Planning For Success

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					Planning For Success

          Is A
  Shared Responsibility
• As always, respect
  yourself and others.
• Respect your peers
  while working for
  everyone’s success.    Light A Candle
• Show courage and
  good judgement in
  adapting to your new
• Personal responsibility for learning     (Three items, illustrated talk)

   – Put big things in first
   – Don’t get in a rut
   – Learning is tool making
• Core Curriculum (handout)
• Methods of Learning.
   – Authoritative (printed content, content lecture)
   – Scientific Opinion (scientific literacy, scientific argument)
   – Scientific investigation invention and knowledge building: hands-on
   – Practice and Verification: class practice and homework.
MODES of Classroom Cooperation
• LISTENING mode: Teacher talks students
  listen. Instruction for the CLASS.
• DISCUSSION mode: One acknowledged
  spokesperson talks at a time.(Relevant questions
  answered serving the needs felt by most or all of the class.)
• CONSOLIDATION mode: Individual help
  (from peer and/or teacher), shared group activities,
  practice and review.
• Discussion: What benefits and/or problems do you
  anticipate with these modes of behavior?
         Shared Responsibility
• EVERYONE is responsible for maintaining a
  helping learning environment.
• Reasonable expectations will be clearly outlined.
• The quality of your success will be estimated either
  with a mark or letter grade. (see handout.)
• Review-consolidation exercises and extra help upon
  request are available.(by appointment)
• Collaborative planning will be done with resource
  staff for those needing modifications and special
• Some student have learned the prerequisite chemistry
  content from science 9 and science 10 while others are will
  need extensive review.
• Some students will feel work is too difficult when applying
  immature learning strategies and responsibilities while
  expecting mature results.
• This year the class time was reduced to 80 min/period from
  100min/period but the learning goals required to complete
  the course are the same.
• What will the above mean for you?