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of purchase decisions are made
                                                                                                                                                         LER O

                                                       “AT NO COST”
Moving Tactics installs and maintains digital signage networks in retail environments across New Zealand, Australia, the U.K and South Africa.

Moving Tactics is currently installing its digital signage solution into selected liquor stores “AT NO COST”. Moving Tactics then sells the media space available on
the screens to approved store suppliers and passes 10% of all media revenues back to you the retailer.

Its that easy. NO COST and NO FUSS.

These commercial plasma screens (usually 42” in size) eliminate the need to print and distribute posters and the movement captures your customers attention.
Electronic advertisements can be sent to the screens across Moving Tactics wireless network in minutes.

This format of signage allows you to convey multiple product messages in one tidy footprint.

Ads display and rotate every 8 seconds. Content can be pre-programmed for release to the exact day and time using Moving Tactics content management

Moving Tactics unique system comes with a wireless modem and media player. Installation takes less than 90 minutes per screen and requires no cabling and no
connection to existing telephone or internet connections.

These eye catching displays have proven to grow sales of advertised products by an average of 28%, better still this medium has proven to increase customer
basket size by 12%. (POPAI)
shop appearance
                                                                                                                                        RESE AR

“Retailers have realised that in-store advertising
       is a very effective way to influence
          customers’ buying behaviour.”

 Digital Signage is a growing medium in     Advertisers and retailers are now seeking additional and more cost-effective approaches to
                                            augment their media portfolio.
 the advertisement market place. Many
  commentators are believe it provides      Advertising at the point of decision is far more effective than using adverts that draw attention
                outstanding returns for     when people are not actually in a buying state of mind.
          advertisers and retailers as it
                                            Advertising can directly influence whether a purchase is made, as well as the specific choice of
      conveys messages to customers         product; this is particularly the case when consumers are within close proximity of the products
   when they are in the buying process.     and are exposed to relevant information.
customer spend
                                                                                                  WH Y U
                                                                                                           SE DIG
                                                                                                                    ITAL S

             “proven to grow sales”
91% of shoppers shop without a list [Point of Purchase Advertising International, (POPAI),2003]

 In store digital signage initiatives can increase sales by up to 65% per annum [POPAI, 2005]

            More than 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store [POPAI, 2003]

     Moving Images are 7 times more likely to be noticed than static images [POPAI,2005]

       Digital Signage has proven to grow customer basket size / yield by 12% [POPAI]

There is a strong trend that the sales of advertised products on signage networks have seen
significant increased by comparison to non-advertised items in the same store. Tests showed an
          average sales lift of 28% for advertised products [Frost & Sullivan Research]

Advertising in-store can directly influence whether a purchase is made, as well as the specific
choice of the product; this is particularly the case when consumers are able to enquire or
     purchase the products and are exposed to the relevant information [Frost & Sullivan]

    Moving Tactics displays have proven to grow sales across multiple retail environments
                                                                                                          V ING TACT
                                                                                              W   HO IS MO

                                  RT             Moving Tactics specializes in in-store retail media.

                                                 The company recently turned 10 years old.

                                                 Moving Tactics has operations in the U.K, South Africa, Australia,
                                                 New Zealand and Brazil.

Moving Tactics supplies the following support:   Moving Tactics has over 5,000 screens displayed across over 2,000+
                                                 retail shops.
Direct Service Line support 8am – 6pm 7 days.
                                                 Moving Tactics is exclusively endorsed by The Australian Liquor
Dedicated Liquor Account Manager.                Stores Association to supply digital signage.

SMS faults reporting 24/7.
                                                                                                                                        RE TAILER BE

New Revenue Stream - Moving Tactics manages and sells the available media space on the screen and passes 10% of all media revenues back to the retailer.
Allowing for a conservative occupancy on the screen of just 60% this would equate to a new revenue of $2,190 - per annum (double that if your store is large
enough for two screens).

No cost – No Fuss - Installation and capital costs are those of Moving Tactics, no staff time or money is required from the retailer.

