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					Private Peaceful

Friday, 09 April 2010
Recap of previous lessons
1. Two outcomes remaining
  1. Critical essay
  2. Creative writing piece
2. Essay titles to chose from
  –   How does Michael Morpugo effectively describe the horrors of war?
  –   “Home’s home. Here’s here.” (p165) Show how Michael Morpugo contrasts
      the ideas of “peace” and “war”
  –   “…even my courage to be a coward had evaporated.” (p161) Do we admire
      Tommo Peaceful, or pity him?

3. Last chapter –
  •   The Peacefuls arrive at “The Front”.
  •   The realities of like at war begin to affect them.
  •   Tommo falls in love (again…)
   Today’s Lesson Aims
1. To read to the end of Twenty Five
   Minutes Past Three
2. To look at and take notes on how MM
   creates a sense of realism and horror in
   the battle scenes
3. To look at and take notes on how
   Tommo’s character is being changed by
   his new life
      Today’s “End of Chapter” Questions
1.   Quote a line from p137 which shows how devastated the
     town is
2.   How does MM use the animals to add to the sense of
     desolation? (p139)
3.   What is the “sickly sweet” smell that no one will talk about?
4.   What 4 different ways do the Germans have of killing the
     British (p139)?
5.   Why does Tommo feel a “surge of triumph” at the end of the
     German charge (p140)?
6.   What emotions does Tommo feel when he chases the
     Germans to their trench. Explain whether this behaviour
     surprises you. (p140)
7.   Quote the line of alliteration on p141 and explain how
     successful you think the author is in conveying the true horror
     of war in this single line.