Wales Council for Deaf People                                      The All Wales Conference on Education Providers                                   5,770
Wales Council for the Blind                                        Salary and on costs of a Communications Officer                                   4,500
Wales Young Farmers Clubs (1 of 2, total £22,500)                  Salary of a Training & Promotions Officer with a particular emphasis on
                                                                   developing work with disadvantaged and disabled young people                     15,000
Young Enterprise Wales (2 of 2, total £15,000)                     Running costs of the Team Enterprise Programme across Wales                       5,000


Cymdeithas Tai Eryri                                               Cost of feasibility study for an integrated food/rural regeneration project in
                                                                   conjunction with Trigonos (education centre), Llysiau Lleu (residents from
                                                                   Talysarn and Nantlle) and Menter Llanllyfni (local enterprise)                    5,000
National Federation of Women's Institutes - Wales                  The "Women Making A Difference" Project - with a focus on supporting
                                                                   women who are marginalised and socially excluded; in conjunction with the
                                                                   Wales Women's National Coalition (WWNC) and Oxfam GB's UK Poverty
                                                                   Programme                                                                        40,000

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People and Work Unit (3 of 3, total £23,949)     Part funding the development of the 'Build It Project', a partnership approach
                                                 to developing a model of training for disadvantaged young people, in
                                                 collaboration with the Rank Foundation, four development trusts and two
                                                 housing associations.                                                               11,686
Safer Cardiff Ltd (2 of 2, total £37,500)        Cost of Restart Bus Project, a multi-agency approach targetting young
                                                 people at risk of offending and social exclusion                                    12,500
Valleys Kids                                     Part-funding salary of Researcher working on the Well Being Initiative, in
                                                 conjunction with the University of Glamorgan (programme for community
                                                 regeneration)                                                                         5,500

                                                                                                          181 grants totalling    £1,251,731

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LOCATION/CHARITY                                                WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                       £


Bromsgrove Youth Homelessness Forum (1 of 2, total £14,000)     Core costs                                                                        8,000

Age Concern - Hereford (City & Rural)                           A DIY/Handyman's salary and advertising costs                                     9,000
Marches Family Network                                          Salary of Home Visitor                                                           10,000

Horizon After School Club                                       Playworker's salary                                                               2,000
Mind - Wyre Forest                                              A part-time Advice and Administration Assistant's salary and core costs
                                                                (rent, utilities, telephone, postage and stationery)                              4,980

Ledbury Evesham
CVS - Ledbury & District                                        Project Worker's salary                                                           5,000

Shopmobility - North Herefordshire                              Shopmobility Co-ordinator's salary                                                5,000

CAB - Malvern Hills & District                                  Core costs of the outreach service at Tenbury Wells (rent, training and travel
                                                                expenses)                                                                         3,000
HomeStart Malvern Hills                                         Part-time Administrator's salary                                                  7,421

Redditch Nightstop                                              Floating Support Worker's salary                                                  6,000
Redditch Play Council                                           Start up staffing costs of a crèche                                               5,000

Ross on Wye
Age Concern - Ross on Wye & District                            Development Officer's salary and core costs                                       8,000
Jumpstart Kidz Ltd                                              Core costs (salaries, rent, transport, telephone, stationery and volunteer
                                                                expenses)                                                                         5,000

Fire Services National Youth Training Scheme                    Kayaking equipment and training for instructors                                   3,000

                                                              Page 75 of 107
Live at Home Scheme - West Worcester                       Core costs (additional staff hours, travel expenses, training, networking,
                                                           administration and advertising)                                                  5,000
Maggs Day Centre                                           A part-time Support Worker's salary and on-costs                                 5,000
Mercia Inshore Search and Rescue                           A specialist flood boat, engine and trailer                                      1,000

Hereford/Worcester - Other
Alzheimer's Society - Herefordshire                        Part-time Carer Support and Outreach Worker's salary                             5,000
Lifebuoy Charitable Trust                                  Furniture costs                                                                 10,000
Mentor Link                                                Salaries of Chief Executive and Appointment Administrator, Anger
                                                           Management Course, expenses and administration costs                             5,000
Pinvin Community Pre-school                                Toys for the pre school                                                            500
Relate - Worcestershire                                    Training for Counsellors in prison and domestic violence work                   10,000
Worcester Aids Foundation                                  Costs of the 'Stand Up HIV' project (production of Z-Cards, design materials,
                                                           laminated prints, travel, distribution and display boards)                       3,000
Worcestershire Lifestyles                                  Lifetech Recycling project                                                       3,000
Workmatch Ltd                                              Salary of the Benefits Advisor                                                   8,372


HomeStart - South Shropshire & Bridgnorth Districts        Core costs of the Family Group sessions                                          6,000

Cockshutt Community Playgroup                              Printer, laminator, guillotine, shredder and laminating pouches                   500

Darwin Community Association
                                                           Replacing kitchen units, catering and washing up facilities and redecorating     2,500
DIAL - Shropshire Telford & Wrekin Disability Services     Salary of a Deputy Volunteer Supervisor                                          6,000
Take and Play Toy Lending Library                          A computer, printer and software                                                 1,400
Wem Scouts & Guides Headquarters Management Committee      Core costs                                                                         500

Boys Brigade - 1st Ketley Company                          A projector                                                                       500
Breathe Easy - Telford & Wrekin                            Cost of a monthly newsletter, publicity and advertising costs                     800
CAB - Telford & The Wrekin                                 Salary costs of a Project Officer, additional IT equipment, volunteers'
                                                           expenses, training costs and publicity                                           9,800
Green Wood Trust                                           Part-time Volunteer Supervisor's salary                                          5,000
Much Wenlock Pre-School Group                              Computer equipment for the children                                                500
STAY - Telford Christian Council Supported Housing         Part-time Family Support Worker's salary                                         4,000

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Shropshire - Other
Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company                                        Part-time Project Outreach Worker's salary                                       4,000
Crossroads Caring for Carers - Shropshire                           Training costs                                                                   2,300
Disability Arts in Shropshire                                       Core costs of the Inclusive Carnival (staffing and materials)                    3,000
Pre-School Learning Alliance - Shropshire                           Toddler Group Support and Development Project                                    6,000
Relate - Shropshire & Herefordshire                                 Training Manager and Administrative Assistant's salaries                        10,000
Shropshire Children's Scrapstore Resources & Recycling Centre       Salary costs of a part-time Counter/Customer Service Assistant                   6,000
South Shropshire Furniture Scheme                                   Carpenter, tools, volunteer expenses and training costs                          9,000
TRANS - Shropshire                                                  Core costs (rent, stationery, postage, telephone, internet, advertising and
                                                                    volunteer expenses)                                                              7,150
Walled Garden Project (Horticulture and Rural Studies Centre)       Salary costs of a Horticulture Educator/Therapist                               10,000
Young Minds and Mentors
                                                                    Purchasing a coach and refitting it as a mobile community activity centre        5,000


Burton on Trent
All Saints' with Christchurch                                       A cooker, freezer and microwave                                                  1,500
Burton upon Trent Caribbean Association (2 of 2, total £14,900)     Youth Leaders' salaries, outings and equipment                                   5,000
Burton Youth for Christ                                             Team training and personal development courses for staff and volunteers          6,000
CAB - South Derbyshire                                              Cost of running an advice service in Winshill (salaries, line management and
                                                                    overheads)                                                                       6,000
Queen Street Community Centre                                       Crockery, cutlery, glassware and catering equipment                              3,000
Racial Equality Council - East Staffordshire                        Support activities for the Jigsaw Mentoring Partnership Project                 14,750

Chase PAIRs - Domestic Violence Forum (3 of 3, total £24,000)       Salary of Administrative Assistant                                               6,000

CVS - Lichfield & District                                          A part-time Volunteering Officer's salary                                        8,000
Extra Care Charitable Trust                                         Furniture and equipment for the Snoezelen                                        3,000
Live at Home Scheme - Lichfield (1 of 2, total £18,000)             Part-time Assistant Co-ordinator's salary, consultation meetings and training
                                                                    costs                                                                           10,000
Road Peace                                                          Core costs (administration, travel, advertising, training and rent)              1,487

Newcastle under Lyme
North Staffs Special Adventure Playground                           A 'Dutch Disc'                                                                   6,000
Parish of St Luke the Evangelist                                    Refurbishment of the kitchen                                                     3,000
Salvation Army (2 of 2, total £15,000)                              Office Assistant's salary                                                        5,000
Stoke on Trent & North Staffordshire Theatre Trust                  Captioned performances                                                           5,000

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2nd Penkridge Guides                                           Tents                                                                            720
Bethany Trust                                                  Staff training                                                                 9,464
Boys' Brigade - 4th Stafford                                   Minibus hire, hall fees and a visit to the Aquarium                              350
Community Council of Staffordshire (1 of 2, total £15,000)     Quality Management Project                                                    10,000
Derrington Pre-school Playgroup                                Toys and equipment                                                               500
Scout Group - 21st West Stafford                               A box trailer                                                                    500
Stafford and District Access Group                             Computer and core costs (telephone, travel expenses and stationery)            2,000
Stafford Furniture Exchange                                    Cost of a van                                                                  5,000

Stoke on Trent
Cornerstone Project                                            Project Worker's salary                                                        9,350
North Staffordshire African Caribbean Association
                                                               Project Development Officer and Administrative Support Worker's salaries       8,000
Voluntary Action - Stoke on Trent (1 of 2, total £25,000)      Part-time Funding Officer's salary                                            15,000
Werrington Pre-School                                          Salaries and operating costs                                                     500

Bancroft (Tamworth) Community Association                      Salary of an IT Tutor                                                          5,800
Barnardos (1 of 2, total £15,000)                              Salary costs of a Child and Family Practitioner for the Substance Misuse
                                                               Project in Tamworth                                                           10,000
Christians Against Poverty                                     Tamworth Case Worker's salary                                                  5,641
CVS - Tamworth (3 of 3, total £30,000)                         Office Co-ordinator's salary                                                  10,000
Elford Village Hall                                            Tables and chairs                                                              3,000
Funkyds                                                        Core costs (salaries)                                                         15,000
Hanbury Farm Pre-School                                        Toys and equipment                                                             2,000
Sea Cadets - Tamworth & Lichfield                              Protective transit covers and a box trailer                                    2,300
Tamworth Cornerstone Housing Association                       Salary of Catering Assistant                                                   6,600

Staffordshire - Other
Age Concern - South Staffordshire                              Caring Wheels Co-ordinator's salary                                           10,000
Age Concern - Stone and District                               Salary of Lunch Club/Coffee Morning Co-ordinator and first aid training for
                                                               volunteers                                                                     3,200
Bank House Day Centre for the Elderly                          Refurbishment of the kitchen                                                   5,000
Be Together Ltd                                                Venue hire and consumable resources for the themed workshops                   1,250
Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation                      A Development Worker's salary and on-costs                                     9,500
Sexual Abuse and Rape Advice Centre                            Salary of the Project Manager                                                  5,000
Staffordshire Buddies                                          Salary of a HIV Services Worker                                                7,505
Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services              Office consumables and equipment                                               2,000
Syndromes Without A Name
                                                               Upgrading the website and producing literature in eight different languages    3,000

                                                             Page 78 of 107

Bedworth Heath Community Centre Ltd                             Centre Administrator's salary                                              5,000
Furnace Fields Parents Centre                                   Development Worker's salary, training courses and administration costs     5,000

