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					                                                                                                    Term 1, Week 9 2009

Principal: Heather Efraimsen                          Assistant Principal: Carol Buesnel            Email: Info@flindspkps.sa.edu.au

70 Holbrooks Rd    Flinders Park SA 5025              Phone: 84439356 Fax: 82342551                 Website: www.flindspkps.sa.edu.au

  This week’s class newsletter page is proudly
                                                                          WEEK 8 ASSEMBLY
           brought to you by 4/5M.
We have had a very busy term. In the past few weeks, we have
celebrated Harmony Day, hosted the week 8 Assembly, worked
with our buddy class (R/1W), and enjoyed the Fun Day to raise
money for the Victorian Bushfire victims.

                          Ross’s dad has been helping in our
                          classroom. On Shrove Tuesday, we
                          made pancakes. A long time ago
                          pancakes were thought to be very
                          special.    Making them used the
                          remaining sugar and butter, so that
                          families could fast before Easter.
HARMONY DAY                                                               We presented some of our work at the assembly. Everyone in
As part of our Harmony Day activities, each class mapped out              our class shared something they had made this year. These
our ancestry – where our parents / grandparents and we were               included Identity Pictures, Tartan Kangaroos, Australian Animal
born. The photo below shows that in our class, we have                    Facts, Acrostic Poems, Red Back Spiders, Plasticine
relatives born in all continents except South America and                 Storyboards and excerpts from stories.
Antarctica.                                                               The Assembly Award for the best listening skills at assembly
                                                                          was presented to Mrs. Wilson’s R/1 class.
                                  On Harmony Day we made
                                  orange Friendship Chains                HARMONY DAY with our BUDDY
                                  and     Henna      Hands   of           CLASS
                                  Friendship with our Buddy
                                  Class. Our class helped our
                                  younger buddies to cut the
                                  display tape, write our names
                                  and link the chains together.
                                  We made 2 chains so that
each class could have one.

We played barrier games with our
You have to give your partner very
good instructions, because you cannot
see what each other is making.

                     One of our favourite activities has been
                     making plasticine animals to create
                        We worked in small groups. Our
                        creations changed many times. We
                        made scenery and wrote stories about
                        our characters. Some of our creations
                        are displayed in the library.

Participation              Responsibility             Cooperation                Achievement              Caring             Respect
         Message from the Principal
       Harmony Day and the message that “we                                       Diary dates
belong” was celebrated at Flinders Park Primary
                                                            Term 1
School last Friday. The day started with an assembly
followed by activities on the oval with “Life Be in         Week 10
It” and then classroom activities with “Buddy               30/3 – 3/4         Parent Teacher interviews
Groups”. I would like to thank our ESL teachers,            Friday 3/4         Assembly 6/7 Cain
Louise and Victoria who worked with groups of                                  Hot Dog Day
students in the days leading up to Friday to prepare
and organise the whole school celebration.                  Week 11
I would like to remind new families to our school           Thursday 9/4 Yr 6/7 aquatics
that we finish on the last day of each term 1 hour                       Easter and end of term holidays
earlier; school will finish on Thursday 9th April at                     Early dismissal 2:20 pm
2.20pm. School will resume on 27th April, there is                       Note Canteen Closed
no public holiday on Monday for Anzac Day.
                                                            Term 2
Governing council met on Wednesday night and
attached to your news letter this week is a survey          Week 1
form that we would like each family to complete             Monday 27/4        Term 2 commences
and return to the school. We are reviewing our new
uniform and are asking for feedback. Please fill in         Week 2
your form and return to the school by Wednesday             Friday 8/5         Assembly 4/5 Coulthard
the 1st of April.
At governing council the annual report, the site
improvement plan and the budget were presented                                    REMINDER
and tabled.                                                   On the 3/4/09 our 6/7 classes will be holding hot dog
                                                            day, so we can fundraise for year 7 graduation.
                                         Heather            Any queries please see Angela Riley.

