Public Sector Project Management Public Sector Forum Spring 2005

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					  Public Sector Project Management Public Sector Forum Fall 2005
                            Panel Discussion:

Opening & Closing Projects in the Public Sector

                       City of Hamilton
                  Presented by:   Peter Ryder, PMP
• Science vs Art of PM
• Political Climate/ Corporate Culture
• Scalability

         1.The Project Initiating Process
         IDEA – Corporate ? > 50/50 ($50k/50 days)

         ITST - Screening
         A (Proposal) - B (Business Case) - Project Charter

                                 Development      Deployment

             Pre-Project Stage    Project Stage   Production Systems   3
                                              Technology Related Project                 Appendix A
                                            Initial Submission Form for ITST

1. Submitting Department:      <department name>
2. Submitting Division:        <division>
3. Contact Person:             <name, title, telephone>
4. Project Name:               <Project Name>
5. Estimated One Time Cost: $ <low estimate> to $ <high estimate>
   <estimated resource Hours ITS, non ITS staff>

6. Estimated Annual Cost:   $ <low estimate> to $ <high estimate>
   <estimated resource Hours ITS, non ITS staff>

7. Estimated Payback Period:    <low estimate> to <high estimate>
                                <estimated timelines>

8. Project Background - Business Opportunity or Problem that is being addressed:

9. Project Description - outline the recommended solution, alternatives, and benefits:
   <include any alternatives, including other city technology>
   <Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats>

10. Strategic Fit/ Positioning - outline alignment with department goals and corporate goals:
    <aligns with <strategy>, re-usable, etc>

11. Business Impact - outline business process improvements:

12. Business Impact - outline the impact on the department:
    <integrates with processes, applications, re-usable in <area> for <purpose>, etc >

13. Business Impact - outline the impact on the organization:
    <integrates with corporate applications, re-use, etc>
    <have other departments been consulted ? who and when ?>

14. Risk:
    <include risk – description, probability and impacts>

15. Benefit and Costs - outline service improvements:
    <quantifiable benefits eg. increase home visits 5%, 10%, 15%, more than 15%>
    <qualitative benefits>

16. No/ Go - outline impact of status quo:
    <eg. Loss of one time funding, but cancel the project because …>

Signature of Submittor __<ITST Dept representative>__                        Date____________   5
Introduced in 2004 : Being used in 2005

Project Funding Source
Process for Process sake

Submissions being made, Projects being Approved
Portfolio Management
Project Profile/ Monitoring
 2.The Project Closure Process
End of Project Assessment (project review – lessons
Customer Satisfaction Survey (1-4 – lessons learned)
End of Project Metrics (triple constraint)
Project Manager Report Card (staff assessment)
Project Termination Checklist (release resources)
Client Acceptance and Signoff Form (formal acceptance
- next)

PRESERVE THE RELATIONSHIP !                             7
                          Information Technology Services Division
                Project Client Acceptance and Sign-Off Form
                                          [Project Name]
                                        Created by [Author]
            [Use this document to get the client’s sign-off once the project is completed.]

Project Name:
This document has been issued by:                                             Date:

The project outcome has been measured against its acceptance criteria and has been formally accepted on behalf of the client.
Unless otherwise noted, the project may now be closed.

Additional Comments about the Client’s Acceptance:
Recorded Shortfalls (if any):
Name of Executive Sponsor:                   Signature:                             Date:
Name of Client Project Manager:              Signature:                             Date:
Name of Project Manager:                     Signature:                             Date:

Introduced in 2003

‘Blind’ Signatories
Responsibility vs Delegation

Think before you sign
Projects do End
Lessons Learned
Thank You