Leamington Spa
Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick                             Administration/Information Assistant's salary and training costs           5,000
Young Housing Project                                           Private Tenancy Worker's salary                                            6,000

CVS - Nuneaton & Bedworth                                       Funding Officer's salary                                                  10,000
HomeStart - North East Warwickshire                             Part-time Childcare Worker's salary and on-costs                           5,000
Nuneaton Club for Young People (inc Nuneaton Boys Club) Ltd     Salary of Club Leader/Development Manager                                  5,000
Nuneaton Women's Multicultural Resource Centre                  Community Development/Enterprise Worker's salary                          10,000
St Mary & St John Parochial Church Council                      Salary of Community Development Worker                                     5,000

Bradby Club                                                     Counselling sessions                                                       3,000
Relate - Rugby & North East Warwickshire                        Salary of Family Counsellor and the cost of leaflets for two workshops     8,605

Stratford upon Avon
Ettington Pre-School                                            Equipment                                                                  1,000

Warwick Percy Estate Community Projects Ltd                     Core costs of the Older Adults Project                                     3,000

Warwickshire - Other
Alcester Guide and Scout Headquarters                           Tables                                                                     1,000
Greig Centre                                                    Sports equipment                                                           1,000
Heart of England Community Foundation                           Administrator's salary                                                     6,000
Mayday Trust                                                    Recruitment and part-time salary of a Sessional Worker and recreational
                                                                equipment                                                                  6,000
Prince's Trust (Coventry and Warwickshire Area)                 Cost of the 'Team Programme'                                               6,000
Warwickshire Clubs for Young People                             Cost of a Residential Personal Development Programme and
                                                                Canoe/kayaking Project                                                     5,000

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African Caribbean Millennium Centre                                 Part-time Senior Citizens Support Worker's salary and rent                   4,000
Age Concern - Weoley Castle                                         Additional hours for the Information Officer's salary                        3,000
Arab Welfare & Community Centre                                     Volunteer expenses, office equipment, venue hire, publicity and marketing
                                                                    costs                                                                        5,000
Birmingham City Mission                                             Resource Centre Manager's salary                                             5,000
Birmingham Focus on Blindness                                       Support Worker's salary for the Achievability Project                        6,000
Birmingham Irish Community Forum Ltd                                photocopier                                                                  5,000
Birmingham PHAB Camps                                               PHAB camp holidays taken in England for children from the West Midlands
                                                                    region                                                                       2,000
Birmingham Phobic Fellowship                                        Core funding                                                                 4,000
Birmingham Victory Unity Centre                                     Providing a tailored training package for staff and volunteers               6,000
Brandwood Community Centre                                          Part-time Cleaner/Caretaker and Receptionist's salaries                      5,000
Central Asylum Seekers & Refugee Housing Support Services Trust     Core funding                                                                 5,000
Community Resource Information Service Trust                        Training equipment and transport costs                                       6,000
Crossroads Caring for Carers Ltd - Solihull and East Birmingham     Additional care hours                                                        9,600
Deep Impact Theatre Company                                         Costs of 'The Exit' (Director, hire of theatre in Birmingham and actors)     3,300
Depaul Trust (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                Learning & Support Facilitator's salary and on costs                        10,000
Dyslexia Association - Birmingham                                   Core costs (telephone, marketing, utilities, rent and postage)               3,000
E R Mason Youth Foundation                                          Core costs (cleaning, repairs, utilities and insurance)                      5,000
Education Development & Advisory Services Foundation                Home Visit Service (advice costs, travel expenses, telephone and
                                                                    administration)                                                              8,011
Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities               Regional Executive's salary and travel costs                                 7,000
Fireside Day Centre (2 of 2, total £15,000)                         Deputy Director's salary                                                     5,000
Free@Last                                                           Two Specialised Workers for the Supporting Dads Programme                    6,000
Groundwork Birmingham and Solihull (1 of 2, total £11,800)          Cost of the Community Energy Support Programme                               7,800
Halow - Birmingham                                                  Salaries of the Finance Manager, Quality Manager, Personnel Manager and
                                                                    Regional Manager                                                            10,000
HomeStart Northfield                                                Salary of Co-ordinator                                                       5,000
HomeStart Winson Green & Handsworth (1 of 2, total £15,000)         Salary of Community Development Officer                                     10,000
Jericho Community Project                                           Running the Drop-In Advice Service for the un-employed for an additional
                                                                    day a week                                                                   5,978
Kashmiri and Pakistani Professionals Association                    Rent                                                                         3,000
Kingshurst Evangelical Church Community Care Centre                 55 chairs for the Community Care Centre                                      2,804
Law, Leisure and Learning                                           Salary of a Project Development Worker                                      10,000
National Childbirth Trust - Birmingham Central                      Training costs of two Antenatal Teachers                                     3,000
Saheli Women's Group                                                Part-time Community Outreach Worker's salary                                10,000

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Somali Community and Family Support Association                      Salary of the Project Officer and core costs                                  13,459
South Sudanese East Bank Community Association                       Volunteer expenses, premises hire, children's activities and play scheme
                                                                     equipment                                                                      2,500
St Boniface Church                                                   Haven Centre Manager's salary                                                  5,000
St Mary & St Ambrose Church                                          Cost of equipment for the playgroup and activities, staff costs, excursions
                                                                     and core costs                                                                 5,000
St Matthew's Church                                                  Core costs of the Summer Playscheme (entertainment)                            1,000
Stonehouse Gang                                                      Salary of a Youth Worker                                                       3,000
Summerfield Foundation                                               Part-time Administrator's salary and on-costs                                 10,000
Victim Support - West Midlands (South West Birmingham Branch)        Rent, telephone costs and volunteers' training                                 5,000
Western Sudan Development Agency                                     Running costs and volunteers' expenses                                         9,100
Woodview Community Association                                       Core funding                                                                   5,000
Xceed Xpectations                                                    Rent costs                                                                     7,000

Age Concern (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                  Volunteer Development Officer's salary and on costs                           10,000
Coundon Care Centre Charity                                          Core costs (day centre and volunteer expenses)                                 5,000
Coventry City Farm (1 of 2, total £15,000)                           Salary of Farm Manager                                                        10,000
Coventry City Mission                                                Salaries of a Driver and Warehouseman                                         15,000
Coventry Day Centre for the Homeless Ltd                             Salary of Mental Heath Liaison Worker                                          5,000
Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (1 of 2, total £15,000)        Volunteer Co-ordinator's salary                                               10,000
CROW - Coventry Recycling of Waste
                                                                     Sessional Tutor's salary, advertising costs and a computer training package    5,540
Enterprise Club for Disabled People                                  Adapted minibus and one year's fuel costs                                      9,800
Family Mediation - Coventry & Warwickshire                           Parent and Young People's Mediation Service                                   10,000
Holbrooks Community Care Association                                 Volunteer Co-ordinator's salary and on-costs                                   7,000
Jesus Army Charitable Trust (1 of 2, total £10,000)                  Full-time Support Worker's salary and on-costs                                 6,000
Newlife Foundation for Handicapped Children                          Salary of Project Manager/Co-ordinator's post specifically for the Young
                                                                     People's Advocacy Project                                                      5,000
Notables Foundation                                                  45 weekly music sessions                                                      10,000
Sahil Project                                                        Staff training and the salary of the Clerical/Admin Worker                    15,000
St Peter's Community Centre (1 of 2, total £10,635)                  Salary of Senior Caretaker                                                     7,318
Tiny Tim's Children's Centre                                         Therapy sessions                                                               2,000
Valley House (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                 Training Development Manager's salary                                          5,000
Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs                              Youth Worker's salary and on costs                                             7,289
Willenhall Community Money Advice Centre (1 of 2, total £14,773)     Salary of part-time Welfare Rights/Money Advice Caseworker                     8,268

1st Lower Gornal Scout Group                                         A minibus                                                                      1,000
Duke of Edinburgh's Award Association                                Equipment                                                                      2,500
Fens Pool Voluntary Association                                      Core costs (craft activities, day trips and volunteer expenses)                3,000

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Gurdwara Guru Tej Bahadur (Sikh Temple) (1 of 2, total £11,247)     Core costs (salaries, resources and volunteer expenses)                           7,498
HomeStart Dudley                                                    Cost of rent and utilities for one year                                           7,000
KIDS                                                                Saturday Club Co-ordinator's salary and play equipment at the Orchard
                                                                    Family Centre in Lye                                                              5,000
Lunch on the Run                                                    Replacement vehicle                                                               5,000
Racial Equality Council - Dudley (3 of 3, total £30,000)            Development Worker's salary and on-costs                                         10,000
Rollercoasters                                                      Staffing costs                                                                    2,500
St Thomas's Community Network (2 of 2, total £15,000)               Volunteer Co-ordinator's salary and on costs                                      5,000
Stourbridge Cyber Bus Project                                       Co-ordinator's salary                                                             5,000
Stroke Association - Dudley                                         Rent                                                                              3,000
Summit House Support Ltd ( 1 of 2, total £15,000)                   Core costs (rent and utilities), line rental of the switchboard, IT equipment,
                                                                    conference tables and chairs                                                     10,000
Sycamore Green Senior Citizens' Club                                Rent and a day trip                                                               3,005

Cruse Bereavement Care - Sandwell (1 of 2, total £10,000)           Core costs                                                                        5,000
Extra Time Soccer Skills                                            Sessional Workers                                                                 3,000
Gingerbread                                                         Materials and support for West Midlands Self Help Groups and members             14,507
Live at Home Scheme - Blackheath (2 of 2, total £15,000)            Co-ordinator's salary                                                             5,000
Londonderry Baptist Church                                          Part-time Youth Worker's salary                                                  10,000
Oakham Evangelical Church                                           Core costs of the Community Education and Development Programme                   6,000
Sandwell Citizens Advocacy                                          Salary of the full-time Volunteer Co-ordinator for 'SOAP'                        10,153

Hindu Cultural Resource Centre - Durga Bhawan                       Salary of part-time Health Worker                                                10,400
Ideal for All Ltd (1 of 2, total £14,000)                           Horticulture Therapist's salary                                                   8,000
Rethink (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                     Trainer's salary and on-costs                                                    10,000
Sandwell Asian Family Support Service                               Salary of Manager                                                                15,000
Smethwick Youth and Community Centre (1 of 2, total £14,000)        Business Development Manager's salary                                             8,000
Worth Foundation Ltd (1 of 2, total £15,000)                        Chief Executive's salary                                                         10,000

Citizen Advocacy - Solihull                                         Full-time Issue-based Advocacy Worker's salary                                    5,000
CVS - Solihull                                                      Volunteer projects                                                                5,000
Family Care Trust (Solihull)                                        Core funding for the Newlands Bishop Farm Project                                10,000

Sutton Coldfield
All Saints' Parish Church - Streetly                                Kitchen utensils and crockery                                                     4,922
Epilepsy Action - Sutton Coldfield                                  Core costs (room hire, computer maintenance and stationery)                         750
Leonard Cheshire Foundation                                         Volunteer Co-ordinator's salary and on-costs                                      5,000
Streetly Association Ltd                                            A computer, software and a microwave                                              3,000

                                                                  Page 82 of 107
Sutton Central Churches Trust                                   Part-time Youth and Community Worker's salary                                    3,000

