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									“Our ChlorFree Mission is to provide the World
with Pure, Clean, Healthy and Safe Water
without the need for Chemicals or Electricity.
The ChlorFree Family of Products was designed
to aide in the “Quality of Life”

                                         About Us

                     ChlorFree Manufacturing is preparing for distribution
                            of ChlorFree products worldwide.

     Building on a six-year Central America Track Record of success,
     through cleaning the Municipal Water for City of Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica.

     Our company is recruiting people throughout the world to offer the ChlorFree

     Daily thousands of consumers drink water purified by ChlorFree products.

     Soon, many more Families and Businesses all over the world will too enjoy the

     many benefits from using ChlorFree for their swimming pools, Hot Tubs and
     Jacuzzi’s. Soon to appreciate better health from less exposure to chlorine.

  All products are manufactured according to NSF Standards. Regulated
  materials and the final assembly are completed in Costa Rica, under the
  management supervision of the product lines Inventor.

  The company will maintain a fully-stocked inventory in both Costa Rica and
  the United States in order to meet the consumer demands and will ship
  within days of receiving consumer orders.
Understanding the Value of Water

                               Did You Know?

         Water is not a renewable resource, it is finite. The water you
         use today is the same water that existed on the planet billions
         of years ago.

        Nature recycles its water supply, she doesn't generate itself
        from another source. Over two-thirds of the earth's surface is
        covered by water, however, only about 2.8 percent is fresh
        water. Only about 0.3 percent of the earth's total water
        supply is usable by humans.

         In the last decade, the earth's population increased by more
         than one billion people. The demand for fresh potable water
         is growing exponentially.
Understanding the Value of Water continued…
Living Water

           Many of us are unaware that, Pure, Clean, Safe Water is Essential to our health.
           Water plays an Important Role in most every function of our Lives.

           The average adult body is comprised of between 60% and 70% water and requires
           an average of eighty ounces (80oz.) every day to function properly.

           Considering the brain is approximately 75% water, dehydration can cause
           headaches, dizziness and even death.

           Although we drink it, cook with it, wash, fish and swim in it, we nearly always
           overlook the special relationship it has within our lives.

           Through documented research that addresses the quality of water and one’s
           health longevity, there are benefits associated with the “quality of the water” we
           drink and emerge within.

           Over the world and throughout time‚ wherever you find the healthiest, most
           contaminant-free water... you find the healthiest‚ most vibrant civilizations.

           In the early 1900s‚ before chlorine‚ pesticides‚ herbicides and the numerous other
           chemicals that people are exposed to daily. The average American had a 1 in 50
           chance of getting cancer‚ today 1 in 3 (1 in every 2 males) can expect to have
           some form of cancer in their lifetime.
Living Water continued…


           "Water and Sanitation are two primary drivers of public health.”,
           which means that once we can secure access to clean water and
           to adequate sanitation facilities for all people, the battle against
           diseases will begin to be won." The Right to Water.

          United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan recently stated
          that, “The human right to water entitles everyone to sufficient,
          safe, acceptable, physically accessible and affordable water for
          personal and domestic uses”

          Dr. LEE Jong-Wook, Director-General, World Health
          Organization, too stated," We shall not defeat AIDS, tuberculosis,
          malaria, or any of the other infectious diseases that plague the
          developing world until we have also won the battle for safe,
          drinking water, sanitation and basic health care.”
Demands on Water Resources Continue to Increase

                           Water, Our most Precious Resource

              Laundry- Housecleaning- Watering the lawn- Washing the car-
              Giving the dog a bath.

              Within industrialized countries, the average family of four utilizes
              250 gallons of water each day.

              But that's only a minor part of the water usage. Many of the
              things that we take for granted, things that make our lives easier,
              also depend on the ways we use water. Drinking- Cooking-
              Bathing- requires vast quantities of this precious resource we
              take for granted, water.

              In the United States, water consumption has increased by more
              than 100 percent within the last half century. During the same
              period, consumption rose more than 500 percent in Europe and
              300 percent in Africa.

