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									  A Joint Venture With One Voice

                                                 Published by the Idaho Chapter of IAWP “Partners in Workforce Development”
    INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                                    The solution to your compulsive
                                               The Power in You                          behavior is YOU!
           Click the link Below
                                               continues with Self-
 The Power in You continues                    Control                                   What controls you? You can crush
                                                                                         those insurmountable habits that
 with Self-Control................. 1                                                    seem to have you in their clutches!
                                               Lu Lineberry – Chapter President
                                                                                         How? Through self-control!
 Director’s Message...............2
                                               Wouldn't it be wonderful if you
                                                                                         Almost everyone agrees that we
 14 Facts..................................3   could control your behavior?
                                                                                         need to have self-control, but few
                                               You'd       avoid        over-eating,
                                                                                         understand how to get it; or they
 Subchapter Activities..........         3     alcoholism, all bad habits,
                                                                                         think that it is not for them.
                                               procrastination,      being     late,
 Veteran’s Corner..................4           impulsive        comments        and
                                                                                         “I just wasn’t born to have self-
                                               purchases,      sinful     behavior,
                                                                                         control,” they often say to
 Korea Plus IAWP….............5                misplaced objects and papers,
                                                                                         themselves. But self-control is not
                                               rushing at the last minute, etc.
 International VP                                                                        as difficult to attain as it first
                                               Instead, you'd have good health, a
                                                                                         appears.     Knowledge produces
 Candidate…………………..5                           beautifully      exercised     body,
                                               excellent work habits, an organized
 International Development..6                  life, success, good social graces,
                                                                                         First we need to understand that
                                               good mental health, healthy
                                                                                         most of our behavior has been
 People on the Move..............6             attitudes, and practically a
                                                                                         learned from experience. So, if bad
                                               guarantee of getting into heaven.
                                                                                         habits have been learned, they can
 Legislative Update………....7                                                              be unlearned. Becoming a better
                                               But we live in a society that seems
                                                                                         person, more thoughtful of others
 District XIV Institute…...…8                  whipped. Everyone appears to be
                                                                                         or more skillful, involves new
                                               addicted to something. Many
                                                                                         learning (new behavior, new
 Idaho Spring Conference….9                    professionals have jumped on the
                                                                                         thinking, new values, or new
                                               bandwagon and promise solutions
 Spring Conference                                                                       motivation.
                                               to every human condition--from
 Registration form………...10                     overeating, to alcohol abuse, to
                                                                                         Secondly we need to be aware if
                                               the tobacco habit, to gambling, to
                                                                                         our behavior is failing to meet our
                                               drug addiction, and to a host of
 ITEMS is published bi-monthly by                                                        standards.     Self-control is the
 the Idaho Chapter of IAWP. Articles
                                               many       other      life-controlling
                                                                                         ability to make choices about how
 printed do not represent the policy of        problems. And still, despite all the
                                                                                         one behaves and acts rather than
 the Department of Labor or the Idaho          offered solutions, countless people
 Chapter of IAPES, and no                                                                relying on impulses. Instead of
                                               are not getting better.
 endorsement is intended or implied.                                                     acting on instinct or immediate
                                                                                         impulse, a person with self-control
 The deadline for articles to appear in
                                               Why     aren't    many       people
                                                                                         will pause and evaluate a situation
 the next issue is April 1, 2005.              improving? The answer could be
                                                                                         and the consequences that may