Age Concern (2 of 2, total £15,000)                             Participation Development Officer's salary                                       5,000
Barr Beacon Community Association                               Core costs of the Easter Playscheme (staff and premises)                         3,000
Birchills Community Association Limited                         Core costs of the ladies only swimming group (hire of pool)                      2,000
Bloxwich Community Partnership                                  Core costs of the Phoenix Support Group                                          5,000
Community Care Entertainments                                   Transport, entertainers' fees, bingo equipment, catering and a PA system         5,808
Forest Community Association                                    Core costs of the Community Olympics Event (transport, venue hire,
                                                                administration and resources)                                                    6,000
Frank F Harrison Community Association                          Running costs of the Easter Playscheme (staffing, activities, rent, training,
                                                                equipment and administration)                                                    5,000
Great Wyrley Senior Citizens Welfare Committee                  Replacing the heating system, improving toilet facilities and providing
                                                                access for disabled people                                                       5,000
Hindu Forum                                                     Part funding for the role of the Community Engagement Officer                   10,000
HomeStart Walsall (2 of 2, total £15,000)                       Organiser's salary                                                               5,000
House on the Corner Community Project                           A Youth Worker's salary and on costs                                             7,000
Lichfield Diocesan Board of Finance (3 of 3, total £24,000)     Link Officer and Administration Assistant's salaries                             6,000
Life - Walsall                                                  Core costs (telephone, insurance, postage, literature, welcome packs and
                                                                volunteer expenses)                                                              1,129
Parkinson's Disease Society - Walsall                           Landscaping                                                                      3,000
Pelsall Physically Handicapped Persons Organisation             Cost of two holidays for carers and drivers, and hiring an ambulance             3,000
Progressive Muslims Forum                                       Tuition fees, teaching materials and room hire                                   6,500
Samaritans                                                      Purchasing IT equipment, a projector and advertising costs                       8,000
St Chad's Church                                                Cost of Senior Citizens Linkline Project                                        10,000
St John's Parish Church - Walsall Wood                          Equipment                                                                        2,000
Walkways (Youth Projects)                                       Young people's group work                                                        5,000
Walsall Bangladeshi Progressive Society                         Health Support Worker's salary and core costs (travel, training, rent,
                                                                stationery and transport)                                                       15,000
Walsall Community Church (1 of 2, total £15,000)                Core costs of the Walsall Money Advice Project                                  10,000
Walsall Deaf People's Centre                                    Trainee Deaf Tutor's salary and on-costs                                         6,800
Walsall Rent Guarantee Scheme (1 of 2, total £9,320)            Part-time Co-ordinator's salary and office rental costs                          4,660
Walsall Street Teams (1 of 2, total £10,000)                    Part-time Drug and Alcohol Project Worker's salary                               5,000

Wednesbury Methodist Outreach                                   20 new specialist support chairs                                                 6,200

West Bromwich
Christian Youth and Community Service                           Training courses and provision of the After School Club                          5,000
Confederation of Bangladeshi Muslim Organisations               Towards the Empowerment Activities, the Motivational Club and core costs         9,500
Dorothy Parkes Centre (2 of 2, total £15,000)                   Project Manager's salary                                                         5,000

                                                              Page 83 of 107
Great Bridge Community Forum                                            Outreach Project Worker's salary                                           9,924
Public Ltd                                                              Costs of the 'DIY Grotto' Project                                          6,170
Sandwell Third Age Arts                                                 Developing a website                                                       4,650
St Albans Community Association                                         Equipment (desks, chairs, photocopier and cabinets)                        5,000
Swan Village and Carters Green Goldies                                  Coach hire for the day trips                                                 600
Training for All Foundation                                             Health and Safety Awareness Project for faith-based organisations and
                                                                        community centres                                                         10,000
West Bromwich African Caribbean Resource Centre                         Administrator's salary, website training and support costs                 6,000
Yemeni Community Association in Sandwell                                Sessional Advice Worker's salary                                          12,174

Arrow - West Midlands                                                   Salary of Community Worker                                                10,000
Ashbourne Raiders Football Club                                         Football kits                                                              2,000
Beacon Centre for the Blind (2 of 2, total £15,000)                     BME Community Outreach Worker's salary                                     5,000
Bilston Resource Centre                                                 Part-time Basic Skills Tutor's salary                                     10,000
Churches Together in Willenhall                                         Manager's salary                                                           5,000
Educare Foundation                                                      Salary of part-time Administrative Assistant                               5,000
Father Hudson's Society (1 of 2, total £10,000)                         Hope Family Project Manager's salary                                       4,000
Inspire - Black Country                                                 Core funding                                                               5,000
Lower Penn Over Sixty Club                                              Projection equipment                                                       2,000
Pool Hayes Community Association                                        Youth Development Worker's salary                                          7,488
Rethink                                                                 Part-time Project Development Worker's salary and on costs                 9,000
Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Project                            Costs of maintaining Investors in People Standards                         4,500
St George's House Charity (2 of 2, total £15,000)                       Project Supervisor's salary                                                5,000
Support Action for Europeans (2 of 2, total £15,000)                    Project Development Manager's salary                                       5,000
Wildside Activity Centre                                                Cycling Development Worker's salary                                        2,000
Wolverhampton Anti-Bullying Project (1 of 2, total £12,000)             Core costs (travel, telephone, stationery and information resources)       6,000
Wolverhampton Asylum Seeker and Refugee Services Ltd (2 of 2, total
£14,000)                                                                Senior Advice Worker's salary and on costs                                 4,000
Wolverhampton Clubs for Young People                                    Salary of the "Angels with Attitude" Development Worker                    5,000
Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council (1 of 2, total £20,000)          Salary of Development Officer                                             10,000
YMCA - Wolverhampton                                                    Community Development Worker's salary                                      7,000

West Midlands Metropolitan Area - Other
Business in the Community                                               Project Development Manager's salary and on costs                          8,000
Vitalise                                                                Holiday costs of people with disabilities from the West Midlands Region
                                                                        attending the Skylark Centre                                               2,000

                                                                      Page 84 of 107

Action to RE:Generate Community Trust (1 of 2, total £12,000)                  Regional Director's salary                                                       7,000
Advisory Centre for Education                                                  Cost of recruiting and training Ace Volunteer Advisors for the West Midlands
                                                                               region specifically covering Sandwell, Walsall, Newcastle under Lyme,
                                                                               Tamworth & Coventry                                                              9,325
Arty-Folks                                                                     Core funding                                                                     9,000
Assistance Support and Self Help in Surviving Trauma                           Recruitment and training of new volunteers                                       5,000
BLISS                                                                          Salary of West Midlands Regional Officer                                        10,000
Bosnia and Herzegovina UK Network (1 of 2, total £10,000)                      Part-time Development Officer's salary                                           6,000
Coventry Carers Centre (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                 Salary of Support Worker                                                        10,000
Development Trusts Association                                                 Portable IT equipment (laptop and digital projector)                             4,080
Francophone African Community of the West Midlands                             Employment training for lone parents                                             1,000
Immigrant Counselling & Psychotherapy                                          Salary of a Regional Clinical Co-ordinator for the West Midlands                10,000
In Kind Direct
                                                                               Strengthening the infrastructure of the voluntary sector in the West Midlands    5,000
Rural Stress Support Network (West Midlands Region) Ltd                        Volunteer Training Programme and staff training                                  5,000
Stratford Players Wheelchair Basketball Club                                   A basketball wheelchair                                                          3,000
Support, Help & Advice for Relatives & Friends of Prisoners (1 of 2, total     Core costs of the West Midlands Outreach Project (telephone, volunteer
£20,000)                                                                       expenses, training and the Family Support Worker's salary)                      10,000
Terrence Higgins Trust                                                         Part-time Client Support Worker's salary for Wolverhampton, Walsall and
                                                                               Sandwell                                                                         6,000
Women Acting in Today's Society (1 of 2, total £23,261)                        Salary of specialist BME Domestic Violence Project Worker                       15,233


Broadview Care Limited (1 of 2, total £43,355)                                 A part-time Leisure Officer's salary and on costs for the Broadening
                                                                               Horizons Project, providing taster sessions in outdoor pursuit activities for
                                                                               people with disabilities, whilst they are supported by young people that are
                                                                               involved or at risk of becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviours.
                                                                               Partners: Association for Brain Damaged Children and Young Adults, Youth
                                                                               Justice, Social Services, West Midlands Police, Coventry Sports
                                                                               Foundation, WATCH and Positive Futures.                                         21,991
CVS - Chase (2 of 2, total £59,906)                                            Salary of Staffordshire CVS Partnership Project Development Officer and
                                                                               running costs                                                                   19,984

                                                                             Page 85 of 107
Rethink (1 of 2, total £45,000)     The Cultural Competency Practioner's salary and on costs, to work in
                                    partnership with BME steering and advisory groups to build better relations
                                    and ensure a cultural competency checklist is consistent with the needs of
                                    the local community so that mental health interventions are appropriate for
                                    all cultures. Partners: Rethink Day Services, Rethink Employment Services,
                                    Rethink Race & Mental Health Groups, Rethink BME Staff Support Group,
                                    Rethink BME National Lead and National Institute for Mental Health Health
                                    Group.                                                                           30,000

                                                                                           285 grants totalling   £1,742,463

                                  Page 86 of 107

LOCATION/CHARITY                                                                 WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                   £


Leven Playing Field Association                                                  Low surface temperature heating                                               3,000

Alzheimer's Society - East Riding Branch                                         Carers education courses                                                      5,000
Bridlington Area Neighbourhood Watch Group                                       A laptop computer, projector, stand and screen for the 'Reach Out' Project    2,192
Reading Assistance Teaching Scheme (2 of 2, total £14,980)                       Salaries of 'Learn Together' Project Finance/Admin Worker, Co-ordinator,
                                                                                 laptop computers, training expenses and core costs                            5,571

Driffield Methodist Playgroup                                                    Rent                                                                          3,000
Nafferton Millennium Committee                                                   A new community minibus                                                       1,500
North Dalton Village Hall                                                        Play equipment                                                                3,000
North Frodingham Social Centre                                                   Teenage shelter                                                               3,000
Thixendale Village Hall                                                          Carpets, seating, shelving and cupboards                                      3,000

HomeStart Goole & District                                                       Office rent, volunteer training, travel                                       3,964
Snaith and District Community and Sports Association (1 of 2, total £19,994)
                                                                                 Salary and costs of a Disability Welfare Rights Worker                       12,994
The Hinge                                                                        Salary of a Volunteer Co-ordinator and Mentor                                10,000

Carers Centre Hull                                                               Salary costs of the Finance Manager                                           5,000
Endike Community Care Association                                                Core costs of the Community Gardening and Maintenance Project                 5,000
Golden Leaves                                                                    Ground rent for the residential caravan                                       1,000
Hull Council of Disabled People                                                  Salary of the Manager                                                        10,000
Hull Lighthouse Project (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                  Training, promotional literature, IT equipment and core costs                10,000
Longhill Link-Up Trust (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                   Salaries and on costs of Youth Workers                                        5,000
Maximum Life Youth Project                                                       Salary of an Administrator                                                    5,000
National Childbirth Trust - Hull & East Yorkshire Branch                         Course fees for an Antenatal Teacher                                          1,968
Royal Mencap Society - Hull                                                      Salary of Hull Walking Group Co-ordinator                                     9,218
Shopmobility - Kingston upon Hull                                                Salary and costs of a Clerical Officer                                        7,000
St Aidans Church                                                                 New folding chairs                                                            3,000

