Lesser War Memorial Hall Hire Form

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					                                           ABN 19 824 630 520
                              109 BROOME STREET, COTTESLOE WA 6011
                    PHONE: 9285 5000 FA X: 9285 5001 EMAIL:

                                APPLICATION FOR HALL HIRE

       LESSER HALL                                  WAR MEMORIAL HALL


  Applicant _____________________________________________________________________
  Hiring Organisation ____________________________________________________________
  Address ____________________________________________________ Post Code _____________
  Phone (W) _________________________________ Phone (H) ___________________________
  Type of Function ____________________________ Number Attending _____________________
  Date From _________________________________ Date To ______________________________
  Start Time _________________________________ Finish Time ___________________________


  Hall Hire (Inc. GST)                  $______________          Hourly Rate – min 2 hrs. $____________
  Key Deposit – Lesser Hall Only        $______________
  Piano Hire (Inc. GST)                 $______________
  Bond Hall                             $______________
  Bond Piano                            $______________
  SUB TOTAL                             $______________
  Less Discount (if applicable)         $______________
  TOTAL                                 $______________          Receipt No _________________________

  All booking cancellations to be notified in writing at least 30 days prior to day of use, or initial booking
  fee will apply.
  After the date of the function, the hirer will need to write a letter to the Town of Cottesloe, requesting the
  bond to be refunded. Please note, the hirer is responsible for maintaining the condition of the hall and any
  equipment hired. If there are any damages to the equipment or the hall, the bond will not be refunded.
  The Lesser Hall key deposit ($20.00) will be refunded once the key is returned to the Town of Cottesloe’s
  reception. Please note, it is forbidden to duplicate keys to the Lesser Hall. The keys always remain the
  responsibility of the hirer.
  I have read and agree to abide by all relevant conditions of the hire for the Lesser and/or War Memorial
  Hall. Hire fees are to be paid with this application.

  SIGNATURE ________________________________________ DATE_________________________
                                          ABN 19 824 630 520
                              109 BROOME STREET, COTTESLOE WA 6011
                    PHONE: 9285 5000 FAX: 9285 5001 EMAIL:

                        LESSER HALL & WAR MEMORIAL HALL
                                CONDITIONS OF USE

1.  All catered functions should be booked through Mustard Catering (08) 9384 2422.
2.  Payment, including bond, must accompany your application form to secure your booking.
    This should be made to the Town of Cottesloe, 109 Broome Street, COTTESLOE WA
    6011. (If paying in person, the Reception is open from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to
3.  The giving of bond does not release the hirer from liability for the cost of cleaning,
    making good any damage or replacing the keys in excess of the amount of the bond.
4.  All booking cancellations to be notified in writing at least 30 days prior to day of use, or
    initial booking fee will apply.
5.  Council reserves the right to permit other events and activities to occur in any part of the
    Civic Centre at the same time as your event.
6.  Please note that vehicles are not permitted within the grounds. Failure to adhere to
    Council Policy may result in a parking infringement being issued. Parking is available in
    Napier Street and Broome Street.
7.  No alcohol may be purchased, sold or consumed within the Civic Centre Grounds.
8.     No internal or external decorations are to be erected without prior approval from Council.
       The driving of nails, tacks, screws etc. into the walls or woodwork or the use of adhesive
       tape is forbidden.
9.     At the completion of your function, the halls must be:
       (a) cleared of any equipment brought into the hall. (No responsibility is taken for
           equipment left in the hall);
       (b) cleared of all rubbish. Please use the bins provided.
       (c) cleaned and left in a tidy condition, ready for the next user group. Please sweep the
       floors but do not wash the polished floor board as it will have a damaging effect.
** Lesser Hall ONLY
** 10. There are approximately 8 trestles and 100 chairs in the hall storeroom for your use free
       of charge. A chair trolley has been provided to move the chairs quickly and safely.
       Trestles and chairs must not be dragged across the floor as this will damage the
       floorboards. After use, please wipe clean the trestles and chairs and return them to their
       respective storage areas.
11.    All windows and doors must be locked, lights, heaters and fans need to be turned off on
12.    Security Lights have been installed outside the Lesser Hall for your safety, and switch on
       and off automatically.
13.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to prevent disturbances or noise to occur within the hall
     or adjacent surrounds that may be to the detriment of nearby residents.
14.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to comply with copyright regulations for the use of
     music at private functions. Contact APRA – Ph: 9322 4108 or Fax: 9321 3660.
                                  WESTERN AUSTRALIAN POLICE
                                   Environmental Protection Act (1986)
                                  Police Powers and Householders Advice