 Please submit articles to: Lori               because many of the promised
 McCrae, ITEMS Newsletter Editor                                                         result from their behavior.
                                               remedies ignore, or at least do not
 By email:            focus enough on the real solution:
                                                                                         Thirdly the next step is to practice.
                                                                                         We need to be able to correct our
ITEMS                                                   Page 1 of 10                    January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
behavior when it becomes sub-           out an agreement with
standard. This is what the ordinary     management representatives, labor
person would often call “will           representatives, and a bipartisan
power”.                                 group of legislators on tax                 IDAHO CHAPTER
                                        increases and benefit reductions.
Self-control is critical for getting    Management representatives did                  BOARD
along with other people. It is          not want to unduly harm this                   MEMBERS
thinking before acting, like looking    important worker benefit, and
before crossing the street. Self-       labor representatives recognized
control     prevents       impulsive    the importance of keeping taxes in         STATE OFFICERS
behavior that may have dangerous        line to encourage job growth. The          LU LINEBERRY
or negative consequences.        By     co-chairs of this effort, Senator                President
exercising self-control, you can        John Andreason and                         AL SNYDER
learn    to    make      appropriate    Representative Robert Schaefer,                  President-Elect
decisions and choose behaviors          deserve special thanks for finding         CRAIG SMITH
that will be more likely to have        common ground and keeping the                    Past President
                                                                                   CHERYL HARRINGTON
positive outcomes.                      process moving forward. It was an
                                        inspiring testament to the
So set yourself goals, monitor your     cooperative spirit of these                Subchapter Presidents
progress, and reward yourself for       important Idaho leaders that this          DAVID HUNTER
positive changes you are able to        compromise was achieved.                         Les Bois
accomplish by employing self-                                                      NONA RAMBO
control. Self-control –make it a        That spirit of working together was              Panhandle
choice. A choice that is Powerful!      also evident when members of six           SUE POLK
Enhancing the Power in YOU!             advisory groups met together for                 Russett Realm
                                        the first time to share information,       LINDA CASTANEDA
        Congratulations!                                                                 Sawtooth & Sage
                                        coordinate efforts, and provide
       And Welcome Aboard                                                          PAT PAASCH
                                        feedback to the Department. The                  Seaport
   to Al Snyder, Idaho Chapter’s        200 plus Idahoans who recently
 newly appointed President-Elect .                                                 RITA HALE
  Al was recently appointed to the
                                        convened in Boise for board                      Treasure Valley
position during the Idaho Chapter’s     meetings and a joint session
       Winter Board Meeting.            included members from the                  Committee Chairs
    He brings with him years of         Economic Advisory Council, the             SUE POLK
     experience and a wealth of         Idaho Travel Council, the Science                Awards Co –Chair
      knowledge with IAWP.              & Technology Advisory Council,             LIZ RUIZ
 Rita Hale, Treasure Valley’s new       the Workforce Development                        Awards Co-Chair
       subchapter president.                                                       LORI MCCRAE
                                        Council, the Idaho Rural
                                        Partnership, and the Idaho                 PAM PEARSON
Director’s Message                      Economic Development
                                        Association. This meeting was a
                                                                                   DAVID WASHBURN
Roger Madsen – Commerce &               tremendous success and provided a                International Develop.
Labor Director                          wonderful networking opportunity.          JOEL DIXON
                                        It was gratifying to hear the many               Legislation
I was very pleased that the Idaho       positive comments from                     AL SNYDER
Legislature quickly and                 participants on the important work               Professional Practices
                                        that you do.                               LINDA CASTANEDA
unanimously passed our omnibus
                                                                                         Special Services
UI legislation so Idaho employers                                                  DAVID PAFFORD
would receive their 2005 tax            Thank you for the dedication you
notices as quickly as possible. This    give to your profession. You are
bill represents several years of hard   making a real difference in the
work by our staff, who hammered         lives of all Idahoans.
ITEMS                                           Page 2 of 10                   January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
IAWP District XIV                       Conference in Lewistown,
                                        Montana on April 14th – April        To conquer others one
                                        15th, 2005.                             must be strong.
                                     9. The Idaho Chapter will hold           To conquer self one
David Washburn - District XIV           their annual Educational                must be mighty.
Director                                Conference and Annual                                           -Lao-Tzu
                                        General Membership Business
1. The Oregon Chapter held a            Meeting in Lewiston, Idaho on
   successful IAWP Appreciation         May 5th and 6th, 2005.
                                                                           Subchapter Activities
   Day that resulting in at least 15
   new IAWP members.                 10. The Oregon Chapter will hold      Panhandle – Nona Rambo