                                                                               Page 87 of 107
Swanland Village Hall                                                     A wheelchair lift                                                           3,000
Willow - The North Hull Women's Centre                                    Salaries of the Crèche Co-ordinator and Crèche Worker                       9,931
Women's Aid Group - Hull                                                  New non-absorbent bedding and a storage shed                                4,287

Withernsea and District Disability Action Group                           Hiring accessible coaches                                                   3,000

East Yorkshire - Other
Eating Disorder Support Group (Hull & East Yorkshire)                     Core costs, books, CDs, publicity and workshops                             4,371
Humber Playing Fields Association                                         Salary of the County Secretary and costs of the 'Teens in Space' Project   10,000
Nightstop - Selby District                                                Core costs, volunteer recruitment and training                              8,125

East Yorkshire - Other
Age Concern - East Riding of Yorkshire                                    Core costs of the Volunteer Development Project                             5,000


Barton upon Humber
Barton Town Band                                                          Hire of rehearsal rooms                                                     2,000

Favour Foundation Limited                                                 Salary of the Centre Manager                                               10,000
Grimsby Cleethorpes and District Community Chest Furniture Re-Use Project
                                                                          Salary of a Trainer/Supervisor for the Training Workshop                   10,000
Habrough Village Hall                                                     New flooring                                                                3,000
Harbour Place Day Centre                                                  Salary of the Project Manager                                               2,500
Kingsway Lincs Trust                                                      Salary and costs of a Community Project Development Co-ordinator           10,000
Macaulay Area Action Group                                                A new kitchen                                                               2,200

Belton Recreation Ground                                                  Tables, partition doors and kitchen equipment                               3,000
Bonby Playing Fields Association                                          Play equipment                                                              2,983
Crosby Community Association                                              Salary of an Outreach Welfare Rights Worker                                 9,107
William Stephenson Memorial Hall                                          Accessible facilities                                                       3,000
Winteringham Schools Out Club                                             Salary of a Playworker and Quality Assurance Scheme costs                   3,548
Winteringham Village Hall                                                 A new kitchen                                                               3,000
Winterton Methodist Church                                                A new kitchen and equipment                                                 3,000

North Lincolnshire - Other
Artlandish Limited                                                        Creative workshops                                                          4,873

                                                                        Page 88 of 107
Christian Action and Resource Enterprise Ltd                                        Salary of General Manager                                                      10,000
Dial A Ride - Grimsby, Cleethorpes and District                                     Salary of the Co-ordinator                                                      5,000
HomeStart - North Lincolnshire                                                      Cost of training day for volunteers and staff                                   2,552
HomeStart North East Lincolnshire                                                   Salaries of Family Group Support Workers                                        9,938
Humberside Chinese Association (2 of 2, total £15,000)                              Rent of the premises                                                            5,000
IMPACT (DAS) Limited (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                        Salary of the Meridian Project Leader                                          10,000
Kids Like Kane                                                                      Core costs and an evaluation of the project                                     8,136
Lincolnshire House Association                                                      Ceiling hoists for the educational and social building                         10,000
North Lincolnshire Rural Community Transport                                        Salary of Project Assistant                                                     5,000
Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire Limited (2 of 2, total £15,000)                 Salaries of Development Workers                                                 5,000


Barnardo's (3 of 3, total £20,000)                                                  Salary of a Vocational Instructor for Dr B's Restaurant and Coffee Shop in
                                                                                    Harrogate                                                                       4,000
Churches Together in Harrogate Young People's Rendezvous                            Salary of a Centre Manager                                                      5,000
CVS - Harrogate & Area (2 of 2, total £14,977)                                      Salary of Finance Officer                                                       6,450
Harrogate Homeless Project Ltd                                                      Salary of the Support Worker (Substance Misuse)                                10,000
Junction (3 of 3, total £20,000)                                                    Salary of a Leisure Library Development Worker                                  4,000

Malton, Norton and District In-Touch Group (1 of 2, total £11,000)                  Core costs of the Mutual Support Project                                        6,500
Ryedale Special Families (3 of 3, total £20,000)                                    Core costs of the Flexible One to One Care Scheme                               4,000
Salton Village Hall                                                                 Chairs, display boards, computer equipment and a fridge                         2,200
Scout Group - 1st Norton                                                            New tents, lifejackets and canoe paddles                                        2,500
YMCA - Ryedale                                                                      Salary costs of the Outreach Support Workers                                   10,000

Bereavement Care Northallerton and District                                         Volunteer Counsellors' expenses                                                 3,000
Brompton Village Hall                                                               A new kitchen and equipment, storage cabinets and tables                        2,939
Carlton in Cleveland Village Hall                                                   New kitchen                                                                     3,000
St Johns Centre                                                                     New chairs, a storage shed and redecoration                                     3,482
Voluntary Service Association (Northallerton and District) (2 of 2, total £15,000
                                                                                    Salary of Development Officer                                                   5,000

Crosland Foundation (Ryedale Folk Museum)                                           Volunteer packs, newsletters, expenses and the cost of a 'best practice' day
                                                                                    at Beamish                                                                      2,000

                                                                                Page 89 of 107
CAB - Ripon and District (3 of 3, total £20,000)                           Salary of the Rural Outreach Worker                                         4,000
Jennyruth Workshops Ltd                                                    Rent for the premises                                                      12,000

Age Concern - Scarborough and District                                     Salary of Rural Information Advisor                                        14,283
Dial A Ride (Scarborough & District)                                       Vehicle running costs for the Filey service                                 5,000
First Steps Scarborough                                                    Salary of the Day Services Co-ordinator                                    10,000
Scarborough Homeless Support Services (3 of 3, total £24,751)              Salary and costs of the Manager                                             4,000
St James with Holy Trinity Parish Church                                   Equipment for the community Café                                            3,000
Women's Aid - Scarborough (1 of 2, total £15,000)                          Salary of Community Support Worker                                         10,000

DIAL - Selby and District (1 of 2, total £20,000)                          Salary of the Welfare Rights Co-ordinator                                  13,000
Ryther Village Hall                                                        Tables, chairs and chair trolleys                                           3,000
Selby Stroke Club                                                          Coach and hall hire                                                         2,000

Pioneer Projects (Celebratory Arts) Ltd                                    Salaries of Creative Director and Finance Manager                          13,480

Community Care Association (Thirsk, Sowerby & District) (3 of 3, total
£20,000)                                                                   Salary of a Finance Officer                                                 4,000
Kilburn Village Institute                                                  Core costs                                                                  1,000
Sowerby Nursery School                                                     Salaries of the Nursery Leader and Assistant                                1,600

Hinderwell Village Hall                                                    Project Co-ordinator for the 'Get With IT' Project                          5,000
Interactive Whitby and District                                            Salaries of the Co-ordinator and Administrator                             20,000
Whitby and District Disablement Action Group (2 of 2, total £12,000)       Salary and costs of a Membership Support Worker                             4,000

Acomb Out of School Club                                                   Salary of the Club Manager                                                  2,925
Askham Bryan Village Hall                                                  Toilet facilities for people with disabilities                                800
Catholic Housing Aid Society (York)                                        Salary costs of the Housing Adviser                                        10,000
Impressions Gallery of Photography Limited                                 Costs of the "Undercover" Community and Education Programme                 2,500
Knavesmire Out of School Club                                              Salary costs of a Club Co-ordinator                                         4,336
One Parent Families                                                        Salary of Family Support Worker                                            10,000
Our Celebration                                                            Salary of the Mentor and Employment Liaison Officer for the Stepping Out
                                                                           Project                                                                    10,000

                                                                         Page 90 of 107
Peasholme Centre York                                                          Salary of Resettlement Trainer                                            5,000
Riccall Regen 2000 (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                     Salary of Liaison Officer                                                10,000
Special Needs Activities and Play Provision for York                           Cost of the "Celebration of Disability" 20th Anniversary Project          5,000
St Wulstan's Church                                                            Accessible facilities                                                     3,000
Sutton on Derwent Playing Field Association                                    New safety surfacing                                                      3,000
Women's Aid (1 of 2, total £13,500)                                            Salary of the Rural Outreach Worker                                       8,000
York Arc-Light Project                                                         Equipment and core costs for the Baseline Project                        11,000
York Childcare Ltd                                                             Computer equipment for the Out of School Service                          2,960
York Nightstop                                                                 Salary of a Project Co-ordinator and core costs                           9,000

North Yorkshire - Other
CAB - Richmondshire                                                            Salaries of the Recruitment and Development Officer and Administration
                                                                               Worker                                                                   15,000
Castle Howard Arboretum Trust                                                  Accessible facilities for the visitor centre                              2,500
Live Music Now Limited                                                         Project working with adults with disabilities                             5,676
Pre-School Learning Alliance - North Yorkshire Sub Committee                   Salary of Administration Assistant and core costs                         5,000
Rural Community Council - Yorkshire                                            Salary and costs of the North Yorkshire Rural Support Co-ordinator       15,000
Ryedales Child and Youth Project (2 of 2, total £15,000)                       Salary of Activities Co-ordinator                                         5,000
Voluntary Action - Ryedale                                                     A vehicle and equipment for the Wolds Mobile Resource Project            15,000


Alzheimer's Society - Barnsley Branch                                          Salary and costs of a Branch Administrator                                9,967
DIAL - Barnsley (1 of 2, total £19,513)                                        Salary and on costs of a Welfare Benefits Tribunal Worker                15,197
HomeStart - Barnsley                                                           Salary of the Co-ordinator                                               10,000
Penistone Pre-school Playgroup                                                 Salary of the Manager                                                     3,510
Shafton Methodist Church                                                       Hearing loop system for the community hall                                  740

Bentley Association for Supportive Help (1 of 2, total £17,442)                Salary of a Benefits Advice Worker                                       12,442
Cantley Community Centre                                                       Salary of a Centre Manager                                                5,000
Disablement Information Advice Line - Doncaster (1 of 2, total £18,842)        Salary of Receptionist/Administration Assistant                           9,282
Doncaster Centre for Basic Skills and Dyslexia Limited                         Rent of premises                                                          5,000
Doncaster Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre (1 of 2, total £12,000)
                                                                               Salary of the Finance/Admin Officer                                       7,000
Hexthorpe Methodist Church (1 of 2, total £13,500)                             Salary of the Junction Manager                                            9,000
Yorkshire Main Community Centre                                                Chairs and a chair trolley                                                  793

Age Concern - Rotherham (2 of 2, total £14,982)                                Salary and costs of the Information Officer                               5,000

                                                                             Page 91 of 107
Dawn Project (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                       Children and Parents Project                                                  5,000
Headway Rotherham (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                  Salary and costs of an Administration Worker and core costs                   5,000
HomeStart - Rotherham                                                      Salary costs of an Administrative Assistant                                   9,915
HomeStart Dearne Valley                                                    Salary and costs of the Senior Organiser                                      6,000
Rotherham Crime Reduction Programme Trust Ltd (1 of 2, total £15,000)      Salary of the Programme Manager                                              10,000
Rotherham Crossroads - Caring for Carers                                   Salary of the Training Officer                                                8,892
Rotherham Hospitals Radio Service (Radio Nightingale)                      Volunteer expenses                                                            1,000
Scouts - 2nd Rotherham (Thurcroft)                                         Core costs and group educational visits                                       1,000
YWCA - Sheffield                                                           Training courses for staff                                                    1,135

