California Budget Cuts SCUSD Board Presentation

					The 2008-09 State Budget and Current Issues
Sacramento City Unified School District Presentation by Sandra Vargas, Dale Shimasaki and Stephen Rhoads
December 18, 2008

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Today’s Agenda
2008-09 Budget History 2008-09 September State Budget State’s Fiscal Condition Mid-Year Reductions Focus Other Issues

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2008-09 Statutory COLA 5.7%

$3.1 billion
for the Statutory COLA of 5.7%

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Billions of Dollars

School Districts should have received


2008-09 Proposed Education Funding Levels Compared to 2007-08 Levels (negative numbers indicate an absolute reduction)
Conf. Committee +$1.1 Billion Enacted Budget +$244 million August September Maximum Mid Year Cut No Tax Revenue Increases -$4.1 Billion! November December

$1.0 $0.0
January May July

Billions of Dollars

-$1.0 -$2.0 -$3.0 -$4.0 -$5.0 Proposed Reductions or Increases for 2008-09 (The statutory COLA would have provided an increase of $3.1 billion)
Governor's January Proposal -$2.1Billion May Revision -$1.1 Billion Republican Proposal -$2.2 Billion Governor's Special Session Mid Year Cut -$2.2 Billion

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2008-09 Budget History
Governor’s January Proposal
Cut 2007-08 Revenue Limits by $1 billion Cut Categorical Programs by $1 billion

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2008-09 Budget History (continued)
Governor’s May Revision Proposal
Restored the cut to the 2007-08 Revenue Limit by $1 billion Maintained the $ 1 billion proposed cut to Categorical Programs Restored the Special Education cut, but decreased the cut to deferred maintenance by $277 million or -80%
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2008-09 Budget History (continued)
Democratic Legislature’s Conference Report
Provided a 2% COLA for both the Revenue Limit and all the Categorical Programs. This is about $1 billion more than the 2007-08 K-12 spending level. Included Income Tax Increases

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2008-09 Budget History (continued)
Governor’s August Revision
Restored the Revenue Limit and the Categorical Programs to their 2007-08 level of funding. No COLA. However, it was about $ 1 billion more than the May Revision. Included temporary three-year sales tax increase of 1 cent.
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2008-09 Budget History (continued)
Republican Budget Proposal
Cut revenue limit by $ 1 billion and cut categorical programs by $ 1 billion. Impact very similar to Governor’s original January budget. Included no tax increases.

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2008-09 September Budget
Final 2008-09 Budget (page 1)
Restored revenue limit and categorical funding to their 2007-08 funding levels. Provided 0.68% COLA for Revenue Limits $40 per ADA for unified districts. The cost of the COLA is about $244 million. No COLA for Categorical Programs. Included no tax increases.
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2008-09 September Budget
Final 2008-09 Budget (page 2)
Budget Stabilization Initiative – 12% reserve Lottery Proposal Initiative

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2008-09 September Budget
Final 2008-09 Budget (page 3)
Budget Reserve $1.7 billion Green Partnership Academies $12.5 million Student and Teacher Data Systems $11.3 million AVID Reduction 10% ($904,000 cut) Reading First Elimination for Cohort 1 schools -$ 1 million for Sacramento City Unified -$ 26.9 million for all the Cohort 1 schools.
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Major Program Spending Increases Between Current and Budget Years
K-12 Education Higher Education Legislature, Judicial, and Exec. Environmental Resources Health and Human Services Corrections Business, Transportation All Other Total State Expenditures
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-1.5% +2.5% -2.2% +10.0% -7.1% +4.7% +1.3% +8.4% -75% 0.1%

State’s Deteriorating Fiscal Condition
1. 2. September Budget Reserve $1.7 Billion November LAO Report: 2008-09 Deficit $8 billion 2008-09 Revenue Decline $11 billion Massive Problem in 2009-10 Another 7% Drop in Revenues $28 billion Hole for 2008-09 and 2009-10 Deficit is now projected at $40 Billion and growing! January Budget…Expect the Worse
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3. 4.

Long-Term Economic Problem
State General Fund Revenues will not exceed the 2007-08 level until 2013-14 (FIVE FULL Years) Proposition 98 Revenues will recover in 2011-12 (THREE Years)
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Short Term Crisis
State will run out of cash in February or March State cannot sell its own bonds for transportation and school construction projects

Failure to Act Means Bankruptcy
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Mid-year Reductions
Governor’s November Proposal K-12 Cuts of $2.2 billion to Revenue Limit Sacramento City Unified School District cut of $10 to $20 million Maximum Flexibility $4.7 billion revenue increase – 2008-09 $9.6 billion revenue increase – 2009-10 Because of new revenues, $1.7 billion of the $2.2 billion (77% of the cuts) would be restored in 2009-10.
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Mid-year Reductions
Legislative November Proposal (Page 1 of 5)
K-12 Cuts of $2.4 billion Contained Revenue Increases Minimum Flexibility Specified Categorical Programs Cuts – see Table 1 of our November 26th Memo This proposal is the most likely to succeed.

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Mid-year Reductions
Legislative November Proposal (Page 2 of 5)
All school districts need to do the following three steps:
1. Determine the District allocation for each of the 26 programs in Table 1. 2. Calculate how much the district has spent in each program. The district will have to redirect funds from the general fund or other programs to make up the difference. 3. Determine if the district should continuing spending funds in these programs. Our recommendation is to stop spending from these funds.
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Mid-year Reductions
Legislative November Proposal (Page 3 of 5)
For example: 1. 2. 3. Instructional Materials – 100% cut Deferred Maintenance – 100% cut Professional Development Block Grant – 100% cut


Williams Emergency Facilities Repair Account – 100% cut ($100 M)
SCUSD will lose the following projects ($4.3 million):

Bleachers ($903,411) Gas ($19,128)
Paving ($903,575) Roofing ($609,104)

Pool ($553,178) Pool Equipment ($618,784)
HVAC ($710,543)

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Mid-year Reductions
Legislative November Proposal (Page 4 of 5)

Key Questions? Is this equitable? Does SCUSD suffer a bigger Cut?
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Mid-year Reductions
Legislative November Proposal (Page 5 of 5)
Cannot use the Unexpended Balances in the following Programs:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Economic Impact Aid Targeted Instructional Improvement Grant Instructional Materials Special Education QEIA CAHSEE Intensive Intervention Program Home to School Transportation
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Mid-year Reductions
Republican December Proposal (Page 1 of 2)
1. K-14 $2.8 billion Cut 2. Deferred Maintenance Cut ($277 million) 3. Flexibility – Similar to the Governor’s

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January 2009-10 Budget
Republican December Proposal (Page 2 of 2)
1. K-14 10% Cut for 2009-10 Budget 2. Enhances Contracting Out Provisions 3. Changes layoff notifications for certificated employees to ONLY 45-days 4. Amends COLA Language – lower COLA for school districts
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Final Predictions
1. Legislative Proposal will be passed within a week with majority vote fee increases. If there are no new tax revenues, the 2009-10 K-12 budget will be horrendous. There will be no COLA. Additional reductions will be required. The Governor’s Budget will say that 2008-09 and 2009-10 revenues will drop further. The Governor’s Proposed 2009-10 January Budget will be a CUTS ONLY Budget. CTA Sponsored Initiative…
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