                                         their 2005 Annual Educational     Christmas was made a little
2. The Montana Chapter held              Conference at the Hallmark        brighter for some, thanks to the
   their winter Board meeting on         Resort on the Oregon cost at      Panhandle Subchapter of IAWP.
   January 28, 2005.                     Newport, Oregon on May 19th       The family of one of our WIA
3. The Idaho Chapter held their          – May 20th, 2005.                 participants lost some cherished
   Winter Board of Directors         11. Remember to explore and the       items in a fire. The son lost some
   meeting in Boise, Idaho on            International IAWP                sports trophies and daughter lost
   February 11, 2005.                    educational grant programs and    some music CDs. Subchapter
4. The Washington Chapter will           take advantage of and use the     members and local office
   hold their annual Crab Feed           Logan S. Chambers individual      employees donated money toward
   and Educational Institute at          grants and W. Scott Boyd          gift certificates so they could
   Westport, Washington on               group educational grants.         replace the items the fire
   February 26, 2005.                    Information is found on the       destroyed.
                                         IAWP web page at
5. Electronic IAWP voting will                We coordinated with CASA (Court
   be initiated in 2005 on the                                             Appointed Special Advocates) to
   International level. Voting will 12. Mark your calendars for the        “adopt” two families for
   be done by e-mail with other          2005 IAWP International           Christmas. We received wish lists
   voting options also available         Educational Conference to be      from 10-year old Shelby and her 6-
   including casting your vote at        held in Albuquerque, New          year old brother Timothy and from
   the annual conference and             Mexico on June 5 –9, 2005.        7-year old twins Tommy and
   voting by regular mail.               Let’s set a record for            Taylor. IAWP members and local
                                         attendance from District XIV      office employees selected items
6. The Oregon Chapter, Capital           at this conference.
   Subchapter will present an all-                                         from the wish lists and soon gifts
   day mini educational institute    13. The 2005 IAWP International       in festive holiday wrapping were
   on February 3, 2005 with              Educational Conference            pouring in. Monetary donations
   speaker, martin Blair present         registration form is published    were used for buying food for a
   interesting topics related to         IAWP web page at                  special holiday meal. The CASA
   providing service for        Sign up       volunteer who helped coordinate
   individuals with disabilities.        today!                            the project called soon after
                                                                           Christmas. She said that the
7. The Idaho Chapter has             14. All the Chapters of District
                                                                           children were thrilled with the toys
   recruited 28 new IAWP                 XIV, Alaska, Idaho, Montana,
                                                                           and clothes and their moms
   members from the Republic of          Oregon and Washington are all
                                                                           especially appreciated the food for
   Korea and continues to work           encouraged to do some creative
                                                                           a special holiday.
   on establishing a new IAWP            fund raising projects to help
   Chapter for the Republic of           contribute to the IAWP
                                                                           We received word that the box of
   Korea.                                International Delegate
                                                                           various items we recently sent to
                                         Conference travel fund.
8. The Montana Chapter will hold                                           our troops in Iraq arrived and the
   their 2005 Annual Educational                                           items were distributed. David
ITEMS                                        Page 3 of 10                 January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
Pafford coordinated the project in
which we collected food, books,
                                        The drive was help at Lewiston
                                        Commerce & Labor from 10:20am
                                                                                 Veteran’s Corner
games, and etc. and sent the box to     to 3Pm on January 11, 2005. Our
                                                                                 David Pafford – Veteran’s Chair
our Idaho National Guard                Goal was to collect 20 units and
members in Iraq. In the                 we were able to get 26. We were
                                                                                 HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the
distribution, priority was given to     very happy with the outcome and
                                                                                 Idaho Chapter of IAWP! I believe
members who had not received            the Red Cross said it was one of
                                                                                 2005 will be an exciting year. I
things from home.                       their more successful collections.
                                                                                 look forward to each of these
                                        We had 8 donors who had never
                                                                                 opportunities to share some
How do you say thanks for being         given blood before…no fainting or
an IAWP member? How do you go           screaming occurred. IAWP
about inviting people to join           provided juice, cookies, and
                                                                                 This article will focus on military
IAWP? In the Panhandle                  muffins for the donors.
                                                                                 members’ transitioning efforts
Subchapter, we do it with pizza
                                                                                 from their honorable enlistments to
and pizzazz! On January 27,        BLOOD DRIVE IN LEWISTON
                                                                                 their next chosen careers in the
2005 we held our annual pizza