Access Space Network                                                       Salary of the Project Manager                                                 5,000
Age Concern - Sheffield                                                    Salaries of the Information Support Worker, Information and Advice Service
                                                                           Manager and core costs                                                        8,824
Asylum Seeker Support Initiative - Short Term (ASSIST)                     Core costs                                                                    6,000
Bridge Employment                                                          Salary and costs of a Careers Progression Worker                             25,000
CAB - South East Sheffield (1 of 2, total £18,078)                         Salary of the Administrative Assistant                                        9,039
Castle Advice Service                                                      Salary and costs of a Volunteer Support Worker                                9,724
Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul                                   Installation of a lift in the Community Resources Centre                     20,000
Christ Church Pitsmoor                                                     Salaries of the Youth Development Workers                                     8,303
Churches Together in Broomhill and Broomhall                               Salary of the Worker with Older People                                        7,000
Cot-age Child Safety and Nursery Equipment (1 of 2, total £15,000)         Salary of the Workshop Supervisor                                            10,000
Emmaus Sheffield                                                           Salary of a Community Co-ordinator                                           10,000
Foxhill and Parson Cross Advice Service                                    Installation of electric security shutters                                    8,196
Garden Rooms                                                               Cost of the "Let's Create" After School Project                               4,996
Handsworth Community Forum                                                 Salaries of the Development Worker and Administrative Worker                  5,000
Hillsborough Tabernacle Congregational Church                              A stairlift                                                                   3,000
HomeStart - Sheffield                                                      Salary of the Training Co-ordinator, translation and equipment               10,000
IMBY (2 of 2, total £12,000)                                               Salary and costs of the Membership Officer                                    4,000
In the Bag Theatre Company                                                 Performing arts project for young people                                      2,670
Langsett Foundation                                                        Salaries of the Mental Health Arts Project Leaders                           15,000
NOMAD Homeless Advice and Support Unit (3 of 3, total £20,000)             Salary of the Volunteer Co-ordinator                                          4,000
Prince's Trust (2 of 2, total £16,002)                                     Salary and costs of an Outreach Worker in Sheffield                           8,060
Relatives of Drug Abusers (2 of 2, total £14,389)                          Salary and costs of the Project Co-ordinator                                  4,797
Sheffield and Rotherham Asbestos Group (SARAG) (2 of 2, total £19,178)     Salary and costs of an Advice and Information Worker                          3,178
Sheffield Gypsy and Traveller Support Group                                Salary of the Family Project Worker                                          14,988
Sheffield HIV Support Group (SHIELD) (2 of 2, total £12,000)               Salary of the Development Worker                                              4,000
Sheffield M E Group (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                Rent, the salary of a Volunteer Co-ordinator, and towards running the
                                                                           Information Service                                                          10,000
Sheffield Partnership Advice and Information Network                       Salary of the Deputy Manager                                                 10,000

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Sheffield Somali Mental Health Project (2 of 2, total £15,000)       Towards salaries and increasing the hours of the Female Support Worker    5,000
Sheffield Wildlife Trust                                             Salary and costs of the Play Development Worker for the Longley Four
                                                                     Greens play programme                                                     4,942
Sheffield Women's Education and Training (2 of 2, total £15,000)     Salaries of Project Co-ordinator and Outreach Worker                      5,000
Shiregreen United Reformed Church                                    Salary and costs of a Careers Progression Worker                          3,000
Somali Physically Disabled Support Group                             Cost of sessional workers and materials                                   8,000
Somali Training and Enterprise Company (SOMALI TEC)                  Rent and core costs                                                       8,090
St Andrews Child Contact Centre (1 of 2, total £10,000)              Salary of the Co-ordinator                                                5,000
St Mary's (Bramall Lane) Community Centre                            Salary of the Community Development Worker                               10,268
Steel Valley Community Partnership                                   Rent and core costs                                                       7,287
Stocksbridge Advice Centre (1 of 2, total £15,000)                   Salary of the Generalist Advice Worker                                   10,000
Survivors Of Depression In Transition                                Salary of Volunteer/Project Co-ordinator and core costs                   6,561
Valley Pentecostal Church                                            Salary of a Youth Worker                                                  4,888
Voluntary Action Sheffield                                           Salary of Community Accountancy Worker                                   13,990
Wider Opportunities for Women (1 of 2, total £15,000)                Salary of the Volunteer Co-ordinator                                     10,000
Woodseats Advice Centre                                              Salary costs of the Administrative Officer                                9,595
Woodthorpe Forum                                                     Salary of Play Care Assistant and the cost of materials                   4,000

South Yorkshire - Other
Amy's Retreat for Kids with Cancer (1 of 2, total £15,000)           Salary and costs of a Development Worker                                  8,000
Development Education Centre (South Yorkshire)                       Salaries of the Cultural Mentors                                          5,000
Ethel Trust (1 of 2, total £12,000)                                  Salary of Administrator                                                   8,000
Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (South Yorkshire) Limited          Salaries of the Centre Manager, Centre Assistant and core costs          10,000
Open Performance Centre Limited                                      Salary of the Project Co-ordinator for the 'Creative Learning Project'    5,000
Rainer Foundation (2 of 2, total £15,000)                            Salary of a Link Worker for the South Yorkshire Resettlement Project      5,000
South Yorkshire Community Foundation                                 Cost of information packs, events and networking for the Professional
                                                                     Advisor Project                                                          12,000
Whirlow Hall Farm Trust Limited (1 of 2, total £20,000)              Salary of a Strategic Development/Administration Officer                 12,000


Batley Resource Centre                                               Salary of the Chief Executive                                            10,000
Batley Self Help Depression Group (2 of 2, total £14,088)            Rent of premises, therapy costs and volunteer support costs               4,544
Heavy Woollen District Scout Council                                 Cost of bunk beds, bedding, storage units and carpets                     2,880

18th Bradford South (Queensbury Try Hards) Scout Group               Cost of new instruments                                                   2,000
Asian Disability Network (2 of 2, total £15,000)                     Salary and costs of an Outreach Worker                                    5,000
Bangladeshi Community Association Bradford                           Salary and costs of an Advice Worker                                     10,000

                                                                   Page 93 of 107
Bradford and Leeds Community Accounting Service (2 of 2, total £18,000)     Salary and costs of the Bradford Community Accountant                         6,000
Buttershaw Christian Family Centre Limited                                  Salary of Volunteer Co-ordinator and core costs                               5,000
Catholic Housing Aid Society (Bradford)                                     Cost of training for the management committee, staff and volunteers           5,000
Family Service Units (2 of 2, total £18,000)                                Salary of a Debt and Maximisation Worker                                      6,000
Holme Christian Care Centre Ltd (3 of 3, total £20,000)                     Rent of new premises                                                          4,000
HomeStart Bradford                                                          Salary of Family and Volunteer Co-ordinator                                   9,841
Horton and Wibsey Bereavement Care Association                              Salary of the Co-ordinator                                                    5,000
Horton Bank Methodist Church                                                Salaries of the Playgroup Leaders and Assistants                              5,000
National Museum of Photography, Film & Television                           Salary of a TV Workshops Media Technician                                    10,000
Relate - Bradford                                                           Rent of premises                                                              8,000
Riding for the Disabled Association - Throstle Nest                         A new saddle                                                                    590
Sacar (1 of 2, total £18,509)                                               Salary and costs of an Employment Officer                                     9,570
South Bradford Community Network                                            Salary of the Project Co-ordinator                                            5,000
St Christopher's Church (2 of 2, total £9,000)                              Salary of the Family Support Worker                                           3,000
Vine Trust of St Mary's Laisterdyke                                         New computers, colour printer and software                                    4,000
Women's Aid - Bradford (2 of 2, total £15,000)                              Salary of Outreach Worker                                                     5,000

English Churches Housing Group                                              Furniture for the lounge and flats at the new Women's refuge in Castleford    5,000
HomeStart - Castleford, Pontefract and District                             Salary of the Co-ordinator and Volunteer expenses                            10,000

Norland Fun Club                                                            Salary of Playgroup Helper and staff training                                 3,200
Scope                                                                       Specialist IT and communication equipment                                     7,000
St Augustine's Centre (2 of 2, total £14,200)                               Salary of Administrator, rent and core costs of the Community Support
                                                                            Centre                                                                        4,550
Stones Methodist Church                                                     An industrial gas cooker and dishwasher for the community hall                3,000
Voluntary Action Calderdale                                                 Salary of a Volunteer Development Worker for the Asylum Seeker Support
                                                                            Project                                                                      10,000

AIM (Artists in Mind)                                                       Equipment and costs of "The Little Girl Who Grew Up" performance              5,000
Full Body and the Voice Limited                                             Cost of printing and photography for the 'In the Footsteps of Mr Butler'
                                                                            production                                                                    5,000
Huddersfield Chinese Community Centre                                       Salary of an English Teacher and the cost of materials                        1,808
Scouts - 16th Huddersfield North Group                                      Cost of camping equipment                                                     1,500
Thisisit (2001) Ltd                                                         Salary of the Administrator                                                   4,440

                                                                          Page 94 of 107
CAB - Keighley and District                                                        Salary and costs of an Asian Community Outreach Worker                         10,000
Cottingley Pre-School Playgroup                                                    Salaries of the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and 1-1 Support
                                                                                   Worker                                                                          5,000
Courthouse Project (Otley) Limited (2 of 2, total £15,000)                         Salary and costs of a Centre Development Manager                                5,000
Keighley and District Disabled People's Centre (2 of 2, total £15,000)             Salary of the Centre Manager                                                    5,000
Keighley Voluntary Service Ltd (1 of 2, total £13,039)                             Salary of a JOIN Independence Project Worker                                    6,975
Lothersdale Village Hall Trust                                                     Accessible toilet facilities, a range cooker and water purifiers                3,000
Otley, Aireborough & District Domestic Violence Support Project (1 of 2, total
£15,000)                                                                           Salary of an Outreach Worker                                                   10,000
Sangat Community Association (1 of 2, total £14,291)                               Salary of the Advice Worker                                                     8,291
Sea Cadet Corps - Unit 386                                                         Multi-purpose boat trailer and generator                                        1,340
South Craven Community Action (2 of 2, total £15,000)                              Salary and costs of the Chief Officer                                           5,000

