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					JANUARY 2005
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                                       New $300,000 sports facility for Clarence
                                 Council has allocated $200,000 for additional
                                 facilities at Cambridge Oval, which will include
Coal River Water Recycling
                                 the construction of a second soccer ground,

Scheme update
                                 extensions to the carpark and lighting.
                                 Council was successful in obtaining an additional
                                 $99,807 for the project through a State
                                 Government grant, presented to Council by the

Tidy Towns Award                 Minister for Sport and Recreation Jim Cox.
                                 Cambridge Oval has played an important part
                                 in the Clarence community for many years and
                                 new facilities will ensure the improved venue
                                 plays an even greater role in the future.

Time to conserve water
                                 ...further opportunities
                                  to encourage physical
                                   activity in Clarence.
New Young Jazz Player
                                 The project will provide much needed

                                                                                           Above: Soccer players join Mayor Cathy Edwards and
Competition                                                                                Minister for Sport and Recreation Jim Cox MHA at the
                                 infrastructure to support the growing number of
                                                                                           launch of new soccer ground.
                                 people involved in soccer.
                                 In Clarence alone, the number of children                “The best way to get people active and adopting
                                 registered with the Eastern Region Junior                healthier lifestyles is by giving them quality
Commercial Rates

                                 Soccer Association has risen from 700 in 2000 to         facilities,” Alderman Edwards said.
                                 1,400 this year.                                         “Clarence is well-known for its sporting facilities,
                                 Clarence Mayor Alderman Cathy Edwards                    ranging from the bike track and community sports
                                 said the new grounds would provide further               grounds to the world-class Bellerive Oval.
New Economic
                                 opportunities to encourage physical activity in          “The new ground at Cambridge Oval will further

Development Plan
                                 Clarence.                                                add to this impressive array of sporting venues.”

                                        Teddy Bears still winning hearts
Community Grants

on offer                                                                 An impressive turnout for the Teddy Bearʼs Picnic at Risdon Vale
                                                                         Dam on November 24 is evidence that our favourite cuddly friends
                                                                         are still winning hearts.
                                                                         The sun shone on the event attracting more than 400 people, who
                                                                         arrived with their favourite soft toys to enjoy the day by the dam.

Cultural Arts Plan
                                                                         The picnic was a huge success and offered an opportunity for
                                                                         parents to share something special with their children.
                                                                         There were teddy bear competitions for all age groups and
                                                                         entertainment for the whole family, including a performance by the

Your Aldermen                                                            Dixieland Express.
                                                                         For the children, there was face painting, balloons, showbags, train
                                                                         rides around the dam and Shelley Bear made a surprise visit. A free
                                                                         sausage sizzle was on offer and picnickers were also treated to a
                                                                         teddy bear cake.
                                  Above: Taylar Thompson hugs her
                                  favourite cuddly friend at the Teddy   The Teddy Bearʼs Picnic was sponsored by the Clarence City
                                  Bearʼs Picnic at Risdon Vale Dam.      Council and Norske Skog and organised by Risdon Vale volunteers.

