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									                        REGIONAL SERVICES PROGRAM 2011
                          Internship and Staff Placement
The Powerhouse Museum’s Regional Services Program is supporting cultural heritage organisations
across New South Wales to record, preserve and display their collections for the benefit of regional

Organisations and individuals with a specific project are invited to submit an Expression of Interest for
an Internship or Staff Placement through the Regional Services Program in 2011.

A Regional Internship or Staff Placement offers training and development opportunities for regional
museum and gallery workers by providing access to the resources of a large cultural institution. Interns
are able to enhance existing knowledge and acquire new skills, access the Museum’s collection,
receive assistance from a variety of museum specialists, form new professional networks and
experience the workings of a large museum.

A Regional Internship or Staff Placement offers opportunities in a range of museum disciplines
including digital story telling, conservation, registration, curatorial, exhibition development and design,
volunteer coordination and education and public programs. The Museum is also able to offer
internships in marketing, media, commercial activities, membership and operational management.

While it is usual for the intern to travel to the Powerhouse Museum, Powerhouse Discovery Centre or
the Sydney Observatory to receive this training, it is also possible, if considered more effective, for the
training to be delivered at the regional organisation via the placement of a Museum staff member on

The intern may elect to undertake a specific project within the host department or may prefer to
observe the department’s daily work practices, approaches and methodologies. It has been found that
most interns prefer experiencing a number of areas. Applications are also encouraged from people
who prefer to work on a particular project at their home organisation with the assistance of Museum
staff (ie staff placement).

Duration and timeframe
Regional internships or staff placements will be offered for periods of up to four weeks, however, the
applicant may elect separate placements of one or two weeks.

Flexibility exists within the program to negotiate variations to the program timeframe, for example:
• two separate shorter placements with a period back at your workplace to implement some of the
  new skills or knowledge acquired, or
• a short placement at the Powerhouse, to be followed by a return visit by Museum staff to your
  workplace (ie staff placement), or
• Museum staff to visit your home organisation and work with you on a particular project
  on site (ie staff placement).
• attending a Powerhouse Museum digital multi media workshop @ Thinkspace
  ( can be included as part of the internship
The timing of the placement/s will be negotiated taking the availability and commitments of the intern
and Museum staff into account.

The program is available to people working in regional cultural institutions including museums,
galleries, historical societies, community organisations, local councils and libraries. It is open to both
paid and voluntary staff either full-time or part-time.

Applicants must reside in NSW and will need to secure the support of their own organisation to be
eligible. Their organisation must be based in NSW also. Priority will be given to individuals or
organisations not previously involved in the program. Preference will generally be given to
geographically isolated or financially disadvantaged organisations and to applicants who demonstrate
that they and their collection will derive the greatest benefits from the program. Applications are also
encouraged from small groups of people working on projects who would benefit from a team
approach to an internship.

Financial assistance
To assist with the expense of relocating to Sydney, the Museum will offer successful applicants a
grant of up to $750 per week to a maximum of $3000 for a one-month placement, where financial
assistance is needed. An acquittal of funds received to support the internship will be required at the
conclusion of the internship.

Arrangements for travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the intern.

In the case of Museum staff participating in a staff placement (the conducting of the training at the
applicant’s home organisation), financial assistance will be directed to covering the costs of Museum

The Powerhouse Museum will not be responsible for any salary costs of interns and during a staff
placement the salary of the staff involved will continue to be paid by their own organisation. Interns must
be fully covered by their own organisation’s workers compensation and public liability insurance and
provide a certificate of currency before undertaking the placement.

Program evaluation
At the completion of the internship, the Regional Services Coordinator and the staff member
responsible for supervision of the intern will undertake an informal evaluation of the program in
consultation with the intern. Factors such as program structure, type of internship, and the benefits to
the intern, their institution and the Museum will be assessed to determine if modifications to the
program are necessary. An acquittal of funds received will be part of this process.

How to apply
Complete the application form below and return by 27 August 2010 to:
Regional Services Coordinator, Powerhouse Museum, PO Box K346, Haymarket 1238 NSW

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Coordinator to discuss their application:
Tel 1800 882 092 or (02) 9217 0220 / email
                                 Expression of Interest
                    Regional Internship and Staff Placement 2011
                  (Please print clearly. Attach additional information if required)


Telephone                                            Fax


Cultural organisation

1. Please indicate the area/s of museum work you are interested in and how an internship
   would benefit you.

2. The program offers a variety of internship experiences, such as specific training, observation
   of museum practices, assistance with a special project, mentoring and/or staff exchange.
   Please indicate the type of experience(s) you would like to include in your internship.

Please prioritise no more than three of the areas listed below:

□ Archives management
□ Collection digitisation
□ Collection loan
□ Collection management (conservation and registration processes)
□ Collection research and documentation
□ Education and public programming
□ Exhibition development, design and interpretation
□ Digital multimedia see
□ Oral Histories
□ Special project:
 □ Agricultural Machinery
 □ Australian Dress Register
   □ Original Historic Photographic Collections
   □ Contemporary collecting
   □ Digital story telling
 □ Volunteer management
 □ Other, please specify
3. If you prefer to work on a project relating to your museum and/or a collection (as described in
   the Expression of Interest form), please indicate whether you prefer to undertake the training
   locally (in your museum or workplace) with assistance from a visiting Powerhouse staff
   member or with a placement at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.

4. How long would you like to spend as an intern (maximum four weeks) and when would you
   prefer to attend? If possible indicate more than one time period that would suit you.

5. Do you require financial assistance? Yes  □       No□
   A grant of up to $750 per week may be provided to assist with travel and accommodation
   costs. If you require financial assistance, please indicate the amount and the purpose
   (accommodation, airfare, fuel etc).

6. Would your organisation’s insurance cover you during the internship? Yes    □     No   □
Please attach a supporting statement from your supervisor/referee.


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Signature                                         Date


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