Asha Neighbourhood Project Limited                                                 Salary of the Advice Worker                                                    10,000
BARCA - Leeds                                                                      Salary of the Finance Manager                                                  10,000
Belle Isle Family Centre Ltd                                                       Salary of Community Development Worker                                          9,000
Burley Lodge Centre (1 of 2, total £14,476)                                        Core costs of the Advice Service                                                9,476
Burmantofts Community Projects (2 of 2, total £15,000)                             Salary of the Ebor Gardens Advice Centre Manager                                5,000
Caring For Life (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                            Salary and costs of the Pastoral Director                                       5,000
Christ Church Armley                                                               Salary of Administrative Assistant                                              5,000
Christians Against Poverty                                                         Salary of the West Leeds Centre Manager                                         9,456
Cloth Cat Studios Ltd                                                              Rent and core costs                                                             2,500
Community Foundation for Leeds                                                     Salary of Administration and Grants Manager                                     9,934
Connect in the North                                                               Salaries of the Director, Trainer and Financial Administrator and core costs
                                                                                   of the Staff You Choose project                                                12,000
Ebor Health Matters                                                                Salary of an Office and Finance Manager                                        10,000
Emmaus Leeds (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                               Salary of Workshop Supervisor                                                  10,000
Gateway Club - Pudsey                                                              Cost of members and escorts attending the Special Olympics World Games
                                                                                   in Glasgow                                                                      4,380
Genesis Leeds                                                                      Salary of Adult Outreach Worker                                                10,000
Getaway Girls                                                                      Salary of the Managing Director                                                10,000
HomeStart Leeds                                                                    Salary of a Mentoring Co-ordinator                                             10,000
Leeds and Moortown Furniture Store Ltd (2 of 2, total £10,500)                     Salary of the General Manager                                                   3,500
Leeds Community School (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                     Salary and costs of a Development Worker for the 'Arts for Life' Project        5,000
Leeds Gypsy and Traveller Exchange (1 of 2, total £10,000)                         Rent and core costs                                                             5,000
Leeds Theatre Trust Limited (2 of 2, total £15,000)                                Core costs of the 'Beautiful Octopus Club'                                      5,000
Leeds Voice - Voluntary and Community Sector Partnership (2 of 2, total
£13,200)                                                                           Salary and costs of a Forum Administrator                                       4,400

                                                                                 Page 95 of 107
Lubavitch Foundation - Leeds                                                 Salary of the Youth Leader and core costs of 'Bnos Chabad'                          3,500
Moor Allerton Community Association                                          Salary of a Youth Worker                                                            5,000
Older People's Action in the Locality                                        Salary and costs of a Volunteer Co-ordinator                                        8,000
Otley Action for Older People                                                Cost of office furniture                                                            3,000
Reconciliation Trust (Leeds)                                                 Sound proofing, new benching and software for the recording studio                 10,000
Relate Leeds                                                                 Salary of a part-time Development Manager                                           5,000
Resourcing the Community (1 of 2, total £15,000)                             Salaries of the Project Director and Finance Officer                               10,000
Sea Cadet Corps - Leeds Unit No 424                                          Core costs                                                                          3,000
Shantona Women's Centre (2 of 2, total £15,000)                              Salary of Childcare Worker                                                          5,000
Sherburn-in-Elmet Area Community Minibus Association                         An accessible minibus                                                               4,000
Solace Surviving Exile and Persecution                                       Cost of employing a Development Consultant, and rent                                8,000
South Asian Arts - uk                                                        Salary of Programme Assistant                                                       5,000
South Leeds Church of the Nazarene                                           Salary of Youth Worx Co-ordinator                                                   5,000
South Leeds Health for All Limited (2 of 2, total £15,000)                   Core costs of the EDUPLAY mobile crèche project and the purchase of
                                                                             storage cupboards                                                                   5,000
St Gemma's Hospice                                                           Communication skills in 'Specialist Palliative Care' training for clinical staff    5,000
St Luke's Community and Regeneration Enterprises (2 of 2, total £14,935)     Salary and costs of a Finance Worker                                                5,800
St Mary's Church Kippax                                                      Cost of hearing loop for the church hall                                            1,031
Swarcliffe Good Neighbours Scheme                                            Salary costs of a Generations Together Project Worker                               5,776
Swarthmore Education Centre                                                  Cost of computers, furniture and equipment for an interview and resource
                                                                             area                                                                                5,000

Hemsworth and District Partnership (2 of 2, total £15,000)                   Salary and costs of the Drugs Misuse Support Worker                                 5,000
Henshaws Society for Blind People (2 of 2, total £15,000)                    Start-up and running costs of the 'Skillstep' Programme in Wakefield                5,000
Holly Bank Trust                                                             Specialist Hi-Lo beds and an Abacus bath                                           13,300

Positive Youth 98 Trust                                                      Salary of Bar Manager/Youth Worker                                                  5,000

West Yorkshire - Other
Artlink West Yorkshire                                                       Salary of Arts Co-ordinator                                                         8,000
Green Beacon Recycling                                                       Salary of the Project Co-ordinator                                                  7,000
Music and the Deaf (3 of 3, total £15,000)                                   Costs of the 'Hi-Notes' Project                                                     4,000
Roses Charitable Trust                                                       Course fees for Yorkshire beneficiaries                                             4,200
Social Enterprise Support Centre Limited                                     Salary of the Administrator and the cost of events for the 'Cluster Leaders'
                                                                             Programme                                                                           9,894

                                                                           Page 96 of 107

Albatross Arts Project                                                    Salary and accommodation costs for the 'Journey Woman' programme in
                                                                          Yorkshire                                                                            4,350
ChildLine - Yorkshire and North East                                      Salary of a Counselling Supervisor                                                  10,000
Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (1 of 2, total £10,000)              Salary of the Parent Support Unit Co-ordinator                                       5,000
Cruse Bereavement Care - Yorkshire & The Humber Region                    Cost of producing and distributing the Volunteer Newsletter                          3,220
Kala Sangam the Academy of South Asian Performing Arts (1 of 2, total
£12,000)                                                                  Salary of the 'Arts for Health' Co-ordinator and core costs of the project           8,000
KeyRing - Living Support Networks                                         Core costs of the Member Involvement Programme                                       5,000
No Way Trust Limited                                                      Mobile Resource Vehicle                                                             10,000
Rethink                                                                   Salary of the User and Carer Involvement Officer in Yorkshire                        5,000
SCARD                                                                     Training, equipment and core costs                                                   8,000
Special Olympics Great Britain - Yorkshire & Humberside                   Coach hire                                                                           4,000
Terrence Higgins Trust (2 of 2, total £15,000)                            Core costs of the Volunteer Buddy Project in Yorkshire                               5,000
Vincent Dance Theatre                                                     Salary of the Administrator for the 'Fairy Tale' production                          3,000
York Community Family Trust                                               Salary and costs of a Family Mentoring Co-ordinator                                  7,000
Yorkshire Youth and Music Limited                                         Instruments and materials for the 'Early Years' Project                              5,000


Charity Bank Limited (1 of 2, total £70,000)                              Salary of the Northern Regional Manager, to develop the voluntary and
                                                                          community sector's capacity to work with loans in addition to grants; in
                                                                          conjunction with Yorkshire Forward                                                  35,000
IMBY (1 of 2, total £70,000)                                              Salary of Development Manager for the Mental Wealth Centre, project
                                                                          management and evaluation costs, in conjunction with Social Firms UK and
                                                                          Social Firms North East                                                             35,000
South Yorkshire People United Against Crime (1 of 2, total £60,000)       Salary of a Refugee Integration Project Manager for the project in
                                                                          collaboration with Northern Refugee Centre, Home Office Active
                                                                          Communities Unit, South Yorkshire Police and the Workers Education
                                                                          Association                                                                         30,000

                                                                                                                                    297 grants totalling   £1,981,604

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CHARITY                                                                         WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                        £

ACT - Association for Children with Life-threatening or Terminal Conditions     Families' Voices for Change Project - salary of the Information and Family
and their Families                                                              Advocacy Officer, staff training, forum and travel costs                          19,966
Addiction Recovery Foundation                                                   50% of the salary of a Partnership Co-ordinator                                   16,000
Advice UK                                                                       Training Needs Research Project - consultancy fees, travel costs plus
                                                                                associated costs                                                                  26,565
Advisory Centre for Education                                                   Publication and distribution of booklets - development of new booklets,
                                                                                'Getting the statement right' and 'Review the Statement' and design and
                                                                                distribution of posters to promote booklets                                       19,110
Aidis Trust                                                                     Website costs                                                                     14,450
Anxiety Disorders Conference                                                    Anxiety Disorders Conference Costs                                                 5,000
Apex Trust                                                                      Accommodation and non-salary costs                                                20,000
Arrhythmia Alliance                                                             Salary of a full-time Web Communications Manager                                  10,000
Art-Sense                                                                       Salary of an Education Development Officer for the "Opportunities for people
                                                                                with impaired vision" project, particularly older people, to make multi-sensory
                                                                                art                                                                               16,747
ASPIRE                                                                          Salary of the Independent Living Officer                                          10,000
Assistance Support and Self Help in Surviving Trauma
                                                                                National Telephone Support Line costs and volunteer training and expenses         10,000
Association of Charitable Foundations                                           Continuation funding for newsletter and development costs                          5,000
Association of Charitable Foundations                                           Subscription for 2005                                                              9,360
Association of Visitors to Immigration Detainees (2 of 2, total £45,000)        Salary of part-time Co-ordinator                                                  15,000
Asylum Aid (1 of 2, total £52,475)                                              Salary of an Asylum Support Caseworker in the Refugee Women's
                                                                                Resource Project                                                                  34,630
Ataxia-Telangiectasia Society                                                   Information and Support Service - newsletter costs, information provision,
                                                                                counselling and advocacy and medical information cards                            10,000
Auditory Verbal UK                                                              Core funding towards rates, cleaning, insurance, heating and lighting,
                                                                                telephone website and internet costs, professional fees and professional
                                                                                development of staff                                                              13,870
Back Up Trust (1 of 2, total £30,000)                                           Salary of Programme Leader including travel expenses and training                 20,000
BLISS                                                                           Parent Support Helpline                                                           10,000
Bosnia and Herzegovina UK Network (1 of 2, total £46,800)                       Salary of Co-ordinator                                                            31,800
British Dyslexia Association                                                    Marketing materials (including printing costs) and developing virtual e-
                                                                                support groups (including building the new platform and training new support
                                                                                groups and individuals to use this application)                                   20,000
British Stammering Association                                                  Part-time Service Manager for the Information and Support service                 19,328