                                                                             YEAR 7 JUMPERS
Library News                                                        Year seven windcheater deposits are due
                                                                           Wednesday 1st April 2009.
The library has been given a fresh new look this year. It
has been rearranged to make bigger spaces and give it a
more open feel. There is a quite reading corner with
                                                                           Fundraising Committee
beanbags and cushions, which has been popular with the         Any parents or students interested in joining the
students.                                                   fundraising committee, term by term or for the year,
                                                            please contact Denise Jarret or see the front office for
The library is open from 8:30 -8:50 and 3:20 – 4:00 for     further information and joining details.
borrowing. It is also open at lunchtime for students to
come in and read, play, draw or go on the computers.
                                                                           SAPSASA FOOTBALL
The Premiers Reading Challenge has begun for 2009. If          SAPSASA football is in week 4 of term 2 from the
your child has not received a recording sheet yet from      18th – 22nd May. If your child wants to trial for the Western
their classroom teacher, please see me in the library.      District team fax to Nigel Jamieson 8370 8002 or email
There are lots of jobs to do to maintain the library and    nigeljamieson@hotmail.com.
parent help is always appreciated. If you would like to
volunteer some time in the library, please come and see     We are now trying to finalize teams for our 2009 season.
me in the library.                                          We are looking for kids in year 6/7- able to attend trials on
                                               Naomi Ey     Thursday April 2nd, 9th and 30th, with final training on May
                                                            7th at Woodville Primary School, Evans St, Woodville
                                                            South, from 4:30 to 5:30.
                    Harmony Day                                  Noruz by Ms Coulthard’s Yr 4/5 Class
                         On Friday the 20th of March,        Noruz is the New Year in Afghanistan. They decorate
                         Flinders Park Primary celebrated    tables and invite friends and family to come to play
                         Harmony Day. We began our           games like egg cracking. Eggs are also used as a
                         day with a whole school             symbol of new life. By Alyssa
                         assembly       where      we had
                         different items                     On the 5th of March, Fariba came in to our class. She is a
                         like      awards,                   BSSO. She came in to talk about Noruz which is the
                         choir and class                     Afghani New Year. They do kite flying, egg decorating
                         art. Next we                        and cracking and decorating tables. by Parker
                         had ‘Life be in
                         it’. We first                       Kite flying is a very popular thing Afghanistan and lots of
                         started off by                      people make kites to fly.
listening to the instructions. Then the                      by Jay
games started. We had games like
dodge ball, tug ‘o’ war, relays, and so                      On Thursday, 5th March Fariba came in to our classroom
                              much more. We participated     to talk about the Noruz (Afghani New Year). We talked
                              in buddy activities in the     about how they do kite flying, egg decorating, egg
                              afternoon. Some classes did    cracking, decorating tables and cooking food. We talked
                              dancing others did art and     about the day of Noruz which will be on the 21st March.
                              some cooking. It was such a    by Nikita
                              wonderful day. We would like
                              to thank everyone for making   Last week on Thursday, 5th March, Fariba came in and
                              it such a great day.           talked to us about Noruz and some people wrote
                                                             something in their language. Fariba talked to us about
Some SRC reps gave up their time to help with writing        some games that were played during Noruz and
down where our families came from and also helping with      decorations. by Rebazar
the flags you see in the pit. We found out that our school
has 38 families. Special thanks to Louise Faulkner and
Victoria Wilkins and the SRC reps.

                                                             On Thursday, 5th March, Fariba talked about Noruz which
                                                             means Afghani New year. Noruz is on the 21st of March.
                                                             Sakeer, Zahra, Shariqa, Sana and Mahsooma showed us
                                                             what they drew about Noruz. They did kite flying, egg
                                                             decorating, egg cracking, decorating tables and cooking
                                                             food. They each talked about one thing. by Shahani

                                                             On Thursday, the 5th of March, Fariba came to tell us
                                                             about Noruz. It is the Afghani New Year. In the time of
                                                             Noruz, it is the the first day of spring in Afghanistan. The
                                                             activities that they do are kite flying and egg decorating
                                                             which is a symbol of new life. by Tammy

                                                                                Sports News
                                                                         Community News
           School Soccer Information
Nomination of interest letters were handed out last week
for the students interested in soccer. Please make sure            Raising Happy and Confident Kids
these are completed and returned ASAP. If you would like            A Seminar for Parents with Pat Jewell
one, please ask at the front office.
Please also note:                                                   All Seminars Run from 7:30 to 9:30 pm
     A. Team registrations to be FINALISED by Friday 3
         of April for lodgment at delegates meeting on                              Cost: $ 10
         Monday the 6th of April.                                      Date: Thursday the 23rd Of April
     B. Coaches’ information morning is on Saturday the                       Playford Civic Centre
         2nd of May.                                                    10 Playford Boulevard, Elizabeth
     C. The First game of soccer will be Saturday the 9th
                                                                              Register by phone on
         of May.
                                                                                  1800 176 453
All nominating coaches are to contact Andrew Mcleod
NOW to finalise team registrations by the due date.
Contact Andrew Mcleod 82340204 or 0403165025 or
email at mcleods@adam.com.au

Give your child the best opportunity to learn, play & enjoy
                                                                             Mealtime Matters
  tennis in a local club environment at very affordable
                          prices.                              Promoting Positive Mealtime experiences in young
                                                                             children with autism
              Flinders Park Tennis Club
      Grant Place off Greville Avenue Flinders Park                     RSVP to Belinda Jankowiak on
                                                                             Phone: 8348 6000
            Commences Week 1 of Term 2
Group Lessons 45 min. duration for beginners, age 5 – 8                      Or Sarah Harry on
  years, held on Wednesdays & Thursdays 3.45 pm &                            Phone: 8366 7300
              Sundays 9.00 am & 9.45 am                            Dates: Tuesday 2nd and 9th of June 2009
                                                                               12:15 to 2:30
   Contact: John Gericke, Club Professional Coach on
                     0419 829 624                                      Café Enfield Children’s Centre
                                                                            Pateela Ave, Enfield

 Flinders Park Primary will not be fielding any school
football teams for the 2009 season. If anyone is
interested in playing school football please contact Col
Cocks on 8234 2232 or 0417 502 642

                 SAPSASA Netball                                Promoting Positive sleep practices in young
                 Western District                              children with a developmental delay or autism.
SAPSASA netball is in week 4 of term 2 from May 18th to
22nd 2009. If your child would like to trial for the Western
                                                                       Friday the 1st of May 2009
 District Netball team please contact Nigel jamieson by
 fax: 8370 8002 or email: Nigeljamieson@hotmail.com.                           1pm to 2pm
                                                                 Seaton Central, 80 Balcombe Ave Seaton
  Players must be in year 6 or 7, able to attend trials on
  Wednesday April 8th, April 29th and May 6th at Hendon
     Primary School Courts from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm             Register by 24th of April to Belinda Jankowiak
                                                                            Phone: 8348 6000

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