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Macquarie Express Guarantee
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                    The Macquarie Express Guarantee is a bank                Why use a Macquarie Express Guarantee?
                    guarantee that gives you a better option than directly   Situations when you may need a bank guarantee
                    outlaying your cash. Instead, use your cash to obtain    include:
                    a Macquarie Express Guarantee and we’ll pay you
                    interest* during the term of the agreement.              – When you are buying a property, especially off-the-
                                                                               plan purchases. The guarantee effectively takes
                    Unlike other bank guarantees we don’t require              the place of the cash deposit between the time of
                    your financial statements or put you through a time        exchange and settlement of the property.
                    consuming, credit assessment process. There are no
                    ongoing account keeping fees, and you don’t need to      – When you enter into a lease for your business
                    have an existing banking relationship with Macquarie       premises. The guarantee is issued to your landlord
                    to apply.                                                  or real estate agent as your commercial bond.
                                                                             – When you enter into a building contract, your
                                                                               builder may require security to be lodged for
                                                                               reasons such as cost overruns or failure to meet
                                                                               a progress payment. A bank guarantee can be
                                                                               issued for this purpose.
                                                                             The Macquarie Express Guarantee can be used in all
                                                                             of these situations, and is fast, easy and ready when
                                                                             you are.
                                                                                                                          Macquarie Express Guarantee 2

How you can benefit

Features                                                How you can benefit
 Simple application process                             Just one form to complete. No credit approval process or
                                                        financials required.
 Fast turnaround                                        No lengthy processing. Typically just 4 days from receipt of your
                                                        application - a fast, easy way to get organised.
 Earn interest*                                         Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly.

 Minimum one-off application fee                        Only a one-off $400 up front application fee applies.

 You set the term                                       You have the option of setting an expiry date or leaving the term
                                                        of the guarantee open.
 No fees                                                No ongoing line fees or charges.

 Cash backed                                            Cash deposit secured - simple to set up, then set and forget.

* Interest is paid on Deposits Amounts at the Macquarie Express Guarantee Rate. The Macquarie Express Guarantee Rate is a
  variable rate of interest and is subject to change at any time without notice. You can obtain details about the Macquarie Express
  Guarantee Rate on our website at

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