Generally it is accepted that people are not unreasonable and want other people to be able to have a good time.
However they do not expect their health, welfare, convenience, comfort, or amenity to be affected. If unreasonable
noise near their residence upsets them they will call Police. When Police find the complaint is justified, they can
either orally or in writing direct people making unreasonable noise to cease. Failing to comply with directions can
result in equipment being seized, prosecution or both. The duration of the noise and time of day affects enforcement
of the Environmental Protection Act.

The following noise levels apply in residential areas:
At the fence line of the property where the noise is being emitted –
     Ø 7.00am to 7.00pm noise should not exceed a quiet petrol powered lawn mower.
     Ø 7.00am to 10.00pm noise should not exceed raised voices (not shouting).
     Ø 0.00pm to 7.00am the noise should not exceed normal voices.

Regulation 14 allows these levels to be breached between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm Monday to Saturday, 9.00 am and
7.00 pm for activities associated with normal living for up to 2 hours, or musical instruments for one hour. The
activity must be done in the quietest possible way and a person must always be present.

The following suggestions are offered as guidance:
    Ø When planning parties, advise neighbours stating the reason for the function and a proposed finish time.
         (Remember Police only react to noise complaints, if neighbours consider it reasonable they will not ring the
    Ø Attendance should be by invitation only. Experience has shown that open invitations frequently result in
         damage or disturbances which have the potential to attract criminal and civil prosecutions.
    Ø It is a fact, that as the night progresses, the background nois e reduces. The resulting effect is that the real
         noise level increases. To compensate for this anomaly, the volume of music must be reduced. If someone
         is shouting, loud or boisterous then it is your responsibility to quieten them down.
    Ø It is advisable to keep the guests either inside the house or at the rear. This reduces the likelihood of
         gatecrashes, makes the neighbours feel safer, keeps the rubbish on your property and police do not have a
         cause to issue infringements for breaches of the Liquor Act.

Police have the following powers under the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act.
1. On the first visit Police can seize all or pat of the offending equipment using Section 81, if they believe their
    directions will be ignored. They can also prosecute for breaching the Act. The alternative is they can issue a
    formal direction either orally or in writing under 81(1)(a) to cease making unreasonable noise and this direction
    must be complied with forthwith and can remain in force for up to seven days.
2. Police have the power by virtue to Section 82 to enter any premises at any time, using force if required and
    without a warrant, to prevent an offence or to take noise readings.
3. Measurements can be taken by authorised persons or observation based purely on Police experience.
4. It is an offence against Section 93 to hinder, obstruct or delay Police enforcing this Act.
5. Police can demand the name and address of persons present including the occupier; using Section 82(1)(b)(l)
    and (ii).
6. Police can require the owner or persons present to assist to dismantle the equipment. Failing to assist as
    requested is an offence against the Act.
7. It is not necessary for Police to identify the owner or person in charge of the function to have this Act complied
    with as any person present or seen leaving and spoken to by Police can be held accountable and responsible.
8. Seized equipment can be held for up to seven days.
9. Police have the discretion to prosecute for breaches of this legislation.
10. It should be noted that the Act specifically provides that Police cannot be held responsible for any damage
    caused while enforcing the provisions of the Act.

                       PENALTIES UNDER THIS ACT CAN BE FINES UP TO $5,000

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