  1                              whatʼs on in Clarence...
                                 ●	9 January Bellerive Market. Contact Kevin Chilcott 0419 122 834
                                 ● 16 January ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL CRICKET MATCH. Australia v Pakistan, Bellerive Oval
    Up-date on the Coal River                                                   Kite Festival soared in Clarence
    Water Recycling Scheme
                                                                          The sky over Clarence was a plethora of colour when the annual
The Water Recycling Scheme in the Coal                                    Fly at 42 Degrees South Kite Festival soared over Wentworth Park
River Valley has been a significant project                               on November 7.
for Council and it is expected that water                                 This year the festival welcomed world-renowned kite-maker Philip
distribution facilities will be completed and                             McConnachie, who shared his experience and love of kite making
operating by early 2005.                                                  and kite flying.
Council has engaged a team of                                             Mr McConnachie is best known for making the worldʼs largest
agricultural consultants, Agricultural                                    kites, the MegaRay and the MegaBite, one of which is over 65
Resource Management (ARM), to provide                                     metres long.
technical services and advice to irrigators,                              The Festival provided an opportunity for everyone to dust off their
helping them to assess their property for                                 kites and feel the exhilaration of an age-old hobby.
suitability for recycled water irrigation.
                                                                          The Kite Festival displayed a rare spectacular of specialty kites,
Using the water and the nutrients it                                      such as the popular giant Daisy and Frilled Neck Lizard.
contains is a win-win situation resulting in
an environmentally responsible system
that will provide economic benefits for the               WHEELIE BIN ENQUIRIES
whole community.
Council recently won a Tidy Towns Award             IS YOUR WHEELIE BIN :                   LOST
for the project, which aims to minimise                                                     STOLEN
the amounts of nutrients discharged
into the Derwent River and to utilise the                                                   DAMAGED
Rosny Waste Water Treatment effluent to
maximise its beneficial reuse.                      IF SO, YOU CAN:                          PHONE COUNCIL
If you would like further information on the                                                 CALL IN TO COUNCIL
Scheme, please contact Geoff Cuthbert
on 6245 8685.                                                  You can complete a REQUEST FOR WHEELIE BIN form and
                                                                 arrangements will be made to repair or replace your bin.

     'Stage on the Bay' wins urban design award
Council was recently awarded a Commendation for urban design from the Planning
                                                                                                    Clarence welcomes
Institute of Australia, Tasmania Branch, for its 'Stage on the Bay' at Kangaroo Bay.
The 'Stage on the Bay' is already proving to be a successful venue for many of Councilʼs
                                                                                                    female fitness centre
events including the Seafarerʼs Festival, the Jazz Festival and the Clarence Carols by          Council recently welcomed a new
Candlelight.                                                                                    Fernwood Womenʼs Health Club at its
                                                                                                official opening in Bellerive.
                                                        Right: Carol lovers braved a
                                                                                                Clarence Mayor Alderman Cathy Edwards
                                                        thundery prelude to enjoy an
                                                                                                cut the ribbon to open the centre with
                                                        entertaining evening singing
                                                                                                Fernwood ambassador and Olympic athlete
                                                        their Christmas favourites.
                                                                                                Lisa Curry.
                                                        MCs Colin Dean and Andrew
                                                        Colrain were joined by Margot           Alderman Edwards said Council was
                                                        Lampkin, The Lincoln Singers            delighted to welcome the centre, which is
                                                        and the Clarence City Concert           exclusively for women, to Clarence.
                                                        Band in singing ʻJoy to the             “As a recent survey published by the
                                                        Worldʼ at Carols by Candlelight         Menzies Research Institute has shown,
                                                        on the Bellerive Boardwalk on           more than half of Australian women do
                                                        12 December.                            not undertake enough physical activity,”
                                                                                                Alderman Edwards said.
    Council Fire Management Plan revised                                                        “It is therefore vital to promote physical
                                                                                                activity to women by building communities
With the fire season just around the corner, Council has revised its fire management            that support healthy lifestyles.”
plan to minimise the fire risk in the City. As part of the plan, the community was              Fernwood aims to offer women a safe,
extensively consulted in order to ensure all options were considered to prevent the risk        secure, supportive environment where
of fire on residential land.                                                                    women can exercise, slim down and
The plan also ensures the diversity of plants in the City is maintained through an active       learn about good nutrition and weight
policy of regeneration. The fire plan contains a series of management procedures                management.
including the construction and maintenance of fire trails, fire breaks and prescribed
burning and weed management.