                                                                                 civilian workforce. I ask that we,
lunch to thank current members
                                                                                 as workforce professionals,
and invite people to join. IAWP
                                                                                 understand our important
officers talked about the benefits
                                                                                 obligations to assist them in this
of joining the organization and
                                                                                 great adventure.
talked about our
accomplishments for the last
                                                                                 Throughout Idaho, Veteran
                                                                                 customers are provided the full
                                                                                 array of employment services
Our Food Pantry is still going
                                                                                 through the State’s One-Stop
strong. Many families of our
                                                                                 system. Local linkages exist
deployed Idaho National Guard           In February Moscow, Grangeville,
                                                                                 between office staff, the Local
members stop by on the second           and Orofino will be doing lunch
                                                                                 Veterans Employment
and fourth Saturday of every            education programs using the
                                                                                 Representatives (LVER), and the
month. They stock up on food for        “Teaching Character” video. We
                                                                                 Disabled Veterans Outreach
the family and connect with others      are beginning to gear up for state
                                                                                 Program (DVOP) Specialists in
in the same situation. The              conference and we are looking
                                                                                 most One-Stop Career Centers.
“shoppers” have a large variety of      forward to May.
                                                                                 These proud civil servants could
canned goods, pastas, produce,
                                                                                 well be active IAWP members.
milk, and treats for the kids as well   Treasure Valley – Milt Smith
as paper products, cleansers and         The IAWP Treasure Valley
                                                                                 As employment services
other supplies. Our IAWP                Subchapter hosted an office wide
                                                                                 specialists, initial contact with our
volunteers sign up in advance but       staff meeting at the Canyon
                                                                                 Veterans often takes place before
many find it so rewarding that they     County Local Office of ICL. The
                                                                                 their actual discharge from military
show up to help even when they          video “Working With People With
                                                                                 service. Over time, leaders in all
are not on the schedule.                Disabilities” was shown to staff. A
                                                                                 the branches of our Armed Forces
                                        discussion was held on how to
                                                                                 have come to understand the true
SEAPORT – Pat Paasch                    interact with individuals that have
                                                                                 value of allowing their
Seaport subchapter started 2005 by      disabilities. Staff enjoyed the video
                                                                                 subordinates ample opportunities
coordinating with the Lewiston          and many good comments were
                                                                                 to attend Transition Assistance
Commerce & Labor office to do a         given about the content of the
                                                                                 (TA) workshops well in advance of
Red Cross Blood Drive. We               video. Treats were provided by the
                                                                                 their release from active duty.
contacted potential donors, put out     IAWP Treasure Valley
                                                                                 These Programs are often
publicity and scheduled donors for      Subchapter.
                                                                                 developed and facilitated in
the blood drive.
                                                                                 partnerships between the
ITEMS                                            Page 4 of 10                   January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
Departments of Defense (DoD),          transitions will have a definite        Korea become interested in being a
Veterans Affairs (VA) and Labor        impact on their success in their        part of the International
(USDOL). The 2 - 5 day                 next careers. They have served          Association of Workforce
curriculum offers labor market         their Country well – now, let’s         Professionals.
information, job searching             make sure IAWP serves them just
techniques, and education/training     as faithfully.                          The 28 new IAWP members from
opportunities. Many of the                                                     Korea include; 13 individuals from
professionals that participate as                                              the Korean Ministry of Labor, 13
subject experts or guest speakers in                                           individuals from the Korea
these transition workshops come                                                Research Institute for Vocational
from Federal and State                                                         Education and Training, 1
employment agencies. I suspect                                                 individual from the Embassy of the
these Representatives enjoy active                                             Republic of Korea and 1 individual
membership in local IAWP                                                       from the Korean Ministry of
Chapters!                              KOREA                                   Construction and Transportation.