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British Trust for Conservation Volunteers                                   Celebrating Diversity Project - Development Director, development of
                                                                            National Diversity Training, promotional material, workshops and monitoring
                                                                            and evaluation costs                                                           28,514
Bullying Online                                                             Telephone and internet dial up, insurance, computer costs, publicity,
                                                                            postage and stationery, travel, refreshments, accommodation, computer
                                                                            equipment, other equipment and training                                         5,000
Business Community Connections                                              Programme of support for BME organisations                                     27,586
CancerBACUP                                                                 Production of 12 sets of posters and contact cards and promotion of the
                                                                            Cancer in your Language Service                                                10,500
Care & Repair England (1 of 2, total £21,000)                               Small Things Matter - Adaptations and Repairs Project                          15,000
Caritas - Social Action (2 of 2, total £30,000)                             Share Solutions project                                                        10,000
Centre for Fun and Families                                                 Telephone, alarm system and website costs                                      20,000
Charities Evaluation Services                                               Cost to promote the charity to small and medium sized charities,
                                                                            development of business plan for 3rd edition of PQASSO                         12,000
Child Accident Prevention Trust                                             Support for children and families from BME Communities including a
                                                                            consultation exercise, Internal review, good practice dissemination and
                                                                            project evaluation costs                                                       15,550
Childline                                                                   Valuing Diversity Project                                                      24,000
Childnet International                                                      Salary of Research & Policy Manager, web management, contribution to
                                                                            office running costs and contribution to staff team salaries                   20,000
Children's Legal Centre (1 of 2, total £30,000)                             Salaries of the Project Manager and Project Assistant/Legal Researcher on
                                                                            the Refugee and Asylum Seeking Children's project                              20,000
Children's Trust                                                            Developing a community based service for families who have a child with an
                                                                            acquired brain injury                                                           5,247
Chinese Information and Advice Centre (2 of 2, total £45,000)               Salary of the Refugee and Asylum Support Project Co-ordinator                  15,000
City Centre for Charity Effectiveness Trust Ltd (1 of 2, total £35,000)     Centre for Charity Effectiveness - salaries of the Director and Head of
                                                                            Voluntary Sector Support Services                                              35,000
Common Purpose Charitable Trust (1 of 2, total £45,000)                     Developing Leaders from Ethnic Minorities Project - the salaries of
                                                                            Programme Directors                                                            30,000
Consortium of Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Voluntary and Community
Organisations (1 of 2, total £32,590)                                       Membership and Information Officer                                             21,060
Contact the Elderly                                                         Salary of Director                                                             20,000
Council for Assisting Refugee Academics (1 of 2, total £17,000)             Salary of Deputy Executive Secretary and office costs                          12,000
Counsel and Care                                                            Helpline costs - salary of an Advice Worker, training support, telephone and
                                                                            postage costs                                                                  14,665
Crossroads - Caring for Carers (2 of 2, total £35,000)                      Salary of the Human Resources Director                                         10,000
DEMAND - Design And Manufacture for Disability (1 of 2, total £30,000)      Salary of Designer                                                             20,000
Derwen College for the Disabled                                             Fixtures and fittings within the Information and Learning Technology (ILT)
                                                                            Centre                                                                         15,000
Diabetes UK                                                                 BME toolkit, design of CD Rom and CD Duplication                                9,975

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Disability Pregnancy and Parenthood International (DPPI)                      Salary of the Information Development Officer                                  10,000
Disabled Living Foundation                                                    Helpline costs and advertising costs using Saga magazine and other
                                                                              promotional activities                                                         20,000
Drake Music Project                                                           Salary of Training Co-ordinator plus associated costs                          16,688
Dreamscheme Network                                                           Rent, supplies, post, printing, phones, services and utilities, ICT
                                                                              maintenance, web hosting, insurance and auditor                                14,850
Duchenne Family Support Group                                                 Newsletter, website development and helpline costs and costs to develop a
                                                                              contact families network                                                       10,000
Dyspraxia Foundation                                                          Updating existing website                                                       3,878
Ectopic Pregnancy Trust                                                       Leaflet production and distribution into new languages                          6,658
Elizabeth Fitzroy Homes                                                       Employee Learner Advocate Training                                              7,000
Emmaus UK                                                                     Salaries of four Regional Development Officers working throughout England
                                                                              and Wales                                                                      20,000
Employment Forum UK                                                           Operations Manager's salary                                                    20,000
Epilepsy Bereaved                                                             Bereavement support line, two editions of Epitome, website and email costs
                                                                              and information packs                                                          10,000
Event Mobility                                                                Storage costs for stock and trailers                                            5,132
Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens (3 of 3, total £60,000)        Salary of the Assistant Director and Fieldworker programme                     12,000
Fine Cell Work                                                                Salary of Marketing and Development Manager                                    10,000
First Steps to Freedom                                                        Information packs                                                               4,375
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths                                     Salary of the eight Regional Development Officers                              10,000
Foundation for Women's Health Research & Development (FORWARD) (2 of
2, total £25,540)                                                            Salary of Director                                                              10,000
Greater Sylhet Development and Welfare Council in UK (1 of 2, total £57,661) Salary of Programme Director, and associated on costs and recruitment and
                                                                             evaluation costs                                                                38,690
HACT - Housing Associations Charitable Trust                                 Cost of a Refugee Housing Development Training Project in Wales                 12,025
Handcycling Association of the United Kingdom                                Newsletter and promotional display boards                                        5,000
Heart Transplant Families Together                                           Website (including web designer)                                                 5,000
Help the Hospices                                                            Widening Access - Capacity Building for Hospices to enable them to reach
                                                                             more people from disadvantaged groups                                           25,000
HIV I-Base                                                                   Re-launch costs of the treatment information line and consultant fees for the
                                                                             African Refugees Communities Needs Assessment project                           20,000
Homeless Link (1 of 2, total £30,000)                                        Salary of Head of Innovation and Good Practice                                  20,000
Ichthyosis Support Group                                                     Bi-annual National Day for adults and children                                   5,000
In Kind Direct                                                               Collections, warehousing and delivery costs                                     10,000
Inside Out Trust                                                             Salary of Director                                                              30,000
Kala Chethena Kathakali Troupe Charity                                       Salary of Project Manager for work in communities throughout England and
                                                                             Wales                                                                           10,000
Kick It Out                                                                  Salary of Development Officer for the Unity Cup Project working with
                                                                             Refugees and Asylum Seekers                                                     16,000
Kids VIP (2 of 2, total £35,000)                                             Salary of Training and Development Manager                                      10,000

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Koestler Award Trust                                                            Funding for the award scheme for young offenders                                  20,000
Kurdish Cultural Centre (2 of 2 ttoal £39,434)                                  Salary of Deputy Manager                                                          15,000
Langley House Trust                                                             Salary of Training Manager                                                        20,000
Law Centres Federation                                                          Making the website more accessible for disabled people plus website
                                                                                update costs                                                                      15,000
Leonard Cheshire Foundation                                                     Salary of Communication Project Co-ordinator                                      30,193
Little Hearts Matter                                                            Six regional training days for volunteers                                         10,000
Live Music Now                                                                  Salary of Executive Director and musicians' database costs                        20,000
Living Paintings Trust                                                          Salary of Trust Co-ordinator/Library Manager                                      20,000
Lowe Syndrome Trust                                                             Information booklet about Lowe Syndrome, training for staff and volunteers,
                                                                                travel and consultancy costs                                                       9,100
Marie Curie Cancer Care                                                         Salary of Operations Manager                                                      36,000
Maternity Alliance                                                              Salary of Advice line workers, training, contribution to line manager's salary,
                                                                                insurance, advertising and publicity, publications and subscriptions,
                                                                                telephone and other core costs                                                    18,000
Meningitis Trust                                                                Design, translation and production of bi-lingual meningitis awareness
                                                                                literature                                                                        10,000
Moving Forward Together                                                         Salary of Chief Executive                                                         16,792
Multiple Sclerosis Society                                                      Training costs for helpline volunteers                                            10,000
Muscular Dystrophy Campaign                                                     Salary of part-time Information Officer and associated costs and printing
                                                                                factsheets and updating and printing of Information Pack                          20,000
Muslim Youth Helpline (1 of 2, total £61,709)                                   Salaries of the Site Editor and Helpline Supervisor, recruitment and
                                                                                management costs                                                                  40,002
NAADAC (2 of 2, total £13,500)                                                  Office rental, printing, postage, stationery and telecommunication and
                                                                                marketing and publicity costs                                                      4,500
NACVS - National Association of CVS (2 of 2, total £32,280)                     "Releasing the learning and development potential of the CVS movement"
                                                                                project                                                                           11,330
National Aids Trust (1 of 2, total £36,542)                                     Salary of Chief Executive, Director of Policy and Campaigns, Senior Policy
                                                                                Officer & Policy and Campaigns Team Administrator and direct & operating
                                                                                costs to improve access to HIV treatment for migrants (mainly from Sub-
                                                                                Saharan Africans)                                                                 23,092
National Association for People Abused in Childhood (1 of 2, total £30,000)
                                                                                Salary of Information Line Superviser                                             20,000
National Association of Adult Placement Services                                Salary of a Training and Development Manager                                      20,000
National Association of Deafened People                                         Production and distribution of the quarterly newsletter 'Network'                  5,000
National Missing Persons Helpline (NMPH)                                        Salaries of the Head of Case Management and Case Worker                           40,000
National Organisation of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome                                 Helpline costs                                                                    10,000
Network 81                                                                      Salary of Information Officer, helpline running costs and translation of
                                                                                literature into Welsh                                                             20,000
New Jumbulance Travel Trust                                                     Newsletter costs                                                                   2,500
Nightstop UK Limited                                                            Diversity Awareness Programme and General Training Programme                      19,045

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No Way Trust Limited                                                              Salary of part-time Personal Assistant to Chief Executive                          15,912
NORM-UK                                                                           Salary of General Manager                                                          10,000
One Parent Families                                                               Salary of Helpline Worker                                                          19,627
Parents for Inclusion (1 of 2, total £15,000)                                     Salary of part-time Finance Controller and associated accounting software
                                                                                  package and training costs                                                         15,000
People First (Self Advocacy) (2 of 2, total £35,000)                              Salary of a National Team Manager                                                  10,000
Prevention of Professional Abuse Network (1 of 2, total £51,552)                  Salary of Advocacy and Support Worker                                              36,552
Princess Royal Trust for Carers (2 of 2, total £45,000)                           Salary of UK Director of Operations                                                15,000
Prison Phoenix Trust                                                              Newsletter - printing, postage and stationery costs                                11,500
Project Fullemploy (2 of 2, total £45,000)                                        Salary of the Policy and Communications Officer                                    15,000
Protein Dance                                                                     Integration of BSL into the production of 'The Big Sale' - artists' fees, studio
                                                                                  space, BSL collaborator's fee and marketing campaign                                6,000
RAPt (Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust) (1 of 2, total £32,500)        Salary of Volunteer Coordinator                                                    19,365
Rarer Cancers Forum                                                               Cost of website                                                                     4,782
Refugee and Asylum Seekers Initiative for Skills Employability (1 of 2, total
£35,000)                                                                          Salary of the Refugee Engineers Database (RED) Manager                             25,000
Regenerate (2 of 2, total £45,000)                                                Salaries of the Chief Executive and Director of Finance                            15,000
REMAP                                                                             Salary of the National Organiser                                                   20,000
Respond (3 of 3, total £60,000)                                                   Salaries of the Assistant Director posts                                           12,000
Rethink (1 of 2, total £30,909)                                                   Speak Out Speak Loud project - production of two media guides for service
                                                                                  users and carers                                                                   21,548
RNID                                                                              Purchase and maintenance of a dedicated text-to-PC Information line plus
                                                                                  initial training of Information Officers                                           19,932
Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability                                               Music Therapy Service - Senior II Music Therapy Post                               20,000
Runnymede Trust (1 of 2, total £35,000)                                           Salary of Deputy Director                                                          20,000
Ruralnet UK                                                                       Action Research ICT Collaboration Project - salary of the Project Manager,
                                                                                  CEO plus costs for fees, materials, venues and travel                              19,328
SANE                                                                              Salary of a SANELINE Co-ordinator                                                  23,579
Sheila McKechnie Foundation                                                       Salary of Regional Campaigns Manager                                               30,000
Shelter                                                                           Salary of a Diversity Manager                                                      25,406
Sibs                                                                              Salary of part-time Information Worker for England and Wales                       15,000
Skill (3 of 3, total £40,000)                                                     3 months of freelance financial consultant and book-keeping fees                    5,000
Solicitors Pro Bono Group (1 of 2, total £50,000)                                 Salary of full-time project manager for Community LawWorks project for
                                                                                  Community Groups project                                                           35,000
Stagetext                                                                         Production of 3,000 DVDs to promote captioning to provide access ot the
                                                                                  arts for deaf and deafened people                                                  15,000
Stonewall (1 of 2, total £30,000)                                                 Salary of Policy and Information Officer                                           20,000
Support After Murder & Manslaughter                                               Training for local group volunteers                                                20,800
SupportLine                                                                       Salary of the Co-ordinator/Helpline Support Worker                                 15,000
Syncope Trust and Reflex Anoxic Seizures                                          Salary of Evening Freephone Helpline Assistant                                      9,998
Terrence Higgins Trust (3 of 3, total £60,000)                                    Salary of a Specialist Immigration Solicitor and a Casework Superviser             12,000