2                           whatʼs on in Clarence...
                            ● 23 January TASMANIAN FRUIT AND WINE FESTIVAL. Contact James Dunbabin 6253 5135
                            ● 26 January AUSTRALIA DAY ON THE BOARDWALK. Contact Wendy Moles 6245 8638
    Clarence Council has been awarded Best Major Environmental Project
               and the Community Service Organisation Commendation                                           YOU CAN MAKE
    wins two Award in the Tasmanian Tidy Towns Program 2004.                                                 A DIFFERENCE
    Tidy Towns The Best Major Environmental Project AwardScheme. The
                                                              was presented                          WATER CONSERVATION TIPS
               to Council for its Coal River Water Recycling
    Awards     Schemeʼs objective is to divert treated effluent from Rosny                           Water conservation is an extremely important
                                 Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Coal River Valley for             job, particularly during the summer months when
                                 beneficial agricultural re-use.                                     fire fighters rely on our water supply to save
                                                                                                     lives. By reducing your use of water, you can
                                 Council also won the Community Service Organisation
                                                                                                     help make sure itʻs there when itʼs needed.
                                 Commendation Award for its development and promotion of
                                                                                                     So, how can the average person save water?
                                 the Tangara Trail, the main recreational trail network from Five
                                                                                                     Easy just follow these simple tips!
                                 Mile Beach to South Arm.
                                                                                                     SOAK, DONʼT SPRAY!
                                 A copy of the Tangara Trail brochure is available at the
                                                                                                      Giving your garden a quick drink every night
                                 Council offices or by phoning David Bellamy on 6245 8792.
                                                                                                      does little for plants. Water your plants less
                                                                                                      often for longer periods of time.
                                                                                                     USE NATIVE PLANTS
      Man’s best friend rewarded with day                                                             Australian native plants have adapted to low
      out on the town                                                                                 water requirements and are great for reducing
                                                                                                      your water use as well as attracting birds to
                                  Dogs and their devoted owners came from far and wide to             your garden.
                                  enjoy a day of socialising, pampering and good food at the         USE A GOOD MULCH
                                  Dogs Day Out at the Rosny Historic Centre on November 28.           Mulch can prevent up to 73 per cent of water
                                  Overall the day was hugely successful, attracting an                loss by evaporation.
                                  impressive 500 people, with around 250 dogs.                       LESS WATER MEANS A GREENER LAWN!
                                  The day provided dog owners with the perfect opportunity            You can actually toughen your lawn by only
                                  to spoil their loyal companions, kicking off with a fly ball        watering it two times a week.
                                  demonstration, followed by a parade from the Dogʼs Home.           INSTALL A DRIP WATERING SYSTEM
                                  After lunch the dogs gathered at the stage for the popular          Drip systems are a very efficient and beneficial
                                  dog contest, with categories including the biggest dog, the         method of watering your plants as they place
                                  smallest dog, the best dressed dog, the best singer and the         water right where it is needed and at a rate the
                                  owner look-alike competition.                                       soil can absorb. They are relatively inexpensive
                                  Microchipping was a feature attraction at the event, with           and easy to install.
Above: Dogs of all shapes and     49 dogs and three cats having the tiny detection device            USE A SPRINKLER TIMER
sizes came out in their Sunday    implanted. Local vets were also on hand to offer free advice        Sprinklers use more than 1,000 litres of water
best for the Dogʼs Day Out.       to dog owners.                                                      per hour. Set a timer for your sprinkler in case
                                                                                                      you forget to turn it off.
                                                                                                     WASH THE CAR SENSIBLY
     Convict Trail an historical delight                                                              Park the car on the lawn and give it a quick
Bellerive and Richmondʼs role within the Tasmanian tourism                                            spray with the hose to loosen the dirt and grit.
industry has been reinforced through the publication of the first                                     Wash the car with a bucket of soapy water and
Convict Trail touring route map and guide.                                                            then rinse it down with the hose again.
The visitor guide covers the touring route that begins at Bellerive                                   There are also several ways to reduce your
                                                                                                      water wastage inside the home.
and traces its way through the Coal River Valley to Richmond,
then to Sorell, the majestic Tasman Peninsula, and on to Port                                        INSTALL A WATER SAVING SHOWER HEAD
Arthur.                                                                                               You can save an amazing ten litres per minute
Production of the guide has been a collaborative project                                              with a water saving showerhead.
involving the Clarence, Sorell and Tasman Councils and the                                           CHECK TAPS, PIPES AND TOILETS
tourism and business organisations along the trail.                                                    FOR LEAKS
The guide not only highlights existing “icon” attractions, such                                       A small drip from a worn washer can waste 200
as Kangaroo Bluff Historic Fort, Richmond Historic Village and                                        litres of water a day!
the Port Arthur Historic site, it also provides an awareness of                                      CONSIDER INSTALLING A WATER TANK
the other attractions and experiences along the journey. Along                                        A water tank is a good investment because you
the trail, history is discovered as well as a world of fine food                                      can enjoy clean, fresh rainwater, free of charge.
and wine and breathtaking natural wonders.                                                           ONLY USE THE WASHING MACHINE WHEN
Practical information for the traveller in relation to the location of services such as fuel,         YOU HAVE A FULL LOAD
ATMs, post offices, and internet access is included in the publication.                               Most washing machines use about 120 litres of
The guide is being distributed through regional and local visitor information centres,                water in every load so make every wash count.
accommodation, Hobart Airport, Spirit of Tasmania ferries, and local tourism outlets.