              Many experts predict world consumption will double by 2020.
Concerns About Water Quality

                          It’s not a secret anymore

          A survey by the Water Quality Association found that three-
          quarters of Americans don't believe their household water
          supply is as safe as it could be. In a recent USA
          Today/CNN/Gallup Poll, 47 percent of respondents reported
          they won't drink water straight from the tap.

          Water runoff from industrial plants and farms, acid rain and
          other forms of pollution have tainted groundwater and surface
          water supplies in many areas of the world. Environmental
          practices have had an enormous impact on water quality.
          Contamination problems are epidemic in the developing

          Some of the most serious incidents have involved bacteria. A
          1993 outbreak of cryptosporidium in Milwaukee affected more
          than 400,000 residents and caused more than 100 attributable
          deaths. Other virulent pathogens have also intruded into
          municipal water supplies with alarming frequency.

          Providing Solutions for Today’s Water Problem’s

          Governments around the globe, on every level are
          investing hundreds of billions of dollars to improve
          infrastructure and mandate higher water quality

          More and more individuals are relying on modern home
          water treatment systems to assure an ample supply of
          fresh, pure water..
Exceptional People

               People are our most important asset

               Customers expect world-class service, every day and with
               every transaction. In order to meet this expectation we turn
               to a primary component of any business - the Person.

               ChlorFree employees must be customer service specialists.
               ChlorFree is committed to the personal and professional
               development of each individual that is employed with the

               We employ the most qualified individuals who are willing to
               provide or to gain training as a diverse water services
Exceptional Products

            In addition to exceptional people, sound products are the
            second component of a successful business.

            ChlorFree plans to always provide cost-effective water
            technologies and solutions.

            ChlorFree will commit to creating innovative product
            solutions to be on the leading edge of technology in order
            to maintain profit margins.
Exceptional Systems

               The ChlorFree Brand Name, Operating Procedures,
               Training and Support will be maintained at the highest
               quality to maintain satisfied ChlorFree customers.

               The result will enable ChlorFree to continually operate at
               an extremely profitable margin in a growing market.
Water Purification Apps.

           Aqua-Smart Hull
           Pools & spa’s
           Water Features
           Drinking Water
           Well Water

             ChlorFree has developed a Safe, Easy and Profitable
             alternative to using chlorine for Water Purification. A
             Submersible - Water Activated Ionic Capsule produces Crystal
             Clear, Bacteria and Algae FREE, Pure, Fresh Water.

             ChlorFree utilizes the sequestering agents of Pure Silver,
             Enriched Copper, Zinc and Activated Carbon plus other non-
             invasive materials and when carefully combined, these minerals
             produce Ionization to Sanitize and Completely Control all types
             of algae: yellow algae, green algae, black algae and bacteria.

             ChlorFree is provided by Nature as a Natural, Healthy and
             Chemical-Free Disinfectant for all forms of Fresh Water
             Treatment and Purification.
Aqua-Smart Hull

                  The Armored Hull Shield™ is a self contained pool that is
                  moored in a marina slip. The Shield provides a complete
                  enclosure around the underside of the boat isolating it
                  from the surrounding water. It literally acts as a suit of
                  armor to protect the boat from the harmful elements of
                  salt water. Until recently, chlorine has been used to
                  eliminate unwanted mussel, clam, weed and algae growth.
                  With new legislation banning the use of chlorine and
                  other anti-fouling chemicals that are proving to be
                  harmful to the environment in marinas and harbors
                  across the globe, a new application was identified for the
                  ChlorFree technology.

                  Armored Hull and ChlorFree Global have jointly designed
                  the “Aqua-Smart Hull”, a system that eliminates the
                  growth of mussels, clams, weeds and algae growth
                  without the use of chlorine. Not only is the bottom of the
                  boat protected, but so are the props and out-drive. With
                  the protection of an Aqua-Smart Hull™ shield, boat
                  owners never need to hire divers to scrape the hull, and
                  never need to do it themselves. No anti-fouling bottom
                  paint is ever required.
Pools & Spa’s

                     Your pool and spa have never looked better

            Today, you can Purify pool water without the need for chlorine
            with ChlorFree, a Truly Remarkable Product!

