; Jenny Gilks – Textile artist
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Jenny Gilks – Textile artist


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									 New Art Workshops for
 Primary Schools
 The following sessions have been developed by local freelance artists in association with Salisbury
 Museum. All of the workshops are inspired by objects in the collection and are designed to bring
 specialist arts and crafts into the classroom. Schools will receive a teacher’s pack which will include
 prep activities, notes and risk assessments.

Fun with Fibres                                                              Art and design, Unit 1B Investigating
Wiltshire’s rich wool and textile industry is the inspiration for this
                                                                             Science , Unit 1C: Sorting and using
wonderful workshop in which children will be encouraged to work with
natural and manmade fusible fibres to create colorful wall hangings that
                                                                             History, Unit 2: What were homes
can be displayed in school.
                                                                             like a long time ago?

Tessellating with Textiles                                                   Art and design ,Unit 3B:
                                                                             Investigating pattern
Using a 90 year old, hand stitched patchwork quilt from the museum’s
                                                                             Numeracy, Understanding shape
collection as inspiration this workshop combines maths, history and art
                                                                             History, Unit 9: Section 6: In what
to help children explore tessellation. They will use transfer dyes to
                                                                             other ways might the war have
decorate individual fabric hangings which can be displayed in school.
                                                                             affected people?

                                        The artist : Jenny Gilks
Jenny has worked extensively schools, galleries and museums as a freelance artist and educator. As a former
teacher she has experience of managing the classroom and is keen to enable children and young people to have
fun whilst learning new skills and achieving pleasing results of which they can be proud.

Cost: £170 both whole day sessions+ £1.50 per head for materials + £0.25 per mile round trip from

To book a session call the Learning and Outreach Officer on 01722 332151 or email

Roman Mosaic Art                                                             Numeracy: sequencing colours for
                                                                             pattern design
Pupils will learn the practical skills to create a unique heatproof mosaic
                                                                             History: Unit 6A: Why have people
coaster with beautiful porcelain tiles. The workshop is inspired by the
                                                                             invaded and settled in Britain in the
museum’s Roman Mosaic Pavement on permanent display in the
                                                                             past? A Roman case study
Archaeology Galleries. The workshop will explore ancient mosaics as well
                                                                             DT: practical skills of cutting,
as contemporary methods and can be delivered as a half day workshop in
                                                                             manipulating and understanding the
school or at the museum as part of a whole day programme
                                                                             materials used.

                                     The artist: Joanna Dewfall
Joanna has been working as an artist with schools and youth groups for over 20 years. Projects vary from one
day, to residencies spanning several weeks. Visit www.dewfallmosaic.co.uk for more information

Cost: £85 per half day session + £1 per child to cover materials + 25p per mile from Newton Tony

To book a session at the school call Joanna direct on 01980 629472 or email joanna@dewfallmosaic.co.uk. To
book a session at the museum email education@salisburymuseum.org.uk

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