Recently separated Veterans            Plus IAWP                               The members of the Idaho Chapter
                                                                               of the International Association of
settling into their new locations                                              Workforce Professionals extend a
often decide to pursue job training.   David Washburn - International          very warm welcome to all of the
In accordance with Public Law          Development Committee Chair             new IAWP members from the
107-288, “The Jobs for Veterans                                                Republic of Korea.
Act”, Veterans merit priority of       The Idaho Chapter of the
service in Department of Labor         International Association of
training programs. There are           Workforce Professionals is
                                       sponsoring new members from the
                                                                                     Chuck Zirkle
numerous programs available                                                              Candidate for
under the public employment            Republic of Korea with hopes of          IAWP International Vice President
service systems, one-stop career       establishing the first ever IAWP        I am very pleased to announce my
centers, the Workforce Investment      Chapter for the Republic of Korea.      candidacy for the office of
Act of 1998 (WIA), and programs        Twenty-eight individuals from the       International Vice President. I
implemented by States based on         Republic of Korea have made the         would like to thank the South
grants from USDOL. Once more,          decision to join IAWP and help          Carolina Employment Security
IAWP members can be in direct          form a new chapter. The Idaho           Commission for their endorsement
contact with Veterans in that we       Chapter International Development       of this opportunity. This is
administer many of those training      Committee will be assisting the         something that I have been
and education programs.                new Korean IAWP members with            considering for the past two years
                                       process of getting a Korean IAWP        and feel that it is the right time. I
In the performance of our duties,      Chapter officially chartered. The       have been active in the South
IAWP members may have that             goal of the Committee is have the       Carolina Chapter for the past 15
“special” access to local              new Korean Chapter chartered and
employers. We should never             recognized as an official chapter of
hesitate to use this unique            IAWP at the 2005 IAWP
relationship to advocate on behalf     International Educational
of our Veterans. There will always     Conference at Albuquerque, New
be opportunities to introduce          Mexico on June 5 –9, 2005. Many
qualified military members with        thanks to Sook yong Yoon, Deputy
quality employers.                     Director, Training Policy Division,
                                       Korean Ministry of Labor and            years, chairing numerous
As workforce professionals and         Woon Bea Jeon, Labor Attaché,           committees and serving twice as
members of a fine Association, our     Embassy of the Republic of Korea,       state President. Last year I was
success in providing them quality      Washington DC for there superior        elected into the SC IAWP Hall of
employment services during their       efforts to help get individuals from    Fame, for which I am honored. I
ITEMS                                          Page 5 of 10                   January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
am currently serving as the District   International                          People on
V Director for North and South
Carolina. I have attended nine         Development                            the Move
International Conferences and          Communications on
volunteered wherever needed. I am                                             New Hires
presently working in the               the Move                               Aaron Davis …………...…0970
Charleston Workforce Center as a                 David Washburn –             Beatrice Murphy………....0080
Veterans Employment                             Idaho Chapter                 Bonnie Darnell…………...0130
Representative with                              International                Constance DeBarea…….0670
additional duties as a                                     Development        Dale Dixon……………......0970
Transition Assistance                                      Committee          Drue McCombs……….….0970
Program Facilitator and                                 Chair                 Elizabeth Josleyn…….….0670
DVA Workstudy                                                                 Justin Terry………………0970
Coordinator. Prior to coming to                 The Idaho Chapter of          Ken Dey……………….…..0960
work with the agency, I worked as      IAWP International Development         Kristen Lothrop………….0970
a District Manager with Levi           Committee is continuing the            Larry Jantz…………….....0650
Strauss, Branch                        International Pen Pal program          Leticia Hernandez Ahern0270
Manager/Auditor/Trainer with           activity this year. This activity      Maribel Guzman…………0040
Rollins, Inc., Area Manager with       entails sharing ideas, knowledge,      Mary Garcia………………0720
US Shoe Corp, and District             program successes and information      Melisa Bryant…………….0120
Manager, Kindercare Learning           by e-mail with our counterparts in     Robert Fick……………….0590
Centers. I feel that this              foreign countries. If you are          Rodney Ashby…………...0970
management experience can be an        interested in participating in this    Salvador Vazquez……….0670
asset to our organization. I have      activity please contact Idaho          Sonya Barreto……………0130
served on Mall Merchants               Chapter International Development      Stephanie Gregory………0020
Associations Executive Boards in       Committee Chairperson, David           Susan Simpson………….0270
South Carolina and Tennessee and       Washburn at                            Vickie Husted…………….0010
was a member of the Memphis             Virginia Rocha…………...0250
Jaycees. I would be honored to         There are some e-mail addresses
have the opportunity to represent      for our international partners         Promotions
the membership of the                  available on the International         Angie Flores
International Association of           IAWP directory on the IAWP web             Commerce & Labor Supervisor 0040
Workforce Professionals.               page.                                  Artie Holmes
                                                                                 Commerce & Labor Supervisor 0270
Internationally we are experiencing
                                                                              Cindy Dudenake
some rough times with our                                                         Program Quality Specialist       0540