            EPA approved ChlorFree insures the elimination and control of
            harmful bacteria, algae and microbes to produce a Sparkling
            Fresh, Soft, Clean Environment.

            Using ChlorFree is Easy and virtually Maintenance Free.

            Simply drop the ChlorFree Genie into your pool or spa –and
            that’s it! Within a few days the pool will be transformed into
            Crystal Clear water that has been Laboratory Tested as “Clean
            enough to drink”!

            The purifying action of the ChlorFree lasts for one full year.
Fresh Water Aquariums

           Maintain clear, healthy aquarium water with minimal effort

           The ChlorFree Ionizing Capsule is a revolutionary product
           for aquarium maintenance. The technology positively
           charges the water environment and significantly changes
           the process of maintaining a healthy aquarium.

            ChlorFree instantly neutralizes heavy metals and
           replaces the natural slime coating fish need in times of

           Algae on glass or acrylic has no chance against the
           ChlorFree Ionizing Capsule. ChlorFree provides a
           healthy beautiful environment for your fish, while
           dramatically reducing both Cost and Time in Aquarium
Water Features

                 Your water feature problems will disappear with

                 ChlorFree eliminates unsightly algae growth from water
                 features. Water features are small self – contained and
                 often organically rich and as a result they exhibit a
                 unique range of problems.

                 ChlorFree Ionizing Capsules are fast acting, 100% Eco-
                 Safe and Easy to use. For pure water quality, algae
                 control and prevention, you’ll learn that ChlorFree is the
                 answer for you water feature maintenance needs.
Bottled Water from your Tap

       Business in a bottle

       Business in a bottle- introducing “The Golden Egg”

       The ChlorFree Submersible Ionizing “GOLDEN Egg” formula, is a
       mixture of 5 minerals: Silver, Copper, Zinc, Carbon and Palladium.

       The GOLDEN Egg, when placed within a water bottle or water cooler
       dispenser, produces Ionized, Sanitized and Purified Water --without any
       additional cost/requirements for electricity or additional plumbing.

       When the ChlorFree GOLDEN Egg gets immersed into water, a galvanic
       action causes the minerals to slowly produce positively charged sub-
       atomic particles known as "Ionization“. After a 24 hr. period, these
       positively charged ions permeate the water completely sanitizing and
       neutralizing multiple forms of bacteria, viruses and other toxic
Bottled Water from your Tap

                                     Business in a bottle introducing “The Golden Egg”

      Follow these simple instructions and enjoy crystal clear, totally pure water, of the best taste and smell,
      free of harmful microorganisms, without toxic disinfectants, and with the protection of disinfection residual.

      1. Fill the five gallon bottle to the point Indicated by the red line, shown in the Illustration to the
      left. Do not fill above this line.

      2. Drop the ChlorFree Golden Egg inside the bottle and keep it there for at least 24 hours to ionize
      The water completely.

      3. It is very important not to cap the bottle so that the chlorine can completely evaporate and dissipate
             out of the water. After 24 hours, agitate or shake the water in the bottle to completely
             disperse the concentration of ions throughout the water in the bottle. The water will be completely
             disinfected and clearer than ever, with the best taste and smell. Most important the ionization
             effect of ChlorFree maintains the water quality so that the water will not be re-contaminated.

      Important: This ChlorFree water ionizer is made to purify 2 to 5 gallons of regular piped water in a
      period of 24 hours. This ionizer by itself is not made to purify extremely contaminated water, such as
      river water, or residual untreated water.
Well Water Purification

             40 million Americans (15% of households) get their drinking
                        water from unregulated private water wells.

              The ChlorFree Potable Well Systems will operate either in a
              sediment collection tank environment or when placed directly
              into the well below the submersible pump.

              The ChlorFree Water Purification System is highly efficient
              and needs only to be replaced after every twenty-four months
              of in-service.

              An Independent Water Quality Control Laboratory can be
              commissioned to sample the Well before implementation.