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Time For Families                                     Salary of National Prison Development/Training Officer                          20,000
TOAST                                                 Salary of Helpline Development Worker, telephone and office costs and
                                                      training                                                                        20,000
Tourism for All UK                                    Cost of call centre set up                                                      20,000
UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum                        Salary of Administrator                                                         15,000
Unlock                                                Salary of Deputy Chief Executive                                                20,000
Venture Trust                                         Salary of Assistant Team Leader for the10-day course for participants from
                                                      England and Wales and evaluation costs                                          19,624
Vitiligo Society
                                                      Salary of a part-time Support Services Co-ordinator to support the helpline     10,000
Voice (1 of 2, total £51,843)                         Salary for specialist advocate for unaccompanied children seeking asylum
                                                      and support costs                                                               34,562
Voice UK                                              Helpline costs                                                                  16,419
Wales Millennium Centre (1 of 2, total £26,869)       Cost of providing audio described performances and creative workshops           16,023
Welsh Refugee Council (1 of 2, total £26,482)         Salaries of project team for the Refugee Well Housing Project in partnership
                                                      with other national agencies in Wales                                           13,982
Women in Secure Hospitals (2 of 2, total £45,000)     Women Moving On Project - salary of a Development Worker and
                                                      Development Co-ordinator plus project running costs                             15,000
Women's Environmental Network Trust                   Cultivating the Future Project - salary of the Project Coordinator, freelance
                                                      fees, travel, printing and administration costs                                 15,900
Working Families                                      "How to" guide for parents with disabled children, as part of the Waving not
                                                      Drowning Network                                                                30,825
YMCA                                                  National Standards Project - Standards Manager 1 day per week, 20 peer
                                                      assessors, travel and training and web time (development of e-workbooks;
                                                      creating, proofing and publishing content online                                20,000
Young Minds (1 of 2, total £40,000)                   Salary of Policy and Knowledge Officer in the Knowledge and information
                                                      Team                                                                            25,000

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Action in Communities (1 of 2, total £55,000)
                                                                               Enabling Christians in Serving Refugees project in collaboration with
                                                                               TearFund, Salvation Army, Shaftesbury Society, Riverside Vineyard Church
                                                                               and HARP Chaste - salary of a Project Manager and associated costs                    30,000
Age Concern England (1 of 2, total £114,205)                                   Older refugees and asylum seekers project in collaboration with the Refugee
                                                                               Council, AGLOW and Age Concern London                                                 61,959
Beth Johnson Foundation (2 of 2, total £81,937)                                Continuation funding for the Centre for Intergenerational Practice in
                                                                               collaboration with organisations including Age Concern England, University
                                                                               of Keele, PRIAE, Magic Me and National Mentoring Network                              42,500
DEMAND - Design And Manufacture for Disability (2 of 2, total £50,000)         Continuation funding for the Demand Forum in collaboration with MERU
                                                                               (Medical Engineering Resource Unit), BIME (Bath Institute of Medical
                                                                               Engineering) and Remap, with FAST (Foundation for Assistive Technology)
                                                                               as an associate member.                                                               25,000
Institute of Family Therapy (1 of 2, total £115,837)                           Staff salaries for the Centre for Cross Cultural Studies - collaborative project
                                                                               between IFT, Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture,
                                                                               Nottingham University and the Welsh Refugee Council                                   57,588
NCVO - National Council for Voluntary Organisations                            Evaluation costs of the Collaborative Working Unit                                     4,500
Parentline Plus (1 of 2, total £75,000)                                        Parenting consortium - collaborative project with NFPI, PESF, Parentline
                                                                               Plus and One Plus One - salary of a senior project worker and co-worker in
                                                                               each partner organisation                                                             50,000
Positive Action Training Highway (PATH) (2 of 2, total £51,725)
                                                                               Salary of IT Support Officer in collaboration with BTEG and ROTA (shared
                                                                               post between the 3 organisations) and training and mentor costs                       19,331
Prince of Wales's Foundation for Integrated Health (1 of 2, total £78,000)     Development of National Guidelines for the Use of Complementary
                                                                               Therapies in Mental Health Services in collaboration with Mind, the Mental
                                                                               Health Foundation and the Royal College of Psychiatrists                              20,000
Rethink (1 of 2, total £106,771)                                               Development of a one stop shop providing information about mental health
                                                                               for users, carers and professionals in collaboration with Mental Health Media
                                                                               and Depression Alliance                                                               78,306
Skill (1 of 2, total £50,000)                                                  Collaborative partnership with Disability Alliance to improve services to
                                                                               disabled learners and organisation working with disabled learners including
                                                                               the research and evaluation of a training package                                     32,638
Voice UK (1 of 2, total £29,989)                                               Collaborative project with St George's, University of London, to produce a
                                                                               publication 'Supporting Victims of Sexual Assault' helping organisations
                                                                               support victims who have a learning disability                                        20,000
Women's Aid Federation of England (1 of 2, total £104,747)                     Freephone 24 hour national domestic helpline costs in collaboration with
                                                                               Refuge - salaries of 2 helpline workers plus helpline committee costs                 69,222

                                                                                                                                         165 grants totalling     £3,057,481

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The New Initiatives programme supports new initiatives which demonstrate innovation, and where there is a clear intention to extend successfully piloted
projects across England and Wales as a whole.

CHARITY                                                                        WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                         £

Action for Advocacy (2 of 2, total £45,000)
                                                                               Charter in Action new initiative - staff costs, printing, stationery, travel and
                                                                               training, events, management and evaluation costs                                  22,000
Action for ME & Chronic Fatigue                                                Recruitment costs and salary of a freelance researcher to undertake pilot
                                                                               research into the level of service provision for people with ME from BME
                                                                               communities                                                                        10,000
Adoption UK                                                                    Evaluation of "It's a Piece of Cake" Parent Support Programme                      10,000
Alone In London Service (2 of 2, total £35,000)
                                                                               Supportive Relations - a pilot project to improve access to quality mediation
                                                                               services for young people and their families (salary and project costs)            10,000
Arthritis Care                                                                 Salary of Programme Development Manager and Research and
                                                                               Administration Officer - young people's pilot project                              30,554
Challenging Behaviour Foundation (3 of 3, total £70,900)                       Salary of Development Manager                                                      10,000
CHASTE (1 of 2, total £37,500)                                                 Salary of Housing Development Officer                                              27,500
Chinese Mental Health Association (1 of 2, total £45,015)                      Community based action research project looking at Alzheimer's disease
                                                                               within Chinese Communities                                                         30,015
Churches Conservation Trust                                                    Cost developing volunteering in rural areas to meet community needs pilot
                                                                               project - salary of Rural Volunteer Development Worker for Rural
                                                                               Cambridgeshire                                                                     10,000
Compass Mentoring                                                              Salary of Co-ordinator (first paid post)                                           20,000
Crisis UK                                                                      Salary of Skylight Roll-out Project Manager                                        41,517
Disabled Motorcyclist Association (1 of 2, total £30,000)                      Motorcycle Recycling Scheme Pilot Project - salary of a Motorcycle
                                                                               Recycling Co-ordinator in collaboration with the Inside Out Trust and four
                                                                               prisons                                                                            20,000
Doncaster Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Centre (1 of 2, total £46,341)     Pilot project looking at issues of domestic violence presented by inmates to
                                                                               staff in Doncaster Prison                                                          36,341
Eating Disorders Association (2 of 2, total £26,038)                           Pilot project to set up self help groups in prison                                 10,000
Empty Homes Agency                                                             Continuation of pilot work to support refugee community organisations to
                                                                               enable them to make use of vacant empty private sector property - salary
                                                                               costs for the Chief Executive, London Empty Homes Project Manager,
                                                                               administration plus other costs                                                    16,900
Foundation Training Company                                                    Resource Centres pilot - salaries of two tutors/counsellors                        30,000
Golden Freeway                                                                 Salary of the Systems Developer and CD production and distribution-costs
                                                                               for pilot work in North West                                                       20,000

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Impetus Trust                                                    Venture Philanthropy Manager, conferences, training and development,
                                                                 travel, office costs, PC and software to develop the Impetus Model              45,000
Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability                        Salary of a part-time Administrator (first paid post)                            7,000
Marriage Care                                                    Changing Marriage Care into a single charity plus funding towards Annual
                                                                 Conference costs                                                                10,000
Media Trust                                                      Pilot project looking at the needs of BME groups                                30,248
Mental Health Media Council                                      Transition funding for the Learning Difficulties Media project                  58,103
Mobex Network                                                    Salary of National LinC Co-ordinator                                            25,000
National Community Boats Association (1 of 2, total £30,000)
                                                                 'The Family's Afloat' project - office costs, website costs, end of project
                                                                 report, boat hire, travel expenses and NCBA Flow Programme development          20,000
National Estate Churches Network                                 Salary of Development Officer                                                   20,000
Refugee Council (2 of 2, total £45,000)                          Refugees and asylum seekers volunteering project - salary of Volunteer
                                                                 Development Co-ordinator salary, plus associated costs                          20,000
Telephone Helplines Association                                  Pilot project looking at good practice for text/email support services          31,110
YouthNet UK (1 of 2, total £50,994)                              A practical research project for Promoting Volunteering amongst BME
                                                                 groups through customer relationship management                                 40,994

                                                                                                                         28 grants totalling   £662,282

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The International Funding Project 2004-2005 is funding five charities working to enhance the lives of disabled people. The funding for the two year Project is fully

CHARITY                                                                          WHAT WE FUNDED                                                                             £

Africa Educational Trust (2 of 2, total £60,260)                                 Cost of support for the Disability Forum, education and training vouchers
                                                                                 costs and the purchase of educational materials plus support for resource
                                                                                 centres for disabled people in Somalia                                                 29,530
Motivation Charitable Trust (2 of 2, total £70,089)                              Project to set up a network of professional and sustainable wheelchair
                                                                                 services in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia and
                                                                                 Ethiopia                                                                               35,044
One World Action (2 of 2, total £63,690)                                         Cost of Partnership work with SOLIDEZ/FEMUCADI in Nicaragua to ensure
                                                                                 that disabled women are represented by sustainable local groups and
                                                                                 benefit from the legal frameworks being implemented                                    30,585

                                                                                                                                            3 grants totalling         £95,159


3,540 grants totalling £992,191 were made through the Foundation's staff Matched Giving Scheme, in sums of up to £400.
UK-based members of staff of Lloyds TSB Group and its subsidiaries are eligible to claim up to £400 per person per year to match funds raised for charities
falling within the Foundation's guidelines, or for time given on a voluntary basis to such charities.

Further information about the Foundation's work can be found at

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