    3                               whatʼs on in Clarence...
                                    ●	2 February LAUDERDALE SKATE PARK FUN DAY. Contact Angela Goldsmith 6247 1230
                                    ● 6 February BELLERIVE MARKET. Contact Kevin Chilcott 0419 122 834
                       Australia Day
What's On on the Bellerive
                      Wednesday 26 Jan
                                                       Calling all young jazz musicians
                       8.30am-12noon             As part of this years Clarence by
                                                 the Water Jazz Festival, a new
                                                 initiative is being introduced to the
      Commercial rates                           six day program of free concerts.
      incentives announced                       A Young Jazz Players Competition
                                                 will offer a grand prize for one
 In late August, Council resolved to             young outstanding player of $1,000.
 continue to offer rates incentives to           The competition has been designed
 commercial developments in the City.            to promote and assist young
 Rates will not be charged for a year            Tasmanian musicians by providing
 on any additional floor area of all             an opportunity to perform in public
 new, private sector, non-residential            and to develop their melodic and
 developments (including office space,           improvisational skills. A further         Above: George Washingmachine will perform with the Ian
 factories, farm buildings, shops and            $200 will be presented as an              Pearce Jazz Quartet on the Bellerive Boardwalk, Sunday 27th
 warehouses). State Government fees              encouragement award.                      February at 11am.
 and charges will still apply.
                                               ... an opportunity to perform in          For more information, or to receive an entry form to
 Whether developers build new buildings        public and develop their melodic          participate please call James Maddock on 0402 340 092.
 or extend existing ones, provided there           and improvisational skills
 is an increase in the total floor area                                                  Other highlights of the Jazz Festival will include the
 available for rating on property, they          The Clarence by the Water Jazz          annual Big Band day on Saturday, 26th. The finale of
 can apply for the rates break.                  Festival will be held from 22 to        the evening will be a presentation by the Australian Army
                                                 27 February in various locations        Big Band – Tasmania who will be joined by the infamous
 The initiative aims to continue to                                                      ʻRat Packʼ masquerading as Colin Dean, Andrew Colrain
 encourage commercial development in             around the City culminating in three
                                                 days of great jazz, food and wine       and John X.
 the City, consistent with its Vision ʻto be
 the best place to develop or expand a           on the Bellerive Boardwalk.             The Jazz Festival is also featuring sculptural works
 businessʼ.                                      Next years guest artist, George         by artist-in-residence, Hamish Matthieson, around the
                                                 Washingmachine, will be joined          various performance venues.
 Council has an Economic Development
 Service to assist businesses interested         by James Maddock and Ald.               The Clarence by the Water Jazz Festival is Councilʼs
 in establishing or expanding in                 Doug Chipman on Friday 25th to          major annual event and is proudly sponsored by
 Clarence. For more information contact          judge the finalists of the Young        Eastlands, Southern Cross, Waterfront Hotel & Cascade
 Councilʼs Economic Development                  Jazz Players Competition on the         Brewery, Telstra Country Wide, RACT, Collex and FPS
 Officer on 6245 8629.                           Boardwalk.                              Construction.