              Initial Laboratory Testing (ILT) provides presence of the
              specific contamination. Using this information, each
              Customer will then be equipped with the specific ChlorFree
              System to meet their purification needs.
Cistern Water Purification

                Life Giving Water

                Water is necessary for survival. A short period of time without
                this liquid is certain death. Billions of people are additionally
                brought to suffering, disease and famine.

                Over 25% of humanity is subjected to drinking polluted or
                unsanitary water every day! There are thousands of rural
                villages in high altitudes that their only source of water is what
                they are able to collect and only when it rains.

                ChlorFree is providing remedies for many families in order to
                eliminate water-borne suffering by providing a cost-effective
                solution for purifying cistern water.

                Families world over can experience a new way of life if they
                were only provided with easy access to potable water.
Agriculture Applications

            CFG Global Impact

            The Worldwide Agricultural Industry is a viable market for
            ChlorFree. Farming communities which provide fruit, vegetables
            and fibers, have had to deal with water born disease and
            contaminated water sources for decades.

            In these environments, where there is an absence of electricity,
            maintenance, transportation and skilled workers ChlorFree will be
            a Perfect Fit.

            ChlorFree believes that it’s product can increase crop growth and
            eliminate certain types of Deadly Bacteria like E-coli.
Commercial Applications

                The Commercial Applications for ChlorFree are literally
                endless. Food, textiles, paper, microchips, cooling
                towers/mechanical systems, diesel fuel storage, just to
                name a few.

                 Bringing Potable Water to a Global Community

                 Since September 2001, the Community of Flamingo Beach,
                 Costa Rica has enjoyed numerous benefits by using
                 ChlorFree H20 Water Purification System.

                 “Purifying” over 1,300,000-gallons of water consumed every
                 day. This system will grow by 300% by end of 2006,
                 increasing the daily usage up to nearly 4 million gallons per

                 Jonlyn Guidry, who Managed the Playa Flamingo Water for
                 over 5-years stated, “Water quality certainly is one of the most
                 important factors when considering where to live, so for all of
                 us who have chosen Flamingo as home, and for anyone
                 considering where to buy of rent; this has been a wonderful
                 addition to our beautiful community. Our lives have been
                 greatly improved by the addition of the ChlorFree System and
                 would highly recommend it to any town or individual”.

        Facts from a recently released United Nations Study

        Water quality is declining in most regions, affecting the diversity of
        freshwater species and ecosystems. Poor water quality is a key
        product of impoverished areas. Nearly 3.1m people died in 2002 as a
        result of diarrhea diseases and malaria, 90% of whom were
        defenseless children.

        The world will require 55% more food by 2030, increasing the demand
        for irrigation which already accounts for 70% of all freshwater used by
        humans. Many places are "losing" 30-40% of water through leakage
        and illegal extraction. Political corruption is estimated to cost the water
        sector millions of dollars every year and undermines services.

        While governments and the private sector work to find solutions for the
        provision of clean drinking water in the underserved communities in
        the U.S. and around the world, bottled water may be the most efficient
        and cost effective means of delivering clean, sanitary drinking water to
        communities in need.
Facts Cont’

  Focusing specifically on the North American pool business, approximately
  2% of the population owns pools. With 6,450,000 pools in North America
  each would spend on average $1,000 dollars per season to maintain their
  pools. So the average home owner spends $1000 USD annually X
  6,450,000,000 pools = $6.45 billion.

  The World Fact-book. Washington, D.C.: Central Intelligence Agency, 2003;
  bartleby.com, 2003 and National Spa and Pool Institute (2002), Ozone and
  Reverse Osmosis have also become a familiar method of purifying water,
  however, this process is very expensive , requires Electricity at a cost of
  approximately $1.73 USD per 1000 gallons.

  The U.S. average for Chlorine water treatment is slightly more than
  $2 per 1,000 gallons.

  ChlorFree purifies for penny’s on the dollar per gallon.
Facts Cont’

        Water on Tap: A Consumer's Guide to the Nation's Drinking Water, a
        U.S. EPA Office of Water Publication.

        Water-related equipment and services make up a $400 billion global
        market; in the United States alone, most analysts expect the water
        market to be worth at least $150 billion by the year 2010.
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