membership numbers. This is an                                                David Darrow
area that deeply concerns me,              Talent is                              Commerce & Labor Manager 1 0060
because without you there is no                                               Jamie Merrell
IAWP. While serving in South                  always                              Technical Records Specialist 2 0730
Carolina, my priority has been           conscious of                         Jeannette Curtis
                                                                                 Disability Program Manager 0540
working for the good of the overall
membership. That priority will
                                             its own                          Jennifer Dickeson
                                                                                  Commerce & Labor Supervisor 0170
not change. I would be grateful           abundance,                          Jude Anderson
and proud if I could count on your
support in this venture. This year
                                         and does not                             Commerce & Labor Supervisor 0370
                                                                              Pamela Pearson
you will be voting by individual           object to                              Workforce Development Program
                                                                                  Specialist 0810
ballot and I hope that you will
exercise your right to vote and
                                            sharing.                          Sarah Girdner
                                                                                  International Trade Specialist   0970
place your mark by the name              Alexander Solzehnitsyn
Chuck Zirkle, IAWP International
Vice President.
ITEMS                                          Page 6 of 10                  January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
Retirement                               businesses $110 million during          downturns and keep UI tax
Lowell Willey…….…...…..0650              the last 3 years.                       rates affordable for business.
Sharon Vawter...…...…….0110             Idaho’s average UI tax rate of
                                         0.8% compares to a national         UI Claimant Benefits
Separations                              average approaching 0.8% in         Idaho UI benefit levels are above
Angela Hernandez………0770                  2004. The national average UI       national averages in two
Constance DeBarea…….0670                 tax rate is expected to increase    significant measures:
Donna Requa…………….0370                    further over the next several        “Replacement Rate” - Idaho
Garren Taylor…………….0390                  years.                                  ranks 12th highest in the nation
Heather O’Hearn…………0010                 The tax freeze ended on                 when Idaho’s Average UI
Janice Jorgensen……….0130                 January 1, 2005. If the                 Weekly Benefit Amount is
Jennifer McClellend…….0970               Legislature takes no action, UI         compared to Idaho’s average
JoAnna Story…………….0150                   taxes, due the end of the first         weekly wage.
John Nordstrom…………0970                   quarter, will automatically          “Recipiency Rate” - Idaho
Jon Spiser………………...0540                  increase to an average                  ranks 15th highest in the nation
Joy Hadley………………..0720                   effective tax rate of 1.7%, or          in the percentage of
Kimberly Ellis…………….0540                 113%. The increase of more              unemployed individuals
Kristen Lothrop………….0970                 than $100 million would wipe            receiving UI benefits.
Myrna Verbeck…………...0360                 out benefits of the freeze.
Nicholas Lindholm………0270                If Idaho experiences modest         LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY:
Pamela Rebolo…………..0720                  economic growth (2 – 2.5%                Replaces a 113% average
Paula Ewald………………0120                    annual employment expansion)          tax increase in 2005 with a
Sandra Mahic…………….0970                   the current law will increase         12.5% average tax increase
Stan Seamons……………0970                    taxes by $344 million over the            o The average employer
Terry Kooy………………..0250                   next 6 years.                                 would pay $35 more for
Todd Johnson……………0760                                                                  each employee in UI
                                     Idaho’s UI Trust Fund                             taxes in 2005 under the
                                      An increase in UI benefit                       proposed law, instead
                Legislative             payments during the recent                     of $400 in additional
                                        recession leaves Idaho’s UI                    taxes if this legislation
                Update                  Trust Fund with a balance of                   is not enacted.
                                        approximately $191 million                Reduces UI benefit
                 Joel Dixon –           (December 2004), down from             payments
                 Legislative Chair      $330 million in 2001.                      o Among other
                                      Since the recession, UI Trust                   reductions, the
HB 4 - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY                Funds in eight other states                    Maximum Weekly
                                        were exhausted and several                     Benefit amount for an
2005 UNEMPLOYMENT                       others are close. Those eight                  individual claimant
INSURANCE LEGISLATION                   states have had to borrow from                 would decline from
Creating a More Balanced and            the Federal Government to pay                  $325 to $312 starting
Equitable Unemployment                  UI benefits, and those loans                   July 2005.
Insurance System for Idaho              must now be repaid with                   Creates a new, more
                                        interest, pushing their UI taxes       responsive and equitable UI
BACKGROUND:                             even higher.                           tax system to protect Idaho’s
Idaho’s UI Tax Picture                As Idaho’s economy improves,            UI Trust Fund from
 The Idaho Legislature has             now is the time to replenish           insolvency.
   frozen Unemployment                  Idaho’s UI Trust Fund,                    Provides additional tools to
   Insurance (UI) tax rates since       ensuring a balance that allows         collect delinquent UI taxes.
   2002 at an average effective         us to serve our claimants                 Reduces UI fraud by
   rate of 0.8%, saving Idaho           during any future economic             increasing penalties.

