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					 Introduction to NWIEP
and its relationship with
Rosemary Ramirez NWIEP Programme Director
Who is the NWIEP?
The North West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership was established in
response to the National Improvement and Efficiency Strategy to drive the
region’s ambitions for excellence through improvement and efficiency.

We aim to help councils and the sub-regions drive their own improvement
and efficiency agenda for the benefit of the region’s public services.
      NWIEP Governance
Strategic Forum
Chaired by Council Tim Stoddard
Member led made up of NWIEP Members Board and the Partnership Management Board
Responsible for strategic decision making, management and monitoring of Partnership activity.

Partnership Management Board
Chief Executive led. Made up of 2 Chief Executives from each of the sub-regions, alongside
representatives from Fire & Rescue and more recently from the Strategic Health Authority, and the
Supported by regional advisors in the form of the Audit Commission, IDeA, GONW and NWEO.
Responsible for delivery of member priorities, performance monitoring, consideration of sector and
organizational improvement & efficiency issues, and strategic policy issues linked to national and
regional issues for discussion at NW IEP Strategic Forum level

Members Board
Also Chaired by Council Tim Stoddard and is made up of one leader from each sub region (to be
increased to two) and elected member representatives from Fire and Rescue, Police and North
West Employers Organisation
Will act as the core panel for the members Gateway
     Sub Regional Finance
Approximately 60% of the funding, £4.3 million has been allocated directly to the sub
regions in year one

A calculation of size, number of authorities and population was used to determine how
much each sub region received

The sub regions were asked to submit plans to NWIEP explaining what they will spend this
money on and what they will achieve by doing so, addressing the priorities set out in the
regional plan, on a pre agreed form

The submissions were taken to the NWIEP Management Board for approval 20.05.08

The money can be claimed quarterly against expenditure

We were initially the only region in the country to take this devolved approach, but others
are now following!
  Regional Providers
£4 million has been allocated to the regional enablers in year one

There is no guarantee that this funding will continue

The Management Board will determine what money is allocated to which
regional providers based upon identified needs in years 2 and 3
  List of Regional Providers
Regional Programme                                    Programme Lead
Neighbourhoods NW Gateway                             Helena Kettleborough
North West Together We Can (WTWC)                     Eve Davidson
North West Liveability Foundation (NWLF)              Liz Moss
North West Regional Procurement Programme             Ian Brown
North West Construction Hub                           Neil Davies
Joint Improvement Partnership                         David Jones (CSIP)
North West Climate Change Support Programme (CLASP)   Ailsa Gibson
North West LSP Support Package                        John Tench
North West Fire and Rescue Services                   Ged Murphy
NWeGG “Added Value” Programme                         Phil Swan
Equalities and Diversity Gateway                      Liz McQue
Leadership Development Gateway                        Liz McQue
North West Member Development Gateway                 Liz McQue
North West Workforce Development Gateway              Liz McQue
    Regional Support for
Liverpool Strategic Innovation and Improvement Programme (SIIP) Ben Dolan

Fylde Borough Council –   Improvement Support         Philip Woodward

Want to know more? NWIEP Offer Launch Event 23.10.08 Warrington
NWIEP Challenge to Cumbria

Identify ongoing issues

Invest improvement and efficiency support effectively

To support your colleagues within your sub region who may be struggling on
specific delivery areas
CLG remain unclear about performance requirements with the only
exceptions being the clear 3% efficiency target and LAA delivery

A performance monitoring framework has been developed and issued to the
sub regions and regional providers alike for quarterly completion

The outcomes of the performance monitoring framework will be taken to the
NWIEP Partnership Management Board who are accountable for the money
that has been issued.
A number of employees from NWCE and NWIN have been retained to
finalise their existing work or to support the transition to NWIEP.

However, any ongoing roles within NWIEP will be advertised

It is hoped that the small core team will be in place by the beginning of 2009
to support strategy, delivery and sustainability
   NWIEP Vision and Mission
Our vision: The North West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership will lead
the ambition, foster innovation and share best practice and learning to support
the public sector in delivering better outcomes for their communities. In doing
so, it will establish the North West’s reputation as an innovator within the
national improvement and efficiency agenda.

Our mission statement: The North West Improvement and Efficiency
Partnership will support public sector organisations by funding, co-ordinating
and communicating a range of focused programmes that will significantly
transform the delivery of their efficiency and improvement strategies. We will be
instrumental in increasing spread of best practice across the region’s public
sector organisations. We will be a forerunner in the drive to secure leading-edge
public services for the North West. We will be a focal point to inspire the North
West’s public sector to stretch for the best possible performance in order to
deliver world-class services.

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