      Clarence Bicentenary                                                                             Bellerive Bluff
      Quilt complete                                                                                   Viewing Platform
The Clarence Bicentenary Quilt that will
provide the City with a permanent display                                                       The construction of a single safe access and
of Clarence history for many years to                                                           viewing platform from Bluff Road down to the
come was unveiled in September. Council                                                         foreshore at Bellerive has been completed.
contributed $1,970 to the quilt project that                                                    The Bluff at Bellerive is a popular site for fishing,
took six months and the efforts of 150                                                          sightseeing and recreational walking. Over
people to complete.                                                                             time, the eastern section became overgrown
Members from 14 different community                                                             with weeds and non-native plants and the area
groups embroidered, pieced and sewed        Senior Action Group Eastern Shore                   needed attention.
together 100 small blocks, which make up    (SAGES) designed the quilt project to
                                                                                                Members of the Bellerive Bluff Land and Coast
the quilt. These included the Eastern Shore involve as many people as possible in               Care Group, with the assistance of a grant
Needlework Group, Country Womenʼs           community arts and to facilitate an active
                                                                                                from the Natural Heritage Trust, committed
Association, East Derwent Regional Arts,    role in cultural development in Clarence.
                                                                                                themselves to working on improvements in the
Time Out, Risdon Vale Seniors Craft Group,                                                      popular area.
Hands On, Limited Edition, Monday Girls,       Tasmanian                                        The new work has made access to the foreshore
St Thomas Church, Warrane/Mornington           Fruit Wine                                       safer and numbers accessing the area are
Neighbourhood Centre, University of the           Festival           What's On                  increasing.
Third Age, Friends of Rosny Library and     Bellerive Boardwalk
Senior Momentum.                                  Sunday 23                                     The community is becoming increasingly aware
                                                 Jan 10am-4pm                                   of the value and significance of the area.