Increased customer basket size - through customer stimulation and interaction. These signs capture the attention of customers as they move through the store
enabling “cut through” at this critical time of decision making.

No more printing and distribution of posters - Unlike posters that needed to be printed, distributed and physically placed in the store, this is a permanent
merchandising solution operated remotely. Retailer can even display their own ads.

Immediacy - content from design to store takes just minutes.

Compliance - incorrect visuals or price changes can be changed in seconds.

No staff time - No reliance on shop staff to manage the promotion. Content is distributed electronically.

Way finding & education - Customer instructions can be displayed on screen resulting in a well informed shopping experience.

Good use of space - Optimal number of advertisements is 8 and these ads can be displayed in one footprint.

Extra sales person – These screens can be used to educate customers (eg. Wine / food matching).

Best of all this medium increases customer yield. Moving Tactics results have shown average retail sales have risen 12% after screens have been installed. The
screens help turn single item customers into multi item customers and help change sales from standard to premium.

                                                                               Moving Tactics uses proven solutions and the very latest technologies.
                                                                               Hardware is supplied in conjunction with Panasonic and Vodafone

                                                                               Formats supported:
                                                                               Jpeg, Giff, Bmp, Mpeg 2,4, Flash.
WH AT WE S                                                                     Ad Interval:
                                                                               The period an ad stays is 8 seconds – A maximum of 8 Ads are displayed
                                                                               before the loop starts again.

          Moving Tactics turn key solution includes :                          The displays work best when positioned near the centre of the store and
                                                                               preferably in clear view of the shop entrance, thus getting customers instant
          42” Plasma screen (hung in portrait format – as shown) – 2 screens
          in some larger shops - 120sqm+.
          Mounting Bracket (ceiling or wall mount).                            Moving Tactics screens connect to its content management servers via a
                                                                               small wireless modem . No need for any wiring or cabling and no interaction
          Media Player.
                                                                               or interference with your shop systems.

          Wireless modem & Wireless (cellular) internet connection .           Sound:

          Content management software on all media players.                    Moving Tactics displays do not have sound as this has been proven to interfere
                                                                               with the shopping environment and ambience leading to annoyance. Sound
                                                                               has proven to offer no direct benefit to advertisers in this environment.
          Daily management and dissemination of all content onto the screen

          Moving Tactics even handles the sale of the media sales.             Standard 240 volt power is all that is required from the retailer.

          All that is required from a the retailer is a power supply.
How big are the screens?
The standard screen foot print is a 42” plasma screen - 121cm high x 72cm wide by approximately 8cm deep.

What format are the displays hung?
As shown in the introduction pictures Moving Tactics chooses to hang its screens in portrait format. This makes the screen more recognizable than a normal TV
and is better for displaying most advertisements.

How is the screen mounted?
There is the choice of ceiling and wall mount.

What types of files can be displayed on the screens?
Still images – Jpeg, Bmap, Tiff and moving images video such as Mpeg 2 and 4 and Flash files.

How often do the ads rotate?
Every eight seconds – this can be altered (6 seconds is the recommendation).

How many ads are shown at one time?
Moving Tactics recommends up to a maximum of 8 ads at which time the ads will start a new rotation.

How long does it take to install the screens?
Usually around 60-90 minutes per screen.                                                                                                               FAQ’S
What does the retailer need to supply?
Just a power point.

Can the screens play Television Stations?
No. The screens do not have a TV tuner inside them.

How are adverts changed?
The screens come with a wireless modem and Moving Tactics changes the ads on the screen from its head office via this internet connection. No cabling or
internet connection is required from the retailer.

How quickly could this system be put in place?
Installations usually take 4-6 weeks from order and the “retailer site agreement” being completed.
                            Suite 4. Level 9
                            66 Hunter St
                            Sydney NSW 2000
                            T . 02 8090 1098

In-store DIGITAL SIGNAGE    F . 02 8456 5747
                            E .

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