ITEMS                                         Page 7 of 10                  January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
           Mark Your Calendar! Make your Reservations!

                    DISTRICT XIV INSTITUTE

                       Red Lion Hotel, Wenatchee
                         Phone: 509-663-0711

             A block of rooms have been reserved under IAWP
                  Rooms reserved only until August 30th

                      Besides a wonderful Institute
              The Wenatchee area offers Fall Entertainment
         During the weekend: Wenatchee hosts a Harvest Festival
        Leavenworth hosts October Fest. Plan to stay the Weekend!
                    Room Rates: $60 single $80 double
                      $10 for each additional person

                       More Information to follow

ITEMS                          Page 8 of 10    January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
      The Magic
                                  The Splendor
 Antique Stores                                                                        The Majesty
Shop ‘til you drop!

                                                       Fish, fish, and fish again!

                                               of                                                   Jet Boat up Hells canyon

                              The Lewiston area
                                  The site of our
                               2005 IAWP
                      Idaho State Spring Conference
                              May 5-6, 2005
                                 Share a great experience!
          The fun and networking opportunities start with the President’s reception on
      Thursday evening at the Red Lion Hotel. Join us at the Elks Lodge the following day
     for a jam-packed agenda of terrific speakers, networking and educational experiences,
     and the annual statewide IAWP meeting. Friday evening’s award banquet, also at the
                          Elks Lodge, ends the event on a high note.

    ITEMS                               Page 9 of 10                                 January/February 2005, Volume 38, Issue 5
                                      The Idaho Chapter of IAWP
                                     2005 Educational Conference
                                                     Red Lion Hotel ~ Lewiston
                                                   621 21st St., Lewiston, Idaho
                                                         Registration Form
                                                            May 5-6, 2005
    Please print or type all information.
    Fees for registration should accompany this form. Please make checks payable to IAWP.
        Mail to: Linda Castaneda, c/o Idaho Commerce & Labor, 127 W. 5th St. North, Burley, ID 83318
Participant Information
Name                                                                Guest Name
Work Location
Day Phone                                                           Evening Phone
Emergency Contact Person
Day Phone                                                           Evening Phone
          I am a first time attendee at an IAWP (IAPES) Conference and wish to apply for one of the
          available scholarships to attend this Educational Conference.
          I wish to request CDF Continuing Education Credit for attending the 2005 Idaho IAWP
          Educational Conference.
          I am an IAWP Professional Development Program (PDP) Master.

         Number of IAPES Educational Conferences that you have previously attended: _____

                                                   Received by April 15                Postmarked after April 15
Full Registration                                 $50.00 = $                                         $55.00 = $
Includes Presidents Reception on Thursday evening, Educational Program, Continental Breakfast Friday, Lunch on
                               Friday, Snacks, and Friday evening Awards Banquet!
     Award Banquet: Your choice of Baked Halibut & Prime Rib will be served Buffet Style…
                                                       Received by April 15              Postmarked after April 15
Partial Registration                         $25.00 = $______                $30.00 = $_____
     Includes Educational Program, Continental Breakfast Friday, Lunch on Friday

Awards Banquet Guest                              $20.00 = $ ____                    $20.00 = $____
    **Must attend with an individual who has purchased a Full Registration Package. The $20.00 includes tax & tips.

    Room Rates & Availability at the Red Lion Hotel
Single rooms $ 54.25 includes tax, $ 70.52 double (up to 4 extra people, includes tax. Blocks of rooms at this rate will
only be available until April 15TH. For reservations call (800) 232-6730 and let them know you are attending
the Idaho IAWP Educational Conference. Please make your reservations early to assure room

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