  4                              whatʼs on in Clarence...
                                 ● 9 February RISDON VALE COMMUNITY PARK FUN DAY. Contact Ann Harrison 6243 5752
                                 ●	20 February ST ANDREW RICHMOND HIGHLAND GAMES. Contact Iain Watson 6265 8319
                                                                                                             Council plans for
     Seafarers' Festival                                                                                     economic growth
     makes a splash                                                                                      Council has released an Economic
     on Clarence                                                                                         Development Plan for the period 2005-
                                                                                                         2007 that will provide direction for the on-
The fourth annual Clarence Seafarersʼ Festival                                                           going economic development of the City.
made a real splash in October, attracting more
than 5,500 people of all ages to the Bellerive                                                           The Plan will ensure there is a diversity
Boardwalk and Kangaroo Bay.                                                                              of shopping, services, recreation and
                                                                                                         amenities that will continue to make the
The festival came alive as families arrived in                                                           City an attractive place to live.
droves to take advantage of the sunny weather,
which provided the perfect climate for seafaring                                                         It will also support existing businesses by
activities, on and off the water.                                                                        maintaining vitality in the local economy
                                                                                                         and will provide opportunities for local
This yearʼs festival was even more successful                                                            employment.
than in previous years thanks to the new layout of
the Bellerive Boardwalk.                                                                                 The Plan identifies specific economic
                                                               Above: A young festival goer marvels at   development opportunities and projects
The new arrangements on the Boardwalk                          the model boats on display.               that will result in economic activity.
provided people with an improved view of the
stage and bay, with more space to enjoy the                                                              Specific initiatives proposed include a City
displays and activities on offer.                                                                        Marketing Plan to promote Clarence within
                                                                                                         Tasmania, nationally and internationally
The festival MCs were on location to keep                                                                as the best city in which to live, enjoy
Boardwalk patrons up to speed on all the dayʼs                                                           recreation and develop or expand
water activities.                                                                                        business.
Naturally, there were plenty of water events for                                                         Council is also exploring ways to develop
boating enthusiasts, including the popular jet ski                                                       tourism, visitor and leisure-based industries
demo, five-minute races and the Sea Scout race                                                           and to continue the development of the
across the Derwent.                                                                                      Bellerive-Rosny Park visitor precinct and
There was also an unprecedented fire fighting                                                            the Richmond Coal River Valley precinct.
display on the water by the Tasmania Fire Service Above: Festival MCs the ʻRed Hot Colsʼ                 Council recently released the plan for
and Tasmania Police.                              entertain the crowd with their convict act.
                                                                                                         public consultation to identify any further
 All the water events were made possible thanks                                                          initiatives and opportunities that could be
to the Bellerive Regatta Association, Bellerive                                                          considered for inclusion in the plan.
Yacht Club, Clarence Sea Scouts, Lindisfarne                                                             Consultation includes public
Sailing Club and Clifton Beach Lifesaving Club.                                                          advertisements, discussions with
The Clarence Seafarersʼ Festival is held every                                                           key Government agencies and key
year in October at the Bellerive Boardwalk.                                                              stakeholders and a foyer display at the
                                                                                                         Council Offices.
                      Right: The crowd has the last laugh                                                For a copy of the plan, please contact
                      as Festival MCs the ʻRed Hot Colsʼ are
                      captured by the Arms and Militaria.
                                                                                                         David Bellamy on 6245 8792. Comments
                                                                                                         on the plan should be provided to Council
                                                                                                         by February 4, 2005.

     Council lobbies to save                                             Council to maintain foreshore seating
     Opossum Bay Jetty                                             Council has welcomed the placement of four bench seats along the Rosny
Council recently surveyed residents in the Opossum                 Foreshore pedestrian and bike track from Montagu Bay to Kangaroo Bay.
Bay - South Arm area to gauge their views on the                   The seats were an initiative of the Rotary Club of Kangaroo Bay and were
rebuilding of the Opossum Bay Jetty.                               formally handed over to Council in August.
Council considered the results of the community                    The project demonstrates the community spirit in Clarence and the cooperation
consultation, which indicated the majority of residents            between community groups and local government.
wanted a similar size jetty replacement.                           Other organisations involved were, Parks and Wildlife Services, the Aboriginal
Council has since sent the survey results to                       Heritage Unit, Rosny/Montagu Bay Landcare, the former Rosny/Montagu Bay
Infrastructure, Energy and Resources Minister Brian                Neighbourhood Watch and the Seniors Action Group for the Eastern Shore.
Green, asking him to fully fund the jettyʼs replacement            The seats, made from steel on concrete bases, allow bike track users to
through Marine and Safety Tasmania.                                pause, rest and enjoy views of the Tasman Bridge, Hobart City and Derwent
Council, consistent with the results of the community              Estuary.
consultation, will continue to lobby for the replacement           Council is now responsible for the maintenance of the seats.
of the jetty.

