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									           Public Relations
                      GCSE Business Studies
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              What is Public Relations
     A form of communication between a business and its
     Not paid for (compare with advertising – which has to be paid
     Does not aim to directly generate sales
     Aims to build “goodwill” – e.g. people think positively about a
     business and its products/services
     Lots of different ways to do it
     Often referred to just as “PR”

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           Objectives of Public Relations
     Achieve favourable publicity about business at low cost
     Build image and reputation of business and its products,
     particularly amongst customers
     Communicate effectively with customers

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           Comparison with Advertising
     No direct charge made for PR
     However, business will need to pay for its own PR
     department or external PR consultant
     PR is arguably more powerful
       Message communicated through PR is often more believable
        than paid for advertising
       Involves getting other people or organisations to say positive
        things about a business (e.g. magazine articles, product
       No guarantee that PR will reach its target audience (newspapers
        may fail to print story) whereas advertising must be printed since
        space in newspaper is paid for

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           Examples of Public Relations
     Consumer marketing support
       Product literature
       Consumer and trade press releases
       Special events (e.g. product launches, publicity stunts)
     Business communication
       Business identity – e.g. logos. Brochures
       Trade exhibitions and conferences
     Financial and public communication
       Media relations
       Lobbying politicians
       Annual report and accounts
       Company / business website

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