5                              whatʼs on in Clarence...
                               ● 22-27 February CLARENCE BY THE WATER JAZZ FESTIVAL. Contact Wendy Moles 6245 8638
                               ●	25-27 February CROWN SERIES REGATTA BELLERIVE. Contact Peter Smith 6244 1353
      Kangaroo Bay development preferred                                                                Your aldermen
      bidder announced                                                                             Please contact your Aldermen if you have
                                                                                                   issues you would like to discuss.
 Minister for Economic                                                                             General Council enquiries: 6245 8600.
 Development Lara Giddings
 and Clarence Mayor Ald.
 Cathy Edwards recently
 announced that Prudentia
 Investments Pty Ltd had
 been given preferred
 bidder status following the
 completion of a rigorous                                                                                   Mayor                Deputy Mayor
 Expression of Interest                                                                              Ald. Cathy Edwards       Ald. Jock Campbell
 process.                                                                                          PO BOX 96 Rosny Park     754 Dorans Rd Sandford
                                                                                                   6245 8680 or 6248 5482          6248 9268
 Prudentiaʼs proposed                                                                                                            0419 130 642
 concept is an integrated
 development that includes
 serviced holiday apartments,   There will be 80 jobs created during the construction
 retail and commercial          phase and 30 permanent jobs created as a result of the
 opportunities, a cultural      development.
 centre, together with public   The next stage is for Prudentia, Clarence City Council and          Ald. Brendan Blomeley     Ald. Doug Chipman
 space, boardwalks, cycle/      the State Government to execute a development agreement            PO Box 1110 Rosny Park   16 Victoria Esp Bellerive
                                                                                                         0408 354 684            0409 704 835
 walk paths and car parking.    to allow the development of a fully detailed proposal.
                                                                                                                                   6244 7858
 Prudentia is planning to       The developer will be required to lodge a formal development
 invest around $24.5 million    application with Council, which will include a thorough public
 in the development.            and stakeholders consultation process.

      Council’s Cultural Arts Plan to enrich Clarence
                                                                                                      Ald. Doug Doust        Ald. Beverley Evans
 Council has endorsed a draft plan to develop     help to develop a vibrant and culturally         178 Clarence St Howrah   185 East Derwent Hwy
 a wide range of arts and cultural activities     sensitive society.                                     6244 5858          Lindisfarne 6243 8171
 to build a stronger sense of community and                                                                                     0400 208 183
                                                  Councilʼs Plan also outlines the need to
 make the City a better place to live.            improve information and promotion of cultural
 Among the many developments, it will see         arts activities city-wide by increasing the
 the Rosny Historic Centre extend its public      production of arts publications and developing
 programs, with more events, workshops and        new products such as City eNews.
 a school holiday arts program for children.      It is proposed that City eNews will be a
 Through the Cultural Arts Plan, Council will     monthly publication that will include Council
                                                                                                     Ald. Richard James      Ald. Martin McManus
 work with various local groups to not only       events, art programs and exhibitions in the        107 Gordons Hill Rd    PO Box 96 Rosny Park
 develop new programs, but also enhance           City.                                             Lindisfarne 6243 9621        6243 1878 (f)
 existing events such as the popular Jazz         Consultation with the community, relevant             0418 135 808             0417 328 696
 Festival and Seafarersʼ Festival.                groups and government agencies was
 Arts and cultural activities are an important    recently completed.
 way to celebrate pride and identity in           Council will consider all the information
 Clarence as they encourage residents to          received before formally adopting the Planʼs
 participate in the life of the community and     strategies.

                                                                                                      Ald. John Peers         Ald. David Jackson
     Calling for new round of Grant Applications                                                    PO Box 11 Lindisfarne   PO Box 540 Rosny Park
     – Sporting Clubs and Community Groups                                                            6243 7914 (p/f)            0428 443 842
                                                                                                       0419 309 220
Applications are invited from sporting clubs and community groups in a second round of
financial assistance grants. There are two categories under which funds are available.
The Public Event category is open to community groups involved in the provision of a special
event, open to participation by the general community.
The Project category matches dollar for dollar funding of specified projects involving the
purchase of assets for use by the group.
                                                                                                      Ald. David Traynor      Ald. Deidre Wilson
Applications will close on 31 January 2005. To obtain an application form and to find out             32 Cremorne Ave       PO Box 1439 Lindisfarne
more information, please phone Melissa White on 6245 8718.                                           Cremorne 6248 9922           6243 9379
                                                                                                        0410 091 212            0417 012 882

    6                            ● published by Clarence City Council ABN 35 264 254 198
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